Nieleth Rising

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

The evening is warm and sultry, with plenty of light still left as the sun hasn't disappeared yet. The warm evening finds Orla out walking along the shoreline, idly sauntering along while her glowing golden Lifemate swims out in the waters of the lagoon.

The bulky brown form of Faraeth lands on the beach, spraying only a little sand into the air as he does so. His young-looking rider slides down from the straps and nods to Orla, "Xanadu's duties to Western and her queens. I'm…" the brown gives a snort and M'nol's face falls, even as he quickly removes the brown's straps, "All right, go swim, then, I'll probably be a while, anyway." he grumbles before smiling again at Orla as the brown slinks off to the water, "Evening, Weyrwoman, your queen is in great color."

Orla watches the brown come down from the skies to land on the beach up ahead, she wanders forward at a sedate pace towards the rider, "Greetings there, names Orla, use that instead, I'm off duty." She tells him with a smile as she holds her hand out to him to shake. "That's Nieleth and she's almost ready to give me problems." Nieleth on the other hand doesn't seem any where near as welcoming, ice queen on the prowl/swim..

Faraeth enters the lake slowly, crooning gently, « I just want a swim… » M'nol nods, "Orla. Please to meet you, I'm M'nol, and that great brown flirt is Faraeth." He nods, perhaps with a twitch of his eye, it's hard to tell, "Yeah… Faraeth can tell… drives me nuts some times the way he chases tails.

Orla smiles and glances at her hand, retracting it back to clasp behind her back with the other hand as she looks the young lad over. "M'nol." She repeats back before she adds, "He'll have a hard time getting any nice responses from her when she's like this." She comments, the fondness in her tone belying the words. "What brings you to Western anyway, anything nice?" She asks him. Nieleth continues to swim, ignoring the brown as she does so, her mind emanating a bank of chill frost.

Faraeth continues into the lake, then, enjoying the water. If she wouldn't aknowledge him, he'd do what he pleased. M'nol chuckles, "Won't stop him from trying. I was sent to re-direct a request to greenrider T'burk that got sent to Xanadu by mistake… And I was hoping to catch up with my friend Jessamin, she's a candidate, but Faraeth says they're far away in a wet place."

Orla bobs her head as she listens to what the boy has to say. "Fair enough, but yeah you've missed the candidates by a bit they're out on a boat." She pauses, thinking. "Sea glass or something I think it's called." She shrugs, very obviously not caring one way or the other about it. Nieleth continues to swim, diving down deep into the lagoon, holding her breath for a veritable age it would seem, just how big are a dragons lungs?

Faraeth ducks his own head under the water, watching the gold's exploits, holding his breath just as long as she does. M'nol shrugs and nods, "I'll be Jessa's having all sorts of fun out there. Wouldn't want to interrupt." He watches his brown for a moment, a slight scowl crossing his face, then he grins, "How much longer until the eggs hatch, do you think? I really want to be here to watch."

Nieleth is much bigger, has bigger lungs and used to practice this in the lakes round High Reaches. She's down there like a pearl diver, coasting round the bottom of the lagoon. "I don't know, I'm more wondering how many of them are tied to the rails throwing up over the side." The chunky goldrider lets out a gusty cackle at that one. "As for the eggs, I don't know, I always lose my best for that, so I really wouldn't listen to what I guess."

Faraeth surfaces, gasping for air even as the golden beauty continues to swim and M'nol chuckles, "That'll teach you, Farry. Let the gold alone." Faraeth rumbles and goes back to swimming, obviously not really caring what M'nol thinks in this matter. He was, after all, determined to catch a gold. M'nol nods, "I'd be if I were there. Ships are definitely not worth it." He nods, "I guess I'll ask someone else, then…" he smiles, "I promised Jessa I'd be here, I'd hate to miss it due to poor timing."

Nieleth seems a touch happier that the brown had to give up, and just to prove the point a wave of cold joy sweeping out mentally as she meanders along. "Over the side?" She checks on his statement. "Well you know it's just one of those things, I think you either can or you can't deal with boats, me for instance, can't." She continues to stand where she is, bouncing lightly on her toes in the sand, arms flexing every now and again, slightly twitchy. "So long as someone can get in touch when the humming starts ,you'll be fine, if you can drop everything and come of course."

Faraeth warbles happily that he at least got a response from Nieleth, continuing to swim, glancing constantly back at the glowing gold. M'nol chuckles, "Yeah, me too. My first trip to Xanadu was by boat, I almost didn't make it." He works hard not to mirror the queenrider's antsiness, he doubted it could possibly help. Instead, he nods, "Yeah. I ride Search and Rescue, so there's always a chance I'll be busy, but I hope not. I really want to come."

Under the water, a small stream of bubbles rise from the nostrils of the glowing gold, the first sign that she may have to surface soon as she expels the used air. "I've only been on a river boat and it was bad enough, there's no way anyone is getting me out there on the sea." Replies Orla with a shake of her head. "Just make sure you don't make promises you can't make." She raises one hand from behind her to shake a finger at him, the fist and arm are big, all muscle, certainly no delicate lady here. "Do you do anything else other than the S & R?"

Faraeth continues to swim and watch, occasionally diving under the water to search for the gold briefly before re-surfacing, her superiority in that context already well established. M'nol chuckles, surprisingly un-intimidated by Orla's muscular arm. The last female's rider he'd ended up in bed with had threatened him with a knife, after all, "S&R's my only official job. Other than that I care for my flitters, help others train theirs, and try to visit my…" he pauses for a moment, trying to find the correct term, "my potential weyrmate at the healer hall. She was called back there for further training, so I have to try to visit when she has free hours. She'd want to come, too, though, if I were there."

Nieleth eventually blows out a huge burble of bubbles to the surface and follows them up herself. Orla simply nods her head as she listens, vaguely interested, if nothing else because it's providing a distraction for her just now. "I suppose they're all admirable tasks." She murmurs. "Me I build things when I get away from paperwork."

Faraeth croons a welcome as the queen resurfaces. M'nol chuckles, "I stare at the gems coming out of the mine. They're so gorgeous I almost wish I was still mining as my primary profession." He glances at Faraeth and grins, "Almost."

Orla nods her head a touch. "Gems and mines, not something I've really dealt with, miners yes, one of my first things as a Senior was broking a deal with a group of miners up in the High Reaches." She tells him, "Generally though, I'm happier designing and building houses and the like."

M'nol nods slowly, "The mines were all I knew 'fore I was transferred to Xanadu. Eat, drank, slept, worked the mines. It's a hard life. Might've liked to be a harper. Dad sent me down here to keep the hold harper from shipping me off to their hall." he chuckles, "At least he was proud when I got searched."

"Whats wrong with Harpers?" Orla asks, a touch of chagrin entering her voice, which in her case comes across more as a slight growl than anything else. "One of my best friends was a Harper once, now he's a search and rescue rider as well as a bit of a charmer." She adds with a grin.

M'nol chuckles, trying not to back off under her slightly unhappy sound, "Nothin' wrong with harpers. Least not for me. Dad thinks they don't know what an honest day's work is. 'Swhy he sent me off. Me? I miss making music some, even just teaching ballads."

Orla smiles and shakes her head. "I'm glad you think of it that way." She replies. "He certainly works hard, especially when I've got him working." She muses with a smile appearing.

M'nol quirks an eyebrow to one side, not certain exactly what she's referring to, then shrugs, "I figure work's relative and I haven't seen a fat harper yet."

Public Announcement from Orla: Gold Nieleth will be rising above the skies of Western Weyr on the turn of the hour. Any interested chasers come to Westerns Lagoon for some pre flight RP.

Orla laughs out loudly at that one for some reason. "That's because most of them spend so much time trying to get lucky that they've got to be able to run away from jealous husbands." She explains to him. In the water, Nieleth dives again, her usual frostiness evident.

Faraeth emerges from the water, shaking himself dry. Not long now, and he preferred the solid push from the land. M'nol's eyebrow remains quirked as he clearly shows his innocence, "Get lucky? Is that…?… oh…" he blushes, "I didn't know harpers did that… maybe I wouldn't've been a good harper after all."

Orla lets out a raucous laugh as she manages to make M'nol blush like that. "You never know, but judging by that colour I doubt you'd make /that/ kind of Harper." She shakes her head at the blushing lad, Orla in a summery dress, which if you know her, doesn't really suit the muscled ex builder. She's standing barefoot on the sands of the lagoon shore, talking to M'nol. Nieleth is no where to be seen right now, the brown Fareath has just come on to shore. It's evening, heading towards sundown on a warm and sultry night.

M'nol blushes deeper, "I like the one I have… don't need a lot… just Phy wantin' me and whoever Farry stick me with from time to time…" He forces himself to take two deep breaths, clearing his face back to a more normal shade, "There're different kinds of harpers?"

Well what a beautiful day to conclude up with a visit at Western Weyr… well it was till he rather fair-sized burnished bronze appears out of ::between::, the reddish tinge to his hide shimmers in the sun as he spirals down to land on the shore. Tesnath is not very quiet about the fact that he and his rider has arrived. In fact, he lets out a bugle that is almost regal in nature to announce that he is now here, everything else can continue. Upon landing, the rider swings down off the lowered bronze's neck landing on his feet and shaking his head. If anyone was to look twice, there's something unusual about this pair that has just arrived… not the fact that they well are currently at Xanadu but it looks more like a local bronzerider that is now at Western… in fact it may make many at the Weyr look twice as this visit is to visit family. He looks around the lagoon shore as he gives Tesnath a pat and the bronze isn't shy about the fact that the water is very appealing and he's more like a fish to water than a dragon to one.

Aoriya is enjoying a day off, sprawled on the beach, half asleep in a very revealing red and gold one piece bathing suit on the ground. Of course, you wouldn't be able to tell at the moment, because she's buried up to her neck in heated sand. Omasuth has his wing thrust partially over his rider, to keep her face from getting sunburned or keep her from overheating. "Ooooooh yes," She sighs in delight. "Okay thanks Oma, time to get up." Aoriya yawns hugely and starts to pull herself out of her sand bath pit, Omasuth carefully withdrawing his wing. Aoriya looks around, spotting Orla and waving cheerfully. She spots P'ton, and frowns. Is that… naw, wrong dragon to be L'ton. "Omasuth, who's that?" She asks her brown, still a little drowsy from the sun.

Orla can't help but laugh al the harder at his innocence. "Why of course there are different types of Harper, just like there are riders, you know al those lecherous arrogant bronzers. And then you have the other kind of bronzer, the nice ones who are kind and considerate." There is a bit of a snort at that from the woman mind you. Glancing up she sees the other bronze appearing and the browns and mutters something very unladylike under her breath.

Nieleth appears from the water eventually, she's been diving and no where near the surface for a good long while. With a bugle she announces her presence to those around and with a frosty indifference takes to the air, flying low on her way to the feeding pens.

Faraeth bugles, following the queen to blood for rising. M'nol chuckles soflty, "I guess I've only met the lecherous kind… except for Ro and his bronze is from the same clutch as Faraeth, so I thought it might be age…" He glances up as others arrive… one, no… two bronzes. Both large. His heart fell. Faraeth was always so depressed after he lost a flight and he'd had a hard enough time with the other two queens…

One of those debateable types of bronzerider has arrived, it seems, as the transplanted Istan is taking his time as he meanders across the lagoon shore, making his way out from some sort of 'meeting' or other at the Tiki Lounge. L'ton pauses, however, as he nears the group of people, catching a few of Orla's remarks. "Come on now, it ain't that bad of a day." He teases the goldrider lightly in greeting, even as the sight of Nieleth extracting herself from the water of the lagoon, the bugle of her presence, is enough to draw Dhonzayth down from his ledge, the pale brassy bronze gliding almost lazily, certainly nonchalantly, after Nieleth towards the feeding grounds, interest piqued.

This bronzer is neither lecherous or arrogant my dear. Or at least he won't let himself to be thought of as such. It's been about 15 turns since Tesnath and Esha entered his life and changed it for the better though the occasional stumble backwards occurs but not as much as it did when he was much younger. But as they says… some old habits are hard to kick at times and often end up with him in trouble or having all too much fun. Tesnath does hear the gold and does get distracted from the water pretty fast especially when he sees Dhonzayth. P'ton becomes notified pretty quick of his cousin's presence too. Tesnath has never been a fan of chasing in flights where Dhonzayth has been and is prone to consider it a competition between them whether that is the case or not… it at least motivates him. He never does things half way either as he's still quite the charmer as he is at least more honest with females than his rider is.

Aoriya stands up, stretching her arms and legs a little. Omasuth immediately swoops after Nieleth, waiting by the pens to see what the queen will do. Aoriya finishes her stretches, grabbing a loose robe meant for the beach and draping it over her shoulders. The red and gold bathing suit she's wearing has a gap down the middle of the chest and stomach and very small, revealing covering for her breasts. She saunters over, waiting for a polite moment to introduce herself to Orla. She spots L'ton and beams. "Tonny!" She exclaimes excitedly. Then she looks from P'ton to L'ton. "Wow, L'ton who's your body double?" She indicates P'ton.

Orla chuckles at M'nol. "I doubt it's something you'd need to worry about noticing sweetcheeks." Where did that just come from, or is it because L'ton has announced his presence. "Case in point." She replies with a smile as one muscled arm waves towards the bronzer, "And what has to be another of the shipton family." She rolls her eyes. "It's just us delectable women that need to worry about the lecherous kind of bronzer, the kind and compassionate ones are usually too shy to be of any use to a woman when she's in need."

Nieleth swoops in low over the pens, the ice queen picking out her chosen, she drops fast, ripping it's head clean off with her claws, head diving in to drink from the beasts heartblood as it pumps into her maw.

M'nol chuckles, blushing again if not as much, "Perhaps… I hope so, he's my friend." He glances at P'ton and L'ton again and shakes his head, he'd met them both and knew exactly how… interesting they could be. After all, Dhon was Farrath's father… and gradfather… Then he blushes again, "Is that just kind bronzers or…? Who aren't useful, I mean…" Okay, the boy's a little scared, no biggie… right?

Faraeth croons, watching the Nieleth select her own before sweeping down on a fleeing buck himself and latching his maw on its throat to suck it dry. He'd need energy to keep up with this strong and glorious queen.

"Mmm, then perhaps its a good thing Ah'm here then, ain't it Orla-sweets?" L'ton says with a wink to the goldrider, gaze lingering before he's at least temporarily distracted by Aoriya. "Shards, Aoriya.." He mutters, his gaze most definitely lingering with only a distracted nod at M'nol and even his own cousin. "Cousin. P'ton." He says, words clearly failing him, though he drags his eyes back to Orla after a moment. "Anyway.. Ah guess we showed up just in time, ta handle things, hm?" Dhonzayth meanwhile, is just as quick to prove that he's here, the bronze hovering long enough to allow Nieleth the first choice of all the beasts, before he is dropping down amongst the herd as well, brassy wings stretching out, shielding the downed animal from view. Bending serpentine neck, muzzle moves to drain the beast hurriedly, its life sacrificed for a greater cause - the chase.

Aoriya snorts. "I'd rather have a bad boy bronzer than a sweet and kind one." Aoriya snorts. "Bad boy bronzers are more fun to be around anyway." She says with a knowing wink at L'ton. "I'm Aoriya, a student from Landing, and Omasuth just kinda… left." She says with a smirk, knowing exactly where Omasuth has headed. Omasuth meanwhile pounces a bull, breaking its neck with one swift swipe. He then slashes it open by deftly curling a claw into its jugular. Biting down on the neck he sucks at the bull, draining its life blood from its body. Aoriya grins fiendishly, flight lust kicking in. "I don't even want to share what I'm thinking right now." She chuckles at L'ton, "because you two look more like twins than cousins."

Orla reaches over to slap M'nol on the shoulder, a slap that could fell the unwary. "Or given my wonderful lifemate, it could be called saving the kid here from my tender mercies." She winks at L'ton and P'ton. "What do you reckon to that, think you'd be man enough to handle me?" She teases M'nol, her senses drifting a little to the gold to ensure compliance with blooding only. At Aoriya's comment there's only a shake of the goldriders head.

Nieleth finishes with the beast she's taken and discards it coldly to the side before pouncing high and downing another beast, yet again blooding it deep, her mouth dripping with blood before a cold blast from her mind announces her intentions as she springs upwards into the fading light.

"Now now, Orla, ya can't break 'em so young. Ya'll ruin 'em fer the other girls." L'ton chuckles a little, teasing Orla lightly, even if his gaze does wander now and then, arching an eyebrow curiously at Aoriya, before his attention drifts past the goldrider to the young brownrider. "Besides, that brown of his has some good blood. Shouldn't put him off chasing alright." L'ton reaches to pat Orla's shoulder lightly, even as he turns to peer towards the feeding grounds.

Dhonzayth's hurrying his way through his first beast, and then a second, the rich warm blood spilling forth to the dry earth of the feeding rounds before he drops his pale muzzle to drink his fill. The thought of more is frozen before it can fully bloom, wings spreading wide, before with a mighty push of his hindquarters, wings take that first all important downstroke, and soon the pale-bronze is aloft, ready to pursue the gold across the darkening sky.

M'nol shifts slightly, his opposite foot moving to counteract his motion, but he maintains his feet. If he'd expected the hearty slap he might not have stumbled at all. His youthful face aside, the frame beneath his clothing his muscular from a lifetime of work in the mines and then all of the exercises with Faraeth had made him strong and leanly flexible. He chuckles, still slightly blushed, "There's only one way to find out, I suppose." He glances at the other riders present, Faraeth's mind causing him to see them more as competition than anything else. His hands hang at his side, rooting him to the spot.

Faraeth drops the drained carcass of his kill and pushes off after Nieleth, crooning his intentions to her as his strong wings carry his large form up and after her.

Aoriya beams at Orla, "Oh no man can ever handle a woman darling, it takes a woman's touch to handle a woman." Aoriya swoons at Orla, blushing around the cheeks and ears. Omasuth leaps into the air after Nieleth, the flame patterned brown blasting his way into the western skies. Fire intent on melting ice, the brown catches a lovely updraft and swings a neat little turn into pursuit of the queen.

Orla chuckle at the men. "Well where's the fun in that?" She chides L'ton. "Get them young like this one, you can train them up to do what ever you like, where as old hands like you have learned too many bad habits and think you know what you're all about when it comes to pleasing a woman." The conversation is likely to be bad news for M'nol, even if he is doing his best to stay above water so to speak.

Nieleth flies straight up, there's no finesse or tricks from the gold, she just powers up and up into the rapidly darkening skies. Hitching a chariot ride to spring.

M'nol's blush stays at around the same middle shade, but that may be because he's focusing on Faraeth to *avoid* the conversation around him for once. His fingers clench into his trousers with his attempt to keep himself in line, "Faraeth c'n outfly mos' anyone when he wants ta… 'n' I'm no' tot'lly inexperienced… just still learnin'."

Faraeth continues to croon after the gold, focusing his attention on her. Hopefully one buck would be enough as his wings beat taking him higher, glad she wasn't the acrobatic type. His wings dampen in the clouds of night, but his eyes are focused on the prize.

"Mmm, plenty of fun in that, Ah promise. 'specially when ya are particularly… wanting. Better ta enjoy it, than ta spend the whole time teaching.." L'ton counters to Orla, before glancing at Aoriya, winking a little. "Ya never seem ta have any complaints, though, sweets.." He teases the other woman, gaze drifting back to Orla. "Besides, ya never know.. maybe Ah have good habits. Won't know til ya find out."

Pale brassy sails keep Dhonzayth moving quickly in Nieleth's wake, limbs pulled close to his body, streamlined as he continues upwards. With the darkening skies, with the cooling air, the thermals are fewer, and the bronze makes no move to find one, instead continuing, attention solely on Nieleth. The Istan-bred bronze continues in his pursuit, hoping to help usher in a new season, and the new life that comes with it.

Aoriya grins at Orla. "Well there is that, younger men /do/ have an advantage." She smirks at M'nol. "But what about younger women? Do we have an advantage too?" She asks hopefully, batting her lashes at Orla. Omasuth is keeping up with Nieleth eagerly, can't out run the fire baby! Blazing higher and higher in pursuit of the gold, the brown is just a hunka hunka burning love! Like Icarus of Greek fame he flies in pursuit of the sun, not caring if his wings melted or his body burned to cinders.

P'ton shakes his head as he watches L'ton move in on the Junior Weyrwoman and walks over towards the others as he puts on a smile, the distanced eyes focus more and when he hears Aoriya's words. He listens for a few moments before he does a more proper introduction where his cousin failed to provide one. "My name's P'ton, my bronze is Tesnath, we are at Xanadu Weyr. Greetings to you all… including you L'ton." He doesn't forget to include well his older cousin and "mentor". The bronzerider is ever so polite and oddly calm even though Tesnath is distracted and the distraction is seeping into the rider as he does look between the women for a moment's glance. Tesnath isn't slow to respond to the fact that Dhonzayth is already trying to move in on a territory that he wants to occupy and rumbles as if challenging the other bronze.

Orla laughs again, he girl is enjoying the attention, even the blushing attention of M'nol. Aoriya in the most part is being ignored though, doesn't float her boat apparently, that and the hetro goldrider thing. The best she gets is a flashed smile, and that only because of what's happening up above. "Just whichever if you lucks out, I want my breakfast brought to bed in the morning." She informs her new friends as she looks up, trying to catch sight of her lifemate in the darkening sky.

Nieleth just keeps going, up and up, a frost filled mental challenge her only concession to acknowledging her chasers. Eventually though she folds her wings in, the sea below out of sight, even to the draconic eye. Levelling out she sweeps off out to sea, dipping down a little she backwings quickly, checking her speed, see who or what is close enough to her.

"Breakfast in bed, Ah'll remember that…" L'ton says with a smirk, and a teasing wink, arching his eyebrow at the other challengers. "As long as ya dun expect me ta cook it, ta, because then ya might not want it." His gaze does wander to Aoriya now and then, and he chuckles softly at the blushing M'nol, however with each minute, the Western bronzerider seems to become a bit more distracted, a bit more distant, and a bit more caught up with the emotions and the chase far above.

Dhonzayth's lust will not be frozen, not by the chilly challenge issued by Nieleth nor by the chilly air this high up. As Nieleth's flight levels, the brassy bronze continues slightly higher, hovering behind and above her, turning and following her out to sea. A trumpet, a note to indicate that he's still there, a sound that lingers in the still air, and he's mimicking her, checking his own speed to not miss her.

Aoriya grins. "i'll make you a skillet full of love darling. With all types of bacon and sausage and eggs and tubors." She swoons, ears and cheeks a faint scarlet as she tries to tempt the queenrider. Omasuth is crooning melodically to the queen, almost… singing, as her kisses lift him higher, than the sweet sound of a fire, yes, she lights his morning sky, burning love. Omasuth wings eagerly after Nieleth, following the ice queen like a flaming shadow intent on melting her cold heart. Ignoring the two bronzes and barely acknowledging Faraeth, the brown follows her intently, answering her challenge as fire melts ice.

The reddish-bronze keeps his distance from the Queen for the most part respecting her need for distance and happy to woo from a distance but like a storm brewing, the bronze gets more aggressive keeping up his energy longer than some can. His stamina during his flight is steady as he keeps focused on what motivates him and that is the beauty of a queen that makes the males chasing her seem pale in ability to be deserving of her attention. He'll let Dhonzayth and a few others think they have the advantage but he's been watching them, collecting information about the others and not beyond taunting them with it either. Tesnath trumpets his intentions to be true. Though down on the ground P'ton's distraction through Tesnath is more apparent as his glance lingers on Orla. Tesnath isn't about to give up to a few browns and that other bronze… not anymore than P'ton will give up on a woman that he finds challenging… unlike the others, he's not much for the conversation… he just wants to make sure that Tesnath doesn't disappoint him or that Queen. It'd be nice to see his bronze catch one for once… even if it means Esha will likely skin him alive. Wierdly during a flight, his reputation seems to not hold up as well.

"No need to cook it yourself, a big neat platter from the kitchens will do with some klah and wine." Orla Replies as she struggles more and more to keep herself focused on what is happening around her.

Nieleth having gained enough height to plummet seawards lets herself free to the reason why she is here in the first place as the sun sinks on those below, it's still light up here and she downs downwards in a spiral, rising up again at the end of the stoop with a few flaps of her wings, momentum all but gone, the openings there to pluck he out of the air before or after she shifts direction to fly off again.

Aoriya folds his wings and plummets downwards like a shooting star. Like Icarus and his melting wings, the sun lights up Omasuth's hide, turning the brown's firey hide into a brilliant downwards spiral. The brown reaches out to try and melt Nieleth's ice, talons outstretched to sweep her up in his grip as he plunges fearlessly through the sky.

"Mmm, deal.." L'ton replies absently, his eyes all but glassing over as the flight reaches its climax both figuratively and literally, and the Western bronzerider is taking a few slow steps towards Orla, hand outstretched.

As Nieleth drops downwards, Dhonzayth's wings fold to drop after her, the gold catching the lingering sunlight, the brassy hide of the bronze looking golden as well. Wings pop open as she begins to rise, his momentum beginning to carry him upwards even as hers fails her, talons reaching, neck stretching, hoping to snag her and carry her off, out of winter and into spring.

Aoriya whines at Orla. "Oh but I like to go out of my way." She protests. "And there's more love in it if I make it myself!" While Aoriya whines, and swoons and bats her lashes at Orla on the ground, Omasuth folds his wings and plummets downwards like a shooting star. Like Icarus and his melting wings, the sun lights up Omasuth's hide, turning the brown's firey hide into a brilliant downwards spiral. The brown reaches out to try and melt Nieleth's ice, talons outstretched to sweep her up in his grip as he plunges fearlessly through the sky.

The storm that brews within Tesnath closes in on his climax as the bronze lets out a roar. It can't be contained anymore… the energy within the bronze is released like lightning as well most have used up their strength, he has been conserving and has learned how to best harness it as he notices the beautiful Nieleth plunge towards the sea and drives himself ahead with force hissing aggressively towards any male that gets near to challenging him as he soars downwards seeing a chance opening… the storm while silent will not be deterred either as he wants to finally catch a queen so badly. It is his destiny for it to happen. And he will treat that queen like a goddess at his side. He dives to reach out in attempts to grab her mid-air in hopes to embrace her as lovingly as his own rider does with his weyrmate. It has to be his time.

P'ton's eyes never leave Orla as he does move closer not caring that his cousin has already gotten too close and a deep mutter comes from him as if echoing the desire in Tesnath to make Nieleth his. Forget the fact that Aoriya is there… normally he'd have noticed her but not this time… Tesnath has so much to gain or to lose.

Nieleth starts to climb again and finding others in her way she shifts position, at the last minute her usual games of tag working well to avoid the clutching talons of most, but with so many finally converging on her, space is limited and finally one catches her. Pulling the golden goddess from winter into the realms of spring, she curls into the embrace of the bronze, tail entwining with Dhonzayth's as they plummet into the darkness of the word below working towards the new dawning of spring.

Orla mutters something under her breath, she's no delicate lady, that's for sure as she reaches out to take the hand that L'ton is reaching towards her, intent on one thing only as her eyes move to lock with his.

Dhonzayth's talons touch, and then they catch, and there is no escape for Nieleth, as neck and tail twine, and together they drop into the darkness, from which will emerge a new dawn, a new day, and a new spring.

Its a rather overconfident smirk that crosses L'ton's face, fingers taking Orla's hand even as Dhonzayth's talons snag Nieleth, as intent as she is, firm tug pulling her to him, and away.

Omasuth snaps his wings open when he misses, parachuting down to a splashdown landing in the ocean below. The brown begins to paddle his way back to the lagoon and his rider. Aoriya blushes, then fumes when she realizes Donzayth won. She pouts at L'ton, "I have places to go." She says cooly, gaze lingering briefly on L'ton and sashaying her way towards the tiki lounge, and hopefully a good drink.

Tesnath lets out a roar of dismay as once more Dhonzayth has stole the gold from him. Once more second-best still is his plot in life… or how it feels to him. The bronze dejected won't be helping P'ton tonight… in fact when P'ton realizes what has happened… his eyes move away from Orla back to an old coldness that always seemed to be protection for him. Tesnath heads towards the water to sulk but P'ton… he heads to the lounge. The flight being a rather sore point in his relationship to his cousin… including feeling like just a shadow.

Orla is willing and eager now that things have come to a dramatic and passionate start up above and if L'ton isn't quick enough to keep up, she probably will pick him up and carry him off somewhere for the fun bit and then dragged back to her weyr to rest and recover, if they don't make it.

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