We Are The Problem Children

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It has been a few days since that first fateful mounted lesson, that ended in bronze and weyrling both stomping off to sulk. And while they've been decently "model" weyrlings since, there's been a lingering cloud of S'van's head since the incident. It is morning, after dragons have been fed, washed and oiled, but before lessons have started. Aedeluth is curled up nearby, alert but relaxed, whirling eyes watching as Sev finishes inspecting his straps in preparation for the days training, trying to keep the apprehension at bay.

With the talk of a storm coming Sundari has kept a close eye on the weather and anything that might sem ut of the orm is quick to get her attention. Irkevalath is lowering to the field and Sunny is sliding down from the straps giving the blue a light pat. "Keep an eye on things." When it comes to storms Sunny is a bit leary of them, though nearly dying thanks to one sort of does that to a person. As for S'van and his dear bronze she's let the other trainers work with him as of late, though now…now they get to have a talk. "S'van." Is heard as she moves closer to where he happens to be.

Storm warnings. S'van has heard them, but has not paid much attention. Once the skies start to darken and the rain comes, then he will pay attention. For now, it is business as usual. Aedeluth's hum-and-drone mindvoice reaches out to touch Irkevalath briefly, a quick, short greeting but no more. Sev is halfway through the inspection of the second strap when Sundari calls him. Tension immediately apparent in his shoulders, he does at least stand up and turn to face her when he's called. "Ma'am?"

"We need to have a talk. Do you have a moment?" Sundari questions to S'van, not expecting him to say no but she doesn't tend to be too demanding all the time. Irkevalath settles down and is looking towards the skies then off towards the waters that he can just bearly seen. A welcomng bugle is offered back to Aedeuth, calm and relaxed like.

'We need to talk'. The four words no one ever wants to hear, regardless of the situation. S'van decides the question about 'having a moment' is rhetorical, and wisely chooses not to answer it. Instead, he will simply bend down, quickly coil his straps in a neat little pile so that they are out of the way, and then bobs his head. "Of course. Yes." A glance at Aedeluth, though the bronze appears relaxed and only mildly curious of the proceedings. Bored, really.

Sundari nods slightly and waves a hand for S'van to follow her off a short ways, she won't 'chew' someone out in front of others. Once S'van joins her she is quiet for a few long moments. "We aregoing to talk about the other day. I'm sure you recall what happened?" She looks calm and relaxed really. Honestly how many times could she have done this? She does have five children so most likely a /few/ times to say the least.

A glance is spared for Aedeluth, but S'van finds zero support there, with a distinct, 'sucks to be you' attitude instead. Grey eyes roll, for the bronze, not the Weyrlingmaster, and he follows Sundari. A deep breath, a little nod of his head in agreement, a quiet and neutral sounding, "I do," because he does. He doesn't want to recall what happened, but he does. And he's at least prepared to weather the storm. Sundari looking all calm-cool-collected doesn't really help him any, as it really only highlights how uncomfortable S'van is to be having this conversation. He's at least smart enough not to speak first.

Fascath slips out from the barracks, a sudden patch of dry having been taken care of with a through and exhaustive oiling. He's all glistening and shiny now. He moves with a cool and confident air as he steps out into the open. A glance around and then and Aedeluth is spotted and he heads over that way. As Catwin comes on out, her outfit is a bit soaked itself from the oil in spots but her hands and arm are slightly pink from being well scrubbed. Course, this is also just in time to seeing S'van being led off like a lamb to slaughter.

Sundari lifts a finger slightly and just watches S'van. "If you ever speak to me or any of the other WLM's like tht I will ground your arse and you will never be allowed to fly again. Do you understand me?" She questions with a soft tone, no emotion really. It will take a few moments to let that sink in before she goes on. "The reason why I stopped Aedeluth is because I worry about him being in pain, his actions showed him to be in pain. I did not call him out /because/ of his issue but you and he must understand that things like this will take time. It is not something that can be taken care of over night."

Aedeluth is watching Sundari and S'van. Carefully. As if he is bored and doesn't care. But he is watching. Though when Fascath comes on the scene, he provides a welcome distraction from the serious butt-kicking that his Weyrling is likely going to get. A little flick of his mind, the hum-drone connection established briefly in greeting, and then he goes back to silent observation of WLM vs Weyrling. S'van, for his part, shows a proper amount of respect and healthy fear for the woman who controls his immediate future. A quick and apologetic, "Yes, ma'am," is both answer to her question, and acknowledgement for her reasons. But he can't quite help but press his lips into a thin line, the tension showing in his expression as eyes harden and his gaze casts to the side. There are things he wants to say, but he bites his tongue and does not say them. Not yet, at least. Casting his gaze to the side has the (unfortunate) side-effect of spotting Catwin, who has spotted him, which just makes him shift a little more uncomfortably where he stands.

Catwin purses her lips a little as she watches the interaction and then after nosing at Aedeluth a moment, Fascath takes it upon himself to trot over towards Sundari. S'van is noted, but really his focus is on Sundari, as he struts his stuff. Shiny body and all. Okay, so no brand new straps at the moment, but look at him glisten. Look at him shine. Catwin blinks as she just stares at Fascath and his antics.

Sundari doesn't seem to care of Aedeluth is watching her or not, one she isn't worried about it and two she has Irk and that blue dragon and take on anything and one if needed honestly. "I do things for a reason, and while my reasons may not always make sense but they do work out in the end. Believe it or not I've lived a bit longer then you and through a few things so I know a bit more in the end." She takes in a slight breath before letting her arms fold before her, gaze settled on S'van still. "Aedeluth has a problem, and to try and fix that we must work on strengthing the rest of him so that his weakness will not become a burden in the future. I'm not saying thta it wil but to strength the rest will help in the end. It is a simple thing in a sense, must strengthen his other limbs which will help the problem one in the end." She pauses a moment and lifts her head a touch. "Do you have somethin' that you wish to add?" The approaching Fascath is noted and she blinks while glancing up to watch the blue, she does look amused a few moments. "I shouldn't leave Irk incharge of lessons." She'll blame her dragon for the sillyness.

Aedeluth is not malevolent in his watching. He is simply watching. There is no malice, and the hum and drone of his voice is steady and even. Bored, almost. Though being spoken about does garner his attention, and his paws flex a little in the dirt. In the end, it is Fascath's approaching of the pair that earns his amusement, if only just. S'van's eyes flit towards the blue, and then Catwin, and there's a hasty little shake of his head, a 'call him off!' sort of look because really, he's in enough trouble without the well-meaning Fascath making things awkward. "I understand, ma'am. And I am sorry for how I - We - behaved," even if Aedeluth does not wish to apologize, S'van will. When she asks if he has something to add, he takes a deep breath before answering. "Yes, I do." His voice is calm, and even, but he's not meeting Sundari's eyes as he speaks. "I mean. I have something I wish to say. I understand that you did what you felt, er, knew was best. But Aede is never, ever, going to walk without a limp. He will never, ever, walk without some sort of pain. We've been working with the Dragonhealers since day one, and it's gotten very manageable. But… it is what it is. No matter what we do, he will always live with this… he wasn't suffering through that lesson. He was limping, yes. But he wasn't in undue amounts of pain or stress. It was no more difficult for him than it is to walk across the field to the Lagoon and," he pauses, makes sure his voice is calm and appropriately respectful before he continues, "well… when you and Irkevalath pulled him off it was… it was really embarrassing for him. It was like you were saying he wasn't good enough." Not to mention that his little sister Myrakath, who is literally half his size, got to keep going when he couldn't, but he doesn't mention this.

Catwin is making eyes at Fascath and trying to urge him back her way. Probably looking funny as she does it since she's trying to be silent about it as well. His clutch brothers mate is in trouble though and Fasath is honor bound to do what he can. So therefor he'll risk much to bring the attention off of S'van and onto himself. Course, feats of distraction are still things to work on. He whuffles at the Weyrlingmaster, heck he even sniffs at her a little. Catwin's face starts turning a few different shades and then Fascath pointedly looks at her. « You should say something. He is one of yours. You should come to his aid as well. » Red face turns to pale face now as Catwin stares at the blue. Mouth opens and then mouth shuts. Fascath suddenly bugles. Sorry guys. « Tell her is is good enough! You said so yourself! » Okay, yelling at a blue in her head doesn't quite work out and instead she yells out loud "You get your sardin' blimey blue butt back over here. Yes, I think Aedeluth should't be discriminated against, but do you shardin think S'van wants me charing in there right…" color comes back to face as she realizes she's yelling out loud. "now." the last just comes out as a peep.

Sundari allows S'van to say his peace a brow lifting slightly at a few parts of it and she just watches the other for a few moments. "Life is hard S'van, get use to that little bit of information. I will pull any Weyrling out of a lesson as I see fit and that is the bottom line. I did not say he was not good enough, I told you to continue without being mounted on him and I even said to come to the lesson that night. If I truely wanted to cause some harm I would have figured out another way I assure you." A faint sigh escapes her and she pauses slightly before glancing up to Fascath and will give the blue a soft rub across the cheek. "His not in trouble." Is offered softly to the blue. "I'm just doing my job to keep you all safe." If only they could understand that. Her gaze turns from Fascath over to Catwin as she seems to pick up on the fact that something else is going on perhaps, and when Catwin is yelling out well now she knows something is up. "Really?" Is questioned and she eyes Catwin faintly before glancing back to S'van. Perhaps this is what she gets for attemping to be friendly with them. "For the record I'm not discriminating upon anyone, also I'm still the Weyrlingmaster so until someone else wear's the knot your stuck with me." Irkevalath is slowly shifting to his paws, wings a slight flutter while his tail slowly sways and he watches the younger dragons with a slight narrowed look. "Be ready for lessons this evening, both of you." Sundari says while she turns and is moving towards her dragon without a glance back to them, someone is a bit on edge now it seems.

There is that brief moment of 'in the clear' until, well… Fascath. And Catwin. And then there is just closed eyes from the weyrling bronzerider as he just kinda… wishes the damn ground would open up and swallow him. Please? Maybe? Nope? Ok then. "Yes ma'am." Because right now, saying nothing is probably the way to go. And he is pretty good at SILENCE when it suites him. So he will just nod his head, acknowledge her words and do his best to look compliant. Because he really is trying, even if Aede makes things difficult. Another little nod for her words about the evening lessons, a quick, "We will be ready," and then a glance at Fascath and Catwin. Aedeluth is amused. Deeply amused. It rolls from his mind in a wave of flashing screens and scrolling code. When Irkevalath rises, he shifts in his position, straightening some without actually getting up. Now his head turns, nose pointed towards the older blue first, and then his little blue brother. He won't say it, but there's a touch of fondness there for his attempt at defending him.

Catwin is right there with S'van wanting the ground to open up. Fascath takes the cheek rub as is his due. Course as Sunny heads off he looks proud of himself and he whuffles S'van a little before striding off back to Catwin who just buries her face against his hide "Oh shards Fascath, what have I done?" she murmurs and the blue croons softly to her. « Better to say things then to let them fester like a bad wound. » There's a groan "Seriously, Fascath. I've said this before. I'll say it again. Sometimes, less said the better. About a great deal many things." she notes and then rubs his hide "You mean well, I understand, but sometimes." she shakes her head and then she's nodding to Sunny "We will be ready." she murmurs and then she's looking at S'van and mouthing 'Sorry' Though if he never wants to see her again, she'll understand.

Irkevalath shifts slowly, lowerng for his rider to climb up onto his shoulders, his swirling gaze a mix of orange and yellow as he watches the four before he shakes his head slightly before looking to the sky. Sundari dosen't offer another word to either weyrling and once upon her dragon the older blue is leaping into the air with a good bit of grace and fluidly flap of his wings. It won't be long for the pair to be gone either.

As Sundari and Irkevalath leave, there is a visible release of tension through the weyrling's shoulders. S'van all but falls to the ground, having enough grace to curl his legs beneath him before he lands with a soft 'whump'. "Gee, thanks for the help Fascath," he drawls, eyeing the blue dragon with dry amusement. But now that he's no longer under the harsh gaze of his Weyrlingmaster, he can let a bit of his true feelings show. And those feelings are not fuzzy and pleasant. There's a harsh look on his face, and he stares towards the weyr wall as if it's called his mother all sorts of ugly names. Aedeluth huffs just a bit, and the mental equivalent of rolled-eyes is cast to all. Children. "That could have gone better," loud enough for Cat to hear. But he's not mad at her. No, not really.

Catwin can't help but wince as she just buries her face against Fascath again and mutters at him. Nothing really coherant, just bits of this and that and all sorts of nonsense. Fascath, however, seems pleased. « She left, and no other punishment. And Aedeluth will be in lessons tonight. » See all good according to him. Cat stares at him and then she just throws up her arms "There's just no reasoning with you when you're like this, is there? « Nope. » Yes, smug dragon.

Aedeluth is HIGHLY AMUSED at this, even as he's watching Irkevalath fade into the distance. « Well. That could have gone better, » he decides, though there's a touch of pride for his brother. « Well intentioned, at least, » he decides, « And I do appreciate the sentiment. But perhaps next time… a bit more subtlety? » but yes. He will be in lessons, which pleases him. Enough that he will pull himself to his feet, snag his own damn straps in his mouth, and hobble over to his weyrling. « Quit sulking and get to work. » S'van glares up at the bronze first, and then towards Catwin, though the look kinda vanishes when his eyes land on her. "S'ok Cat. I'm not mad. I know he meant well."

Fascath gives Cat a little nudge « It will be fine, you shall see. » Ever optimistic he is. Cat does look up however and then she's looking over at S'van "Yeah, but I know how well meaningful intentions can go. I really am sorry. I was trying to not to say anything. Really I was." she sighs a little "I feel so bad. How bad do you think lessons will go tonight?" she asks quietly.

"Don't," feel bad. "It's not your fault. It started with Aede and me," says S'van, pulling the straps towards them when Aedeluth all but spits them at him. He starts running his fingers over the leather, methodically inspecting them. "I dunno. I mean… she can't exactly require Aede and me to do extra laps or anything, or it would contradict her entire sentiments about not pushing him, right?" he hopes. "Course, she could keep us out of lessons again," and the thought makes him look sullen, grey eyes distant. Aedeluth's eyes whirl a bit faster as he settles back down on the ground, near his weyrling. « Smashing idea, » he decides, to something unspoken. "Maybe," Sev agrees, though there's apprehension in his look. A sigh. "I doubt she'll stay made at you or Fascath, though. You guys have been doing really well. It's us," and he juts a thumb at Aede, "that are the problem children." Sarcastic. Self-deprecating. Angry.

Fascath rumbles at any idea that Aedeluth is a problem child. But he quiets with a look from Catwin "I think he needs to work off some of his extra energy." she mutters as she nudges the blue on to do laps. "Yeah, she likely won't though maybe we can get some water training in." she notes quietly and then lets out a breath. "I should go keep an eye on him, as Fascath heads off at a sprightly pace.

Aedeluth is content. Sev is not. After staring at his straps without seeing them, he pulls himself up and coils them over his shoulder. "I need to think," he says, which is both an explanation and a good-bye as he heads into the barracks. Aedeluth just gives another mental roll of his eyes. Later dude.

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