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Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It is the evening and Naris is still not asleep. After all, how could she actually sleep? Not just the evening, late in the evening. But thoughts keep whirling through her mind. Questions, questions, nothing but questions. Where did she go wrong? Is she really that awful? What's wrong with her? Yet despite her clear unhappiness the assistant headwoman has not turned to drinking, instead silently sulking at a table in the living caverns.

Sundari is making her way on into the caverns, sleep, people do that? Well seems she doesn't at least. A yawn escapes her while she gives her eyes a slow rub as if working on trying to keep herself awake, which really only works so well with out something strong to drink like say klah. Which is what she is looking for at the moment.

The arrival of Sundari is noticed, although Naris doesn't say anything about it. Or at least she doesn't at first. However, her eyes keep darting over to her, back again, over, back. Then eventually she calls out, "I think there's stuff on that long table over there." What stuff she doesn't know, but people generally like stuff when they come into the living caverns, right? Well, whatever the case, Naris seems to be acting odd, what with talking to someone she has never shone even the faintest hint of liking.

Sundari continues on her path and then pauses as she hears Naris, a faint glance is sent her way and she blinks a moment before nodding. Sure.. That is where it well tends to be. "Ah.. Thanks.." Is offered with a tired friendly tone before she works on getting a mug full of klah, a sweetbun is grabbed and then she is settling upon a seat.

Naris nods in response, followed by a quick, "no problem." Then Sundari is making her way over to her, actually sitting down at the same table as her. Is it just her or did things suddenly get awkward? Because Naris feels awkward, very awkward. It is in an attempt to stop that that she asks, "sooo… How are ya?"

Sundari blinks once and then twice as she peers at Naris a few moments. "Ah.. Um.. Hi.." Is offered.. "I'm alright.. Yourself?" This questioned with a curious tone.

Oh, shards, she forgot to say hi. Or didn't she forget to say hi? She can't recall, not at all. But that doesn't matter, or at least it doesn't matter as long as the rider in front of her doesn't know. Well, she probably already knows, but as long as she doesn't say anything. So Naris simple nods in response to the hi before saying, "I'm, er, I guess I'm alright. Been working at… stuff." Well, that certainly wasn't vague.

Sundari nods slightly while sipping at her mug, she curiously watches the other trying to figure out what has brought this on. "Yeah.. work.. would be for working stuffs.." Or something. Seems she is just a cague.

Naris nods before responding, "yeah, it would be…" For a moment she is silent, gazing down at her laps. She does not know what she was thinking by initiating conversation with this girl. In fact moments later she probably won't know what she was thinking at all as she exclaims, "whats wrong with me?"

Sundari coughs a few moments as she is sipping at her drink upon hearing that question. "What..?" Is finally questioned betweening a slight sputtering.
Yep, Naris certainly shouldn't have asked that. As soon as she asks the question she looks away, not quite able to bring herself to look at the Bluerider. Upon her question she exclaims, "people don't like me. Sure, I'm not out and able much, but when I am I tend to get into… confrontations. Why?"

Sundari isn't sure what to say, and spends a few moments rubbing at her face while pondering an answer. "Because.. Your not nice.. You make others feel bad, putting them down with what you say." This offered with a slight shake of her head before she glances to Naris. "I don't even know you that well but the last few times we've met I didn't enjoy any of it.."

A frown is quick to crawl across Naris' face. Her jaw twitches, as if she is about to snap out something cold or sarcastic, only to think better of it and pause. Finally she mutters, "I don't mean to be, most of the time. I just… say what I'm thinking."

Sundari was expecting Naris to say something, and knowing this rider she would snap off right back. "See.. That is what I mean.. You looked as if you was about to try and rip into me." She points out with a soft tone. "Well, you need to learn to keep things to yourself I think. If not no one is going to feel any differently about you."

Naris is silent at first, processing Sundari's words. Finally she whispers, "I see." With that she stands up, off to do one thing or another. However, before leaving she does say, "thanks for the advice." And with that she's gone.

Sundari is a bit surprized at the whispering bit, though she nods a moment as she watches Naris leave. "Right.. Later.." She is still rather confused.. Though she doesn't hang around long, soon up and heading up to her weyr for a good nights rest perhaps.

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