An Abstract Apology

Western Weyr - Suldith's Playhouse
This king sized weyr has plenty of space for humans and dragons alike. The floors have been worn smooth and mostly level while the walls remain more rough and uneven all in mottled shades of gray. The roomy dragon couch has been covered in a layer of padding and then furs.The arched opening from the ledge lets in light and when the tropical sun is at rest or hidden in the clouds baskets of glows chase away the darkness from their perches in sconce-like baskets around the weyr interior. A long bar provides a place to eat and is set with four tall barstools, set in front of a wall of cabinetry and a long counter for storage and simple meal preparation. A hewn firepit inhabits one wall and a plaid sofa and chair are set before it on a brick red rug, centered for conversation with a low coffee table and side tables. The living area is kept fairly neat.
The exception to the clean living area is the table in the living room. Zi'on apparently is using it as a work table for some sort of electronics project. It looks like it might be a computer monitor or some other viewing display. There are wires and nuts and bolts laying around, also a soldering gun and a voltmeter.
A smaller arch leads to a short hallway with a bedroom on one end and a washroom on the other. The bedroom is complete with a dresser, bedside tables and a large bed with a mirrored wardrobe reflecting light from glow baskets set around the room. It's very lived-in, there is clothing and random junk all over the place. The washroom is spacious and one corner is taken up by a deep tub and opposite that a shower large enough for at least two.

Battling the winds outside, Rou'x slips into the sanctuary of the Weyrleader's weyr, Indianath having announced her arrival prior to her turning up. She lingers for a moment in the entryway, slipping out of her riding jacket now that she doesn't need that extra layer of protection against the elements, before striding into the weyr with her bootheels clipping smartly against the stone floor. "Knock knock, sir! Are y' in?" As she walks she readjusts her double braids, smoothing them down by running her hand along them, then flipping them back over her shoulder.

Suldith has acknowledged the brown and told him it was safe to come visit. Once Indy is inside, Suldith is up giving the brown and his rider a warble and then moves over to rub along the brown's neck. Then he heads back to the couch, inviting Indy to come get warm in the blankets there. Zi'on calls from the bedroom. "Yeah I'm here. I'll be out in a second. I made klah if you want some." There is in fact a nice steaming pot of klah on the counter. And a couple of mugs sitting there. "So what brings you by, anyways? Come to apologize?" He chuckles a bit.

"I dunno sir, would you expect whatever greenrider you ended up with to apologise to Ki?" Rou'x's fiing herself a mug of klah as Indianath takes up Suldith's offer, though he doesn't instantly relax in with the bronze. His rider, however, makes herself quickly at home, adding plenty of sweetener to her mug and leaning up against the counter to wait for the Weyrleader. "D'you think I oughta give you an apology? Can do, if y'want one. Dunno if it'd be so sincere though, since it'll've been requested, y'know?"

Zi'on laughs. "Maybe I would. I heard you didn't win the flight though. You miss, just took advantage." He makes a tsktsk noise before appearing out from the other room. He's just on on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He's looking freshly bathed, beard all trimmed to just his usual stubble. "Anyways, no, I don't. But I reserve the right to tease you about it. Kiena was all worked up about it, you know." He heads over to the brownrider and pokes her nose, then he fills his own mug, and takes a sip. Oddly enough, the bronzer doesn't take any sweetener in his klah. "How's it going?"

Rou'x wrinkles her nose and grins at the poke, playfully swatting his hand away. "It's all goin' well, sir. Y'know, it's hard to say it's wrong, yeah? Indy n' I've got a real good thing, n' I reckon we'll do someone somewhere some good, once we've gotta full knot n' all." She grins, taking a long drink from her klah. "But y'know, Kiena never said nothin' about being worked up. She angry, or summat? Keely n' I'd already decided we'd go off t'gether, felt sorta wrong t'just leave poor Kiena just standin', what with you not bein' there f' her n' them two greenriders goin' on their own…"

Zi'on chuckles as she swats his hand away. "That's good. we'll get you guys knotted up soon. You know what wing you want to become a part of? Seems strange now not to have any weyrlings about anymore. I guess we'll have to get someone else to clean the barracks." He grins a bit. "Settling into the old weyr?" He raises a brow to her then. "Have you talked to Kiena since the flight? I didn't see her for a few days afterwards. Thought maybe she was off reassessing her sexuality. Then one night she showed up here and scared me half to death. Seems back to her old self now, I guess." He laughs. "Felt wrong, eh? I could have come. I feel left out now."

Rou'x winks at Zi'on. "Din't feel at all wrong once we were in that ground weyr. Y've got one heckuva hot girl there, sir, if I do say so m'self. But I've not spoken to her, nope." A few moments of thoughtful klah-sipping later, and the brownrider continues speaking. "Reckon we might go into Archipelago, sir. What wi' Indy's int'rests n' all, I reckon we'd be best placed there, n' handy in a situation. Though I gotta learn to swim better first, I reckon. 'S'not that I /can't/, but y'can always be better, y'know?"

Zi'on laughs. "Hey, don't I know it. I know she's always down on herself for not being as uh… voluptuous as you are, but I still find her hot. PLus she's quite voracious between the sheets." He grins. "But I guess you already know that. Sounds good, about the wing. I was in Archipelago myself before I became weyrleader. And Th'ero was there, too, before he became weyrleader." The bronzer grins, then heads over to sit on the couch and sip his klah. "What, you mean your funbags don't help you to float? But yeah, swimming is a necessity around here. Especially being part of search and rescue."

"Mebbe if I getta few cosmetic changes done, I'll be destined t'be the next Weyrleader?" Grinning, Rou'x knocks down the last of her klah and sets the mug down onto the counter - so that she's got two free hands to better cup her ample chest! "These boys'll prob'ly help me float alright, but they ain't gonna do me no good if I'm tryin' t'help someone /else/ float. D'you ever see anyone with one've them lines, hookin' them up t' their dragon while they're swimming? 'S'like a long rope, or summat, hooked onto the leathers, so's their dragon c'n pull 'em up outta the wayer?"

Zi'on laughs. "Please don't. Get any cosmetic changes. At least not of those sort. Indy would need to change the color of his hide, too." Zi'on grabs his crotchal area. "This man only gets scared when I jump into water, so you've got the upper hand. I've used those lines before. I also made my own pulley system, so that you can actually slide off your dragon and pull yourself back up without them having to land. It requires a bit of finesse though. And upper body strength. What do you need a line fore, anyways?" Zi'on peers at Rou around his mug. "Gonna practice?"

"Yeah, I reckon it'd be good t'practice stuff like that, so's when there's a proper situation goin' on we know what we're doin'. 'S'gonna look better f' me n' Indy anyways, if we've gotta bit've practice in before being assigned though, right, sir?" Rou'x slips her hands into her pockets, and shrugs her rounded shoulders. "We'll see, anyway. We got all the time in the world now, right? Time t' figure out what we're best at, anyway, though I gotta say I kinda fancy bein' the one t'swoop in n' save someone from summat nasty. That's gotta make y'feel good, y'know?" Grinning, she straightens up as Indianath rumbles at Suldith, clambering out of the cosy couch to plod down towards the weyr's entrance. "Anyways, sir, I only popped by t'say hello n' shit. Mebbe to say sorry a bit. Mebbe t'judge how y'felt about me havin' gotten… ahem. Intimate with y'girl, n' all that. I'll try'n stick t' Keely from now on."

Zi'on grins. "Are you sure? Sure you're not going to use it to go water skiing or surfing or whatever? Because that sounds like more fun than just practicing with the rope. Or are you worried you might drown?" Zi'on nods a bit. "It is. But it can be scary. Or heartbreaking.. you know, if you can't save someone. At least you'll be starting up at the trail end of winter. It's the storms that usually cause the problems." He blinks a bit, then gets up as he sees Indy leaving. "Ah. I really don't mind. But I might if it starts becoming regular." He peers at her. "Keely, eh? Have fun with that. I figure she might be scared the first time she has to sleep with a man."

Rou'x laughs in response to the latter comment, shaking her head. "I reckon she might've been a bit nervous the first time wi' me, but we muddled through it. Gave Ir'e a bit've a show, even, when he came back in t'find Kee in my cot. She's gotta smokin' body too, y'know… and so's he. We're justa bunch've sexy weyrlings, really." Indianath croons from the entryway, wings rustling as he readjusts them impatiently. "Gotta go, sir. He's hungry, n' we're gonna pop on over t' Ista for a while t'see Ryeo. D'you know he's a candidate there now? Bloody annoyance, really - I went there all hopin' t'get it on wi' him at last, and he's gotta damned white knot so we just sorta called off whatever something-nothing we mighta had. Shame, really. Them glasses he wears really do it f'me." She shakes her head, then gives the Weyrleader a jaunty salute. "Catch y'later, sir?"

Zi'on laughs. "Had you been with a girl before, then? You can keep Ir'e. Too much penis there for me. The problem is all you girls ride male dragons. Really all I want is Kiena. You can have the rest if you want." He sighs. "I probably should have just asked her to move in here with me. But I wanted her to have some time on her own. I hope the weyr was enough to show her that I'm still serious." Zi'on blinks and nods. "I thought he was older. Heh, well, sounds like you're back in the same boat. At least you can have your pick of the others, right? No more celibacy. Doesn't S'ol wear glasses, too? Though I think he swings the other way." Zi'on heads over to give Rou a hug. "See ya, Rou."

Rou'x squeezes Zi'on back, whispering in his ear, "I hadn't been wi' a girl, no. Keely were my first, sir. Don't reckon she'll be the last, though!" She winks when she's free of the embrace, offers a playful salute, then turns tail and trots out to Indianath. Ista, here they come!

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