Mounted Lessons - Bronze Meltdown

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Straps are a lot of fun, straps need to be made over and over for youn dragons, even more so when it comes to inspecting them for the next set of lessons which is mounted such ones. Sundari has been busy looking over straps of different weyrlings, any that got the OK will go on to lessons in a few hours to start the mounted lessons, any that do not pass will have to wait. Now Sunny is making her way to S'van and his dear bronze to look at his straps. "Afternoon… Go on and present your straps S'van. We're see if you can go on to the lesson later on."

S'van is just one sort of unlucky Weyrling who has probably made more straps in the last month than most dragonriders do in their lifetime (maybe an exaggeration but…). However, he was a pretty good student, and his repetition has more to do with his dragon growing like a freakin' weed than lack of skill. "I swear, if he grows another foot tonight, I'm gonna make my next set out of his own dang hide," he hisses, casting a look towards the this-time innocent bronze. The coiled set of darkly oiled leather is removed from his shoulder, carefully placed out for inspection.

Sundari chuckles softly and nods a bit while she takes hold of the straps and goes about looking over them, each stitch and the like is seen to the end so it takes a few moments. "Part of growing up, we all do it they just do it rather quickly." She pulls out her knife and nips a bit of thread off here and there before tucking the knife away and then offers S'van back the straps. "Good job. Each morning straps are to be inspected fully. One of us will inspect them after you and if any reason we se a reason they do not pas you will be out of that days lessons so I suggest you keep a close eye on them." A slight nod is seen and she son smiles. "Go on and get 'em on and let's see how far we can go?" Everyone that has passed has been able to have a short lesson for mounting and the like so now it is S'van and Aedelut's turn.

The general look of vague apprehension remains on S'van's face as Sundari inspects the length of leather he has been slaving on for well over a sevenday by now. Eyes follow her own, watching the careful inspection as if he didn't already know every inch of those straps by hand. When she informs him that it meets muster, there is an audible sigh of relief, and he kinda shrinks a few inches with the release of tension. "Really?" though he didn't have doubts until she started inspecting it. "Awesome!" The coils of leather are taken once again, and he hastens towards the bronze, who has at least come to meet him halfway, looking mildly interested in the prospect of something new. Aede crouches, allowing Sev to put the straps on him once again. It's practiced and easy by now, having done this several times as he measured and re-measured, so it takes very little time at all before the bronze is 'suited up' and ready for battle… erm. Mounted lessons.

"Really-reallly." Sundari offers with a soft laugh heard, she smiles while watching the two nodding slightly before she is over to check the straps once more now that they are on Aedeluth. "Everything feels alright to him, nothing pinching or hurting?" Irkevalath has watched quietly from his spot some ways off, his straps are on showing that his part of this lessons as well it would seem. Once getting a answer from S'van an as long it is approval from Aedeluth over the straps then the lesson wil go on. "Go on and mount up then S'van. It won't be a long lessons but I want you both to get the feel for things."

Aedeluth straightens, shifting this way and that as he adjusts to the still-new feeling of the leather straps. There's a low, growling type sound in the back of his throat, but Sev says, "He feels fine. Well, actually, he said something about feeling like a watchweyr, but the important part is that it's not pinching or hurting, and it feels secure." He's probably cleaning up the language, just a bit, too. At the command to mount up, his eyes light up like a child on their Turnday. Aede crouches again, putting convenient handholds at reach for his Weyrling. With a deep breath to steady himself, S'van reaches out and grabs hold of the leather straps, hauling him up and astride his dragon for the first time. Aede gives him only a half-second before he's standing, forcing Sev to quickly tightens knees and fingers to keep from sliding right back off. "Fuck!" It slips out before he can censor himself, and he flashes an apologetic look at Sundari. "I mean, er… ah. Sorry, I meant, well…" but no more explanation than that, for nearly falling off his dragon the first time he mounts him. Aede just looks mildly amused.

Sundari nods slightly and lets her arms fold before her while taking in a slight breath. "Good, need to always make sure it doesn't pinch or feel to tight, especially with him growning at the moment. You have to check the straps and also check how they fit on him. Everytime." She blinks as she watches S'van and holds back a slight laugh, a faint grin is seen. "It's alright, your get use to that as well." She moves over and points out a spot. "Better to try getting up here and then pulling yourself into the saddle if that makes sense."

There's a bit of a stricken look on the weyrling's face, S'van's hands gripping the straps with white knuckles as he stares down at the ground. Which is suddenly very, very far away. "Don't you dare," he hisses as Aede looks like he might shake his neck a bit. The emotions from the bronze are all happy, dry amusement. He's just as pleased to be progressing, but he can't help but have a little fun at his weyrling's expense. At Sundari's suggestion, Sev nods his head quickly, to show that he heard and understood her. "Ok…" he breathes out only to breathe in a deep, steadying breath. But Aedeluth seems to have gotten his hijinks out, and is ready to get down to business. A little more shifting on Sev's part, and he settles into a reasonably comfortable position in the saddle, still gripping the straps in tight, iron-clenched fists.

Sundari holds back another laugh and shakes her head a bit while eyeing S'van a bit amused like. "You better get use to falling off a few times. I thappens to all of us at least a few times when starting out." Her tone is teasing but it is the truth. Once S'van is settled in the saddle bit of the straps she nods and points to which keeps him in place so there is no falling. "Remember to clip in, one way to not fall." Irk rumbles out and is soon standing up and stretching while moving towards his rider.

Sundari's words, that everyone falls off, do not help S'van's confidence in the least. His head whips around, gaze latching on the Weyrlingmaster with a kind of wide-eyed look. "Fall off. From UP HERE?!" and he just kinda… tenses everything at once, clamping his knees and thighs to his dragon in a deathgrip that will likely prove to be a bad idea later, when his muscles are too sore to walk. At the reminder to clip himself into the straps, he finally manages to pry one hand free, if just to fumble around at the clips and straps before managing to get everything settled. What had been so easy on the ground is starting to get a little more difficult as earlier enthusiasm is waning into uneasiness. "Don't," he warns the bronze, who looks to be getting rapidly bored with his weyrling, and potentially plotting mischief. "He wants to know if he can move now," he translates, glancing from dragon to Weyrlingmaster to dragon again.

Falling off from them when they are on the ground is so much easier than falling off of them when they are in the air. That would be far worse! Baylee and Myrakath make their way out onto the field from the barracks and look about to see who is out and about and just what is going on. And there is Sev on Aed's back! Wow. It is time to ride! She salutes Sunny, "Hello." she says to everyone.

Sundari chuckles softly and shakes her head slightly while loking up to S'van. "Aye… Even from up there. At least it's not a gold, right?" She questiones with an amused tone while turning to look to her blue. Irk seems amused over this and rumbles out softly. « It is not the fall, but the sudden stop that hurts. » This is actually offered to S'van and his dear dragon. Sunny looks to Baylee and offers her a smile and nod. "Baylee, present straps and we're get you up in them as well." Might as well.. right?

"Yeah, I guess…" is muttered for Aede not being a gold. "Though I think Ilyscaeth seems a bit more… gentle." Even if she did nearly run over her weyrling before she even was a weyrling. Either way, Aedeluth is a bronze, and S'van is his partner, so they're in this whether he likes it or not. There's another deep breath in to steady himself, but the longer he sits the more comfortable he becomes. Even if he's a long way from the ground. There's a sudden start, a quick tensing of his shoulders, as Irkevalath speaks to him, and then a snort of amusement and a quick, "True, that," for the comment. Aedeluth's eyes whirl just a bit faster, and a heavy screen falls between the blue and S'van, a deeply possessive sort of darkness rolling over the weyrling, a clear 'mine' written in his mindvoice. « He will not fall. » Even if he previously thought this would be amusing, his tactic has now changed and he's set on showing that his Weyrling and him were fine on their own. Baylee is noticed by bronze and boy, and S'van hesitates to lift his hand in a little gesture of greeting. "Join the maddess?" he offers, only half kidding.

The weyrlings have spent the better part of the sevenday training for this and talking about it endlessly. It seems the time of 'madness' has now come. Straps right! "One moment." Baylee scurries back into the barracks to get the straps that she has been working diligently on. A few more moments and she's back with the straps in tow to present them, "Here they are." Myrakath doesnt' bother heading back into the barracks, instead, she just watches Aed and Irk, « Good. Falling would be a safety hazard. » She hops in place brimming with energy and ready to finally carry her lifemate around. « I'm so ready for this! »

« It would for the ground…and perhaps the one falling. » Irkevalath offers with a little rumble of amusement at that. « Go splat~! » Such a great topic for this lesson, right? Sundari make sure S'van is alright where he is and points a finger to Irk. "Don't freak them out dammit." A snort escapes he blue who seems rather proud of himself honestly. Sunny turns her attentions to Baylee, offering a smile while she takes the straps and looks them over carefull as well, knots, pieces, bits and bobs all looked over. A nod is seen and she gives them back to Baylee. "Go on and get the straps on, ask her how they feel. Make sure not pinching or anything that feels tight, then you can mount up if all is well."

Aedeluth's amusement at his weyrling's discomfort has been replaced by deeply possessive thoughts. What was previously Aede vs. S'van is now Aede-and-S'van vs The World. Which Sev, at least, is glad for. It means he now has an ally in his beast, and is less likely to get jostled around. "Yeah…" splat. So fun! As Baylee hastens to catch up, Sev will just take another moment to settle himself, getting comfortable with the idea of being so high off the ground, with nothing but a few pieces of leather (that he himself put together!) keeping him in place. Once he seems relaxed enough, Aede hesitates to move a little. Not to walk, but just to kinda settling himself here and there, adjusting to the weight of having a rider on his neck. He opens his wings, flaring them briefly in the classic exercises they have been doing. All of this allows S'van to get comfortable with actually riding a dragon, and not a dragon-shaped statute.

Baylee quickly goes about the task that has been set before her of getting the straps all settled around her dragon. They had practiced with the straps previously a couple of times so it goes fairly smoothley. Once the straps are all settled around the green she asks Myra, "All good?" Myrakath does a little wiggle to test them, « They feel a little bit strange but nothing hurts. I think it will be fine. » A little bit of discomfort is probably normal. It's important that those straps are tight enough to make sure they don't slip. "She says everything is good." Baylee relates to Sundari.

Sundari nods to Baylee a smile seen. "Very good, mount up then." She offers while she turns to look back to Aedeluth, watching carefully for a few moments before letting her hands clasp behind her and she nods. "Now then, Irkevalath will be doing some simple movements. I want you to follow what he does to the T, do not try and get fancey just fllow what he does. If there is any pain or something does not feel right I want to know about it right away. Understand?" She waits a moment before nodding to Irk. The blue turns about so he is before the bronze and gree pair, his straps are on but his rideris watching so he is missing the 'driver' so to speak. « Follow please… » With that said the blue steps forward in a slow smooth few steps, careful where he places his paws once they go back down, and also careful of where his tail and wings are. His wings are held by his side, losely and tail straight behind him to stay out of the way. Just simple boring movements at the moment kiddos.

S'van nods his head in understanding, even if Aedeluth snorts audibly at the idea. His general 'FU Authority' is going into full swing when Sev places a firm hand on his soft neck. Whatever is communicated is enough to reign in the bronze, at least for now. "We will," says the weyrling, resolute. As Irkevalath begins, Aede hesitates, looking like he might put up a fight at the simple exercise. There's a general revulsion for the simplicity, but eventually he does relent and follows suite. « We weren't born yesterday, » he can't help but argue. But as far as actually doing the motions, he is spot on, not a paw or tail out of place. His steps, however, are not nearly as smooth; his back leg causing him to limp and giving him his characteristic uneven gait.

Baylee does her best to scramble up her dragon to find the spot where she is supposed to seat herself on her dragons neck. Myrakath does her best to help her get up though it isn't exactly graceful yet, it will be some day but for now it is what it is. Baylee then straps herself in so she doesn't have an unfortunate meeting with the ground. Once she is all settled there she lets Myra know telephathically that she's all settled, « Alright then do this » Though it probably is going to be really boring. Myrakath gracefully moves forward imitating the blue's walk, trying to keep things as smooth as she can.

Sundari watches and follows by foot to make sure everything is well and so far so good it seems. Irkevalath rumbles out with a tilt of his head catching sight of the others. « No, but we must be careful you have to understand why we do things the way we do them. All for a reason. » While walking he starts by flexing one wing in and out, slow movements still. This is done a few times before it is stopped and he picks up the same thing with the other wing while still walking, taking them in a circle it seems.

Aedeluth is not a happy camper, but it may have more to do with his inability to reproduce that smooth, fluid walk that Irkevalath has, and that his otherwise hippity-hop sister is able to. It's not really his fault, in that it's his bum-leg that provides the challenge. But it doesn't stop the bronze's level of irritation from climbing by the second. As the blue begins extending wings, Aedeluth kind of pauses, hesitating in his next step. The apprehension that he may feel is not translated into outward expression, though S'van places a hand back on his neck. A ripple courses down the bronze, from head to tail, and he growls low in the back of his throat before he picks up the walk once again, extending his wing. While he does his best to not let it show, he would be clear to the keen observer that this exercise is difficult for him, as his balance is precarious when his weight is on his back right hind. Just extending the one wing throws off his equilibrium, and makes his limp more pronounced.

The Irk walk! The latest dance craze that is sweeping…the barracks. And probably only the barracks. But for now the green does watch him closely moving her legs and wings as they make that circuit around the field. On her back Baylee is doing her best to stay perfectly still. It's hard to do when you are so excited. She's really doing it! She's a dragonrider now. At least in the literal sense. The green is aware of the problem the bronze is having and her natural instict is to try to step in to help him, but this is Aed we are talking about. He would take more offense at that help than if she did nothing. So she just ignores it. Baylee has a bright grin on her face as the green beneath her moves gracefully across the grass, echewing the normal hop for something more suited for the moment. She can hop later.

Indeed! Just set some music too it, and then put your right paw in and take your right paw out and then shake it all about, do the dragon-poky! Sundari is watching Aedeluth closely, she can planly see that this is not easy for him and i bothers her to say the least. A glance is sent over to Baylee and her gree which things seems to be moving a bit better. Irkevalath comes to a slow stp and trns to look back at the pair behind her. « That is enough for now. Myrakath if you wish you can do a few more circles with the wings stretches. Aedeluth mine is requesting you stop for now so to be ready for the lesson tis evening with the rest of the class. » Which should go over about like a lead balloon given the bronze. "S'van, go on and get down, I want you and Aedeluth to work on the wings stretches and some leg stretches. Obvusly if it hurts I want you to stop."

Myrakath is absolutely correct in her assumption that any form of help directed toward the bronze would likely end with a snarl at best, and a flat-out fight at worst. Aedeluth is toughing through it, determined to do everything just as well as any other dragon, despite his limitations. S'van is relaxing into the abnormal gait, rocking his body in an easy manner that allows him to be comfortable and for his bronze to carry his weight easily. It's becoming more natural. And then that command for them to stop. Only it's only Aedeluth that has to stop. Immediately, the bronze dragon's anger shoots up through the roof, projecting his fury to everyone in the vicinity. « I am more than capable of continuing! » he protests, fairly seething. The sizzle and spark of electric wires shorting out, blazing red-hot across his mind's screens, the scent of an electrical burn, dust going up in flames, becomes overwhelming. He can't even form words, he's so mad. On his neck, S'van sucks in a quick breath, feeling the brunt of things. "Aede," he says in warning, pressing the flat of his palm on the dragon's neck, eyes going distant as he sinks into his lifemate's mind. There's rage, roiling, boiling rage, and then a quick « FINE!! » and S'van is dismounting hastily, Aede barely allowing him to meet the ground before the bronze is turning and limping away as fast as he can. "Please let him go," Sev begs of Sundari and Irkevalath. "He needs… space."

Myrakath doen't look Aed's way. The best she can do for him at the moment is not pay attention to his shame because witnesses would only make things more difficult in the long run. She wouldn't want someone watching her have problems unless they were her close friends and Aed clearly doesn't view her as such. So! Myrakath continues to walk through the field in that slow circle keeping focus on making gentle slow steps as she stretches her wings out just as the blue had shown her. Baylee isn't comfortable enough yet that she can really do alot of looking around yet so she misses alot of what is going on with Sev, though she can hear it and it doesn't sound good.

Irkevalath does not seem amused at the sudden behavior from Aedeluth. His mind is full of white water and the deep strum of some notes that prove he is not happy. A low growl escapes his scared me but he does not say anything to the bronze. Sundari hums softly and looks to S'van before a slight nod is seen. "This time…" She will allow it. "We must work on your link with one another, he can not continue with such anger. I make the rules for a rason, he needs to work on making his other limbs stronger to deal with his bad leg." She lifts a finger slightly. "When he is done pounting I want you to work on that. Your both able to come to the lesson but it willbe up to his behavior if I OK another mounted walk or not." She turns to leave pausing to look over to Baylee and Myrakath. "Good work you two, make sure she doesn't have any pain from the straps or from carrying you around. Get some book work dne and we will see you at the lesson later for another go." Irk turns to follow after his rider, stil a bit upset over the behavor of a certain bronze but it is soon ebbing away.

With Aedeluth vanishing, and the threat of an explosion from the bronze minimized, it's Sev's turn to blow up. Concern gone, now there is just anger. White-hot, fist-clenching anger. For everything. For the situation. For his dragon. For being called out in front of his friend. "He's never going to get better!" he snarls, though it's not really directed at anyone but the air itself. "He is NEVER GONNA WALK like that! And kicking him out of lessons isn't gonna do anything but set us back! He's already trying his hardest, and then… and then you go and act like he's incapable of doing things just because of his leg?" He's fairly shaking, unable to look at anyone, fixing his gaze on the ground or the weyr wall. At Sundari's dismissal, he hisses a violent sound through his teeth before stomping off after Aedeluth.

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