Indy Fails Again

Geimhreath's Ice Castle
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It's been one of those long, lazy days, where the weyrlings have been shadowing their possible future wingmates. Rou'x, having had transport duty with Seamount, is back in her weyr early, already relaxing on the chunky recliner she's hauled up from the stores. That's about all she's got in her spartan accommodation, as far as furniture is concerned: there's already plenty of other random bits of crap that Indianath has insisted they keep. And speaking of, the brown sends out a message to Geimhreath at his rider's request, a foliage-filled invitation for the blueriding pair to come on over and try Rou'x's newest stash of cheap booze.

Geimhreath and Keely have been working on expanding their betweening locations. Flying around the islands, collecting tidbits of location data. Never mind the longer trips, with spots gathered from older dragons at Western. They'd just returned to Western when Indianath's request comes through and the blue gives a quick, incense-laden response that they'll make their way over. The landing on the ledge is neat at least; he's managed that much by now. Kee dismounts, removing goggles through flight leathers stay intact now.

Indianath croons a welcome to Geimhreath when he arrives, before the big brown bustles past him and takes to the sky, going up, up, up to the rim of the bowl for a bit of surveillance. Rou'x gets up to greet her guest, sashaying that wide-load behind of hers out with two glasses in hand. "/Keeeee/." It's a lilting little trill, which she pairs with a playful wink and a click of her tongue in her cheek. "Gotcha one set already. Have a whack o' that'un… it'll blow y' /socks/ off, hon." The boozy concoction in the glass is vaguely fruity, but mostly just overly strong, inexpensive liquor. "Whatcha been doin' today?"

Keely tucks her goggles into one of the bags on Geimhreath's straps. The blue warbles to Indianath and once his clutchmate is past, settles down to doze off while his lifemate does whatever it is she does. They're pretty much a well-operating pair, but there isn't the constant check-ins and interaction that some have with their draconic partners. Kee runs a hand through her hair and grins at Rou'x as the brownrider makes an appearance. The glass shoved at her is taken and sniffed at first, eyebrows quirking. "Weyrwarming type gifts?" she asks with a chuckle. She takes a sip and chokes a little, likely not expecting quite that much of a liquor taste to it. "We've been, ah," she clears her throat, "collecting data for betweening points."

"Could be summat like that! Never had a warmin' party, never too late though, yeah?" Rou'x grins brightly at her clutchmate, gently nudging her elbow into the younger woman's side. "D'you wanna sit out on the ledge, watch the sun go down? Or d'you fancy hangin' out on the sofa? Don't make no difference no way t' me." She hovers, waiting for Keely's decision… and grinning as she chokes. "Hey, now, c'mon - it ain't /that/ bad, is it? I don't wanna /choke y' none…"

"Just wasn't expecting it to be so strong," Keely says with an easy smile. Now that she knows what to expect, she's able to drink with more ease. "We can go in," she offers, glancing past Rou'x to the weyr beyond. "I've seen a handful of sunsets the past few days as we visited other Weyrs. Takes away some of the charm when ya realize it looks the same everywhere."

Rou'x leads the way inside, flopping heavily down onto her beaten up recliner, but leaving enough space for Kee to join her on it. "I don't reckon you can ever see too /many/ sunsets, y'know. Damn pretty things, they are! But," she leans towards the bluerider, grinning toothily, "cain't complain none about the view I've got in here." Rou winks and giggles, leaning back against the arm of the chair behind her. "What d'you think o' the drink, then? Other'n it bein' too strong?"

Before the ban was lifted on the weyrlings, Keely was never much of a drinker anyway. She's finding she enjoys it, but many of those she drinks with are more seasoned. The young woman is taking measured sips to adjust to the strength of what's in her glass. She doesn't flop down quite so- likely afraid of splashing the drink around. She does sit in such a way to drape her legs over the arm and post up her back on Rou'x. It's a casual, comfortable kind of thing. "It's good. Just ain't really used to it yet… Never drank much, but startin' to see why everyone does."

Grinning, Rou'x leans over to chink her glass against Keely's, then can't resist a teasingly light little kiss to the rider's cheek. "'S'not so much the actual drinkin' that does it f' me, it's where the drunkenness /takes/ me. 'S'all good, though. Booze's just gonna make it all a lil' bit better, yeah?" She chuckles, shifting about to get more comfortable, while still providing a leaning post for her friend and flight buddy. "Y' don't hafta drink it though, if y' don't wanna! I don't mind."

Free hand shifts, rising to try to catch up in Rou'x's hair when the brownrider places that kiss on Keely's cheek. Just a bit of a finger-twining, not so much a ruffle… though there is a bit of that, too. "Oh, no. I like it, I'm just not used to it," Keely says, supressing a giggle. "It's just confusing when something that smells fruity… isn't as fruity as you'd expect."

Rou'x likes having her hair played with, as is shown by the lopsided grin she bears. She's about to answer Keely, with her lips parted and all to form the first syllable, when her expression turns to confusion - then surprise. "Oh, shit, Kee…" Her eyes close for a few seconds, and she shakes her head. "Miraneith - didja get it from Geim? Indy's goin' after her!" That latter announcement makes the brownrider's honey-coloured eyes go wide, her lips pouting into an 'O' of disbelief. "Ho shit, he can't win, he can't beat Suldith… can he? He can't, right? Shit…"

That's the thing about being a bluerider. Sure, he's affected, but Geimhreath knows his place. The blue is likely quite aware of what's happening, so Keely isn't too surprised by Rou'x announcement. Her eyes widen somewhat and she shifts, turning to face the brownrider, "D'ya… wanna go find where the other riders are? Geim can take ya down…"

Rou'x shakes her head, reaching over to curl her fingers around Keely's chin, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Not unless y'want me to," she says with only a hint of uncertainty, smiling coyly. "D'you not reckon it's kinda perfect? We both bein' here… n' I'd rather I were wi' you, Kee, rather'n some weird old bronze or summat…" Her tongue flickers out to moisten her lower lip, eyes going hazy for a moment as she joins her lifemate.

The drink is downed. Whether to simply be able to free up her hand - as she places the glass on the floor - or to steel herself is uncertain. Keely shifts a bit, tucking a leg up under her so that she can face the brownrider. Pale eyes observe, perhaps mildly fascinated by watching the process as an outside… who understands what it's like to be on the inside. "I don't want you to," she admits in a low voice. Recognizing the shift to being with Indy, Kee reaches to take Rou'x's hand, stroking it gently to be a quiet support for the moment.

"Good," Rou'x murmurs quietly, returning her attention to Keely with a series of blinks. She leans towards the teenager, curling fingers aorund her cheek as she seeks to lock lips with lips, in what - for her, at least - has become a familiar routine. With the kiss her concentration slips back to her lifemate - and there she stays as the flight draws to its climactic peak. "Kee… Suldith." Disappointment colours her tone, but there's a hefty helping of relief, too. Eyes still closed, she instinctively homes in on the bluerider's lips, looking for the consolation that will make everything all better again.

It's strange to be here without being a part of the flight- a part of Keely acknowledges that. The bluerider isn't quite as automatic in her actions and movements, but she's comfortable enough with Rou'x that it's not awkward or uncomfortable. There's even a slight thrill to it, to be guided by her own intuition and actions rather than Geimhreath. The brunette slides an arm around Rou'x, unable to keep from a bit of a grin. "You'd hate being Weyrleader anyway," she teases, before going forward with tending to her fellow weyrling.

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