Enka Appoints An Aide

Western Weyr - Eastern Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together. You can easily detect the weyr kitchen cavern entrance to the south, thanks to the aromas of fine western cooking.

It's the middle of the afternoon, and there's Miraneith in the bowl itself. In what might be a more of a shocking bit of news, the gold is not only /awake/ but she's also scuttling sideways to sidle up towards a big brown dragon, her short neck stretched out towards him as she gives a soft come-hither croon. Clearly, the gold is putting the moves on someone, and with her so alert at this time of the day, she's got to be proddy. She feels good! Her rider on the other hand, seated on the steps leading up to the Weyrwoman's office looks anything but, the young goldrider slouched down in a rounded-shoulders slump, drinking occasionally from a flask containing something that looks nothing like her regular choice of juice. "Shardin' git," she's muttering to the dragon. "G'wan, 'ave yer fun. See if I care." Muttermutter. Her hand tugs absently at her collar. "Too shardin' hot."

Zsriston hasn't seen a lot of golds in his time on Pern, but he's seen enough of them, being around his bronzeriding father and all. But this is the first time he's seen a gold act like /that/. Especially while proddy. Usually they were hissing and threatening the surrounding males. Zsriston is usually pretty good at getting out of chores, but today apparently he'd gotten caught playing messenger. At least he was trustworthy enough not to go peeking through files or flighty enough to run off someplace before things got delivered. "What the cheese is up with that gold…" He mutters, his hands full of papers. He nearly goes right past Enka. "Oh wait! You're the new weyrwoman, aren't you?"

Enka's attention was on her dragon, the goldrider's gaze breaking away more than once to take a good long pull of the contents of that flask, a rather obvious glower on her face. Had this been any other time, well, Enka might actually enjoy it, but as emotionally wracked as she is, well — this is not any other time. Miraneith seems to be in her element though, crooning sweetly and enticingly towards the brown — and probably using her persuasive dreamy little princess voice — to lure him into spoiling her with nose-rubs and crooning as well. "She's bein' a flirt," Enka supplies, glancing at Zsriston from where she's sprawled on the step. "Proddy too, else she wouldn't be doin' that. Tryin' t'hide's more like." A swig from the flask is taken. "Yep, that's me. Enka."

Zsriston looks out at the gold. "O-kay. I figured she was proddy. I can tell." Or so he likes to pretend at least. The teen puffs out his chest a bit and looks like he's going to make a big speech. But all that comes out is, "Zsriston. Hi Enka. You're from Ista right? Like me." Then he looks down at the papers tucked under his arm. "Uh. These are yours I guess. You want them here or in the office? I dunno what they are, I got them from the headwoman." Then he eyes up the flask she's drinking out of. "C'n I have a sip?"

"Nooo," Enka hunches forward, clasping the flask close to her chest. "Not unless you wanna rot yer gut out. It's like feline's piss, plain an' simple." So why is she drinking it anyway? "If it was anythin' good, I'd offer." she amends, blinking once more at him, "but I'm tryin' to lose myself at the bottom of a bottle." Well, flask anyway. The papers are eyed for a long moment, and Enka's waving a hand. "Jus' drop 'em here. I'll drag 'em to the office later." The teen gets a faint chuckle. "Yep, Istan-bred, that's me." She eyes him, "and you, if you say so." Miraneith gets another glance. "I like her kind of proddy though. Better than all that snarling. Only when she gets into the air that she wants to run away." And then it's back to looking at the teen. "Nice meeting you, Zsriston. Weyrbred too, huh?" Another gulp from the flask. Poor girl, gonna be sodden tonight.

Zsriston pouts at her. "Why not? I just want to try it. If it's feline's piss you shouldn't be drinking it either. You should drink the fancy weyrwoman drinks with the fruit and the tiny umbrellas." He eyes her. "Cause your dragon's proddy?" Asking about why she's trying to lose herself in a bottle." He sets the papers down next to her then takes a seat on the steps. "Yeah. Well, I was born there. Then when my parents stopped bein' weyrmates I went to live with my ma up in Telgar for a while. Now I'm here. Don't live with pop though, too old for that and he's got noisy babies." He nods to her though. "Yeah. L'ton's my pop."

Enka's face is a study of emotion now, surely, but the flask is tilted somewhat at Zsriston. "Don't /want/ a fancy weyrwoman drink with fruit and a little umbrella." she says, relinquishing the flask to him. "But don't say I didn't warn you. It burns goin' down." a sigh is heaved, the goldrider shrugging her shoulders. "Aint cause she's proddy. It's because I'm a shardin' fool and made a mangle of things." Clearly, she regrets it greatly, it's there in her very body language, total despondency. "That's funny," she muses, finally managing a faint smile, although that stack of paperwork gets a dubious glare. "I was born at Ista, and was raised up at Telgar too." The mention of his father's babies, and more particularly who his father is. "Oh, I heard about him," she says, waving her free hand. "Got a reputation, he does."

Zsriston blinks, then laughs. "Fine fine then. Shards. You coulda made me go get it for you, even." He accepts the flask but doesn't take a drink right away. He looks down at it, feeling apprehensive now about sipping from it. "What'd you do? Get into a fight with one of the other weyrwomen or something?" He blinks then. "Really? That's weird. Did you impress at Telgar, too? I stood twice already, but no impression yet." Frowny face. There's a grunt about his father. "Yeah. But I ain't a flight baby." Meaning he actually knows his father. Zsriston finally takes a sip of the flask and barely gets it down before he start sputtering. "Ugh! That's… awful!"

"If only it were that simple." With both hands free now, Enka slumps even further onto the step, knees bent, and elbows rested atop then, with palms turned inwards so she could drop her chin onto them in a pouting frown. "I'd almost wish it was another weyrwoman. I could have smoothed that one over." A sigh again, this one nearly a sob. "I got in a fight with my boyfriend. I wish I hadn't." See, her lower lip's all trembly now, and she's starting to turn blotchy like she might cry. "I Impressed at Ista," she explains then, trying to answer his questions in hopes that maybe she could get herself under control. "I just got searched the once, and Mir found me." She nods slightly. "I see." Finally, his reaction manages to get a laugh from her. "Told you. Got more of it in my weyr." Tonight, it's going down the hatch.

Zsriston looks at her and tilts his head a bit. "So why don't you just make up with him?" Boys were easier to deal with than girls, after all. Though Zsriston is too young to understand how complex adult relationships can be. He nods to her about her impression. "Ah. I guess I'm not that lucky. Though I didn't really get searched, my dad just told me to go stand. Well, not for here, for Ista I did." He takes another sip, and coughs some more, then hands the flask back to her. "Yeuck. That stuff could kill someone."

Enka's lip starts trembling again. "I want to." the goldrider's words are almost, but not quite, a wail. "I really really do. I said things I shouldn't have said." Which nevermind that K'ael said things too, she's taking this hard. "But I can't. Cause of her." her chin jerks in the direction of the gold dragon, who, having gotten a great deal of spoilment from the brown has moved on to a young bronze. "I can't go see him. Not now, she's proddy. And it's all because of that stupid flight." she's looking quite deflated. "You stood at Ista?" she blinks at him then, frowning. "Their last clutch maybe?" The flask is accepted back, Enka taking a good gulp from it, making a face, but determined to get it all down her gullet. "Just rots your gut," she replies, "won't exactly kill you. But you gotta drink a lot of it."

Zsriston blinks. "Ooh. Right. So send someone to go get him. A bluerider or something. Greenrider. Whatever. Aren't you the weyrwoman? I thought the best part of that job was getting to boss people around for whatever. I'd go, but I ain't got a dragon." Not yet, at least. He nods to Enka. "Yeah last clutch. My pops is all like 'oh you're my son, you're bound to impress'." Zsriston does his best L'ton impression. "But I think he's lyin'." He peers at her when she takes a swig. "Can't you get drunk offa somethin' else?"

"I didn't think of that," Enka replies, suddenly perking up at the teen's suggestion. "I just figured that it was better for me to go talk to him or something. You know, face to face. But I suppose I could send someone along to Xanadu to get him." There's a sudden crestfallen look on her face. "What if he doesn't come though?" she glances towards her weyr. "I could send him a letter. Sunny'll go." The teen's offer gets a grateful smile. "Thanks, I think." But then, without a dragon there's not much he could do, right? "Oooh, I think that was Mir's clutch." Well, Ellamariseth was on the sands too, but Enka just thinks of it as 'hers'. "Sometimes it takes time though," she comments, "gettin' the right dragon and all." A headshake. "Don't want anythin' else. This crap matches my mood." Crappy.

Zsriston shrugs a bit. "I dunno. Was he the only one mad or something? I thought grownups had fights all the time. I could go. And trick him into coming or something. Be all like 'oh no mister, I'm hurt, you gotta take me home!' Who's Sunny?" He blinks then, and nods. "Ooh. I guess your gold just doesn't like me or somethin'." He peers at her then about the alcohol. Why make yourself suffer more? "Well that's weird. When do you think your gold'll rise? You think that A'ven guy'll still be weyrleader?"

Enka wrinkles her nose, taking another sip of the terrible drink in the flask. "Nuh uh." she admits, "we both were mad. And we really shouldn't have been. I guess we just …" she trails off, biting at her lip. "It was a stupid stupid silly misunderstanding." her shoulders heave in a sigh. "Sunny … Sunshine's my firelizard. She's around here somewhere." More than likely on the perch in Enka's room. "Trick him?" the goldrider furrows her brow. "Well, Faranth, I aint a weyrbrat for nothin' am I? Could come up with some excuse. Could use some help with the kitten maybe?" she frowns, the now empty flask clattering onto the step below her as she turns her head to regard Zsriston. "Don't think she don't like you," comes her observation. "maybe it just means your dragon aint born yet." Her breath comes out in a whoosh, and she shrugs. "Soon I hope." A sudden lean towards him, her voice dropping to a whisper. "Can you keep a secret?"

Zsriston shrugs again. "Why wouldn't he come then?" Maybe her boyfriend was the too proud to give in type or something? "Ah. I got a firelizard. He's around someplace. His name is Thrall. He's a big bronze with an underbite, so I had to give him a big manly name." He raises a brow at her. "Don't think you really qualify as a weyrbrat no more, Enka. Can't be a brat and runnin' the place." He points to the flask. "You throwin' that away? Cause I'll take it." There's a shrug about the dragon. He's not letting it get to him. He won't. Won't won't won't. He narrows his eyes at her then. "Uh, sure. I can keep a secret."

"It's worth a try," Enka frowns again. "I mean, maybe if I drew little hearts and stuff all over the letter and wrote a lot of mushy things," things she isn't going to share with the teen because they're private. "I … I love him. I think he'd come." the goldrider manages a wry chuckle at Zsriston's explanation of his firelizard. "I got three myself." she admits, "Sunny's the queen of the lot, and my bronze spends almost all his time sleepin'." She gives the boy a look. "Once a 'brat… always a 'brat. Aint somethin' you grow outta easily." Give her twenty more turns maybe before she's not plotting mischief. "Sure." she waves a hand. "S'empty. If you want it, you can have it." She's got another one somewhere. A furtive glance around, and she nods. "Don't tell, promise." a breath. "I made a deal with A'ven. 'Bout bein' the Weyrleader."

Zsriston wrinkles his nose at the thought of a letter with hearts and mushy things in it. Maybe an older guy would understand better? "Uh… sure. Yeah. Anyway don't he need to be the one that loves you if he's gonna come? I ain't sayin' he don't or nothin'." Maybe not the best thing to say, now that Zsriston's said it. "I'm sure he'll come." He laughs. "If you say so. I get in trouble enough right now as it is. That's why my dad wants me standin' all the time. They keep closer tabs on candidates." He picks up the empty flask and grins. "Thanks!" The teen looks excited about something a bit silly like a flask. Then he raises a brow at Enka and whispers to her. "How you gonna do that? I thought the dragons picked?"

To be fair, an older man would probably understand it better. "I hope he does," Enka says, voice quiet. "We were so happy together, and…" she reddens suddenly, tanned skin flushed. "I probably oughta not talk about it. Kids grow up fast in a Weyr, but not that fast." At his words about candidates being kept closer tabs, she laughs. "Still got away with a lot," she admits, "sneakin' down to a hidey-hole to see the eggs, and pullin' pranks." Oh the pranks! Her expression sobers. "Course the dragons choose, but I told 'im I'd give Glyith the best shot I could." she turns to watch Miraneith, now quite in pursuit of yet another bronze. "It aint gonna work if someone else got there first, but a gal can influence her beast if she wants a particular rider to win. Had it all worked out. If I can get her high enough, and he's waitin'." Her shoulders slump. "Was gonna fix it up so A'ven'd get his weyrmate and I'd have my boyfriend. But now.." she sighs. "Dunno what's gonna happen."

Zsriston wrinkles his nose at her. Being in the weyr made him aware of sex pretty early on, but that didn't mean he wanted to hear about the weyrwoman's intimacy. "Uh, that's good for you two and all." He snickers. "You only have to outrun them for a little, they give up pretty easily here." He shrugs and nods. Not like he's ever been in a flight before! "Oh, I see. No wonder weyrwomen have weyrleaders so long." He looks down at the stack of papers then. "Bleh. Probably gonna be hollered at for not goin' straight back after the delivery." Though he doesn't make any attempt to move, either.

Enka heaves another sigh, catching sight of Zsriston's wrinkled nose out of the corner of her eye. "Aint somethin' you really wanna hear about," she admits. "I aint much for gossip," mostly because she likes starting it, "so I'll spare you the details." Besides, eventually he'd have something to think about himself… just give him time. "Fraid you'd probably get away with a lot for sure," she admits, "bein' as I'm in charge. Shells, I'd probably share stories of my best pranks." It's just so hard right now, though. "Yeah. I read back before the Ninth Pass about how the Weyr wanted some rider or another to lead over at Benden, so he won and all. Sometimes the Weyr can influence the winner, sometimes it's the queen's rider. It makes sense, really, keepin' on the same man as long as you can rather than changin' over each time the senior goes up. I figured since A'ven's done a good job and I'm just the new senior, it'd be better to keep him on. I aint in love with him or anythin'. Shells, don't even really wanna sleep with him."

Zsriston peers at her. "No, not really. Er… hope things work out though, I guess." The teen was really only just beginning to discover girls. And was already having a rough time of it. He grins to her. "Maybe I should work for you instead then. Since I'm always bein' yelled at other places." He scratches his head a bit. "So if I told everyone at the weyr to hope for like… my dad to win we could sway the dragons?" He's already planning pranks! He cackles then. "No wonder you're so sad about your boyfriend. You don't wanna sleep with that old icky weyrleader!"

"It's got to," Enka says, "else I'll just keep drinkin' myself to sleep every night." Poor girl, she's depressed all right. "Huh," she muses, "maybe you oughta. Lookin' for someone to help me in the office. Run errands, that kinda thing." she tilts her head, regarding the teen. "Sure. You can do it. Keep you from bein' yelled at, gives you somethin' to do." Enka tsks suddenly, shaking her head ruefully. "Well, I guess you could try and get your dad into the job, but would you want him to be? It's a lot of work." On the other hand, long hours in the office might mean that a certain bronzerider couldn't get into half as much trouble as he is already — with kids, flights and women, as such. "It's not that he's old and icky," she admits, "but I just don't like him that way. Don't like t'get business and pleasure mixed up, y'see."

Zsriston frowns a bit at Enka. Was this was love was like? Cause if so he didn't want any part of it! He blinks at the then. "W-what? Really!? I can do that! I'm good at.. stuff. I know the weyr by now." He grins, then shrugs. "I wouldn't want him to really. It was just an example. He ain't got time for that. His new weyrmate ain't that old and they're havin' more babies. Don't think my dad likes fosterin' his weyrmate-bred kids. I wasn't fostered either, I only lived in the caverns when I moved here." He nods to her. "I guess. You should probably hurry and send that note, in that case."

It's not really love. It's more like lovelorn. Which, if Zstriston is careful not to get himself into any fights with girls, he might come out OK. "Sure thing," Enka nods. "You can be my aide and tell people what to do." After all, the orders will come through Enka, so it's sort of the same. Her gaze turns again to the gold dragon, Miraneith plowing along through the bowl, tail dragging with happy abandon as she croons, struts and generally shows her stuff to the male dragons of her Weyr. Lookit her go! "Least she aint mean and snappy," Enka comments, jerking her chin towards the dragon. "Just spoil her, and she's happy. Better'n anythin' really." She manages a faint grin. "Met her," she admits, "your dad's weyrmate. No wonder he keeps havin' 'em. Must be fun eh," Ahem, he's only just a teen. "Sure, grab a piece of paperwork there, would you?" It's probably important, but who cares, for love, Enka will deface the Weyr's finance files, easily.

Zsriston grins to her. "Hooray! I'll be the best orderer, I promise. And I'll take care of all this stuff." He points to the stack of paperwork. He won't be able to do too much in that department, but he'll try. He blinks at the dragon, then laughs a little. "She is crazy." Then he raises an eyebrow at the comment about Lissi. "Uh. Okay. She's alright. She lets me come around and stay up there sometimes, so." He still prefers his own mother of course, though. "I dunno if I'd call babies 'fun'." He picks up a piece of paper. "Okay?"

"Splendid," Enka does her best to sound enthusiastic in the face of the teen's excitement. "I'm sure you'll do a grand job. Errand boy, general go-fer, and I'll make you cookies." So much for not finding an assistant who doesn't get special perks, but then again, Enka does love to bake, and kids love cookies, don't they? "You can handle that paperwork pretty easy," she tells him, "just dump it in that box by my door." Where it will probably stay for a while. "She's a nice gal," Enka comments, "babies can be all right," she admits. "Though was thinkin' of somethin' else. Hand over that paper." Once he does, of course, she take the pen that's been tucked right behind her ear and start writing on the blank side, bold flowery words with lots of hearts doodled all over it. Along with some mushy, intimate details that won't be read aloud.

Zsriston at least wouldn't expect special treatment? After all, he'd never gotten it before. Nope, he'll be happy just to not be yelled at all the time. He nods to her about the paperwork, getting up to shuffle the rest of the papers inside, in the box that Enka describes. He's only gone a few seconds, hurry back to prove his worth as an assistant. "There we go. You writin' to him?" There's no comment about the babies really. Zsris didn't want any more brothers or sisters really. He was sort of at an awkward age for his father's children. Only his younger full-siblings were even generally close to him in age.

It's certainly better than the one caverns worker who tried to get the job. Special favors and treatment demanded as a matter of recourse, there. Zstriston gets a quick nod of approval for his prompt effort, the Weyrwoman nibbling thoughtfully on her lip as she adds a few more words. And some little sketch at the bottom that's supposed to be herself and K'ael, hugging or something, she's not exactly the best artist on Pern after all. "Yup," she answers, giving a whistle. It's a signal of some kind because a bright sunny-colored firelizard is soon winging her way out of Enka's weyr, swooping down to land on the steps with a chitter. "Up Sunny," Enka offers an arm, the gold hopping upwards as the goldrider folds the paper carefully, scrawls K'ael's name across it, and then ties it to Sunny's leg. Looking down into the gold's eyes, Enka impresses upon her mind the very familiar surroundings of the weyrcottage. "Sendin' her off now." And with a toss, the gold is aloft, two wingbeats taken and /pop/ into /Between/ she goes.

Zsriston is also a boy, so he's not manipulative and has little interest in gossip in general. Especially weyr gossip. "That's a good idea." He points to the picture. It was sweet, but Zsriston can't bring himself to say such words. He looks up when the gold wings her way over. "She's cute. I'm trying to teach Thrall to deliver things reliably. So I can write letters to my ma." Zsriston is a momma's boy for certain. "Ooh… I should probably go tell the headwoman I got another job, so she doesn't start yelling at me tomorrow. I'll be back later." The teen gets up to give Enka a hug. It's brief, then he's running off. "Thanks for the flask, Enka! And the job!" He turns to wave at her on his way back.

Enka manages a cheery smile at the boy's suggestion. "Thanks." she remarks, feeling much better than she has in some time. "Could help you teach him," Enka offers. "Havin' Sunny there might help him listen better." She's glancing skywards, watching to see if either the gold firelizard has returned or if … well, a bronze dragon were to suddenly appear in the sky. "Right, tell her she aint allowed t'yell at you cause I'm her boss and I'll yell at her." A faint grin then, and she's settling back, tucking her arms around her, watching her gold dragon. And waiting, hoping beyond hope.

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