Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Lunch after a hard day of work is always a good thing. The computer crafter candidate looks freshly bathed, hair partially damp as she sits at a table where she is alone, for the most part. The plate of food in front of her is picked at rather sleepily, arms stiff upon the table and slow to move. Kiley blinks after a moment and glances up, but then she shakes her head and attention returns to the plate before her and focuses on actually getting the food into her mouth, now. It isn't quite the the most quiet of places considering the hour, but, the soft chatter between tables is enough to provide background noise.

It might of been a while, but a familiar face appears at one of the tunnels that leads into the living cavern. Nothing much has changed about Nikolas. His hair and clothing still looking as if he had just rolled out of bed and strolled out the door. His beloved Vera in her case and hung from a strap across his chest. Hands in pockets, he speaks quietly with both a journeyman tech crafter and another journeyman computer crafter, all three baring the colors for Landing. Heads shake, fingers point, all to a small device the three are handing back and forth amongst one another. A few grins break out occasionally, but for the most part it looks rather businesslike and professional. The device is handed off and the other two head out, leaving the young man in their wake.

Kiley's attention is easily drawn to the familiar face, brows lifting at the sight of him but not calling out. Instead, her gaze briefly drops down to her food where she picks at a piece of fruit. It is squished without too much effort or notice on her part as her gaze is again lifting to watch Nik and the other journeymen. Then, when he is left alone her gaze drops and she scoops the mashed piece of fruit into her mouth, quiet and reserved as shoulders hunch just a bit.

Nikolas waits until both of the others he had been with have completely left his sight before he turns in towards the room itself, only a few steps taken before he notices Kiley. He seems surprised at first, as if he hadn't expected to see her there, and then he lowers his gaze. He's noticed the quiet and the hunch of the woman's shoulders, the hesitation is a fairly good indication of that. He does, however, make his way over to her anyway after a few seconds, hands coming out of his pockets and fingers sliding over the back of the seat there beside her. He opens his mouth several times, as if to say something, but no sound comes out. Now it was his shoulder's turn to hunch.

Nikolas waits until both of the others he had been with have completely left his sight before he turns in towards the room itself, only a few steps taken before he notices Kiley. He seems surprised at first, as if he hadn't expected to see her there, and then he lowers his gaze. He's noticed the quiet and the hunch of the woman's shoulders, the hesitation is a fairly good indication of that. He does, however, make his way over to her anyway after a few seconds, hands coming out of his pockets and fingers sliding over the back of the seat there beside her. He opens his mouth several times, as if to say something, but no sound comes out. Now it was his shoulder's turn to hunch, before he awkwardly shifts his weight from one foot to the other.

Kiley's gaze flickers upwards once more, blinking and then tilting her head to consider his movements as he stands near her. Her mouth opens and then closes in a mimic of his own movements before she turns her head forward and faces her plate. She lingers in silence for a moment before finally, she tilts her head back in consideration of the man and offers a small smile. "Hello Nik. How was your day?" This is an echo of their normal time together, before his absence. "How are you?"

Some of the tension that had built up in a relatively short time melts off as Kiley smiles, but not all. Nikolas shifts again, and there is more mouth movement, and no sound before the journeyman computer crafter frowns faintly before he pulls the chair out, and pulls the strap of his computer case up and over his head. He settles the unit there on the back of his chair, hung, before he takes a seat, more or less turned towards Kiley. Rather than answering her questions, he releases a soft sigh. "I'm not going to apologize for my opinion," he says softly, "We see, this…process, differently. I will however, apologize for my behavior. I should of handled it better, and been more open about discussing it. I'm sorry, Kiley."

Kiley watches his process that leads to him sitting with a slight tilt of her head before turning to her plate and picking at more bits of food, nibbling but not entirely hungry from the looks of it and her pace of eating. It is when Nik speaks again that she draws her focus over towards him once more. "I didn't think you would apologize for your opinion." She offers softly. Her gaze resettles on the plate, lingering in silence as he speaks. "I forgive you, Nik. It could have been handled better, yes." Her hands drop and fold neatly upon her lap and full attention is settled upon the man beside her. "It happens."

Brown eyes shift from the woman herself, to her sudden lack of appetite, the faint frown on his face deepening considerably. Nikolas looks to her again, inclining his head. Again, mouth opens, no sound comes out. The again, this particular woman had always been rather good at rending him speechless. Instead his own gaze is lowered again, and he sits in silence under her gaze. He bobs his head once for her acceptance of his apology. "I should also apologize for my absence. I must assure you, that it had very little to do with you personally. I was actually on my way to speak to you about my departure when you, told me your news." he says quietly, "I make it a habit to avoid weyrs during their search cycle. I made a promise to my mother that should I be asked, I would accept. I don't have the same desire as you and the others who seek to pair off with a dragon. It's not for me."

Kiley watches him intently, eyes searching his face in seek of answers. But, nothing comes in the way of a verbal response as he struggles for the words and then eventually looks away. She doesn't turn her gaze away, instead, brows draw into a frown as she waits, fingers lacing together on her lap as she waits for him to speak again. "You are forgiven." She repeats, "I thought that you were… Reflecting on what I had decided." A faint smile and she inclines her head just so. "I understand, Nik. I truly do. You don't have to do things that you are not comfortable with, that you don't feel is right for you." Slowly, fingers are freed from themselves and she reaches out to gingerly place her hand over his. "This is what I want to do. I may not even meet my lifemate this time, either. It is simply a possibility and I would like to face that. And, if I do not… Then, well, there are a bunch of things that I can do for the Craft."

Nikolas shakes his head, "I was angry, and disappointed. At first. Those emotions didn't linger very long." he admits, keeping his head down and his eyes lowered. "Unfortunately, by the time I had had time to think about everything, I was already at Landing and I don't own a firelizard." It's about then that Kiley's hands are placed over his own, and his lashes lower, gaze fixed on them. They remain there for a few moments before he extracts them, and puts his over hers, fingers curling around them in a light hold. "You do as you feel you must. I am not going to stand in your way. But…" he says and his voice lowers even further. "Do you think, that if you find your lifemate, that you will still have a place…for one more in your heart?"

Kiley gives a slow nod of understanding, though her expression reads confusion for a brief moment. Then, softly she murmurs, "perhaps we could get you an egg at some point. A bronze that is trained for messages like Hardware is." A soft suggestion as her hands slowly grips his on, but not so hard that he may not pull away. When his hand shifts, her own easily follows along and fingers attempt to lace with his. "Thank you." Cheeks flush a soft shade of pink and a smile finally settles upon her lips, one of contentment and she seems prepared just to leave it at that. But, it is his final words that draw a darker color and then finally a nod is his answer. Her head lowers shyly, "of course, Nik." Fingers tighten and she murmurs, "not all emotions are bad, I guess…"

This time there is a pause then then a simple bob of his head, Nikolas easily letting Kiley interlace her fingers with his, the pad of his thumb gently stroking the flesh he can reach, the remaining tension fading the longer they are talking like this. And another bob for the acceptance of his further apology and the thanks that accompanies it. He is unaware of the change of color that his fellow computer crafter was displaying as he had yet to lift his eyes up from their clasped hands. Unfortunately he also misses her reassuring smile. At the tightening of her grasp, his increases slightly as well. "Good." he murmurs, brows creasing a touch, before he expels a soft sigh. "This one, is painful sometimes, and distracting from my work. I have had some trouble concentrating." As he says this, he gives a healthy squeeze of both her hands. "But I don't think I could function without it…without…you."

Kiley is relaxed by the closeness, her eyes closing for a moment as she simply breathes for the time being and taking comfort in the fact that their hands are laced together where they are. After a moment, she opens her eyes to consider him. They search and then she smiles a little wider as she scoots in closer. "It is painful. But sweet… Entirely different, confusing as I am never able to place exactly what it is." His final confession brings a darker color to her cheeks and she leans in to rest her head against his shoulder. "I don't believe I would function any longer without it… Without you, either." Her confession is just as soft, meant for his ears alone.

Untangling the fingers of one hand, Nikolas brings it around so that long slim fingers can slide into Kiley's hair, curling around the curve of the back of her skull. He brings his head to rest upon hers, and his own eyes close. He doesn't have much else to say after her confession, merely content it seems in this single moment of them being together after the time that had passed without. He exhales softly though after a time, and releases her, a quick dart of dart eyes around before they finally settle upon the candidate once more. "I'm not sure what rules this weyr has about fraternization. I don't wish to get you in trouble." he says quietly, eyes lowering again. It might be clear from the way his hands now twitch upon his own knees, that letting the woman go was the last thing he had wanted.

Kiley sighs softly and leaning into him a little more, content with the contact even if they are in quite the public place. And when he finally pulls away, she straightens just a bit and murmurs. "I was told that as long as you are not doing anything more, it would be fine." She offers a hand out towards him, simply content to hold hands as she uses the other to return to her food. "Thank you for coming and speaking with me about it all. I am happier, now that I know why you were absent." A cheerful smile and she casts a glance towards him. "What did you work on while you were gone?"

Kyldar comes in from an inner cavern, with a firelizard on each shoulder (one blue, one bronze), and makes her way toward the food table, loading up a plate with fish, chicken, veggies, bread, cheese, and a redfruit bubbly. Hungry, are we? Well, the big pregnant bulge around her middle might explain that. To this she adds a glass of juice, and she makes her way through the crowd, looking for a place where she can settle herself.

Nikolas accepts the hand, though seems a bit uncomfortable with it. Not with Kiley of course, perhaps instead with the lingering fear that he would get the woman in trouble somehow. He does nod though, for her further thanks, but does not add any further content to the subject. Instead he seems content to move on to the newer one, relaxing back against his chair. He doesn't have any food in front of him, so either the man had finished already, hadn't had a chance to get anything to eat before his conversation with Kiley, or hadn't been hungry in the first place. He does however, light up, at the question posed to him, and excitedly launches into a long and complicated explanation of what he had been up to in his absence. It's very technical, using several words that sound as if he had simply made them up on the spot, and describes in great detail how very interesting and elaborate the whole ordeal had been. "And then they initialized the power conduit, and it moved!" he says, but then his shoulders sink. "But then it blew. So the entire assembly is going to have to be replaced."

Kyldar stops to listen to Nikolas as she passes by. At the same time, she is trying to defend the contents of her plate from the two flits on her shoulders, not an easy task when both hands are full. "Hey," she says to Nik and Kiley. "What's this all about?"

If Kiley notices the discomfort from the man beside her, she doesn't show any indication of it as her hand remains in his while she eats. Attention drifts towards him as he lights up and explains about his recent project; it brings a bright smile to the woman's lips and she nods along to the bits and pieces of what she understands. "That's wonderful!" And then, it fades as his explanation is drawn to the conclusion. "Well, at least you know how to do it, so you can always make it better. I look forward to seeing it for myself." Attention does not stay on her fellow journeyman for long as Kyldar is giving her greetings and she offers a smile towards the other woman. "Hello Kyldar. How are you doing?" Then there is a brief glance towards Nikolas before she supplies an answer, "Nikolas was telling me about his project that he has been working on."

Nikolas shifts his dark eyes off to one side as he is praised, perhaps his tanned flesh to dark to show his embarrassment. They return to the young woman in time, "I only wrote the software, the hardware is the responsibility of the Tech Craft. Afraid it wasn't functioning long enough to say if the code had any flaw." He bobs his head once sharply about Kiley seeing whatever it was that he was working on. Then there is a very pregnant greenrider standing there with enough food for three or four people, and the man lifts his gaze upwards. Flicking to tray, to belly and back again. There is a single blink but he says nothing.

Kyldar takes a seat at an adjacent table, not wanting to impose to closely, but interested in the discussion. "I'm well, thanks," she says to Kiley. "You?" Then: "Ah, techcrafty stuff, of course" she says as she sets her plate down. "Probably more than a little beyond my ken."

Kiley giggles softly for the embarrassed response of the other computer crafter. "I see. Wonderful collaboration. It is good that you know such a skilled tech crafter. I've yet to make any friends there to help me. Maybe some day. Was it completely fried to the point where you could not extract the information? Perhaps see if Eledri can help. Though I doubt it would have recorded if there was a flaw…" She trails off and her gaze shifts to consider Kyldar as she settles down at another table. "That is wonderful to hear. How much longer do you have with carrying your child?" There is a slight tilt of her head in question before her smile brightens. "I am doing quite wonderfully, thank you." A sympathetic smile for the greenrider, "not everyone understands it, but, there is nothing wrong with that." And as if she was struck with a sudden realization, she turns attention to Nikolas. "They'll be taking us out for a camping trip. I am not sure how long we'll be gone. Back before the eggs Hatch, surely, but I cannot give an exact time."

Nikolas looks the unfamiliar woman over a bit longer before perhaps he realizes he was doing it, and doing it as long as he was might be considered impolite. He glances to Kiley then, bobbing his head a few times. "It was an assignment from the Craft. It's been decided that I am to study directly under Master Gaytes." he says, shifting uncomfortably again. "That is something we can discuss at another time." Seems someone had news he had forgotten to inform his girlfriend about. Cough. Brows crease at mention of Eledri, "I haven't actually met him yet. There's been some brief correspondence back and forth, but the man takes forever to respond and I don't have access to a firelizard as often as I would like. Which means any response he sends me, has to be rerouted to where ever I might be at the time." Sounds as if Nikolas gets moved around a lot. He goes quiet again as the conversation shifts to Kyldar and her pregnancy, merely looking between the two women as it's discussed, but sliding back in as Kiley turns to him, his brows lifting. "Oh?" he says, blinking a few times and then finishing it off with a nod of his head. "All right. Well I will be back and forth between here, Landing and the craft hall for next several sevendays, so it's unlikely you would of seen much of me otherwise. When do you leave?"

Kyldar starts into her meal, chowing down on chicken and fish. "I have a couple months left," she says to Kiley after swallowing. "V'ine seems to have gotten over his jitters," she adds, rubbing her baby bump almost absently, "as have I, except for wanting to get it over with." She picks up her glass and takes a swig. She then turns her gaze toward Nikolas and says, "I don't think we've been introduced. I"m Kyldar, hrper and rider of green Sinasapelth."

"I see." A notable pause as she considers Nikolas, eyes widening. "The CraftMaster?" A very pointed stare is directed to the man beside her before she is nodding her agreement. "Yes. Congratulations nonetheless." Kiley smiles in a pleased manner before she is clearing off the rest of her late. "I sent him a message ages ago and I am not certain that he got it or not. Perhaps he did and simply did not wish to reply. Either way, I understand your frustrations." Her smile grows sympathetic before nodding to his question. "I shall see you when you are here and we are able, then. I look forward to seeing more of your projects at a later date." As for when, she answers, "we're leaving in a few days time. Not too long from now, I imagine." Attention returns to the other woman and she nods. "Seems as if that is a long ways away, then. At least he is no longer nervous." There's a thoughtful consideration of the other woman before she notes, "I would want it over as soon as possible, I imagine."

Dark eyes flicker to Kiley at her reaction to the news, giving her a helpless expression. Perhaps he would explain at another time. He lowers his gaze however at the congratulations, nodding his head once. "Thank you." Nikolas looks back to his fellow computer crafter when she talks about Eledri, brows lifting in surprise, and then furrow in displeasure. "I see." There is a frown for this, but he doesn't further elaborate, instead he smiles softly at the woman, "We've plenty of time. There is no rush." He nods for the answer given as to when, before he glances to Kyldar. "We have not. I'm Nikolas, Journeyman of the computer craft." he introduces himself in return.

Kyldar puts some of the chicken and fish on the bread, making a little sandwich. She takes a couple bites of this, and says to Kiley, "Yeah, he's actually looking forward to the birth. It seems odd for both of us, though, suddenly becoming parents. But we're ready." To Nikolas, "Good to make your acquaintance." She looks at both, and says, "What's this about a camping trip?"

Kiley nods once to his thanks and chuckles softly at the displeasure that he expresses, using her free hand to pat his gently. "Yes. There is plenty of time to discuss everything later." She turns back to Kyldar and smiles a little brighter. "I cannot imagine what it is like. Being pregnant and being a parent, I believe I am not suited for either. However, I am glad that you are ready for this change in your life." Talk of the camping trip is met with a shrug. "We don't know much details besides the fact that we will be going out. It is only the candidates and those who will be in charge of watching them, as far as I can tell."

Nikolas gets this look on his face as the women start talking more in depth about babies and things of that nature, like one could pass a hand over his face and he'd be completely oblivious to it. He just tunes it out. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that, like Kiley, her boyfriend probably felt the same. Not suited, or at the very least, not ready. The man couldn't be much older than nineteen or twenty. He does tune back in as it were, when the Kyldar speaks to him, nodding his head once. "Likewise." And then it's back to silence, giving Kiley's hand a squeeze and letting go, before he excuses himself from the table and heads to the food set out for the afternoon meal, picking up a plate.

Kyldar munches down some veggies, and chases with a swig of the juice. To Kiley she says, "There was a time when I couldn't have imagined. It will be a whole new adventure for me, being a parent. I just hope I can be a good enough one." She pauses, handing over a couple pieces of chicken to the two firelizards. "Well, I suppose getting out and about a little will be good for all of you." To Nikolas: "Computercraft, yeah, that /is/ a bit too brainy for me. I can barely even turn the sharding contraptions on, myself."

Kiley doesn't seem to notice the fact that Nikolas begins to space out, only looking back towards him once he excuses himself from the table. A cheerful little smile before she's reaching for her long forgotten drink and sipping at it with a thoughtful hum. Her gaze drifts, scanning the room idly heading this way and that before settling upon Kyldar. "If you try to be a good parent, I'm sure you will be." A shrug, "though I don't know much about it." Another sip of her juice before nodding her agreement. "To help with nerves, I imagine. I just don't like being without technology, personally. It isn't an awful experience in the end, however."

Nikolas puts some meatrolls on his plate along with a serving of fruit and salad, picks up a fork and a glass of iced tea before he returns, dropping back into his seat and immediately digging in, though is considerate enough to chew and swallow before replying to Kyldar. A brow arches at the information she provides, "Generally it's the button that says, 'power'. Though I have seen some that are merely a symbol, some aren't labeled at all. But I suppose that if you aren't all that familiar with the machines that it might be difficult to know what you are doing." He looks to Kiley then, "Leave your laptop with me, I'll make sure it's given a maintenance at the craft hall while you are gone. I'll oversee it myself, and make sure that there isn't any data loss."

Kyldar hands the critters some more chicken, and some fish, and goes back to feeding her ownself. "Well, that was kind of an exaggeration on my part," she says to Nikolas. "I can type and slide a mouse. That's about it." Then: "Technology is a good thing, I don't think I can imagine the world losing technology again—at least I hope that doesn't happen. It's still good to get away from time to time, though."

Kiley nods along idly with what Nikolas has to say, "a lot of them tend not to say power, but some prefer to add it in so that people know." A slight shrug of her shoulders before she's nodding to her boyfriend once more. "I'll hand it over to you before you leave, then. I've no more projects to work on for the time being and I've informed the Hall of the trip. Having some work done on it would be lovely." Then, softer and fonder smile settles upon her lips. "Thank you." Her juice is taken again and she sips thoughtfully. "I don't imagine that it will happen at any point in time. We've worked too hard to lose it."

"Vera does, but her model is so old, I sometimes forget she's not like most computers being assembled in the last couple of turns." Nikolas says between bites, "She may still have a component or two older than my grandfather." He's then back to chewing away, though admittedly he's got a mouthful when Kiley says she'll leave her laptop with him. That was trust right there. So instead of a verbal response, he nods his head a few times, before reaching for his ice tea and taking a few sips from it, the ice clinking against the side of the glass. "You are welcome." he says, dark eyes sliding to her and a soft smile drawing up the corners of his lips. For Kyldar, the man nods, apparently taking things literally rather then subjectively. Oopse. "My mistake."

Kyldar says, "I've never had the mentality for techy sorts of things. We have a computerlab at the Hall, but it's used mainly for reesearch and suchlike. Our database is pretty extensive. How the thing works, though, is a whole 'nother thing."

Kiley grins widely, "yes. The newer ones tend to be… Sleek. I don't believe that is the word I am looking for, but…" The woman trails off and shrugs just a fraction before considering the laptop case that hangs from Nik's seat. "You do use a lot of different parts in her." She smiles and then turns forward so to sip at her drink once more. "I think I would like to visit the Harper Hall and see their computers." Comes an idle musing from the woman as she listens to Kyldar.

Nikolas nods to Kyldar, perhaps a glimmer of interest at the words 'database' and 'extensive', or perhaps more than a glimmer as he nods to agree with Kiley about liking a visit. "After your search cycle is complete, we should stop there and have a look." he mentions offhand, before returning to his meal, nodding a few more times in agreement for the newer sleeker machines that were coming off the assembly line these days, then sipping at his drink to wash down his food. "None of her original components remain. They've all been switched out at some point or another, but she runs the way I like, and she's completely mine as I rebuilt her myself. For the most part anyway. All her programs were written by me, including her operating system. I should show you the code sometime. You'll undoubtably find it fascinating."

Kyldar feeds a few remaining bits of chicken and fish to the lizards, and stands up, picking up the redfruit bubbly to be eaten later. "Anyway, I have things that I need to get done. You two have a good day." With that, she heads toward the exit.

Kiley brightens at Nik's suggestion. "We should. That would be wonderful. I would love that. We could travel together when we both have the time. Maybe a few days every now and then?" She looks entirely eager, staring at the man beside her before the smile grows entirely fond. "That is wonderful. She sees really fascinating. I'd love to see her code." It's like dirty talk, that computer lingo. Then she colors a shade and smiles at Kyldar before waving a farewell. Attention quickly returns to Nikolas. "Whenever we have the time, I'd love that."

Nikolas inclines his head to the departing pregnant greenrider, eyes darting to her half eaten plate of food left on the table, with a frown for it. He turns then back to Kiley and offers her, a smile. Complete with flash of his straight white teeth. "Some things to look forward to after your candidacy is over." he says, returning to eating the contents of his plate. "Veylin mentioned you had some friends of yours come and visit from, Xanadu?" he asks, brows lifting before shoving the last piece of the meatroll he'd been working on into his mouth. He chews, swallows and takes a sip of his beverage before continuing. "How did that go?"

Kiley flushes a light shade for the smile and then nods. "Yes. If I don't meet my lifemate on the Sands, that is. We'll see what happens." Then, she is considering him a moment longer with a slight lift of her brows. "You had him watching?" A soft laugh slips from her lips, "I did, though. I stood with them for Xanadu's clutch. They all Impressed." Fingers tap along the table idly while she shifts to rest her chin upon her palm. "It went really well. Different from when we were candidates, but now I feel like they truly are my friends. I'm happy they came to see me."

Nikolas hmm's and nods, mouth full again. Yes, they would have to wait and see what happened. He nearly chokes however, when Kiley suggests that he had his techcrafter friend spying on her. He coughs several times against the back of his hand, before taking a long settling sip of his drink. "N-No. He happened to be in the bowl when they arrived. He said, and I quote, 'they were hard to miss'." he corrects, brows lifting. "While Vey isn't all that good around women, he's made it quite clear where his interest resides." Cough, and the man averts his eyes, a hand coming up to rub at the back of his neck, perhaps at the reminder of the awkwardness of THAT conversation. "He said two, and again I quote, 'gorgeous guys' from Xanadu on bronze and blue. He said neither of them could of been older than sixteen or seventeen." A shrug for this, merely it seems, relaying information. He does nod at the explanation however, taking bites now and then. "Different? How so?" he asks, tea almost gone as he sets the glass down upon the table and stabs his fork lightly into the salad.

"Ah. That would make more sense." The computer crafter laughs, "I figured he wasn't interested in women from how he acted when we first met… I simply thought you had him making sure I didn't get myself into trouble." Kiley leaves it at that, chuckling softly. "They are rather gorgeous if you can use that word for men. I forget how old they are now, however." A thoughtful consideration for his question, her head tilting just a bit. "Different for the fact that they seemed more mature and I was easily able to interact with them. I didn't feel… Nervous."

"He acts that way around women because they intimidate him," Nikolas reminds, shoving that forkful of salad past his lips and chewing carefully. Only once it's swallowed does he continue, "He thought my own lack of interest in the opposite sex, was because I shared his preferences. Not a conversation I wish to have again." Several mouthfuls of salad later, "Ever." He shakes his head then, "I think he was worried for me." he says, his shoulders hunch. "He did say that he got the distinct impression that those two were…intimate….with one another, and assured me that I had nothing to be concerned about. Between you and I, I think he was disappointed. Something about the blond one having nice eyes and the dark haired one's backside." Uncomfortable shifting from one butt cheek to the other, and this time the man colors darkly. "Really, not a conversation I want to repeat." his greens gone, a piece of fruit is speared and considered before dark eyes slide to Kiley again. "Nervous?" A pause, "I'm sorry for all the questions, I'm just…curious about why you would feel nervous around your friends."

"Ah, yes. Intimidated." Kiley repeats with a firm nod of her head. "I… Cannot imagine that would be a pleasant conversation." She doesn't linger on that, instead, her brows lift. "He was worried that I was involved one of them? No. They are together and I am with you. I really have no interest in others." Straight to the point, she considers. "That is a shame, though, that he is disappointed. I'm sure he'll find whatever he is looking for." She gingerly pats his arm, "you needn't repeat it." The promise is given with a smile before considering again. There's a more sheepish hint to the smile now and she murmurs, "I was intimidated by them. One scared me and the other was always really nice to me. It… Was an odd sort of friendship and I didn't feel as if I belonged. But, their visit showed me that I did."

Nikolas glances at Kiley between bites, "I like Veylin just fine, as a friend. One of my few closer friends, and I do understand his need to vent or gossip or whatever it is that social people like to do, but…" A shudder, clear and defined. No, no men ogling for the male computer crafter. There is pause in his consumption of food though for what Kiley says about her being with him, and having no interest in anyone else. He watches her for a few long moments before he smiles gently, "Neither do I." As for Veylin finding what he's looking for? Nik shrugs and finishes the content of his plate, setting the fork gently atop and draining the last of the liquid from his glass. "Vey's a nice guy, I'm sure someone will see that at some point other than myself." He gives her a grateful look for not having to repeat himself, or that particular conversation the pat earning her another toothy smile. There is a blink that follows though, "I'm confused. One of your friends…scared you? Why would the other intimidate you for being friendly?" He looks totally and utterly confused.

"I am understanding the need to vent and gossip, more and more people do it. And I find myself getting involved with the conversations. It isn't bad, however." Kiley smiles, "I'm learning how to joke as well. My friend, his name was Pyrel before Impression and we called him Py. So when he came to visit I called him 3.14." The computer crafter grins widely at this, clearly expecting her boyfriend to understand her humor. The grin, however, takes a softer turn and she nods, entirely pleased for his statement. The talk of Veylin simply earns a nod and that conversation is put to rest. "Yes. He was… Hm. He was rather mean. He teased me, not in the friendly sort of way. But, then we came to be on more stable terms later. It was all rather complicated. And… He made me nervous because he stood up for me when he just met me. It confused me."

Nikolas inclines his head, and while he is listening his expression becomes more and more perplexed as she talks about venting and gossiping. "I'm not sure I would like it if someone was gossiping about me. If someone has something to say about me, I'd rather they said it to my face. This way at least, if there is an issue I am unaware of, it can be handled or at least explained." He goes quiet though as Kiley goes on to explain about her friend, eyebrows drifting upwards before he laughs at her humor. Yes, he certainly got the joke. "That's very clever." he muses, letting an arm come up to hook onto the back of the chair, letting his forearm and hand hand naturally. His brows crease however, as she goes on about this Py fellow. "Not particularly sure I like this Pyriel, person." he murmurs, dark eyes narrowing slightly before she continues on to the other rider that his friend had mentioned to him. "Some people are naturally noble, perhaps like in the old stories from Earth, he saw you as a damsel in distress, and had an urge to come to your defense." There is a chuckle that follows this line of thought, and it's likely he was in part teasing Kiley, just a little.

Kiley shrugs slightly, "I don't gossip. Well, unless you consider talking about something that really happened gossip. I'm still not sure about the clear definition in that." She offers a smile towards the man, "I do understand that, though. I've not… Vented, but, I have listened to those venting." When he laughs, she certainly brightens more. "Don't you think so? I thought it was so funny." She leans back into her chair and then shrugs, "he is nice. He just takes some getting used to. You have to get past the harsh part to see that he really isn't that bad." Her head tilts slightly, "perhaps." There's a soft laugh in response to the teasing. "I was crying and fretful… I am glad that they're my friends, Nik. I'm glad I spent that time in Xanadu as a candidate and meeting them."

Nikolas has to, again, shrug helplessly. Apparently he was unable to grasp the subtleties of gossiping, or the concept of dumping all your problems upon random people just to make yourself feel better. Then again, he was likely in much the same situation as Kiley was. He was the target of venting. He does have to agree though, that the woman's joke had been very amusing, grinning crookedly. "It really was." The smile fades though as she speaks of Pyriel again, eying her dubiously when she protests and insists that the mean boy was nice. Perhaps bemused by this, he merely nods anyway. Something out of the corner of his eye, waving enthusiastically catches his attention. It's Vey and he was grinning ear to ear and bouncing up and down and waving in a huge noticeable way. The Journeyman blinks once at this and groans, "I have to go." he mutters, pushing his chair back and standing, collecting his plate as well as the one Kyldar had left behind, as well as his glass. He pauses though as the dishes and things are collected, and smiles down on Kiley. "I'll see you later." With that, he drops off the filthy things, and grabs Vey by the scruff of his shirt, dragging him off around a corner.

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