Weyrling Graduation

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
The beach has been set up with a small stage and backdrop for the graduation ceremony, and plenty of chairs for the attending weyrfolk and other guests. Food and drink tables have been set up as well, with a variety of finger foods, sandwich supplies, salads, fruit, punch, wine, beer, and mixed drinks. There are a few puffy clouds overhead and it's cool, but not cold this afternoon at Western.

Zi'on heads down to the beach by foot, Suldith following along behind him. The crowd has already started gathering, most of it made up by the drudges and workers who had been around to set things up. Why not stick around and partake of the fruits of their labor? The bronzer says hello to a few people as Suldith heads out into the shallows to wade a bit before all the other dragons show up. Then the bronzer goes to look over the spread, trying some of the bacon wrapped tiny meat rolls and mushrooms stuffed with spiderclaw meat. Then he moves onto the creamfilled pastries before getting himself a nice tall glass of punch.

Kimmila is here because she lives here! Sort of. Meandering down to the beach, the Western Bluerider is knotless as usual, dressed in loose and casual clothes with her hair back in its usual braid. She only has one knife today, her ever present blue and silver hilted blade at her hip. One other accessory that she has with her is the Fortian Weyrleader, (and also Kiena's big brother), Th'ero. The two of them walk together towards the lagoon shore, and veer off towards the drinking table, Kimmila grabbing herself an ale and eying the growing gathering. "Looks nice."

Kiena is among the first to begin arriving, the soon to be graduating weyrling wanting to miss the worse of the crowds and the rush before the ceremonies began. Ujinath flies by overhead, choosing a low course towards the lagoon waters where he likely lands and then swims out to join Suldith and the other dragons. Kiena remains well away from the food and drinks and in fact seems to be drifting uncertainly among the crowds. Her hair, still long and usually a mess of waves and tangles has been neatly brushed and plaited into a tight braid. She's also dressed in her best riding gear, the leather looking new enough that she very well could have just recently come by them. No fancy dresses for her! And she also seems on her best behavior, murmuring brisk but polite greetings though it'll remain to be seen if she can keep a hold of her temper or her sharp tongue.

For once, Elsia has cleaned herself up. No smudges of strange syrups, fruit, or flour. She's got on a purple tube-style dress belted high on her waist and some flats, pretty much not her usual attire at all. She makes her way down to the beach on foot, slogging through the sand with a sigh, until she reaches the crowd gathering for the ceremony and searches for someone she knows before deciding which direction to go in.

Th'ero lived here once too! Several Turns ago. Wandering down to the lagoon by Kimmila's side, the Fortian Weyrleader is dressed nicely, not too overly formal and unlike the bluerider, he does wear his knot. Not that he'd have to, as some would recognize him on sight. Like her too, he has a small dagger belted to his side but nothing more. Allowing himself to be directed towards the table boasting the drinks, he makes little protest in her choice and instantly goes for a glass of wine. "Mhm, it is. Weather is agreeing too." Th'ero agrees quietly, a little stiffly. Nervous? Maybe. His dark glance does look out into the crowd for a moment, but otherwise he's playing as casual as he can manage. "It's been awhile… Feels strange." He murmurs distractedly.

Enka makes an entrance, apparently. Only without Miraneith because nothing — and we do mean /nothing/ — is going to stir the queen before full dark. So, dressed nicely in something that's not quite 'Gather-best' but not utterly unsuitable either, the Weyrwoman's making her arrival atop the short neck of a blue dragon, clambering down with something of her usual ease and waiting for the blue's rider to join her as the dragon himself stomps down to the water's edge to sulk, making muttering grumbling sounds under his breath. "He aint never goin' to get over feelin' like a carriage service," Enka comments wryly, casting a somewhat fond look at the blue, offspring as he is to Miraneith, before she tucks her arm through the bluerider's and moves forwards. "Time to mix and mingle," comes her droll comment. "And celebrate the weyrlings graduatin' and whatnot." The first stop would probably be the food service table, but Enka spots a fellow Baker in a purple dress and sidles over to her. "Enjoyin' the party?" she asks of Elsia.

Rou'x and Indianath come in for a typically rough landing further down the lagoon's beach, kicking up sand aplenty as the brown backwings to regain his balance before finally settling down onto all fours. His rider shimmies down from his side in no time, dressed in shiny new dark leathers and a freshly-pressed tunic - she polishes up well, when she tries! Her dark braided hair hangs heavy over one shoulder, and Indianath falls in behind her as she meanders on over to join the gathering crowd. "Kee," she purrs as she comes up behind the bluerider, slipping her arm around the girl's waist and squeezing her affectionately, briefly resting her chin on her shoulder before disengaging her hold and stepping in beside her clutchmate. "You excited f' the knot-swap, babe?"

Zi'on is also on his best behavior! Also he's in his nicest fancy weyrleader clothes. Which are soon to be his most stained fancy clothes as a bit of punch dribbles out of his mouth as he tries to say hello to Kimmila and Th'ero with his mouth full. After swallowing there's some mumbled cussing as the bronzer tries unsuccessfully to wipe the pink stain off the front of his nice crisp white tunic. All in all, he only gets an awkward wave off to the pair. Also he's too distracted to notice anyone else's arrival. Though since he's standing so close to the booze, surely plenty of people will be able to spot him.

No new gear or fancy outfits for Keely. Where would she afford them? The young woman, at least, is attired in a well-fitting pair of leather trousers in decent shape that have been dyed black. A light blue blouse is tucked into them, the top few buttons left undone and revealing just enough skin to be barely scandalous. Her hair has been trimmed short since shortly after Impression and is too short for any fancy 'do, but has signs of being freshly washed and brushed. Geimhreath has already gone off to the waters to join the other dragons, wings spread as he floats along. The bluerider, however, is currently standing not too far from the buffet tables. Eyeballing the rush for alcoholic drinks. Likely considering the best plan of attack to retrieve her own. She lets out a surprised sound as Rou'x sneaks up from behind, but it turns into a laugh as she leans in to the brownrider. "Ahh, yes. I've been wondering where we'll be tapped to."

Kimmila holds her ale in one hand, the other one slipping into her pocket as she rocks back onto her heels, casual and at ease. In contrast to Th'ero, apparently. "Strange?" she asks, glancing up at him with brows furrowed. "Relax," she encourages, smile crooked but still warm. "Hey, Zi'on!" she says to the Weyrleader, wincing but also grinning when he spills on himself. "You need a napkin?" she asks, wandering in his direction. "Bet you're excited for tonight, huh?" Wink wink, nudge nudge? Probably highly inappropriate, but Kimm's never been good at this sort of thing.

Elsia glances over at Enka as she's approached and gives the Weyrwoman a large smile. "Well, I've only just arrived, but it seems like it will be a fun affair. How are you this evening, Weyrwoman?"

And here comes Tarieth, rumored to be nearing that time when she might fly for the first time. She's not really glowy yet, but she walk with a slow calculating gait, assessing the area before deciding to head in the direction of Indianath, the biggest male dragon in the area to, well, look at him. Just look. She's looking at him as if expecting something. Perhaps she was expecting S'ol. The normally slightly withdrawn and anxious boy practically floats his way to the beach, wearing very very nice robes of a very very elaborate green and white vine and trellis design, with matching green tight fitting pants, matching fancy green shoes, and…he's even painted the rims of his glasses for the occassion, white and green. He slowly saunters over to Tarieth's side, and slides in underneath her wing for a moment to pat her gently before sauntering off towards whoever the most attractive looking man in the room is. Ah, that's what she was waiting for, his arrival. Now they can begin to socialize.

Kiena is swept up eventually into the crowd, trying to remain easy and calm around so many unfamiliar and familiar faces. Smile and nod, polite greetings, brisk thanks and then the weyrling is trying her best to slip away and flee. Eventually she tries to find her fellow weyrlings and perhaps find some anchor among the chaos. She is so not a social creature and there is so much to focus on and then there's the looming ceremony itself.

Areia wanders in with a slow step and a hesitant look. She's dressed up slightly in a blue skirt and white blouse, her regular trousers-and-sweater left at home. There's a lot of people here she doesn't know, so she moves over to the food and drink tables. She pauses, then shrugs and fills up a plate with an assortment of finger foods. The drink line is eyed with trepidation as she gets in line. It's long, but hopefully the end result will be worth it.

Ir'e has been scarce lately, at least when he's not doing his duties. This particular bluerider has found himself endlessly busy the moment they were finally given their own weyrs, it appears as if it's a never ending task. He's wearing less formal clothes than most, his black riding pants, sure, but then also a breathy white shirt that has actually managed to stay dirt-free. His shadowy lifemate is off somewhere lurking, not really out and about but still /around/ if one was to look hard enough. Maybe he's out in the water. Maybe. Ir'e makes his way over to the refreshment table to grab himself some liquid courage until he kind of merges into the crowd, shaking whatever proffered hands and clapping some of his fellow weyrlings on the back before he finds himself next to Rou'x and Keely. "I see you two are getting along well still." Is said with a wink.

Enka's grin is cheerful, directed towards Elsia for a moment. "Western's always able to have fun affairs," she nods firmly, stoutly proud in the whole shindig, even if she only had a little bit to do with it, and the drudges and workers and whatnot were more involved with the actual party assembly process. "I'm feelin' lovely," she answers Elsia's query. "Very happy to see the party goin', and lookin' forward to seein' the weyrlings graduate." she grins a bit, waving at the bluerider she's got her arm linked with. "Knowin' you're in the Bakercraft and all, L'nan here's a fellow Journeyman." Whereas the goldrider's only an apprentice. "He's responsible for yon cream pastries over there."

Th'ero takes a small sip of his wine and then rather then slip his hand into a pocket he slips his arm around Kimmila's waist, pulling the bluerider closer to his side. "I am relaxed," he almost mutters. Liar, he's such a liar. Then she's calling out to Zi'on and his gaze darts to where the Western Weyrleader is indeed standing. There's a wince too and then something that sounds like a low chuckle. "I see he hasn't change," he drawls, while giving a nod of a greeting to the other bronzerider and friend, even toasting his wine glass a bit since he can neither wave with both hands occupied. Well, until Kimmila wanders away and he's left to follow her sedately. Good thing he didn't have the chance to take another sip of his wine either or he'd choke at the bluerider's comment. That's his sister she's joking about.

Zi'on sighs a bit and looks up at Kimmila from staring at his shirt. "I have one. With water. It just seems to be smearing all over. Oh well. Kiena is going to pick on me, she says I eat like an eight turn old." He looks at the bluerider confusedly. "What's tonight?" He peers. "Kiena had her mating flight lecture a while ago, if that's what you're implying." He grins. "Sorry, Th'ero. Glad you could join us, though. Going to help me light the fireworks again this year?" The younger bronzer extends a hand to the Fortian weyrleader. He blinks a bit. "If you'll excuse me. I have to go make sure Kali doesn't disappear on me and reassure Enka that I'm present." The bronzer attempts to sneak up on Kiena, taking her hand gingerly from behind.

Rou'x slips her hand into Keely's, gently squeezing. "Dunno which wing it'll be," she replies huskily, leaning in towards the dark-haired bluerider, "but it's just the next step in the adventure, right?" Indianath greets Tarieth with a rumbling, deep croon, snaking his neck towards her. Perhaps he can tell she's near her time - or perhaps he's just curious. Perhaps he's even just in the mood for a bit of a flirt. His rider grins at Ir'e when her /other/ favourite bluerider appears beside her, and she holds her arm out towards him, asking for a hug - and grinning hugely in response to his statement. "Hey, doll. Y'gonna join us here?"

Varmiroth isn't around at all, and Kimmila looks rather unconcerned with her blue's absence. Sipping her ale, she looks around and then stares at Zi'on. "Oh. Right." She always forgets when restrictions are lifted. Well. That makes graduation a bit anti-climactic, (pun intended) doesn't it? Spotting Kiena, her free hand drops to her pocket but when Zi'on is heading over towards her, the bluerider instead reaches out to rest that hand against Th'ero's back and give him a smile. "Sorry." For her utterly inappropriate comment? You betcha. "Let's go get a seat," she says, trying to lead him away from the crowded tables and towards the chairs in the back.

T'vas mingles. Yep, that's what he's doing, just … uh, mingling. And making sure some of the weyrlings don't cause too many problems, because it'd be awful embarrassing to have them mess up their own graduation night. "D're, tuck in that shirt." Stalkstalk, "O'hit, don't think I don't see what you're doing there." The bronzerider does veer to the serving tables to grab a bite to eat, but then he's back out, moving through the party-goers.

Without pulling too far away from Rou'x, Keely is able to find an opportune moment to sneak in and nick a bottle of wine. Hey, they're the ones graduating. It's totally cool. Well, even if it isn't, the bluerider isn't stopping. She's returned to Rou'x's side just in time to find her hand caught. There's a little wavering grin, but it falters when Ir'e comes up. Brow twitches a bit, on the verge of a furrow. "Don't see why we wouldn't," she says, taking a swig from the bottle before extending it to Rou'x.

Elsia ohhhs and grins at L'nan, reaching across to offer her hand to him. "It's lovely to meet you, L'nan. I'm Elsia. I will have to try one of your cream puffs, but only if you promise to try the caramels." She glances back at Enka and admits, "I didn't realize there were any Journeyman who were riders as well. I knew you and Iris were Bakers, I have not many others in the craft outside of the regular kitchen staff."

Sneaking up on Kiena wouldn't be too hard, given the crowds and how distracted the weyrling is. At least she doesn't yell or something, but Zi'on might get an elbow to the side for his antics. "Shouldn't you be off preparing or something?" she drawls at him, grumbling but from her half smirk, it's obvious she's teasing. Somewhat. That stain is noted and true to what the Weyrleader foretold, she's frowning at him. "Really? Ceremonies haven't even begun yet!" And then she's glancing about the crowds again, almost nervously. "So many people…" she murmurs, looking uncertain.

Tarieth knows a good thing when she sees him. She agreeably slides comfortably next to him, head and neck arched up to try and reach his. Well she is the tiniest dragon in this clutch. In the meantime her rider is being awefully nice to some poor fellow from another Weyr who must have come around today with messages for this person or that person, and now he's trying to sidle his way out of a long conversation about runners from the youth, who is getting rather into the fellas personal space. It doesn't take long for the poor bluerider to make a hasty excuse, leaving S'ol to poutingly look for somebody else to talk with. Oh look, friends! He gets himself a glass of something from the refreshment table and heads over to Zi'on and whoever else is around him. Yes, lots of friends. "Nice party," he says, and he looks at Zi'on with the same expectant look that Tarieth was giving Indianath. A look that says 'Well? What are you waiting for? I'm right here!'

Extending his hand, L'nan grips Elsia's hand in a firm shake before letting go. "As long as they don't stick in my teeth too much." he remarks as cheerily as the Weyrwoman does. Maybe it's being Bakers that makes them all so sugary sweet and cheerful or something. Permanent sugar high. "Pleased to meet you, Elsia." He stops, tilting his head slightly towards Enka who answers the woman's other comment. "Oh, well, I think there's a fellow down at Ierne who makes cakes," she states, frowning a bit. "And then Lair," a tilt of her chin towards the bluerider, "Impressed after he walked the tables." "At Ista, Miraneith's first clutch," the bluerider supplies. "And we moved here eventually."

Ir'e chuckles at Rou, nodding his head slowly, "Rhab had something to do tonight so he can't make it, so I suppose I'll lurk around you until you give me the boot." He rolls his shoulders into a lazy shrug before he takes a swig of whatever girly swill he happened to grab. Teach him not to pay closer attention. "Hey Keely." Pause. "Oh, that's a much better choice. I should have just gone for the wine." He eyes the pink fruity alcoholic concoction in his hand with a bit of a nose wrinkle.

Th'ero will just pretend he hears nothing concerning Kiena and Zi'on's current status involving their personal lives. Instead, he smiles crookedly and remarks dryly, "Well, she has a point. Doubt anyone is going to notice the stain anyhow." Except for his sister. "And no, you're on your own this time. I can only be lured into that once." And he reaches out with his free hand to clasp Zi'on's offered one firmly, keeping the hand shake brief. "Of course. Best of luck!" The Fortian Weyrleader calls out before the other is too far out of distance. Luck for what, it's hard to tell. And Th'ero very smartly has kept Velokraeth far away for once, likely in Varmiroth's company. "No matter," Kimmila's apology is accepted, but really what did the Fortian Weyrleader expect? At her suggestion, he looks almost relieved and follows the bluerider over to the row of seats near the back. Gesturing her in first, he'll wait until she's settled herself before joining her and settling himself at her side.

Zi'on grunts at he's elbowed, giving Kiena a grin. "What? We're all set up basically. Just have to get the ceremony started." He frowns down at the stain. "I tried to say hello to Kimmila and your brother and it happened. And yeah, he's here." Nothing surprising there. "Rou and Keely are over there. We'll probably get started soon, but I wanted to say hello, first." When S'ol makes his way over to them Zi'on nods to him. "Hey, S'ol. Yeah I guess. Good spread, good turnout. Someone around here must like you guys." Zi'on blinks at that look, then pulls at the collar of his shirt. "Well, I'm gonna go find Enka to get the show on the road." He gives Kiena a look that says 'sorry'. Then he rushes off to locate Enka, barging in on her conversation with a greeting that includes a kiss on the cheek for her, and a wave to her companions. "Hello all. And especially hello Enka. You ready?"

Kimmila flops down into the seat and leans back, taking another sip of her ale. Doot doot doot, waiting for graduation to begin. "I brought a present for your sister," she says then. "If I can get a chance to give it to her. Guess it'll have to wait until after." Green eyes scan the crowd, nodding to anyone who catches her eye, but the antisocial bluerider is quite content to just sit here in the back row. Twisting around a bit, she is captivated by S'ol and his outfit, a low whistle escaping. "Shards, that's a whole lot of green."

Elsia nods to Enka a few times about the cake maker. "Oh yes, I believe I've heard of the cake maker. He gave a talk on sugar craft last summer, if I recall." She tips her head at L'nan, eyeing him appraisingly, and then asks the both of them, "Oh, you're from Ista then? I hadn't realized. I know they taught us all of this, but honestly it's been so long and I fill my head with things beside long lists of important people." She grins cheekily and then looks up when Zi'on comes over. "Weyrleader," she greets him, flushing a little, though her voice holds a tinge of ice. "Well. L'nan, might you care to sit with me?" The bluerider, at least, gets a full smile from her.

Indianath seems happy enough with the attention from Tarieth, curving his head down towards hers to gently bump his stubble-shadowed muzzle to hers. Then he stretches out, flexing those massive wings and yawning hugely with his maw spread wide. It all makes him look even bigger! Rou'x, meanwhile, retains her post-one-armed hug hold on Ir'e for a little while longer, dragging him even closer to her. It's a bluerider sandwich with a Rou filling! "Y'can stay here wi' us as long as y'want, Thei." The wine bottle is taken from Keely with a grin and a wink - she takes a hefty swig then holds it out to Ir'e, offering to hold his silly pink thing. "Y'gotta good one there, Kee-babe. Hey - look." She tilts her head towards Zi'on, where he's now with Enka. "D'you reckon that means we're gonna start?"

Kiena blinks a little, frowning with a look of puzzlement on her features as if she didn't quite believe what Zi'on had just said. "My brother? Is here?" And she's darting a look around the Western Weyrleader, but by then Th'ero and Kimmila have moved on and she sees no one. The weyrling looks conflicted at best, which means she's of course frowning heavily and almost scowling. Almost. "Great, I guess." Nope, not thrilled. S'ol is given a darting sideglance, but with her mind preoccupied he's given only a quick nod of greeting before Zi'on is suddenly on the move again. "I'll see you later then…" she mumbles and then simply looks awkward for a moment, standing there and not quite sure where to go. She's definitely a little leery of mingling now. So what's a girl to do?

"Yes, that's the one," the goldrider bobs her head in a bit of a nod. "Never actually met him, but I've heard of him." she purses her lips thoughtfully, and might go on, but there's the Weyrleader bounding over, "Hello to you too, Zi'on," Enka's reply, laughingly said, when he kisses her cheek, "I am most certainly ready," Slipping her arm free of L'nan's own, she pats the bluerider's shoulder gently before leaning close with a hushed "later," and moves away to take her place at the head of the assembled chairs and tables. Which leaves L'nan to grin at Elsia and nod, gesturing expansively for her to precede her. "I've got a place up towards the front, join me if you'd like," he comments, "best place to see the graduation. Special perks." He chuckles a little. "And yeah, both of us were from Ista. Both of us Impressed here, though I was born at Igen Weyr." World-traveler, this guy.

Fingers twitch a bit as Keely waits for the wine to be returned to her. So many people! So much excitement! She needs her some more to prepare for this event. The bluerider leans into Rou'x a little, looking towards the chairs. "Prolly. Shall we try to find a seat?"

If she were a cat, Tarieth would be purring. She erases the boundries and outright presses against Indy's side. Mine. And its perhaps at Tarieth's mental 'prodding' that S'ol gives a little sigh and wanders over to join R'oux and her bluerider 'sandwich'. "Looks like they're starting," he says, and he is suddenly awkwardness and confusion. Girls he has no trouble with. But his instincts are telling him to find somebody bigger than him who can hug him tight. "Should probably find chair to sit in," he says in a half mumble. And he gives Ir'e a sort of blushing smile. Hi.

Th'ero turns his head to regard Kimmila with an openly surprised look, brows arcing upwards and mouth quirking into a slightly crooked smile. "Nothing says you can't give it to her tonight. She doesn't seem to mind you… right? Or give it to Zi'on to give to her." That just seems like a pain. The Fortian Weyrleader seems to remain a little aloof too from the crowds, leaving the mingling for later though he'll give a few nods and quick greetings here and there as people wander by. "Hmm?" Th'ero had lifted his glass then to take another sip and as he lowers it, he twists his head and shoulders a bit to follow Kimmila's glance. It takes him a moment and then spots S'ol among the crowds and another familiar figure lurking not far from him. "Interesting outfit… is he one of the weyrlings, you think?" he comments, though sounds distracted as he does.

Kimmila shrugs, "I have no idea how she feels about me right now. And no, I'm not giving it to Zi'on. That's cheating." That's like asking your friend to go ask someone if they like you. Or worse, sending a note with a 'yes' 'no' box to check. "I'll find her after the ceremony." Looking back to S'ol, she shrugs. "Don't know." Even though she really /should/, since she's a Western rider. She's just really bad at it. "Wow, he even painted his glasses…that boy is /dedicated/ to his color."

Elsia grins and nods to L'nan, preceeding him to the front of the chairs and scooting down the line. "So you've known Enka a long time then?" she asks, making conversation on their way up to the front. Of course, she'll be silent for the ceremony.

Zi'on gives Elsia a poke to the ribs, then offers Enka his arm so they can traverse the crowd and head up onto the smalls stage. "If everyone will take a seat, weyrlings, you guys got front row tickets, we'll get started. It seems like I was just presiding over one of these not too long ago. We're happy to induct the latest round of riders into the weyr properly. Ila'den and Iris are at home with a new little one, so Enka and I will preside tonight." Zi'on grins to Enka. "Well, I'll let you start us off then, Enka. Once everyone is settles."

Ir'e waves off the offered wine bottle, "I'll get something later, gunna finish this first." Although the pink drink is quickly downed and the glass is placed somewhere out of the way before he's hugging Rou to his chest in a friendly manner in a quick hug before he drops his arms and lets Keely fully have her. See, he shares! "I think there are some chairs-" And then Zi is confirming what he was just trying to say and he just offers a lopsided grin to the nearly proddy greenrider, S'ol. "Come on, you can sit by me if you'd like." Or not, Ir'e's just gunna make sure to sit on whatever side of Rou'x that happens to be free.

While everyone is preoccupied, Kiena takes the advantage to quietly slip away. Not actually away from the ceremonies, but the weyrling is making an effort to disappear among the crowds and simply lurk there awkwardly for however long she can. That hope is dashed though when Zi'on is calling everyone to attention and the weyrlings up to the front row. Oh right. Straightening her shoulders, Kiena takes a slow, deep breath and slips on as neutral and calm a look as she can muster before quickly striding up and taking a seat without looking to see who is seated next to her one side. Of course, she winds up with D're and she has to bite her tongue not to groan out loud.

"Y'feeling a bit glowy there, S'ol?" Rou'x doesn't mince her words, though she does wink at the young greenrider, clicking her tongue in her cheek. Indianath isn't denying Tarieth's attentions by any means, titling his head around to wuffle sort, warm breath flirtatiously at the comparitively tiny green. "Yeah, there's Zi givin' the go-ahead t'get started. Y'gonna join us, S'ol?" Her fingers entwine tightly with Keely's, transferring some of her excited energy to the teen. "C'mon, doll." Leading them over to the front row, she settles into place with Ir'e on one side, Kee on the other. Looking far from nervous, the brownrider kicks her legs out in front of her and crosses them at the ankles, squeezing Keely's hand tightly as she turns to wink at her, and seeking her blueriding near-enough-bestie's hand as well. Just in case he's missing Rhabel! "An' this is it, yeah? No more weyrlin' knot f' us!"

"Turns and turns," L'nan supplies for Elsia as he takes his seat, sprawling down with careless ease. "Mentored her a little in the craft, followed her around like a lovesick canine for a bit, then she transferred to take up seniorship here and we sort of drifted apart. Eventually transferred here myself," he shrugs slightly, voice dropping a little as he leans close to whisper: "Turns out, waiting pays off in the end." And won't he just leave it there at that.

Enka's takes Zi'on's arm in her own turn, stepping up onto the stage, and turning to face the gathered. "Another Weyrling class ready to graduate." she speaks out, "and thankfully all of them have passed with flyin' colors." No pun intended there, surely. "So without further ado, it's time to give you your wing assignments. Can we have our first weyrling on the stage." Seems like she's going to do this alphabetically because D're's the first one called, and quickly assigned his wing, followed by Inara and her wing assignment. "I're," Enka calls the blue weyrling next. "Step up here, please."

"I thought you two were at least speaking to each other civily?" Th'ero remarks softly, keeping his voice pitched low as he tries to speak more or less privately with Kimmila among a public gathering. "It was just a suggestion." He adds, shrugging his shoulders slightly. The Fortian Weyrleader wouldn't know these things and what's worse it's unlikely he got his own sister a gift. Figures those are grounds best not traveled quite yet. Dark eyes linger on S'ol for a moment longer and then Th'ero's attention drifts to Zi'on as the Western Weyrleader takes the stage. "Can't fault someone for that," he murmurs and then takes a good, deep sip of his wine. "Looks like they're starting…" And then he's silent and it's unmistakable that he's watching the weyrlings as they take their seats at the front, but also respectively listening in on the speeches and as the first names are called.

Wine back in hand, Keely lets Rou'x lead her to the seats assigned to the weyrlings. Eyebrow is raised at S'ol's behavior… or maybe the outfit. Either way, there's a lot going on and Kee is a little unsettled. She does twist, once seated, to cast a glance over those gathered. Eyes light upon a few she recognizes, but she doesn't do anything quite so attention-grabbing as wave. Instead she just twists back around to face forward and wait her turn… or drink. One hand occupied by fingers twined with Rou'x's and the other by holding onto that bottle. Though she does hand it off to the brownrider every so often to share.

Elsia grins sideways at L'nan and winks, leaning in to whisper, "Good for you." She turns her attention forward and smiles as a few weyrlings she doesn't know are called up on stage, clapping politely.

S'ol decidely sits with Rou'x and Ir'e, but he does feel that slight sort of feeling you get when you just know somebody is watching you…that and Tarieth noticed and pointed out to S'ol that there was a lovely man watching him. S'ol turns his head around from the weyrling row to catch Th'ero's glance. Oh. He smiles almost smugly and gives a wink. Yay, he's flirting with somebody he's not sure he knows! Beign a greenrider is going to be interesting…And then Ir'e is being called up and S'ol looks up at the proceedings.

Kimmila shrugs, "That was ages ago." She glances to him. "Is it okay that I got her something?" she murmurs. Now she has doubts! Leaning back in her chair, she sips her ale and turns her attention towards the front, for the wing assignments. "You know, I've always found hatchings and graduations to be really boring," she whispers. "It's not a spectator sport." Then she quirks a crooked grin as she catches S'ol's look to Th'ero, and gives her weyrmate a nudge. "You've caught his eye, wingmate."

Ir'e barely got to lower his butt into his chair, give Rou's hand a quick squeeze before he catches his name from Enka's lips and is bouncing back up. "Coming!" He booms in his husky voice as he quickly makes it up to the Weyrwoman. He tugs at his clothing, trying to hide the wrinkles that are here and there or perhaps he's just fidgeting at having everyone's attention narrowed onto him.

Enka isn't going quite alphabetically, but that's just fine by him. Zi'on hands Ir'e his new fancy knot when the blue rider is up on the stage with them. "Congratulations, Ir'e. You are now a member of the Seamount wing. You'll report to Rorn tomorrow. Listen for the jingling. Try not to let him work you too hard." The bronzer gives the bluerider a firm handshake. "Next is Inara." Who is handed her knot. "And Keely, come on up."

And Ir'e's called up first of their cosy little group! Rou'x squeezes his hand back, then blows him a little kiss as he's on his way. "G' luck!" With Ir'e gone, she leans into Keely, squeezing the girl's hand tighter as she takes the wine bottle to swig from it. "'S'gonna be you before me, Kee," she whispers, all the while watching Ir'e, waiting to see what happens and where he's placed. "Y'not nervous, are ya?" So S'ol doesn't feel all alone over there, Rou'x reaches over to give his hand a friendly, quick squeeze - and then she woots for Ir'e and his placement, clapping for him. "G'on, Kee. G' luck, doll!"

chuckles and rests his one hand gently over Kimmila's leg in a reassuring gesture but perhaps a bit for his own comfort as well. "I've no issues with you giving her a gift," he tells her, "I think it's quite thoughtful. I only hope she accepts it gracefully." Meaning without a scene. At the bluerider's whisper, he hides his smile behind his glass again. At this rate he won't have any wine left and the ceremony will be only just begun. "Perhaps," he whispers back. "But we're here mainly to support, remember?" And then he's blinking, likely having missed most of S'ol's glance back to him but the wink is caught. Cue a rather awkward looking Fortian Weyrleader and he frowns down at Kimmila when she nudges him. "Could've been someone else." Th'ero mumbles and then clears his throat, looking straight ahead again as the weyrlings take to the stage and accept their new knots.

Kiena is sitting rather stiffly in her chair with her hands resting just above her knees, fingers curled tightly that she's almost clutching and pulling at the fabric of her pants. Blue eyes watch as Ir'e is called first, a small smile given as he's handed his knot and the same is echoed for Inara and Keely both as they walk by. She's pointedly ignoring D're at her side, staring straight ahead and fighting every urge to fidget restlessly.

Kimmila shakes her head, "No, it was you," she tells Th'ero, glancing around. "No one else around here is hot enough to get a wink from a greenrider who is apparently already proddy. Better not tell Velokraeth." Is she teasing? It's hard to tell as she leans back and sips her ale with a crooked grin. "I'm going to go get some food," she says then, pushing to her feet. She's really not able to sit still for very long.

Tarieth is now watching the proceedings with a rather bored fascination. She clearly wants to watch S'ol when its his turn, find out what wing she'll be in…but Indy is so big and warm! And she's kind of sleepy. She curls up a bit, and try as she might, she can't help but close her eyes just a little…"Tari," S'ol whispers under his breath. "Just a little longer…" and he has a rather triumphant look on his face. Well, he did finally get the attention of someone who isn't green and scaly. And he can't help sending little glances backwards over his shoulder, hopefully to see if the Th'ero really is interested or not.

"Seamount, huh? Score." Ir'e fistpumps before shoving his hand out to get his knot and then shaking Zi'on's hand. "Thanks." And just like that the male bluerider of the lot is heading back to his chair. "That wasn't that painful." He gives Rou's shoulder a nudge before he leans back in his chair, the alcohol was already starting to loosen him up a bit.

Was that her name already? Alphabetical or not, Keely looks somewhat put on the spot. Well, she is, at that. The bluerider takes a good slug of the wine and gets to her feet, squeeing Rou'x's hand before she disentangles herself from the brownrider. Rou'x is given the wine as a cheap Kee-replacement as the young woman makes her way for the stage. Geimhreath rumbles from off in the water, making his pride at his lifemate known. Or maybe it's pride in himself. Who knows, with that one.

L'nan chuckles a little, leaning back in his seat, turning a little to comment, sotto voce. "Thanks." that's pretty much all the bluerider says though, preferring to clap politely at the newly graduated weyrlings being knotted. Meanwhile, up on the stage, Enka is pulling out a knot, and preparing to present it to Keely once the weyrling is up on the stage. "And Keely, Rider to Blue Geimhreath, Archipelago Wing looks forwards to your contributions as a wingrider. Felicitations on this auspicious day." She pauses, no longer calling names out alphabetically because O'hit is called to get his knot, and his wing assignment, and then Enka calls out "Rou'x, step on up here."

Elsia cheers loudly for Keely, clapping her hands. She clears her throat and sits back in her chair, grinning broadly, and twitches her dress back down towards her knees to prevent it from hiking up any further with all of her wiggling around. She glances sideways to see if L'nan is bothered by her exhuberance, blushing a little bit, but not letting that hamper her excitement for the bluerider. She claps for the next few names she doesn't know, too, but not as rowdily.

"Not painful at /all/," Rou'x agrees, bumping Ir'e back with playful roughness. He's a big boy, he can take it. "Congratulations, eh?" She chinks the bottle of wine entrusted to her by Keely off the male bluerider's glass, then winks at him as she chugs down a mouthful. The announcement of Keely's wing is met with another cheer, though she can't clap properly with the bottle in her hand, of course, so she substitutes by slapping her hand against her leather-clad thigh. When her own name is called she sets the wine down on the seat she's just vacated, and sashays those wide hips of hers right up to the stage to the Weyrleaders.

"What? How do you know?" Th'ero remarks, suddenly a little on edge and then giving Kimmila a bit of a narrowed look, though he smirks too. "Why do you think I kept him so far away? Varmiroth should be able to distract him…" This is why he can't go places! And if the bluerider was teasing, the Fortian Weyrleader missed the hint and he exhales heavily. "Just my luck," he grumbles and tries very much not to look at S'ol again, even if his choice in outfit for the night make it hard not to glance back at that particular weyrling. As his weyrmate gets up to apparently get some food, Th'ero can only watch her go before staring ahead again towards the stage. He stays put, it seems.

Ahh, but unless Varmiroth puts on a thong and does a little dance, he won't be able to distract Velokraeth for long, if there truly /is/ a proddy green about. Kimmila just gives Th'ero what she hopes is a reassuring smile as she goes to fetch some food and some more drink, coming back with a big plate balanced on a full mug of ale, with a fresh glass of wine in her other hand. Offering Th'ero the wine, she slides once more into her seat and balances the plate on her knee. "Help yourself," she murmurs.

Keely wraps fingers around the knot reverently. She smiles to both Enka and Zi'on, dipping her head to them. "Thank you," she offers before making her way off the stage. She does angle her path to pass Rou'x as the brownrider makes her way to the stage, reaching out to grasp at her arm briefly before going to the seats once more. A bit of fiddling puts the new knot in place and she takes up the wine once more.

Zi'on smiles to Keely and gives her a nod as Enka hands her her knot. As Rou makes her way up to the stage, Zi'on offers her her knot. Then he shakes her hand. "Rou'x rider of brown Indianath, the dragon who chases before his time, you are now a member of the Archipelago wing. Hopefully Indy can contain his urges in time of rescue, eh? Congrats!" Zi'on looks through the list, calling up Judienne next. "Hm, looks like we've got S'ol, next. Come on up here."

Hopefully luck will hold then and Velokraeth won't catch on and Th'ero won't have to beat a hasty retreat back to Fort Weyr. The Weyrleader glances up to Kimmila when she returns, reaching with his hand to take the fresh glass of wine after hastily draining his first and setting the empty glass carefully aside. At her offer, he does help himself to the plate of food though even then he seems distracted. "Thanks," he murmurs quickly, before it's another quick glance back to the stage.

S'ol gets to his feet gracefully and seems not the least troubled about his outfit. Though lavish, is the work of the skilled weavers hands of his mother who…gets up and applauds very loudly from the back of the audience. "That's my boy!" she calls out, as various of his other relatives applaud as well. A red faced S'ol quickly sidles past Judienne and approaches Zi'on. He turns a blushing look out and says, "Hi Mom," he mumbles a bit, with a wave.

Rou'x laughs at Zi as she accepts her knot and shakes his hand, looking over at where her brown's getting snuggly with Tarieth. "Yeah, we'll try'n keep his head in the right place, sir." Still grinning, she hops nimbly off the stage and goes to settle back into her seat between Ir'e and Keely, who gets a big kiss on her cheek. "Wingmate," she purrs, once more taking the bluerider's hand. Then she leans over to Ir'e, pressing arm to arm, then dragging his shoulder down so she can whisper something in his ear, followed by a shameless kiss to his cheek, too.

Kiena does begin to fidget now as more names are called and she watches one after the other go up and receive their knots. She rubs her hands on her pants and then crosses her arms, trying to appear calm but failing miserably and relaxing enough to at least clap now too along with the others, smiling though a little strained.

"You're welcome," Enka replies to Keely as the newly graduated wingrider makes her way off the stage. Enka spares a wry grin for Rou'x as Zion presents her with her knot and applauds accordingly. And then it's the goldrider's turn to pull out another knot, looping this one over her arm for a moment before she speaks. "And here we have a young man who's dedication to his color extends even to his outfits." she smiles sweetly. "And a ma who's there for her boy." Way to go, S'ol-Mom. "Well, S'ol, you'll be stayin' with Islet, but we think you'll do a good job there. So here's your knot. Wear it proudly." Enka hands it over to him, calling V'der up next and giving him his wing assignment, and last, calls out: "Kiena, time to give you your knot. C'mon up here." Down in the row of seats, L'nan doesn't seem to least bit fazed by Elsia's exhuberance and enthusiastic clapping, although his shoulders seem to be shaking a bit with repressed laughter. The bluerider hasn't got any ties to the weyrlings graduating, so there's more entertainment sitting right next to him.

Kimmila nibbles some food but perks up when Kiena is called. "Wonder where she'll go," she murmurs.

Th'ero has to stifle a bit of a grin when S'ol's mother calls out to him, coughing slightly behind his hand. Poor kid, is what the Fortian Weyrleader is likely thinking. Then there's that name being called and the bronzerider doesn't even look at the bluerider at his side as he murmurs back, "Is there even a guess to where?" And even though he smirks then, he's likely to be teasing. Somewhat.
"I'll still be 'round, I'm sure you won't miss the view for too long. 'sides, our weyrs are so close too." Ir'e clears his throat, trying to hide the smirk on his face before his attention goes back to his fellow weyrlings, or, ex-fellow weyrlings now. "Oh gosh, I'm a real rider now." It finally is sinking in apparently and it feels a bit weird. He stares down at his knew knot, fingering the new threads and looking generally thoughtful.

Kiena starts a little when her name is called and then she's getting to her feet, her movements a little stiff and hesitant. Cue autopilot mode as she keeps her blue eyes fixed forwards and tries very hard not to look out over the crowd, ignore the looks as she climbs the steps to the stage. Head up, shoulders straight, she tries to smile too but it's a touch forced as she waits for those ahead of her to claim their knots before shuffling forwards.
Kimmila shrugs, giving Th'ero a crooked grin. "Maybe she'll be my wingmate," she teases with a wink.

Zi'on grins a bit to S'ol. "Hey S'ol's mom! Be proud of your boy. We all are." Zi'on pats S'ol's shoulder before the greenrider heads off stage. The bronzer's face lights up as Enka calls Kiena's name, and he runs her knot through his fingers as she heads up on stage. "Kiena, rider of blue Ujinath, it seems that Search and Rescue runs in your family. Wasn't too long ago your brother was standing there getting his knot, now you're doing the same. Hopefully you stay with us at Western a little bit longer though." He chuckles. "Welcome to Archipelago." As he's handing Kiena her knot, instead of handing it over like he's done with the rest of the weyrlings, Zi'on is pulling Kiena towards him. Then before she can protest, he dips her down to give her a big kiss, movie-star style. In front of everyone. Even Th'ero. Thankfully it doesn't last too long though, and he gets her back upright quickly.

S'ol is fairly happy with his wing assignment, not having any urge to stray too far from home, his art, and his rather large devoted family. It seems like neither he nor Tarieth are surprised, and he sits back down in his seat, self-consciously pressing down the folds in his clothing. "Last time I let mother dress me," he says, though he is smiling a little as he says this. So he likes the pretty clothes a bit. Tarieth gives a draconic chuckle from where she is. "Hush dear," S'ol says quietly. "Besides, if I let mother have her way wtih me, then I'll have to let her dress you up too, as she's been hinting." That shuts Tarieth up smartly. But whatever she retorts must have been quite the comment for S'ol has to muffle his chuckles into his sleeve.

Elsia has a bit of a giggle for S'ol's mother, and gets excited for Kiena too, though she doesn't know her as well as Keely, at least she has talked to her before, unlike the rest of the weyrlings. She snorts at Zi'on's very public display of affection. "Oh, she's going to kill him," she mutters, clearly amused.

Kimmila bursts out laughing at the kiss, lifting both fingers to her lips to whistle shrilly to her new wingmate. And then, "Smack him!" Violence!
"Wanna stay over tonight?" Keely asks Rou'x quietly once the brownrider is settled back in and done whispering at Ir'e. Pale gaze returns to the stage just in time to catch the kiss and the bluerider is smirking, waiting for the inevitable fallout.

Rou'x grins at Ir'e, giving his knee an affectionate squeeze. "You're a /real/ rider now. I nominate your weyr for an after-party." Eyebrows are raised suggestively at the taller ex-weyrling, and she's about to turn that look onto Keely when the spectacle on stage catches her attention. "Ho, shit," she laughs, nudging Keely and Ir'e to be sure they're both seeing it, too. "/Shiiit/. D'you reckon she'll swipe his balls now or later f'that?" Laughing, she nods at Keely, honey-coloured eyes bright with mirth. "/Yeah/ I do. Change've plans, Ir'e-babe. Party's on at /Kee's/ place." She has no shame in inviting others into someone else's home!

"Don't plan on going anywhere," Kiena drawls with a bit of a smirk, but her voice doesn't quite pitch well as others may have. Nerves? You betcha. There is an actual smile though as her Wing is confirmed and to one she was secretly hoping for and she dips her head in a polite nod before reaching out to accept the knot. "Thank you?" Just as she has it in her grip though, Zi'on is pulling her and too surprised to pull away, he'll manage to catch her off guard and kiss her. Which mean, of course, once she's back steady on her feet, the Weyrleader gets a prompt punch to the shoulder, in front of everyone, and a rather heated scowl that's not all anger and more flustered embarrassment. Then she simply stalks off the stage without a single word, looking a little pleased with herself and trying not to show how she's shaking her hand slightly. Ouch? Down she goes in her chair and pointedly focuses on pinning her new knot and not meeting anyone's looks. Nothing happened. Nope.

Th'ero is quiet, only giving Kimmila a quick glance for her comment on Wingmates and then as Kiena's wing assignment is called and Zi'on's little speech is given, he only smirks. "No surprise," he starts to tell the bluerider and his weyrmate. Then the Western Weyrleader is kissing his sister and Th'ero has to fight the impulse to smack his face with the palm of his hand. So he'll settle for a disapproving and heavy frown, only to be startled out of that mood by Kimmila's shrill whistle and remark. "Don't encourage it!" he mutters, but there's a slight amused twist to his lips as he takes a much deeper swig of his wine. No sympathy from the older brother here it seems!

Eyebrows definitely go up here, Enka quirking her lips into a rather amused smile at Zi'on's … boldness. And the result Oh to be a VTOL on the weyr wall tonight, or probably not. "Well," she comments, dryly. "That's definitely not somethin' you did when her brother got his knot, but he'd have probably punched you anyway if you tried." But then, Zi'on wasn't presenting the knot at the time, was he? Turning to face the crowd, she raises her voice. "Western, I give you your newest Wingriders. Let's welcome them all into the ranks." There should be much rejoicing henceforth. And partying. Lots of partying.

Kimmila laughs as she settles back and picks up her plate again. "Well now I definitely have to hunt her down after this." She applauds at Enka's words and gets to her feet, pushing the plate of food at Th'ero. "Here, I'm going to go snag her before Zi'on does. Be right back." And with her ale in hand, she starts to weave her way through the crowd towards Kiena, trying to get the other bluerider's attention.

"I think Rhabel'd push me off my ledge if I invited all the ex-'lings up for a party." Ir'e is shaking as laughter ripples through him. "He's not really a people person ya know." And then the plans are changing and Ir'e's waving Rou off, "Naw, you two enjoy yourself. Next time maybe?" Perhaps it's then that he catches Zi smooching Kiena and he cups a hands around his mouth, "Get a room you two!" But he's smiling so obviously not too horrified at the sight.

"Oh… I'm not, no," Keely says, looking flustered. "You /know/ I've got barely anything in my weyr yet," she says to Rou'x, pushing playfully at the brownrider. "Ain't never had much space, it's difficult to adjust to!" She glances to Ir'e, "Next time, for sure. If Rhabel wouldn't kill ya." All these people in relationships where they can't have fun. She just doesn't get it!

Elsia rises to her feet and claps happily, cheering for the newly minted riders and then turning to L'nan. "I'm going to get some wine. Perhaps I'll catch up with you and Enka later? I never miss a chance to talk desserts." She twitches her skirt down one more time and heads towards the refreshment table.

Zi'on is all about making things interesting around the weyr. Unfortunately lately it seems to be at the detriment to his girlfriend. And her sanity. At least he's put out a very public message, that Kiena was his. Not that it needed putting out, as it's not been a secret to anyone for a long while. "Ow!" Zi'on says, rubbing his shoulder and grinning and the bluerider as she goes to sit down. He chuckles. "No, but if Th'ero wants a smooch I'll give him one. Don't think I'm a fan of beards though." Zi'on claps along with everyone else for the newest wingriders. "Well, that's that. Everyone help yourself to the food and drink!" That's where Zi'on is heading. He'll grab a drink, then sneak off to find Th'ero while Kiena cools down.

Th'ero takes the plate of food from Kimmila as it's pushed at him and can only shake his head, "I'd be careful…" he begins to murmur but then he simply goes quiet and smirks. He knows the bluerider is well aware of his sister's temper. But he's not about to sit still either, eager to put some distance from the crowd of folks and stretch his legs. So while she goes off to find Kiena, he's rising and heading to the drink table to exchange his wine for something a little stronger. So it would seem Zi'on won't have to hunt him down too far if the other Weyrleader breaks free.

"Bah, Rhabel. Fu—stuff him." The quick change of word-choice accompanies Rou'x elbow-bumping Ir'e. "You n' me've gotta go off on that island trip still, yeah? I'm holdin' y'too that, Thei, come thread 'r high water." Not to be outdone by the display on stage, Rou'x drags Keely to her feet then, sweeping her into her arms and cutting off any more words with a full-on smooch. When the need to breathe makes it necessary for them to part, she bumps her nose off the younger rider's, grinning. "Party f' two it is then, yeah? Ir'e's gonna hafta go get his on wi' broody-boy."

Kiena appears oblivious to the movement around her, focusing instead on getting her knot settled properly to her shoulder. It's also a good way for her to calm herself down a bit. She doesn't leave her seat, so the now-bluerider will be easily tracked down and cornered for some discussion. The timing couldn't have been better!

Kimmila is good at tracking, and she slides into the chair beside Kiena. "Hey, w- fellow Archipelago-ian," she says with a little smile. Damn, it's already awkward. "Um, congratulations. Good job punching Zi'on, too. I liked that. I got you something." And she digs into her pocket with her free hand, trying to grab the gift.

"Looks like you worked things out with Kiena?" drawls Elsia when Zi'on comes to the drink table, pouring her wine. "Pity," she adds. "I was going to claim on a more proper kiss if you were still on the outs with her." She winks at Zi'on, taking a drink of her wine. She nods politely to Th'ero when he approaches. "Weyrleaders," she says as both greeting and goodbye and wanders off to find less awkward conversation.

And now the spotlight again. Keely was not expecting that- she was expecting to be taken away for a good ravishing! Instead it's smooching in public. The bluerider turns a bit pink, but is soon giving in to the gesture, putting her arms around Rou'x's waist. When they part, she's a bit breathless, but manages a slight chuckle. "No brooding allowed in my weyr," she decides, detaching from the brownrider, but not pulling far away. "Two is fine by me, though maybe with that show, we could convince Kiena to join us," she jokes.

L'nan stands, applauding with everyone else at the final presentation of the newly graduated weyrlings. "Sure thing," he answers Elsia. "Can't be too hard to find us, we'll probably be by the desserts." he chuckles wryly, cheerful nature no doubt one of those permanent sugar highs all right. "Always willing to talk dessert." As the other Baker departs, the bluerider veers out from behind the chairs, headed for the serving table, to eel his way in and get two citrusy fruit drinks, more or less following Elsia as it is. Up on the stage, Enka just chuckles at Zi'on's words, and then abandons the stage for its lonesome, weaving through the crowd to claim one of those fruit drinks for herself. "Good group," she says, smiling broadly all around at anyone who happens to be at the table, leaning a little against L'nan's shoulder. "Great class, one of our best." And they're of Miraneith's linage. That makes them ever better.

Kiena starts again for the second time that night, but what did the teen expect? That's what she gets for not paying attention during a ceremony and the festivities afterwards. She eyes Kimmila almost warily and then her blue eyes dart past her, likely to see if a certain bronzerider was hovering nearby. Satisfied when she catches no glimpse of him. "Huh. Guess this does mean we're going to work together after all. Aren't you just lucky?" she drawls with just enough sarcasm to make one wonder if she's really being teasing or if she's trying to barb the other bluerider already. She snorts, "I would've slapped him, but that'd be a bit much in front of folks. Glad I could entertain though." And a bit awkwardly, she adds, "Ah, thanks…" Then she blinks and gives Kimmila a long, questioning look. "You did…?" Why?

Zi'on grins to Th'ero, pouring the bronzer a shot of what is most likely whiskey, knowing Zi'on. He raises his glass. "To family. And to new full-riders." He takes his shot. "I haven't seen you in a while. It's good of you to show up for Kiena though. I'm sure it means a lot to her." Zi'on turns to Elsia as she makes her way over. He chuckles. "Yeah, we did. Sorry. You were looking for a more proper kiss, eh? I would have thought you'd be looking for a punch, too. Anyways, I don't think another kiss would be a good idea. Maybe Th'ero wants a go, though." He thumbs to the other weyrleader, chuckling.

"Nah, Kee, I reckon she's gonna be too caught up wi' Zi'on t'want t'come." Whether Keely was joking or not, Rou'x does look over her shoulder to where their blueriding wingmate is. "Just you n' me. Wanna stop by mine t'get some booze?" A thoughtful moment of silence follows, in which she's communicating with her lifemate. "D'you mind givin' me a lift? Indy's a bit… caught up." Too busy twining necks! The brownrider curls her arm around Keely's waist, pulling the girl close to her side as she walks them off towards Geimhreath.

Whiskey or not, if it's strong and burns going down, it's good by Th'ero's standards. So he takes the offered shot from Zi'on, raising it. "To family," And then knocks it back, hardly grimacing as he swallows and then sets the empty glass aside. Unfortunately for Kimmila, he sets the plate down too so she may return to find the food gone. "Mhm, I've been… busy. A lot has been happening recently and I haven't had a chance to visit." he explains and he couldn't be farther from the truth. But now is neither the time or place to start dredging up grim business. Instead he simply quirks a brow up at the other Weyrleader's teasing and a glance is spared between him and Elsia, who gets a longer look when he doesn't recognize the baker. "I'm afraid I'll have to politely decline. No offence meant," he says, giving her a slight nod of his head and a vague smile. Zi'on however gets a narrowed look shot at him and whatever retort he was going to fire at him is never voiced. Enka's comment has caught his attention and he adds is own, "They did seem to be a strong group," Th'ero agrees with one of his slight smiles and a nod of greeting towards the Weyrwoman.

Kimmila smirks at Kiena, amused. "We might be working together," she says. Oooh, cryptic. She's been spending way too much time around Th'ero. "Very lucky," she adds, and she says it as fact, brisk and without much inflection. "Yeah, I did. Here," she says, finally digging the whatever-it-is out of her pocket and dropping it into Kiena's hand. "Careful, it's sharp. Um. Just so you know…I haven't forgotten. So, yeah. Let me know." Awwwwkward.

Elsia glances over her shoulder with a smirk. "The first one was a bad idea… And I haven't ruled out punching you just yet." Another sip of her wine. "None taken," she assures Th'ero. After that, she drifts a bit, seeing that Enka and L'nan have come this way, too. "Well, that didn't take long," she says to the two of them. "Time to party, hm?"

Kiena tilts her head slightly for the cryptic remark, but then shrugs it off. She'll try to puzzle out what Kimmila meant at another time. Because she soon has a gift being dropped into her hand and taking the other bluerider's warning to heart, she is careful. It takes only a moment for the teen to clue in and then she's staring up at Kimmila, almost incredulous in her surprise. "But I thought… I thought I blew that chance back in the jungles…" Awkward indeed! "So you mean it then?" And to hide her hope at the response, Kiena is glancing back down to the object that she carefully inspects and turns in between her fingers. Anyone can see that it's a stone arrowhead. Simple and a little strange a gift, but it obviously holds some meaning.

"We've had a lot of good weyrlings in the last couple of turns," Enka remarks, smiling warmly at Th'ero for a moment or two. "As you well know. I think, incompetent nuisances aside," — by which she clearly means Liora — we've had good dragons clutched and choose good people. I'm glad for that." Elsia's comment earns a grin from the goldrider. "Well it seemed like all the fun was over here, and I wasn't goin' to be stayin' on the stage by myself," she replies, sipping at her drink while L'nan inquires of the Baker woman, "What other kinds of desserts do you make, other than caramels?"

Zi'on fills Th'ero's glass and his own again, draining it. "Yeah. Things have been a little busy lately. Hoping they calm down though. Then we can spend some time catching up. I'll forgo bringing the troops to Fort next time I come to visit. Maybe I can convince Kiena to come with me, though." He grins to Th'ero and then to Elsia. "Sorry, love. You can punch me later. But I felt like you needed a little confidence boost." The bronzer fills another glass for Enka when she comes over, and her friend if he wants to drink. "Been happy with the weyrlings. Got some nice fertile golds here, and all."

Elsia smiles pleasantly and jokes, "You definitely weren't alone, and I dare say people will be talking about this graduation for awhile." She gives her attention to L'nan with a glance at the table. "Oh, well… I can make all the standard things, pies, tarts, cookies, pastries… My specialty is candy though. Hard candies are a favorite of mine. I recently perfected making a concentrated klah syrup, so I've been going a little crazy with that. I finally got a fudge to work out for me, so I'm quite excited about that." Yes, the little blond baker could go on forever. "And you? Besides the cream puffs, do you have a favorite dessert to make?"

Kimmila shrugs a bit, looking around and sipping her ale, not really looking at Kiena even though the younger bluerider is talking to her. "Well, we all make mistakes," she says absently. "Just don't do it again and we'll be fine. So yeah, I mean it," she says, finally darting a glance at the teen and smiling a little bit.

"I'm glad to hear that Western has had such good fortune with the clutches," Th'ero returns the remark, perhaps a bit too formally but then he's been known to be like that in his nature. He's not yet entirely familiar with the entire headache surrounding Liora, otherwise he'd likely sympathize as he's still dealing with similar situations. Then Zi'on is refilling his glass and Th'ero takes the second shot without hesitation and relative ease. "One can only hope it settles," he remarks dryly and cryptically. Oh, there is so much the Fortian Weyrleader has to fill the other in on and likewise Enka too most likely. At the mention of the troop, he snorts and does smile lopsidedly this time. "Why not? Could prove to be another entertaining night. So long as I'm not unknowingly talked into some bet against S'rorn's rather ah… interesting choice of dishes."

They've got citrusy fruit drinks. So no booze for the goldrider, although L'nan's more than happy to swap his glass for something a little stronger, continuing to chat with Elsia good-naturedly. "Sweetrolls," he answers, "special recipe from Igen." "And they're really good," Enka puts in before she smiles over at Th'ero with equal formality. "We've got good goldriders here," she remarks, "well, most of them, so we've had a great deal of luck with the quality of our clutches. Hopefully Fort will have the same kind of luck." she does give Zi'on a cheerful smile. "Very fertile golds indeed." Including Miraneith, all too soon.

Kiena doesn't exactly beam with happiness, but she does smile and for once it's not forced. "Thanks," she says simply to Kimmila. Anything more and it might just get awkward again. The arrowhead is pocketed safely and then she's rising to her feet, glancing about the thinning crowds. She does spot her brother then, with Zi'on by the drinking tables and rather then sauntering over to join them, she darts her gaze around anxiously and is obviously seeking some form of escape. "I'll… get in touch with you I guess. But I'm… I'm going to go mingle with the others. Congrats and all that stuff…" Then she's backing away and with a quick nod, hurries off. Whether or not she meant it is hard to say, but she's definitely gone off somewhere. So much for some family visit and reunion!

Kimmila gets to her feet as well, giving Kiena a fleeting smile. Yeah, awkward. "Okay then, yeah, bye." And then she's turning and striding back towards Th'ero (and Zi'on and Enka, too). "Where's the food?" she asks, slipping up beside her weyrmate and looping an arm around his waist, nodding her greetings to the Western weyrleaders.

Zi'on chuckles. "Well, gotta make every graduation worth remembering." Zi'on takes another drink before setting his glass down. "Heh. Well, I'm all for that. But I had such a horrible hangover the next morning. Plus I think you and I need to go some catching up, without Rorn and Ila, first." Yes, Zi'on just asked Th'ero out on a man-date. Deal, ladies! "If I ever see Rorn eat another chickenfoot it'll be too soon. The thought makes me ill." Zi'on spots Kiena heading… off someplace. "Well, I should go see if Kiena plans to castrate me. I'll see you all later." Zi'on gives everyone a nod and a wave, then follows off in the direction it looks like Kiena has gone.

"What makes them so special?" asks Elsia with a grin, teasing, "Sand?" Another drink of wine. She nods to Kimmila and smiles to her as she joins their little group. A hand flutters goodbye to Zi'on and then she leans to refill her glass.

"That's what you get when you drink as much as you did. Plus I had to drag your sorry drunken self into one of the empty rooms of the tavern. You /owe/ me for that, you know." Th'ero drawls, smirking but obviously teasing Zi'on for it. The Fortian Weyrleader was quite drunk himself that night. Good times, good times. "Ah, I see." Taking the hint, he gives a brisk nod. "I'll let you know then, when I've the time." And Faranth knows when that'll be. To Enka, Th'ero smiles back though it seems to falter a little at one point. "Thank you for the well wishes. So far, our clutches have been good…" Of the whole two laid over the Turns since he's been Weyrleader. Kimmila return has his gaze turning to her and he slips an arm around her waist only to blink at her question for a moment, features blank. Food? "Oh…shi?shards. I put the plate down…" And its gone, apparently. "We should be off anyhow," he murmurs and then turns to give Enka and Zi'on a slightly apologetic smile though the other bronzerider is already making his leave too. "Unfortunately I need to be off as well. Again, congratulations on another fine group of new riders. Hopefully I'll be able to visit Western sometime again soon…" But for now, time is up and with a few hasty nods, he turns to leave and walk back to wherever he left Velokraeth.

Kimmila looks a little surprised, "We're leaving? Um. Okay…" Clearly something has Happened. "Bye!" she manages to say to Enka, even though she lives here. And off they go!

"Trade secret," L'nan answers Elsia's teasing with a cheerful wink, tapping at the side of his nose with his finger. "Definitely not sand," he does clarify that, but then what else does Igen have so much of in abundance, BUT sand? "Couldn't tell you, secret recipe." He tapes another sip of his drink, winding his free arm around Enka's waist, the goldrider leaning companionably against him as she talks with the two Weyrleaders. "It's what you'd get for kissin' her like that in front of everyone," she teases Zi'on, wiggling her fingers in farewell at him as he disappears. "It can only get better," she has such words of wisdom for Th'ero. "Clutches and all," With all the departures, the goldrider drains off the last of her juice in a gulp. "Bye," she returns the words to Kimmila. "Well, this party's goin' to keep on goin'," Elsia's included in the comment, "but things might get more private." For a lot of people.

Elsia laughs at L'nan's answer. "Got a few of those myself. Maybe you'll let me try a few then, the next time you make a batch." She glances up at Enka as the comment is made and blushes a little. "Oh, yah.. well… Hey..cheers for being….one of the only single people here." She trails off awkwardly and then laughs at herself.

Enka giggles at the blushing Elsia. "Well look at it this way," the goldrider remarks, "you might be single, but it aint a reason why you can't enjoy it. Plenty of single folks around as it is. Just find a fellow or two." she winks cheerily. "Don't let it stop ya." Setting her glass aside, Enka takes L'nan's for him, placing it onto the drink table, as the bluerider comments to the Baker. "Sure, I'll save some for you." he tells her.

Elsia smiles. "I'll have fun," she reassures. "I always do." She takes a deep breath. "It was nice to meet you both, er, well, officially, anyway," in Enka's case. "I am going to go make the rounds and congratulate a few weyrlings. I'll catch up with you both later if you're still around."

"We'll be around," L'nan gives Elsia another one of those grins that only Bakers can have. "At least for a while." "Mmhmm," Enka nods in agreement before tilting her chin up towards the taller bluerider. "Think we can go get a plate or two of somethin' to eat? I'm starvin'." With a wave of farwell to Elsia, the goldrider lets L'nan steer her off through the crowd towards the nearby serving table, commenting along the way. "Goin' to eat /six/ of those cream pastries…" her voice trails off as they go.

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