Aurora and the Army of Blues

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

Basket of Sands
It's a simple woven basket filled with creamy white beach sands. Nestled within are a few small sandy bumps. On the edge is pinned a note. "Belonging to Janja. Please see her for information. Beware of Feyruth." The note is penned in a ridiculous purple shade of ink.

Well, That's An Ugly Egg
Suspiciously Creepy Egg
Spotted On the Sands Egg
Always On Point Egg
Red Hair, Don't Care Egg
Everyone's Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Egg
The Perfect Patchwork Egg
A Subtle Allure Egg
Is That A Smudge Egg
Sunny Stretch Egg
Merely Napping Egg
A Treat for the Eyes Egg

Nymeria is near the berry bushes slowly eating meatrolls and plucking berries filling her plate with them as her small meat and bready pockets are disappearing into her mouth, She's eaten almost a quarter of them already.

C'vryn arrives with Janja, with one of his smaller firelizards making an absolute conniption. "I think, that perhaps at least some of the eggs are going to start now, if how Nordic is behaving is any issue. Has Aurora given you any hints, love?"

Janja shakes her head in bafflement. "Not the slightest tugs." Her eyes grow distant and she sighs. "But Feyruth says to get rid of the little pests now so I suppose that they must be getting ready." She pushes the brown off her shoulder with a shrug. "Rusty." She snaps at him to get his attention. "Get food from the kitchen." The brown cocks his head, then vanishes between. "OH dear. Last time I had Feyruth call and I think the poor spit boy still hasn't recovered. Do you think he'll get the message across?"

Citayzleat seems to have taken to the local scene well — at least, outwardly. She's sprawled comfortably with a book, nose nearly at the page and looking utterly focused on her reading. Whatever it is, it has the apprentice nodding, muttering things like 'mm, hemorrhaging' and 'oh really' to herself. Firelizards? What firelizards? Others nearby are only vaguely acknowledged by the removal of her boots from the common pathway; Cita is Occupied. For now.

Lots of commotion at the rooftop patio today! Laga had just been looking for a place to sneak off and drink some juice while enjoying the sun, but now it looked like things were starting to fill up. She peeks at the others while sipping her drink.

C'vryn hmms for a moment. "I could have Emeliuth ask someone, so you don't have to bother Feyruth with this nonsense, you know. So she's not disturbed, and it would give Emmy something to do, all in all, maybe if he's busy he'd be happier."

Nymeria is sitting by the berry bushes reading from one of her books. An image seen on one of the pages appears to be a quilt from an age gone by. She also sips at a drink, juice by the looks of it.

It doesn't take long before there is a parade of kitchen helpers bringing raw meat up and over to near where the basket is sitting. C'vryn waves and offers. "If you're going to try for one of the buggers, now is your chance. Make sure you have something to tempt them with."

Well, That's An Ugly Egg

Warmer than the other eggs, this one has a color that is best described as pinkish peach and it has not nearly the covering of sand that the others do. The shell is seemingly folded and wrinkled in and over on itself, and looks slightly misshapen from the numerous folds that even appear to catch the sand grains. Just tucked off to one side is a slightly darker patch on the shell, a faded gray that seems so out of place on a pink egg.

A Treat for the Eyes Egg

A culinary confection of brown delights molds itself into a modest oviod punctuated by a curious spattering of tan lumps around the equator. Most prominent is a creamy milk chocolate coating the whole in a smooth silky shell. Gooey caramel brown creeps out through cracks and along the edges, especially at the pale pecan brown lumps. The whole comes together to entice the eyes and draw one in.

Well, That's An Ugly Egg wobbles slightly as it rolls against the side of the basket before it bumps and hits something on its way down now. OOps, a crack and then it just might hatch.

Seems the place to be at the moment is this here rooftop, though honestly a visiting rider was not planning on hanging around the Weyr for long. Mal'co is making his way up the steps, a curious glance around while he oves onwards, the group of people well that does get his attetion so he heads on that way. A friendly smile and nod is soo seen. "Afteroon, greetings from Xanadu." Then it dawns on him why people can be found here of all places, ah a basket of firelizard eggs it seems. He lifts a hand to scratch at his head a bit pondering it seems.

Irridescent Green Hatchling

Brilliantly green, this firelizard is very dainty and ladylike in her proportions, from an elegantly boned head and slender neck to a lithe, sensuous body. Velvety green cascades down, tattooed with darker shades along the fine arches of her bones and outlining her slender limbs. What sets her apart the most however are her wings, a fanciful display of iridescent green that sparkles and shimmers with a seemingly inner light. They are lavish, with overlarge 'sails that are spread between so very slender spars and give off a lacy translucent shadow to her body.

With the arrival of the meat, Aurora lifts her tiny head and begins to trill a welcome to some of the mysteriously multiplying clutch. As she does, the eggs begin to move. A sullen rumble sounds from below and then a soft, if sullen, dragon sized croon of welcome follows. "Thank you, Fey." JAnja says smiling.

Nymeria rises when she hears the words and keeps her plate with her."My older sister has a green,.. she was fishing when she found the wee one, do you have fish in those meat scraps?" A berry and another meat roll disappear into her mouth and a berry drops from the plate

Laga blinks. Firelizards? One of those would certainly be handy. But what's she supposed to tempt the little ones with? She gulps down the rest of her drink quickly, then starts looking for someone with meat scraps she can steal. Then there's scraps being brought up. How handy!

Natali looks around as sh enters, a satchel slung over one shoulder, the newly arrived healer taking her glasses off absently to clean them as she walks. Fortunately, she puts them back on just in time to stop short of tripping over a pair of boots, specifically those belonging to Citayzlet. She raises ha eyebrow, about to talk to the girl, when suddenly she notices a flash of jewl-like green, and grins, dropping to her knees.

The A Treat For the Eyes Egg barely has time to move before it too is hatching. Twitch, crack, snap!

With Nary a Hiccup Blue Hatchling

The sweet little face of this distinctive blue firelizard is the first thing that draws the eye. He has a shortened muzzle leading back to a broadened forehead holding two gentle eyes. His body is heavy-set for his size but soft and rounded rather then muscled, just a hair from pudgy. There is an innocence in how he holds himself and in each step of the stubby little legs and twitch of the chubby tail. The smooth glossy hide is nearly monochromatic - a faintly purpled blue called Majorelle blue. The color is vivid and bold, with very little variation in shade from snout to spade. The only additional color is a few hints of iris along his abdomen, creamy off-white talons, and a blush of pink shading the underside of the Majorelle blue wings.

Citayzleat still manages to miss, for the most part, the parade of meat-carrying helpers. "Oh, *shells*." She's really into the text, making a terrible face now, one shoulder twitching. "They bend that way?" And then one of the helpers nearly trips on her leg, even though she's sitting cross-legged, and Cita blinks owlishly from her studies. People. Lots. And — oh. The sound of even tiny cracking shells is pretty distinctive, and the healer Apprentice sits up a little, craning nosily to see what all the fuss is about. "Awww." She doesn't rise yet, blinking still at the influx of people, but she does sit up on her knees and gape. Helpful.

Irridescent Green Hatchling creels as she is abruptly dropped out of her basket and onto the ground. It's cold out here. She takes stock of her situation for a moment, then sets up a clammer for food, creeling at every face along the way.

Laga now has some delicious meaty scraps! Well, delicious to little firelizards. Which are the ones who tastes matter at the moment. Now it's time to edge over closer to the actual hatchlings and try to attract one. She gets close, but then stumbles over those boots that Natali just avoided tripping on, taking her own tumble. She regains her footing while sort of running into the bespectacled healer girl. A low point for her dignity. "Sorry!" She says, smiling sheepishly at Natali before looking back to the little hatchlings.

With Nary a Hiccup Blue Hatchling is upside down when his shell so rudely falls apart. The tiny blue legs wiggle around and the even smaller eyes blink confusedly as he tries to right himself. Finally he manages to flip over though his wings and back are covered in sugar sand. More blinking ensues and he creels a call to the blurs around him. Hungry!

Nymeria oohs at the blue that came from the egg. Plate goes down beside her and she also asks a helper for their bowl that looks rather fishy/meaty scrappy. Book gets closed by a berry colored finger and shoved quickly into a bag she also had with her. She licks the berry juice off her finger and she begins wiggling the slender guts of the fish toward the wee critters.

Kera makes her way to the Rooftop after dropping off her passenger. As it turns out, her passenger beat her here. How odd. Shrugging in an animated fashion, she fails to dislodge the shimmery flitter hitchinga ride. the queen croons softly, at first, but gets louder as the goo covered hatchlings make themselves known, loudly. Kera flashes a wave around to those gathered, "Wow, do I have bad timing or what?"

Natali grins at Laga. "Oh, no worries. But, if I might, could I get some of those scraps?" Not really waiting, she turns her attention back to the hatchlings, giggling at the little blue's antics, then towards the tiny green baby. A quick smile is directed to the others present, altough intelligent eyes note Citayzleat's knot.

Irridescent Green Hatchling takes another few steps, but the world is so large as she starts to walk. A glance here and there as she moves before starting to head toward the first person to offer a meat scrap. That then disappears and she sits down on her rump.

Citayzleat is a mess, and looks awfully sheepish about it, now that she recognizes the trouble. "I'm sorry! Sorry. Please forgive me." The young woman apologizes repeatedly, ducking her head and rolling herself to her feet without a great deal of grace. She doesn't end up on her face, which is a plus, but she does have to steady herself before she can inch closer to the eggs and hatchlings.

With Nary a Hiccup Blue Hatchling is having difficulties getting around some of the other eggs in the basket, and to make things worse there's a great golden blob in the way. He creels saddly at Aurora, who drops her head to nuzzle the tiny blue. He seems to forget food for the moment, preferring to cuddle with his dam in a tiny blue lump. But hunger can't wait forever and with a soft nudge from the gold, the blue toddles to the basket edge.

Laga blinks and smiles at Natali. "Huh! Oh, sure!" Scraps are handed over. "Really, it's the least I can do…" Then she goes from apologizer to apologize-ee, smiling sheepishly at Citayzleat. "No, I really should have been paying attention to where I was going. I'm sorry…" But wait! There are lizards. So distracting from conversation. She holds out meat scraps.

Nymeria notices the little blue cuddling his mom.."Awww How sweet.." She dances the fishy scrap like a snake an inch in from the edge of the basket .

Mal'co looks on a bit amused while he wanders on closer to the table, a soft chuckle is heard from the rider and his arms fold before him. "Well this a bit amusing. Haven't seen one of these in a bit." Mean while a gold firelizard flutters down from someplace and lands upon hishead of all things. Sue stretches a bit and lets her tail actally curl around the greenriders neck. Mal mutters a bit towards the lizard. "Stop that."

Natali takes the scraps offered by Laga, and holds them down in front of the little green, yer eyes now locking on the tiny form. Idly, her free hand pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose, but sh ignores a stray lock of hair which falls across her forehead.

Citayzleat grins sidelong, sheepishly at the other pair, taking her eyes off of the hatchlings for a moment to make a sympathetic face. "Distracting, aren't they." She asserts, deftly snatching a handful of slimy scraps without so much as a look of disgust. The healer doesn't lean close — still stalling, feet shuffling, staring at the basket warily. The meaty hand relaxes after a moment, though, and Cita nudges a little closer, making a face. "Awfully distracting. Hello."

C'vryn leans against Janja as the first of the 'lizards start to hatch. "Looks like Nordic and Fey were right about the hatching time." HE stops to count the eggs. "Uh, Jan, I think she found a few more. Silly little lizard. You can't keep them."

Laga really is much too distracted for proper conversation, though lingering awkwardness remains. "M'sorry… let me apologize properly once, y'know, the hatching is done?" There are lizards to tempt now! She settles into a seat at hatchling-level, holding out an enticing hand full of raw goodness.

With Nary a Hiccup Blue Hatchling inches closwer to the bit of fish dancing /just/ out of reach. A long stretch and…there! The morsel goes down his gullet and he glances up at the hand expectantly. His mouth opens and hangs there.

With Nary a Hiccup Blue Hatchling looks into Nymeria's eyes. Impression!

Irridescent Green Hatchling takes another few steps and creels again, finding herself over by a pair of rather distracted looking girls, but they are offering out food. A snap at an enticing bit of something raw and tasty and then she snaps again, getting a bigger piece.

Nymeria smiles up at Cita."Sure are… My master's brown sometimes distracts me when I am trying to eat and He's claiming my meatrolls are his." She giggles softly and gets more fish to the little blue."Here we go… Step up here cutie…"

Nymeria keeps feeding her blue but moves back to beside the berry bushes. Don't want to leave just yet, so exciting!

Kera overhears her fellow Xanadian as a queen settles on his head and makes a necklace for him. "Really? I'd imagine you find eggs in the oddest places. Polgara has picks the oddest places to try hiding them." She can't help but give her flitter an affectionate scritch along her cheek before turning her attention towards the gathering close to the eggs. "That green's quite eye catching. And Awww, look at that adorable blue fella."

Mal'co glances over to Kera and looks a bit amused. "Sue has a way of hiding them and I can't find them… Or she just leaves them with others an I don't have to worry about it." This said with an amused tone. Sue shifts and finally hops down to her rider's shoulder and sits up a bit while just watching.

Citayzleat laughs, waving her meat-covered hand vaguely. "No need." The healer snickers under her breath, and smiles towards Nymeria. "Oh, I know. Always hungry, even once they're bigger." A beat, and the blue's found his food, Nymeria whisked off by his sweet little face. Cita grins Laga-wards, but doesn't intrude, eyes focusing again. The little green's wandering gets a squinty-eyed smile from Cita. She takes a breath, lets it out in a slow puff, relaxing the meat-y hand again in offering. "Look at her!" She huffs, completely distracted now, but closer to the right track at least.

Irridescent Green Hatchling looks into Citayzleat's eyes. Impression!

Everyone's Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Egg

A rich velvety onyx coats the shell of the perfectly shaped little egg. The ever present pores are near invisble in the darkness, making it seem as smooth as newborn skin. Subtle shimmers give depth to the shell. A stroke of pure white tips the narrow apex. Four more swatches of white tip the different spots around the bottom edge. A final hint of white peeks out from the underside just where the shell meets the sand.

Natali is still trying to lure the little green closer, but not so much that she can't spare a grin and word of congratulations to the youn weavercrafter. "Good job. You two'll be wonderful together." Idly, she moves to one side, inadvertantly bumping Laga. "Ah, sorry… Oh, Ccongratulations!" She grins at the healer apprentice.

Everyone's Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Egg rolls into The Perfect Patchwork Egg. It stills for a moment before rolling away with a large crack down one side. A few more rocks sends the shell splintering in multiple directions.

My Bonnet Blue Hatchling

He moves like an arrow, one long clean line slicing through space with barely a whisper of sound on long, narrow wings built for speed and grace. Though tiny in size, his proportions are those of length rather than girth with lithe, delicate limbs, a whipcord tail, and a ranging neck. His elegant wedge head is the palest of powder blue, slipping rapidly to the boldest and brightest of blues as it crests over his neck and across the rest of his body. The powder blue returns on needlepoint talons and traces the trailing edge of the narrow wingsails. One final slip of powder blue slices through the brilliant blue of his tail, ending as it surrounds the very tip.

Nolan walks in from the bowl, dust covering his clothes as he just left the forge when he heard of the hatching. Seeing the gathering of people he slowly makes his way towards the basket of eggs in hopes of seeing the hatching and getting a new little friend.

Laga grins as she sees what's happening with Citayzleat and her new friend. "Hey, congratulations!" She says with a giggle before she gets bumped by Natali. She wobbles, but smiles at the spectacled healer. "Oh, no worries! We're even now." SHe jokes with a little giggle, then resumes trying to tempt the hatchlings with meaty morsels. "Oh, they're all so cute!"

Nymeria smiles over at the girl with the green."Whatcha going to name her?" Nymeria is out of the fishy scraps and is sacrificing her meat rolls to the Lord of the Dothraki…

Kera laughs and nods agreeably with Mal'co. "At least she isn't using your dirty laundry as a nest." She gives a not too serious mutter. "She held my favorite shirt hostage for weeks." A grin is gflashed and she leans forward, earning a scolding chitter from Polgara. "Well then find another perch." Kera shrugs more sternly and sends the flitter off to do just that, find another perch. Rubbing her aching shoulder, Kera looks over Citayzleat's new friend "And just what do you have there Apprentice?" Kera pretends to be all stern, for about 2 seconds and she cracks a grin.


Sunny Stretch Egg

Cream and orange mix together to form a ginger basis for the coloring on this egg, one that is only highlighted on the sharp curves and angles that make up the shell. Slightly elongated, the ends are very curved, while the middle seems pulled apart slightly. Where light hits the shell, it shows off a barely visible ticked pattern of faint speckles that are made of darker orange then the slightly paler base.

Sunny Stretch Egg rolls and rolls and rolls right out of the basket onto the ground, cracking its shell in the process and flaking off a section. One leg pokes through, of a bright color before it is pulled back up into the destroyed home, although not for long.

Sun-Dappled Green Hatchling

Bright spring green hide covers this tiny firelizard from her muzzle all the way down her body to the very tip of her tail. Dappled slightly in spots, brighter chartreuse green flecks are randomly splashed across her body, from the small and delicate ones across her face to the larger myriad patches the decorate her sides and flanks. Her forearms and haunches are slender before they lead to dainty paws, tipped with delicately arched talons that complete her feet. Spangled with dapples are her wings, with those haphazardly applied like appliques to the start of her sails before they fade out toward her trailing edges.

Citayzleat might have something smart to say — or at least silly — except, wow. The little green's eyes are on her, and Cita stares blankly for a full ten seconds before snapping to action. "Oh. Hello, you." The girl murmurs, grinning at the others over her shoulder wide enough that her face might actually be breaking. "You're gorgeous. Hi, pretty." The pretty little 'lizard is *hungry*, though, not just pretty, so the healer quickly applies herself to carefully feeding her. "Thank you!" She thumbs-ups between gulps, grinning at Laga and Natali quickly. As for the little firelizard? Cita blinks, looking mystified as she scoops goo off of the green and looks sheepishly between Nymeria and Kera. "Oh…I don't know." Pause. "What to name her. She's a firelizard, I know." Oh dear. She's sassing people accidentally, now, and Kera gets a wide-eyed look. Oops!

My Bonnet Blue Hatchling peeks shyly out from beneath the remains of his shell. Just the pale powder nose and whirling eyes show for the moment as the newborn attempts to get his bearings. Then with a distressed creel, he pushes out from under the last of the eggshell and arrows for the basket edge, nearly falling over in the process.

Natali grins again, but then her attention is drawn to two more hatchlings. "Oh, these two are just as lovely," she says, holding out meat scraps again. "Come on, little ones. I have food for you." She does, however, glance at Laga, and blushes slightly.

Nolan gives a slight jump as his little blue pops in from between and lands on his shoulder. Looking down from his vantage on all the little eggs and hatchlings. Laughing off beeing startled by his blue he gives it a rub with his finger before giving a grin at the little flits. Seeing Laga he moves over towards her. "Laga!" The smith waves to the girl as he finds some scrap meat for the new flits in the hopes of finding a companion for his blue.

Sun-Dappled Green Hatchling takes one dainty step after another as she looks around, being somewhat more quiet than her other siblings. She is content to wander, although the waving scraps of food do catch her attention for a long moment and she stares mesmerized as they wave back and forth. Her head does an impression of a metronome as she follows the movements.

Nymeria calls out as she still watches."Watch out baby blue!!!" She has also moved her new little friend to a cradled position, on the plate now, forget the berries he's sitting on and in. Khal eventually waddles over and plops his head on his human's left wrist and falls asleep.

Laga catches the glance from Natali, giving her a little smile. "I'm Laga." She offers by way of belated introduction. She even offers her non-meat-filled hand for a shake. "Are you-" She's cut off by the sound of Nolan addressing her. She smiles. "Nolan! Long time no see." Then there's a toppling hatchling seizing her attention. "Eee! You okay, little guy?" Meat will make this better. She offers it.

Natali takes the offered hand. "Natali, Journeyman Healer." Her attention returns to the hatchlingws, as she sees the little green's head moving in time to the swinging of the meat. "A dancer are you, little one? That's wonderful."

My Bonnet Blue Hatchling manages to right himself, falling backwards onto his rump. But that just brings a bit of meat into range and the blue snaps it up quickly, in case it should disappear. Once the first piece is gone, he calls softly for another, looking up at the blur before hiim.

My Bonnet Blue Hatchling looks into Laga's eyes. Impression!

Sun-Dappled Green Hatchling is slyly taking nibbles from a handler that is slightly distracted with talking and saying their hellos. A nibble here and a nibble there before she has nearly nibbled right up to fingers. Then another snap and she just about has that finger for good.

Sun-Dappled Green Hatchling looks into Natali's eyes. Impression!

Nymeria cheers as Laga gets a blue friend."Way to go Laga!" She raises her right hand in a "Yes!" fist pump."Whatcha gonna call him?"

Kera looks to the awe struck apprentice as she ogles her new friend. Crouching down, she nods somewhat sleptically. "Are you sure? Could be a kitten." Holding a hand over one eye, she squints a bitm trying not to smirk "Oh, I guess it does sorta look like a lizard from this angle." Giving the girl a wink. "Congrats, she's very pretty." Her gaze looks over towards the tiny blue that chose Nymeria, grinning "I hope you aren't expecting to sleep much in the next few days." Seeing the sudden movement from the corner of her eye, she darts a hand out as if to try block the kamikaze hatchling. Thankfully he's distracted by that wiggling smelly thing. Smiling as the little ones pick their pets, um people. "That one's going to give someone alot of sleepless night for sure."

Nolan grins at Laga, "It's been some time. I've been busy with work around the weyr." He smiles down at the hatchlings and eggs. "Looks like today is the big day for these little guys." Paz the blue firelizard on his shoulder giving a croon to the hatchlings as they move about.

The Perfect Patchwork Egg

The round little egg is a pale pumpkin shade overwashed by a light golden peach. Ribbons of dark auburn thread stripes down the short axis. Some are thicker, some thinner but they continue in a consistant pattern from apex to apex with only the very top of the shell stripe free. There the peachy pumpkin gives way to a pale cream tinted just enough to not be a true white any longer. Darker patches of umber cluster in one corner like a print.

Is That A Smudge Egg

Mixed up and seemingly smudged from orange to dark black, this egg has a mottled color to go with the slightly mottled texture on the shell. More dark than light, the odd coloring seems to lighten where the egg rests in the sands, deepening up as it crosses over the top part of the shell. Whorls and swirls that seem to mix and tangle and then finally end up mismatched before they fade back into their original colors in tiny broken patches.

Citayzleat is obviously *trying* to not looks like she's fully aware that she's sassed one higher-rank member of her craft and tried to brain another accidentally, but she's probably failing. The young woman is awfully shifty as she gently eases scraps of food into the tiny, flashy green's mouth, after all. "She's cute like a kitten." Cita's all innocence still, making a face as the little green makes a sound that could be a gag, or a burp, possibly. "Wow." Yeah, definitely cute. Once she's sure that the little 'lizard isn't actually choking, the healer shakes her head and carefully continues feeding her. "At least she doesn't spit up like human babes." But she doesn't look so sure.

Laga blinks, eyes wide as she finds herself with a new little companion eating out of her hand. "Oh, my… he's adorable!" She giggles. "A little clumsy, but he's a funny little guy… maybe I'll call him Clown." She answers Nymeria, then looks to Natali. "Oh, you got the green! That's wonderful! What are you going to call her?" She gives Nolan a little glance as she keeps feeding Clown. "Busy is certainly the word."

Nymeria smiles over at the woman who asks if I am going to sleep."I had a baby brother with a cough as a baby, He kept the whole family up nights sometimes.Sometimes I would sing to him or help feed him when Ma was busy with stuff…So I know baby care. This little guy'll be easier …Meat scraps instead of cereal."

The Perfect Patchwork Egg has already been assaulted by one egg and takes a near miss from the Red Hair, Don't Care Egg as well. That seems to be enough for the occupant inside who rapidly forces its way out of the shell, spilling half way across the sands in the process.

Hold the Olive Green Hatchling

She is soft and round with ample curves, the small form somehow seeming greater then the sum of her parts. Her head is less defined, the bones more a suggestion then a hard line. The svelte arch of her neck melts into a plump body, with short, stubby legs and squat, round tail. Her wings are short in extention but with a extra length in sails, built to hold the air. Soothing olive colors most of her hide with faint shifts in hue along her peaks and valleys. A strip of dull coppery bronze lines her belly from chest to tail. From nose to tail, she is crusted in glittering freckles of palest green, like salt crystals catching the sun.

Natali laughs, as she shifts from her knees to sit crosslegged, the tiny green curled in the crook of her arm, smiling blissfully as she proceeds to stuff the tiny winged mouth that she has just acquired. "Y'shtola, I think." She turns to the other healers. "Thank you for bringing me Kera. And I presume that you're Citayzleat?"

Mal'co looks on a bit amused still while watching the eggs and lizards that are hatching all around so to speak. "Maybe I should get Sue to try and not hide all her eggs. It is almost a bit amusing to be a part of." Sue looks on not at all amused, tough she does tilt her head and peer at the smudge egg as it wiggles about in the basket.

Nolan gives a soft smile to Laga at the comment before watching the the little green spill out of her shell onto the sands. "Well arn't you a clumsy little one." He holds the meat close hoping to attract the little green's attention, his blue crooning to get her attention.

Hold the Olive Green Hatchling rises drunkenly to her legs. She wobbles a crazy zig-zag across the last of the sands, snapping at each egg as she passes. When Aurora takes exception to this and croons at her, the tiny green releases a string of squeeks and squaks that can only be the lizard equivilent of sailor speak. It's enough to make the golden dam pull back in silence and the little green heads for the basket edge, calling demandingly the whole way there.

Is That A Smudge Egg shakes just the tiniest bit as it rocks against the other eggs in the basket and as cracks start to form on the shell. It rolls up against the Spotted on the Sands egg, before it busts open and dumps out a blue, blue hatchling.

Streamlined for Speed Blue Hatchling

Stretched and rather elongated, this blue firelizard has a narrowed head held up high above an almost abnormally skinny body. Thin, angular shoulders lead back to barely wider body, and even thin haunches that feature prenaturally skeletal forearms and paws, each tipped with needle sharp claws in a bright almost electric blue. Sharply pointed ridges march along his back, starting small and vaguely rounded along this neck to become more spiky as they trail down, until finally sharply cut as they lead into his tail. Flimsy wingsails are stretched taut between slender wingspars, showcasing blue shaded grey underneath the brighter electric shades that float across the top.

Streamlined for Speed Blue Hatchling takes a wobbly step and then another as he makes his own way out of the basket, bypassing the easier path his sibling is following. No, he'll do things the hard way and tumble out and land on his nose with an aggrieved squawk.

Nymeria gasps at the sight of the other blue."My what a good looking if skinny fellow… Bet he's gonna be a whippersnapper like my boy here…" She pauses and oofs as he falls on his nose."Awww." She then giggles at the Olive green."She's got to be a sailor in disguise…"

Kera looks the remainder of the eggs over, several shifting ones catch her eye and eventually begin cracking. Her hand twithes as if wanting to reach for a meatbowl, but she refrains. Giving a florishing bow to Natali. "Anytime, Thank you for not getting sick all over my green's hide." Yes, the Xanadu green is in rare mood today. Eyeing the eggs as another egg crack,s she shrugs and reaches for one of hte bowls "C'rus is gonna have a fit when I get back. Already talking about needing to ass on cause of all the pets we have as is." Shrugging it off, she wiggles some meat towards the starving babies "Alright little ones, who's hungry?" STUPID question to ask starving babies. *wigglewiggletwitchtwitch* goes the bit of juicey smelly meat.

Trysta heads to the patio, pausing in her forward steps as she sees quite the number of people here

Citayzleat is still considering her little green thoughtfully, but she doesn't miss the impressions. "Yeah!" Cita cheers, thumbs-upping again briefly before she feeds the firelizard hatchling a few more bits, examining her round belly warily. "Look at them. They're gorgeous." She grins, enthusiastic, trepidation forgotten in the wake of the good-feelings of her new friend. Her little green finally squawks imperiously, collapsing into a pretty little heap of flashy wings in the crook of Cita's elbow. "That's me; Cita." The healer ducks her head, meeting eyes sheepishly, briefly, then blinking at the streamlined blue. The mention of Trouble because of an abundance of pets has the apprentice's Innocent Face back on. She'll just. Be here. Absolutely not petting her new firelizard.

Nymeria waves her empty hand and points , almost a whisper so as not to disturb her little blue."Eggs over there… Hatching."

Nolan continues to tempt the little green with the scrap of meat. Giving a small chuckle at it's calls back to the dam. "Spirited little one that is. Big personality."

Streamlined for Speed Blue Hatchling rights himself very slowly, blinking out at the world and shifting his head and if he can't quite decide if he hurt himself or not. A tumbling step as he tries to move forward toward another set of wiggling scraps that now have his complete attention. Another motion and he is making a beeline toward one of the older folks at the hatching.

Laga grins at Natali. "That's quite a name. I like it." She giggles. "Do you-" The nipping of her new companion gets her attention again. She has to procure more meat! Laga giggles a bit. "Okay, okay…" Time to find more food for her new friend.

Hold the Olive Green Hatchling is spirited alright! She snaps that meat right out of Nolan's hand and swallows it in one quick gulp. Immediately she sets into scolding Nolan for keeping her waiting on the next bite, in the loudest creel any of the babies have given as yet.

Hold the Olive Green Hatchling looks into Nolan's eyes. Impression!

Red Hair, Don't Care Egg

Like some crazed quilt, the shell of this firelizard egg is a madcap mixture of colors, shapes, and patterns all backed by a base of warm, soothing white. On one side is a sideways heart in creamy peach, striped with snips of rusty brown. Along the top, an amoeba shape in purple tinged gray covers half the shell. A massive circle of russet split with an arrow of gray and black swatches covers one entire end. And scattered like freckles are more spots and splots of peach, russet, purpled gray, and black.

Nymeria goes over to get more scraps, Khal has woken and chirrples at his Khaleesi also known as Nymeria. He accepts the tribute.

Natali reaches over, and pulls one of the other bowls of scraps over, so that Laga, Cit, Nym, and anyone else who needs it can reach. "Do I what?" she asks the blonde girl, then turns to the apprentice. "It's nice to meet you, Citayzleat. The Masters told me that I was to further your specialty training as well as filling the General Practice slot here."

Red Hair, Don't Care Egg continues it's violent hatching motion even well after missing the Perfect Patchwork Egg. It might have taken longer to get out of the shell but the reason becomes clear as the little fellow unrolls himself from within the shell.

Burn with Iridescence Bronze Hatchling

Phantom flames of color race within the iridescent bronze that molds the bulk of this masculine firelizard. He is stocky in build with a heavy head and thick neck. A barrel chest supports heavy, ponderous wings whose wide sweeping sails drape over the muscular haunches. Emerald shimmers flash within the bright, polished metal along head and neck. They spark ribbons of fire along the chest, cooling from green to red as it brightens the polished hide to near copper, so that the great mass of wings becomes living metal alight from within. The flames quench on the massive tail, turning to dull, burnished bronze as it drags heavily behind him

Nymeria says, “Ooh…. Handsome…." She pauses and gets nipped by her little blue."Oww Okay boy… I'll feed you more.." Creel!”

Nolan laughs at the little green now rolled around in his hand slowly feeding her scraps. Making sure the young green doesn't over eat. "Like a little Naiad. Little spirited sea folk this one is. Look at her Laga." He smiles at the girl as his blue comes down and inspects his new companion with a sqeek as the green snaps at him for more food.

Burn with Iridescence Bronze Hatchling stretches lanquidly to work all the kinks out from being stuffed into that dratted shell. Each little limb reaches out as far and wide as possible before he rolls to his tummy and slowly rises until the fiery limbs. Once upright, the bronze looks over the sands as if he owns them, head high and alert for one just born.

Streamlined for Speed Blue Hatchling takes one step after the other as he finds a long braid to play with inbetween taking snaps at a delightful scrap of meat being offered out. A snap and he has half it and then he tries to eat the braid as well, finding Kera all too tasty, really.

Streamlined for Speed Blue Hatchling looks into Kera's eyes. Impression!

Mal'co watches the eggs get hatched left and right and just watches on amused. Sue is curiously watching and the hatching bronze finaly makes the gold chirrup a touch and give her person a slight swat before she actually hops down to the head of the table. Mal gives his neck a slight rub after the taloned swat. "Honestly… You never show attention in any other's and he catches your attention?" Well let's face it he did grab the green's attention as well. There is a pause before he seems to give in to the gold, though /not/ really. The smither goes about picking up a bit of meat and wiggles it a bit to try and get said bronze's attention. Sue looks rather pleased with herself.

Natali shoots another of her grins to Nolan. "Congratulations." When Kera scoops up, as it were, the little blue, she can't resist a giggle. "Oh, I'm sure he'll be right at home." A gasp escapes as the handsome bronze appears. "Oh Look at him!"

Burn with Iridescence Bronze Hatchling seems torn between the interest of the watching golds and the wiggling meat. He tries to grab at Sue but she's both a great distance away and, well, a great deal bigger then he as well. So with a huff, the bronze snatches the meat out of the air. He gives little growls as the food goes down and eyes whirling faster, the bronze looks up to Mal'co for more.

Citayzleat's eyes fly up from the contemplation of her little 'lizard and the contemplation of names; Natali gets a bovine-in-dragon's-path look, just briefly, before Cita clears her throat. Nods. "That's — great to hear!" She finds her voice. "I appreciate the help, ma'am." Cita nods, once, looking more confident in her footing. Her little green makes a sleepy noise, and the young woman's face squishes into helpless grinning again briefly. "I think you'll like it here." She adds, quietly, like sassing the Hall might get her in trouble even from here. "It's *warm*." The new-hatched bronze merits a second look, and the streamlined blue picking at Kera a careful lack of emotion, Cita absently picking egg remnants from the little green. This, she can definitely do.

Nymeria nods at the Journeywoman Healer."Wonder who he'll go for?" She is still feeding her little blue and smiles as the little green and the bronze find their friends."Go bothaya beasties."

Nolan nods and smiles at Natali, "Thank you." He offers his free hand to the woman, "Nolan, apprentice smith here at the Weyr." The green giving a creel before the little blue grabs some meat and gives it to the little green.

Burn with Iridescence Bronze Hatchling looks into Mal'co's eyes. Impression!

Kera wiggles the bit of meat a bit longer before deciding a new peice is needed. She flicks through a few peices in the bowl Natali offers around and plucks a dripping piece to tempt a hatchling with. Glancing around to people finding their way to the eggs, she waves with a smile "Hi.", then goes back to jiggling the bloody red strip "Oh, that bronze is gonna put a cramp in someone's neck when he grows." A scolding chitter from above and she glances up to the rafters. "Well you /are/ a bit heavy." This to her huffy gold. And while her attention is diverted, she totally isn't expecting a hair attack "Owe!" Half jumping at the sudden attack, she freezes when she sees her attacker. "Oh no you don't. That's one hair ball I'm NOT cleaning up." Gently extracting one of her small braids from the meat strip, the adorable blue is trying to swallow. "There, is that better?" Scooping him up gently, she grins and quickly grabs another bit of meat. CRadling her new friend, she glances around with a litlte grin "Hmm, any chance I'll be able to sneak hi jby my weyrmate?"

Natali takes the offered hand. "It's a pleasure.." Noticing Cit's expression, she grins reassuringly to the apprentice. "Oh it won't be all that bad. I rather like teacing, and as for warm, I grew up down here on Southern, so I'm used to it." She can't help giggling at Laga. "Never mind."

Laga quickly decides she'll need to find more foodstuffs for the little one elsewhere. Plus, goo and such will need to be cleaned off. Away she goes!

Sue tilts her head and just eyes the small (well sorta small_ bronze and looks on amused, she chitters out and is just out of reach for certain. To the point she hops back and is settling upon Mal'co shoulder even while he is offering the bronze some more meat. Mal'co looks on a bit surprized at the bronze. Alright alright, see not to bad right?" When the bronze takes the bit of meat he offers few more pieces until there is that look between them. "I don't want any complaining from you Sue, it's all your fault when he cramps your style."

Trysta decides after a bit of watching all this that perhaps she could try for the next one that hatching. Moving in closer she's obtained bit of food to offer. Once one hatches. If another hatches. She squats down on her heels.

C'vryn is finally settling back, watching as a few of the eggs seem to be not quite hatching tonight. "Ah, looks like those ones may be a bit younger than the rest of them. Aurora's got some explaining to do you know." A tap on Jan's shoulder. "Do you have any idea where she was getting them all?"

Janja's attention has been here all along, really. She's just been usually quiet for her. She also seems to be very very carefully not looking at all that sticky yucky raw meat and fish. There is still a slight green tint to her skin and a pinched look to her mouth. "I think she's stealing some green clutches based on all the blues and greens."

Spotted On the Sands Egg

Pale tan is the base of this small, imperfect egg. One end seems slightly squashed in with an odd notch as if a chunk had been ripped out. The other end is more squared than rounded. Rosettes of cinnamon litter the entire surface, rimmed in a fine line of black. The tan between is washed by a gloss of cinnamon that seems to cling to the pores while leaving the highest points of the shell free of a secondary color. An m of equally fine black lines sits dead center on the shell.

Spotted On the Sands Egg seems to be the last of the eggs stirring for the moment. It's motions are slow and methodical and when it cracks, the being inside is trapped between the shell and the sands for just a moment. There's a spray of shell and he appears, already standing.

Mountain Singer Blue Hatchling

Pale, powder blue forms the basis of this firelizard's hide, from his pointed, sharp muzzle and back along his body until it ends evenly at his tail. Limned along this neckridges, are slightly darker blue greys, that highlight the sharp edges and showoff the brilliantly cut sections until it fades out into just blue as it slides along his sides. Sturdy feet support him, allowing him a slightly plumper than normal build before allowing his wings to be showcased. Overarching and just slightly darker in color the blue slides along his wingsails to once again be edged in darker colors at the 'spars and along his leading edges.

C'vryn moves to lightly rub at Jan's back. "Anything I can do for you, now that the worst of the hatching seems to be over?" He glances at the egg shards littering the ground and shakes his head. "Yeah, that's a lot of blues. But good that they are finding homes, though? We'll get you some fruit juice after this done. Maybe that will help you out?"

Kera edges away from the basket, her new blue friend cradled to her while greedily dealing with every strip of meet that gets close. As Others scooch closer to the basket, she smiles and stays close enough to see what's going on. Plus, she can't help but peek over to see everyone else's new friends as the topic of names pops up. "Aww, thinking up a name? That sounds like work. I thought I was done with work for the day." She's kidding obviously, as she ponders her speedy looking friend.

Citayzleat huffs when the little green sprawls both wings bonelessly, soothed to sleep by the removal of the itchy egg-bits and gunk. "Nice." The young woman grins, and glances along to Kera, managing a grin for the rider. "Absolutely, ma'am." She nods, confident as anything, eyes skittering right back to the iridescent green as she arranges her wings carefully, easing the firelizard into her tunic's front pocket to nap. Natali gets the grin directed to her, the surprise wearing off still more. "I hope you'll still say that when I still haven't decided in a turn." The apprentice wrinkles her nose sheepishly, fastidiously picking meat off of her fingers. Like she's not eyeing the basket still. "Taking care of this girl probably won't help any, huh?" Grin. Another blue, too. Cita huffs, watching the pale fellow closely.

Trysta glances curiously towards Janja. "That's kinda amusing…her grabbing some green's clutches." she remarks idly before her attention wanders back towards the eggs. Just in time to see the blue emerge she regards him a moment before offering up a bit of meat towards him. Clucking her tongue softly to try to get his attention she'll wiggle the food if he looks this way.

Nymeria looks over at the Junior Weyrwoman."Well If she's stealing from Greens that gives their eggs a chance at life they might not have gotten…. I've seen tunnel snakes that have had green's eggs inside them." She shudders.

Mountain Singer Blue Hatchling struts. Yes, STRUTS over to Aurora and gives her a look. The gold, silenced once already by a bold bronze, blinks over and over at the little blue as if she has no clue what to make of this behavior. He croons up at her and she squawks back at him. With a huff, the blue turns his back to her and struts his way to the basket edge. Hey there!

Nolan smiles before looking to see the green had fallen asleep with a bit of meat still next to her. His blue quickly stealing it and eating it. "Well I should go clean the little one and myself. Pleasure meeting you. Sounds like I will be seeing you around the Weyr." He gives a nod to the others around as he he leaves.

Natali giggles again. "Well, we're in the same boat there, so the way I figure, it cancels out." Her own tiny green has finally stopped creeling, and tucked her head under a wing to sleep. "As for everything else, we'll figure that out when the time comes. At any rate, I need to put my things away, then I really need a bath before I report to the Senior Weyrwoman. It was nice meeting you all…

Trysta smirks faintly as the blue hatchling actually struts around a bit. "Gonna be a handful." mutters the brown rider with amusement to her tone. *wiggle* *wiggle* goes the meat.

Nymeria nods at the lady wiggling the meat."Bet he thinks he's a lord of a Hold…"

Mountain Singer Blue Hatchling is more then a handful. He's all you could hope for. The blue snatches the meat out of the air, then strus right over the edge. His wings catch just in time and he lands on Trysta's hand. Well?

Mountain Singer Blue Hatchling looks into Trysta's eyes. Impression!

Citayzleat is trying not to grin. Really. She's also trying not to look at that blue, lips pursed, and Natali helps! "I suppose that's not so bad then." The apprentice cedes, and lifts a hand in farewell. "Well met! Settle in well." Cita calls after the woman, and blinks, glancing around slowly. Her little green snores away in her pocket, and the healer relaxes a little when the blue makes a great landing on Trysta's head. Yeah, that gets a laugh, reluctant may it be.

Trysta rocks back on her heels a bit before moving her other hand to curl under the blue body. "Here here…" she says laughing. Sitting back she tucks him neatly into the crook of her arm at the same time as she offers him his first bit of food. "Slowly, slowly." she'll admonish when he inevitably get too grabby.

Kera isn't come have a great inspiration for a name now, so turns her attention around to the basket again. Staring at the swaggering blue, she nods agreeably. "I bet someone gets in alot of trouble from that one's future antics." And that someone turns out to be Trysta. Shaking her head with an amused grin "I don't envy you his ego.. I already have a bronze who thinks he's a master thief."

Trysta scoots back enough to ensure she's in no ones way. Kara's remark brings her gaze towards the rider briefly with a small grin. "I've got a brown who thinks he's all that so really this is just a smaller version." she jests.

Citayzleat is not done trying to pick meat from between her hands. It won't budge, though: this calls for desperate measures. And with those distracting little blues gone, the young woman is free to pick up her textbook with her clean hand, hitching it under her arm. "Ma'am." She sketches a salute to Kera, then the riders, who she may or may not have just noticed, before hightailing it down the stairs. She's got some 'splaining to make up, and some cleaning to do.

Kera chuckles to Trysta. "Well, then you aready know the tricks tucked under their wings." Rubbing a finger gently along her spiny blue's neck, she grins at the vivid line of projections along his skeletal back. Looking up at the Citayzleat, she nods "Congratulations Apprentice." She manages a finger wiggle before the girl vanishes.

Janja frowns down at the basket as Aurora curls herself up around the remaining eggs. "I wonder if they are duds or just a different clutch. I hope she doesn't keep stealing more of them." She leans back into C'vryn's arms, resting and less green now thta the meat wiggling has slowed down.

S'las moves into the rooftop patio, from the east bowl.

Trysta nods her head in Kera's direction. "Indeed." is said in agreement. Soon the blue has enough food to make him sleepy. With only one squak of complaint he soon burps and falls asleep in his new pets arms.

Merely Napping Egg

So very round in one direction, and then obliquely flattened in the other, this egg is nearly pure white. Faint striations occur across the shell, giving the illusion of something soft and very furry to the touch, a mirage dispelled with just a finger brush. Delicate shading also appears, offering the impression of something coiled and curled up, content to simply be until something comes to along to disturb it from rest.

Merely Napping Egg makes a surprising jump and tumbles right out of the basket, where the shell abruptly cracks upon landing. Hopefully, it's time for it to hatch, otherwise that's going to be a mess.

C'rus had heard from Jai that Kera had made her way over to Half Moon and so in due time he made his way over as well. He wanders into the patio area glancing around and seeing what is going on. With the crowd around it seems there surely must be something.

Janja is leaning back against her weyrmate, while Aurora is wrapped around the eggs that aren't committing dangerous acts. Janja's face purses again as another egg decides to hatch. "Oh dear. I guess we need that meat back afterall." She doesn't seem pleased by this and in response there's a low, angry rumble from the bowl below. "Oh, sorry love, I'm fine, really." she mutters to thin air. Thin air that quickly disappears as Feyruth's head rises up to look over at her rider. Janja sighs.

Nymeria blinks as the napping egg wakes with that jump. She moves back closer now that her Khal is dozed off again still on his plate of smushed berries No more meat rolls nor fish for this prince amongst blues for the moment that is… She looks for jerky scraps this time around, something that doesn't need being cold."

C'vryn continues to pet Janja on the back, rubbing in small circles. "I'm sure that they will be done soon and then I can have you back to our blessedly meat free weyr. With only a grumpy gold for company and all that." He offers her a better spot to lean. "We'll get you something so that you aren't so sick. I'm sure that we can find something."

Curious Explorer Blue Hatchling

Delicate shades in pale blue grey decorate this firelizard, from his extremely pointed head with its oversize headknobs and smaller beady eyes. His body is extremely plump, from his shortened neck and then through well padded shoulders and a rather rotund belly, before every leads down to an astoundingly skinny and lengthy tail. Well muscled and sturdy legs complete the picture before smaller than average feet are revealed in that same pale shade of blue, each ending in sharp curved talons. With his wings just a hue lighter, they seem to almost float above his body, larger than perhaps would be necessary to support him and the 'sails seeming translucent.

Suspiciously Creepy Egg

Black, blacker, blackest. This egg seems to swallow all light that approaches it, to the extent it seems to loom large over its siblings in the basket, just waiting to catch them. It seems just slightly fluffly, and vaguely soft except for its burgeoning darkness that shadows where it rests. Ominous it sits, just barely tucked into the sands, perhaps sometimes even twitching with movement.

Suspiciously Creepy Egg also rolls right out of the basket onto the ground although if it cracks, it's hard to say on a shell that dark. Once on the ground however, it just waits, looming.

Nymeria hums Moreta's Ride's haunting chorus when she notices the black egg has moved onto the ground. Her master's brown appears and flutters down for a closer looksee. He then moves up to a close by tree branch and adds into any firelizard humming song that is possibly happening.

It seems that little eggs are the reason for the gathered crowd. C'rus moves forward a bit to get a good look at the remaining eggs, while also keeping an eye out for Kera who should be somewhere nearby.

Kera is too caught up in contemplating her new friend, so doesn't notice her weyrmate making his way over. Quite a few people are cradling new friends, and there are still more little eggs that will need new homes. But all that work, the eggs needed to take a break, but now, they are starting to twich again. Kera glances over to those around "Just when you thought they would go back to sleep huh?" And look, another blue graces Pern. "I think these eggs are trying to make a blue army."

A Flip and a Flash Blue Hatchling

This larger blue firelizard has a somewhat atypical coloring that is very faded blue over the majority of his body, except for a couple of bright blue flecks on either side of his neck. He is very well proportioned, with an elegant head and a nice sturdy build. Flashes of other color show up here and there, with a pale yellow mixing with the blue along and under his throat to his belly and then his wings and tail flashed with greys to make them almost silver shaded blue than a pure color. Motes of lighter blue on the underside, well hidden except when he is in flight.

At some point at the end of his meal, S'las managed to secure some bloody scraps in a very small bowl and he looms just outside of the crowd. The Igen bluerider yawns heavily, holding an arm over his mouth until it passes and then he pauses to scratch at the whiskers upon his chin. "That's one dark egg," he manages quietly as he leans for a little peek. Then he catches the blood splatter on his sleeve. Darn traitorous tiny bowls. He scowls, tilting the bowl back upright then looks back at the tiny hatchling. "You're lucky you're adorable when your this tiny."

Janja nods her agreement to C'vryn. She whispers something to him too low to be heard by the others, kisses him on the cheek and steps away to go sooth the cranky gold hovering overhead. Jan leans up against Feyruth's head, trusting her to keep her rider from falling to the bowl below. "Of course, dear heart. You're always here for me." The gold seems softer and less threatening for a moment as the two are caught up in each other.

Curious Explorer Blue Hatchling is not taking very long as he head on out toward someone waiting with sufficently bloody meat for him. Food, food in the air and waving around and leaving noxious smells, so delightful. So sniffable, so rank.

Nymeria notices the gold has made an appearance and curtsies to the golden beauty."Thank you for allowing me meet your human companion Queen Dragon." She curtisies again.

A Flip and a Flash Blue Hatchling gets to his feet as well as his home collapses and there is one shaky step after another. He seems slightly wobbly, like he's not used to the ground as he starts moving, in the opposite direction of his sibling. There, there. That looks like bait.

Trysta stays in the shadows, watching the army of Blues hatch and find their new friends.

C'rus doesn't spot Kera just yet, but rather his attention is on the little lizards who seem to have just come into the world and are running about looking for delicious bits of food to bite on.

Feyruth's eye flicks over towards Nymeria for just an instant and narrows. Janja gives an exasperated sigh, lightly tapping the queen between her nostrils. "Oh, do stop it please? You'll have all those candidates to frighten before too long. It's just too exhausting for right now." And shock of shocks, Feyruth stops. She nuzzles Janja once more as the junior straightens up and settles back to watch without any more complaints, so long as Janja remains at her side.

After the little guy makes an appearance and makes it's way around, S'las chances an inspection of his soaked sleeve… Which is now dripping down his arms. "Shard it all, why did I have to wear light colors today? Why!" The man grumbles, minding the firelizard and the bowl and then his sleeve. With a resigned shrug, the bluerider dips his fingers into the bowl, looking for a decent morsel of meat. He holds it out and gives it a little wiggle.

Curious Explorer Blue Hatchling is right there, nipping at a bloody sleeve and only then later after the meat being wriggled right in his face. The smell, the sweat. So, enticing as the blue continues to try get closer to his new friend.

Curious Explorer Blue Hatchling looks into S'las's eyes. Impression!

Nymeria curtsies yet again…"Note to self, she mutters."Make sure to have sheep with me for Dragon Queen if I meet her another time." She gets an empty bowl and then starts sorting through a forgotten bowl for jerky bits for her sleeping blue by the berry bush.

A Flip and a Flash Blue Hatchling is quick as well, finding himself about to be left behind and he attacks the hand that was in a jerky bowl, flopping on it, with a feed me expression.

A Flip and a Flash Blue Hatchling looks into Nymeria's eyes. Impression!

A Subtle Allure Egg

At first glance it seems a dull, drab egg of no particular size or color. The shell is gray and pitted extensively. But a second look leaves a different impression. The gray is more like a silken steely blue. As the light passes over the surface, it seems to shimmer like liquid: luminous and fluid. Two brilliantly green gems peek slyly from the center. The shell that was once drab is now almost mesmerizing.

Kera look towards the gold pair, trying to hide her smirk when Janja mentions scaring candidates. Soon enough though, she does notice the bluerider and edges over to C'rus. It's rather obvious she's cradling a blue hatchling that's just about decided he's stuffed. "Boo!" And then there are hatchlings creeling to be fed and more eggs that could be getting twitchy.

Nymeria starts feeding the second blue…"What to call this one… Hmmm Other is Khal… This one is… Drogo."

A Subtle Allure Egg stirs beneath Aurora, who pushes it out from underneath her and to the edge of the basket.

A Subtle Allure Egg shivers and cracks, sides splintering away under the pressures from within until only the little hatchling is left amidst a pile of shards.

Little Johnny Paper Brown Hatchling

He is a child's toy, a paper dragon in miniture brought to life. Aged parchment folds about the trim body, crisp creases giving rise to the sharply defined bones around the wide expressive eyes and narrow muzzle. His light creamy brown hide ripples as it flutters over a serpentine neck, subtle lines of darker brown painting page ends that march one after another down the neck and across the breadth of his torso. The parchment smooths across the silken flow of lean haunches, turning to folded straws of stubborn strength for legs and tail. Great scrolls of paper create the width of sails, glued to the spine of spindled spars. They catch the air with sharp crack of thick paper and seem to lift him aloft.

C'rus watches the little blues find thier new homes and then turns his attention back to the basket to see what else might pop out. Having had numerous hatchings to witness over the years, you never really know what might come popping out of eggs. And it looks like the next to see the light of day is going to be a little brown hatchling.

Little Johnny Paper Brown Hatchling is neither bold nor retiring as he wobbles to his feet. He looks around with alert bright eyes and a calm expression, at least as calm as one can be when just born. First faltering steps take him on a slow, but direct line to the side of the basket and there he stops as if to measure the distance to the ground. Hmmmm

Nymeria giggles as the little brown stops to measure how far he will have to go before he touches the ground.

The little brown lizard sure does have a place in mind it seems. Most of the little ones either flail about or have some sort of concrete plan upon escaping the eggs. He just smiles and watches. Not much else a person can do at first.

Janja strokes Feyruth's nose absently as yet another of the eggs hatches. "Oh, I hope that's all. Aurora, I forbid you to steal any more eggs." The little mother completely ignores Janja and her accusation.

Nymeria laughs…"He's gonna be a handful."

Little Johnny Paper Brown Hatchling has taken the measurement and made his calculations. He leaps, sailing down towards the mess of blood and meat scraps left about on the ground but there's really nothing to eat down here. The browns mouth finally opens in a plaintif call for food. So hungry, someone feed me! he seems to creel.

C'vryn gives a long look at Feyruth as he continues to support Jan. "Not much longer now, I shouldn't think for the last little guy. And then it's time for you to rest I think." He admonishes Aurora too. "You're lovely, but you got enough eggs, you know. More than enough."

C'rus figures what the heck and glances around for a moment to find some nearby slices of meat and picks them up to begin to wiggle them toward the little brown. Might as well give him a target to shoot for.

Nymeria feeds Drogo until Drogo is dozing off and she goes to check on Khal. As she passes the little brown a fat gobbet falls not too far from C'rus

Little Johnny Paper Brown Hatchling isn't going to waste any time now that food is in sight. He snatches the meat out of the air before clawing his way up C'rus's hand in search of more.

Little Johnny Paper Brown Hatchling looks into C'rus's eyes. Impression!

Kera winces as the brown hatching gets tired of waiting and demands attention NOW! Taking a half step back, she uses her free hand to nudge C'rus. But he's already on the job, bowl in hand. "Oh hurry up before he gets louder"

C'vryn is helping Jan to her feet. "Feyruth, are you ready to take her home for the night? I think your lady is just about done in, really and she needs a gentle ride up to rest."

More then eager to assist, Feyruth steps up close enough to the patio that Jan need only step down onto her back. "Are you coming with us C'vryn or waiting for Emmy?" The basket and little gold are left where they are, one lonely egg remaining.

C'vryn waves them off. "I'll have Emmy bring me up in a bit, you go on, you need to and rest."

C'rus will continue to feed the face of the little brown hatchling until his heart is content. He glances over to Kera who he now becomes aware of and smiles, "We got more." he says to her knowing that she will understand what he is talking about. He gives a passing wave to Janja and C'vryn as they appear to be departing back to their weyr.

Nymeria picks up her Khal and Drogo and carefully cradles them in her arms. She smiles at the riders."Thank you for allowing me to find new friends I will take good care of them."

Later that day….

Janja is sitting on the bench next to the basket of sand, holding a sleeping firelizard and one lonely egg. "I think it's a dud, Aurora. I suggest we get rid of it and you stop stealing any more eggs. You've had quite enough for now." The tiny gold doesn't stir, oblivious to her person's thoughts.

Always On Point Egg

The shape is long and lean, for an egg, the ovoid seeming stretched somehow. A gentle candlelight color coats the whole shell in a warm, golden glow. A mask of dark seal brown caps one end, surrounding two points of glacial blue. Matching seal brown triangles point backwards along the top behind the mask. Another brown strip snakes a twisting course from the opposite end all the way across the equator on the left side. The last is a final mass of seal brown where the shell meets the sand, all around the bottom surface.

Lysanne is carrying piles of paperwork and has a straw in her mouth as she comes out to the patio, a pen also shoved behind her ear, holding back smooth layered blonde hair. She takes a few shuffle-steps into a seat, and settles just to turn nosi— er, curiously over toward Janja and her small, sleepy charge. "That's so sad," she says quietly, voice not pitched so low that the goldrider can't actually hear her comment. Which maybe she should have kept to herself.

With a start, Janja looks up to see who's spoken. Clearly she was lost in her own little world. "Oh. um. Hello there. It is a bit sad but I'm pretty sure she stole it anyways, so it might have been no good to begin with." And yet, as she says this the egg begins to twitch and the gold stirs. Aurora flits off to stand on the bench behind the basket, hovering as the Always on Point egg really gets rolling. Janja's mouth drops open. "Oh shards." She sighs, looking around helplessly. "Fey, tell Emmy to ask C'vryn to bring food please? And bodies?" she mutters.

"Sorry for interrupting, ma'am," Lysanne blurts just as quickly as she interrupted, hanging her head a little with the guilt of 'it was probably inappropriate to do that' that someone who wants to be well-liked often has. "It's still very sad even if she stole it, since she must want to be a better mother than —" Than whoever actually clutched it, but then the egg is moving after all. And, wait, Lysanne has food! "I've got … part of a fish sandwich?" she offers plaintively. Her blue doesn't like fish sandwiches, but everyone isn't Aeolus the picky eater.

In response Janja's face takes on a slightly sly, at for her, expression. "Oh, yes, do feed it the fish sandwich." Subtle, thy name is not Janja. She waves the girl towards the basket with a wide friendly grin just as the first cracks appear on the Always On Point Egg. "OOh, I think it's about to hatch." Aurora raises her head to trill a welcome the last of the mystery clutch to hatch.

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling

A large green, she is like a prime athlete. She's lean and hard, all tight sinew and powerful muscles. The sharp wedge of her head cuts through the air, head knobs swept back aerodynamically. New leaf green colors a strong neck which snakes though the air to take in all around her. The bright green rolls over a set of solid shoulders, across a back firm from supporting the wave of translucent sails, to roll down the taut flanks. The whipcord tail snaps restlessly behind her with a sharp slap. Dapples of harlequin green dance over her silken hide like the shadows of sunlight through leaves. Pale champagne brushes over the wingsails giving hints of gold to the brilliant green.

That's enough for Lysanne. Firelizard, present. Food, not entirely accounted for. It was possible she wasn't going to finish it anyway, and Aeolus is off hunting down something shiny to put in their room, surely enough. She hesitates only momentarily before getting down on the floor, papers left on her chair, and offering the gooey green her fish. Sans bread, because, "You probably won't like the bready part, hm? But this is here for you. I'm not going to eat it."

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling is eager to be born it seems because she's trying to run before she can walk. The green stumble-bumbles to her feet and races towards the delicious smiles. Or rather races for two or three steps before nose planting into the sands. A creel of shock sounds from the little green as she rights herself. She clearly hasn't learned as she races forwards again. "Poor thing," Janja comments somewhat unemotionally after the accident.

"Aw," the erstwhile semi-Harper, who has been doing more Weyr records than anything as of late, says softly as she watches the green tumble. "Hey, it's okay. You'll be okay," Lysanne offers encouragingly, as what else can she really do? Nobody could look at that and not feel bad, right?

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling doesn't seem to need much encouragement, not with food at hand and eyes whirling with hunger. She surges at the Harper blur, snapping at the edge of the fish. A small bite is torn off with a strange growling sound and the green scarfs it down as fast as possible "Oh, um, break it into pieces for her? You don't want her to choke on it." Janja comments

Oh, yeah, that's probably a bit big for someone this small. The things Aeolus eats also aren't quite baby sized, even if he is young — Lysanne starts guiltily, and then rips up the rest of what's left into more shredded fish bits. "There we go," she says, now smiling ear-to-ear, because wow, so small! "Don't want you to starve or choke, now."

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling continues snatching up bits and pieces, swallowing them down as rapidly as she can. But with each little bite, her eyes slow down and finally, the green pauses. She looks up thoughtfully at the blur above her, stepping forward for a better look.

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling looks into Lysanne's eyes. Impression!

"Hi, cutie," Lysanne says gently, offering a hand for the green to climb into when she's done eating. If, that is, she wants to keep Lysanne. She might change her mind, after all! "Come here, if you want." Never one to force small animals.

And in the end, Lysanne has a tiny little Dud to call her own. Even if that name is horrible.

With a pleased huff, Janja shoos Aurora away from the basket. "There no more for you." The gold chitters and heads off by herself. "She's a bright little thing." the rider says of the green while gathering up the basket of sands. "Do you know how to take care of her?"

"I've got a snooty blue I'm used to," Lysanne says as she lets the firelizard climb up her arm and then start to nod off again. "Hopefully she'll be a bit easier, honestly. He's very smart but very demanding, though I'm half expecting he'll try to adopt her himself." Aeolus is still off on his stealing mission, though. "If you've got any last minute tips, though, I won't say no to them."

You say, “Nope!" Janja shakes her head. "Seems you have it covered." A rumble sounds from the bowl below and Janja waves her hand. The rider shifts the basket to a more covfortable position to carry and says, as she leave. "I have to be going now, Feyruth calls.”

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