Lysanne's Dud

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

Janja is sitting on the bench next to the basket of sand, holding a sleeping firelizard and one lonely egg. "I think it's a dud, Aurora. I suggest we get rid of it and you stop stealing any more eggs. You've had quite enough for now." The tiny gold doesn't stir, oblivious to her person's thoughts.

Always On Point Egg
The shape is long and lean, for an egg, the ovoid seeming stretched somehow. A gentle candlelight color coats the whole shell in a warm, golden glow. A mask of dark seal brown caps one end, surrounding two points of glacial blue. Matching seal brown triangles point backwards along the top behind the mask. Another brown strip snakes a twisting course from the opposite end all the way across the equator on the left side. The last is a final mass of seal brown where the shell meets the sand, all around the bottom surface.

Lysanne is carrying piles of paperwork and has a straw in her mouth as she comes out to the patio, a pen also shoved behind her ear, holding back smooth layered blonde hair. She takes a few shuffle-steps into a seat, and settles just to turn nosi— er, curiously over toward Janja and her small, sleepy charge. "That's so sad," she says quietly, voice not pitched so low that the goldrider can't actually hear her comment. Which maybe she should have kept to herself.

With a start, Janja looks up to see who's spoken. Clearly she was lost in her own little world. "Oh. um. Hello there. It is a bit sad but I'm pretty sure she stole it anyways, so it might have been no good to begin with." And yet, as she says this the egg begins to twitch and the gold stirs. Aurora flits off to stand on the bench behind the basket, hovering as the Always on Point egg really gets rolling. Janja's mouth drops open. "Oh shards." She sighs, looking around helplessly. "Fey, tell Emmy to ask C'vryn to bring food please? And bodies?" she mutters.

"Sorry for interrupting, ma'am," Lysanne blurts just as quickly as she interrupted, hanging her head a little with the guilt of 'it was probably inappropriate to do that' that someone who wants to be well-liked often has. "It's still very sad even if she stole it, since she must want to be a better mother than —" Than whoever actually clutched it, but then the egg is moving after all. And, wait, Lysanne has food! "I've got … part of a fish sandwich?" she offers plaintively. Her blue doesn't like fish sandwiches, but everyone isn't Aeolus the picky eater.

In response Janja's face takes on a slightly sly, at for her, expression. "Oh, yes, do feed it the fish sandwich." Subtle, thy name is not Janja. She waves the girl towards the basket with a wide friendly grin just as the first cracks appear on the Always On Point Egg. "OOh, I think it's about to hatch." Aurora raises her head to trill a welcome the last of the mystery clutch to hatch.

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling
A large green, she is like a prime athlete. She's lean and hard, all tight sinew and powerful muscles. The sharp wedge of her head cuts through the air, head knobs swept back aerodynamically. New leaf green colors a strong neck which snakes though the air to take in all around her. The bright green rolls over a set of solid shoulders, across a back firm from supporting the wave of translucent sails, to roll down the taut flanks. The whipcord tail snaps restlessly behind her with a sharp slap. Dapples of harlequin green dance over her silken hide like the shadows of sunlight through leaves. Pale champagne brushes over the wingsails giving hints of gold to the brilliant green.

That's enough for Lysanne. Firelizard, present. Food, not entirely accounted for. It was possible she wasn't going to finish it anyway, and Aeolus is off hunting down something shiny to put in their room, surely enough. She hesitates only momentarily before getting down on the floor, papers left on her chair, and offering the gooey green her fish. Sans bread, because, "You probably won't like the bready part, hm? But this is here for you. I'm not going to eat it."

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling is eager to be born it seems because she's trying to run before she can walk. The green stumble-bumbles to her feet and races towards the delicious smiles. Or rather races for two or three steps before nose planting into the sands. A creel of shock sounds from the little green as she rights herself. She clearly hasn't learned as she races forwards again. "Poor thing," Janja comments somewhat unemotionally after the accident.

"Aw," the erstwhile semi-Harper, who has been doing more Weyr records than anything as of late, says softly as she watches the green tumble. "Hey, it's okay. You'll be okay," Lysanne offers encouragingly, as what else can she really do? Nobody could look at that and not feel bad, right?

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling doesn't seem to need much encouragement, not with food at hand and eyes whirling with hunger. She surges at the Harper blur, snapping at the edge of the fish. A small bite is torn off with a strange growling sound and the green scarfs it down as fast as possible "Oh, um, break it into pieces for her? You don't want her to choke on it." Janja comments

Oh, yeah, that's probably a bit big for someone this small. The things Aeolus eats also aren't quite baby sized, even if he is young — Lysanne starts guiltily, and then rips up the rest of what's left into more shredded fish bits. "There we go," she says, now smiling ear-to-ear, because wow, so small! "Don't want you to starve or choke, now."

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling continues snatching up bits and pieces, swallowing them down as rapidly as she can. But with each little bite, her eyes slow down and finally, the green pauses. She looks up thoughtfully at the blur above her, stepping forward for a better look.

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling continues snatching up bits and pieces, swallowing them down as rapidly as she can. But with each little bite, her eyes slow down and finally, the green pauses. She looks up thoughtfully at the blur above her, stepping forward for a better look.
Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Hatchling looks into Lysanne's eyes. Impression!

"Hi, cutie," Lysanne says gently, offering a hand for the green to climb into when she's done eating. If, that is, she wants to keep Lysanne. She might change her mind, after all! "Come here, if you want." Never one to force small animals. And in the end, Lysanne has a tiny little Dud to call her own. Even if that name is horrible.

With a pleased huff, Janja shoos Aurora away from the basket. "There no more for you." The gold chitters and heads off by herself. "She's a bright little thing." the rider says of the green while gathering up the basket of sands. "Do you know how to take care of her?"

"I've got a snooty blue I'm used to," Lysanne says as she lets the firelizard climb up her arm and then start to nod off again. "Hopefully she'll be a bit easier, honestly. He's very smart but very demanding, though I'm half expecting he'll try to adopt her himself." Aeolus is still off on his stealing mission, though. "If you've got any last minute tips, though, I won't say no to them."

Janja says, “Nope!" Janja shakes her head. "Seems you have it covered." A rumble sounds from the bowl below and Janja waves her hand. The rider shifts the basket to a more covfortable position to carry and says, as she leave. "I have to be going now, Feyruth calls.”

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