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Windswept Cliff
The tangled growth of the jungle gives way to a rather exposed outcrop of rock; sheer stone walls dropping away suddenly from the island's edge to the sunlit waters of the lagoon below. Exposed to the tropical breeze, this patch of old volcanic rock is barren and utterly lifeless — nothing can grow in the heavy stone and the sun beats down upon the places where the cliff face has sheared away, too unmerciful for too long throughout the day. Getting too close to the edge could be dangerous, the fall isn't a very long one, but bellyflopping onto the surface of the water might be painful and best avoided. With the jungle trees and vines too thick to move in either direction, the only way off this rocky cliff is to go back the way one came.

The exposed and barren rock of this cliff edge is unbearable in the sun and heat of the day, but the day has dwindled to dusk and the sun is setting low, sky tinged pink and orange, blue and purples. The rock continues to emit heat though, though it's bearable and a cooler breeze comes up from the waters far, far below. Very few of the candidates have ever wandered here. With only the jungles bordering the one edge, there is not much to see here or to do. So it's no surprise that Kelthero has picked it as another of his "retreat" spots to escape the others when he gets into one of his more anti-social moods for large gatherings. He sits cross-legged as close to the cliff edge as he dares, the edge a safe distance to one side of him and the jungle leading back to the other. Around him are some bundled leaves, one open in front of him and showing it's contents to be none other then his share of the dinner they no doubt all had a part in hunting and gathering. But he's only idly picking at the food, his thoughts seeming distant as his head turns and he gazes over the waters.

Jeyinshi /should/ be eating food with the rest of the candidates. In fact, she should be making quite a dent in their food supply at the moment, but for some reason she isn't. The dolphineer isn't even in the sea or at the lagoon. Instead, Jey is pushing through the jungle at a medium pace, idly making her way around the trees and vines before finally emerging onto the cliff. A pleasant shiver runs down her spine as she kicks off her sandals and steps bare-footed onto the sunwarmed rock. There's nothing secretive or quiet about her movements, but neither is she loud, making just enough noise to let her presence be known. It isn't until the dolphineer moves over and sits cross-legged next to the guard that she speaks, breaking into a smile. "Spent too long with people in too close quarters lately, huh?"

Kelthero has probably heard Jeyinshi approaching the moment she got to the edge of the forest, but he doesn't let on that he has. In fact, it isn't until she's settled in next to him and speaks that he finally draws his gaze away from the hypnotizing waters below. "You know me too well." He muses, lips curving up into a half-smile in return. He idly gestures with his hand to the food, unwrapped and wrapped alike. "Help yourself." He offers, not bothering to ask if she's hungry or had eaten. Shifting a little, he shuffles so that he is facing Jeyinshi, his back facing more of the cliff's edge. For a moment, silence reigns as he lapses back into thought, but then he gives her a curious look. "What brings you up here? Escaping too? I figured you'd be down with the rest having dinner."

"Mmm, how many times have the both of us said that now?" She grins and leans back a bit, leaning on one hand for support before grabbing a few berries with her other hand. In quick succession they're popped into her mouth and swallowed. Kelthero's shift is noticed, but the dolphineer doesn't move, simply looking out over the water for a few moments before turning to him with a shrug and bit of a smile. "Sometimes I'm not always cutout for the party atmosphere either. Besides…Sungie was wondering where you'd gone off to." Of course, Jey hadn't seen Sungie since they'd come to the island, but it was easier to say things via her dolphin than by herself.

"Too many to count." Kelthero muses again, chuckling softly. As Jeyinshi helps herself to some berries, the former guard picks at some fish, eventually taking a few bites before his attention returns back to the dolphineer. He makes no further moves either - not yet anyways. "Really?" he says, brows rising a little in surprise. "I guess we all need a break at some point. Most of them are easy enough to get along with. It's the whiners I can't stand or the dim witted ones. Shells, I'm surprised we haven't lost anyone yet." He grumbles, sighing a little. Seems like he's been stuck with the latter ones for most of the day. At the mention of Sungie, he smiles, though he no doubt suspects something more from that remark and gives Jeyinshi a long look before chuckling again. "Well, you tell him then that I've missed him too." He says, though his gaze is locked right on the dolphineer, head tilting a little as he waits to gauge her response.

Once her handful of berries are finished, the dolphineer doesn't move to take anymore food but instead tilts her head back, staring up at the darkening sky and listening to his explanation with a nod. "That sort of complaining really does get annoying. For me. It's the teenagers. The last time I hung around so many was when I was teaching. Forgot how tiring it could be." With a small sigh, Jey brings her head back down, meeting the ex-guard's gaze and holding it surprisingly well for quite a bit. As soon as he speaks though, Jey is gazing back up at the sky and a sudden tension in her stance is more than apparent. "I'm sure….I'm sure he'll be very happy about it." Now Jeyinshi is looking anywhere but at the guard, Sungie no longer being enough to hide behind.

While Jeyinshi is busily staring up at the sky, Kelthero is busily continuing to stare at her, a thoughtful look still on his features though it's beginning to change to something else. "It is tiring, but sadly there's not much we can do. At least there are a few places to escape to where they won't go willingly on their own." He admits with a smirk, though there's a hint of some suggestion in his tone, though he gives her no further clues. Instead, when she looks back to him, he only smiles warmly. But it falters a little when she tenses and looks away and Kelthero looks almost frustrated, though he's quick to mask it. Carefully, he reaches out with a hand to touch her arm, should she let him and not withdraw. "Jey." He says in a low tone. "Will you stop hiding from me?" he asks, slowly shuffling ever so slightly closer. Seems like he's done playing the game for now - no doubt only because they're so secluded here.

Jeyinshi lets out a small snort at his tone. The joke certainly hasn't flown over her head. "Like the monument? Quality location right there." Her teasing tone falters slightly as she sees the hand moving towards her. Jey herself doesn't move though, simply allowing it to rest and staring at it for a few moments. "I'm not…I'm not hiding. It's just….embarassing." The dolphineer lets out a frustrated sigh and the way she's looking at /herself/ the subject of frustration is a bit obvious. "I don't…I don't remember how to act or feel in this kind of situation. It's been /turns/ since I've been in a….relationship." The word itself seems a bit hard for her to get out an she sort of shakes her head. "The last one I had was before the accident. But after it…I just can't /remember/."

Kelthero snorts slightly. "Might not be a cheery place, but it's guaranteed to be quiet. Aside from you, Kiley and Patori, I've seen so few venture up that far or stay for long." He admits, no doubt giving away another hint that that has been a "hiding" spot of his too. When his touch isn't rejected, Kelthero relaxes a little himself, keeping his hand where it is and only giving it a very gentle and reassuring squeeze. Carefully, he moves again, all but closing the gap between them though he doesn't quite go as far as pulling her to him. He leaves that for her to decide, it would seem and instead tilts his head, watching Jeyinshi carefully as she vents some frustrations. Kelthero waits a few moments, letting the silence settle in again before he carefully chooses a reply. "It's okay, to be embarrassed or not exactly know what to feel or what to do. I'm not exactly a master at this either." The last of his statement is said in a joking tone, though he quickly sobers back to seriousness. "Then don't remember. Just go with it." He suggests, smiling and almost, /almost/ looking openly hopeful.

Obvious hint or not, Jeyinshi does manage to pick up on it and shoots the ex-guard a quick smile. "The last time we were all up there, it didn't go quite smoothly anyhow. Don't know if even they'd go up there too often." As he moves closer, the dolphineer watches him carefully, but doesn't move away. The little space left is considered for a few moments, and then Jey slowly moves to the side. She leans against him lightly, putting almost no pressure into it, tension still apparent. "I'd be rather put off if you /were/ a master at the love game." The dolphineer laughs a bit awkwardly, but the sound is quick to fade as she considers his words. "Right. Just…..go with it. Like swimming in the sea. Just get carried along." Jey finally looks up then, her lips curling up into a faint smile.

Kelthero frowns and smirks a little, but his tone is still amused. "Oh, I remember well enough. And maybe they don't, but I was just pointing it out, all the same." When Jeyinshi does lean into him, he relaxes though she remains tense. Carefully and always slow, to give her the opportunity to evade or stop him, he slips an arm around her loosely, shifting his own body so that she could rest against him comfortably should she ever relax enough to do so. Awkward laugh or no, the guard laughs a little himself. "You've nothing to worry there, honest." And judging by the way he glances down to her to meet his gaze, it's most likely true. He then chuckles. "Exactly. Though I won't force you, you have to remember that." There's another quiet pause and then a soft half-smile. "If ever you want me to back off, just say it and I will."

Jeyinshi snickers, "I should go up there during the day. It might be a bit more pleasant. And no, I won't take a nap there either. Promise." Perhaps it's the banter or maybe the dolphineer is slowly getting used to things, whatever the reason, the dolphineer relaxes just the slightest bit and lets her head fall down on his shoulder. Hardly enough to be fully free of tenion, but the change is certainly there. The ex-guard's comment earns a quick laugh, but the following words earn a rather serious nod. "No. I know you wouldn't. You aren't that kind of…." Jey's words trail off and her head snaps up as he continues and she gives a rather emphatic shake of her head. "If by back off you mean leave then that's a definite no." That may be the one thing she's been most clear about this entire time.

"The jungle is pretty thick. Even in broad daylight, it's dim up there, though it's kind of a surreal beauty if you're not afraid." Kelthero murmurs, though he's quick to snort in amusement again over the promise. "Good. Stick to napping in the hammocks. Or /near/ them at least." As Jeyinshi finally relaxes enough to rest against him, Kelthero all but grins and savors the moment for as short as it may be. It's a little change, yes, but the guard doesn't push it any further. "No, I'm not. I'm too holdbound for that." He agrees, though he sounds like he's teasing…himself? When she suddenly glances back up to him and shakes her head, Kelthero only laughs, giving her a reassuring squeeze by pulling her close for a second and then quickly easing off his hold. "That's not what I meant. I meant if you want to slow down at anytime."

There's something inside Jey that seems to slowly be cracking, changing at a slow, but steady pace. The reassuring words are met with a flood of relief in the woman's features, the tension almost disappearing as she lets out a soft laugh. "Don't worry. I'm craftbred anyhow." She leans back against him, dropping her head down. But this time, her hand also moves, sliding on around his back in a sort of a half hug if he isn't quick to move away. "I'd tell you if you were. But we haven't done much of anything for me to ask you to slow down."

Kelthero relaxes fully, probably one of the few times he ever does, and simply settles himself more comfortably against her and no doubt welcoming Jeyinshi's half hug with a bit of a surprised look, but in the end it changes to happiness (which is another rare expression for him). Suddenly, he's laughing again, glancing down at Jeyinshi as he does. "No, we haven't…" he muses, letting that sentence drop almost as soon as he voiced it. For a moment, he sounds almost regretful, but good humor wins out. "We had some bad timing, I think. I mean, you were Searched not long after we last saw each other and then I followed next." There's a bit of a snort then and he shakes his head a little, finally breaking his gaze from Jeyinshi long enough to glance out over the waters again, frowning a little. "Kind of hard to do anything when your rank forbids it." And here Kelthero does sound clearly frustrated - at what, exactly, he doesn't explain further.

Jeyinshi smiles happily for a few seconds, content to just sit there. When Kelth starts voicing his frustration, Jey really can't help but to let out a bit of hers instead. "If the Hall hadn't gotten so sharding busy right after Search it would have been nice." There's a bit of a frustrated sigh before she sits up a bit, giving him a sidelong glance. "It's not as if being candidates makes us completely incapable of anything though…." It may be the seclusion of the area, or perhaps the fact that the two finally got a bit of a moment to themselves, whatever the reason, that crack in Jey's wall is growing bigger and it's driving something in her. The dolphineer suddenly looks the ex-guard right in the eye and leans in a few inches just as she snakes a hand out and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. In a quick, jerky movement, the dolphineer suddenly pulls him forward, their lips colliding in a rather abrupt manner.

Wandering. Kiley has been doing a lot of that lately, the wandering. That is what brings the woman out towards the cliff, walking in a rather leisurely pace towards a place of interest, namely the ledge. But, she doesn't make it there as her gaze is focusing on two figures in front of her. Namely a Jeyinshi kissing a Kelthero. There's a coloring of cheeks and then she's quickly turning in attempts to avoid watching the scene as private as it is. The momentum of the turn has her stumbling over her feet, tripping over a branch and effectively tumbling into a bush with a loud cry of protest and the notable snapping of branches.

"At least they let you still do your Craft duties." Kelthero points out, perhaps looking a little envious. He's no doubt been missing his familiar routines and duties among the guards and being weyrbound and then bound to this island has probably not settled entirely well with the candidate. Jeyinshi's next remark earns her a curious side-glance. "It doesn't? But the rules were explained that we we're not…" The rest of the sentence is cut off, however, partly due to Kelthero being startled when the collar of shirt is grabbed and mostly because Jeyinshi is suddenly kissing him. The shock doesn't last long though and no doubt the evening atmosphere on the cliffs, with the sky rapidly darkening to nightfall as the sun sets and the seclusion has him relaxed enough to simply not fight it. As abrupt as the kiss was, Kelthero is returning it, the arm he had around Jeyinshi tightening its hold on her. And then the mood is disturbed by a loud cry and the snapping of branches and instantly, Kelthero is on his feet, uttering a curse and while his hold on Jeyinshi is broken, he stays close even when moving a little in front of her. "Who's there?" he calls out, notably annoyed but judging by the redness of his cheeks and neck, there's more then just annoyance there.

Jeyinshi pulls back from Kelthero, wide-eyed and startled at the sudden commotion coming from behind them. While Kelth gets to his feet, Jey remains sitting, instead reaching to grab onto the hem of his pants almost involuntarily. There isn't any sign of reddening or anger, but she /is/ breathing a bit quickly and slightly tensed in surprise. Her goal seems to be acting normal because this would apparently minimize embarassment. And following with her little charade of normality, the dolphineer lets out a soft, but awkward, chuckle. "Umm, I think….well, I think I sort of know that voice…."

There's the rustling of the bush and the sound of more branches breaking from the weight of having a human body literally tucked into it. "I'm sorry! I was looking for Stella version two because version one wasn't staying put." Kiley cries out softly. Jeyinshi better know that voice. The computer crafter whimpers softly, "my hair is tangled up in the bush." Poor little computer crafter is like a turtle caught on her back. If there were turtles on Pern, at least.

Kelthero isn't thinking clearly enough to act normal or even consider using the same tactic Jeyinshi is. The former guard is frustrated (in more ways than one now), startled and no doubt a little panicked at the thought of someone being in the jungle. He's so tensed and so focused on glaring down the jungles that he's unaware of Jeyinshi's hold on him - until he goes to shift his weight. When he glances back and see's how calm she is, that seems to bring him down a few notches. "You do?" he says. "Who is it then?" But then the answer is given to him not from

Jeyinshi, but from the bushes. For a moment, he frowns, puzzled and quietly mouthing the name "Stella" and then recognition strikes. "Oh shells." He breathes, before calling out. "Kiley?" And then he's glancing back to Jeyinshi for confirmation before he gestures for her to join him as he heads over to where the computer crafter is caught.

"You were looking for /what/? Who in Faranth's name is Stella?" The dolphineer attempts to place this name and apparently fails rather miserable, still a bit disoriented from the entire incident. "Kiley. It's Kiley." Jey chuckles softly and wanders after Kelthero and over to the bushes. Crouching down, the dolphineer delicately takes the tangled bit into hand and attempts to get the offending branch away. Despite her calm demeanor, there still seems to be a bit of shock, her breathing still not completely back to normal. "Oh shards Kiley, why're you so startled…." Is there a bit of grumbling in the dolphineer's tone? Perhaps, but it's hardly noticeable.

Kiley's eyes are closed and she's certainly not looking towards her rescuers. There's a soft murmur of thanks as Jeyinish helps her untangle her hair from the branches. "Well, I was walking and there was this bug on the ground. It was rather huge and I got scared because it was so big." She opens her eyes to peek at the dolphineer. "And well, that was it, really. A giant bug. I don't like bugs." There's a soft cough and she quickly moves to the next branch to try and free the rest of her hair. Kelthero is also given a look, an apologetic smile upon her lips before it takes a more sheepish turn.

"I'm going to assume it's another crawler to match with Stan." Kelthero offers as explanation to Jeyinshi, though he seems just as eager to hear it from Kiley. Because he's hoping it's true and they weren't, in fact, being spied on. As Jeyinshi crouches down and already begins to try and untangle Kiley, Kelthero lingers close, hovering over the two of them. He's calmed enough now to only seem slightly on edge, the redness in cheeks and neck now fading as he regains control. "Are you okay?" he finally asks, grimacing a little when he notices how tangled she is. That's when she notices she's not looking at him or Jeyinshi and suspicion sinks in. "Oh, I think I know why." He mutters shortly after Jeyinshi's grumbled question. But then Kiley is mentioning bugs and the former guard chuckles, simply shaking his head and not denying her story.

"I see. Does this giant bug also have a name?" Instead of grumbling at this bit of a story, the dolphineer is sounding steadily more amused. Ones strand of hair freed, the dolphineer moves onto another, working quite quickly to free the poor computercrafter. After a few seconds though, Jey really can't help but burst into a fit of laughter at this state and she sort of pats Kiley's head. The computercrafter and dolphineer are taking turns playing mother hen to each other? That certainly seems to be the case. "I really wish we could have recorded that moment though. Once the initial shock is gotten over, it was pretty funny actually." Stan? Jey simply shakes her head and sits cross-legged on the ground, working at untangling. "They're not planning on taking all the crawlers back to the Weyr are they?"

"Stella was for Stan." Kiley offers in response to Kelthero's explanation. "You can't just take any crawler, they have to want to stick around. Stella version one didn't." The computer crafter sighs softly, "I remember seeing another few that were nice over in this area earlier." His askance of her well being is met with a slight nod. "I'm fine. A little scratched but nothing horribly damaging." Her nose wrinkles at Jeyinshi, "I don't name gross bugs…" The laughter from the dolphineer only earns a blush from the computer crafter, entirely embarrassed by the whole situation. And when she's free, she's wiggling herself out of the bush. "Thank you, Jey. I don't want that moment recorded. That was embarrassing…" Her hands lift to run fingers through her hair, sighing softly. "No. Just one. Stan is in my room in the Weyr."

Kelthero simply remains where he is, standing over the two of them and trying not to block what light there is left from the setting sun. In fact, he's giving the sky a wary glance before he's looking back to both candidates. Then he's giving Jeyinshi a bit of a disbelieving look. Funny moment? He seems to consider that and must agree, since he's soon laughing softly. Embarrassment is still there, but it's being craftily hidden for now. "Better Kiley then anyone else. I'd rather not spend my evening chasing some gossip half way across the island and then threatening them into silence." He muses in a teasing tone. Or… is he teasing? Then he frowns a little, watching as Kiley wriggles herself free. "Well, good to know you're not hurt. What possessed you to hunt for ah… Stella version two is it? … at this time of the day?" Now it's his turn to grimace, only this time it seems to be at the mention of bringing tons of crawlers back, rather then just the one. "Ugh. No! Don't give them ideas. Weyr has enough bugs and crawling things. Don't need to be bringing back hoards of 'em."

"Kiley….are you trying to BREED the crawlers?" The dolphineer looks quite weirded out by this concept but shrugs. She was strange to, definitely had no right to judge. "I guess Stan would be lonely. Would he get along with a guy crawler? Hmm. I wonder…." Jey trails off, following along that line of thought for a little bit before standing and brushing herself off with a small chuckle. "Don't worry about it. I've seen far more embarassing things back at the Hold." Unpleasant things that Jey wrinkles her nose at. Don't give them ideas? Too late. Jey still seems to be a bit less embarassed at the whole incident than Kelthero. "There….I mean, it can't be too much to gossip about?"

"Gossip? I don't gossip." Kiley states firmly, considering the guard with a careful look. "They're easier to find at night, sometimes. I think the females tend to be out more during the night. But, I can't tell you for sure because it isn't a fully conducted research project that I've done." A firm shake of her head, "no. I have no intention to bring back more than Stella version two." Jeyinshi's question is given a shake of her head. "No. Not at all, I simply thought he would get along better with a female rather than another male. Males tend to be competitive in nature." Fingers continue through her hair, resettling the position before peeking at the two again. "We don't have to gossip about me falling into the bush."

Kelthero gives Jeyinshi a long look when she mentions having seen things that cannot be unseen. But it's her suggestion of Kiley actually breeding crawlers that has the shocked look crossing his face. "Shells. First Patori with his spiderclaw and now crawler breeding?" he says, shaking his head in disbelief but he chuckles all the same, knowing it not to be true. When Kiley explains though, the former guard simply grins but focuses on another topic - one that he's still a little edgy over. "I know you're not a gossip." He says before giving her a thoughtful look. "No word about what you saw and we …" and he gives Jeyinshi a look, no doubt seeking her agreement, "… won't say a thing about the bush. Fair enough?" To Jeyinshi, he smiles and shrugs his shoulders. "I don't think there's much to gossip anyhow. But I'd still rather not have some of the other candidates find out or… any riders." He admits, embarrassment creeping up. Seems he'll take teasing from them but not the rest of the candidate group.

"Won't breeding be inevitable if they're both in the same cage though? It's not like you can make either one of them sterile." Jey is /not/ enjoying this idea one bit. Not that she hates crawlers. But the thought of many many baby crawlers…..The dolphineer shudders just thinking about it. And then she chuckles, perhaps teasing about this whole thing after seeing the other two's reactions. "Oh. I forgot about that. But uh, let's just all say that no one saw anything here. We're alll just here to see the sunset. Nothing suspicious happened at all. No one finds out. This is already embarassing enough."

"Not purposeful breeding, Kelthero. If it happens, then it happens." Kiley states with an idle shrug of her shoulders, offering a smile. "Then we won't worry about seeing anything. Because there was nothing that was seen by anyone." The computer crafter repeats after Jeyinshi, leaving it at that alone before she's tilting her head. Mouth opens and then closes about the crawlers and then she shakes her head. "Well, uhm. I suppose we could head back now. Or, you two can stay out here…." A look to the pair before she's starting to shuffle her way back.

Kelthero only gives one last grimace over the idea of breeding, purposeful or accidental, and a quickly muttered "Whatever you say. I still don't like it much." And then he's nodding his head in agreement, relief evident on his expression. "Then it's settled. We were just out enjoying the last of the evening." Purely innocent. And then Kiley's starting to shuffle back down the trail, but not before she drops that hint. Kelthero looks tempted, flashing a quick grin to Jeyinshi before clearing his throat. "Ahh. Maybe it's high time we head back too? It is getting dark." He frowns a little, realizing how lame that excuse seems. But he gives her a curious look, no doubt waiting for her reply.

Jeyinshi chuckles softly before finally dropping the prospect of crawler breathing. "Yeah. I'm getting hungry anyways." As if to emphasize this fact, her stomach lets out a pretty noticeable growl and she clutches at it, slightly embarassed. "Uhh. That was a wild animal in the jungle. But, let's go…" And with quick strides the dolphineer is heading back towards the beach. Nothing interesting has happened today. Nothing at all.

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