Lube Is Important (aka We Broke Baylee)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Baylee sits at a table all by herself. It's getting to be on to suppertime and lessons have ended for the day. Coming ever closer to that glorious day where they ride the dragons. Yesterday was a great day and the smile on her face that remains still says so. Exploring the world anew with Myra has been a glorious adventure. Food sits in front of her that she is picking at every now and again. Though clearly she's wrapped up in her own thoughts and paying more attention to them than to supper.

Now that the dragons have gotten a little older, taking meals at regular meal times has become more common than not. Which means that S'van is able to slip into the Living Caverns at a decent hour and find some decent food, before it's all eaten and he's left with scraps. Hurray! The bronze-weyrling heads straight for the food, loading up his plate with an equal portion of protein (skewers of prawns and a little bit of fish) and vegetables. Maybe a little fruit. Definitely some bread. And then a tall glass of something fruity-looking before he heads straight for Baylee's table. "Hey Bay," he says, settling into his chair. A curious look at her, before he dives into his plate, managing a friendly, "You look distracted," before he starts digging in.

Baylee looks up from her plate when she hears Sev's voice. A look of surprise appears on her face. The last time they spoke it had not been a nice sort of conversation. And she feels the need explain things, "Hi Sev." she says slowly trying guage what sort of mood he's in. It's difficult to tell sometimes. He's so mercurial. Though in this present moment he seems fine enough, "Do you want to sit down?"

S'van seems to be in a good enough sort of mood. At least he's sort of smiling, and not at all frowning. If anything, Baylee's searching look has him looking a little confused and apprehensive as he settles down. "OK." The chair is scooted in, and he reaches for a skewer of food to pick it up and start pulling one of the prawns from it. "You OK? You're kind of looking at me funny…"

"You did accuse me of calling you and your sister a slut the last time we spoke." Baylee says to Sev with a look in her eyes that is a mixture of both hurt and anger, "I don't feel that way about you. I never have." She huffs and then continues, "You need to understand that some things are new to me. Alot of things are new to me. It scares me sometimes and mostly makes me insecure. There is history with Re'a that I don't want to go into because it isn't important. But she makes me feel insecure ok?" It all just sort of comes out in a rush. Baylee never was one to keep things in.

There's a brief look of mild confusion, and then a flash of understanding and maybe a little guilt as Baylee's words hit home. S'van is quiet as she speaks, hisexpression carefully neutral with just a little nod or flicker of his gaze to indicate that he is, indeed, listening. And when she finishes speaking, he starts. With an apology first. "You're right. I did accuse you of that. And I shouldn't have. I'm sorry." A deep breath on his part, and he pushes his plate forward so that he can cross his arms over the table. "Sometimes, the way you say things makes it sound…" but he stops, halting before he can continue and taking a few seconds to really think about what it is he wants to say. "I get that this is new for you. Even beyond how it's new to me, because you didn't grow up in the Weyr. But sometimes… sometimes how you say things can be unintentionally hurtful," he explains, with no accusation in his voice. Right now, he's not upset. He's just talking to his friend and explaining his own reasons for his overreaction. "Sometimes you say things like, 'you're not like that', but what that says to me is that you think… you think that those of us who aren't like you are somehow lesser. Like I'm not as good of a person- or that I don't have morals- because I am like that." A frown, and his eyes cast to the side to avoid her gaze briefly. "I'm pretty sure that's not what you mean to say. But sometimes it hurts."

It was not how Baylee had meant to come across. The instance had been more about her own insecurity with being a greenrider and with Re'a. "I'm sorry." she says. She was not trying to be hurtful. "You are my friend and Sephy is my friend too." She'd never be rude intentionally. Not unless they really did something to upset her and the fliter got turned off, "I was meaning that sort of thing isn't 'me'. I was raised really differently. I do have feelings that are different from everyone elses." It seems like that anyway. Maybe Catwin gets it, but thats it. Krenn does too! "But it wasn't me saying that people who are different fro me are bad."

"It's just the choice of words," S'van tries to explain, "that makes it sound that way." But he doesn't push it further, accepting her explanation readily enough. "I know you weren't," meaning to suggest that others people were bad. "And I did overreact to it, and I am sorry about that. I just… I'm dealing with my own shit, and I'm sorry I let it get to me and that I snapped at you." He lifts his glass, takes a little sip of juice to moisten his mouth. "Are you worried about when Myrakath is mature?" he asks carefully. "I don't think you need to worry about Krenn. He wouldn't do anything. He really loves you."

They are all dealing with their own 'stuff' as it were. Sometimes its similar and sometimes its different but the weyrling class is a troubled bunch in one way or another. Baylee can accept that it is just a matter of word choice and will try to do her best not to say things like that again. Even if she might when she gets under duress, "I'm not worried about Krenn." She does trust him. All the more so after last evening though the trust was already there in spades before that. "Yes." she says taking a sip from her own glass. That part she is worried about.

S'van considers this quietly for some time, finally working through his plate of food as he listens to Baylee and considers what he can say in response. In the end, there's not much practical advice that he can give, though he does try to comfort her by saying, "It's different for everyone. When they go proddy. When they rise. It'll be different for you and Myra than it will be for other greenriders. You may just get irritable, and not at all flirty," which he hopes is some sort of reassurance, even if it may not be. "Or you may not feel much at all. I think that happens, too." And then, although it might be awkward to discuss this with a guy, Sev will just plow right on through and be oblivious to any sort of discomfort it may cause his table companion by saying, "Flights are going to be part of your life as a dragonrider. You're going to want to… well. It's not a good idea to be a virgin on your first one."

Kelani seems to be the mistress of timing today because she walks in as S'van speaks. She looks between the weyrlings for a moment, gaze turning from one to the other. Then just shakes her head and heads over to pour herself some Klah. "Nice pick up line.." She mutters under her breath, before taking a large drink from the cup and filling it again. She gives the Bronze weyrling a shaded look again and shakes her head as she grabs up a plate of food as well.

The fear of the unknown is something that plagues everyone and that unknown is a pretty gosh darn big unknown. And its one of those unknowns you can't fully get over until you are there in it. And thankfully thats a ways down the line yet. "Thats what Krenn said." Baylee says with a sigh. Krenn is also good for reassurance in that area too. It is comforting to know there are options but it's precisely the options that are scary. When he finishes his thought with that line her face goes red with embarassment, "Sevran!" she says using his full name. Though she does manage to say it quietly. All the more so because there is Kelani! Baylee could just about die right now.

"I mean. You ought to be thankful that Myrakath is a green. She's going to rise, but not nearly as often as the male dragons go up to chase. You'll only have to deal with it a couple times a Turn. Me? I can already tell that Aede's gonna be a nightmare-" and then S'van is stopping, because Kelani is talking about pick-up lines, and Baylee's looking at him all scary and red, and he really doesn't seem to understand what it is he did. "What? All I said was that you don't want to be…" and then it clicks, and he makes a face. "Ugh, no. I wasn't propositioning her!" he protests to Kelani. "You know that, right?" he asks of Baylee, very keen on making this known. "Krenn can have that honor. I'd never make a move on you."

Poor Sevran, caught between embaressment and judgement. She cants a look at the pair for a moment at the flustered air between them. "Is it really that strong that the riders have to do it too?" She asks with an arched brow at the weyrlings. A question from someone hall bred of course. Clearly she is adding this to the con list of impressing. The protest from S'van gives her pause and finally her features soften. "I guess not…you seem more..protective then predator." She finally gives in as she sits down nearby.

Not helping Sev. Not helping! Baylee's face stays that bright shade of red as he continues to explain things. Telling a greenrider that the your bronze is going to chase is NOT what she wants to hear at all. Not to mention the rest of it. Oh man. "Yes." she says folding her face into her hands to hide the blush. "I know." She isn't worried at all about Sev making moves on her, though she is now worried abou Aed catching Myra. Trade one concern for another. Nice. Kelani's question is met with a soft "Ugggh." Probably a yes.

At least he looks a little bit contrite at the reaction his words have cause? Maybe? S'van glances at Kelani, and answers her question first. "Yup. They're telepathic, and connected to their riders. Strong emotions pass through like that. Just like anger, flight lust is going to inspire both dragon and rider. In fact," because really, he DOES NOT KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP, "Greens will throw their emotions out to the Weyr and can affect other people too. It's not as strong. But Golds? There are usually a lot of babies born nine-months after a gold flight." At least now he stops. Maybe because he's not as oblivious to the discomfort all of this is causing. There's a glance at Baylee's red face, confusion there before maybe, just maybe, he thinks back over what he says and connects some dots. "Oh! Oh, Baylee… I mean… well… Aede may chase her, yeah," someone kick him. Please. "But, I mean… if you know she's gonna go up, I can try and take him away, if you don't want him to?" At least he's trying?

Kelani looks thoughtful as S'van explains things to her and gives a slow nod to her head, "Well…geez must be pretty intense if it could effect nonriders, you riders don't stand a chance. Guess it must get pretty rough then if you are doing it with dragons.." She hmms and shakes her head as she reaches for her cup again, "There are some things healers have to help. Lubrications and the like to make it easier." Healer Kelani to the rescue…ok perhaps not. She looks thoughtful for a moment as if an idea just came to her, "I may have to ask Ma if thats why I came about, cause it seems she is interested in women and Da…really doesn't seem interested in anything.."

Baylee groans with her face still in her hands as Sev continues with this explaination and groans again for good measure when he talks about Aed chasing. Oh will someone just shoot her now! It would be faster than the slow death she is having right now. At least he did offer to try to keep Aed away. Thats something right! And then Kelani jumps in with her own form of embarassment! Oh this is awesome. Just so amazing. "I'll be fine." she says to Kelani and Sev together. Fine right now or later? She doesnt' say or go into detail.

"The guest weyrs keep lubricant in the drawers beside the bed," offers S'van, oh so helpfully. "It's kinda necessary, you know? Not all greenriders are girls." A head tilt at Kelani. "Is one of them a dragonrider? If not, then it probably was a 'flight. Tho, responsible green- and goldriders make sure their dragons are at the Weyr when they're ready to go up. I mean, think of the freakin' drama if you got a whole Hold or Hall bangin' each other because a Gold rose up on top of 'em." And then, because he's really trying to be helpful but is just failing SO MISERABLY at it, he'll murmur to Baylee, "You may want to consider whether or not you're OK with Fascath catching her. Cause… that could happen to."

Kelani gives a sympathetic look to Baylee, "It's a natural process that we are made for…maybe having it be all wild and dragony could be good for a first time." Oh so helpful and then S'van concurs on the lubricant and she nods, "See, that will help…" Then she pauses and looks at S'van, "Well..I hadn't thought of that. I would imagine that would need a lot of lubricant." She leans back in her seat just pondering the chaos of being a rider.

The comes a point when you are so embarassed that you can only squeek. Words fail you and you are just left with hand gestures and squeeks. Her hands are covering her face at the moment so only squeeks are left. Sev saying Fascath could catch gets him a *squeek*. Thats somehow almost worse. And a person you've met once telling you that it's normal and probably will be fun also gets a *squeek*. How did this conversation go from trying to mend fences with Sev to this? the mind boggles.

"Who needs lubricant? For what?" Of course this would be the point where Krenn emerges from the crowd and joins the conversation. He has a plate full of food, a mug of ale, and a very amused smile on his face. Especially when he sees how red Baylee's face is. "Sounds like I'm missing a fun conversation."

"Um…" from S'van, for Kelani's comment about the first time being dragon-influenced being good, "No. I don't recommend that. For anyone. Really," and although the squeaking and 'kill me now' Baylee is trying to hide from things, Sev is still going to tell her, "Really. Truly. Once they let you," them being the Weyrlingmasters, "Find Krenn and bang the shit out of him. Because you do not want to be a virgin or anything close to it when she goes up. I know this is uncomfortable, but the Weyrlingmasters will tell you this again, too. It'll be rough. Be prepared." Doom. As for Kelani's curiosity about the amount of lube needed? Sev can help there, too. "A lot. But it really depends on the people involved, and whether or not they're… well. Practiced." And then there is KRENN! Come to rescue Baylee maybe? "Hey, Krenn," and he pulls his plate closer so that there is room for him to join. "We're discussing flights. You need to make sure Baylee's not a virgin before Myra goes up." Welcome to the Living Caverns. Home of AWKWARD.

Kelani looks up from her meal at the squeak noises and blinks, "Oh Faranth, I am so sorry. I get all healerly and forget people don't talk comfortable about biological things sometimes." She offeres apologetically to the female weyrling before looking up to S'van, "Well just meaning…animals don't seem to have hangups and fears about it and just…do it. Its a natural process is all…I mean I am not sure I would like a dragon deciding for me, but being distracted by all the awkwardness of it might not be a bad thing." She gives a little shrug and looks back to her meal, "Especially if they are not that gender inclined normally." She is drinking Klah at S'van gives his instructions to Krenn and nearly chokes on it.

As if this conversation could not get any more awkward. Krenn picks that moment to show up. When his voice rings in her ears Baylee lifts her face up from her hands. Quite red by this point. No no no. Not a fun conversation. Embarassing conversation. As Sev speaks back into her hands her face disappears. Great. And Sev is kind enough to give Baylee the advice he gives and ensures that Krenn gets similar advice. That is just great. It's almost surreal. Here she sits with the man she loves, oen of her good friends and near stranger all giving her advice on what she should do with something that is about as private as it gets. *SQUEEK*

Clearly, this was exactly the right time for Krenn to enter this conversation. He turns his amused look to S'van now. "Sage advice, S'van. I appreciate the thought, though I think Baylee would probably appreciate it if the rest of that matter was kept private?" The first clue there was Baylee's intense blushing and squeaking. As amusing as all of this may be to Krenn, Baylee seems about at the breaking point for embarassment. So time for an abrupt conversation shift! He looks to Kelani and smiles. "I'm sorry, I don't think we've met before? I'm Krenn. Tannercrafter."

"If you are on the receiving end, the first time hurts," says S'van bluntly to Kelani. "How much it hurts is going to depend on your partner. When the dragons are involved? Ain't no one thinking about moving slow or being careful. If she's still a virgin when Myrakath goes up, she's likely to end up in a world of hurt and possibly get injured for it. The emotional part aside, it's the physical preparedness that's important here. The more comfortable sex has become, the easier it will be. THEN all those raging dragon hormones can be fun." A shrug of his shoulders in regards to the dragon choosing, and gender inclinations. "I dunno. I've never been a flight participant, so I can't say whether or not 'riders can influence things. But everything I've seen says they really can't. You just hafta… kinda deal with it. I mean. That's why they say that thing, right? 'When dragons fly, riders comply'? You just go with it. And it's not like the person you end up in bed with is necessarily there by choice, either."
And then Kelani is making apologetic noises, and Krenn is saying logical and practical things, and Sev maybe, sorta, finally clues in that he should STFU already. "Oh. Well. Um. Sorry…" and he'll just reach for some food, because a full mouth means he can't talk.

Whether Kelani has any practical /experience/ is perhaps unclear, but she has seen the books and been to the lessons. No doubt has even seen the anatomy of males in her dealings as an assistant to the higher ranked healers. Part A fits into part B. It is surely as simple as that. The Birds do it, the bees do it and the Dragons do it. Knowledge and experience though are perhaps not the same thing. As S'ven starts to explain things in more detail Kelani listens with open curiousity until another healer apprentice comes in and taps her on the shoulder, "They want us all in…now." Kelani gives a sign and rises nodding to her fellow apprentice. "I will be right there." The greeting from Krenn is not ignored, "Kelani, Senior apprentice…alas one that needs to get a move on." Alas the continued breaking of Baylee will have one less witness.

And that is why Krenn is the man who is going to become her weyrmate. He gets what she is laying down! Even if she can't really speak at this point. And Sev is still talking at least for a little while before he finally falls silent. And then Kelani is talking too and then leaving. Baylee can only manage a half wave to the departing healer. This is not the convesration that Baylee thought she'd be having today.

"Nice meeting you." Krenn says to the departing healer, giving her a bit of a wave and taking a bite of his meal before looking back to the weyrlings. The awkwardness definitely has not gone anywhere. That means it's time for Krenn to take another stab at it. "It's fine, S'van. I can tell you were trying to be helpful and give good advice. But maybe we should talk about something else now? How are lessons going? You guys start the mounted exercises yet?"

"Bye," says S'van around a mouthful of food, lifting his hand in farewell as Kelani departs. There is a lot of rapid chewing, and more food stuffed in his mouth, and a swallow of juice to chase it all down, before he's ready to try talking again. "I was. I just… forget that not everyone…" and now it's starting to sound like the first part of their conversation, but in reverse. How interesting! "Yeah, let's talk about something else." He picks up a moderate bite and chews thoughtfully as Krenn asks about lessons. "Well 'nough. But both me and Aede are getting bored at all the repetition. But you're right; mounted exercises are soon. Haven't started yet, though. Should be any day now, though," and he's clearly excited by the prospect, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.

It's going to take a few minute for Baylee fully to calm down and get over that everyone at this table just talked about her love life. Or previous lack thereof rather. It's not that he's ashamed. Krenn already knew this but still its /private/. The topic shift is most welcome. Mounted exercises is a far safer thing to talk about and so less private. "I want to do that." she says through her hands. She wants to ride on Myrakath. It's going to be so much fun.

"It's fine, S'van." Krenn says, probably just trying to put the whole topic to rest as much as possible. Time for more normal mealtime conversation. "Yeah, I'm sure you're all anxious for it. I know I would be. I mean, that's what this is all supposed to be about in a sense, right? You riding your lifemates." He chomps down on more. "So, what's new in the barracks?"

"It'll be amazing once they're actually flying, and putting those wings to good use," decides S'van, reaching for his juice once again. "'Course, mounted lessons and flying means leathers, and they're still growing so fast I feel like I have to re-make mine at least once a sevenday, even if I put extra leather and holes into the straps." There's a general sense of 'ugh' for it, but it's rather mild. As for what is new? "Not much you don't already know, I think. We're all mostly… tired. At least I am."

"I know I've been working on getting Myrakath ready but good long walks." Baylee says, some of the redness finally draining from her face. "Building up her muscles and such." She should be good and ready to carry Baylee's weight when the time comes. "It does mean leathers." And Krenn is just the man to talk to about, "Nothing really new. Just working hard. I feel like I don't get to see everyone often enough though."

"If you ever end up wanting a professionally made set once he's full grown, you know who to talk to." Krenn says with a broad grin at S'van. "Can't really recommend it when he's growing so fast, though. Better off just making new temporaries on the fly, like you're doing." He looks to Baylee. "I know just what you mean. So many people left the weyr. And we should take Myra on another walk along that trail sometime. It was nice."

S'van perks up a bit at Krenn's offer, a little light-bulb coming over his head. "Actually… since you said that… I mean, I like making my own for Aedeluth cause… well…" There's really no good way to explain without calling his friend's skills into question, which is not at all what S'van is trying to imply. Just that, "I like to make my own. BUT," and here he is most eager, "Aedeluth wants me to stamp flames into them. Do you know where I could get a flame-like leather press?" Cause it's a thing he's gonna need. "Myra will be more than ready to carry you," he assures Baylee, grinning. "She's way more energetic than Aede is. I'd wouldn't be surprised if she was stronger than him, right now at least." Aede. Lazy and limping still.

"She really did like walking that trail and seeing the waterfall." Baylee says to Krenn who was kind enough to come with them and show Myra all the sights along the way, "It was very nice." Baylee says. Sev's assessment of Aed and his lazy way of doing things isn't something she can disagree with however much she might want too, "She is pretty strong. Comes from always moving I think." She's been on the move since she came out of the egg, "Is Aed's leg going to let him carry you around?" She'll leave the leater discussion to the professional.

Krenn doesn't seem to take offense. He's secure enough in his own abilities, though he may miss the chance at easy marks. "Sure. We've got all kinds of presses in the workshop. Not sure about flames off the top of my head, but I'm sure we could find something that would work. I'll take a look." Krenn shares a warm smile with Baylee. "Yeah. That place is special." He says, looking back to S'van. He's curious about the answer to Baylee's question.

"That would be great," says S'van with a grin, looking a bit relieved. "I wasn't sure where I could even begin to look for it, let alone what the cost might be. If I tell Aede I'm working on it, maybe he'll calm the heck down." The question of Aede's leg has him looking thoughtful, but he shakes his head in a slow sort of way. "I don't think so. The muscle is never gonna be normal, but his walk is getting better, and the pain is getting lesser. If it was the front leg, maybe. But with most of my weight settled on his neck and shoulders, I don't think it'll affect him anymore than it already does. Probably just gonna feel funny to ride, though." Another bit of food, chewed and swallowed before he wonders, "What waterfall?"

Baylee points toward the doorway out to the bowls, "It's in the jungle out there." She looks over toward Krenn who was the one that took there there orginally for more clear directions. Instead she starts, finally, putting food into her mouth after that protracted period where nothing went in or out of her mouth but squeeks.

Krenn nods to Baylee's directions, vague as they are. "The falls themselves are right on the edge of the weyr, so the trail makes a great little hike when you're not allowed to leave." Krenn says, smiling as he reminisces a little. "I don't think too many people other than locals know about it. It's a magical place. But you're a local now, so you should visit it once."

"I definitely would like to," says S'van, glancing towards the exit to the bowl as if he could somehow see through stone walls and jungle brush, straight to the falls from here. "It sounds like it would be nice and… alone. Secluded." Gaze distant, he turns back towards the table and reaches for a glass. "Sometimes it's just so… crowded, you know? It would be nice to be alone."

Catwin slips on into the caverns, it's been a long day for her. Course she was up a little earlier than she normally has been with waking up. She heads over to the carfes of juice and gets a smalll mugful and then looks around a little. Baylee is spotted and then Krenn and then a S'van as well. She stands there a moment as she watches them and then makes her way over. "May I?" she asks quietly. No more, no less.

Baylee knows exactly what Sev is talking about, thats part of what made yesterday so lovely just being alone with Krenn and Myra, "Yeah it is special. Don't tell too many people about it though." she says to both Krenn and Sev. Otherwise it might become the popular hangout spot and it would get all ruined. She glances over to see Catwin and smiles, "Hi Cat. Please do."

Krenn nods to Baylee. "Definitely a place just for locals." Krenn agrees. "Less chance of it ever getting crowded. Though the remoteness probably helps there. But, yeah. Should keep it a secret. It's a nice place for peace and quiet." He smiles brightly when Catwin approaches. "Hey, Catwin. We were just talking about that waterfall we all visited that one time."

"Yeah," though this time when S'van says it, he sounds distinctly like he is no longer paying attention to the conversation, but rather is in his own thoughts. It takes Catwin's arrival to kind of snap him out of it, and he stands from his chair as he gathers his things. "You can take my seat. It's probably time I headed back. Aede'll be waiting up soonish and I'd rather not hear him complain on the whole walk back." It's half-truth, half joking. "Sorry again, Baylee," and then "I'll see you later," for all of them before he heads towards the kitchens to deposit dirty dishes before exiting to the bowl.

Catwin watches S'vans abruby departure and she frowns a little, hesitating about taking the seat. "I didn't mean to interrupt things." she notes softly "The waterfall? Well, it was nice. Be awhile yet before we can go visit it though. What with them restricting us to the Weyr proper. Though it would be nice to visit again." she murmurs, again glancing the way S'van went and sighs. "Guess he's upset with me."

Baylee waves as Sev gets up from his seat to head back to the barracks, "See you later Sev." She makes no comment on his apology. Not that she doesn't appreciate it but yeah. Best left unsaid. Cat's words though do cause her to worry a little bit, "You mean we can't go there? Because we just went there yesterday." Nothing bad happened, no one seemed to get upset. She didn't crow about going but still. She looks at Krenn with worry in her eyes. Did they do a naughty?

Krenn arches an eyebrow at Catwin. "It's technically part of the weyr, isn't it? That's what I was told. I mean, it's not that long of a hike." Someone might have to go look up a map after this, but he seems to feel relatively certain. He gives Baylee a smile he intends to be reassuring, then looks to Catwin. "Not sure that was about you, Catwin." He says, referring to S'van's departure.

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