Eggs and Berries

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together.

C'vryn finds a bench to sprawl upon, gazing out over the plants and then making a vague inquiry. "So, what's up with those eggs anyway, and err, I thought Aurora only had a couple, how'd she get more?" He moves to put his feet up on a rock, making himself comfortable. "You should probably rest as well, you know. You'd feel better."

Janja gives a sigh as she places the basket down. "I don't know." she whines a little before slumping down onto the ground next to it. "I swear every time I've looked in there there were more eggs." She frowns faintly and as she does a low rumble comes from the gold sleeping below. "Sorry, Fey." She mutters, turning instead to look at C'vryn. "Somehow she's more in my mind since the flight."

C'vryn ponders the basket for a long moment. "That's an odd conundrum. Aurora, or just Feyruth bothering you right now?" He waves vaguely toward the edge of the patio. "At least, neither of them are trying to get here, at the moment. Although, not sure Feyruth would fit." He motions to the rest of the bench. "I sort of meant, you were to sit here, as well. Not the ground, darling."

Janja flutters her hands ineffectually from her seat next to the basket. "Fey mostly. Or maybe Aurora, I don't know." She sighs, looking longingly towards the seat on the bench but doesn't move. "Too tired just yet." But even as she says it she rises slowly, as she's just starting to get a little clumsy with the pregnancy. "Fey's awake." She walks over sit next to Ryn.

C'vryn comments, lazily. "Don't let either of them get to you. If Feyruth needs anything at all, let Emeluith get it, it's what he's been antsy to do ever since the flight. He wants to take care of her." There's arched eyebrows to go along with this, before he moves to get up, and help Jan to a seat. Besides, I know you've not been feeling good."

Janja smiles softly, leaning into C'ryn and accepting his help gratefully. "I do love her." It's hard to tell if she's trying to convince C'vryn or herself, even as a soft croon comes from the bowl below. Her smile brightens. "Yes, dear heart, you are my center." And to C'vryn. "And you are my home." The goldrider sits, looking back at the basket as well. "I hope Fey's eggs don't multiple with time. They /must/ be coming from somewhere but no one's complaining of stolen eggs."

C'vryn huhs softly. "Well, maybe Aurora thinks she can take better care of them, or something? It is odd, though." He moves to make sure Jan's settled on the bench, before looking around. "It's definitely nice up here, and I want you to rest for a bit. Em can take care of Feyruth, unless she of course decides she's going to kidnap eggs too. And I'll take care of you."

Sundari is making her way out from the garden area, holding onto the hand of a little girl that has a small basket with some berries in them. "Now you have to share with your brother when we get to the nursery. Can't have them all." The toddler doesn't seem to happy with that and is pouting at the idea while following a few steps before Sunny will pick her up to making walking easier. "Aww.. Nothing wrong with sharing." Sunny says with a smile to the girl before she looks towards the two. "Hey there, afternoon and all."

C'vryn waves brightly as well. "Well, maybe before I leave, I can do that. I don't want you getting up for a little while." He grins down at the little girl. "And how old might you be? We have a son that may be around your age." C'vryn then sticks a finger in the basket, to try and count them. "Well, yeah. Hopefully they will all hatch. Be a shame if they don't."

Sundari smiles and nods at the offer of seat said and moves on over to settled down upon the bench, shifting so the girl settles more in her lap. "Ah… The old where did the lizard get all the eggs bit huh?" She looks on amused like before glancing to her daughter and smiles. "This is Raylin, she's a bit shy at times." True to her word Raylin peers over at the two, and clutches the basket to her a bit more. "Ray… It's alright, how about sharing some?" Raylin seems against this idea. Sunny grins a touch. "She's four, eager to have fun with her brothers but not so eager to talk to everyone just yet."

"Well, no berries for me, but I think I shall be trying to get some just in a bit for Jav, are there a lot left over there?" C'vryn pets Jan on the shoulder. "Did you want a few berries? Do you think they would stay down, for you love?" He grins at the little girl, trying to sneak a wave in. "Peek a boo there."

Janja nods hopefully. "Yes please? I think baby will let me now." She pats her slight bulge contentedly. With a smile, she turns to Sundari, "How's poor Irk doing? I feel so bad about that." A rumble comes from below again, this time almost pleased sounding and Jan frowns. "That's not at all nice." Aurora flutters away from her basket, causing Jan to frown yet again. "No more!" she calls helplessly as the gold heads to the beach.

Sundari smiles and nods before looking to Raylin and lets her arms lightly hug the girl a bit. "How about just a few? For Janja here, she really likes them." The girl looks to her basket and then to Janja before she lifts the basket a bit, and with Sunny's help the basket is set on the table and nudged a bit towards Janja. "Aww, so nice of you to let her have some Raylin." A soft chuckle escapes Sunny after that and she looks to Janja. "His fine, I'm sorry that happened… I honestly don't know what went through his mind." Thus is the dragon of the Weyrling Master, causing trouble! The approaching gold lizard makes the bluerider grin. "I'm a bit thankful for just having the green at times."

C'vryn makes his way on over to the berry patch, disappearing on into the bushes for a while, and then calling out. "Did you want the red ones, or these vaguely purplish ones?" He moves to pull up a corner of a shirt, as the basket's back with Jan, and finally comes out with a large handful that are mixed. "Well, these should supplement what you've stolen and then, we can take any extras to Jav.

Nymeria wanders in and just watches from the edge of the room near the exit to the berry bushes.

With a gentle smile for Raylin, Janja politely helps herself to some of the red berries in the youngling's basket but mostly waits for her 'mate to return with those he has acquired for her. "Oh, I think I prefer the red but either will do." She looks a little better, as if the rest has done her some good and the color has returned to her face. "Raylin is such a pretty name." She says to the little girl seriously. "We are having a hard time thinking of names. Maybe you can suggest something?

Sundari glances after C'vryn and chuckles softly. "Makes me think of D'nyl when I was expecting the twins. I got him to help out a good it during that time." She says with a teasing tone. Raylin smiles and even giggles a bit at what Janja says, and Sunny hugs the girl once more. A soft ah escapes her at the bit of working on names. "I am rather awful with names, honestly… I will not deny that D'nyl has came up with them much easier then myself." A glance is sent towards the bit of movement, a slight nod is sent towards Nymeria.

Nymeria smiles back at the nod and edges a little closer. "Hello I'm Nymeria."

C'vryn hands over his captured prizes, causing a tumble of berries into Jan's fingers before he shrugs. "Well, it's hard to name a child when it's not even here yet. I mean, took us for ever with Javelin. Poor thing went around with no name for awhile." A bright greeting is given to the newcomer. 'Lo there. Not sure that I've managed to meet you yet."

Janja is a bit too busy keeping the spill of berries in her hands and lap, and so does not look up at Nymeria. "Hello Nymeria." She wiggles her hands around, still looking down until all the berries are carefully set up in her lap. "I'm Janja." Then she looks up and smiles, but at C'vryn rather than the visitor. "I think it's because your name is so difficult. Not at all like Janja." Is she teasing or serious?

Sundari smiles at the thought. "I was that way with Soriana… Took a bit of time to get her's." Which honestly D'nyl helped her with that one as well. "It'll be fine, just don't rush it. Sometimes it takes seeing them to come up with the right name after all." She giggles a bit as Janja is blaming C'vryn for the name issue before she looks back to Nymeria and nods. "Nice to meet you, I'm Sundari." Raylin goes about pulling a few berries for her basket and is nomming on them.

C'vryn laughs softly, "Well, can I help it that you cornered the market on good names?" He moves to sit down with Jan, poking her with dyed fingers. "Hey, you should get some fabric this color, it'd look good on you." As he admires his rather purply pink fingers. "Besides, we might have a girl this time, and I'm just no good with girl names at all."

Nymeria stays quiet for a moment before offering ."My grandma had a lot of brothers and sisters, and her da also had a big family…I could go through them if ya wanted…I always liked my greataunt Jess. she smelled like flowers a lot."

Janja takes C'vryn's hand into hers to look more closely at the berry stain. "It is pretty." Her lips purse thoughtfully, "If I got some good cotton cloth and enough berries.." The thought trails off as the crafter in her takes hold. Meanwhile, Aurora has returned with something grasped tightly in her forelegs but it seems to just be a fish this time. Finally, Jan shakes off her distraction and turns to look at Nymeria for the first time. "Jess is pretty. I like flowers as well, I put use them in my embroidery frequently." Not to mention the weyr. Those who have visited must wonder where C'vryn lives. "Is your family from Half Moon Bay?"

Nymeria says, “From Walk Trader family… and we got riders here and there way back… My greatgrandda was the first rider his generation…”

Sundari smiles and nods to the talk of clothing and dye. "I would figure that it would make a rather lovely color. Just imagine all the different colors from just a few dozen berries? None would be the same after all." She glances over to Nymeria curious like to the answer.

C'vryn manages to refrain from wiping his fingers on either his clothes, or Jan's but it's a near thing. "I'll just have to collect some more, honestly and you can figure out what you want to do with them. Maybe we can dye Feyruth. Give her blue spots or something." He offers a grin to the trader girl. "Then you'd have connections when Jan wants something and I don't know where to look for it."

Nymeria also adds, "Got family here. Ista…You name the weyr someone there's probably related to me…" She giggles."Greatgrandda's brother Fallesten's family's running the train now… My master Cosette travels lots with me searching for stuff for Weavers…I'm to stay here when she goes off now and then… and I help take care of her brown who likes me… her bronze only comes over to me if I have meat or he is giving me a message from my master."

Janja nods eagerly at C'vryn's comment. "Yes, Rezia's family is helpful but it's always good to have more connections." Dying Feyruth doesn't get any acknowledgement from her rider though there's another grumble from below to show the gold is still paying the gathering attention. Then Nymeria gives farther information and Jan seems to just shine with excitement. "You can be sure I'll be checking up on you when I need something." Her head turns to check on how Raylin and Sundari are doing. "If I put these berries in your basket, would you share them with Javelin as well as your brother? He's with the nannies for the rest of the day."

Sundari ahs softly and chuckles a bit. "Firelizards can be a bit different at times. Bronze, brown or blue the males always tend to be a bit fickle, even more so when food is involved." She may be joking. Raylin is looking into hre basket before both daughter and mother look to Janja. Sunny smiles and looks to the girl. "What do you think about that?" Raylin ponders a moment before nodding once. "Ok…" A soft ah escapes the bluerider. "So you can speak! Wonders never cease." Raylin giggles though it might be because her mother is tickling her.

C'vryn stretches out a bit, then turns slightly at the bright agreement. "Well, I mean, just trying to be helpful for you and all. And I know you don't want to get behind on anything while you're somewhat indisposed here." A slight sigh and he even offers. "What say you, I'll even agree to model one day, if you give me advance notice. Won't even complain a bit about it." He dimples at the others. "I am not fickle. Jan here, is the best thing that happened to me besides Emeliuth."

Nymeria smiles."I've never met a dragon before…Master Cosette and I mostly went with trader trains until we came here… She's visiting with a brown rider she knows that lives here.. she claims she knew him before he impressed."

Janja's eyes widen when C'vryn offers to model for her. "OOo, I like it when he models for me," she says to the giggling child with a very serious smile. "Maybe you will model for me as well. You would just be adorable in a little day dress, with ruffles all around the skirt." Nymeria's comment about not knowing dragons has her biting at her lip with a faintly worried look. "Well, I suppose if you're going to be here, you should at least meet a few." Her eyes shoot a glance towards the bowl below and then to C'vryn. "Do you think?" she asks of him sounding very tentative.

"Well if you stick around long enough Nymeria your have plenty of chances to meet some dragons that is for certain." Sundari offers with a smile before she glances to Janja and smiles. "Really?" While she isn't much of a girlygirl, she wouldn't mind seeing her daughter dress a bit more girl like now and then. Come on, frilly bits on a dresses is for certain cuteness overload. Raylin ohs a bit, seeming to think over this before she is soon nodding. "Yes!" Sunny grins. "I think she is giving that a go a head from what I've just heard."

Nymeria shakes her head."Oh I mean, I know and knew some of my greatgrandda and his cousins and littlest brother T'maz's dragons, when we'd meet up in summer for a family reunion thing… but I don't know nonrelated people's dragons…" she adds."T'maz and Shairla andT'maz's weyrmate Shellie are the oldest dragonriders I know.."

C'vryn ums very softly. "Well, she can meet Emmy. I know Fey is just a bit touchy right now, protective of you and all. Wouldn't want to make her any more upset than she already has been about things." He grins at both the little girl and the others. "But I think Sundari's blue might be even more friendly than Emmy. At least from what I've seen."

Feyruth> Niki wanders into the east bowl, from the hot springs.

Janja nods agreement with C'vryn's suggestion. "Yes, that's probably best." Her attention shifts back to Raylin and a more pleasant subject. "Well, I'll get started on that. Do you think it would be ok with you if your mommy and I take some measurements later? I want to get your dress just right!" She tilts her head thoughtfully, looking the girl over critically. "What is your favorite color, pet?"

Nymeria looks around and then heads back toward the berry bushes…she's going to pick and eat some, however she is still in hearing range of the others.

Sundari chuckles softly. "Irk is rather friendly I must admit. Though not all that smart at times." Given that he has attempted to chase a gold that is a given! "Though he is always happy to meet new people… Most of the time… Alright some of the time." Raylin glances up to her mother and then back to Janja before nodding a touch, perhaps not fully sure what she is 'oking' here but so far so good it seems. At the talk of color Raylin ohs a moment before pointing to her mother. "Blue!" Sundari grins a touch at what is said. "I suppose blue would be her favorite color… For the day at least."

Feyruth> Feyruth lifts her head to glance at all the activity on the rooftop patio and snorts.

C'vryn offers up. "Blue's my favorite color as well, looks nice with the hair and all." He grins slightly before offering. "You a bit tired, love? Want help back to the weyr?" He offers to all the others. "Once Jan gets that fabric done, mayhap you'd like to look at it? But it might not be for a while."

Feyruth> Niki walks slowly along the pathways of Half moon Bay. The young brown rider from Ierene looks about curiously.

Nymeria returns, a borrowed basket in hand with some berries."I can help if you need it…"

Janja nods to C'vryn. "Yes, I'm getting a little tired." She places the last of her berries into Raylin's basket and wipes her fingers off on the bench edge. "Aurora, please behave yourself." She offers her hand to C'vryn, allowing him to assist her to stand. As she does, the gold below stands and is suddenly not so below any longer. "Feyruth will take us up if Emmy doesn't want to come down. She's tired of everyone walking about?" The last is clearly a quote because she shoots the gold a puzzled look. "Who's down there?"

Feyruth> Feyruth suddenly surges to her feet and moves closer to the rooftop patio.

Sundari smiles at the talk to the firelizard. "Tell me if that works… I'll need to take lessons for my own." This softly before she glances over to Feyruth and ahs softly. "Best go soon though, Irk has it in his head that he needs to speak with Feyruth after the flight." The blue really is not right in the head, a few wires loose for certain.

Feyruth> Niki blinks and looks over to the gold and smiles a bit giving a slight bow in her direction, "Evening"

C'vryn offers a puzzled look over toward Jan and shakes his head. "I have no idea. I just knew she was watching the bowl for prey, or some such." He indicates below very vaguely. "I suppose she won't be happy now until she's on the sands and has her opportunities to scar the candidates for life?" He offers Jan his arm, and waves a cheerful goodbye to everyone. "And who knows, maybe Aurora will find even more eggs to offer up."

Janja smiles at the others as she takes C'vryn's arm. "Good evening folks. Sundari, when I've got the material, I'll see you about taking measurements." Then she turns and with a nod and smile for Nymeria, she heads down to the bowl and the gold below.

Sundari smiles and nods after the two. "Of course, sounds like fun. You guys have a good night now. If you need anything let me know. I know very well how things go around this time after all." She offers with an amused tone.

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