Learning the Ropes

Note: this is set before the events of Talk of Camp and Innuendos

Western Weyr - Eastern Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together. You can easily detect the weyr kitchen cavern entrance to the south, thanks to the aromas of fine western cooking.

//Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr. Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here. //

Despite the clouds in teh sky, it's a pretty hot day and in fact the cloud cover seems to just add to the humidity. Near the edge of the bowl, out of the way of the main traffic is one Kh'zan and one Quamirth. There's a trap that's raised up that the brownrider is working on and he has a couple of generators that are in various states of being dismantled. "Shards Quamirth. You think they'd lowered it into the water instead of just rain gettin this. Suckers are soaked clean through." The brown rumbles softly "No, you cannot help. I want to be able to put it back together again."

Shadowing riders! And with their busybusy schedules, Keelyra has found herself with a list of riders to go talk to. Likely to get a spread of learnin' done also. The girl is seeking out the brown described to her as she moves at an easy pace across the bowl. Then they're spotted and the girl is shoving a paper — folded somewhat neatly into a square — into her pocket as she approaches nearer. "Are ya' Kh'zan an' Quamirth?"

There's a curse seconds later after the sound of something hitting somethign large and a tool falling to the ground "Shards that hurts." he shakes his hand out a bit and his knuckles are red where he smashed them with the generator. At Qua's rumble the brownrider looks up and looks a little confused. "Umm, yeah. That's us." he notes as he looks the girl over and then notices the knot. Oh goody. One of the candidates. "What can we help ya with?"

Keelyra winces in sympathy as the unmistakable sounds of something dropped or bonked issue forth. "Uhm," she mutters, but then the brownrider has surfaced proper. The teen rocks back a little on her heels, shoulder twitching in a small shrug. "I, uh… I'm shadowin' riders t'day an'… yer one of th'ones on m'list." She glances, uncertain, to the generator. "So, I guess… I'm s'pposedta watch an' help for a bit."

"Help?" there's silence "Shards, I don't be needin help, that fool is help enough. He practically inly needs to look at something and it falls apart." he notes and then hmms. "Shadowin huh? How'd I get so lucky to be put on that list." he wonders. "Well, ya can also ask questions and such, on duties and all."

Keelyra finds something, perhaps a crate or similar, to perch on nearby. She hauls herself up and plunks down, leaning forward to perch elbows on knees. There's a glance cast for the dragon himself and a bit of a grin. "Well, ah… what wing d'ya ride in an' what's yer duties in it?"

Kh'zan gives a nod "Well I'm with the Seamount wing. Basically we all tend to have rotating shifts and duties, you get a feel for all teh aspects so if you need a to lend a hand you're able too. However, I work a lot with maintinance and such, and from time to time I'll take in work from other places. These two generators are from Eastern for instance. I'll get these up and running and sent back. It was at a request from one of my fellow crafters. She's good at fixing things, but these are in my area of expertise. But there can duties from transporting to rescuing and all sorts of things. THe wingleader looks for your strengths and weaknesses and you'll find yourself in both areas more."

Keelyra rests chin in palm of one of the hands being perched up by elbow on leg. She listens, brow furrowed as she thinks things over. "So… Seamount is kind of an… all-purpose wing? Fillin' in wherever y'all are needed?" She peeks towards the generators. "So… tha's a craft duty an' not a wing one. Are y'all crafters? In Seamount, I mean."

Kh'zan headshakes "No, the others are like that as well, with the exception of Atoll and Islet. Islet is the weyrling wing and Atoll is more of your administrative wing I guess you could say. But we've crafters in Seamount. I'm one myself. A journeyman techie. So a lot of my skils do get put to use. But we're not all crafters."

Keelyra scratches at her cheek a bit, tilting head as she considers things. "Why have diff'rent wings, then? An' not, say… one big wing fer everyone not a weyrling or admini…" she struggles with the word a moment before getting it out, "administrative?"

Kh'zan grins "Easy, think about it like this. You have a fleet of ships out, all of them are fishing. Now, imagine of that fleet was one big ship. It's be a little uweildy. You break it up into managable parts. And that is further broken down to shifts, each with their duties. We keep the Weyr runnin' without being under everyone's foot. And the duties will rotate. So not everyone is doing the exact same thing all the time. Some part and of a wing will be out on search another on patrol. Another part transporting. The other wing could be doing escorting, working with the dolphins and other duties. "

There's thought going on there! Honest to goodness thought. There may even be smoke billowing from those ears soon. Keelyra is doing her best to understand; these are things that she's never considered, despite growing up in the weyr. Finally, the teen gives a bit of a nod. "I think I get it, but… doesn't it cause issues for the wingleaders? Having to coordinate so much to make sure there's no… uh, overlap an' all?"

Kh'zan hmms a little at that "Well, it's all part of management I suppose. I ain't been in that position and really, I ain't wanna that kind of headache. But they do all meet and such so that issues don't arise. They do make up a roster and all. Makes it easy for us lowly riders ta know what we're doin' and it ain't like we change everyday, it all depends really."

"Hmmm." Keelyra bobs her head slowly as she listens. An indication she's actually taking in the information. Fingers curl under chin and against cheek. There her index finger taps lightly as she mulls. "How do they decide what wing y'all should be in? I've seen th' tappin's happen in th' past, but… how's that decided, iff'n most wings fill similar roles?"

Kh'zan chuckles "Well, since I ain't been in on it, I couldn't rightly tell you. I figure they likely do a combination of pickin' people and then drawin lots sorta thing. Course, you might be asked too on which on ya like. After all, you've different people in wach on in which you might work better with."

"I think I might be able ta talk ta th'Weyrleader later," Keelyra says, eyes taking on a distant look as she muses aloud. "Mebbe he'll tell me. It'd be interesting to know how stuff like that is handled." She comes back to herself and looks to Kh'zan. "So… iff'n this is craft-related, then what are yer wing duties today?"

Kh'zan grins "Oh, today is my day off. This I'm doin' as a favor for Fiona. So basically my time is my own. And I'll get some marks outta this as well. But I do enjoy a challenge. I just told her she better not pay me in purple cloth."

"Ohhhhh… Wonder if they sent me just t'give ya a hard time." Keelyra's eyes sparkle a moment; amusement in the potential for mischief. "Why would she give ya purple cloth? Is she a Weaver or does she just have a lot of it?"

Kh'zan snorts "They would do something like that. Still, it's all good. But no, she doesn't. The Weyr does. One of their juniours I guess made a distinct error in judgement that Weyr ended up with a ton of it, so much so that their weyrling wing has new colors."

"Purple for their wing?" Keelyra considers this, before giving a little shrug and a grin, "Tha's not a bad color. Could be, I dunno… bright green an' orange." She hops off of the crate and begins to inch closer, perhaps to take a look at the generator. "Tha' looks real confusin'."

Kh'zan hmms a little "That would be a terrible set of colors." he notes and then looks at the generator. "It can be, but that's where training comes in handy and all." he adds "You spend a lot of time just learning terminology."

"More trainin' than I could prolly ever handle," Keelyra says with a slight wrinkle of her nose. "Alla this… technology stuff, it's just too much for me. I like what we got in th'kitchens, but tha's 'bout it."

(Kh'zan had to leave, thus it got cut short.)

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