Plans Not Entirely Planned

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Zi'on is in the caverns. Lunch is finishing up and the people he was sitting lift are getting up to leave. The bronzer hasn't even touched his sandwich, and the bubbly he's chose only has one bite taken out of it. Maybe he's sick? No, he's just distracted. He's got a big pile of papers with him, which he working off one pile and putting into another. There is lots of grunting and he generally looks put off by what he's viewing.

Lunch is finishing and yet, Kiley is entering to sneak over to snag whatever it left for herself. This happens to be a sandwich that she carefully makes, nose wrinkling slightly as she works. A mug of juice is filled and then, she peers about the caverns to find a spot. Lo and behold, there is a Zi'on doing /work/ and the computer crafter makes her way over there, settling beside him and then leaning over to see what he's working on. Her head tilts slightly and then she frowns a little more. "What're you working on, Zi'on? Paperwork?"

Hah! Kiley would think the bronzer is doing work, wouldn't she. Not so. He's sorting through a mess of what appears to be advertisements. Most of them have pictures of runners and herdbeasts on them. Apparently they are advertisements for the beastcraft. And there are tons of them. "What in Faranth's name is a sexy cow!? What does that even mean? Someone please tell me!" Also it looks like the bronze is starting to grow a goatee. For whatever reason. He peers up as someone addresses him. Then squints. "Kiley? Holy crap you're as dark as I am!" Maybe not quite, but darker than usual. "No. I got all this stuff delivered to my weyr. And then I found a bunch at Enka's weyr earlier." He looks at her. "So uh… how you been?"

Poor misinformed Kiley, thinking the bronzerider would actually be doing /work/. Brows lift at the outcry but she is offering no response, instead, she's giving him a curious little look over for that goatee. "Yes, it is me." There's a laugh for his reaction to her tanning. "Yeah. I got pretty dark at the camp. I was out exploring a lot, doing hunting…" Trailing off, she gives the papers a curious look, brows lifting. "Why would they deliver this stuff to your weyr? Did you ask for it?" Her nose wrinkles as she shifts to take one of the papers and considers it with a frown. "I've been lovely. How about you?"

Once he's sure it is Kiley he gets up to give her a hug. A big, squeezing hug. Too bad if she's sitting, he'll lift her right back up again. There's also a nice big smooch on her cheek. "Hi! I'm glad you guys are all back. It was getting a little boring around here. Enka's the only one around really and she's on the sands most of the time." He shrugs about the paperwork and goes back to setting it down. "I'm only sorting through in case there's something important here for Enka. But there ain't. No I didn't ask for them." He smiles to her. "Otherwise I've been good. You guys had fun out at the camp? Anything exciting happen?"

Kiley squeaks as she is pulled into the hug, and lifted out of her seat. There's a small little hug in return and a wrinkle of her nose as he kisses her cheek. "Hi. I'm glad we're back too. Were you not allowed to come out and check up on us?" There's a slow nod of understanding. "I would imagine she's on the Sands more now that the eggs are closer to Hatching?" She places the paper back where she found it and turns to take a bite out of her sandwich, humming softly to his words before she's nodding along. "I had fun. We fished and hunted quite often. We have new firelizards if that could be considered exciting?" The computer crafter chuckles, "I rather miss it. But, it is good to be back."

Zi'on scratches his head a bit. "I dunno. No one told me where you guys were. Plus I've been a little preoccupied I guess. I was out at Xanadu visiting my sisters, then went up to Telgar to visit my Ma and the twins." He nods about Enka. "Yeah. Mir is getting restless, so she's been out there to keep her sort of calm while she can. Even Suldith hasn't wanted to go up and sit on the ledge. He's scared she might come up to nip him." The bronzer goes back to sorting papers. "You can do that stuff here. Well, the fishing I guess. Though I guess you'll probably want to get back to your craft, and there's chores to do." He shrugs a bit about the firelizards. "I guess that's exciting for you guys. I've only got the one. Thrall. He's pretty alright."

"Oh. That's too bad. Maybe they wanted it to be a secret…" The computer crafter hums in consideration, "I'd like to go back." Then, she refocuses on the bronzerider and her brows lift, "your sister is in Xanadu? Who is your sister? I'm sure your mom was happy to have you visit, though." She takes another bite of her sandwich and listens to the talk of Enka and her lifemate with a frown. "Do you think she wants the eggs to hatch? Or maybe she's trying to keep them from doing so…" Trailing off, she considers with a lift of her brows. "I suppose we could. I should get back to my craft, but, Nik has my laptop so I won't be able to work until he brings it back. Chores will occupy my time until then, I'm sure." There's a shrug of her shoulder and she chuckles. "I'll be training Data to fend for herself and then to deliver messages. I don't spend too much time with my firelizards."

Zi'on nods to Kiley. "Well, it can't be that far, right? Can go back whenever you want, really. Once the hatching is over. Unless you impress, then you'll have to wait a while." He nods. "I got two there, apparently. I went to visit Zip. Met Zafirah. I'm sure I got more family there, but them are the only two I know." He laughs. "She wants them to hatch. She's tired of being on the hot sands, I guess. That's what Enka said." He peers at her. "He has your laptop? When did that happen? And why?" He thought that guy was gone! "Data is your 'lizard? A green? Thrall is pretty good with messages. He's bronze."

"Not that far, nope. I'd like to go back once the Hatching is over. I'm not going to plan beyond the possibility of it, but, I will not hold my breath on it. I am fully expecting to have all my friends Impress around me once more." She leaves it at that, blinking at the bronzerider. "I met Zip once. Or maybe twice. Not this… Zafirah. I imagine it is odd to suddenly have siblings pop out of nowhere." Kiley's brows furrow at that thought before relaxing. "I can imagine. Being on the Sands for that long must be tiring, watching eggs that won't do much until later." There's a slow nod. "Yeah. We made up. He took it to the Crafthall to get it looked at for me." Her sandwich is finished and she nods. "Mhm. She's green. Hardware is bronze, too. I imagine he'll have to keep watch on Data so she doesn't mess up."

Zi'on nods a bit. "Gonna get married to Nik and go and live out there? Just you two surrounded by all your computers?" He shrugs. "You never know. I didn't think I was going to impressed either, but I did. Zip was here at Western for a while. And she was with us for a little bit as a kid at Ista. But I don't really know her as well as like… the twins. It's not really weird. I guess I'm used to the idea sort of." He seems satisfied that there aren't important papers in the pile, so he leaves it alone to eat his lunch. "I see," he says about the two crafters. "Uh. That's good and all." Not that the bronzer sounds too thrilled about their reconciling. "Hardware is your other firelizard?" He pauses. "…that's cute.. I guess." He wrinkles his nose. Nerd-alert!

Kiley blinks at him, "no. I'm not getting married, Zi'on. I'm not leaving Western, either." She points out simply. "I suppose that is true, we never know." The computer crafter chews on her bottom lip a bit before tilting her head. "Well, I mean Zafirah. You said you just met her… Must be odd just meeting some of your siblings for the first time when visiting other places randomly." She shifts to rest an elbow upon the table, propping her chin up on her palm to consider the man beside her. "You don't seem that happy that we made up, Zi." Oh look! Nickname. "Hardware and Data." Yes. She is a nerd.

Zi'on laughs. "I heard all holder girls say that. I'm never getting married and blah blah. Until they meet some guy and then he asks. Then they're all 'oh marriage and we'll live happily ever after'. Anyways, what if that Nik guy wants to be married?" The bronzer shrugs about his siblings. "Really Zip and the twins are my only real siblings. Not that my circle can't expand, but it's no different than like.. meeting a cousin or someone." He peers at her. "I'm happy. See?" He fakes a smile that looks like a kid who is getting his picture taken. All teeth. "See? Happy. Haaappy." He doesn't go into what he thinks about Kiley's firelizard names. But his shaking of head probably gives it away.

"I am sure you do, but, I really have no intentions of getting married. If I do, my parents would want me to have at least five children." Kiley wrinkles her nose. "Nik does not want to get married." She states simply, "and if he does, I would reject him. What we have now is fine. We do not need to get married." The explanation of his siblings earns a nod, though distant and slightly confused by the look on her face. "I see… That makes sense." Her tone doesn't match with the words, however. The fake smile earns a frown and she leans in to poke at his cheek. "You're not happy. Tell me what's wrong."

Zi'on laughs. "Can't your parents want you to have five children without getting married just as easy?" Even easier, probably. "Oh yeah? So if he came in here right now all professing his love and how he wanted to be with you forever and ever and begging you two to get married you would reject him?" He raises a brow at her. "Even if it meant he'd move on and find someone else?" He shrugs. "I'm fine. Just seems pretty convenient to me that he decided to up and leave at the beginning of candidacy… now that it's almost over he reappears. That's all."

"Yes, but I told them I wouldn't have children unless I was married. And I have no intention of getting married." Kiley notes easily, "I talked them into waiting until then, which will be never." Her brows lift at the bronzerider's question before she's laughing and shaking her head. "Nik isn't like that. I would reject his offer if he asked me to marry him. I don't believe he would move on to find someone else." His statement earns a slight frown and a shrug, "yes. I know. But, he had his reasons. I'm not mad at him, and he is supporting me."

Zi'on laughs. "I see. You've lulled them into a trap. How sneaky of you, Kiley. Very sneaky…" The bronzer peers at her. "I dunno Kiley. I know you like him and all, but that doesn't seem very logical. Since you're the one who likes logic and all. It seems like all he did was prove that as soon as things aren't going the way he likes… he'll just up and leave again. But if you say it was justified… that's your choice." The bronzer goes back to his meal for a moment. "There's got to be some other guys around that are less of a jerk, is all I'm saying."

Kiley laughs, "I thought it was clever and they left me alone." There's a teasing little smile that settles on the computer crafter's lips that fades once the talk turns to logic and Nikolas in that logic. "I don't think that was it, Zi…" She murmurs, brows furrowing as fingers tap along her cheek in thought. "I think he'll stay around. His reasoning is his alone, I don't think I should say it, however." She gives a one shoulder shrug before brows lift. "Oh? Who do you think is better for me?"

That's right. Logic! And he's involving her love interest in it, like she tried to do before. "Well you know him better than I do. I'm just saying that that's how it looks to me. Maybe he's great and he had a good reason for it." The bronzer blinks a bit then. "I dunno. I didn't have someone specific in mind really. Sometimes it's good to shop around though. Especially when the fruit you've tried's gone rolling down the hill away from you." Change of subject. "So there's probably time for one final prank before the hatching…" He strokes the goatee he's got going. "I wonder what we could do…"

"Thank you for your observation, Zi. We'll see what happens for now." There's a laugh and she's nodding for his metaphor. "We will see." Kiley then stares at him, brows furrowing. "One final prank? You already pulled a prank? What did you do?" Interrogation begins for that final wording of his. "Wait. We? Why /we/?" The computer crafter shifts again to stare at him more pointedly.

Zi'on nods to her. Then he blinks. "Who said I pulled a prank? So no one's pulled a prank in the barracks at all? I heard someone got their underwear stolen or something. Also… nevermind. I guess Keely ran out of time before she got her thing pulled off." He peers at her. "Yes we. I can't do a prank by myself. They require multiple hands. And careful planning and coordiation. I need someone to manage it all for me. And that someone is -you-. The goal here is to do something hilarious, but that doesn't hurt anyone. The goal is… to dye all the candidate robes pink."

"You said 'one more' which implies that you already did one." Kiley points out with a frown. "Yes, the underthings were all stolen. Keely was going to do something?" There's a sigh and she frowns a little more at him. "Why /me/?" Though the rest of the plan earns a shake of her head. "What? No. We can't do /that/. There's tradition and rules why we're in white. We can't dye them /pink/. We can't dye them at all. Pick something else."

"Yeah. One more. That means there was that underwear thing. Now this one. The one that we're thinking up right now. That's one more." Zi'on peers at her. "Because you're good at that organization thing. Psh. They don't care the color as long as they're all the same and it's not like going to hurt the dragon's eyes or anything." He grunts at her. "Uh… fine then. We could… Uh.. replace all the salt with sugar in the living caverns. Let a tunnelsnake lose in the barracks? Uh… pour water on a few people's bedclothes while they're asleep so they think they peed themselves? Cover the latrines with plastic wrap? I dunno, you pick something!"

Kiley stares at the bronzerider, looking totally scandalized. "/You/ stole the… Why?" Mouth opens and closes, this repeats a few times before she's narrowing her eyes at him. "You'd want me to do the whole thing by myself. My fingers would be pink and that would give it away. We're not changing the color of the robes." When he relents, she smiles but then he's offering a few more chores and the woman sighs softly. "Switching the sweetener and the salt would be fine. And the least harmful."

Zi'on stares right back. "What are you talking about Kiley?" His brow furrows. "No. Did I say you were going to do it by yourself? And they do make these wonderful things… they call them gloves. And there's this other stuff called sweetsand. It helps make you clean. But find, you want to punk out…" His nose wrinkles. "But that's kind of… lame. I was mostly joking. People won't know if it was a prank, or some drudge was just being dumb and made a mistake."

"Nevermind." Kiley sighs softly, "no, you didn't. Were you going to find us some cloves and we would dye all the robes? And I doubt that'd we'd even be able to gather them all. People are being mindful of their things." Her nose wrinkles at him and she sighs. Her mug of juice is taken and she sips from it. "I thought it would be easier not to get caught doing that one. Pick something else then that doesn't have to do with the robes." She gives him a rather pointed look, brows furrowing even more as she takes another sip from her drink. "I'm no good at pranking and I don't really see the point of it."

Zi'on narrows his eyes at the computer crafter. "Maybe I've already found the cloves. Maybe it's all set up already. But you'll never know!" The bronzer pushes his plate away from himself. He's mostly done anyways. "Well, fine then. I'll think up something and do it on my own. And maybe instead of being the prank-er you'll be the prank-ee. How's that?" He gets up then, leaving his mess at the table. "Anyways I have to go take the weyrwoman some water. Take care of this for me, will you, candidate?" Now who's being the jerk!?

Kiley stares at him a moment longer, mouth opening and then closing before she's heaving a sigh. "Alright, Zi'on… I'm hiding my robe." She gives him a firm little look, brows furrowing at him. "You won't find it." She peeks at his plate and then glances back to him and offering a very slight smile. "Yes /sir/. Enjoy your day." She pushes from her seat and gathers the plates without much protest, making her way over to the trays and placing them in there. A quick salute is angled his way before she's making her way into the lower caverns.

There's no smiles from Zi'on. He's glowering at Kiley. "I can't rightly do that now, can I? You'll probably go back and tell everyone to hide their robes!" A good idea, wasted. It took him a sevenday to think that all up! There's a grumble about leaving the candidates on an island forever as he moves to get a pitcher of water and some glasses. Then he's on his way out.

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