Trouble in Paradise

Despite the pirate problems plaguing the Western seas, for many sweeps have been just as unremarkable as always, causing laziness and inattentiveness amongst the wing. When this is combined with personal tension, even a normally pleasant sweeps partnership can seem long, tedious, and downright horrible. This afternoon, as Rubkat begins its descent over the Western oceans, finds a pair of normally cheerful blueriders a dragonback, out over the Western ring, D'ana at least silent as he stares almost unseeing down at the water below.

Taira is, to put it bluntly, bored. There's only so much flirting a girl can do without response before she gives up, for a little while at least. So instead she's letting her mind wander while the dragons and D'ana do the looking. Voice raised to carry the distance across to her partner she calls, "I think I'll cut my hair again." just for the sake of having something to say.

Its a easy pace that the pair set, gliding out over the water, small islands seem even smaller beneath them, green and brown set against the blue field below. Haezynth dips a wing slightly, shifting his direction, D'ana's eyes finally pulled upwards to look across the distance at Taira. "*I* don't mind if you do." He offers, surprisingly passive agressive for the bluerider, his attention shifting back to the water.

Taira's reply is a simple roll of her eyes, "Might want to check your buttons, your jealousy's showing." Deliberately she urges Bhezuth a little away from the other blue pairing, increasing the distance and going back to contemplating finding a beach she can slack off on. A glance to D'ana and she shakes her head, immediately dismissing the idea. With a slightly exaggerated sigh she looks down towards the water, not really paying attention to anything.

D'ana keeps his mouth shut at her reply, Haezynth crooning a little as Bhezuth drifts in a different direction, D'ana simply ignoring it for now, instead urging Haezynth more to the west, into the sun, only a glance to see if Taira is following or not. A soft sound from Haezynth has him muttering a little, turning to glance at Taira, before after a moment of hesitation, he turns his lifemate to catch back up with the other pair.

From sheer stubbornness Taira urges Bhezuth away again as soon as Haezynth begins to even get vaguely close - childish to the core despite managing to keep her knot this long. Her head she keeps deliberately turned away, looking down at the water on the far side of Bhezuth, but there's no mistaking the pout that she has.

D'ana mutters something that is thankfully nowhere near loud enough to be carried across the distance between them, even without the wind that blows past, as the much larger blue continues to work and close the gap between him and his sweepsmate. Of course, with D'ana's eyes on Taira, they're not doing what they're suppose to, and an oddness to the water on the horizon goes unnoticed.

As huffs go, Taira is probably cruising at about a seven. Not quite full pouty grouchiness, but very close. It's not until Bhezuth resists one of her urges to move away, and in fact moves in the other direction, that her silence breaks with a loud, "Hey." The rest is internalised, though mostly ignored by the blue, and she eventually settles for crossing her arms across her chest and just scowling straight ahead.

D'ana lifts his gaze at the loud word, blinking a few times. "Hey what?" He calls back, across the distance a bit of grumpiness in his tone as he does so, even as Haezynth is moving after Bhezuth, causing a similar protest from D'ana, who is too busy staring at Taira, to scowl.

Taira will not stare back at D'ana. In fact she's making a lot of effort not to after his voice drifted over to her, and the internal practicing of giving him a telling off is enough to make Bhezuth rumble a chuckle, which only puts her in a worse mood. reaching across the gap to his fellow blue Bhezuth comments quietly, « I fear that this disagreement, amusing such as it is, would better be served in investigating our surroundings than in such games. One cannot hope to see the truly important when blinded by our own self importance. »

The sound of Bhezuth's rumbling chuckle causes D'ana to wince a little, dropping his gaze from Taira and instead focusing on the islands that grow and shrink in the distance. A touch from Haezynth's mind, the blue concerned is quickly shunned, and instead the blue is touching Bhezuth's mind with a cool, calm touch. « Are we not on sweeps, in the end? » He offers, in his own sort of argreement, shifting to follow after the other blue.

« Exactly so. » Bhezuth agrees, « Not a time for petty squabbles. » This last comment he also relays to Taira, though to be fair he would get more response if he directed it at a cloud. Her head lifts a little, and she glares at the sea right below them.
« Mine insists it is not petty. » And as D'ana realizes that its being passed along, the bluerider is practically glowering, mentally and verbally berating his blue 'nursemaid', before the blue silences his protests by folding wings, dropping downwards to the water, and to an altitude better for observations.

Bhezuth follows suit, though gives little warning which results in another "Hey!" from Taira and another barrage of mental insults. It takes some time before there's anything, but soon « There. » Bhezuth widens his broadcast a little, both Haezynth and Taira included. "Probably just fish, ovine breath." There certainly is something, even Taira can't deny that. « While such may well be true, we must exhaust all other explanations before we fall back upon such a theory as this. » Distraction, found.

Haezynth's flight levels out, and while the bright blue is initially setting out in one direction, the touch from Bhezuth has his attention shifting, and banking he's turning to follow. A mental nudge to D'ana, and the bluerider stops sulking long enough to sit up a bit straighter in his straps, peering confused at the odd sight. However, he stays quiet, rather than asking Taira for her opinion. « We must see it closely. » And actions are put to works with quick downstrokes of wings.

Bhezuth follows, though this time in a far smoother move than the one attempted to shake Taira from her funk. The blue's only comment is a simple, « Interesting. » which pretty accurately sums up the oddity. No matter how foul a mood she'd worked herself into, even Taira can't help but stare at the water now. "What? Is that?"

The water has an odd hue to it, and a certain swirl that's visible as various pieces of debris float in the water, as if they are moving around an invisible obstacle, the pattern spread out noticably over a fair distance. The water itself is almost too smooth, a phenomenom that is enough to intrigue D'ana as Haezynth pauses near to Bhezuth, hovering. "I.. don't know." The bluerider is forced to admit, shifting almost antsily on the blue's neck.

« It is a capital mistake to theorise before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment. » Bhezuth counsels, though it's not quite enough to stop Taira from musing, "Going to be a big waterspout or something probably. Whirlpool maybe? Baby whirlpool, not quite big enough to whirl and suck anything in yet."

"Whirlpools.. Whirlpools suck things in, not… keep things out." D'ana counters her observation, turning to look at her. "I suppose that makes you a whirlpool." D'ana muses at the other bluerider, still grumpy even given this new distraction, Haezynth lingering longer than necessarily before finally agreeing to move and pace out the size of the disturbance.

"Oh really? And what does that make you?" Taira snaps, imminent whirlpoolness not quite enough to fix her mood, "Because I certainly didn't hear you complaining when I sucked you in. Or maybe you're the baby, pouting cause he has to share his toys." The 'toys' becomes more 'tooooys' as Bhezuth shifts very deliberately under her, making her grab hold of the straps for fear of coming off.

D'ana mutters to himself, "A fool." Before Bhezuth's shifting, and Taira's words are drawn out, and he betrays himself as he turns Haezynth back towards them. "You're not a toy." He says, loudly enough to carry, before setting Haezynth into a quick pace that puts distance between them, albeit far too quickly to accurately judge distance.

Taira shouts back "That's not what your weyrmate thinks." pretty much before she can think, never mind stop herself, and regrets it almost immediately. "Shaffit. D'ana!" A prod to Bhezuth results in a dragon-to-dragon order to come back, even as the blue swings around towards Haezynth's flight path. "You'd better report this to Rea." Taira yells as soon as the other pair are within hearing distance.

"She probably thinks -I'm- the toy, that's why she doesn't care. Unlike some of us." D'ana snaps back, trying to override Bhezuth's call, and managing only for a moment before Haezynth is banking and moving to head back towards the other blue. "You're the Wingleader, isn't that your job?" He counters, flushed with… some emotion.

Taira snorts, "Yeah well you know me. Might get overexcited and sleep with her or something. I do that if I'm alone with people for more than two seconds, apparently. Unless you want to come with me, see for yourself that I'm not as bad as /you/ seem to think."

"I wouldn't be surprised if you *did*." D'ana snaps back at Taira, before Haezynth is dropping to hover immediately above the surface, staring at the surface, refusing to look at his wingleader. "Might tell her to send the dolphineers to go look, when you're finished."

"Screw you D'ana. How about I tell her I want you out of my wing?" Taira snaps back, "Or better yet…." Better what is shared with the utter blinding cold of between, the pair reappearing moments later, higher in the sky, but at least now she's quiet. With a noise from Taira that's half sob, half growl, they turn and head for shore.

"You're too busy with everyone *else* for me to worry." D'ana snaps right back, albeit to empty air, as Bhezuth and Taira blink between. After a moment of shock, and panick, Haezynth is turning them to follow after their wingleader, D'ana hiding the emotions plainly evident on his face under the pretense of taking a long look at the water behind them as they move away from it.

Silence. Utter silence on the flight back to the weyr, from Taira at least. Bhezuth makes an uncharacteristic attempt at an apology to Haezynth but even that seems to be lacking in something. It's a long way back.

Haezynth makes no move to overtake Bhezuth on the flight, or even to catch completely up, the larger blue staying a short distance behind the other, while D'ana remains quiet, sulking on the trip. Haezynth even seems rather subdued, as if fitting in with the others.

With each wingbeat feeling like it's happening in slow motion the trip to the weyr drags, which sadly gives Taira time to brood and sink into an even deeper sulk. Almost as soon as Bhezuth touches down she dismounts, turning and stomping off in the direction of the goldriders' ledges, with barely a look to see where Haezynth has decided to land.

Haezynth hovers for a moment, watching Taira's stomping, sulky progress before landing ahead of her, D'ana sliding to the ground and moving to intercept Taira before she gets too far. "T-taira." He says as he holds up an arm, making an effort to stop her. "Tai.."

"Don't touch me." Taira snaps, stopping and turning to go round him. "You…." Hands held stiffy out in front of her, she closes her eyes. Trying to not just scream at him now that people might actually overhear. Her jaw clenches, and eventually she just turns away, heading for Rea's weyr once more.

D'ana stands there for a moment before he's hurrying after her, murmuring to himself as he does so, catching up before he speaks again to keep the volume to a minimum. "I *what*, Taira?" He says firmly. "Got jealous. That's it." He shrugs, then, quieting and staying just a step behind her.

Taira rounds on him quickly, "No, you didn't. You got more than jealous, you got nasty. Just leave me alone D'ana." She turns and begins to stomp off again, but apparently is not quite ready to let it got yet. Turning back she adds, "You said no more random men. I did that. For you. Think on that one." This time she's done, and stomps off once more.

"Fine, Taira, I'm sorry I cared enough to get upset." He winces a little bit as she turns away, but then she's whirling back, and he's gulping. Head drops and he nods, staying rooted in his place for a moment. "I'm sorry.." He lifts his voice to call after her, this time more sincerely than the first sharp comment, slowly trailing after her, looking quite like a kicked puppy.

Taira just shakes her head and keeps walking, grouchy silence falling once more, though there's a slight mis-step that follows his real apology that most likely was not caused by a rock.

"I love you, Tai.." He offers as he catches up, his attention still on the ground, making no move to look sidelong at her as he said it, instead speeding up just a little, to make it past her before she can retaliate.

"Yeah, right." It's quiet, but at least it's a reply though Taira doesn't look at him, or even anywhere near him. She simply concentrates on walking, and if a fly happens to get into her eye and need rubbed out, well that would explain why her hand swipes at her eyes at one point.

"I… wouldn't get upset if I didn't." He says quietly, pausing for her to catchup, one hand reaching for hers without another word, walking quietly, sparing her a long glance.

"Shut up." Taira's heart isn't quite in the reply, nor does she make any attempt to fend off his hand. It takes a moment, but her fingers do curl around his, and though her head stays fixed firmly straight ahead, she does give a little squeeze.

D'ana opens his mouth to protest, but snaps it quickly shut, settling for a little squeeze in return as her fingers curl around his. "You're explaining it to Rea." He finally pipes up, foisting the Wingleadery duties back on her.

Taira nods slightly, no matter how much she might wish to disagree, "Fine. But you're staying to make sure I don't sleep with her." It's a vague attempt at a joke, or maybe one last snarky comment, but there's a definite halfhearted laugh accompanies it.

"Fine. But I'm going to be the next person you sleep with." D'ana says, though he coughs a little as he realizes he said it outloud, blushing darkly, laughing softly to try and put it behind them.

Taira snorts a proper laugh this time, "In your dreams maybe." Still, she does move closer, turning her hand to lace her fingers into his. "This is going to cost you at least a necklace."

"I hope in your dreams." He counters softly, arching an eyebrow as he finally lifts his gaze to look at her, a little bit of a smile, touching shoulder to shoulder. "I guess we need to go find you a necklace.." He gives no arguement.

"Need to do the Weyrwoman first." Taira replies, then quickly adds, "And I mean tell her, not anything else. She's not my type." They walk on, but she pauses just at the base of the stairs leading to the weyrleaders' complex. "I'm a whirlpool? Really? That was the best insult you could come up with?"

"I didn't know you had a type." He says, giving her a little bit of a hard time, even as he tightens his hold to make sure she doesn't pull away. At her question, he blushes a little. "I was… upset." He offers, shrugging a little.

Taira chuckles slightly, "I have a type." Breathing is her type, really. "Could at least have called me a whore, it wouldn't be the first time someone did. And there's nothign to be upset about. I'm being good. Promise." Though there are varying levels of good.

Though, isn't that the same as not having a type at all, in the end? "I.. Didn't want to. I.. know you're just.. having fun.. I know I shouldn' let it upset me." He slowly stammers out, glancing up the stairs towards the Weyrwomen's ledges. "Do we have to tell her now?"

Taira sighs slightly, shaking her head, "Okay we need to talk about this, but… not now." A pause is filled by another sigh, "Not now. Because we need to tell her now. Because if we don't I'll forget or something, and then she'd have every right to freak out if that thing does become a whirlpool and swallow something."

"I.. I know." And he tilts his head to glance up the stairs once more, giving her hand a squeeze. "Soon." He says in a tone that implies he's holding her to it, before gently tugging her up the stairs to get it overwith.

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