A Dozen Eggs

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Janja is making her way out into the bowl from the living caverns in a curiously waddling fashion. She's her brown firelizard wrapped about her shoulders chittering happily away while the little gold is held in her airs. Jan gives one final command to Aurora and tosses her into the air. The firelizard disappears between just as soon as launched. "Yes, dear. I agree." she mutters to thin air.

Elseweyr: Aurora pops up in the middle of the already stressed cooks with a note in hand. Calls go out from there that it's time to prepare the feast as Feyruth has taken to the sands.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Feyruth projects « Where is that dratted bronze? »

Feyruth lumbers into the west bowl, from the lagoon.

Nolan is covered in dirt from work but is teaching his little blue firelizard to bring him his tools. The small newly hatched green nested on his shoulder chewing on a bit of meat. Turning to see Janja come from the living caverns he gives a friendly wave to the woman as the blue dropped a wrench on his foot.

With her attention mostly on the lagoon and the massive shape waddling it's way towards the bowl from there, Janja doesn't see the young smith at first. No, she turns just in time to see the wrench drops and winces. "Ooh, that didn't look good. Are you all right?" She waddle-walks her way over to the young man, very like a penguin as the hulking mass from the lagoon resolves itself into a somewhat plump looking Feyruth. The gold rumbles deep in her throat as she walks right up, looks down at rider and apprentice and moves on to the hatching grounds.

Feyruth lumbers over to the hatching grounds.

Nolan nods his head as he waves off the blue that was now trying to help. "I'll be fine. It's nothing to bad, though I guess he wasn't ready yet to try doing it while I'm distracted." He notices Feyruth rush from the lagoon right into the hatching grounds. Excitement filling his face. "Janja, is it time for her to clutch? Has it been that long since the flight already?" Time flies when your busy smithing, and hosting sandcastle contests.

Janja's expression is half amused half concerned. She bites down on her lower lip, watching the gold disappear into the grounds. "Yes, she did say she was quite done with this uncomfortableness." Curious sounds seem to be coming from the grounds, low rumbles, the sound of sand hitting the wall and Janja looks even more concerned at this. "Oh dear. I think she's taking the place apart. She never can stand to have any left overs from the other queens about." Jan drops a hand to her own pregnancy paunch and rubs it distractedly. "I'd best go make sure she doesn't break anything." She starts to walk away, calling over her shoulder "coming?"

Nolan nods his head, he ad missed to many hatchings while away for training now that he was back it was time for him to be there. Plus Janja was quite pregnant and he thought it would be best to help her out. "Of course." He offers his arm to Janja to help her walk with him with less of a penguin waddle.
Taking the offered arm, just as if it were her due, Janja leads the way right out onto the sands.

Rusty> Rusty perches right near the front of the galleries, watching his mistress from afar.

Rusty> Heryn meanders into the galleries, from the hatching grounds.

Rusty> Citayzleat steps into the galleries, from the hatching grounds.

Feyruth is very busy digging up great big patches of sand and smashing even the faintest hint of left over egg shells into fine dust as Janja leads her helper out onto the sands. "Please, dear, doesn't make such a fuss. No one else will harm your eggs. They are your sands, no need to share." The gold looks up, spots someone besides Janja and growls. Jan chuckles. "Oh don't be silly. He's keeping me safe since our boys aren't back yet." Feyruth rumbles again and starts digging with more of a purpose in one spot.

Rusty> Emiallis wanders into the galleries, from the hatching grounds.

Nolan gives a deep nod to Feyruth to show he was merely there to help. He reached into his back pocket and produced a sizable flask. Taking a deep swig from it before offering it to Janja. "Here it's water. I thought you might like some. Could be some time on the sands for you."

Feyruth seems to finally be satisfied with the hole dug and turns to deposit the first of her clutch. She takes her time though with her back to the galleries, it's hard to see the egg until she moves to push the sand back into place.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New and Breaking Through Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Raw earth clumped together tightly into a ball of dark hues makes up the form of this formidable round egg. The shell is made of ochre and rich umber tones, mottling together in perfect unison across the rough matte shell of this ovoid from. From what would be the base is sable stippling reaching high in a tight mottled sable line around the circumference to the apex. Bursting violently through the centerline with incandescent radiance is a starburst of pure golden flecks cascading across dark matte tones. Each fleck of light glimmers as though they emit a light of their very own, visible from every angle of this egg for all to see.

Rusty> Well, at least Cita's here. She and Heryn arrive in *style*, if style is what you call bleeding and by force. "Heryn, *really*, you're sharding bleeding." Cita sighs, but as the bartender is currently half-dragging, half-carrying her, she can't protest much. She's not quite strong enough to accomplish her original goal — dragging the poor wounded guy to the infirmary. "I have to say I've never seen a dart injury bleed so much." Or at all. That, mostly. Tansy, who's given up flying around her girl's face, perches next to Rusty with an self-satisfied little preen. Yes, she's good. And as to how the odd pair came to be arriving as they are? Well, there's no explanation forthcoming to those already streaming in. Cita's given up escaping, anyways, and — "Is that an egg? Shells. Fine, sit. Wow."

Nolan tries to shimmy in place to catch a look at the egg. Giving a small gasp at getting to watch the experience from so close. Giving a nod to himself as the first egg. It had good colour to it the golden flecks complementing the darker tones nicely.

Janja takes with offered water with a smile of thanks. "You're too kind." She fans her hand at her face looking around as the first egg appears. "Shall we move over there? I'd rather not stand forever." The rider motions towards the edge of the sands where a few portable chairs have been left for sand sitters. "She's going to take her time about this."

Feyruth is going to give lie to her rider for that since she sets right into digging again. This time the hole is much more shallow and dug much quicker. The gold still attempts to keep others from seeing though, even going so far as to partly bury it after its lain.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Furled Fingers Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dapples of soft green gather upon the shell of this egg, the hues of a forest floor cast into speckled sunlight as golden rays filter downward. Forest green swirls in broad strokes, spirals that seem to climb upwards from the sand around the shell, furled tighter and tighter with each twist. Leafy strokes of shamrock form a soft background, like new leaves from a central stalk, while hints of jungle great speckled here and there, shadows hiding the unknown.

Seems the gold is going to take a bit more time between each of these sets. She steps away from the two already in place to wander half way across the sands. Along the way, she digs in one spot or another, moving on before any real progress is made. "Of course you do!" Janja calls from the side though to what is anyone's guess. The gold swings back around again and meanders her way back, finally stopping to place another egg without so much as a hole.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This particularly large and round egg seems to nestle comfortably in the sands no matter where it ends up. The surface is a mottled patchwork of colors - browns and blacks, creams and light yellows - that come together in a jumbled mass of fuzziness. From afar, one might even think it was a bunch of kittens or puppies or even the odd collection of baby chicks, all piled together for warmth and affection. Here and there, if one's lucky, they might catch glistening circles of color - green and brown and blue and gold - paired up like so many eyes that peer out at the world with hope and determination.

Rusty> Emiallis had heard rumors, especially since part of her day's duties beyond her normal lessons was to help in the kitchens. Well, that little firelizard bringing a note of chaos meant that Emi got to slip out, and head over to watch the clutching with interest. Emi's little blue, Duluth, is quick to join the other two firelizards on the rail with a friendly chirrup. Emi herself is also straight over to the rail, leaning on it and clearly riveted. At least her mouth is closed.

Emeliuth lumbers into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

Nolan nods his head as he follows Janja over to the chairs that had been left for just this purpose, craning his neck to get a peek at the next egg, with a smile painted on his face. Looking over at Janja, "This is a completely different experience then standing on the sands for a hatching. It's amazing to see though."

C'vryn wanders into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

C'vryn isn't late at all, not a bit as he follows a distressed Emeliuth out on the sands. "I'm sorry. I know you said we had to hurry, but that delivery was important, Emmy." Then a long suffering sigh as he is still chasing his dragon. "It won't happen again. I know you're disappointed in me."

[DTU/Project] Feyruth projects to Emeliuth « You are late and there is an invader in my sands! »

[DTU/Project] Emeliuth projects to Feyruth « Invader, where? Do I need to eat them? »

Rusty> Blood is stylish, but then, Heryn can make anything look good - even the long gash along one bicep as he makes good on his threat to haul Citayzleat to the clutching if she couldn't be dissuaded. "For someone who likes words so much, you sure don't listen to them," the bartender argues back, giving the Healer a brow-raised look. "Do you often injure people with darts?" The last bit's said with a crooked grin as, finally, she stops fighting. Seeming satisfied with the distraction - and a little wide-eyed at the now-trio of eggs on the sands - Heryn doesn't protest. He drops to a seat next to Cita and extends his injured arm, perhaps predicting she's going to want to tend to it anyways once the initial awe wears off. "Don't fall," he adds towards Emiallis over there, because… well, he's in a helpful mood? Something like that.

With a glad cry, Janja waves to C'vryn from her fold up chair on the sidelines. "Ryn! Ryn, over here. Feyruth is all grumpy." She shoots a glance at the gold who has stopped clutching for the moment to turn a glaring eye on the bronze, and his rider, and well, possibly just about everyone present at the moment. Janja tries to whisper but anyone with half an ear could hear. "I don't think she's pleased with us at the moment."

[DTU/Project] Feyruth projects to Emeliuth « He is latched on to my Janja, who's too wonderful to eat him. But he needs eating. »

Nolan gives a nod to C'vryn as he arrives. Flask of water still in hand, taking another swig to distract himself. "I was just helping Janja while you were gone C'vryn. I ran into her out in the bowl just as Feyruth rushed for the hatching grounds." He offers the flask to C'vryn, "Water?"

With one final glance and a snap in Emeliuth's direction for good measure, Feyruth turns back to the job at hand. Her sides strain a little this next time and the egg seems to take a bit longer to pass to the ground. Once deposited, the gold gentle pushes it up against it's neighbor with her snout and runs her tongue across both shells as if tasting them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Capturing the Memories Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Abstract splashes of color gather upon this shell in what almost seems to be a regular pattern, each grouping of colors taking on a rather rectangular shape. A splattering of bright blues and sandy white sits near the top of the curved shell, while one that tends towards browns and creams can be found midway down one side. Almost every color of the rainbow can be found in one spot or another, as if all the locations of Pern had been captured, their hues in turn placed upon a portion of this egg, forever holding it for the future.

C'vryn moves to stand closer to Janja. "Em's not best pleased with me either, I dare say." He turns a dark glance on to the other male on the sands, giving him a glare as well. "I truly, truly thought we would be home in time." Emeliuth is getting much closer to Feyruth, giving as much of an earnest expression as a dragon can and shifting his forelegs as he watches the queen. "No, Em. You may not eat him. Even if Feyruth would prefer it, not even if she asks again. If you're hungry you can go hunt for both yourself and for Fey, after she is done." He tries to look a bit not rushed and not overly aggressive. "Thank you for that. But I think it's upsetting dragons now."

Rusty> Cita would have *things* to say about stylish blood. "Do you know how unsanitary this is! The heat in here is *perfect* for things to grow in." Given the cadence of her rant, she definitely doesn't at all see the hilarity in her statement. Growing, indeed. "Shells, you'll break your neck!" The healer yelps, but Emi's not the only one leaning over the railing, and they probably made it to last, right? Tansy doesn't seem to care, instead chirruping brightly to the new blue, watching Feyruth below. Cita's watching the dragon, sort of, between fishing the pot of numbweed out of the pocket she stashed it in. Citayzleat's got her Healer Face on, examining the cut with a frown once she remembers the blood. "I can't say I *do*." Wry, weakly amused, the Apprentice rolls her eyes and continues her work. Oh, but another *egg*.

[DTU/Project] Emeliuth projects to Feyruth « Ryn says I can't eat him. That it would set a bad precedent. Would you like something to eat? I could get you a wherry. »

[DTU/Project] Emeliuth projects to Feyruth « Maybe I could cover this egg? Do you need me to dig a different hole? »

Nolan nods his head, "I'll move to the galleries now that you're here." Giving a bow to both the riders and the dragons before making his way up into the gallery.

Nolan steps over to the hatching grounds.

Rusty> Nolan wanders into the galleries, from the hatching grounds.

Janja waves distractedly after the helpful young man. "I think he felt bad cause I was waddling and Fey was waddling and oh, it was just crazy time." Feyruth turns to watch Emmy approaching. As he steps a little too near, she gives a rumbling warning and sort of motions to an empty part of the sands with her head. Whatever that was supposed to mean, the gold moves in the opposite direction, towards the back of the caverns and away from the galleries. More digging takes place and the queen sets another egg on the sands.

[DTU/Project] Feyruth projects to Emeliuth « I need some holes over there. Away from those people. None of /them/ are good enough for our eggs. »

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Close to My Heart Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A great swath of steel blue encircles the outer expanse of this slightly elongated egg, holding it within a gentle embrace capped by a soft swirl of silver on the small apex. The swatch, running full circle, cradles a softer but brighter lilac bundle in the heart of the pitted shell. Pale washes of peach and umber hint at a shadowy face, eyes closed beneath a delicate fan of dewy black lashes. Shimmering pools of baby blue run the depths of the shell's rolling texture, creating the illusion of folds and creases in the lilac that swaddle the peach and umber. A ribbon of gold caps the peach, thinning to fine threads as it encircles the face and blooms into a dainty golden bow set dead center the shell. Golden tears arrested in time drop one by one from the lashed eyes. As they roll down the shell they morph into musical notes and darken from gold to brass to antique bronze.

Rusty> Emiallis' head turns at multiple warnings not to go over the railing, and the red-headed girl just /looks/. "Both feet are firmly planted on the ground, if you'll notice!" Yup. Someone is a little touchy this day. She gives the railing a firm shake, and all it does is rattle a little, like any railing would do. "Also firmly planted." There's a small huff, and her eyes dart back to the sands and she starts to idly take apart her loosely braided hair, since she's no longer doing chores. "Made me miss an egg…!" Muttermutter. Grumblegrumble. Sometimes its hard to tell if she's watching Feyruth, or if she's watching the eggs. Probably a bit of both.

Emeliuth moves rapidly after the motions from Feyruth, moving to start digging as well and looking back to where Feyruth is, as if hopeful his efforts are exactly what she is looking for. Once he has excavated one depression, he moves slightly and works on another before nosing both areas and looking at them critically. C'vryn moves to offer an arm to Janja. "I know. It's all my fault. Em didn't even want to go on that last delivery and I made him. Do you forgive me?"

[DTU/Project] Feyruth senses that Emeliuth cajoles. "Some of them will eventually have to be good enough for our eggs. We can't keep them forever. But we can test them first."

Rusty> Nolan arrives at the top of the galleries with sweat pouring down his face. "It's crazy hot down there." He waves to those gathered as he takes a seat near the front and leans in close to keep watching as Feyruth lays more eggs.

Janja's eyes widen and she pat's Ryn's arm. "Oh, I'm not at all mad." The rider seems a little wistful. "I wish I could have gone with you. There's this lovely new weave pattern at Telgar I'd like to get my hands on. You see they cross the threads and give a slight twist and…" The weaver natters on giving a description no one else but a weaver would care in the slightest about. Feyruth meanwhile seems to have forgiven her mate since the gold goes over to inspect one of his projects. She deems it good as the gold slowly adds another egg to the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lacy in Lavender Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gilded by sunlight and glowing faintly golden, the top of this egg shows a round curve that is repeated along its length from apex to its wider bottom. Panicles of lacy lavender flower along toward the top, each tiny bloom in the process of opening from bud, flourishing into life in pastel purple hues. Green leaves brush up against the lavender columns, touched by sunlight until the glow faintly yellow and shadowing thin branches of dark brown. Those branches bunch thickly, staining the bottom of the egg dark and allowing it to almost hide in the sands.

Emeliuth backs up slightly to allow Feyruth more access to where he was, always making sure that she has enough room to maneuver around. He helpfully digs yet a few more depressions slightly on from those he did before, again carefully inspecting them. Once done, he cranes his head to try and see what Feyruth has clutched. C'vryn nods his head eagerly, before offering. "I could maybe bring a weaver here for you? Since you can't go there right now? Or perhaps one of the looms that they are using?"

[DTU/Project] Emeliuth projects to Feyruth « Am I doing a good job? How many areas do you need? Are you sure you don't want a wherry? What about a nice sheep? Do the eggs need to be covered? How many eggs do you think we shall have? »

Rusty> Heryn sees it. Heryn sees the joke. "That would be the point, I think," he says, humor hiking both corners of his mouth up into a dimpled smile that's trying not to be a grin. Totally not mocking her over-concern. Nope. "But would you really want to miss this over a silly little scratch?" Blue-grey eyes are finally torn from the clutching to eye Emiallis, free hand lifting to pat the air. "Didn't think you'd actually fall. Crazier things have happened, though." He, for one, didn't wager on getting attacked by a dart today, sooo. "They aren't going to go anywhere," is said smartly in response to her missing an egg, but judging by his expression, he means it as a joke. Nolan's emergence up top is met with a nod and a polite 'hello' of greeting before that pretty little lilac egg appears. "Man, they sure are varied. Pretty, though," he comments through a wince and a hiss for Cita's work.

Feyruth pauses for the moment to catch her breath as the saying goes. She sidles up to Emeliuth, leaning her larger bulk against his in what is either a slight sign of affection or a halfhearted attempt to smoosh him. Janja smiles. " I would love if you could get me a sample. And if someone wants to come and show me…" The rider trails off, looking across the sands. "OH look. She doesn't hate him!" But as she says it the gold gives the bronze a look of disgust and waddles off to start digging in another spot. "Oh. Hm." Janja looks dejected. "Well, for a moment anyways." Feyruth clears a new space away from Emeliuth and adds to the collection of eggs.

[DTU/Project] Feyruth projects to Emeliuth « You may bring me dinner afterwards. »

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can You Keep a Secret? Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is truly one unusual egg with hues cascading together, but vibrantly created and carefully made with affection and thousands of tiny matte fingerprints. Some are big, some are small and some are downright tiny and dainty among them all, but each are perfect in their own way with the show of colors they bring today. Fire engine reds and carrot orange, plums and lavenders, too, bring to the egg their own brilliant hue. But wait, we can't forget the blues and their friend brown, too! Like the sky up above and the chips on the cookie only this time not so gooey. There's still more colors yet to be seen, like little specks of bright spring green. Last but not least, and so very tiny are the shimmering lights of metallic sunny gold that bring this perfectly shaped bright egg something shiny.

Rusty> Nolan nods his head, "Plenty of colour in these eggs. I also noticed a lot of metallic flecks to them from down on the sands." He smiles as another egg is clutched. "This is still a great view from up here."

Rusty> Sundari walks into the galleries, from the hatching grounds.

C'vryn winces just slightly as Emeliuth is momentarily squished. "Oh, err. Well, she didn't try really hard to hurt him? I mean, not like the days when she wouldn't even let him in the weyr.' Emeliuth looks momentarily dejected before he is back, attempting to be helpful with another egg depression and then trying to get the gold to see the effort that he has made. "He says she's consented to have him bring her dinner. And I will find someone to either bring a weaver to you, or at the very least some of that cloth."

Rusty> "On your own head be it." Cita rolls her eyes, very maturely, in response to Emi's rattling and huffing. Thankfully, she doesn't tease further, distracted by the blood. A corner of the linen is torn off, dipped in the pot of salve. "Oh, shush." 'That's the idea' *indeed*. Cita definitely doesn't grin, not even at the dimples, lips pressed together in an entirely unconvincing line. Nolan's arrival flattens the amusement a little, concern replacing it briefly. When he doesn't show any sign of keeling over, though, Cita dabs the salve on the cut and lets it set for a moment. "Brace." That's definitely enough warning, right? Before she ties the rest of the linen around his bicep, carefully tight enough to hopefully staunch the bleeding. The newest egg, though? The healer pauses mid-securing of the makeshift dressing. "Wow."

Feyruth decides to take another stroll between the eggs. They seem to be coming slower and slower with longer periods between them. The gold also seems to be getting pickier about her placement. She takes a full swing around the sands, looking into both depressions she has dug as well as those the bronze had a paw in but none seem to do. Finally she's about as far from the rest of the eggs as she can get when the next ripples start pushing against her hide. The gold digs yet again, settling one more egg well away from everyone and everything.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Blush of Spring Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A lone egg rests nestled in the sands, slightly separate from the rest. It is of average size and shape, having nothing of note to draw attention, were it not for the delicate shading of the shell. The chill blue sky is littered with soft, whispy white clouds. It rises endlessly above a field of sandy brown and spring green, where the grass is just coming out of a long winter's slumber. From the center of the field sprouts a trunk of creamy, golden brown. It splits rapidly into many branches reaching around to encircle the shell in creamy brown arms. The branches are laden by delicate pink petals, both pale and bright. Metallic flecks of gold pierce each blossom center like a kiss of sunlight giving promise for the future. Some get caught up by the wind and rain showers of pink and gold on the field below, nearly spilling onto the sands.

Emeliuth redoubles his efforts to have the holes he's making in the sands look acceptable to Feyruth, discarding his last effort as not enough and moving to start in another area. Ryn pauses. "Perhaps she's just a little fussy because she's about done with the eggs now? Or maybe there is something special with that last one, that it needed to be by itself. Another craning look as he tries to see where he is, because he's not going to get closer to the fussy gold.

Janja frowns as her dragon wanders farther and farther away. "I do wish she wasn't so picky about it. Remember the gold at Telgar? The one who just piled them all right up on top of each other in no time?" The heat seems to be getting to Janja and her tone is even a little bit cranky. She waves a hand in front of her face again, trying to cool off. "Poor Emmy." she sighs softly.

Rusty> Emiallis is just the party pooper of the galleries tonight, even Heryn's humoring diffusing gets a bit of a glare. Nolan's entrance and seating in her general vicinity is also glared at. Where is that happier attitude she had at the barbeque with the little critters? "I wish I could go look closer. The patterns are so hard to make out from back here. Especially when she's all the over there." And now she just sounds like a whiny child, as she stops leaning on the railing, and sits on the bench just behind her instead.

Rusty> Sundari is making her way on up into the galleries, looking ar the few here and then towards the sands. "Hey guys, how's it going so far?" She quesitons with a smile as she moves on over to settle down upon a seat.

[DTU/Project] Emeliuth projects to Feyruth « Do you want a wherry, or a sheep? I could get you fish. Do you like fish? Maybe even a steer? What would taste best to you today? »

Feyruth turns to look at the bronze thoughtfully. She settles down onto the sands but almost immediately stands up again, swaying agitatedly back and forth. Again the gold sits down, rumbling softly. "Oh, I know dear heart, I'm tired as well. I'm sorry I was mean." The gold stands back up lumbering all the way over to where her rider is seated and drops her head to Janja's level so she can be petted, though C'vryn is mostly ignored. Then the ripples start on her hide again and she heads back out to where Emeliuth has been busy, looking at this work.

[DTU/Project] Feyruth projects to Emeliuth « I think I would like a steer. And some sheep. Juicy sheep. With lots of yummy. »

Rusty> Nolan waves to Sundari, "It's going pretty good. Nice clutch so far but Feyruth seems to have put one egg off on it's own for some reason." He shakes some of the sand out of his boots. "No wonder my feet were still burning."

If a dragon could emulate a puppy, that is what Emeliuth is doing trying to make Feyruth happy as he shifts from foot to foot, showing off where he has been working on making lots and lots of pockmarked holes in the sand. Ryn shakes his head. "I think, the fact that she is tolerating the both of us tonight, is probably the best that you could hope for you know? I've seen her be much worse when she was truly grumpy, so I'd say she's doing alright.

Rusty> Heryn shushes obediently, for the time being, but if he just so happens to grin like a cheshire, well… "It's not half bad up here, but I bet it'd be something else down there," the bartender agrees with Nolan and Emiallis both, interest in his gaze. "They all do seem to have little metallic bits, don't they?" Or at least, the ones he can see seem to. Hmm! "It's appealing, anyways." That rainbow one holds his fascination a moment, as does the next, before- "Brace? OW! Shells, woman." Nope, definitely not enough warning! "It's a cut, I'm not bleeding out!" Wide, scandalized eyes fasten over on Sundari when she nears, head shaking. "Was going better before she decided to cut off circulation in my arm." A beat, in which he realizes she probably means the clutching. "Yeah, seems to be going okay so far. Feyruth doesn't seem happy with her bronze friend, but there're eight eggs so far."

[DTU/Project] Emeliuth projects to Feyruth « I will bring you the best sheep, the tastiest sheep. Also the largest steer, with the most to eat. So you are full, after all that you have done. »

With Emeliuth's antics, Feyruth is actually being somewhat tolerant. Or at least she's watching and not snapping. The ripples in her hide increase in intensity and finally the gold lightly nudges the bronze out of her way, quickly making use of not one but two of his depressions in rapid succession. When the second egg is lain she spends some time pushing sand around them and settles down to rest again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Egg of Ancient Power ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
At first, it's hard to make out any kind of definition across the slightly mottled surface of this egg. The shell is blotched with the deep green of trees that never lose their needles in the darkest of places and black or the darkest of browns. Darkness pools along the bottom of the egg, growing and rippling to a ragged edge against a sea of greys and blues cut through with jagged columns of deepest green. Twisting and winding through and over and around all of these amorphous features is a white-grey speckled haze, obscuring something deeper within. The only hint of what might be hidden at the heart of this jungle is a single wisp of gold that winds its way through the trees until it disappears at the center of everything.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Perfect Panacea Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This egg is squat and ovoid, but doomed to ever be on the edge of tipping over. The bottom half is a pretty porcelain, with faint, golden scrollwork around the top edge of it. It's much like a bowl, in fact, even if its contents don't exactly rest flat inside. The other half of the egg is a thin bronze, a broth in which blobs of orange and green bob amidst coiled cream lines. Chunks of off-white hang here and there and the entire thing whispers of wholesomeness and health. It's only at the very top that greasy streaks of golden splendor can be seen - like the fat from a lovingly rendered chicken stock, turned into the perfect soup.

Janja nods her agreement to C'vryn's comments. "Yes, probably. I'm surprised she hasn't complained about the people watching, especially the ones leaning on the fence." Which must have been mentioned since Janja mostly has her back to the galleries to begin with. Then two more eggs appear and the rider smiles. "Oh that's a big push. No wonder she was so cranky." Her lips purse as the gold settles down but Janja just frowns. "She still feels…antzy. And hungry. Very hungry."

Emeliuth moves to watch Feyruth, getting within striking distance as he watches her, before he is quickly moving again to dig yet another few depressions, before turning around to show off his handiwork to her. His head bobs as he tries to indicate the area before he moves out of the way in case she comes over. "How many is that? Eight? That's a lot of eggs now. She has a right to be tired and hungry. I already know I'm not going to get any use out of Emeliuth this evening and probably anytime Feyruth needs him, I'm going to be stranded. He's very enthralled with these eggs."

Rusty> Cita is a little distracted by the eggs, but she still pats Heryn's shoulder in a commiserating kind of way. "Don't be a baby. It's just a little pressure to close it up." The healer chides gently as she nods for the Weyrlingmaster, like she isn't the one who hurt the poor guy in the first place and isn't trying to make it worse. Or better? Who even knows. "That'll hold for now." She beams, now, shouldering in to sit, attention rapt on the eggs. "Are all clutchings like this? All eggs like…that?" Pretty? Shiny? Kind of bowl-shaped? Who knows, but the healer does try something like a sympathetic look for Emi's disappointment and Nolan's feet. He still doesn't look like he might keel over, though, so Cita doesn't harry him. Maybe it's for the best, given her bedside manner when distracted by eggs. "Maybe she'll move them closer eventually." Cita offers Emi-wards, tentatively.

Janja is trying to count as well, but the gold keep snaking her head and tail around on the sands, making it hard to see. Janja finally just sighs and shrugs. "It does seem a good amount. I don't think she's done…" and as she says it, Feyruth stands and heads to where Emeliuth has been working. These depressions don't seem to fit the bill. The gold buries them back up just to make her own sand art. Moments later, she's hunched over this new depression and another egg appears. "Nine? Eleven? Seven…oh drat. I lost count again." Janja mutters

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Sign of Egg-ffection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pink. Pink pink pink pink pink. This lumpy orb is covered in a solid, uniform coat of pale pink. If it weren't for a few other distinct features, it would be painfully, perfectly pink. Two perfect circles of a deeper, ruddier tone stand at precise opposite sides of the egg, delineated all the more by a perfectly crisp black outline. Directly between them, and a little lower a lumpy, oblong shape of moderate flesh tone with a thin black line, double-arched like a child's drawing of a crow in flight. Opposite that, the surface is lumped in two lobes, one atop the other, and from between them a wisp of golden smoke emerges, rising to the top of the egg before dissipating away.

Emeliuth looks dejected for just a moment, before he is attempting to find a new area to dig in, going after it industriously. Another huge depression in the sands, where even the walls start to cave back in and he seems pleased, trying to point it out to the gold. Ryn moves to stand behind Janja, offering support. "How are you holding up during this? I know you're probably about done in, anything I can get for you, since I've seemingly lost my adoring dragon to yours?"

Rusty> "I would doubt that." Emiallis responds to Cita, with a sigh. "That would almost be as much work as laying them in the first place." Plus look at all those nicely dug holes. Why waste them? And maybe Emi's mood is starting to lighten up, as she responds to Cita, she looks at Heryn, and the bandage on his arm. "What did you do?" Of course, she still sounds like a snot…

Rusty> Nolan takes out his flask of water and finished it. "So Heryn, what happened to your arm?" He runs his fingers through his beard as if in thought. "I was surprised when I saw Feyruth heading for the sands, I didn't think it had been that long since the flight. I'm just happy C'vryn showed up when he did, I was not dressed for the heat down there."

Rusty> Sundari blinks as she hears Heryn and peers over at him curious like and chuckles before a grin is seen and she glances back towards the sands watching as two more eggs are on the sands. "Nice size… Wonder if she's done or not." She ponders. "Yeah golds down that from time to time so I'm not that surprised with it." She spies Emiallis and looks a bit amused. "So.. Did you happen to keep any of that glittery water in the spray bottle?" There is a slight pause as she glances over to Cita and she seems a bit amused.

Janja shakes her head, though one hand sneaks back behind her to latch onto C'vryn. "He's so very sweet and supportive." She turns and smiles to her weyrmate, "Just like you." The gold does not seem nearly as adoring as her rider though. Feyruth stalks over to Emeliuth, looking must slimmer and walking nearly normally if looking overall somewhat limp. She stares into the hole attempting to fill itself in and back at the bronze. Down. Up. Down. Up. Then she seems to make a few adjustments. Seems one side needs to be filled in a little more and the other well, there needs a bit more sand this way…and before long the gold is putting one more egg onto the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cuddled Warmth Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Stark in near black on white, this egg is seemingly a study in monochrome. Thick lines shadow across its surface, with some leaving small splotches toward the top. One larger oval speckle decorates along the top curve, while slight motion seems to over take the egg, sliding down to where it nestles in the sands. There is one bright spot of color though, a brilliant yellow patch held near the center of the egg. Outlined in thick black lines, the color seems an almost luminous, glowing gold that plays up how drab the rest of the shell is.

Emeliuth is moving slowly back away from where Feyruth is, settling in at a distance to keep anyone from entering the sands and where he can watch Feyruth and their riders. "I thought Em was going to hunt for Feyruth, but I guess he would rather protect the sands from invaders right now." C'vryn shakes his head. "I think your dragon is wearing off on mine."

Feyruth settles herself well over as many of the eggs as she can, even going so far as to mantle her wings. She begins a hissing growl low in her throat, rising up to a loud snarl and even snaps a few times in the direction of the galleries. Janja startles to her feet. "Oh dear. Um. Yes, I think we need to clear everyone out now. She says she wants to rest." The rider moves to the fence and begins making shooing motions with her hands. "Go on now, there should be food ready and waiting for everyone."

[DTU/Project] Feyruth projects to Emeliuth « That's it. I'm so tired, I want them all to leave right now! And I'd like to eat. Maybe I should eat the one that kept trying to climb over the fence and steal our eggs! »

Rusty> Heryn scowls at Cita for that pat, but it's a playful kind of scowl, rounded out by an oh-so-mature raspberry. "Who's your supervising crafter again? I need to report you for terrible bedside manner." He flexes his arm slightly when she claims to be done, making a face at the vaguely-reddening bandage, but he's only too easily distracted when Emi and Nolan ask what happened. "What did I do?" Oh boy. "I was just in the rec room, minding my own business and trying to have a good time, and she threw a dart at me!" Woe! There's a slight choking noise for the bluerider's mention of spray bottles, but for the moment, he maintains his puppy face - somebody feel sorry for him!

[DTU/Project] Emeliuth projects to Feyruth « If they come on to the sands tonight. I will eat them for you. Because. »

Rusty> Emiallis can spare Sundari a little grin, and so she does. "That's for me to know and you to find out." Which probably can equate to a yes. And it's with a small sigh that Emi lets go of whatever was eating at her. "You're not supposed to stand in front of the dart board, you know." She's making assumptions, but they're meant to be vaguely-good natured as she gives Heryn a half-smile.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Feyruth projects « If they don't leave, I /will/ eat one. »
[Dragon/HalfMoon] Celimoth projects « YOU WON'T DO IT. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Feyruth projects « Probably not. They likely all taste very bad. But I could just nip on one. There was one trying to climb the fence. I can bite that one, right? »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Celimoth projects « I'll cover you. »

Rusty> Cita inclines her head in a 'fair point' kind of way. "They are kind of big." She muses, eyeing the eggs. As for what happened? Yep, her mouth is shut. She doesn't answer Nolan, either, studiously watching the bronze and gold down on the sands. They're being very interesting, after all. "No, you're not. You should drink something soon." She can't help but direct Nolan, eyes flicking up to Sundari briefly. "Huh." Cita considers, turning back to the eggs and grinning. "They do kinda look like that, don't they?" The Apprentice huffs under her breath, amused and, given her peering at the eggs, curious now. Heryn? Cita doesn't appear to have any qualms thumping his shoulder above the injury. "Hey! I *told* you they were rigged. Do you think that she's done?" This Is Perfectly Normal, obviously.

Rusty> Sundari chuckles softly as she stands and grins over at Heryn and Emiallis. "Well… If you have any I'd be willing to buy a bottle from you is all." This said with a teasing tone. She lifts her hands and waves them a bit. "Alright kiddies, time to head off to get some snacks and the like down on the lagoon… I suggest we all leave as dear Feyruth wants us gone… and like yesterday.

C'vryn moves to stand close to Janja, "Do you want anything love? Does Feyruth want you to stay, or would she prefer we all leave? I know she gets very fussy."

Janja still making her shooing motions, lip caught between her teeth. "Oh, I think we'll go as soon as they do." she nods towards the stands though her eyes are more on the hissing, tired gold. "I could use a drink and a nap myself." One hand drops to support her own slightly swollen belly as if in emphasize. "Do you want to stop in and get snacks first or just head straight back?"

Rusty> "I think, if I had stood in front of the dart board, she might have actually come close to hitting it instead of me!" Heryn says in protest, though he's chuckling too hard to be truly aggrieved, even when Cita thumps his injured arm. "I'm starting to think maybe you're just really, really bad at darts. Luckily," he says, standing at Sundari's insistence, "that's something that can be fixed with practice, and maybe a couple pieces of guard armor." A grimace at the makeshift bandage, which is now more red than not. "And maybe something that isn't just a scrap on the way." Brows waggle over at Sundari for the mention of her purchasing a bottle of sparkles. "Gonna have another good night, hm?," he asks because he's a meanie before offering the dragonrider and Emiallis both a wave. "See you guys around, given I survive the rest of the night." And before he can be thumped again, the bartender scoots towards the exit.

Rusty> Emiallis is sometimes slow at getting the message. Her eyes have tracked back to the sire and dam and all those lovely freshly laid eggs, and her mind goes wandering. Shoo motions? Growling? Peh. Though that snapping does get her attention with a start. Big mama dragon is big. And cranky. She stands up and brushes off her backside vainly, moving towards the exit, Heryn already gone. "Come on over to my cot, and I'll sell you a bottle, sure." She says to Sundari, giving one last look over her shoulder at the hatching sands. Does she have to go? Growling mama says yes.

C'vryn moves to head on off the sands, passing Emeliuth on his way out. "I'll have things set up for you, at home when she lets you go, darling."

C'vryn walks over to the hatching grounds.

Rusty> Sundari makes sure the others are moving before she is following, anyone that attempts to say will be grabbed by the ear and yanked out in a motherly sort of way… Really. She just grins to Heryn and winks. "Perhaps." Is said with a teasing tone and slight giggle escaping her even. A smile and nod is sent to Emiallis. "Alright, I'll make sure to wander by then." FOR certain.

Rusty> Hey, look. Maybe they should skeedadle. Sundari is definitely right, there. With great dignity, Cita stands, and definitely doesn't run the heck out of the stands. The healer grins for Emi and the rider, and scoots after Heryn, looking only slightly murderous for the sassing. "Who *suggests* more practice? You want to lose an eye? Shells." Cita grumbles, blessedly unaware of any potential for being dragged out by her ear, or eaten by a dragon. It's the small things.

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