Time To Shine!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tidal Pools
Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

It's a fine late afternoon - soon to be dusk - at Half Moon Bay Weyr. While the beach is bustling with all manner of cookery, tables have been set up here at a safe distance from the pools to serve food and drinks. Drudges are on hand to keep things clean - it won't do to ruin the delicate ecology of the place, after all - and plenty of seating has been arranged for those not so inclined to walk around and explore. There's already a faint glow in some of the pools, but it's hard to see - Rukbat's still up and shining, casting a luminous golden glow across the waters. Belior and Timor have yet to make an appearance, but, soon, the torches will be lit and the real show will begin.

Somewhere at the edge of the pools - the far edge, that is - Valigath can be spotted. She's looming, as she tends to do, with talons flexing from time to time and eyes trained on the plateau of pools. Her tail is twitching and she seems, of all things, anxious. Only Aglaia knows the truth and she's seated somewhere nearby, clutching at her head and muttering to herself - or, more likely, to the gold - while the waiters and waitresses and cooks and residents and riders and everyone else start to gather and mill about. Somewhere, the sounds of Harpers can be heard as instruments are tuned and voices tested. No music yet - but soon!

Natali wanders into the area from the lagoon bach. The newly arrived healer seems to have settled in quite well in the just over a sevenday since her arrival. As usual, her movements are rhythmic, the young woman less wandering than dancing to some music only she can hear. Seeing the Senior Weyrwoman, she tilts her head politely, her usual sunny smile on her face. "Evening, ma'am."

For once, Citayzleat is present without a book, or indeed any other sort of study material. She seems completely at ease at the pools, Telj's study site, picking her way among them and avoiding tripping herself or anybody else. The food tables are her first destination - Cita has eyes only for the various selections offered. She's a growing girl? Even the as-yet-tuned harpers don't hold her attention for long, as she selects a segment of ribs and leans on the edge of the table, gnawing on her prize and taking in the scene curiously. Her new mentor, dancing over to the Weyrwoman, who looks…stressed? Headachey? Cita frowns, but lets her attention wander, watchful of the tide pools. They're important to her research, after all.

One visitor has already been here for awhile, having arrived a tad bit early (could be in part of those he was transporting) for the festivities. K'vir has never really had a chance to explore Half Moon Bay and while he familiarizes himself with a few of the more important locations, the young bronzerider eventually meanders to where the real fun is set to start. The tables of food and drink are given a long and tempting look but he'll move on for now, curiously drawn towards the pools. Which, apparently, he's too early to view those as well, though he'll watch has Citayzleat moves between them and seemingly effortlessly. Moving away, he weaves around a few folks, mumbling a hurried greeting in passing. It's not until his path draws him towards Aglaia and Natali that he comes to a stop and dips his head politely. "Evening," he greets, glancing between both.

It takes a few moments for Aggie to snap out of her strange reverie and, when she does, it's with a startled "Wha-ah. What? Oh. Hi." She waves at both Natali and K'vir with a bit of finger-wiggling in greeting. "Just- no, don't do that. I'm just Aglaia. Or Aggie." She offers a tip-tilted smile, one that's friendly, but tired, and gestures back at the beastly gold that's abruptly trained her attentions on the other woman. "That's Valigath. You must be… one of the new Healers, right? Na- Nata… oh, drat. Or are you Citayz- err. Oh, dratty drat. I thought I had your names memorized." Citayzleat doesn't go unnoticed, though; Valigath's gaze goes back to the pools and settles, if briefly, on the other crafter that falls within her scope of sight. That naturally pulls Aglaia's attention up and over, though her expression remains friendly - if slightly confused. Which seems to be a natural state of affairs. Back to her current company: "Sorry. And what's your name?" Poor K'vir.

Natali bows deeply. "I'mm Natali. Citayzleat is over there." She motions towards the other healer, but her smile isn't quite as sunny, a hair of concern beginning to take root. She doesn't say anything, but makew a mental note to keep an eye on the weyrwoman. However, she also turns, and offers a hand to K'vir. "And welcome. It's always nice to have visitors." So sayws the new arrival.

Citayzleat is just really into her ribs. K'vir's greeting gets a smile, but he's off quickly enough and she's occupied. Food. Important. She finishes the two-piece section in record time, and does at least fastidiously wipe the sauce away with a handkerchief. The attention of the dragon, who's lurking sinisterly, doesn't *quite* cause the healer to quail, but she does kind of twitch a little. Valigath is an impressive dragon with an impressive stare. Cita squares up all the same, smiling and grabbing a napkin to contain a few slices of meat and a pie. This is offered wordlessly to Aglaia as Cita shuffles over, and she'll eat it herself if the rider doesn't accept, looking a little like she'd rather be back by her pools. "Have any of you been to see the pools before tonight?" Cita asks, smiling a little.

K'vir tries not to look too amused by Aglaia's startled greeting, as he quickly realizes it may not be that amusing in the end. Still, there's a moment where he's covering a half-formed grin by ducking his head down. Ahem. Not the least bit insulted either, this time he'll smile. "K'vir, rider of bronze Zekath from Igen Weyr." A touch formal, though when he does perform a little half-dip bow - that comes off as almost as a joke. It'll also cause some of his hair to fall forwards into his eyes, which he automatically brushes back in a well honed habit. "Thank you," he adds to Natali, sharing the same smile with her. "Glad to have the chance to even visit! Igen doesn't have much in the way of beaches. Sand… yes." Water? No. Attention drawn away as Citayzleat arrives, K'vir is quick to admit: "I took a quick look on the way over. Didn't get too close though…" For once.

"No, seriously. Stop that." Aglaia cuts a look askance to Valigath who, fortunately, doesn't seem to have noticed the bowing. Her voice pitches low, to a conspiratorial whisper, "That'll just encourage her and she's incorrigible enough. Anyway," her voice lifts again to a normal tone, "It's nice to meet you, Natali. I hope you like it here. It's a little crazy sometimes," see also: the pools full of things and shimmery-ness," but it's nice, you know?" She settles back in her chair, not quite -relaxed-, but also not as tense as she was earlier. She grins at K'vir, the expression still a bit tilted. "It's a pleasure! And the same goes for you, K'vir. I'm just Aglaia or Aggie or- you know. That person over there." Valigath, for her part finally seems more interested in the various pools than in the people scurrying about to get their food or a good seat to survey the scene. Even when Cita makes that offering of food to Aglaia, the gold seems sufficiently distracted to keep from intruding. "Ah, Citayzleat! That's- thank you. I've been here a few times, yeah. It's really something. I don't know how it'll look with the torches and all, but… they tell me it should be okay."

The evening hour is creeping ever closer, with a few torches being lit up some distance away from the pools. Just enough to illuminate the makeshift walkways and the various food and drink tables, without detracting from the growing glow from the pools.

Natali nods for a moment, noting the weyrwoman's conversation with her gold, and then spares a glance toward the dragon, seemingly casual, but also checking for any glow that may not be caused by the new life in the tide poos. When Citayzlet arrives at the table, she grins, and moves over. "Hey, Cita. How are you doing tonight. "It seems that, despite the nearness in ages and the fact that they were apprentices together, the two women don't know each other.

Citayzleat's eyes go a little misty at mention of Igen - "Bet it's even warmer there." - but she's easily distracted. She nods a polite kind of acceptance of the rider's not disturbing the pools, lips quirking up in a smile. "They're really interesting. Even better up close." The healer admits, eyeing Aglaia with slightly-raised eyebrows and the smile remaining. "Of course." A beat, and Cita turns back to the pools, watching the rising glow for a moment. "We haven't found any medicinal use for them yet, but they're really something. I can't believe how they glow." Cita shakes her head and huffs, straightening up for Natali's question. "I'm well. The food's *great*. Are you settling in?"

K'vir appears startled when he's told not to bow, even if in jest. "Encourage her to what?" he asks, curiosity overriding his manners. He'll grin though and keep from any further shows of formality. "Well met then, Aggie." No argument there! If that's the preference, he'll roll with it. "Always. Except sometimes at night it can get cold." That explanation is offered to Cita, along with a tilt of his head. "Have you ever visited?" As for those pools, K'vir casts a quick glance towards them. "Are they? Then I'll have to get a closer look soon. So… these things are living? And glow?" Maybe he'll end up by the pools much earlier than expected, depending on the answer.

"I'm sure they're good for something other than- uh. I guess glowing and making that shimmery stuff." Aglaia finishes a bit lamely and settles on eating the offered bit of snack lest she embarrass herself by speaking further. Though she does chime in, at the mention of food, "Our cooks are some of the best! You should let them know - not that they don't already, but you know what I mean." Hopefully. But then she's quiet again, her attention wandering over the milling visitors and residents alike. She waves briefly at the distant M'gaal and Malaakh while the bronzerider and cook (respectively) continue to herd servers and ensure there's plenty of food and drink out on the tables. There's a beat, two, then she slides a bit of side-eye to K'vir. "She's… weird. Really weird about the bowing and respect thing. Because if you start to bow, she'll start demanding that -everyone- bow all the time to her." Slight emphasis sits on the last two words - and her tone is pitched, just so, to try and keep it from being overheard by the looming queen. Valigath, meanwhile, finally dares to tip a claw into the water of one pool, only to collect some of that shimmering brilliance rather than a brightly colored critter. She utters a funny sound - like a cackle, if we're being honest - and starts dunking -all- of her talons in. "… oh no. No, no, no."

Irkevalath is sweeping in low over the pools, a loud warble escapng the blue while he heads right towards the bit of open water not to far of and lands in it with a good splash. Anyone to close to certain area is going to get wet even if they didn't want to it seems. Sundari is making her way down along the lagoon heading on closer towards pools. For now she seems to be on her own, her children of in the nursary for a party if fun though with toodlers around it can be a bit crazy… Seeing how Irk is her she will have to rein in her dragon andthat is enough work.

Natali grins in response to the question. "Pretty good actually. It's always nice to go to new places, meet new friends…" She trails off, and stifles a giggle while she watches the gold slipping her claws into the warer. Again, she does glance at the weyrwoman, taking in her expression in an instant, the wheels in her head obviously turning. Stil;l, she doesn't mention it, instead taking advantage of the lull to….do some anatomy practice. Yeah, that's it. These ribs are perfect for anatomy practice.

"Oh," K'vir acknowledges, careful to keep his reaction subtle and his voice pitched in a similar way. "That… Yeah, I see why you discourage it. And I thought Zekath had difficult quirks." The last of that is muttered. His attention is drawn away again, both by Valigath's cackle-like sound and the gold suddenly dipping her talons into the pool. Eyes dart from gold to Aglaia and he grimaces, "Is that what you meant? What is that shimmery stuff? It sticks to anything?" WHY does it sound like he wants to try sticking his hand in it?

"No, I will not have all the drudges drain the tidepools so you can bathe in it," Aglaia finds herself saying aloud - which is, incidentally, not where the words were supposed to be, but there they are. Out loud. Not in her head. Not that it stops the gold from dunking her -other- foreclaws into the water, only to wiggle them with more of that cackling. Is that what delight sounds like? And why does Valigath's amusement sound so ominous? The Weyrwoman blows out a breath and pushes up from her chair to offer K'vir another of those tilted smiles of hers. "She's… well. She's just -her-. Ah. Here, I'll show you. It's better to actually look at the little guys." If she can catch the bronze's hand or arm, she'll do just that to escort him down to one of the other pools - namely, one that hasn't been invaded by gold dragon - to show him just what she means.

The pools are teeming with brightly colored creatures that glow faintly; they look like dumplings, almost, if dumplings had huge eyes and mottled colors. And the water really is super-shimmery. "I think it sticks to almost anything, but it washes off after a while. It's really great for skin, I've been told, but," she shrugs. "It's… not really my kind of thing."

Natali joins them, ribs forgotten because of curiousity. "Oh! They're adorable!" she gushes. "I've never seen anything like them." She slips a hand into the water, cupping one without removing it from the pool, then takes her hand out, and turns her attention to it, and the softly shimmering….stuff….on it. "Hmmm. They told me about this in the infirmary, but this is the first time I've actually felt it."

K'vir begins to offer a solution, getting as far as to open his mouth before hastily closing it. Oh right… don't encourage Valigath! Startled as his arm is caught by Aglaia, he'll allow himself to be escorted down, though at some point try to make it look like he's doing the escorting. Isn't… isn't that how it's supposed to be? Yet the moment they're at the pools, K'vir forgets all about proper formality again and leaves the Weyrwoman's side to crouch by the edge of one of the pools. Undaunted, he'll lean quite precariously too. One has to wonder how he doesn't fall in, head first! "So you've not tried it yourself? How did they figure that out, about it being good for the skin?" Questions! So many questions! "Heh. They're kinda cute little things - creatures, I mean." he agrees with Natali's gushing remark. When she removes one from the pool, K'vir instantly cranes his head to try to get a look at it. "So this is something Healers can use?" he asks dubiously, peering at some of the shimmery liquid.

Though the pools (probably) aren't dragon-sized, that won't stop Valigath from dunking her tail into another pool and her nose in yet another. It's not enough - never enough, really - and the gold utters an irritated sound that startles a couple of the passing servers and drudges. Aglaia, for her part, clenches her jaw to fend off both the audible and inaudible protests. And if she's bumped by the shift in formality- she's not. Informal is her bread and butter, it would seem. Only after K'vir takes his potentiall precarious perch will she do likewise, maybe an arm's length away or so. As the questions pour forth, her eyes first widen - and then shut, as she bursts into laughter. Real laughter. Honest-to-Faranth laughter. "Oh- oh no. I'm- I'm -really- not the person you need to ask about all of that. I mean, I'm not the type to go for all the weird beauty fads or anything like that. Or, whatever this would be." She has no idea. Her shoulders roll and she leans forward, but doesn't touch the water. "Someone figured it out and they started selling it? I wish I could remember the name." She rubs at the back of her neck, features twisted up with consternation. "Anyway." She'll leave the Healer to answer the Healer-y question; she's fine just looking at the little things.

And Natali proceeds to do just that, although it's not particulary enlightening. "Really, it's too early to tell. Other than the moisturizing effect, we've not found any use for it. Now, mind you, that moisturizing effect is incredible, a lot better than the sed oils and oil based creams we make currently, and expecially better than animal fat. But we have to test it more, see if it has any other properties." She turns to Aglaia. "When was the compound discovered? Is it posssibly related to these little ones? How long have you been seeing them?"

K'vir's position on the edge of the pool will slip when Valigath utters those sounds again and while he doesn't end up toppling in entirely, he will have one arm sink down about just past elbow deep, into the water. It'll soak just the edge of his sleeve and some more water will splash up as he scrambles to keep himself upright but aside from that? No damage done. Just a bit to his pride. Aglaia's laughter has him grinning sheepishly, only to blink. "Wait… So you're saying this is something people go for - for beauty purposes?" Well, that concept just goes way over his head. When Natali confirms this, his nose wrinkles slightly. "I thought it did something cool. Like disinfected things or… something. So all the craze for, what was it? Moisturizing?" He examines his own skin now, using his other hand to smear some of the shimmery stuff between his finger tips.

"Uhhh." That's the sound of a Weyrwoman who is clearly at a loss. Aglaia has to think - and think hard. "It was a Dolphincrafter that found them, I know that much. At least, at first. They weren't always here- maybe, drat, I- I guess a few sevendays? A month? Maybe two." She rises slowly, then takes a half-step away. "The shimmer is definitely attached to these little guys, though. They seem to make it, I guess? I just like looking at them in the water. Valigath would probably live in these pools if she could - and she -hates- water." Which brings her around to blink at K'vir. Not so much at his slip - if he was in any real danger, she surely would have intervened! - but at his exclamation. "Well, yeah. It's- trust me, it seems silly to me, too. I mean, it looks nice? And some people really like it. Seriously, just walk around the beaches here and you'll see plenty of shiny people."

The stuff really does work, though; calluses are softened, the skin is moisturized, and there's a definite shimmer left behind that doesn't feel oily or anything.

Natali shrugs, as she starts to rub the stuff into her haands, then glances at Vaaligath. "And a few dragons, I'd wager. Still, it may be an alternative for oils, both for humnans aad firelizaeds. But getting enough for a dragon woul likely be prohibitive," And with that, she slips into the pool, sighing happily.

"So until now, they've never been seen before?" K'vir adds his own questions into the mix again, peering from the shimmer left on his skin, to the pools and the (still cute!) creatures within. "Has anyone check to be sure there's no, y'know… side effects? Other than being all - that. Shiny." He starts to try to wipe said shimmer off of himself now, which only results in it transferring to his clothes. That earns a long suffering sigh as he shrugs. So much for that? "I guess it's just one of those things." he mentions to Aglaia, only to watch, somewhat surprised, as Natali enters one of the pools. "They don't bite?" he inquires.

"I really hope you're asking her that," Aglaia replies to K'vir with a tip of her head to Natali. "About the side effects, I mean." She glances over at Valigath, who seems to be sizing up various pools and finding them a bit wanting for lack of size, then looks back to K'vir and Natali. "Maybe? I'm sure someone would have mentioned them before, though. I mean, wouldn't they?" They're small, multi-colored, glowy balls that produce shiny moisturizing goo. If that's not records-worthy, nothing is. She grimaces a little when K'vir wipes his hand off on his clothes and digs around in her pockets - it's a rare trouser day! - for a cloth. "Hm? Oh. No, I don't think they do. A lot of people have been touching them and handling them without getting bitten. No stingers, none of that. They're just… that." The cloth is offered to K'vir, for what good it might do in getting the shimmer off.

Natali shakes her head. "No one's reported any, or observed them either." She stands up, clambering out of the pool. As she rubs the stuff into her skin, an apprentice runs up to her, with a note, which she quickly reads. "Oh my. We've got an emergency in the infirmary, and need me. Hopefully I'll be back later." And with that, she hurries off.

Full evening has settled in and the sky is heavy with stars. The moons have made their ascent and Rukbat's finally left the building, as it were, and taken its robes of violet and rose with it. Torches ring the pools and provide a flickering, golden light that scatters across the entire plateau. It's not enough to dull the glow of the creatures in the pools, fortunately; those can very plainly be seen swimming about in waters that shimmer with more than just torchlight. There are tables for food and drink set out in strategic places, as well as seating for those that don't feel inclined to walk among the pools. It's a peaceful scene, all in all, with faint music emanating from somewhere; there are Harpers, certainly, but they're keeping it low-key on this comfortably cool evening.

Aglaia's standing near K'vir at one of the pools, while Valigath is sulking at the far fringes of the area, clearly disappointed at the various pools. She's rumbling with agitation, her claws, nose, and tail all soaked with shimmer that isn't (fortunately) caused by proddiness. After a moment, Aggie winces and mutters an apology to K'vir. M'gaal raises a hand to call her over, for a low-pitched conversation that's threaded with obvious concern.

Late isn't usually Heryn's style, but late he is, ambling up from the general direction of the lagoon; judging by the waist apron he's folding, the young man is fresh off a shift at the Tiki Lounge. He, like Valigath, is just a little shimmery about the edges - there's at least one errant streak across his cheek, a poorly-drawn squiggle that might be a glitter firelizard on his shirt, and he's using his newly-folded apron to scrub furiously at a handprint-shaped marking on his forearm where people have obviously been sharing the fun throughout the evening. "Honestly…," Heryn mutters, huffing when the mess only spreads. Quickly abandoning the idea, the bartender heads for one of the tables of food, moving with a speed that indicates he's going to try to get in and out of there in the hopes of not being noticed. Because a six-foot-three shiny man can totally fly under the radar. Yep.

Emiallis is totally late, and there's not much getting around it. But at least as she takes her time walking up the path from the lagoon, she makes it look like she meant to come this late. And she's probably one of the few people who have wanted to get their hands on these little creatures, but hasn't had the time or the means to. She's in her beach gear with the cover-up thrown on, because face it. Winter here isn't really winter in the true sense of the word. Her eyes scan over the people gathered, noting even the dragon with a shimmering snout. With a small, exasperated huff, she's headed to the same table as Heryn, grumbling to herself. "How do all these people and dragons get a hold of it, and I can't even…?!" And she's next to Heryn, noting the be-sparkled arm. "Even you!" Uh. Because complete strangers deserve her snottiness?

Whatever the issue was, it's quickly resolved; M'gaal looks relieved and Aglaia - well, she looks as relieved as she can. The bronzerider ventures off to go carve up some more meat with Malaakh's help and the goldrider stuffs her hands in her pockets, only to turn back to where she was standing earlier. Except: "… oh no. Don't tell me the children have gotten their hands in this stuff and on you." That's directed to Heryn, of course, with a bit of wary side-eyeing cast his way. "It'll come off, I think, it just takes some scrubbing. And, uh, probably water that isn't from the pools." The pools that are full of shimmery water and glowy, tiny creatures. Helpful Weyrwoman is helpful? Or something like that. She raises a hand to wave at Emiallis as well as she starts to pass by, clearly intent on continuing a conversation with- "… oh. He's gone." She frowns a little, brow creasing. "How do I always scare them off? Drat." There's an accusatory look shot to Valigath, but she's in her own, wicked world of trying to enlist firelizards to dump the shiny water on her. Because she needs to be more shiny, clearly.

The worst part? She's being successful at it.

Sundari had gotten pulled away for one reason or another, though she has returned and is wandering on closer to where the others are to be found. "Hiyas." Is offered with a curious glance towards the pools. "So there about huh?" She questions with a curious tone. Irkevalath bugles out softly from his spot settled off at the side of the pools looking into them rather interested like everyone else, just ignore the strange blue dragon in the room folks and all will be fine.

Heryn's mouth tilts up at one side in a crooked smile for Emiallis's grumbling, either unawares or unaffected by the snotty nature of her tone. "You want it? You can have it," he says, extending his arm as though offering the glitter up to her. "Though from what I hear, it might just be easier to go take a dip in one of the pools." Just in case she found that more appealing than using his arm for a glitter applicator. As for children… "Ah, no," Heryn says towards Aglaia with a wince and another look at his sparkly person. "My bar-back is infatuated with the little wriggling things and decided to share her enjoyment, despite my best protests." He does look relieved that it'll come off, but only just. "I hope so," is said in an aggrieved tone as he aims a nod towards the returning Sundari. "Hard to miss 'em. Just follow the trail of shiny people." It'd be funnier if he wasn't amongst them.

Emiallis is still relatively fresh to Weyr life, and still isn't used to dragons sounding off around her. So as Irkevalath bugles - even softly - she startles and skitters to the side a step. Aglaia receives the lift of her head (or is that nose?) in something which might mean she registered the wave, and is acknowledging the other. Sundari is recognized, and given the nature of their last conversation, ignored. As Heryn presents Emi with his arm, she looks up at him for a moment, before looking back down at the glimmered arm … and runs a finger over it, holding that finger up for closer inspection. "Huuuuh." Is what comes out of her mouth before she wipes the finger on the back of her opposite hand and smears it out to a thin layer. "That's some pretty stuff. Is it toxic?"

"Hey, Sundari." Aggie waves to the bluerider with a grin, then motions to the various, torchlit pools nearby. "Take your pick. They're in pretty much all of them, now." She might stand near the pools, but she's not about to start touching the water; she's definitely among the rare few that isn't sporting some kind of shimmery sealife stuff. Her attention slides to Heryn, then, and at his explanation, her nose wrinkles and she laughs a little. "Oh, geez. Really? Well, I hope she doesn't get any of them in the drinks on accident." Or the shimmery stuff. Either would probably end badly. "Ah- here. I'll see if I can find a towel and some clean water or something?" And she doesn't mean that in the 'let me find a drudge for you' way, either. No sooner than she says the words than she's already turning to where some extra towels are at - and there's definitely plenty of drinking water, she'll just have to venture to the land of cooks and beverage-makers. She does catch Emiallis's headlift in passing and even flashes the other woman a quick smile and an equally quick, "I don't think so, but I'm no Healer, either," before she's momentarily out of sight.

Sundari offers a grin back to Aglaia. "I haven't wandered over at night to here in a bit. Didn't know there was this many around honestly." She offers with an amused tone before offering a smile and od back to Heryn. "So it would seem." She laughs a bit. "Glad I didn't bring the twins down, I wouldn't be able to keep them out of it." There is a pause as she hears a rather large splash and Irkevalath is working on wiggling a bit of himself in one of the pool. "Oy! Get out, you going to squish someone!" Irk tilts his head and warbles out softly while shifting in his sot, though not fully pulling that frontleg out from the pool. "Never mind… I forgot I had Irk here, he is a child."

Heryn's face registers a look of surprise when Emiallis actually swipes a finger across his arm, having fully expected her to take a pass on the notion, especially after her previous startlement. He recovers quickly, watching as she smears it over the back of her hand before offering a noncommittal 'hmm' to the idea of it being pretty. "It does look better spread out than it does caked on," he admits, trying not to twitch at the idea of it being toxic. "Shells, but I hope not. Though, if it isn't…" The Weyrwoman's hope that the little creatures didn't get into drinks seems to have sparked an idea, blue-grey eyes sparkling with a fey light. Uh oh. "If it isn't toxic, I wonder if it's safe to be ingested." The idea preoccupies him for a moment, just long enough for him to miss Aglaia's offer to fetch him cleaning supplies until- "Oh, no, that's not- you don't have to-" But it's too late. "They Weyrwoman is fetching me a towel…," he mutters worriedly before aiming a crooked smile over at Sundari. "Yeah, something about twins and shiny water just doesn't sound like it'll go well for you." A wince for her dragon. "Though it sounds like you'll be tracking it home regardless."

Emiallis is grabbing one of those numerous glasses of drinking water with the hand that had the glittered finger, while she piles a few bits of meat onto a plate to nibble on. "Well, I'm not going to find out the hard way." She says softly, knowing full well Aglaia is out of range. Trust the ladies to think of ways to use it to enhance. Something Heryn doesn't probably think of often. A piece of the meat she just put on her plate is ripped off and she begins to nibble on it, that little brain of hers obviously churning before she registers the bartender's words. "Why is the Weyrwoman fetching you a towel? Do you know her?" This idea that a weyrwoman is doing menial work… it doesn't seem to click in Emi's head. And she can't help but watch Irk dipping his frontleg in the water. And she's staring. Though her gaze moves over to the gold instead, stuck. "Is it really that annoying to get off? It don't feel overly … sticky." What in the world is going on in Emi's head, that she's talking slowly, almost deliberately now?

The Weyrwoman does return, victorious, after some moments away. Turns out, she took a bit more of a detour for one extra item - some sweetsand, of course, to help with the scrubbing. Two skins of water and two towels are carefully cradled in her arms as she hustles back to the tide pools. Naturally, she misses the conversation. Also naturally, Valigath is starting to get antsy, despite the fact that a gaggle of firelizards are currently trying to scoop shiny water on her. "I'm sorry that took so long," Aglaia blurts as she offers everything over to Heryn. If he's not quick enough to catch it, it'll end up on the ground - because she's in a -hurry- all of a sudden. "Sorry, sorry, she's just-" there's nothing to be said for it, though Sundari would surely recognize the exasperated and exhausted expression on her face. It's as if she never left weyrlinghood, honestly. And it's off to tend to the gold that she goes, pinched expression and all.

Sundari shakes her head slightly and lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a bit. "The only lucky thing is the twins and Darryl stay in the nursary seeing how them beng on the Weyr's ledge is a worry." Though she sould honestly look for a new WEyr, in among all the others there should be one bigger then her little hole in the wall one. "Though with Irk I have a feeling he'll wan to go and show them anyway so they will have sme at some point." This said with a faint sour look at the idea and a shake of her head before a breath escapes her. A glance is sent over to Aglaia once she is back and then once again leaving once more. She looks a bit amused. "Something's enver change, sorry Aglaia!" Is offered after the Weyrwoman. It would seem Irk has gottenin wanting to help dear Valigath and he goes about scooping up some of the shiney water in his frontpaws and actually splashes it towards Valigath's side. Sunny just stares not sur what to say, a hand moving to cover her face as she soon sighs.

Heryn's chest rumbles with a laugh for Emiallis's words. "Whyever not? Where's your sense of adventure?," he drawls, though you won't see him giving it a lick just yet, either. "I was just thinking that it might make an interesting accent to a drink, provided it isn't overly bitter. Maybe in a dark blue or purple, themed around the night sky…" Okay, so maybe Heryn is thinking of enhancement, just not of his own person! "She doesn't know me from the next person, I don't think," the bartender says after a moment, still baffled judging by his tone. His mouth opens as if there's more to be said, but then Aglaia is back and in quite the rush and bless Heryn but for all that he tries, he can't quite juggle it all and stammer his way through a series of return apologies and reassurances, so he does a little of both, and neither very well. "No, I'm sorry, you didn't-" A towel unfolds and nearly falls, and in the act of compensating, his be-glittered apron slips Emi's way. "You didn't take long at all, and- sorry," he says, apologizing for either the apron or the water pouch that splats to the ground near Sundari, or maybe both. "Shells," Heryn mutters into the aftermath, hair askance, arms full, watching the Weyrwoman hustle off to her gold. "What was that all about?" Somebody might be a little behind on the times.

Emiallis squeaks as the be-glittered apron comes her way, her hands coming up - even with glass still in hand, plate on the table - and dances back a few steps, out of the way of the messy thing. Wait, for someone who thinks it's pretty, why isn't she snatching at that? She's a little amused, but more annoyed at Heryn's bumbling, which is something easily told by the tight line of her lips. And again her gaze is on the dragons, and the splashing… "Nooo-Oh! Oh. I'll be right back!" Aggie is the only one running. Emi takes off in her flip-flops, that quick, almost comical slap-slap-slap trailing after her, without having even answered Heryn's question. … Ooookay now. Something strange is going on with the women. Or something.

The indignant roar from Valigath is both loud and brief, thank all that's good in the world. Aglaia's there just in time to defuse what could have been a bad time for everyone. Sure, Valigath's side is glistening and gorgeous now - and deceptively glowy, let's not forget that - but it's the -way- it happened that seems to have, er, irked her. But then she's turning around so her non-shiny (less shiny?) side is presented to Irkevalath and with her wing up, it's clear that she's… asking for it?

"Valigath is… Not the most well tempered gold to be found." Sundari offers with an amused tone. "I suppose they all have a streak but still." She chuckles a bit before there is a slight glance to the falling things and she just misses grabbing the waterskin that is making the sand rather wet. She'll move to yank it up and the towel before they both get wet, a smile offered to Heryn and she offers the items to him. A glance is soon sent after Emiallis and she is about to say something before that roar is heard and she ahs softly. "Why oh why was I given the one blue dragon that like to annoy gold's…" Irkevalath just looks on amused like, not caring a bit about the 'roar' and rumbles right back to dear Valigath. Hey he trained her he isn't afraid of her! Though once the dear gold turns, how can he refuse such a question? The blue goes about sending a few splashes of glittering water towards Valigath's 'bare' side now as well.

Heryn stands mutely for a moment, watching Emi's amusing slap-slappy exit before huffing out a low breath. "Okay?" Maybe he annoyed her more than he let on with all that fumbling? Luckily, Valigath roars before he can really dwell on it, the noise startling him back into the present. "So I see," the bartender drawls Sundari's way, head shaking just a bit. "This is why I stay behind my bar. No roaring golds or splashing dragons there," he says while carefully nudging dishes around to make space. It sounds like he's griping, but there's no heat in his words, just continuing bemusement as he sets down his armload of items before taking the towel and waterskin from the bluerider. "Thank you. Is that a common theme with your blue, annoying golds?"

After a minute or five, the slapping of Emiallis' flip-flops herald her return, and she's carrying her own water skin, towel, and… an empty spray bottle. And instead of checking in with Heryn to see how he's doing with his clean up, she's straight to the side of the pool … away from where there are puddles of glimmering water, and the dragons. Kneeling, she dips the bottle portion into the pools, getting only as much of her hand wet as she needs to. "That /is/ rather concentrated…" She remarks to no one in particular as she pulls her hand out and starts screwing on the spray cap. Then dousing her hand and bottle in water, and wiping it off with the towel. "But there's an easier way than smearing it thinner." Either she's insane, enjoys talking to herself, or she thinks someone's listening. After a few pumps of the handle and making sure the nozzle is twisted to 'mist', Emi holds out her arm, and sprays the glimmer-water just above so it can disperse onto her arm. She - at least - is pleased with said results and stands up from the pool's edge, heading back to where she left her plate and water glass. "Sorry. The thought couldn't wait." Because making the glitter-water into something she can wear is far more important. Obviously.

Perfection. Valigath spreads her wings triumphantly, basking in her blotchy shine-job. She prances a bit in place, light-footed as ever, and even deigns to gape her maw at Irkevalath in a smile. And, just like that, she's on the wing, headed to- well, wherever she goes when she's ready to show off. Aglaia's left to cradle her face in her hands and heave a long-suffering sigh. A firelizard blips into being over her head and casually drops a note of some sort - which, frankly, is clearly the icing on the garbage cake she's somehow picked up. She sighs again, with her head tipping back in one of the many universal 'why me?' gestures. She waves to where she remembers seeing Sundari and Heryn and Emiallis, but then she's off, her jog quickly turning into an outright sprint as she ventures forth to put out fires that, one hopes, are purely figurative.

Sundari chuckles a bit and shakes her head. "I don't blame you honestly. Seems like a pretty nice place to be at times like this." She eyes the gold and blue a few moments. "Irk… Just likes to annoy anyone and everyone depending on his mood or the day… Or perhaps the blow of the wing." A slight shrug is seen before she glances back to Heryn seeming a bit amused. "I'm Sundari, Weyrling Master here." There is a pause as she catches sight of Valigath seming happy at least, and Irkevalath is basicly crooning out happly and looking rather proud of himself honestly. The blue even bugles out a few times, see he did good people LOOK!! As for Emiallis she chuckles softly. "Nice idea there.. Bet someone would buy it honestly."

There's a return wave for the Weyrwoman retreating in the wake of her dragon's exit, but then Heryn applies himself to the task of attempting to remove the glitter from his person. Wetting his skin, then applying a layer of sweetsand, he takes a towel and sets himself to scrubbing. It works, more or less, and he turns his attention back to Sundari with a lopsided grin. "You can say that again. It's not always safe," he says, gesturing at his person because clearly he got assaulted with glitter anyways, "but it's not quite at the level of blue-dragon-splashes." As for Irkevalath: "I can imagine that makes for a very interesting life for you. I'm Heryn, I bartend for the Tiki Lounge." And then Emi returns, with a spray bottle full of the stuff, and Heryn's face falls a little when he eyes the bottle. "Shells. It'd make money, alright. Please, whatever you do, don't sell any to anyone that works at the Lounge. I don't fancy being this glittery all the time," he says.

Emiallis, Heryn, and Sundari are all gathered around one of the tables, Emiallis starting to pick at her abonded playe again, as her left arm shimmers softly instead of looking like she took a bath in glitter. Finally Sundari gets recognition from the girl in the form of a rather impish smile, though one side tilts down fairly quickly. "I mean, these guys aren't going to be here forever. So it's a real limited supply…" Unless she were to kidnap ALL THE SPRAY BOTTLES. "Though I'd bet it'd even look good applied to hair, too." And her attention is back on the bartender and her grin turns positively michevious. "No? But think of all the drinks you could sell to the ladies with some careful.." Oh, here comes the blush! "Applications.. to your uhm.." Red. Cheeks. "Attributes." She's just going to take a few sips of water now. And hope its still cold.

Sundari chuckles an nods to Heryn with an amused look seen. "He has always made life interesting that is for certain. I thought him being a hatchling wasan issue… The older he get's the more trouble he finds." Irk isn't that old but still, the blue does not make life easy. "Nice to meet you Heryn." A curious glance is sent overto Emiallis and she just grins, she can't help it now. "So.. His attributes huh…?" There is a slight brow waggle even seen as she glances over to Heryn. "I can see how she is thinking. Just spray some of this on you without a shirt and heck I know the sale will go up!" Yeah she went there. "Maybe some shorts…"

"I mean… if you cared for them properly, you could probably keep a few," Heryn says in the off-hand fashion of one that doesn't realize he's talking about trapping an innocent sea creature and using it for money. He offers a nod for the idea of making it into a hairspray, or perhaps, "Could mix it with sweetsand, too, I guess?" Because then it'd be guaranteed to smell good, too! See, he's totally in on this beauty stuff, guys! … Right up until the attention turns on him. Emiallis isn't the only one to start turning red, towel dropped in favor of raising both hands, as if fending off a pack of wild felines instead of two women with ideas. Heryn; mortified. "Whoa, whoa, this stuff isn't getting on me anywhere - especially not my, uh, ah…" 'Attributes' is said in a low mutter so he can have deniability later. "Besides, it's a- a beauty thing, right? Ladies wear it and they look all pretty and stuff. It wouldn't be attractive on a dude at all," he stutters, clearly clutching at straws. "Shorts?" Bless him, but he's clueless.

Emiallis is no longer red in just her cheeks, but her whole face has flushed. The curse of being a red head seems to be easy flushing. "No!" Is said in response to Sundari's last suggestion. "No short-shorts!" Excuse me, Emi. Where is your mind? She takes a step back from Heryn, like she's appraising him. Which she probably is. Again. "H-he's got a good… rumpled look going on. Short-shorts would ruin it." The last sentence trails off. Oh, she's going to go hide now. Or hide behind that glass some more. Aren't the two blushing babies so cuuuuute? Emi's free hand not holding the water comes up to her hairline, attempting to shield her face. It couldn't possibly be more red. "Subtly. It's all about using it subtly. Young men would use charcoal like we do to accent their eyes, just a little bit." And she swallows. "Just a small mist… it.. would…" And there she stops. Cold. No more words. She turns around, 180, as if that will hide the fact she's taking some deep breaths to try and cool her face backdown.

Sundari is not blushing, nope she is just getting more amused by this at the moment and lifts her hand to lightly tap her chin in thought. "Oh come on… Short-shorts would work out just fine." She'll point over to Heryn like someone might with a runer at a show. "It would just accent certain things…areas…. with a slight spray here or there." A grin and glance is sent to Heryn. "I dono, some guys like getting all dolled up and fancy as well." There is a pause. "Well my Weyrmate doesn't but I totally plan on spraying him with it for at some point." Someone should warn D'nyl.

"Short-shorts? Who said anything about short-shorts?" Heryn's voice has taken on a particularly hysterical sort of edge, gaze darting between Emiallis and Sundari as the pair of them eye him up. There's a particular sort of eye twitch for the red-head noticing his rumpled look - the jig is up, somebody's onto him! - but then there's talk of charcoal and misting and Heryn looks like he's going to either break down laughing, join Emi in hiding, or have an apoplexy any second now. It's the idea of Sundari spraying her weyrmate down that breaks him, the red-in-the-face man doubling over with laughter at the very idea. "Shells, you really think that it'd catch on? Because-" another series of chuckles "-because I'd totally do it if you think it'd set off some kind of ridiculous fad."

Emiallis is pressing her glass - now empty - to her forehead, like that will cool her down any faster. With the flush down to a dull pink, she starts turning around again, circling towards Sundari. The woman is given a weak grin as she mentions spraying her weyrmate. And then she's finally around to facing Heryn again as he doubles over laughing, which takes her off guard and makes her start. "I think you'd sell more drinks." Or at least have a lot more foot traffic. "But what are you calling ridiculous?" The huff is half-hearted at best, as she watches him. Again. No shame as long as she's not caught staring.

Sundari lifts a hand slightly and is really trying to hold back a laugh and is sputtering a bit as she does o before a faint caught escapes her. "I'm sorry Heryn… Your a rather good sport." This said with an amued tone. "Though… I still stand by my idea of you without a shirt and a bit of the glitter would be a nice thing at the bar." This said with a teasing tone. A soft laugh is heard. "Really… Your interested in it now? Quick Emiallis, get the bottle before he changes his mind!"

Heryn notes that glass pressed to Emiallis's face, but considering he's about as red as a beet himself, he politely doesn't comment. Instead, his hands raise to pat the air in the face of her huff. "The whole concept is ridiculous. I mean, I understand it, but I want to sell drinks because my drinks are good, not because I have… attributes," Heryn says through a grin, still choking over the word a little. Sundari's sputtering laughter earns a crooked grin and a shrug for his being a good sport. "But, if it'd sell a few bottles and create something of a stir, I'd be willing to entertain the idea. Not much point in it now, though. Anyone could walk into a tidepool and come out gleaming for free," he adds quickly in the face of the bluerider's teasing. "Got any more of those squirt bottles?," is asked of Emi, gaze switching to her just in time to catch that staring if she doesn't act fast!

Mmmmnnnope! Caught in the act of oogling (because lets face it, that's what it was) her eyes dart over to Sundari far too quickly, trying to pretend she didn't do it. "If he'd take his shirt off, gladly." Is her remarkably flippant response for how red she was a few moments ago. "The point is to mist, not to dip. Dip and you get what you had on your arm." Well, isn't she the little fashionista? "Mist and you get a shimmer." And she holds up the misted arm, per example. His questions of the bottles earns a quiet cough from her. "I may have took it from the store rooms without asking. There… looked… to be more."

Sundari looks on a bit amused and folds her arms before her while eyeing Heryn curious like. "See… ust take it off and your be just fine." This said with an amused tone and almost sing-song like voice. Speaking of drips of that stuff Irk is moving slowly over towards his rider, drips of the sparkly water all over the place in the process. Some people are going to find drips of it later and wonder where it came from!

Ah ha, caught! Heryn smirks in response, eyebrows raising in one quick 'gotcha' sort of jerk, but Emi's flippant comment sets him back on his heels before he can really call her out. "I like my shirt on, thank you," he drawls good-naturedly, crossing his tattooed arms over it by way of demonstration. "Even if it does have glitter all over it. Anyways, my point was that right now, there's no market for it because everyone can get it. But if you gather up a few bottles and save it for when the source washes back to sea, then you'll have a supply in order to meet the demand," he says. Fashionista, meet businessman! "So I guess it just comes down to how good of a thief you are," he finishes, eyes twinkling before he shifts his gaze over to Sundari, and her dripping blue beyond. "Right?" Grin.

Emiallis blinks a time or two, mulling over his words with amusement. "I guess he's not at the lounge." She pouts to Sundari. "It'd be a waste." She might also be measuring Sundari up for how much the woman would care if she snuck off with a fair chunk of those spray bottles. As she looks at the other woman, she notices the dripping blue in the background, and takes a few steps in the opposite direction. A drip of shine is not what she's looking for at the moment. "I should be able to figure something out." Is her response to Heryn, smiling. If nothing else, she'll save this one bottle.

Sundari chuckles osftly and shakes her head. "He does have a point.. Could get a few bottles of the stuff and just save it. I wonder if it'll happen again next turn or somethin'…" Well it's an idea! As for Irk he is moving every closer and is soon hovering behind his rider rumbling out softly before he gives himself a mighty shakey andthe sparkly water drips are sent /everywhere/. If anyone was attemping to avoid it so sorry folkes! Sunny is left speechless and links a few times before glaring up at the bue, who looks rather happy with himself.

Heryn relaxes a bit from his defiant pose at Emiallis's words, gaze switching from woman to woman before shooting a shrug at the red-head. Clearly Sundari didn't care, and that was as good as permission, right? He certainly wasn't going to tattle if a couple bottles went missing in the night. "Hmm. Fair point. I don't remember seeing them last turn, but maybe they were just out further. I bet the beastcrafters would know if they're migra-" And then, Irkevalath shakes great big drips of sparkly water all over them, turning Heryn into an instant glitter dalmatian. "-tory," he finishes after a great big sigh. "And with that, I think it's time for me to go home." He says it with a chuckle, hands flicking to shed a few stray drops before offering the women (and the blue) a farewell wave. "Thank you for the company. I expect to see you both at the Lounge," he adds, eyebrows lifting with an impish grin before he ambles off towards the weyr.

Ever see the pose of a teen girl who got wet, who didn't want to get wet? That is very much Emiallis at the moment. Shoulders are hunched, hands and arms are held up in a t-rex like fashion, and her mouth is hanging open, as her front side just got liberally speckled with Sparkles. "Seacrafters would know better, wouldn't they?" She shoots back as she shakes her hands out, as if that'll do anything. Two womanly glares are aimed at the blue. "I think I need a bath before heading to bed." She grumbles, though it's not a true surly grumble. "I'll be by when I can manage." There's a finger-wiggle in response, and another to Sundari. "Bath time." And then she's also ambling off towards the weyr.

Sundari does care, just isn't worried over this here subject it would seem! "Just don't attack someone in the middle of the night I suppose." Naw, just spray them and let them strut or prance around the lounge in shortshorts or no shirts instead! She is about to say something before the watering of glitter spray is felt and she sighs.. "Somene get an axe and a fire started…" For how else does on kill a sparkly vampire? She is covered in the glittery mess as well. Irkevalath warbles out and honstly looks like a strobe-lit dragon whn the light hits him /just/ right. Sunny glances after the pair and nods with a smile. "See you both around."

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