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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It is late in the evening, just after dinner, and S'van is sitting beneath a tree, as far from the weyrling barracks as he could get while still being considered "close" enough. There is a dark sort of expression on his face, brows drawn down and lips pressed into a thin line. His dragon is nowhere to be seen, and Sev does not seem concerned by this. Instead, he seems intent upon destroying every blade of grass that dared to sprout near his spot.

"You missed some" says a small voice from somewhere above the tall man. There is scuffling sound of boots on branches and some twigs rain down on the other side of the tree but he voice still does not show itself.

Is S'van surprised that there is a child in his tree? Maybe. But he hides it well enough, though the grass in front of him shows surprising resilience at not withering immediately under his gaze. "I'm getting to it," he huffs in response, upset but not unwilling to play along. Another few blades are taken, torn into teeny-tiny minuscule fingers before he lets them flutter away on the mild sea-breeze. "What're you doing in a tree, in the Weyrling field?" he asks, tipping his head back to squint up and look for the owner of the voice, ducking a little at the fall of branches and debris that movement causes.

Sea foam green eyes stare back at the tall Weyrling, the lads close cut hair has branches and debris clinging too it and his face is dirty "climbing it, best tree to be able to watch the dragons" The tree it self does have what looks like old leather straps wrapped between two branches like a make shift bench. "How come you are out here from your lifemate?" the child will ask curiously.

"Suppose that's a good answer," decides the weyrling, snorting in mild amusement, even if his face doesn't display the same emotion. Just darkness, there. Hard eyes and tense jaw. "Not much to see at this hour, though," he notes, dropping his chin and staring forward again, uninterested in getting a crick in his neck just to make eye contact with a weyrbrat. "Most of 'em are asleep or getting' near it. Eating dinner." As for his own beast? He rolls his shoulders forward and reaches for another blade of grass. "He's sulking. Best if he does that away from me." Even if S'van looks like he's doing some serious sulking of his own.

You say, "Did he get a spanking? My brother always sulks when he gets one" he leans over to hang upside down above S'van "I fell asleep earlier, you woke me up so Thank you". he pulls a piece of jerky out of a pocket and takes a nibble and will offer some to S'van "Want sum?""

"A spanking?" repeats S'van. This actually prompts a little bit of a twitch to the corner of his mouth, the beginnings of something that may one day resemble a smile. "Yeah. Sort of," he decides. "Might as well have. Same feelings." His eyes lift, though he doesn't move his head, to peer at the little upside-down tree-creature. "Must be nice," for falling asleep in the tree. "Wish I could nap whenever I wanted," dry. As for the offer of the jerky? He hesitates, looking like he's going to say no, then shrugs and decides, "Sure, why not. I haven't had dinner yet," and he'll take what's offered. "Thanks."

Ekese grins and says "I am Ekese, but most people call me eek on account of I show up strange places" The jerky is spiced a little hot but still rather well done and only a few days old. "Did you get the spanking too?"

"I'm guessing that's because they say 'eek' when you jump out at them?" wonders S'van, looking a bit more like he might smile. MIGHT being the key word there. He takes an experimental bite of the jerky, hmms approvingly, and chews thoughtfully as he considers his answer. "Well, sorta," he says. "I got in trouble. Not exactly spanked, though. More like time-out."

Ekese ahhs and looks like he is going to say something but there is a loud cracking sound and the child is no longer suspended in the air. No he is falling directly upon S'van "ahhh" is all he can say before impact will happen..

Maybe it's having Aedeluth as a lifemate, but S'van's reflexes are pretty on-point by now, and that snapping branch and falling child has him acting rather quick, if just to get his darn head out of the way and direct the body towards something other than his sensitive areas. There's a general tangle of limbs and flailing arms as weyrling catches weyrbrat, and both likely end up in some sort of prone state on the ground. Sev? Wheezing and trying to catch his breath, as the impact to his diaphragm is like getting punched in the gut all over again. Only with a child on top.

Ekese is dazed and blinks alot trying to get his own bearings as he looks about. Rubbing his head he looks like he might cry but will look at S'van and try to dislodge himself which may or may not be what the man needs right now. "oww, are you ok? I didn't mean to hurt you" he knows that hurting the weyrlings is bad news.

For his part, there is just the attempt at breathing as his muscles protest the movement. Wheezing, then coughing, S'van rolls to his side as soon as the crushing weight of a ten-turn-old (not that crushing but, still. Force of impact and all that) is dislodged so that he can curl himself around his stomach. There's a furious nodding of his head, an attempt to answer the 'are you ok' though his voice and lungs are not cooperating enough to get actual words out. And then a few sucked in breaths, a wince, and he manages to croak, "…had worse…"

Ekese sits up still dazed and dizzy, weyrlings are hard! "Thank you" he says abit shyly now as he rubs his own head. "Ma says if you pull you knees to your chest it will make the muscles relax and you can breath"

S'van does as he's recommended, as best he can; drawing his knees up to his chest to try and relief the pain of muscle spasms. But he's getting things under control and the pain is starting to ease away a bit. "Trust me," he breaths out, barely audible but there, "I have definitely had worse. I got this…" even if he still can't really take a deep breath. "You make a habit of falling on people?" he asks, glancing over at the weyrbrat. And despite the pain, there's a bit of amusement in his grey eyes and yes, that tone was a bit of a tease.

Ekese shakes his head and almost falls over saying "only my brother when he over sleeps." he is still abit crossed and says "is your liftemate mad I hurt you?" he glances back at the barracks looking like he might bolt.

"Oh good," wheezes S'van, getting his breathing under control. "There's more of you." Meaning the brother. He pushes back up into a sitting position, wincing only a little as he rubs at his tender abdomen. "Aede?" he questions, casting a glance towards the barracks. "Nah. Not at all. Think he'd punch me himself sometimes, if he could." Now that he's back upright, he takes a proper look at Ekese. "You OK?" he asks. "It's alright. I'm not mad or anything."

Ekese eyes are a little spinny, but for the most part the kid looks ok, he does how ever crawl over and sit next to the bronze weyrling. "I think I don't like falling from trees" he says as he rubs his head more. He looks up and blinks with large green eyes at S'van "Why does your dragon want to punch you? Does he love you?"

S'van is not a healer, and therefore, not qualified diagnosing whether someone is about to die. Or maybe has a small head wound. Or maybe is just concerned about getting caught. Not to mention, he's much more preoccupied with his own various hurts, which are being made known to him now that the breathing issue is under control. Sore muscles from the impact of child and ground. But still, not too bad. "Yeah, I don't either," for falling from trees. "Best not to do that again, hm?" A roll of his shoulder, and he lifts his right hand across his chest so that he can rub at the left shoulder. "Of course he does," for his lifemate. "But he also thinks I'm an idiot sometimes. He's probably right," but the way he says it is filled with affection for his beast. "He's tough. He wants me to be tough, too. And I try to be."

Ekese will point to his head and say "your plenty tough, maybe he should teach you to be soft" but he smiles at the older man and says "Well you are a nice person, so I think you shouldn't change" yes wisdom from a ten turn old is absolute and must be followed.

Ekese's assessment earns a laugh of genuine humor from S'van, which makes him wince as it pulls at sore muscles. "I think I like you, kid," he decides, grinning at him. "And I try to be," tough. "But there are things I'm not good at, too. You know? No one is perfect." A beat, and he drops his arm from massaging his shoulder to ask, "How's your head hurt? Need to see a Healer?" Yes. Ask the child if he wants to see the doctor.

Ekese bends down so he can show the large bump on "I don't know, can we see the nice girl with the puppy?" he doesn't seem to mind the doctor but he will say "and can we not tell the Headwoman she always gets cranky when we get hurt and then we have to stay indoors for a sevenday."

S'van glances over, looking at Ekese's head with analytical eyes. And then a hiss of his breath through his teeth in sympathy. "Yeah… that probably needs to get looked at," he says with grimace. "Come on, I'll take you. And I can't promise for the Healer, but I can promise that I won't tell the headwoman, OK? This time, at least." He pushes himself to his feet, dusting himself off briefly as he waits for Ekese to join him.

Ekese will get up and copy S'van same way he dusts himself as well as how he walks, as they go he will snake his hand into the bronze riders walking happily to the Healers.

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