Welcome to Paradise

Palm Tree Island - Sandy Beach
A remote tropical paradise — a white sandy beach stretches as far as the eye can see, ending abruptly at a sheer rocky cliff in one direction, while in the other, opposite direction, it curves around a gentle headland before disappearing back into the jungle. Heavily forested with frond-topped palms and other lush tropical plants, the island is small as islands go, a tiny oasis of vegetation and lush greenery in a wide wide sea of endless blue. From where the waves of the lagoon lap against the shore, the beach rises gradually, sloping upwards towards the jungle. In the shallows, when the water has retreated just right, rocky tidepools have formed, brimming with tiny sea creatures — a haven for explorers! At the edge of the water, a lone palm tree — its tall crown of fronds stretching upwards towards the sky — gives the island its name. A rough trail has been hacked out through the foliage, leading deeper into the interior of the island.
Situated at the edge of the jungle, yet within sight of the beach, overhanging jungle vines and palm fronds throw a dappled pattern of shade and sunshine across the ground of the small campsite. The sand of the beach runs right to the edge of the jungle here, so foliage growth isn't nearly so lush and abundant as it might be the further inland one goes. A circular ring of stones forms a firepit around which fallen logs are arranged to serve as seating locations. Two huts, sets back into the trees stand on stilted legs — roofed with dried palm fronds and made of woven fronds which form mats that are then hung vertical against the walls. The wooden floors are worn smooth and shiny by time, each hut providing enough space for sleeping locations. Hammocks are also strung up between several trees, swaying gently in the tropical breeze.

The wing of dragons bursts from between above a large island, somewhere faaaar out to sea and well away from the Weyr. As they spiral down, there's already a few people gathered around a blue dragon on the beach, the blue extending his neck out in a bugled greeting to the others before the dragons set down, and the task of unpacking them can begin. "Are ye all ready fer some fun?" there's a little woman stepping out from around the blue, resting a hand against his shoulder as she regards the candidates. "Won't all be fun and games, but ye can relax a little, we've brought some supplies, and ye can at least enjoy the first night here without worrying about getting a meal together. We'll have a bonfire later, eh. What d'ye say to that?" there's a pause, and the bluerider smiles dryly. "I know all of yer names, but if ye were wondering who I be, it's Kasira. Might be seeing a lot of yer faces round when them eggs hatch."

Kershaw unbuckles his straps and slides down his dragon's back, as he reaches the ground his duffle bag is tossed down to him. Kershaw looks around where they've been dropped off and notes the two huts along with the firepit and hammocks. He is started back to the present as Kasira starts to speak then whispers to the candidate next to him, "I have this feeling that things are going to be interesting if nothing else…I wonder what she means by enjoyin the first night then havin to get a meal together?" This is definitely going to be different from anything he's done before that's for sure.

Wooo! Island paradise! Keelyra is nearly vibrating with excitement by the time they land. The poor rider who escorted her to their destination has likely had his ear talked off. She's quick to unbuckle and hop down, leaving the man looking mildly relieved that even if she talked endlessly, she's not like the Holder girls who are currently wailing about the state of their skirts or… something equally contrite. She's handed her things fairly swiftly and makes her way towards Kasira. "Betcha we'll hafta hunt!" she exclaims, cheerfully, towards Kershaw as she heads for the AWLM. "Will we be sleepin' on th'beach or…" she glances towards the huts and hammocks.

They've arrived! And back on solid land again, too! Velrich looks…vaguely relieved at that aspect of things as he climbs down. Feet once again /not/ suspended far further above the ground than he'd like, he shrugs his pack from his shoulders, letting it dangle in one hand for the time being as he takes in the island and the campsite. He shoots a glance toward Kershaw as he walks over, heading after Keelyra. "It wouldn't be much of a stay out in the 'wilderness' if we were /given/ food. ..I'd..imagine since there's buildings, they'd have us sleeping there?"

The dragon comes to a landing and Kiley gives a nod of thanks along with soft spoken words before she is climbing down to help with the unpacking. The question draws her attention and she looks over towards Kasira with a curious tilt of her head. No verbal response quite yet, seeing as the question may be rhetorical, but she smiles nonetheless before resuming the task of unpacking. Once done, she's turning to take in the sight of the island. "Well, better than what we had in Xanadu. For the most part, if we're allowed to sleep in the huts." The computer crafter chuckles softly.

Kasira's sharp-eyed and sharp eared to boot. Shooting a look at Kershaw, the bluerider doesn't miss much, and if she did, well, Brionnith is right there and he can hear plenty easily. "We're giving ye an easy night, lad," she remarks dryly to him, "rather than making ye fish for yer supper. Or gather fruits and berries." The woman's directing a few supplies being offloaded, and then she pops her hands on her hips. "Tomorrow's early enough for ye to start caring for yerselves. Not that Bri and I won't be around," there's a snort from the blue dragon. "Come off ye, missing the greens. You'll live." Kasi retorts to the dragon. Keelyra is scrutinized a moment. "Ye don't miss much, do ye?" she addresses the teen, "and yer in luck, ye can sleep where ye want as long as it's on this beach. The girl's hut be that one," she waves at one of them, "boys be getting t'other. Or ye can sleep in a hammock or on the sand."

Kershaw doesn't say anything in repsonse to Kasira's words, he figures that the less he does to be noticed by her the better off he'll be. A nod of the head follows the description of which hut is for who and at the mention of fishing he smiles as it's something that he's done many times before. As for where to sleep he's undecided at the moment but he is certain that any of the places mentioned would do fine.

Keelyra is observant! It's key when you're a weyrbrat. You've gotta stay a couple steps ahead of the headwoman. Maybe someday she and Zi'on can give lessons on those skills. "A hammock sounds great," Keelyra decides. She may change her mind later, but hey. Kasira /did/ say to sleep where you want. The girl hefts up her pack and the bundle with bow and arrows and strides towards one of the hammocks closest to where the bonfire will be. She drops both bundles into the hammock proper. That, it would appear, is the teen staking her claim. "Shoulda brought a fishin' pole," she murmurs as she stares over the things she /did/ bring.

Velrich smiles. Oh yes, his expression does lighten, heading past Keelyra to one of the other hammocks. "Better than being crowded in there with the rest of them, definitely." His own things are deposited, some on the ground and some right into the hammock before he stretches, looking around once more. "You mentioned fishing," he calls, turning his attention toward Kasira with brows raised. "Anything else living on this island worth eating?" Alas, Keelyra may have to suffice with just practicing those arrows with just trees!

Kiley looks again to Kasira as she gives the indication of where, exactly they can sleep. "That is wonderful." Someone is sleeping in the hut from the way she is considering it. Attention turns to Keelyra, "did you bring line? If you did, I know how to make a fishing rod out of a good branch. Or you can make a net from vines and try that way. We did a few of those things in Xanadu." Her pack is shrugged off and she begins digging through her things to check if she may have snagged it during her preparations.

"There's avians," Kasira waves towards the island's jungle where screeches and calls can be heard. "Might be a bit scrawny," and here she grins devilishly. "And there's always snake." It'd be a desperate person to eat tunnelsnake, but if it's between that and starvation … it's a choice the candidates won't be having to make. "Ye can find something to hunt, if ye look hard enough." Kiley gets a nod from the bluerider./ "Now yer thinking," she remarks, "There's a lot of ways to catch things when ye don't have all the supplies for it, and we did bring enough food that nobody will go hungry." Thge woman crosses her arms, leaning against the blue dragon, and now that most of the supplies have been offloaded, the rest of the wing is going to lift skywards, and head back to the Weyr.

Kershaw picks up his duffle and heads for one of the other hammocks, he places his things into it then returns to the group wanting to see if there is anything else they're going to need to know.

"I didn't even /think/ of fishing," Keelyra says in consternation as she digs through her bag. A heavy sigh. "Mebbe someone else has string." She, at least, has plenty of cooking supplies. They don't need to worry about eating fish roasted the same way every night. She begins going through her bag, removing pouches and a pot or two, plus cooking utensils. These are carried over towards where the bonfire will be and she sets them in a spot close enough for use, but far enough to not be affected by the flames. "Iff'n anyone has fishin' supplies an' all, I'd be glad to learn, but I came more prepared fer huntin'… so I guess mebbe Velrich an' I could work on that some?" She looks towards the candidate named hopefully.

Velrich smirks a bit to himself, digging around his pack for a few things. And in it? He comes up with a rather sturdy twine. "Keelyra, catch." And yes, it's tossed at the girl. Hopefully..not to bonk her on the head. "It's for the bow, but I've extra, so that should do the trick, so long as you don't break it." And what he still has? Well, he gets to work restringing the bow he brought with him. He does look thoughtful though, settling himself on the ground as he works. "Avian can be a bit tricky to get, depending on the type.. Tunnelsnake..it's good eating." ..Well…/he/ likes it, anyway. "Hopefully there's something a bit bigger, but we'll work with what we have. I imagine…/some/ won't have a terribly large incentive to try and get food on their own." Oh yes, cot-lugger, he's looking at YOU. "We can get you started with it though, Keelyra, if you want."

Kiley grins widely at Kasira, nodding her thanks. "I've heard that some people have caught fish with their hands. I imagine that it is quite hard to do. But it might be some fun in itself." A quick glance to the others in sort of a suggestive way before she's shaking her head. "I don't have any. We could probably just make nets out of vines and catch a bunch rather than one at a time. It'll just take some work getting it out of the water, probably a whole group to do so." There's a glance towards Keelyra and Velrich, smiling. "Perhaps we could go in groups? The hunting group and the fishing group. Then we can have a group that goes for berries, fruits, and whatever else is on the island? Then everyone can eat well and have their choice of what they want to eat." Her bag is closed and she shrugs, "or do it all individually."

Kasira leans against Brionnith's shoulder, the blue swinging his head towards the direction which the other dragons had departed before he shuffles his wings, and sprawls down onto the sandy beach, his eyes whirling lightly as the blue regards the candidates very closely indeed. "It'd be a mighty quick person who could catch fish with their bare hands," Kasira remarks dryly, shifting a little when her dragon slides into that lump on the sand, only resuming leaning against him once he's settled. "I'm nae one of 'em." she inclines her head slightly at Kiley. "Although it might be something ye could try, if ye think 'tis fun." Velrich gets a studied look. "Tunnelsnake isn't exactly on the top of me menu, but if ye find a good one, it could do nicely for a meal. Long as ye didn't mean to eat it raw." The bluerider gnaws at her lower lip for a moment or two. "There's axes in the bags, ye could chop down a small tree, sharpen it to a point and harden that in a fire. Makes a nice spear for catching fish."

Keelyra fumbles only briefly with the twine before having proper hold of it. It neither hit her in the head nor was dropped! It's a moment of victory for Keelyra who sprints back to her things to unwrap the bow. She holds it in one hand and the twine in the other before slinking her way towards Velrich's hammock nearby. "Uhm… Can ya show me how t'string it? I don' wanna mess it up." There's a glance to Kiley and she considers. "Might be a good idea. Some of th'Hold girls," most of whom have holed up in the hut already to bemoan their fate, "could 'least gather berries an' fruits,instead of bein' uceless." She considers Kasira's suggestion now, eyes widening a bit. "Spears! That'd be fun. Mebbe we can try that later…" Right now: bows! Poor Velrich. At least his student is… very interested in the lesson.

Velrich makes a slight face, shaking his head. "It'd have to be a..pretty dire situation for me to decide to eat any meat /raw/." He is not a sushi man either! Raw stuff is gross stuff! He nods when Keelyra comes over though. "Tie it off on one end, and then bend the bow just a bit to tie the other. It'll force the string taut." He pushes down a bit on his own bow, tying off the other end a moment later. Giving it a pluck, there's a definite 'twang' from the tightness of it. "Don't want to break it, of course, so not too much." Spears? Brows lift just a bit, but the young man smiles slowly. "Haven't had much experience with spearing things, especially fish, but it couldn't hurt to try." Unless somebody pokes an eye out!

"I may try it. Not sure if I'm quick enough to actually do it, but, it'd be worth a try." The woman chuckles softly before a skeptical little look is given to Velrich for the eating of tunnelsnakes, having missed that when he first said it. Brows lift and Kiley stares for a moment before she's shuffling towards the hut. "That's a great idea, Keely. Just having them do it. It is easy work and they'll be doing something instead of getting something for nothing." She briefly steps into the hut to settle her things down before making her way back out and settling within distance of Keelyra and Velrich to watch the whole setting up of the bow, curious of how it is done. "Could probably set up some targets out of leaves where no one will wander and practice. Then move onto spearing fish… Imagine they're tough to spear, just like catching with your hands."

"Well," Kasira scratches at a spot on her temple for a moment, still nibbling at her lower lip. "I've never really speared a fish, but if ye have worked in the stables with a mucking prong, could be the same kind of thing, quick downward jab." the bluerider doesn't look too concerned, she's got her own means of fish catching as it is. "It's good that yer all thinking of ways to make sure ye got something to eat. I approve of that." Thumbs up, kiddos, that's got the assistant weyrlingmaster seal of approval. Squinting up at the sky, Kasi tilts her head towards the blue. "Bri, when did ye say the second group was coming?" A rumble. "Oh soon then."

"Like…" Keelyra makes a knot on the one end, then bends the bow to tie it off on the other. "This?" She doesn't do a half-bad job, either. It could probably be a neater knot and maybe a bit looser next time, but use will loosen it up. The bow, at least, has survived the ordeal. There's a glance up to Kiley as the other candidate approaches. "Well, I figure… iff'n y'catch 'em by hand, part of the trouble is that fish're all slippery an' yer disturbin' th'water by thrustin' yer hands in… With a spear, y'just gotta make sure y'ain proper, right?" Western Weyr brats: they've tried snatching fish from the water before. All of them, likely. She perks up at the sounds of the next group coming soon and makes to elbow Velrich lightly. "We can make a huntin' group with Kilarden, then, y'think?"

Velrich laughs for a moment, nodding. "Well if you stay still in the water long enough, they'll stop noticing you.." He wiggles his fingers just a little then at Kiley, offering a faint smirk. "If you don't mind using your fingers as bait, anyway." He reaches over for Keelyra's bow then, however, checking the tightness of everything. "It'll do. If you want to figure out something for a target, that's fine, or we can use a tree. …And yeah. More able people the better in getting food in.."

Kiley glances at Kasira, nodding as she gives her comparison between the mucking prong and a spear. And then she's smiling for the praise the bluerider gives them before she's turning back to watch Keelyra work with the bow and twine. The note of the second group is met with a wider smile but lingering in silence as she continues to observe the way the other candidate strings the bow. "Your hands would get cold, depending on the temperature of the water. And there's still the possibility of them wiggling free, I imagine. But, it may be interesting to try." She blinks at Velrich, "do the fish have sharp teeth? Do they even have teeth? I don't think it would be painful to use your fingers as bait. Either way, a spear sounds the easiest after the net." Being that they don't have any line. "There are probably some large trees out of the way that you can use for practice."

Brionnith rumbles softly, the blue scrambling upwards into a seated position, and leaving his rider lurching in place for a moment or two. "Hey, watch it!" Kasi yelps, although she doesn't so much as swat the blue. He wouldn't like that kind of treatment after all. But then, here comes seven more dragons, all appearing with a whoosh out of between over the island. "They're here," Kasira reports with satisfaction. "The rest of the candidates." Well who else, really? Trained monkeys? Which Pern does not have, by the way. "There we go." The seven dragons set down to unload their passengers.

Appeased by her apparent success with stringing the bow, Keelyra hops to her feet to go examine those arrows as well. She whirls in place — sand is good for that! — as Brionnith greets the new arrivals. She gleams brightly upon witnessing Kilarden on one of those dragons. She shuffles her things into place on her chosen hammock and moves to stand by the bonfire… waiting, at least, for the candidates to have dismounted before she beelines for Kilarden in a classic tackle-hug maneuver.

Velrich just shakes his head a moment, eyeing Kiley. "Well, I don't know. Doubt it feels /nice/ to be bitten by a fish even if there's no teeth to worry about." Unless they're flesh-eaters. Hopefully they don't have /those/ either. He does stand up however once he's satisfied with the bows, smirking when Keelyra dashes off to meet Kilarden. Shoes then…are promptly slid off, bare feet toeing through the sand absently for the time being as he waits for everyone else to debark the dragons.

Very swiftly once they have landed, the bluerider is helping Rory and Idris free from their straps and down to the ground. Rory is instantly heading up the beach to claim a sleeping area, while Idris only meanders halfway up and turns to look back at the water, then down the beach, dropping her bedroll and pack to gaze up at the endless stretch of sand. She turns slowly to look at the jungle and the rest of the candidates, awed expression gracing her face. "Much prettier than anything I've seen yet," she mumbles as she makes her way up to the camp.

Kiley glances up as more dragons appear, she doesn't rush over, however. Instead, she lingers where she sits with a cheerful smile upon her lips, hands folding across her lap as she waits patiently for the new arrivals to dismount and get situated. Velrich draws her attention, "but if they don't have teeth it'd just be a mouth around your fingers? I've had 'em nip at my toes before." A shrug of her shoulders and she offers a cheerful smile in his direction, "but, probably best just to use a spear."

Kilarden has barely managed to put his feet on the ground and gather all of his stuff when he's catching an armful of Keelyra. He staggers backward but manages to stay afoot, laughing as he holds the girl against himself with one arm. "Easy there," he murmurs, leaning to kiss the very top of her head before releasing her and giving her a small push off in the direction of camp. "This isn't what I was expecting at all." And it wasn't! He wasn't expecting a virtual paradise. "Much better than what we usually subject ourselves to, eh Velrich?" Grey eyes seek out Idris then, as he settles his pack down in a spot that looks like it's nice for setting stuff down. "Did you bring those spices you promised?" he inquires after her. And there's a Kiley, too! She gets a generous smile and a wave just before he asks, "Having fun yet, Kiley?"

"There's still a cot by Velrich an' I," Keelyra tells Kilarden, grinning once she's set down. "They've got food for us t'night, but we gotta catch our own th'rest of th'time." She glances to Idris, then, awaiting her response. The girl adds: "I brought some spices an' cookery m'self." A gesture indicates the small pile of such by the fire. "Just in case they decided t'do somethin' like split us up." She shudders at the thought! Once Kilarden has his things properly settled, she meanders over and tugs briefly at his sleeve. "I wanted t'explore 'round a bit. Get an idea of where we are. Wanna come with so I don't gotta go alone?"

Kasira clears her throat as the newest arrivals are set down, and the dragons once again depart, leaving Brionnith sole draconic occupant of the beach. His turf, yo. "New candidates," Kasi hollers out, giving Kashie an especially narrowed glance as the girl hops to the ground. She's watching /that/ one in particular. "Ye can sleep in the girl's hut over there." she'll point, "or the boy's hut, or ye can have a hammock." Or sleep on the sand, it doesn't matter which. "Ye cannot sleep anywhere except this beach." Because that's the rule. "Today ye can relax a little, explore the island if ye wish and go swimming in the lagoon, whatever ye want. Tonight, we'll have a bonfire, and ye can have the food we brought. Tomorrow, yer going to be working to prepare yer own meals." With that, the bluerider settles against the dragon's shoulder, watching everything.

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