Special Delivery

Western Weyr - Docks

Wooden boardwalks lead out to where boats are tied to the dock. Once in a while a good sized ship will be docked here, unloading or loading various items.

The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Jessamin is sitting on the edge of a clear spot on the docks, in one of her rare truly idle moments. A line of ripples across the water tells the tale of a stone skipped, followed by a little -plop- as it finally sinks below the waves. Her faire is settled around her; some rest on the dock, her little bronze on her head, and two of them on her shoulders. A distinct look of frustration rests upon her features, her brow furrowed.

A'ven tries to walk up quietly, but fails because Glyith has difficulty being quiet when he sees someone he knows. A'ven smiles, "Well… I thought you'd be out on the ship? Did you not want to go?"

Jessamin glances back over her shoulder, the little bronze atop her head cackling merrily as she turns her head. "It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I made the mistake of sleeping through some of the heat. By the time I woke up they were already gone." Her cheeks take on a rosy hue, and she cracks a sheepish smile. "So now I'm a little bit stuck, and hate asking for help in the worst way."

A'ven says "Why is that I wonder? Do you think the world is simple enough that every problem you come across can be handled by your own wits? No… indeed. We all need help now and then."

Jessamin 's expression shifts again, her brows furrowing once more. She pushes herself to her feet, a healthy dose of pride straightening her spine even as her flits squawk at her for disturbing their rest. "The world is far from simple, and Faranth only knows others have enough problems of their own." Oh yes, pride. The very thing keeping her from speaking further—though she does allow a small smile.

A'ven chuckles, "Would you like us to take you out to the ship?", he asks, in his always direct way.

Jessamin does turn a little redder, though she nods. "Thank you. I wouldn't have troubled anyone, except well…." She smiles a little bit more, a bit of the ramrod stiffness of her back seeming to melt away. "…frankly, I do miss a couple of my fellow Candidates."

A'ven says "Jessamin, you are a guest in my home. You do not need to explain yourself, or change who you are, or tell me why. You have only to ask." He smiles, "Besides, Glyith wants to do a little fishing….", he winks.

"I just hate seeming weak." There it is. "But since you offered, and Glyith wants to fish anyways…." She ambles on over toward the great bronze, her shoes thumping lightly on the deck as she walks. She raises one hand to offer scritches, smiling a bit. "It's poor thanks for your help, but I'm told I'm shardin' good at giving scritchies."

Glyith leans into the hand, gratefully accepting the human touch. The big dragon is really a softie, and his sigh of contentment is very childlike, somehow.

A'ven says "Just one thing though… Glyith can't exactly… land on the ship. It's too small."

You say "He can't… but I could. In a way." She cannot help but smile as Glyith leans into her hand; she pays special attention to his eyeridges, warbling softly at him. "I guess either a rope could be used… or I could be the fish."

A'ven nods, "He can carry you. But, it's very unusual and requires a … special degree of trust. It would be dark.. and feel small, I'm sure…"

Jessamin raises her eyebrows with some degree of amusement, chuckling softly. "Fine rider I'd make if I don't trust dragons. Shards, there's a greater chance of a runner doing harm to a human than a dragon even contemplating it." To Glyith, she grins, and reaches to scritch a little bit higher, towards his headknobs. "So what do you think, hmmm? Bet it'd be the first time you put a 'fish' -onto- the ocean, instead of taking one -out-!"

Glyith opens a talon. For his part, this will be easy. Kind of.

A'ven mounts Glyith with an ease that bespeaks of long familiarity.

Jessamin smiles and lowers her hand, stepping closer than most people would think of to that rather dangerous-looking talon. "It's alright, Glyith. Go ahead." No fear at all, just… calm. Almost serenity.

A'ven smiles, watching as Glyith closes a talon around the girl.

Glyith's talon closes around you. It's warm and dark. From far away, as if by some great effort you feel a soothing presence, « Don't be afraid. I am with you. This will only take a moment… and you do give good scritches. » The presence washes over you again, wrapping you in the quiet reflections of joy and comfort, and then it is gone, leaving only darkness again.

Over the water….

Jessamin holds very still within the grasp of that great talon, giving off anything -but- fear. If anything, there is a hint of joy, however restrained, and comfort. "It's alright, I trust both you and your rider. And anytime you want scritches, just ask."

Glyith's voice comes to you again, stronger this time but just as timelessly comforting. « We're almost there »

The Sea Glass - The Main Deck

You are standing on the main deck. Before you stretches a truly ship-shape scene of gleaming deck despite the lines and ties that reach here and there above you. The stained wood of the deck is a rich cherrywood color and here and there green glass octagons set into the wood to provide light to the decks below. Towards the head or bow you would find yourself at the forecastle. This is the area before the foremast all the way to the heads, which are, of course, the toilets. The capstan, a giant spool-looking device, sits at center on the forecastle, used to bring the anchor up and down. Behind the foremast is a polished wooden arch wherein a brass bell sits, with hourglass suspended beside.

The main hatch is easily visible at the center-most of the deck. The brass trimmed ladders going down can take you below deck. The mainmast sits just behind the hatch and just past this the quarterdeck begins. You can see the wheel from where you stand, a couple short stairways leading up to where it sits looking over the rest of the ship. Or you can climb up the shrouds of the foremast or mainmast to the yards and rigging above. Just make sure your life line is tied securely!

G'len sees something approaching the ship as she sails along. He goes to the starboard side to see…"Hey…! glyith? What the…What are you doing out here? Oh! ANother passenger! Thank you, Glyith!"

Glyith hovers just above the ship in a rather extraordinary bit of flying. The winds are tricky but the big dragon doesn't seem too bothered. He lowers his talon down to the deck and releases its rather unusual cargo.

Said passenger is not immediately in sight astride Glyith's neck—only A'ven. But what is that in his talon…? Jessamin drops to the deck with a bit of a -thud-, getting to her feet and brushing herself off. "Thank you both!" She waves up at A'ven and Glyith, and smiles. "I'll work on asking for help, okay?"

A'ven chuckles. "It was nothing, really… I hope it wasn't too unpleasant for you this way. We're just too big to land on the ship."

G'len just happens to be on watch. He is quick to get to the main deck where another candidate has been deposited. He waves up to Glyith's rider.

"It was actually rather comforting in a way. Shards, I haven't been carried like that since I was a kidlet!" Jessamin laughs, shaking her head and resting her hands on her hips. "And anyways, it sure beats having my faire try to carry me there!"

A'ven waves down to G'len. "How are things aboard? I can visit if you need me down there…", it looks like that would be a bit of a trick, but A'ven seems confident.

G'len calls up to A'ven as quietly as he can, as to not to awaken the Captain, "Things are fine, sir! Thank you for dropping her off!"

Glyith rumbles pleasantly, pleased with his fine flying.

Jessamin grins wide, sparing a bow for A'ven and Glyith; she does pitch forward slightly, not quite having her 'sea legs' yet, but manages to regain her footing in short order. "Whoah… guess I've a little catching up to do. That's what I get for sleeping off the heat of the day, hmm?"

Glyith's mind fades now, but he leaves you with the thought, « Don't go for an unplanned swim. There are sharks just off the starboard side. » «You make a fine fish.»

G'len says "Easy! " and reaches out with a steadying hand. "Don't try to bow on a ship. It's just me on watch now so you don't even have to salute."

Jessamin bursts out laughing, shaking her head. "And you're quite the fisherman, Glyith. Thank you for your help." Thankfully, G'len is there to steady her first few steps on board, saving her considerable embarrassment. "Flopping about on deck like a fish, too."

G'len tries to shush the giddy Candidate. "Try to keep in quiet! We got most the crew sleeping now."

Glyith disappears as suddenly as he arrived. Going between at close range. The wash of cold left where he once was fills the sails merrily for a moment. The yawning specter of the nothingness is seldom experienced at close range. It might leave you with a bit of a prickle in your spine!

Jessamin turns bright red, and covers her mouth to stifle her laughter. "Sorry. Just had Glyith telling me I make a fine fish. It was… rather humorous." She does giggle some, though considerably softer than before. "I guess if you think about it…" Just then, the blast of cold from Glyith's *betweening* has her wrapping her arms around herself, shivering strongly. "Shards… if that doesn't wake the crew, not much would."

G'len wraps his arms around Jessamin. "Glad you could make it!"

Jessamin hugs G'len and smiles broadly. "So am I. Slept off the heat of the day, and found you guys had gotten underway long before I woke up. Shards, that was embarrassing!"

G'len says "I was worried when you didn't show up. But I'm glad you're here now!"

Jessamin nods slowly, brushing her hair out of her face and smiling. Her stance grows more steady as time passes, though it is clear it has been some time since she has been at sea, if ever. "I just didn't want to repeat the other day. So… what have I missed so far?"

G'len thinks a minute. "Vora got seasick."

Jessamin winces, and chuckles softly. "Poor thing. Is she going to be alright, or was she still green around the gills before going to bed?"

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