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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's early afternoon, late enough that the lunch rush has ended, but still too early for the dinner crowd to come in. It's a time of day that finds the Living Caverns pleasantly empty of people, but happily still stocked with food. Though there are many offerings, Sephany has chosen a meager offering of fresh fruit and cheeses, a light snack to tide her over. Seated at a table, she's currently pushed the plate away and is working furiously, sketching something in a little notebook.

With the afternoon rolling around Myrakath settled down on her couch for a nap. Instead of going to nap with her Baylee trudged on over to the Living Cavern to find some late lunch for herself. It had been a long night. It's difficult to think about things without thinking about them. She isn't tired, just beat. There's a difference. After getting her food she spots Seph and makes her way over with her plate to sit down near her, "Hey Sephany." she says.

Sephany glances up, shifting focus from paper to weyrling, her grin coming just a second after. "Hi! It's Baylee, right?" she offers, recognizing the face even if she may not remember the name. "I saw you Impress. You've got that little green beauty." Her pencil is motioned toward an empty chair, a quick invitation to sit. "Man. You look at beat as Seven. What're they doing to you guys over there?" It's cheerful, lighthearted and conversational.

Baylee nods her head, "Yep I'm Baylee." she agrees. That hasn't changed. She didn't become someone else when she impressed. Or maybe she did, but her name didn't change. She smiles slightly at the description given, "Yes. Thats Myrakath." She is a pretty little green. An active one too. Baylee sits herself down with a plop and can only shake her head, "Lots of work. Oiling, Sleeping. Strap making, picking up poop." Not the funnest of dinner topics but it does occupy a chunk of the day, "Soon we'll be riding on the dragons while staying on the ground."

There's a quick little flip of the notebook, Sephany's nimble fingers both closing and pushing it aside in the same movement. Pencil follows, laying atop just 'so'. "Mm. Yeah, Sev mentioned that too. About all the work involved. I suppose it's one thing to know about it, and another to live it, am I right?" She reaches for a bit of cheese on her plate, nibbling at it absently. "That should be exciting!" for riding the dragons. "Finally getting to sit on your dragon, even if you're not flying yet. Are you exciting?" Sephany is. Almost as excited as if it was she, herself, who would be getting to do it. There's even a gleeful little flutter of her fingertips against each other, a sort of clap-clap-clap that doesn't rise above a whisper. "Did you finish your straps?"

Very different than actually living it! There really is no way to properly relay what it is like without actaully being there. There is no common point of reference for having another living being running around in your head. "Yeah. Living it is exciting but also challenging. It's not just the work, but getting used to a whole new life. Kinda like when you first go off to the hall." Except different! Lots different. Baylee smiles "Yeah I'm getting excited about that. I've flown on a dragon before a few times but being on my own dragon for the first time will be really cool" Ahh the straps, "Working with leather is different than working with fabric but yeah I finished mine. They are ready to go for when we get to ride."

That little bit of cheese is nibbled until it is gone, Sephany brushing fingertips against each other quickly in order to remove crumbs. She pushes a few strands of her long, blond hair behind her ear, humming thoughtfully. "The first few days at the Hall were really strange. Very busy, and hectic! I mean, I did grow up in the Weyr," she explains, "but there's something different about the… um. I guess I would call it 'organized chaos' at the Hall. Everyone rushing around, but with clear intentions." But as far as a baby dragon running around in her head? Sephany doesn't even have a firelizard to compare it to. "And it's not just your life, either," she notes thoughtfully, reaching for a piece of fruit this time. "There's Myrakath's life, too. And I'm sure for her, everything is new and exciting!" but before she can take a bite out of her fruit, she's offering, "I've ridden dragons too, but only to go places. It's not much of a ride if they only fly up, go Between, and then land, you know? But still. I always love flying on them."

Meal times for those in the healer profession are rarely set in stone and such is the case for Kelani. The senior apprentice comes into the caverns and heads straight into the kitchens to beg some leftovers and a large cup of klah. The curly haired darker skinned apprentice finally comes out with both in hand and makes way for some seats to drop down tiredly into and partake of a meat pasty, tuber fries and a steaming cup of klah. Her attention half caught by the nearby conversation of baby dragons which she listens to with an open curiosity as she makes headway into her meal.

Baylee is eating her typical diet of juice and meatrolls. When you are doing the amount of physical work needed to take care of a baby dragon you need to put alot of calories because they are leaving almost as soon as you finish eating them. Baylee is unaware of Kelani listening in, least at the moment, "If you grew up in a weyr then you probably know more about how things are going than even I do." Baylee is learning as she goes, the advantage is definitely on some of her weyrling friends who can at least plan ahead more than she can. "Thats right. Everything is brand new to her and she loves it. We were out exploring the tidal pools yesterday and she really enjoyed seeing all the little fish." The flying thing is going to be really different too, "It'll be strange when I'm the one in the drivers seat." License to fly!

A stranger at their table is cause for notice, and Sephany offers a little glance and a friendly smile towards the Healer apprentice. "Well, I suppose so," she offers Baylee, thoughtfully. "I grew up around dragons. And when you live around them, and the people who do ride them, you learn a couple things. Not everything, of course," she says. "Somethings only the 'rider will ever know." A nibble of her fruit, a grin and a cheerful, "Oh, I'll bet she had so much fun! I've wanted to go see the tidal pools too. Maybe before I leave again." There's a little bit of a giggle for Baylee's being in the driver's seat, and she teases with a playful, "I think Myrakath is going to be doing most of the work. You just have to sit there and hang on!"

Kelani smiles as she hears about the baby dragon's experience and can't hold herself from commenting giving a return wave to Sephany. "Sorry to eavesdrop, but I have to say I have enjoyed watching them when I have a chance. I am hall bred and never really seen them much as younglings. Watching young creatures explore their world…I can only imagine whats its like to share that with them. Frankly I was a bit nervous with my first posting…but they have been such a welcome distraction."

"I don't know everything either." Baylee assures Sephany. Seph knows /way way/ more than Baylee will at least till the end of the training. "You really should go. I think you'll like it. If you like to swim they are fun to sit in." A smile spreads acros Baylee's face at the comment about Myra, "She'll be doing the heavy lifting for sure. Though I'm sure you have to do something other than hang on. It can't be that simple." Though it just might end up being. Kelani gets a polite smile and a nod, "I was nervous about coming here too. It's really different. But everyone has been nice." The stories of crazy riders haven't been born out in reality.

"They are a lot of fun to watch, aren't they?" agrees Sephany, wide smile flashing white teeth. "I'm Sephany. Originally from Igen Weyr, but now I'm at the Weaver Hall. I'm visiting Half Moon with the journeyman I'm training under; my brother's a Weyrling." It's a long, sort of ramble-y explanation, cheerfully delivered. "And you've only been a dragonrider for a few months," she admonishes Baylee, "There's no way you could know everything yet. But you will, I'm sure. That's what training is for!" She's just abound with positive vibes today. Must be in the water. "I'll try to," she agrees, wistful. "But I don't have a lot of free time, unfortunately. I have this afternoon off, but I've got to work on my project," and her fingers tap gently at the notebook she's set aside. "And usually they are," she says, of people being nice. "I found the same thing at the Hall, too. I was really nervous when I decided to apprentice, but everyone was pretty friendly."

Kelani nods to the comments about the riders, "That they have. I have met a few new friends here and seen some new things. We are learning about tropical diseases that we just don't see up in the Fort region. It is all so very interesting. I am hoping to learn to swim properly before I am posted somewhere else." At the introdiction given, Kelani wipes her hand an extends a hand in greeting. "Kelani of Healer hall and before that Harper hall..is where I was raised. So I didn't travel very far." She looks around for a moment, "And then I get posted here as far from just about anything as can be." She smiles and gives a little shrug, "But the change has been good."

"I'm Baylee. I'm originally from Torince but I've been at the Weaver Hall before this." she explains. That's the short version anyway. "Just a few months." she echoes. It all goes so fast. It seems like only a seven ago that they were standing on the sands and then boom here everyone is months later. "What are you working on for your project?" There is natural interest there since they share a profession. The healer gets a smile as well, "Tropical diseases sound a little scary." she confesses. Who wants to pick up a disease? But someone's gotta be there to heal you if you get one.

"Well you can definitely learn to swim if you stay here! What better place than on an island?" Sephany teases. "I learned at Ista. Similar, but different to here." She'll also nod along in agreement regarding the remoteness of Half Moon Bay. "It is far. Especially if you're coming from Fort. I mean, Igen is further BUT, the climate at Fort Weyr is so different! I've never lived anywhere that it snows," she confesses, "And there's no snow at the Hall, either. But I went with my Journeyman to Fort Weyr during the early spring. It was so awesome!" Her plate of fruit is all but ignored, the excitement of discussing different places drawing her attention away. "Oh, just some dress sketches," she says, reaching for the book. The pencil is nipped off with a quick swipe of her fingers, and she pushes the book to Baylee. "You can look, if you're curious. I'm not the best artist, but I try. I want to be a tailor, so most of it is clothing designs."

"It is a pleasure to meet you both." Kelani says formally with a dip of her head. "Yeah I got here just a few sevendays before the dragons hatched. My cousin stood for them but didn't impress." She says in a softer voice but smiless again at the talk of the fort weather. "It is taking me a bit of getting used to and its winter here now and still I am sweating during the day. I can only imagine what summer will be like here."

"I'm sure there is someone that would be willing to teach you to swim over in the lagoon. It's fun to swim there. Worth learning." Baylee says, "Especially if you plan on sticking around." Baylee looks down at the book with interest, "I wouldn't mind taking a peek. I'm not much of an artist either but its good to learn how to sketch designs so you can visualize it before you sit down to do it. It also provides a good roadmap to others if they want to repeat your design or improve on it." The thought of snow makes her shake her head, "Snow isn't my favorite." she comments as she opens up the book to take a good long look at Seph's designs. "Who is your cousin Kelani?"

Sephany nods her head, a simple acknowledgement of the pleasure of meeting new people, without the necessity of words to accompany it. "Sometimes it takes more than one trip on the Sands before a candidate is Impressed," she says encouragingly. "If your cousin is meant to Impress, they will. I've seen it before." As for the climate? Sephany seems pleased enough. "I do love that I don't need to put on four layers of clothes just to walk across the Bowl!" with a grin of amusement that very closely matches her brother's. She nods along with Baylee's comment on the Lagoon, and swimming, adding her silent agreement with the plan. "They're pretty rough," she apologizes to Baylee, for her sketches. "But it's a start."

"I have waded in the water a few times and my Ma took me down to Emerald isles to swim with a dolphin. Though mostly I was towed alongside, but still it was a pretty amazing experience. Made me want to learn to swim all the more." Kelani can't help but smile at the mention of snow, "Its not so bad, you can make figures in the snow and go riding sleds down hills. The halls are really warm around the heartfires so its easy enough to thaw out." She smiles at the memory, relaxing in her seat. "My cousin is Riohra."

Jingum makes his way in from the Lower Caverns and scans those assembled for any interesting groups he may wish to join.

Baylee examines each of those sketches in that book, "I think these are looking really good Seph." Take her words with a grain of salt. She's just an apprentice as well so her thoughts and opinions might not carry much weight with anyone but her, but the compliments are genuine. "No need to apologize." Once finished she closes the book and slides it back toward Seph with a smile, "You gonna work on any of the dresses in there to make them?" she asks before looking back to Kelani, "Rio? Oh yeah. I know him. I spent lots of time with him. He's a good guy. I've never swam with dolphins before. Sounds like fun."

Sephany shifts in her seat, resting her elbow on the table that she shares with Kelani and Baylee. With an absent sort of gesture, she reaches her other hand out to snag another bit of cheese off of her small plate of snacks, 'hmming' thoughtfully. "I've never swam with dolphins," and she seems a bit apprehensive at the idea. "I suppose it could be fun, to speed through the water, though." Nibble-nibble, as Kelani explains about what fun can be had in the snow. "The idea of having to thaw out at all is a little intimidating," she admits, though there's a light in her eyes that says she may be willing to try it anyways. Riohra's name gets a blank look from Seph; not someone she's met before, and her attention is briefly distracted by Baylee's comment on her sketches. "Thank you! I do try." But there's a quick bob of her head for the question about working on them. "Someday. Not anytime soon, though. I'm not even close to doing anything for myself. Mostly I just help with pinning and cutting out of patterns. And a lot of fetching things and delivering notes." The abuse of apprentices for silly errands is a real thing.

Kelani nods, "I was quite scared at first, but the dolphineer was there with us and made sure I never let go. It was like I would imagine flying to be like, even with the spray stinging my face. I would do it again and again." Kelani says with such expressiveness in her voice. "Yes he is a good guy. I had not much of my family outside of my father before I came here so it was nice to learn more about my mother's side." She can't help but smile at comment from Sephany, "Such is the lot of apprentices. We learn and do stuff, but often as not we are running errands and cleaning." As she sees Jingum enter she raises a hand towards him, "Come on over and join us."

Jingum catches movement out of the corner of his eye and smiles as he now sees Kelani with Baylee and someone he does not recognize. He makes his way over and stand next to the group. "Hey how is everyone? Mind if I join you for a bit?" He smiles at the new face and extends a hand in introductory fashion. "Hello. Jingum. I am one of the Sr. Apprentice Healers stationed here at Half Moon with Kelani here."

"I'm Baylee. Weyrling." she says. Those introductions are just getting shorter and shorter. Name, rank, no serial number. "Please do." she says inviting the other healer to join their table. Seph gets a knowing nod, "Yes. Thats how things are at first. It gets to be more fun if you make it through all the menial stuff." To Kelani, "I hope to get a chance to do that some day. Maybe after I graduate I'll get the chance."

"I can imagine!" says Sephany to Kelani, "Especially if you can't really swim. I would have been terrified," she admits. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, though. Sounds like you would have been a dolphineer in another life," she teases playfully. As for the fate of apprentices? Sephany will just give a nod of her head, feigning despair, though her eyes can't help but crinkle in amusement. "It will be," she agrees with Baylee, a happy little sigh for the thought. "But I've only been there a little over a Turn. Good things take time. I don't mind." She straightens up a bit as Jingum joins them, flashing him a smile as she offers, "Sephany. Here for a short while from the Weaver Hall," and then, because she's just brimming with pride for it, she adds, "My brother S'van Impressed with Baylee. He's got the big bronze."

Kelani looks thoughtful at Baylee's words and nods, "Such has made me wonder what I would do should a dragon ask. I have worked for years to get where I am now..but noone seems to regret it..standing I mean." She looks up to Jingum and nods, "Please join. I am just taking a late meal before I have to go back to the infirmary." She cants her head to Sephany and nods, "Definately at first. I suppose well..I just had to put my trust in the dolphin and his handler as one day someone will have to put their trust in me to protect them." At the introduction to Jingum she looks thoughtful for a moment, "Sevran? I hope his wrist is feeling better."

"Sev is always doing something to himself." Baylee says with a helpless shrug. It was one thing after the next during candidacy and then that black eye during the first part of weyrlinghood. "Though he hasn't hurt himself lately as far as I've seen." The big bronze gets a name, "Aed is something else." she smiles. Which is probably an understatement.

"That's him!" and Sephany rolls her eyes at the mention of her brother's injury. "What did he do now?" because apparently, the self-injurious behavior was not candidacy-specific. "Well, either way, he seems to have recovered. But I'm not surprised," she says to Baylee with a grin. "He was always knocking into things and practically tripping over his own legs when we were younger. It's cause he grew so fast," she decides, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

"Well its people like him that keep us healers in good practice. So I should not speak to ill of him." Kelani says with a hint of amusement in her voice. She cants her head as Baylee speaks of a black eye, "How did he manage that?" she asks with a curious lilt to her voice before shaking her head a bit at the mention of the dragons, "I should try to spend more time around them when they are out, it is curious watching their personalities show. Do you hear each other's dragons or only your own?"

"Mud wrestling." Baylee says with a shrug. It was a thing that happened. She really doesnt' understand how it happened but its one of life's mysteries shes willing to just let go of. She nods to Seph, "He's still growing." It seems like he's just shot up a few inches even since she's known him. Kelani's question gets an answer "You just hear your own directly unless they choose to speak to you. But you know whats happening though your own lifemate." Complex but you get used to it. In fact. She gets to her feet with a smile, "I think Myrakath is waking up. I have to go. But it was good to see you all. Good luck with your apprenticeship Seph." she adds with a smile. Then she's off toward the barracks.

"Hopefully it's just minor things," decides Sephany, though she doesn't seem concerned for her brother. "It's hard to spend time with them," she notes, speaking of the dragons. "When they're out and about, they're usually in lessons or something. Or sleeping. They are babies, after all." But the mischievous little glint in her eye suggest maybe she's snuck around to peek in on lessons once or twice. When Baylee supplies the source of the black eye, Sephany's expression changes instantly. Her whole face scrunches up in a grimace, and her hands fly up to wave kind of frantically in front of her face. "Stop stop stop, I do not want to know any more about that!" Brother. Mud-wrestling. THIS IS NOT A GOOD MENTAL PICTURE! And so she will decidedly change the subject, asking, "What made you decide to be a healer?" of Kelani. She does give Baylee a little wave and a cheerful, "It was nice to see you again! We should hang out some time," as she departs.

Kelani gives a wave as Baylee heads off and then shakes her head a little, "I know they seem happy and all that, but losing privacy to that level? To never have a thought again that may well get shared with a group of dragons and their lifemates? It must be hard.." She says before looking up and to Sephany amused at her reaction to the mud wrestling but answers the question instead, "I was sick when I was a youngling. Spent many sevendays in healer hall as I recovered. Despite everything that was going on…I felt more of a draw to knowing what was going on to me and around me than I ever did at Harper hall. It is a wonder they didn't ban me from the hall after that. I would find any excuse to hang out at the healer hall until I was finally old enough to stand for apprenticeship. I had my bags packed the night before my twelth turnday." She says with a half smile and nods to the other's sketchbook, "And you?"

Sephany is definitely relieved at the change in subject, to be sure. "Oh, I see," for Kelani's explanation. "How interesting! I think I'd be more likely to be scared of Healers forever if it had been me. I don't like all that medicine stuff." But she's polite enough as she says it, not meaning to offend. Delicate fingers reach out, carefully draw her notebook back to her as she settles it once more in its proper place, pencil resting atop it once again. "Mm. I just always liked clothes, I guess? I mean, my older sisters were more into fashion that I was, but I loved, well," and she plucks at her own dress sleeve as an example, pinching the gauzy, flowy, pale-pink fabric between her fingers. "It makes me think of daydreams, or far-off, made-up places. It's like art, but you wear it." And then a snort and giggle of amusement. "Wow. That sounded kind of cheesy."

"I suppose no matter where you find yourself, once you are where you meant to be…something clicks. I don't mind the singing so much and the learning at Harper hall…but until I spent that time with the healers..nothing truely clicked." Kelani gives a helpless shrug unsure if she is explaining herself well. She sips on her Klah as Sephany speaks of her own craft and gives a little shake of her head at the end. "Nah, you sound like me when I get going about healer stuff..except people tend to lose their appetite when I get going for some reason." She says with a twinkle in her eyes.

"I guess so," decides Sephany, thoughtful. "And that makes sense. Wouldn't want to get locked into a career you didn't love." Her smile widens, even if she still thinks it sounds a little silly, the way she talks about her own craft. "It sounds weird to say, but I almost feel like when I got to the crafthall and started taking classes… it was almost like being home. It just fit so well. I was barely homesick at all." Absent mindedly, she reaches for another little bit of fruit on her otherwise-ignored plate, picking up a small blue berry. "When you got your assignment, did you ask for a Weyr?" she wonders.

Kelani nods emphatically in understanding to the other's words, "Absolutely. I guess I only moved next door..but still I felt like that was where I was meant to be. Even here, once I am in the infirmary…that same feeling comes back. Its a place where I know my place in it, where I can help people get healed or at least do my best trying. Mostly just assisting the Journeymen here but I am seeing different things than I did at the hall." Kelani shakes her head, "They needed more help here and so a few of us Sr. Apprentices and such were sent over. It really was a bit overwhelming at first. Such a different life here being a weyr, and the climate…But the infirmary is home no matter where I go."

There's a companionable sort of smile for the Healer. It's the type of expression that says 'I get you' and seems to connect them on some sort of other level. At least Sephany feels it, nodding her head enthusiastically. "That's how I feel when I'm in the workshops, too. With all the bolts of fabric, and the machines, and just," a sigh, just shy of dreamy, "everything." But perhaps it's the mention of the at workshop that has her looking a little guilty, reaching for her things once again. "Speaking of, I think it's time I head back there. I've lingered quite a bit here, and I'm sure they'll be missing me soon." There's an apologetic look as she stands, though it's fleeting and very quickly replaced by a smile. "It was nice to meet you, Kelani! We should get lunch sometime."

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