Candidates Go Camping II

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

There's a whole wing of dragons on the shoreline. Or at least it /seems/ like there are. In total, there's probably only about seven of them, mostly blues and greens, as the bulk of the candidate group has already departed earlier along with all the necessary supplies. A greenrider, Assistant Weyrlingmaster Pieta in fact, is calling out names. "Dalima, Hertha. Kashie. Has anyone seen Kashie?" the woman's soft voice can barely be heard over the noise of packing up dragons, but there's the candidate in question, running down to the lagoon from the bowl. "Here, here, here." the girl's bobbing up and down with excitement. "The Weyrwoman's coming." And so indeed, here comes Enka, making her way to the lagoon shore. "That's the last of it?" the goldrider calls up to a blueriding loading up his dragon. "Aye ma'am." Candidates, are you ready to go?" Enka surveys the remaining candidates. "You'll have fun, I promise."

Kilarden has come laden with the barest of essentials: bedroll, a small sack most likely containing clothes, a bow, and a knife on his hip. He had himself seated on the ground, but when Kashie came running, announcing the arrival of Enka, he'd gained his feet. The woman is regarded with a smile and a salute, but he greets her in silence. What with all the chaos going on around them, it seems like a rather futile action to try and win the woman's attention all for himself.

Idris will take that promise with a grain of salt, though she salutes dutifully as the Weyrwoman addresses them. Her expression is a mixture of excitement and trepidation. She glances curiously at the others in this second round of departures, glad to see at least a couple more familiar faces among them. With those remaining, she waits to see to whom she is assigned for the flight, twiddling her fingers a bit nervously. She carries a bedroll and a backpack which is a little plump with her essentials and certain flavor supplies she had promised to bring.

Patori. Is looking dubious. Veery dubious. He's totally lagging behind everybody else, though not so last-minute as Kashie over there, and was probably off hiding when the first group departed. But likely somebody found him or ratted him out, and he's here with the rest. Eyes are wide, but not at the dragons. Nope, it's the /water/ he's regarding with so much doubt. He joins the others in saluting the weyrwoman when she arrives, but the boy doesn't look like he believes her, shoulders hunching as he slouches some, and starts chewing on his lower lip. Pat's as least decently prepared, with his own little bedroll and pack, presumably with supplies of some sort. He edges closer to Idris and Kilarden, the latter possibly trying to hide behind, maybe out of habit, the short weyrbrat drifting towards the most familiar faces in the group.

Enka flashes reassuring smiles at anyone who looks the least bit nervous. Sure, it's all good and well for /her/ to act non-cholant about this, she's not the one going on this trip. "That's the lot of them," Pieta reports, snugging her hat down onto her head. "I'd be going along, but…" "Aye, I know," Enka nods, dismissing the greenriding assistant weyrlingmaster with a sight nod. "All right, candidates, you can climb aboard the dragons you'll be riding, and then off you go. The first group is there before you, so it'll be easier on you guys." There's a slight look sent at Kashie as the teen is scrambling up onto a green dragon, but the goldrider says nothing more. "Up you go, now."

Kilarden will just assumed that it's a free-for-all in regards to transportation, so when the weyrwoman dismisses them to hitch a ride he seeks out the nearest dragon. Patori and Idris are both given the biggest smile he can manage as he makes his way toward a friendly looking rider, calling, "See you there!" over his shoulder as he moves. The rider helps him to secure his belongings for the trip, similarly helping him up and on top of the selected dragon where he will sit very patiently, and wait for lift-off. The most nerve-wracking part about this whole thing for him? This part!

With a smile back at Kilarden and Patori, Idris hears her name called by a bluerider and she heads that direction, nose wrinkling in dismay when she realizes that he had also called her brother's name, and the pair of them exchange disgruntled looks but no words. Idris stands back to let Rory mount up first. She mounts up behind him and then the rider hops up more gracefully than any of them managed. They are strapped in and the bluerider signals that his dragon is all set for take off. Ready!

Patori, still looking dubious, will at least make an attempt not to look like he's so nervous, especiually with Enka smiling over there. Chin lifting, he shuffles toward the nearest dragon and rider, still nibbling his lower lip somewhat. There's a darting look over his shoulder at Idris and Kilarden, and then he's scrambling up to the dragon's shoulders, its rider helping stow his pack and buckle him in. He looks a lot less worried once he's actually aboard, though the boy is avoiding peeking at the water. He'll return Idris' smile faintly, watching her and Rory over there, and absently fidgeting while he waits, trying to avoid picking at the loose threads on his already-ratty sleeves.

With a sound of flapping wings, the seven dragons rise upwards over the beach, their rhythmic up and down undulations of wingsail carrying them up up and over the arch that leads out to sea, and with a pre-arranged signal, they'll wink between to their destination, leaving the Weyrwoman standing on the shoreline, watching them depart.

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