Campout - Explorations and a Coin

Palm Tree Island - Rocky Tidepools

Between crystalline waters and the sandy shore, The time- and water-worn remnants of volcanic activity in the island's past have been smoothed and hollowed into craggy nooks and sloping crannies — rocks worn by wind and wave. Life here is at the mercies of the tide; controlled by the ebb and flow of the ocean and the life-bringing water it provides. Yet still, even when the high tide has long since receded, little pools of shallow water remain, allowing life to flourish and grow even in the tiniest of puddles despite the lack of fresh seawater for many hours. Blooming algae and a plethora of tentacled anemones decorate the rocks in random clusters, while tiny spiderclaws scuttle amongst them and then occasionally the shadow of a small fish can be seen, cast upon the rocks, as it darts out of a crevasse in search of food.

Kiley has slowed her pace so that Velrich may catch up with her, walking towards the tidepools with a thoughtful consideration. She comes to a pause to slip off her boots so that she may walk with her toes in the sand. Then, she is settling beside the rocks to peek at the fish in the water and occasionally peeking at the spiderclaws that scuttle along the sands. "This is nice. And here's a good spot to get… Tiny little fish."

Velrich does remove his shoes once again as the walk in more wet areas begins. He carries them along though, leaning on a rock to get a better view of one of the pools. "Plenty of spiderclaws too, if you like to eat those. They're good enough, when cooked proper." And there are people who cook, out and about! At least he seems to be relaxing again from the brief cloud of darker mood that descended upon him a few minutes ago.

Jey is another of the candidates on the island. But she's been pretty covert for whatever reason. Now though. NOW the dolphineer is ready to maker her appearance. And what an appearance she makes. Instead of her usual heels and skinny pants or even her black wetsuit, the dolphineer is in a pair of very baggy shorts…and a large oversized tropical looking shirt with dolphins printed on it. It's like a hyped up version of her pajamas! The group of candidates by the tidepool is spotted and Jey easily makes her way over with a smile and a wink. "Heya guys. Did I hear the workd 'cooked'? Where's the food?"

Patori wanders after the others, trailing them by quite a ways, and looking more than a little anxiously out to sea. He can't keep looking worried forever, though, and there's a hurried bit of shuffling as he catches up slightly. "Food?" this, at least, perks his interest, the boy peeking at the tidepools with more than a little curiosity, though there's then a blink for Jeyinshi and her attire. Shuffleshuffle. Pat himself is in an overside, but short-sleeved shirt and a pair of very pockety shorts, both vaguely khaki-colored, though drab and a little threadbare. He picks up a stick from somewhere, not removing his shoes as he keeps to the very edges of the tidepools, occasionally poking at some crawly thing. One of them grabs the end of his stick and he spends a few seconds playing tug-of-war with it without much success. In the end, he just liftsthe stick with the thing still attached, and continues walking.

"I don't know how to cook those. But I suppose we could ask Idris. I believe you cook them in hot water, though." Pause. "Do you put them in when they're alive? That'd be awful." Kiley wrinkles her nose and then flicks one of the spiderclaws off the rock that she sits on. Then, she considers Velrich and smiles. "I'm curious to see what else you'll be teaching Keely. They didn't let us take anything when we were in Xanadu. We had to make our own things…" Trailing off, she looks over towards Jeyinish and waves cheerfully. "No food yet. That'd be back at the camp. We're just exploring. Though I suppose right now we're taking in the scenery." Attention drifts back towards Patori, considering the youngest of the group with a smile but then it fades as she considers the spiderclaw that he has on a stick. "Patori… Don't put that in your mouth." Motherly-scolding tone, she gives the boy the /eye/.

And the catch of the day goes to Patori! With crab on a stick! Velrich makes a slight face at the /squishy/ feeling of the sand beneath his feet though. Wet sand…is weird. At the mention of /mouth/ putting…he does turn to look though, /staring/ at Patori. Maybe he actually /would/ put it in his mouth? "…Yeah, hot water, I think. And…huh. I'm not all that familiar with cooking them, but I don't know a good way to….kill it." Other than letting it die a slow, boiling death. And then there's rumblings for food! Eyes simply roll a bit. "They're going to feed us tonight. Anything /else/ you might want to eat, you're going to have to find for yourself."

Jeyinshi notices the odd looks at her clothing and shrugs, "It was a present from one of my brothers. I figured I should wear it once. And it's easier to wear it on a deserted island than around the weyr or on the beach." No food? The dolphineer lets out an exaggerated sigh…before looking up again and grinning. "Ah well, at least I can work up an appetite in the meantime." Spiderclaw on a stick? Jey turns and catches sight of the item and chuckles softly, "Aw don't worry Kiley. I don't think Pat's exactly the type to eat live crawlies! Right Pat?" She smiles good naturedly before glancing over at Velrich and his eyeroll. "Anything else? Mmmm, do you guys want some fish? I could catch some. I told Sungie not to show up, but I could get him to to bring us some other sea stuffs if we really need it."

Patori wiggles the stick absently, but the critter refuses to let go. Then again, after poking at the thing, it might be juust a tad cranky. The weyrbrat does return Kiley's smile, but there's a blink, the boy protesting, "I wasn't going to eat it!" totally bobbing his head in agreement with Jeyinshi. No nomming on crawly things for him! And he shakes the stick some more to try to dislidge the thing, eyeing Velrich for that staring, and totally not paying attention when the critter.. goes flying off in some random direction. That's going to be one traumatized spiderclaw, there. Pat does have the decency to look sheepish when he notices it zooming off into the great beyond. Cough. "How are we going to fish?" he'll just jump on that subject, sudden enthusiasm before he seems to realize that might involve the water and hesitates, "I can um. Collect stuff." From the beach," and look, he'll hold out his stick oh so proudly.

"I can't imagine how to kill them without completely crushing them first. Oh well." Attention shifts back to the water and the fishes in there. Her head tilts slightly and there's a soft hum of consideration. "These fish seem a little too small to be eating." Kiley is shifting so that her toes may go into the water with the fishes. A glance to Jeyinshi and she laughs, "you never know. Best to put out the warning first. One of the candidates in Xanadu took a bite out of a raw egg… Shell and all. It wasn't pretty." Patori's protest earns a smile and then she's looking back down into the pool, feet going in fully and swaying her feet to keep the fish away from her toes. "I was going to make a net out of vines later. You could also try spearing the fish. Make a spear out of some branches with one of the axes. No one had any line for fishing, so we can't make poles."

Velrich shrugs, finding a nice rock to lean on for the time being. "Could fish for it, or make a net. Or use Patori's toes as bait.." He's got those small, dainty things! He watches the spiderclaw go flying though, before he shakes his head, gaze flicking back to the boy again. "We've already volunteered the girls whining in the hut for../gathering/ duty. You can come with us when we hunt. I'm sure you can be useful." Like for holding things. Or for luring out wild predators with bleating cries! There's at least a small smile for the other candidate though. And then there's more staring, this time at Kiley. "Why would anyone just..bite into an egg?"

Jeyinshi chuckles at the flying spiderclaw and shakes her head. It'll survive at least, right? "And all of what Kiley said. The netting would be easiest. I could go into deeper waters for some spearing. There should also be some edible shell animals around here if we look careful enough. And there could be seaweed washed up on the beach if you want to look for that Patori? For dinner fish we couldn't look in the tidepools though. Have to go out to the actual sea." The dolphineer strides over to a pool several feet away and crouches down at the edge. After a few moments of searching, she. dips her hand in, coming up with a fan shaped shell. Waiit, use Patori as bait? Jey can't help but laugh at this thought. "It'd give the fish a real treat. But how about he stays on dry sand?" No eating the little brother figure! Jey likes him! "Biting into a raw egg /does/ sound incredibly nasty."

Patori wrinkles his nose, the idea of boiling things alove not appealing to the boy in the least. "Maybe you hit them with.. um, a bit rock, On the ..head." Peering at the nearby spiderclaws, the actual head part might be a bit difficult, the lad just shaking his own head after a second, "Fish tastes better anyways." His nose scrunches up further for the mention of some Xanadu candidate eating a raw egg, summing that up with an oh so eloquent, "Ew." But back to the fishing. "If we had to, maybe we could cut apart a hammock for string.." he suggests, though there's less enthusiasm for vandalizing the deserted island, "Or maybe we could just use one as a net?" Velrich's idea for his toes, however, has Pat's eyes going wide, the boy darting a look down, and then very promptly shuffling /away/ from the man, and maybe sort of trying to hide behind Jeyinshi. "I- I can go with the girls!" he mumbles quickly, sticking close to the current girls. Like a /shadow/. Or a particularly pesky little brother.

Kiley laughs, "or, we find proper bait." Then, she rolls up her pant legs before slipping into the small pool of water, digging her toes into the wet sand before turning to face the group. "I'd like to come along for the hunt. It was enjoyable the last time." As for why the other would bite into the egg, she shrugs. "He was lacking in the thinking department. He didn't have to as a Lord Holder's son, it seems." Eye's roll but then she's staring down at her feet, there's a shuffle of movement before she's reaching in to pluck something out ot the water. It looks to be a coin! Ooh. Curious, she shuffles back to the rock and sets it down there. "It was gross. I'm sure there was a baby avian in it because the other two had some." Shudder. "That'd squish them, Patori." The computer crafter points out. "And I don't think they'd take too kindly to us breaking a hammock… But maybe they'd let us use one as a net. Maybe." Patori is given a careful look, "I'm going hunting and fishing. The girls that holed themselves up in the hut are going to be gathering."

Velrich just sighs, shaking his head just slightly. Poor Patori. Doomed to be with the girls…forever! He chuckles though at the defense of Patori's toes, turning to watch Kiley wade about in the water. "You don't want to come along with Kiley? Shame, I thought you two were almost joined at the hip." Well Patori /does/ seem to follow her around a lot. "I don't know how anyone could lack that much common not know what to do with an egg with a /shell/ still on it.." Groooss.

Jeyinshi nods, "We could use my hammock. I'd rather sleep out on the sand anyways." Baby….avians? The dolphineer positively shudders at this thought. "That's both cruel /and/ disgusting…Anyhow, I'm going to stick to fishing. Hunting is alright. Gathering is just boring. My true love is the sea." She chuckles softly before glancing down at Patori, "Want to get berries with the other girls or help me fish?" Velrich's reaction also gets a small snicker from the dolphineer. Hey! He'd probably get jealous of Patori eventually?

Patori seems to like being with the girls! They don't tease him half so much or hang him upside-down from trees by his shoelaces or trip him in the lunch line. Poor boy. "Umm.." he does fidget though, at Jeyinshi's question, darting a glance out to sea and then nibbling on his lower lip, "I could, um, do both? Or help you carry stuff." Just so long as nobody requires him to take a dive someplace, he's probably good. He's totally sticking close to Kiley and Jey, that's for sure. "Holders are strange," he mumbles, at Kiley's explanation there, shaking his head a little, and watching the computercrafter wade around the tidepool. Yep, totally following them around like a little lost puppy. And giving wary looks at Velrich, though there's a softly huffed, "I do not." Except that he totally does.

Kiley peeks at Velrich as he speaks to Patori, brows lifting. "He's cute." She does have a soft spot for the boy. "I really couldn't tell you. He managed to surprise me each time he did something crazy. I wonder if he's still behaving the same or not." There's a soft laugh, "hopefully his dragon has knocked some sense into him." A glance towards Jeyinshi and she nods. "Then we'll use your hammock and catch us a bunch of fish tomorrow." A shake of her head, "it wasn't meant to be cruel. We were supposed to find eggs and fend for ourselves." There's a glance towards Patori for his statement and her nose wrinkles, "blooded ones are strange." And then she's climbing out of the pool and resettling upon her previous rock after flicking away spiderclaws. And then she begins to examine the coin she found at the bottom of the pool, brushing away the dirty.

"The hammock's a good idea." Velrich will have to agree with that one! "Thankfully we have a bit of time to figure it out." Since they're being fed tonight by the Weyr! He does look back down the beach a ways though, eyeing for any possible beginnings of smoke. "I'm not sure when they're going to start with the bonfire." With which there will likely be food! He shakes his head though, one hand dropping onto Patori's head to ruffle the boy's hair before he moves closer to Kiley, peering. "What did you find?" It's shiny!

Jeyinshi laughs, "You can help me with carrying the fish. I know better than to bring you out to the sea. I'm going into some pretty deep water. But you have time to decide. So take your time." Ah for survival! "Oh well that's different. I thought that some mother chicken's eggs had been taken away from her." Jey did not approve of /that/ kind of thing at all. The coin that Kiley seems to have found finally catches the dolphineer's attention and she wanders over from the other tidepool, crouching down to look at it. "Is it old, or just dirty? Either way, it's definitely interesting." Her head turns at the mention of the bonfire, but also doesn't to see any smoke. How sad. Dinner is still a while off it seems.

Patori's cheeks go a bit pink at Kiley's statement there, and he totally starts fidgeting again. Tugging at the loose threads of his shirt, and shifting idly from foot to foot, the the weyrbrat absently watching the fishes in the pools. He does peek over at that shiny thing the computercrafter found, when she re-settles on the rocks, eyebrows sneaking up with a softly curious, "What's that?" He, too, glances back down the beach, though maybe for a different reason than Velrich, the boy nibbling his bottom lip and mumbling, "I hope they don't play truth or dare again." He'd managed somehow to escape the last time. Turning back, Pat bobs his head to Jeyinshi, far more enthusiasm for the idea of him helping to carry stuff. That, he can do! Well, mostly. He's still kind of scrawny. But useful! "I can help when you bring the fish back," he'll offer, scooting a bit closer to Kiley to try to see what she's got.

"We'll have something decided by morning, most likely." Kiley agrees with Velrich. "Hopefully soon." Her gaze settles on the coin and reveals the shiny once the muck is gone. "It looks like a mark?" She turns it slightly, "but, it's made from different material." There's a soft hum of consideration as she lifts it to the shy to consider it. "I'm not sure what it is, though." A tilt of her head to consider Jeyinshi. "It looks like it is just dirty. Maybe it is old… I wonder what it is for." She resettles it at a better position and holds it in her palms, frowning. "Curious." A glance towards Patori and she grins, "it'll be fun. Well, as fun as carrying fish can get."

Velrich does seem rather curious about the shiny coin, leaning in to take a better look at it. But after another moment or two, he shakes his head, pulling away and moving back from the rest of the group. "Get a hole in it, it'd make for a good necklace, I guess." There's another look given down the beach then, this time the other way before he starts moving a bit further away from the rocks and pools. "I'm going to go take a look further up the beach… I'll see you back at the fire later on." And…off he goes!

Jeyinshi smiles and winks, "Great! I need a man's help. A little old girl girl like me couldn't carry it all by myself." Truth or Dare? That sentence seems to have /just/ registered and she freezes for a few moments. There's no rule against always picking dare right? "A necklace sounds like a good idea. Though it may be a shame to ruing whatever design that is. It looks pretty enough despite the dirt. Oh…see ya!" The dolphineer waves after the departing Velrich before brining her attention back to the shiny. "Wonder what it was used for. Mysterious."

"Maybe. I wonder why, though." Kiley shrugs and then tucks the coin into her pocket after a moment, slowly stretching out and considering Velrich as he takes off. "Alright. Have fun." She waves a farewell before considering her feet. Patori's talk of truth or dare goes completely over her head as she focuses on other things, like the mystery of the coin now in her pocket. "I have no idea. Maybe we'll find out later. Do you guys want to head back to the camp and see if they need help setting up? If not, then I'll just head back on my own. Maybe someone knows what it is."

Patori bobs his head to Kiley, though he watches Velrich go with no small amount of wariness. And maybe thumping the end of that stick down in front of his toes to keep them safe. No using them as bait! The weyrbrat does nod to the computercrafter though, about heading back to help set up, still uneasy around the water. Plus, Jeyinshi is getting a baffled look for her wink and statement about needing a man's help, Patori pointing out blankly, "But.. I'm pretty sure you're stronger than I am," before the tesing registers and he goes pinker in the face, "Oh. Um." He doesn't seem to notice her freezing though, moving to head back down the beach too.

Jeyinshi nods after Kiley and also stands brushing off her pants. "I'm coming too. The bonfire should be started soon right?" Patori's reaction gets another grin and then the dolphineer is off, following the other two back to the beach.

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