The De-evolution of the Human Mind (AKA All The Broken)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

The hour nears dusk, and the living cavern is still full of people catching a meal after the second dinner rush. A lanky brunette is busy destroying the buffet table, having claimed one of the tables and at least four plates and a pitcher to herself, the new knot of a dolphincrafter apprentice looped on the shoulder of the Hawaiian style shirt she wears over her usual cottony dress. A duffle is resting in one of the chairs, a sign perhaps that she's not been at the weyr very long.

Is S'van expecting Tanit to be back? Maybe. Or maybe he just has AMAZING LUCK LIKE THIS and happens to be here at the same time that she is! Either way, the weyrling is here, and he's got his own plate of mountain-high food, and glass of juice. And yeah, he'll just commandeer a seat at her table. Cause it's all cool. Really. "Leave some for the rest of us, will ya?" though he can't exactly keep the grin from splitting his face as he says it.

The new dolphincrafter is not the only recent arrival to the weyr! Bracen's decidedly non-Half Moon attire and his lack of a knot would strongly suggest that he's part of the trader caravan that pulled in the other day. He does his best to claim whatever is left of the buffet table after Tanit and S'van took their stabs at it. Apparently there are a lot of people with appetites tonight! Not knowing anyone here, he looks for the nearest free seat. In this case, it happens to be near S'van and Tanit. "Hey there. You folks mind company?" He asks with a friendly smile.

"I haven't had a chance to eat all day, between them finally reassigning me back to the weyr, and everyone at the hall saying goodbye it has just been chaos. I need the fuel." Tanit answers blithely the vegetable loaded fork pointing at the empty seats. "Help yourself, we don't bite. Well, I don't usually bite. Can't speak to Sev." She will even wait to stuff her face long enough to add, "Tanit, Apprentice Dolphincrafter. And that is S'van of bronze Aedeluth."

"Yes. Clearly that deserves four plates of food," S'van teases, giving her a little look that says he has his doubts. "I still don't understand where you put it all." Burning calories and all that. But he does offer, "I'm glad your back," before glancing towards the newcomer. "Please," he'll second Tanit, adding a quick and cheeky, "and I only bite if asked." Since Tanit's got the introductions under control, he'll just start working through his own mountain of food, the weyrling showing now discrimination for what his fork touches.

Bracen smiles brightly at Tanit's introduction, then chuckles and winks at S'van's introduction and the remark about biting. "I'll have to remember that." He says, following the remark with a laugh. "Well, lovely to meet you both. I'm Bracen. Trader. I'm part of the caravan that came in yesterday. I must say you both have a /lovely/ weyr." He says before digging into his food with obvious gusto.

"It was the goodbye make out session that burned most of them," Tanit replies. "I'm glad to be back, the hall was - well let's just say if I had stayed much longer I'd probably have gotten into a lot more trouble." As for Bracen? Tanit grins at him the way a wher might look at an unsuspecting goat offered as tribute. "What kinds of things do you guys trade in? I've never seen the Caravans before, but I've heard of them."

S'van a forkful of food in his mouth when Tanit decides to offer that little tidbit, and he very nearly spits it out as her comment hits home. There is a hasty swallow, and then a lot of coughing as he tries to get everything down the correct pipe. "You… what…!?" because this is NEWS, and S'van is staring at her as if she may have been possessed. "You…! what? I…! who…?" congratulations, Tanit. You broke him. Sorry Bracen.

Bracen raises an eyebrow at Tanit, then laughs. "My, my. Have I ended up at the troublemakers' table? How /fun/. I was hoping to wander into a little excitement in Half Moon." But then it's onto the more serious subject of business, however briefly. "Oh, we have everything. Fine fashions from the weavers, delicious sweets from the bakers, everything in between. Whatever you two need, stop by and we'll set you up. Until then, I'd rather hear more about your troublemaking."

Tanit's brows lift and amusement lifts the corners of her mouth as she watches Sev breathe his meal. "I thought I told you about the dates and the turnday gift, or maybe that was Cat." Or maybe Tanit had forgotten to actually write said letter. When it's proved that Sev will not die, (though may be very broken for the next few minutes) "Do you guys often look for things? I happen to have a nice collection of pearls that could do with selling."

It takes a few more seconds, and a hasty gulp of juice, before S'van can find his voice again without sputtering or choking. "Ok. I want that story later," because maybe right now is not the right time? Even if their table companion seems happy enough to be included. "I have no idea," of the troublemaking. "I try to stay out of trouble." And yet, decisions say otherwise. The discussion of trading and pearls gives him a chance to try and eat more food, though he's now warily eyeballing Tanit before he puts another forkful in.

Bracen may not know the background here, but he seems to share Tanit's amusement about S'van's reaction. "Uh-huh." He says, with a disbelieving smirk at S'van. He then looks back to Tanit. "I like the way you celebrate. I hear welcome makeout sessions are even more fun than goodbye makeouts. But as far as business goes…" He can switch off the flirty silliness pretty quickly when profits are in the cards. "… We definitely are open to barter, and I can say with some certainty that I'd be interested in pearls. I have a jeweler contact in Smithcraft that pays well for them. Bring them by, I'll give you a good deal."

"And later you will get it." Because not the best time or place, and maybe because she doesn't want to kill him on accident. The comment from the trader earns a too-sweet smile from Tanit, "If that is your pickup line, I don't usually kiss strangers." The safer topic of treasure however earns a full grin. "I can do that. I have them from a few different species of bivalves."

There is a sort of look directed at Bracen from the weyrling bronzerider. A look that maybe says 'she doesn't kiss people'. Only apparently, now she does. Either way, there's still a LOOK and it's maybe a little… not as polite as it ought to be. Or it could be that S'van is trying not to fall over from the shock of it all. Woe. Poor broken brain. He's gonna swing between these extremes for a while; COOL WITH IT, and then OMG WHAT? And his expression reflects just as much. Calm. And then a little horror at Tanit. And then cool again. For real. Broken.

Bracen laughs again at Tanit's response. "Pick-up line? I like to think I'm pretty brave, but I'm not so brave that I'd openly hit on you in front of your bronzerider boyfriend. I like living, and I figure he gets first dibs." He blinks, looks at S'van, then looks back at Tanit. "Wait, am I misreading the whole situation? He seemed pretty shocked. Well, egg on my face." He shrugs and nonchalantly digs back into his meal. Let these two sort the awkwardness out!

S'van's look is only met with blank-face and confusion. Later there would be many discussions. Of course it is Tanit's turn to nearly choke to death when Sev is given the title of Bronzerider boyfriend. It takes several minutes and copious amounts of water to get to the point of just being able to breathe again. "Don't get me wrong, Sev is very adorable and a sweetheart but - dating? That would be borderline incestuous. Best friends and soul siblings." Tanit is able to explain after a moment or two.

And then that look directed at Bracen goes all… "Ugh!" at the suggestion that S'van was Tanit's boyfriend. Because no. As Tanit is clearly explaining, and Sev is clearly illustrating with a disgusted look on his face that may be considered offensive if Tanit didn't know him so well. "No, no-no-no," and he's maybe more adamant about it, now that he knows she KISSES PEOPLE. The whole topic seems to have put him off his food, as it's just the glass of juice that he keeps reaching for. NEW SUBJECT. "So, where did your trader group come from?"

Bracen is, perhaps, the most confused person sitting here in a morass of confusion. "Oh! Well. If I'd known that, I might have actually tried hitting on you. Trust me, I'd have used a better line. Then again, maybe my lines are terrible." He glances at S'van. "I mean, he didn't even seem to notice I was hitting on him. Of course, he's a bronzerider. Lost cause." Onto much safer topics of conversation! "We work with the Seacraft, so we go between all the islands. Mostly those between here and Ista. Both lovely places." More food! His appetite, at least, has not diminished.

Tanit can't process this but the comment on flirting has her smirking. "They aren't so bad as all that, bronzeriders. There are a few decent ones out there." Tanit falls into eating again.

S'van was hit on? "What?" he asks, eyeing Bracen warily. "When?" because it very clearly went right over his head. As for being a lost cause? Also. *ZIP* right over his head. "I'm not sure I understand what you mean," he says genuinely confused. "What did I do?" or not do, as the case may be. And then Tanit, with her comments about bronzeriders, and now the look is directed at her. "I should hope I fall into that category." And then a mouthful of food as he turns his attention to this new topic. "Mm." and he swallows. "That sounds interesting. I've only been on small fishing boats. I've never been on one of those larger ones that goes between places."

"Oh, no." Bracen chuckles and shakes his head. "Bronzeriders certainly aren't bad. Quite the contrary. But they don't tend to respond receptively to advances from men." At S'van's incredulence, he laughs and looks back at him and grins. "You said you only bite when asked. I said I'd remember that. Surely you're not such an innocent that you think people only bite when they're angry, do you?" He winks and takes a swig of the ale he brought along with his dinner. "Nothing like life at sea." He says easily. "The wind, the sea mist, the freedom… the only thing to complain about is the food, I think. Days of nothing but hardtack, rum, and jerky. Could be worse, though."

Tanit's mouth twitches up at the corner. 'I will explain later' she mouths to S'van. "I think we are venturing out of the range of polite dinner conversation." Tanit snorts. "That's only if you are on a ship that didn't provision properly. The better ones can run a fishing line sometimes, or pack dried fruits."

And NOW there is a lightbulb over the weyrling's head, as puzzle pieces fall into place and S'van suddenly gets it. There's a snort of amusement, humor dancing in his grey eyes now that he's suddenly been illuminated. Flirting? Right over his head. Point-blank? Yeah. He gets that well enough. "Ah well. I hate to break it to you, but I've already been rather thoroughly swept off my feet by the guy I was fucking before Impression."

Bracen looks surprised. "This was polite dinner conversation at some point?" He chuckles and takes another drink. "Could've fooled me." He casts a glance in Tanit's direction. "We aren't all lucky enough to sail on fishing vessels, or have dolphineers aboard. For voyages of only a few sevendays, it's simpler to travel with unappetizing rations rather than gather fish properly." S'van's response earns a snort of laughter. "Well, alright. Consider my flirting retroactively withdrawn." He says with an all-too ludicrous wink at S'van.

Tanit coughs, no - she all but drowns in the wine pitcher thanks to Sev's little revelation. "THOSE WERE YOUR TEETH MARKS?!" Don't mind Tanit, her brain is broken. It is only fair in the grand scheme of things perhaps. The rest - Tanit can't form coherent thoughts at the moment. She's just staring at her near empty plates, and the people around her, and realizing that she shouted in the middle of the second dinner rush. Oops.

Sometimes it might be best to not ever come into the living caverns, you walk in on the weirdest conversations and Tanit belting out something about teethmarks as she weyrling bluerider stopping in her tracks and starting at the little group with a look of concern on her face. "You're not supposed to breath in the wine. You're supposed to drink it. ANd people accuse me of alchohol abuse." she murmurs softly as she looks at S'van "Do I even want to know?

"Honestly, I don't think I would recognize polite dinner conversation if it bit me in the ass," decides S'van, snorting softly. The whole discussion of fishing vessels and rations just kinda floats right over his head, though he'd probably have some sort of comment for it if he wasn't thoroughly distracted by the novel idea of being flirted with and then? having that flirting be withdrawn? Confused again. The wink? That makes him a little uncomfortable, if the way he's suddenly throwing his grey eyes Tanit-ward in a little 'what do I do? Help me' kind of look. Not that she's much help, with her next words. Blink-blink. And then a wide grin. "Yes." Mic. Dropped. And Cat? "No. NO you really do not."

Bracen looks at S'van. Then he looks at Tanit. Then S'van. Then Catwin. Does he know who Catwin is? No, he doesn't. But the trader concludes that the level of awkwardness has surpassed 'amusing' and gone into levels where he simply doesn't belong. "… Well. Thank you both for letting me share a lovely dinner with you both." He says, getting to his feet. "S'van. Tanit. Lovely meeting you both." Flee! Flee now!

Tanit does a passible imitation of a carp, left on the docks. mouth open, and close, and open and close. Her sea-green eyes fixate on the grinning bronzerider, "That is kind of hot, and I feel very awkward admitting as much." As for the trader, she waves farewell almost apologetic. As for Catwin who now gets her full attention, "I wasn't trying to breathe it intentionally. There have just been too many startling revelations in one meal period."

Catwin sits down at the spot vacated by the trader and looks at his retreat and then peers curiously at Tanit and S'van both. Though her gaze goes back to Tanit. "Are you having feelings for S'van?" she asks after a moment, looking extremely confused and just a tad concerened. "What did you do S"van?" she asks as she looks at him again, this time looking just a little wary. Sorry S'van, knee-jerk reaction. The guy is always the one at fault. "Did you confess your feelings to her or something?"

"It was extremely hot, and I feel not at all awkward for admitting it," is S'van's smug-ass reply, looking like the cat that caught the canary. Insufferable, some might say. At least there is food to distract from smugness, and then a Catwin, to accuse him of awful things. "What? NO! She," and there's a pointed jab with his fork toward Tanit, "Is the one making out with people at the freakin' Hall. I didn't do anything." Lies. But not really. "And no. There are ZERO feelings for Tanit. Of that sort."

Tanit is beginning to wonder if maybe the dolphincraft is safer. Because her friends seem intent upon murder by wine inhalation. As for the making out, there's a small eep that does manage to escape in-between coughs. "I am starting to think that maybe he shouldn't have lost that transfer paperwork." Tanit mutters under her breath eyeing the two weyrlings.

Catwin blinks at S'van "Well, she is grown woman." she murmurs softly, even if she is dubious anymore on the whole relationship gimic. "You met someone nice then?" she asks Tanit and then there's a blink as she processes what Tanit has said "Transfer paperwork?" she asks quietly as she sits back a little in her seat. "I see." and that's all she says and instead turns to look that the scarring on table.

At least it appears that S'van is off the hook. For which he appears grateful. Now that things have settled, he can actually get a few mouthfuls of food down his throat. It has the added benefit of dampening the smart-ass smirk he had going, too. "I guess," for Catwin's comment on Tanit being a 'grown woman'. "But still! It's just… it's weird, OK." He lifts his glass again, finishing off the juice within. Grey eyes shift between the two women, and he seems to pick up on the 'transfer paperwork' only when Cat says it. "Wait. What transfer? You're not leaving, right?" and gone is any look of smug or smart-ass, his expression suddenly vulnerable and posture rigid. "You just got back."

"Well in a terrible abuse of power, and thoughtfulness, he did 'accidentally' lose my transfer paperwork so that I would get sent back to Half Moon Instead of being stationed at Monaco." So Tanit thinks he's nice, or at least nice to her. "I meant to add it to my letters, but I was afraid of one of the craft masters seeing it and getting the poor guy into trouble. I accidentally said yes to a date." She lifts her shoulders.

Catwin gives a little nod "Okay, but now you're wishing that he hadn't lost them. I'm sure that it could get remedied then, if.. if" she lets out a breath "If you don't want to stay here." she adds in quietly, refusing even to look over at Tanit. But most of the emotion has left her voice. Poor S'van doesn't even get a comment in return.

S'van is having a hard time figuring out if Tanit is kidding or not. "So you wanted to come back," because he was nice, and lost her transfer papers. "Is this the guy you made out with?" a frown. "Want me to punch him?" because maybe the weyrling connected the wrong dots together. But Cat's comment has him thinking in the opposite direction, and he frowns and abandons his fork, plate shoved aside so that he can drop his arms to the table. "You don't want to leave, do you?"

"I was joking Cat." Tanit's sea-green eyes suddenly very serious. "Mostly because between the two of you I have more wine in my lungs than in my belly at the moment." As for Sev's offer of punching Kalen, she just shakes her head. "No, we do not reward people for doing nice things with physical violence - well except in the case of you and your boyfriend since that seems to be your brand of kink."

La, la, la, la, la. Cat so does /not/ need to hear about waht S'van and J'en do or well did behind closed doors or well anywhere. She casts a sharp glance at Tanit for that remark "I so do not need anymore details on that. People who, no. No more please." She can't even look at S'van now and while thinking he enjoys that kind of violence. No wonder he so easily forgave her. Ahem. However, on the other line "I'm glad you're not leaving Tanit, and please. Don't joke like that?" she asks quietly.

"Well, I didn't know! I mean," and S'van huffs a little bit here, "You almost made it sound like you didn't want to go on the date, but did it anyways because of the whole… Monaco thing. And then you're making out with a guy, and transfer papers are lost. I jumped to conclusions." Clearly. But he seems relieved enough that it appears to be a miscommunication, the tension relaxing from him as he settles a little more into his chair. As for him and his 'boyfriend' he just makes a face. He'd probably have a smart-ass reply for it, too, except that Catwin is decidedly NOT into this conversation. So no comeback is had, even if he looks like he really, really wants to say something. A deep breath in. Held. Exhaled. "I am glad you're staying." Even if he maybe doesn't sound like it in this moment. Grump.

Tanit looks between S'van and Catwin, shakes her head a little and smiles. "I will try not to." Tanit laughs, "He invited me to dinner, and I assumed it was like the little cook out things you and I do. You offer me food, are one of my best friends, and find the idea of being attracted to me in any other way revolting. How the heck was I supposed to know it wasn't the same situation?"

Catwin just blinks at Tanit "So you went out to eat, and he assumed it was a date sort of thing without actually saying it was a date sort of thing? What a creep!" And this is why Cat doesn't date. She so easily see's them all as creeps. "Probably wanted to see how quikly he could get into.. It didn't get into.. oh shards. Is that why he lost your papers for you? Figuring you'ld put out for him?!!" Does she have to get S'van out there to hit him?

"Well," and S'van makes a bit of a face before he says this next part," I mean. You are attractive. It's just weird to think of you like… that." And so he won't. NEVER. Ugh. "So why wouldn't it have been a date? I mean, we're different." Clearly different. Cat's use of the word creep has an eyebrow lifting, and he eyes her warily for a moment. But, not talking about him, so. OK. Only now she's putting images into his head, and he can't help but THINK about those things she suggests may have happened. And those things involve Tanit, and that has already been established as weird and gross and just, "UGH, stop! I don't wanna think about that!" though clearly, too late for that. Shoulders hunch, and a sort of shudder runs through his body. "Ugh." And now Sev very much looks like he wants to hit something. Or someone. Very hard. In the face.

"Does everything devolve to sex in your brains?" She asks, looking at Sev and Cat in turn. "I was the ass for being oblivious, and he was a perfect gentleman unless told not to be." Tanit sighs filling her glass again with wine. "We only kissed the last day I was at hall."

Catwin eyes Tanit "You are not an ass for being oblivious if he wasn't clear on his intentions. And with being an apprentice in the craft anyways, he shouldn't have been hitting upon you anyways. Dramatic conflict of interests, especially when studies should be at the forefront, and if he was one of your instructors as well." she shakes her head. "That is a deplorable breech of conduct." she remarks. Sev is glanced at and then Catwin lets out a sigh. Okay. Not a good look there. She sighs a little. Why she things that she can do this socializing thing is beyond her. "I'm sorry Tanit. I'll shut up now." she murmurs and just lays her head on the table.

S'van is a male. So. Yes. Yes it does. "She said it, not me!" he accuses, jutting his chin at Catwin. But at least the images are, maybe, starting to fade from his poor brain. There are no comments regarding her being an 'ass'. Catwin has that covered. And she pretty much nails everything else right on the head with her speech. So at the end, all Sev needs to add is, "Well. Do you like the guy?" Cause who is he to speak of RULES and breeches of conduct?

Tanit does the carp impersonation again. "Catwin, these are all valid points, and if he had been anything but courteous and respectful I would turn him in." Tanit lifts a finger, "As it stands I like the guy well enough not to want him to be into trouble." And well enough to make out with him on occasion.

Catwin just gives a little nod and then sighs. "Don't worry, I won't be sending the Hall or anything. It's none of my business. I know." she murmurs. She eyes S'van a moment at the accusation, which well, it is the truth, but gee. She then gets up from her seat. "I'm sorry though. I shouldn't be butting into your business."

"Well, then," and that's all S'van says. Apparently, this settles the matter, as he drops the topic quick enough. A glance at Catwin, though his thoughts on her statement regarding sending a letter to the hall are concealed. "You don't have to leave," he says quickly, looking suddenly concerned. "I'm sorry, Cat. I mean. Did I say something?" he may have said a lot of things. A little frown, and his gaze darts to Tanit. "I'm sorry," for her too. "For overreacting."

Tanit grins, "You do it because you care? So I don't mind you butting in." She sighs, "But I need to report in and get settled in my new room." She looks between Catwin and Sev. "And then tomorrow, we have more catching up to do. Don't think you are off the hook."

Catwin stands there a moment as she looks from S'van and then back to Tanit. She gives a little nod as she murmurs a soft good-bye and then she looks at S'van. "I should go find some food anyways." she mumurs quietly. Good excuse, right? Least it sounded good in her head. Coming out, maybe not so much of a bright idea of an excuse.

"I do," S'van agrees quickly. But that is all. That, and a nod of his head as she makes motions towards leaving. "Tomorrow, then," he agrees. "Come the Field if you don't see me around. That's where we usually are." Cause. Weyrlings. And then Cat is leaving also, and while he may not buy her statement completely, he bobs his head in farewell with a quick, "OK. See you later, Cat." And now maybe, just maybe, he can finish his meal before Aede calls him back.

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