Campout - The Mossman and League of Wildlife against Humans

Palm Tree Island - Fern Gully
Cleaving a portion of the island in two, a small gully is torn into the landscape, rough rocky walls covered with an abundance of moisture-thriving plants; tiny ferns, lichen and moss. Misty dampness clings to the air, fed by wind blown spray and water droplets that come from the waterfall at the head of the chasm. It cascades over the the cliff wall, spilling into a large tranquil pool of clear blue water. Moss and lichens cling to the rocks, a living carpet of greenery that lends a surreal peacefulness to the place. There is no way to scramble up the cliff face on the other side of the gorge. Too much vegetation prevents one from getting a good handhold, and the rocks are slippery and slick with moisture.

The bonfire and night have come and gone and now late morning has dawned upon the candidates. Perhaps they should be searching for food at this point, but Jey isn't hungry yet (miracle). Instead she's making a trip to……FERN GULLY! Sadly there are no faeries at this fern gully. Tragedy. Not that the dolphineer actually expected or even thought their might be. Jey stands close to the waterfall end of the gully, allowing the droplets to water her as well as the moss. The image is all rather tranquil. A lone woman standing, eyes closed and arms spread, statuesque. Of course, if one knows Jey, they know she's hardly tranquil.

From alond the path towards the sandy beach, Kaldrozen makes his way slowly up into the gully, the young handyman carries a small piece of wood and knife, and works at slowly whittling. Not seeming to pay a great deal of attention to where he heads.

Sororn stirs from where he lay upon the ground, eyes puffy from sleep and a little bit of dried drool is on the corner of his mouth. Bits and pieces of moss and soft greenery color the side of his face, giving him a little bit of an edge over the other candidates: camoflauge! He yawns, leaning back a little after sitting upright and the trader-candidate begins to rub his eyes like a sleepy child before pushing himself rather clumsily to his feet, sending his already discheveled blond hair into his mouth and nose. He grumbles, rubbing his face and noting the green on his now outstretched palms. "That's what I get for not minding my face. Nice job looking out for me, Wilson." Sororn sends an irritated glance over to the stuffy gifted to him which has no comment at this time. Stupid human shouldn't have slept on the ground. Hrmph! "And you let me over sleep!"

Jeyinshi doesn't do anything at Kaldrozen's approach. She can't see him! Her eyes are closed! The admonishing of Wilson is what finally makes the dolphineer pop open her eyes. CONFUSION! The moss is TALKING! Rather than turning around she simply stays facing the waterfall, back towards both boys. "Why are you talking moss? And why have you stolen Sororn's WILSON?" That may perhaps be the dolphineer's strange sense of humor because she's talking in deadpan again, sounding compltely serious about the whole thing. Unless….this fern gully really /is/ magical? Or not.

The moss could be talking, you never know what foul language it's using towards these unsightly humans messing up it's bright and pretty greenery. How bold they must be to simply prance about as they crush the little budlings to the ground. One day, the moss will have it's revenge… Sororn glances over to the voice of Jey and turns his gaze towards her before wandering over to the water. He kneels down, taking up a scoop of water from the pool and bringing it to his face before rubbing rather roughly with calloused hands. He sighs, taking another scoop and rinsing his face once more before sending those tired eyes to the girl, raising a brow in question. "Are you talking to /moss/?" he asks. Who ever heard of someone talking to inhuman objects? Wilson never heard of such a thing, either! Wait… "Who stole Wilson!?" The trader hisses and glances around quickly until he sees the ornate stuffy sitting happily where he left it. With a sigh of relief, Sororn glances over his shoulder to Kaldrozen and nods his head in greeting before rising to his feet.

Jey is aware of others around today, so she doesn't dropkick Kal like she did her boyfriend the other night. Lucky him! "Heya Kal." Her real focus is on MOSSMAN! The dolphineer watches as mossman makes his way towards the waters edge and begins scrubbing away, a smile slowly spreading across her face. "No, I was talking to mossman. Which turns out not to be mossman because you're you." That makes sense right? Then the dolphineer bends down to look at the moss some more…Maybe it /was/ trying to take it's revenge on Sororn. Quickly growing over him and trying to drag him down to the depths of Pern while he slept peaceful and unsuspecting next to Wilson. But the moss' plans had been foiled! Rejoice! May the evil thing retreat, never to prey on candidates again!

Kaldrozen chuckles softly at the mossman refrence and glances to Sororn, "What possesed you to sleep out here instead of up on the beach near the bonefire?" he asks questioningly.

Retreat? For moss, there is death before dishonor! It shall strike again and it shall remain victorious! And if Sororn doesn't dry himself properly before touching him, Wilson will have to lead the charge since all other attempts at his humans life have been foiled. Stupid creatures with abilities to walk, breathe and those blasted fingers. The mossy disguise might fool some but not this stuffy! Sororn glances over to Kaldrozen as he's combing out his hair with fingertips and he merely shrugs. "Better to stay where the waters fresh. The beach is good for wide open spaces, nothing to sneak up on you but I'm used to staying in the greenery. Our caravan only goes to the shore to send some of us across the sea during some times of the turn."

May Wilson be their savior and knight! For the candidates look /stupid/ oh so /stupid/ to the moss. They believe they can get away? Never. The moss will get you…and your little stuffy too! It will wait for night to fall. When all the twoleggers are attracted to the bright light of fire. And from the shadows, slowly creeping it's way towards the innocent, it will ATTACK! Jey grins at Kal, "Ah, but these are the best places to sleep." Says the dolphineer that sleeps on sand and in trees. Speaking of beaches…."Oh Sororn. I've got some of that sea glass you were looking for. It's back at the Weyr right now but when we get back I can hand it over if you still wanted?"

Kaldrozen nods and says, "I was thinking of crashing back in the caver up there." he points in the dirrection of the waterfall, found it yesterday but." he shrugs a bit.

Sea glass? Did she say sea glass? Sororn peers over to Jeyinshi with those bright hazel eyes and he looks like a kid that just got that special toy at christmas. "You did? Wow, thank you! I'll be sure to make you something for all of your troubles." He simply beams, placing his hands into his pockets as he sends his gaze over to the waterfall. "There's a cavern?" he says quietly though wether or not it's heard over the plotting of the moss is anyones guess. Wilson is not impressed, he figured the lowly shrubbery would try to over throw him but it shall fail miserably. Lowly creatures lack his charisma and intelligence.

Jeyinshi grins, "You don't have to. It's the least I could do. Besides, it also helps clean up the ocean and keeps some of the creatures from getting spliced up." Which was not enjoyable. The dolphineer's gaze also moves over to the waterfall, eyeing it carefully. "Mmm, is there something behind it then? Shall we go look?" Because the moss is no longer of any interest to her. The vile thing. Humans and Wilson need not suffer further attack from it. Instead they shall FLEE! Only to return at a later time with sharp pointy weapons and fire. Then again, who needs those when they've got…..WILSON!

Kaldrozen tilts his head as he looks between the two other candidate and say, "Thats that.' moving to reach into a small pill of the moss to extract a small shiny object and slowly lifts it to the light." looking to Jeyinshi he says, "Yeah if you are careful you can get into a cave behind it…."

Wilson is not amused by the laughable attempts at his domination. SCOFFSCOFF. Well, he would if stuffies could. Ahem. Sororn grins and slowly nods, yup, those shinies would help his family and the sea critters that are rather tasty short of shipfish. Shipfish are untouchable and only someone with a death wish would think of doing so! Specially since some of them have the potential to curse more than you. "What /is/ back there?" Sororn is torn between curiosity and food. Curiosity killed the feline but only some food will. It's been a while since the trader-candidate had a retreat on an island so his knowledge of local edibles is rather slim short of sea food.

Kaldrozen says, 'It is a pretty good size cave." he looks at the coin in his hand and frowns a bit dusting it off. A loud, or at least loud to him can been heard eminating from his stomach, "I guess we should find something round here to eat." he glance about slowly.

Jeyinshi peers at the thing Kal has found and sort of grins, "It's a coin right? Kiley and I both found one yesterday. No clue what it's for. But they're definitely pretty." No. No eating shipfish. Because if they don't kill you Jey probably will. Then again, she hasn't gotten angry in a couple of turns so getting mad enough to kill someone might be emotionally healthy for her….or not. But at the mention of food, the dolphineer really can't resist. "Shards, I'm starving too. Should we explore later? I don't know anything about fruits and such, but maybe there'll be some fish in the waterfall pool. Or should we head back to the beach and go catch something?"

That's not the sound of hunger, that's the sound of many battlecries as the moss is being trampled under by the feet of the humans! If Wilson could make a sound of any kind, he'd likely be cackling like a mad man in the shadows, rejoicing as his foes take a bitter end under the feet of the stupid humans. The coin is peered at and Sororn headtilts at it for a moment before sending his gaze over to Wilson. Sitting there all cute and innocent like. The trader candidate grins and slowly makes his way over to the stuffy, picking it up and holding it under one arm before returning to Jey and Kal. "Well, we'll likely have better luck fishing on the shores. There can't be big enough fish if any at all here in the pools. We'll keep the pools in mind for cooking, though. Will come in handy for cleaning." Nothing like ripping the guts out of a fish to bring a smile to your face. If the dolphins are lucky, they'll get some fish from the stupid humans, too. Don't you know? All of Pern's wildlife is in league to overthrow the filthy human race. And Wilson? The world will never know.

Kaldrozen nods and says, 'the shore is probably better for fishing, that pool at the bottom of the falls is pretty large though." he thinkgs, "we could really try either."

The poor stupid humans can't hear those cries. They're idiots. And that's why they can be killed so easily. No wonder the wildlife is against them. And of course, there's Sungie. Whose side is he on? Perhaps he's in the shadows like Wilson, playing both sides. Or maybe his real goal is to wait until Jey is fully unsuspecting then drag her and the rest of the humans to the depths of the ocean. Evil intentions behind those playful warm eyes? Did the hyperactive child really have that potential? Yeah…..definitely not. Wilson could protect the humans on land. Sungie will be the protector of the sea! "Mmm, then shall we head back to shore? I can grab some nets and spears and we could catch a few things. Unless we just want to eat some of the shellfish. Then we could head over to the tidepools." Either way, they would have to head to the beach first. And that's the way Jey heads. FOOD!

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