Safety Lecture on The Sea Glass

The Main Deck
You are standing on the main deck. Before you stretches a truly ship-shape scene of gleaming deck despite the lines and ties that reach here and there above you. The stained wood of the deck is a rich cherrywood color and here and there green glass octagons set into the wood to provide light to the decks below. Towards the head or bow you would find yourself at the forecastle. This is the area before the foremast all the way to the heads, which are, of course, the toilets. The capstan, a giant spool-looking device, sits at center on the forecastle, used to bring the anchor up and down. Behind the foremast is a polished wooden arch wherein a brass bell sits, with hourglass suspended beside.
The main hatch is easily visible at the center-most of the deck. The brass trimmed ladders going down can take you below deck. The mainmast sits just behind the hatch and just past this the quarterdeck begins. You can see the wheel from where you stand, a couple short stairways leading up to where it sits looking over the rest of the ship. Or you can climb up the shrouds of the foremast or mainmast to the yards and rigging above. Just make sure your life line is tied securely!

T'eo looks about at all those assembled, offering a nod to Lissi. "Glad you could join us. Alright everyone… thank you for joining us again and welcome once more. As you can see we're underway, headed to Half Moon Bay Hold. As you all may know, as glorious as ship travel can be it can also be very dangerous if you don't follow proper procedure. So naturally there are a list of rules I'd like you all to try and remember and follow. First of all… look around you and you should notice all the many ropes we have on deck." T'eo trots down the quarter deck and walks a short distance along the deck pointing to the ropes wrapped about pins. "Those are referred to lines and stays according to their useage. You'll see those pins holding them in place. Unless you are instructed by one of the crew please do not touch the lines or their pins. Can anyone give me a guess as to why?"

Vora hears the tolling bell and hurries to finish applying her sunblock - a necessity for her fair skin. Upon a completed coating, the gangly girl scurries the best she can abovedeck, saluting smartly to the captain; she is quite in the spirit of the whole "Ship" theme. Her faire is perched happily in the masts, readily in the way of any crew member who might dare to bother with their perches. Although Vora had long ago learned that keeping busy kept away most sea-sickness, she'd still felt a bit of queasiness for most of the beginnings of this journey; this shows in an even greater pallor on her face as the girl looks out over the water, then looks back at the Captain, trying to maintain some form of concentration.

Vaine raises his hand before speaking "They could cause something they are connected to fail or fall down crashing into the deck."
Kyldar is here among the crowd, and jups a little at the tolling bell. She turns her attention toward T'eo as the lecture begins and winces at the comment about things crashing.

G'len adds, "Or on someone's head, or into the drink…"

T'eo nods to Vaine. "Exactly. The stays," he gently touches some lines clearly anchored to the ship that reach high high up into the masts. "Hold the masts up, for one. Unless you're about to fall overboard try to never touch them. The rest of the lines control such things as the yards, which support the sails, and the sails themselves. Always make exactly certain which line you are instructed to grab before you do… and always with a crew member present." He moves over to the mainmast and leans back against the rail that surrounds it. It has several pins and lines ravelled around them that don't appear to attache to anything. "Who can tell me what these are? They're mandatory if you climb up the shrouds." He points at the roped ladders that lead up the masts.

Lissi listens to the instruction and steps decidedly way from anthing looking ropeish or lineish or.. importantish. This thing doesn't have wings.. she hasn't a clue how to manuever it so.. she smiles and looks around, studying over those in attendance, sniffing out candidates.
Vaine looks at the roped ladders and raises his hand again looking for someone else to answer after a little bit he opened his mouth "The rigging?"

Vora pales even further at the thought of falling overboard… or is that her seasickness setting in a bit more? In fact, there seems to be a greenish tint on her skin, and as she tries her very best to listen to and concentrate on the Captain and his warnings, she wobbles sideways a bit, T'eo going somewhat blurry in her vision. As the ship hits a very small wave, she stumbles and flails outward, grabbing - unfortunately - the nearest rope for support. Even with her last bit of constraintive effort, she is quite ungracefully sick. All over the beautiful, shiny deck.

G'len rushes over to Vora and grabs a wash bucket along the way. He gives it to her so she doesn't discharge all over the ship's deck or hull. "Well, the ship's been christened," he says and does to get another bucket and scrub broom for clean up. He lowers the second bucket over the side to get some sea water to wash over the deck to start scrubbing the mess towards the scuppers. "Mind how you go!" he calls out tot he folks on deck.

Kyldar listens to T'eo and watches the others bustle around, looking a little perplexed, the landlubber. She looks out at the water and winces, looking unsteady on the rocking boat.

T'eo shakes his head. "Well, for those…" He nods to teh shrouds. "You're half correct. Though the rigging refers to the general assortment of lines, blocks and others that keep the sails working. These…" But as he unravels the line is right when Vora's stomach seems to decide it would rather be on land… even if it has to crawl there itself. "Faetna!" T'eo calls. Faetna, the stout dark woman from earlier, checks the line and then goes to retrieve a medical kit. "Thanks G'len. Indeed she has. Imagine there'll be more of that to come. Faetna'll get her some spiceroot extract. Right… sooooo… back to these lines…" He unravels one. "They're called life lines. If we hit bad weather or any time you go up in the shrouds you should -always- tie ones of these around you in a harness type fashion. Everyone come unravel one and we'll show you. There are also some on the foremast and Ahrin can show you all down there." Faetna meanwhile has pulled out a vial and crouches by the unsteady Vora, waiting patiently. "Thank you, Rider." She offers again to G'len. "You know your way around a ship it seems?"

G'len replies to T'eo as he scrub the deck either crossways or diagonally to the planking, "Was born on one, sir."

Vaine looks at G'len "My father is a sailor so I have a a little bit of a sea fairing background. I come from Half Moon Bay Hold actually." He looks at T'eo "Ah I should have known that." He walks over near T'eo unraveling the life line from it's place.

Lissi looks at Vora, more like stares, noting her color, and the more she stares the more aware she is of the up-down-side-side rocking of the boat. Ahem. Inhale. Exhale. She looks away from the girl as G'len runs with the bucket and she faces the front, breathing slowly, one hand on her rounded belly, not so noticable until her hand is there.

Kyldar goes over and picks up one of the life lines, and holds it, looking at cluelessly. "I don't have any seafaring people in the family, and I guess it shows," she admits. "Ah, well, live and learn. Or live at least."

G'len chuckles over at Kyldar. "If ye start to feel like yer stomach wants to jump overboard try looking out at the horizon." He finishes with the cleaning and takes the bucket and scrub broom back. "I'll go below and get some crakers for everybody." He heads downstairs going down backwards. It is, after all, a ladder and not stairs.

T'eo and Beyan both show the passengers to the front how to wrap the line about themselves in a harness reminiscent of a rock climber's. Beyan chuckles to Vaine. "Well, ifn yer used to smaller vessels more it'd be less in yer mind. Most small vessels just use life vests when it gets rough. We do too, but not up in the riggin'. Interferes with sorting out lines." He winks. T'eo corrects one girl and then moves over to Lissi. "You alright? Maybe you should go have some of that extract Faetna has? Might help." Beyan continues to Kyldar. "Exactly… s'why we give this talk… teach folks. Never a bad thing to not know less ya don't wanna learn. Start with your left leg, an' then yer right." He unties his and redemonstrates.

Vora has crumpled to the deck, the part underneath her being the only clean area for yards. She's looking properly ashamed, though thankfully there are no watery eyes or teary sniffles to speak of. The lanky girl struggles to maintain some semblence of composure, and she smiles weakly, thankfully up at G'len as he seems to handle everything at one. "Oh, G'len. Thank you so very much." As cheerily as she can manage, after noting Lissi's condition and slight nausea, she calls to the woman, "Don't you be sick, too! We'll end up cleaning up our own bile the whole trip!" Not the most lady-like thing to say, but that's the most Vora can manage in the way of comic relief. As - Faetna? - approaches and offers the vial, Vora looks up at at her, querying. "Do I drink it?"

Kyldar watches Vora collaps and winces. "Hey, are you alright?" she says as she does her best to follow Beyan's demonstration, copying his actions carefully. "Um, I hope this is good?" she says as she fumbles with it.

Vaine smiles "I love being up in the rigging the fresh breeze in my face." He ties the life line around like a harness "How does this look captain?" He grins at Kyldar "Well then I guess this is a fun learning experiance for you." He looks over at Vora "How are you feeling Vora?"

A hand goes up at T'eo's inquiry and Lissi smiles as broadly as she can, the faker. "Oh aye.. jes fine.. ne'er been on a ship." She blinks and hmms, "Imna sure.. it wun hurt the lil one aye?" she asks of the herb, patting her belly. "I can take a lil green.. I ride green after all.. but if it wun hurt then aye I'll try it."

Faetna smiles at her girl and helps her sit up. "Yep. Just a sip. It's pretty strong… spicy like." Her eyes move over to T'eo and Lissi while T'eo looks back at Vaine. "Looks fine. Beyan? Can you double check?" Beyan does just that. "Looks good. Give it a tug to make sure it's secure." T'eo returns his attention to Lissi. "It'll be fine. It's a bit strong so you might want to take some water with it. Faetna?" And in response, the woman pulls out a bottle of water a shakes it. T'eo smiles and nods. "There you go." Beyan now attends to Kyldar. "Wrap it clockwise… like this, otherwise it'll tighten when you pull an'… well it's a might uncomfortable for us guys at leas'." He chuckles deeply

G'len comes up the ladder with a bowl of saltine crackers and a sack of redfruit to hand out to make sure all folks who need it will get a full ballast in their bellies to help steady them. He goes about handing out the fare. He kneels down by Vora to give some to her. "You'll feel better if you can keep something in your stomach, too." Then he looks up to Lissa, "You feeling all right? You want a redfruit or some crackers?"

Kyldar gets her life line tied around. "I think I got this right. I looks right." She pauses, and smiles, looking somewhat satisfied, if not entirely certain. "Thanks for the help. I have no clue as to what I'm doing. But you figured that out already, didn't you?" She goes a little aside and helps herself to some of the crackers and fruit, and nibbles on the victuals cautiously, as if uncertain about filling her stomach on a rocking boat.

Vaine smiles at T'eo's comment "I know what you mean." He makes a good strong tug on his line "Yep feels secure and is not sliding up. "Hey G'len mind passing me one of those redfruit they look pretty tasty." He looks around the deck he smiles as Kyldar finishes "From here it looks pretty good."

Vora opens the vial and takes a sniff of the spice essence. Her eyes brighten and she looks up at the dark woman, "Oh! I use this in tea all the time, especially for the pregnant women around the Weyr!" She waves Lissi over as she takes a small sip from the vial. The strength makes her shake her head, but she chatters easily to the pregnant woman. "Like I said, it should be fine for the little one. The child-bearers back in the lower caverns use it to help with that sickness you get in early jes-… just-… justayshun?" She shakes her head and laughs at herself, chattering easily to Lissi. "Oh, I'm Vora by the way! Oh, thank you G'len." The girl leans on G'len some as she attempts straightening her legs and her dignity, standing woozily and uneasily on the shifting deck. She manages, however, and holds a hand out to Lissi, even as she nibbles on a cracker with the other.

G'len uses a hand to help steady Vora's elbow. He's got the cracker bowl help by his left arm and the redfruit sack gripped in his left hand. He pulls out one of the tasty refruits and takes it over to Vaine. "Didn't want to throw it to you. Deck pitches on a waves and it ends up on the deck, I don't think T'eo wants to get the deck dirty again," he smiles.

Lissi ah yes, herbs for nausea and..fooood.. A pregnant woman's bliss. She smiles at G'len and takes a few crackers and redfruit then edges toward Vora and the blessed vial. "I dinna get the sickness.." she says with a smile, "I've been lucky sa far.. lil one jes dinna so much like swimmin around atop the ship jes now.. but we'll be alright." She holds her crackers and redfruit in one hand, cradled against her and first takes the vial for a sip before handing it back and shaking Vora's hand, "Green Damasth's Lissi, one o' the assistant weyrlin'masters.." and she waggles a brow. Once done she starts on her snacks, smiling.

Vaine takes the redfruit from G'len "thanks that's probibly a good idea who knows i might have had it hit me in the head." He gives a grin "This is going to taste good." He takes a large bite out of the redfruit making a nice crunching sound as the juices run down his chin he mops it up with his hand. "Hmm that's good."

Vora crinkles her eyes up at the edges at Lissi's introduction. She curtsies playfully - which, thanks to the spice she is quite capable of doing - and grins at the woman. "Well, hopefully I'll be working and learning under you here before long." As she comes up from her curtsey, she holds onto G'len's elbow as she orients herself to the pitching of the deck, still munching on the same cracker. Her nose wrinkles in slight disgust at Vaine's display, then smoothes itself as she realizes her own display not moments ago had been much, much more vile.

T'eo smiles approvingly to G'len. "Thanks G'len. Good thinking." Beyan nods to Kyldar. "Tha's right! Good job. Al'right Cap'n. We got it good over here." A similar call from the one called Ahrin comes from the forecastle. T'eo excuses himself to trot to the quarterdeck again with unusal grace for the normally clumsy rider. Land and sea certainly did do differences for his balance. "Okay! Go ahead and pass your lines back to Ahrin and Beyan. Lastly are a few less involved rules and tips for safety and then I'll let you all off. Our emergency kits are located in trunks fore and aft… that is to teh front of the ship and the rear. On the front, see that trunk there?" Ahrin gestures at it helpfully. "Yep, that has med kits and life vests in case of a storm… though I don't forsee any trouble with that on our short trip." He back over to the binacle beside the wheel. "Here is where another emergency kit and flares live, along with some fire retardant sands. And again at the rail, another trunk with vests. Please make sure you locate these things below in the cabin and in the galley." He moves back to the steps. "Please make sure everything is stowed and, obviously, no running and playing on the deck. Tonight our cook will prepare for you all… tomorrow a few of you will have that honor. Any questions?"

Vaine unties his line and passes it to Beyan he heads over to Listen to T'eo and nods as hears the last of the rules "Is there any fishing rods on board I am sure we could catch a few fish on the way there."

Kyldar nods to Beyan. "Thanks for your help," she says, looking more at ease now. She takes a bite of the fruit, and then a bit of the cracker. She listens to T'eo and then shakes her head. "No, no questions. I don't know enough to know what to ask." she passes her line back to Beyan after unfastening it.

T'eo nods to Vaine. "Yep. In the galley there should be about 5?" He looks to Beyan who nods as he continues wrapping. "Yep, five. Might have to ask the cook for some bait though… or Beyan. He knows where those things are." He looks about again. "Any others?"

Lissi grins at Vora and nods her head, "Aye, good ta meetcha.." she says as she looks around. She pauses to listen to the instructions though she's not touching anything, hands full of crackers and redfruit, looking around then up at the sky. "Sure is nice out here now that my belly is settled.." then she grins toward Vaine, "MMm…fish.." she says, odd, from nauseous to hungry, just like that, ahhh pregnancy.

G'len takes a redfruit for himself. "What we could do is hook up a drag line," he grins. "I could fry up a bunch of fish. Some citrus and mustard with a crumb coating would be easy. I even saw a crock of nuts in the galley."

Vora feels her stomach grumble, then raises her hand enthusiastically and unabashedly. "Oh, is there any chance that we can sign up for the duties we feel we're best suited for?" She pauses, then adds, "Say… cooking?" Being a baker and constant kitchen drudge back home, she knows where her place would be here; in the galley. A grin spreads across her face at the talk of fishing. That sounds like fun, as well!

Vaine smiles at T'eo "Thanks captain I guess I don't mind taking fishing duty for now." He walks over to Beyan "So where would I find some bait to catch some fish." He hears someone make a mmming sound he turns around to see Lissi "I am guessing you would like a fish? Well I will try my best to catch a fish by the way my name is Vaine nice to meet you." He gives a friendly smile to the rider. "Well G'len that sounds like a great idea." He looks at the water "Ah I hope that we run into a pod of dolphins."

Kyldar nods in agreement with Vora. "Hey, cooking, that I can do. If nothing else I can help with the cleaning, swab the deck or some such like that. Faranth knows I'm getting used to such chores in my Candidacy, at any rate." She takes a few steps toward the side of the boat and looks out at the waves. "So this is the sea. It's still daunting but still compelling, in its way, y'know?" To Vaine she says, "Fish would be nice, actually, if you're doing the cooking."

T'eo nods to Vora. "Yes indeed. If you and G'len would like to get some folks together to take care of the cooking, feel free. Just talk with the cook and she'd be more than happy to oblige you. I'll let you all go now, if there are not other questions. You'll hear bells for each meal and naturally that one toll for all events. Be sure to pick yourselves out a hammock from a pile in the quarters below. Any questions feel free to ask a crew member or come on down to my cabin below and I'll be happy to oblige. Riders, you have the choice of staying with the candidates and crew or one of the cabins off of mine. Beyan heads down below as T'eo talks, coming back up not too long after with fishing tackle for the using. T'eo, on the other hand, heads for the helm. He checks their position and directs them farther out to sea.

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