Oysters and Complaints

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It is early in the evening yet, dusk settling over the weyr in a wash of orange and gold, with a cool wind from off the sea giving the air a tang. Amid the bustle Tanit pads in the direction of the weyrling barracks, a dive net slung over one shoulder, and a cheeky tune on her lips whistled in the air.

And what else comes with dusk but the end of lessons for the day! The last couple day have been devoted to working with mounted exercises that primarily involve putting straps on your dragon and riding them around the field as they walk in a circle. Baylee and her compatriots can now truly call themselves dragonriders even if they are not taking to the air just yet. Baylee is there on the field taking Myrakath's straps off so that the green can be more comfortable.

Sea-green eyes flick to the green and rider, watching silently for several minutes while the pair make their laps. Her trajectory alters staying at the fenceline and out of the massive beasts' path. "Seems like you walk away for a moment and they grow a mile in the time it takes to look back." Tanit will call to Baylee.

Baylee turns her head once her task is completed and lets the straps fall to the ground for a moment, "Hey Tanit." she calls back to her friend. "I know right. They seem to grow more and more everyday." She moves away from her green toward the dolphineer, "How has life been treating you?"

"Fine, have you seen Sev?" The lanky teen shifting her oyster net over her shoulder its contents still squirming. "I landed a really nice catch today, blue lipped oysters from further out in the bay, and I owed him some." Technically he owed her a steak dinner to go with them, but weyrlinghood is weyrlinghood.

The weyrlings seeing each other is something that is unavoidable. Sure they may go a day or so without bumping into a specific weyrling but as it stands she has seen Sev, "Yeah. Just saw him not that long ago. He's probably going to come out of the barracks eventually here if you have some time to kill." The weyrlings will need food and disperse throughout the weyr to get some. Baylee smiles, "I'm sure that he'll enjoy the gift."

Aedeluth is here, though not here here. Close enough to be considered part of the group that was working on the mounted walk. Not close enough to be considered part of the conversation. He's large enough by now that he kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, even without his obvious malformed leg. Sev though? Not immediately apparent, though a little looking will find him on the far side of the bronze, working at buckles or straps likely. The bronze's neck is craned around, and they seem to be conversing though no sounds pass between them. In the end, there is a huff from the beast as he swings his head forward again, and an affectionate sort of slap to the leg from the weyrling. Leathers slide off, are quickly coiled and hoisted onto his shoulder, and then S'van is making towards the barracks.

"She's moving well, you guys will be up in the air before you know it." Tanit grins at Baylee, "Oh no, not a gift. I - am not that nice." He'll owe her a steak later, to be accompanied with more oysters. Because she's not begrudging him that pleasure. Sea green eyes will assess the bronze, leg and all taking in a complete picture, and then there is Sev. "Hey Bronze boy. I brought oysters." Because what better than food to get anyone's attention. Baylee may be included in the invitation too, judging from the size of the sack.

Baylee can only smile when Tanit in characteristic Tanit fashion explains the nature of the 'gift', "I think you're fairly nice." She says with a light chuckle. At least thats how she's always struck her. "Sev." she calls out, "Look who is here and look what she brought." That probably will get Sevs attention real quick.

The 'bronze boy' call goes right over his head. Doesn't even register as being for him. The voice, though? And the words 'I brought oysters'? That definitely gets his attention. S'van's steps barely falter as he changes course and heads straight toward Baylee and Tanit, Aedeluth's coil of leathers heavy against him but ignored. He can put them away later. Right now? FOOD. "Oysters you said?" yes. Thinking with his stomach. Though he's not so distracted that he doesn't say, "Hey Tanit," and then, "Baylee," though he just saw her probably ten minutes ago at their lesson. Whatever. "Oh…" because that is a rather large haul. "Your dolphin friends helping you dive now?"

Tanit grins all teeth. "Their sonar is amazing, and I can go much farther now with them in the water. Plus one of the other apprentices helped because we were collecting specimens to test pearl seeding on." Long finger rake through disheveled hair as the dive suited dolphineer looks for a table to spread out the haul. "You have a new admirer by the way."

Bayleed did indeed only see him a short few minutes ago, but who is keeping track of things like that? "Dolphins do that?" There are many things that Baylee doesn't know about dolphins it seems, "Thats really amazing." Though when Tanit says that someone has an admirer she pauses and looks to Sev first and then back to Tanit, "I really hope you are talking about Sev." Because Baylee so doesn't want to hear that. "Though if it is Sev I'm all ears."

S'van knows nothing about dolphins except the bare basics, so all he can really say is, "That's cool," and show some genuine appreciation for their efforts by thoroughly enjoying the fruits of it. "Nice of that apprentice to help," and again. Heartfelt, if just because oysters are delicious and he is very hungry. "What's pearl seeding?" though he has less interest in this when the subject of an admirer comes up. There's an expression on his face, something between discomfort and confusion, and he looks at Baylee as if to say 'must be you' only to have her directing it back at him. Hm. "What? Who?" and then, a little more suspiciously, "What did I do?"

Tanit finds the open table, setting to work spreading the shells over it, and fishing her knife from the holster at her thigh. It's quick efficient work, and in a matter of moments the oysters are opened by the half-dozen, set on the table for consumption. "You take a little bit of the mantle tissue that creates the pretty colors of the shell and then stick it into another oyster where it will produce Nacre." It seems she has learned something new while away at Hall. "You saved a kid from falling out of a tree and cracking open his skull?"

Baylee is thankful that her gut feeling was right, "Good." Sev is the safe admiree. "There's a kid who you saved?" she quickly asks Sev. Well duh. Clearly he did but she's curious to hear the details. Meanwhile she looks at all those lovely oysters and takes one from the pile to eat! Saving a trip to the caverns is good!

Technical terms go right over S'van's head. But he'll take her word for it. "Cool." Because what else is he going to say? He follows Tanit like a hungry puppy, casting glances at Baylee as she tags along, as if to ask 'who would admire me?'. And then a quick "Oh," for the child rescue. "Well. Uh, no. Not really?" He leans a hip against the table, preferring to stand at this point in time. The cracking of oysters is watched with interest, and he's very soon reaching for one. "Unless you count being the unfortunate landing zone for a falling kid. Then yeah, sure. I rescued him." Oyster downed rather rapidly, a content expression settles over him as he relaxes against the table. "Who told you?"

"The kid did." Tanit laughs, grinning as both Baylee and Sev begin digging into the oysters. "I tried to drown him, and did not succeed." She is probably kidding right? "What about you guys, anything exciting going on?"

The story isn't all dramatic, but still its a good thing Sev was there, "Good job." She says to her fellow weyrling before giving a smile to Tanit, "I've got to go check on something with Myra. I'll leave you to the oysters." She will take a few for the road though.

"Ekese," says S'van, supplying the name easily. "Nice kid. Glad he didn't get hurt." And then a lifted hand for the fleeing greenrider, a quick, "By Baylee," as she vanishes off to do whatever it is she is going to do. Hm. A shrug, a quick, "more for me," as he goes for another. "Please don't tell me you threw him into the ocean?" though his voice has just enough humor in it to believe she wouldn't actually do such a thing. Unless the kid could swim. As for what is exciting? There's a brief stiffness to his shoulders and he glances towards where Aedeluth has gotten himself settled. "Not exactly exciting right now," he replies, the humor a bit forced. "Just Aedeluth and I, learning how to be decent cripples in a world made for perfect people." Yeah. That is bitter sarcasm there. Poorly executed, but there.

Tanit waves to the departing greenrider as well, grinning as the oysters are taken for the road. "He enjoyed it, and got to play with dolphins and a swim lesson." She isn't completely evil, after all. Only mostly. The comment has her brows pulling together, a crease forming between them. "Sev, just because he has a limp - It only means that you two have to work a little harder." She rolls her eyes at the words 'perfect people.' "There isn't a perfect person in this world, and I will deck you if you try to say otherwise."

"Kids on an island really ought to know how to swim." It's either admonishment for the fact that Ekese didn't already know, or approval for Tanit teaching him. Really hard to tell, honestly. S'van downs another oyster, working through his share as if they were going out of style. "Tell that to Sundari," he murmurs, voice flat. "The way she and Irkevalath act, Aedeluth is a fragile doll that might break in half if they were to allow him to actually struggle at something." A hand goes wagging towards the bronze as he continues, "She cuts our lessons short, because she thinks he's hurting. But she doesn't get it; he always hurts. He can't walk without some sort of pain. It's just what he has to deal with. And he IS dealing with it." A snort. "Do you know how embarrassing it is, for him? To hear Irk call him out and tell him to take a break, like he's some sort of delicate flower incapable of living up to expectations?"

"Well I'm working on that. I just keep finding the ones that didn't learn." Tanit snorts, but she falls quiet to listen, continuing to shell the last of the oysters and only partaking when they are all cleaned. "It's their job to do what they think is protecting you two, even if they are wrong in the way they choose to do so." She falls quiet once more, listening, another oyster downed as she does. "Is Irk reacting to Pain that Aede might be unintentionally broadcasting, or do you think it is just because he moves with a limp?" Looking to the bronze now, as though she might be able to see through that hide and muscle.

"I don't really know," says S'van honestly. "He's not broadcasting his pain, from what I can tell. Usually he doesn't even have any red in his eyes. It's kinda like… I dunno. You know when you get really stiff muscles, so it hurts to walk? It's not like it's gonna make you cry or something, but it's kinda painful. That's kinda what it's like." He crosses his arms over his chest, shifting a little in how he leans against the table, ignoring the oysters (WHAT?!) for the moment. "I think they just see a limping bronze dragon and automatically assume that he shouldn't be doing whatever it is that makes him limp. The problem is that he will… always limp. So how does that work? How is he supposed to get stronger, if no one will let him push the limits a little?" A scowl, and now one hand unwinds to snag an oyster off the table in an angry swipe of his hand.

Tanit does not stop eating the oysters, they are oysters. You do not stop eating them just because weyrlingmasters frustrate you, it is just something you do not do. "Have you thought about water therapy? I mean the staff is going to issue orders, and could hold you back but maybe if you added extra drills with something that is low impact on his leg, but will ultimately develop the muscle better they might not fight you on it."

There's a Fascath before a Catwin ever shows up. She's walking slowly along. More tired than anything, but she atches the tail end of things. "I think they'll fight on it because well, they are them and Aed is who he is." she murmurs. "Maybe, they'll fight. Maybe Aed should fight back and prove to them he's just as good, if not better than everyone else." she says sounding a tad bit grumpy. Course she was up past everyone else, tossing and turning, and then up before everyone else as well. Not a good night. But shhh.

"I could try," says S'van of the water therapy, though there is a bit of doubt. "The problem, though, is that his muscle isn't really gonna… develop." And here Sev just kinda shrugs in a defeated sort of way. "So if that's what they want, we've already lost. But it's worth trying, if just to appease them." Maybe. "The other part is just… well. I told you in the letters about Aede. He's proud. He doesn't like being looked down on. The Weyrlingmasters making him sit on the sidelines while Myrakath gets to parade around all willy-nilly? It kills him. It makes him so mad, I can barely hold him back-" and here comes Catwin and Fascath, and he straightens just a little, finally eating that oyster in his hand. "Hey Cat," for a greeting, and then a little bit of a smirk. "He is. Or he's trying to. But then we just get grounded, and kicked out of lessons…" Woe is him. "Either we do as we're told, and Aede and I get in trouble because he blows a blood vessel out of anger, or we fight them and get in trouble because now we're disobedient." All the woe.

"So pick the one you can live with." Tanit notes, gesturing to the oysters for Catwin, and eating another herself. "Sometimes you just have to look at everything and say to hell with the consequences and pick the path that will leave you with the fewest regrets Sev." She shrugs, "I mean if you are screwed either way you may as well pick the way that is going to be more fun or profitable."

Catwin pulls up a seat. She really doesn't want to be standing anymore than she has too. Oysters are eyed and then she shakes her head "I ate." she says. Or did she? Hmm. Not the point, onwards. "Well, you could always suggest surgery, Course that could make things worse too, something of scar tissue and all." she frowns a little "Well what about tying the leg up so he can't use it? Like put a stirrup in his straps or something. Get him going around like a three legged canine. Faranth knows they let a missing leg stop them. Though I suppose that won't help when flying comes up, but for the moment?"

There is a sullen look from the bronzer weyrling. He wants to sulk abit, OK? Let him sulk. But S'van does reach out for another oyster, taking it just as Catwin declines them. There's a long exhale, but no verbal response to Tanit's suggestions. Clearly, this is not something that will be answered today. As for Catwin's suggestion? "Eh… I'm not sure surgery would do anything? I mean, the problem is that the muscle just isn't there. Or it's not right, if it is. I don't think they can add muscle in?" Can they? "I do appreciate the suggestions. And Aede and I are not backing down." A huff, and another oyster grabbed and devoured. "Maybe we'll try your water therapy. If they'll even let us out into the dangerous ocean," and yeah, that last part is just a little bit rude and sarcastic. Tying up the leg? Sev considers this rather seriously. "I dunno if Sundari would go for that… I could suggest it to her, though. I mean, he's more than able to get around on three, right? And once they're flying he'll be fine."

"That would cause it to atrophy worse, and might result in amputation." Tanit notes, with a nose wrinkle. "It's just better if he learns how to use it." She snorts for the ocean being dangerous. "Not for a dragon his size, not if you stay in the lagoon." But she finishes the last oyster she intends on eating and props her chin up.

Catwin ponders and then shakes her head, what was it Baylee said? Oh yeah. "Easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission? I mean if they're not wanting to compromise, then don't give them the opportunity?" Yeah, cranky Cat. "Well, I know in people they've managed to remove one muscle or was it tendon in the leg or something and put it elsewhere. No idea about the possibility in a dragon. I started getting lost as I tried to examine a bit more of the anatomy past the basics. " She looks at Tanit "Oh, I don't mean all the time. Just say during lessons and all." she then shrugs "Or, well. It's a dumb idea." Yup, definitly cranky.

And there go his hopes that making Aede a three-legged dragon would somehow be the answer. Oh well. "Yeah yeah," to Tanit and all her logic. But the lagoon and the ocean? "I was mostly teasing," he explains. "I can't imagine anything could sweep Aede away. He's bigger than a cothold." Not quite, but the point is made. He's huge. As for surgery and moving muscles and tendons? The growl rumbling from the curled-up bronze just over yonder really does not need much of a translation, though Sev will provide one by saying, "He says no, thanks," though surely Aedeluth had a much less polite way of saying it. "Maybe we'll do both," he decides. "Water therapy, because maybe it will help. And maybe it'll appease the weyrlingmasters. But if we really want to get ahead, then Aede and I are gonna just have to put in the work when no one else is around." i.e. after hours. Yay for rule breaking.

"You guys will figure something out." Or else Aede will destroy the weyr in fire and brimstone. Everything works out for everybody. Either way. Tanit is getting up and stretching slowly. "I've got duties to tend to, but I will see you guys around maybe?"

Catwin glances at Tanit and then nods a little. Cranky or not she does enjoy Tanits company and all. "I hope it's a yes instead of a maybe." she notes quietly. "Don't see you near enough as I'd like." Whereas she see's more of some then she would.

"Bye, Tanit." S'van finishes his last oyster before lifting his hand towards the departing dolphineer, a little salute given her with the shell still in hand. "I'd better get these put away," he decides, reaching down and gathering the leather riding straps he'd laid aside in favor of friends and food. "I'll see ya later, Cat," as he heads for the barracks.

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