Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

"Yeah, cute. And then they get older and talk back to you. I'll take the physical vomit over the metaphorical kind any day." Kilarden knows! He might not have his own children, but he did raise a baby of his own accord. He nods his head in agreement with Tine, adding only, "I think I like the thought of free days more than I like the free days. Then I have to figure out something to do, and it usually results in chasing around my little sister." And then he's focusing on Idris, wiggling fingers. "That should make you happy," he laughs, pleasantly. "More mouths for you to make delicious food for." And she /does/ make delicious food. "Kershaw's got the right of it though. Flits are like babies, except more fangs and wing."

Tineska looks around at the group and the array of firelizards present. "No, they really don't." Her oldest, brown Circuit, agrees by snatching the morsel of meat from her hand. She gives Idris and Kershaw a friendly nod, and then points to Layali, the green who's currently wrapped around her neck. "Just wait until our girls have clutches. Then it will be even worse!" Then she takes her thoughts to the next level. "I'

Idris tosses another piece of meat for her little blue before grinning at Kilarden. "Well, on the downside firelizards don't seem to adore baked goods so much as raw. They like their fruits fresh and their meat bloody. Too bad, I'd have a built in taste tester otherwise." The baker lays sideways on her cot, yawning as she watches the firelizard eat. "At least they're totally adorable. I like the noises they make. Very melodic sometimes. Especially all of them together. Well, except when they're upset and chittering."

Tineska looks around at the group and the array of firelizards present. "No, they really don't." Her oldest, brown Circuit, agrees by swooping down and snatching the morsel of meat from her hand. She gives Idris and Kershaw a friendly nod, and then points to Layali, the green who's currently wrapped around her neck. "Just wait until our girls have clutches. Then it will be even worse!" Then she takes her thoughts to the next level. "I'll feel sorry for whoever impresses one of the big ones, especially if there's a gold." Seems like Candidacy has taken forever. "It's already Spring, how long do they usually take? I'm starting to think they'll never come out of there." FInally seming to have gotten his fill, little Ocho snuggles up against Tineska's leg and promptly falls asleep, looking like a pudgy little angel. "You're not fooling anyone, Ocho." Though she still reaches down to stroke his little head.

"Mine seem to be happy to sleep at the moment but I'm pretty sure that they'll be up soon enough wanting some food. It's a good thing I have a supply of meat for them or I'd not hear the end of it. Wrasse seems to be settling in well, she's already established that she's the boss of the pair and Sudz seems fine with it, well not that he had much choice in the matter." Kershaw shakes his head as he recalls how Wrasse let Sudz know who was in charge and who was going to do as they were told. I'm not sure about melodic when a loud screech is sounded in your ear to remind you that you've been neglecting their feeding."

Velrich does finally drop onto his back, simply laying there with one hand to make sure the child doesn't go…falling anywhere. Thankfully, the baby does seem rather happy with this position, quieting and very likely..dozing somewhat. So what if Vel can't sit up properly for it? "Don't know much about egg..development. But the way people are buzzing about the caverns it can't be a whole lot longer." He does at least manage to lift his head some, looking over at…well. He can't find anyone to look at from his position. So he drops his head right back down again. "I heard a few people talking..people actually make /bets/ on what will come out of the eggs?"

Tineska seems to take a note from Velrich's book and stretches out on her own cot, cradling the sleeping bronze and looking around for the dynamic flyer Circuit. He's around here somewhere with this stolen morsel. "I'm glad to hear it. I'm getting sick of latrine duty, among other things. Not that I can really complain..they do feed us. It just gets old sometimes." She yawns again, one hand on bronze, the other on green. "Bets? I can't say I'm surprised. Maybe I should make a couple. I did get a little bit of money as a tip in the kitchens while I was serving the other day. Been trying to decide whether to spend it on computer parts or something totally frivolous."

Kershaw watches his pair of firelizards with a look of amusement, "People will bet on anything, we used to bet on when we'd reach our next port of call, what the first cargo to be unloaded would be, what the first new cargo would be loaded…there's no end to what people will bet on. Now I've never bet on what color will come from what egg but there's lots that do, me I don't have the marks to lose so I just watched and cheered everyone on at those hatchings I've had a chance to see."

Free day! Yay! Kiley makes her way into the barracks, laptop case draped across one shoulder as she makes her way to her cot. There is a wide grin settled firmly in place, entirely cheerful. Everyone currently in the barracks is given a wave of greeting before she's settling down at her cot and opening up her case to settle the laptop firmly upon her lap before opening. "Betting? Who is betting?" There's a curious tilt of her head before her gaze focuses on Tineska alone, gesturing for the apprentice to join her. "Nikolas upgraded everything in my laptop for a Turnday present. You should come see how quickly it is running."

Velrich groans just a bit as…noise promptly starts. From his chest. Oh yes, that child has gone from quiet and content to loud and obnoxious in a matter of moments. He sighs though, sitting up and practically rolling to his feet, taking the baby with him, of course. "Ngh..guess I'd better take him back to the nursery." Where hopefully someone /else/ will take the crying thing away from him. Rush! Off he goes, hurrying out of the barracks.

The auburn-haired apprentice is up in an instant, hovering over Kiley's newly upgraded technical beast. "Ooooooooooooh." Ocho is left on the bed, slightly awake and wondering what happened to his Tineska-pillow. "Wow! It looks fabulous! I take it you two are getting along better these days? I'm glad to see it." She does her best not to drool on the keyboard. "Betting on the eggs. I'm trying to decide whether or not to put anything on them. Can't hurt, right?" Layali's still wrapped tightly around the young woman's neck, and doesn't take kindly as Tineska, still leaning over the computer, tries to loosen her a bit. In fact, she tightens up around her. "Ow. That hurts, Lay." She is scratched more as the little one on Velrich sounds off, and jumps with a start. "Have fun!" She calls after Velrich, a bit of a smirk draped on her face.

Kershaw watches Velrich depart with a grin, "Terrible to see so many having to deal with chores today while I get to sit around and do pretty much anything I wish, well long as that includes feeding these two that is." He smiles as Wrasse and Sudz are still asleep in spite of the lil one voicing its displeasure."Wonder how many more days we'll have to wait before those eggs decide they've waited long enough?"

Kiley grins at Tineska, "it is /amazing/. Maybe we can work on your laptop a little more later, depending on what happens. We made up and he told me why he took off." The computer crafter beams brightly to the other. "Thank you. You were right that he would come back." She turns the laptop to allow the other to play with it some. "Well, betting green usually is the best statistic, honestly. I want to get the records after to calculate the actual percentage because it seems fun." A look to Velrich as he takes off and she frees a single hand to wave a farewell.

Tineska shoots Kerhsaw an ever so disgraceful look as he talks of his free day. Granted, she probably would be doing the same right now, but…that's so not the point. "You can help me watch for ships. The more the merrier!" Har har. Then her attention's turned back to Kiley's technobaby. "That would be great! I'd love to actually see it running. It would be fabulous to get a second pair of eyes. I'm sure you'll have some great ideas." As far as the eggs go, she has an idea herself. "Perhaps they'll let us go check them out again. But I bet Miraneith wouldn't like that." Maybe if they brought a whole herd of herdbeasts to her, she'd like them. Maaaybee.

Kershaw tries to look innocent but fails miserably, "Oh well I'd really like to help you Tineska but seems I've got a a previous engagement with my cot, one that I've had for awhile now. As much as I enjoyed our time on the island the hammocks didn't compare to my comfy cot." He looks to make sure his two firelizards are still soundly sleeping smiling as he see's they are for the moment.

Tineska pointedly sighs in Kershaw's direction. "Gee, thanks, Kershaw. Hope your cot doesn't feel too lumpy." And by that, she means she hopes it's /extremely/ lumpy. Layali seems to clue into this, and leaps from the girl's neck to try and wake up the two sleepers on Kershaw's cot. Squawk squawk! Flap flap! Will that work? She's most sure the babies will be hungry.

"I'd love to help you get it running." Kiley promises to the younger, "we can find a lot of used parts and put it together. Then later, upgrade to better parts." She hums softly and turns the laptop once more. "Well, Zi'on said she's cranky. So, I'm not sure if they'd even let us anywhere near them now. We'll just have to wait." Kershaw is given a curious look, brows lifting as she looks between the two, with no comments made.

Jeyinshi makes her present known with a very, extremely, amazingly loud…..SNEEZE! "Dusting. Why do I have to dust? I wanted a broom." The dolphineer wanders into the barracks, rubbing at her nose with irritation and making direct headway to her cot. Tossing a featherduster aside, the woman lays down, giving a nod and smile to those around. "What're the lot of you up to?"

Tineska nods excitedly to Kiley, clearly enthused by the idea. "Fabulous!" She's practically glowing now. Nothing like computers to get a girl excited, now is there? Nope, not a thing! She winks at Jeyinshi as the dolphin-lover enters, and shrugs. "Just killing time during my chore break. Dusting…I suppose lookout duty is better than that." Meanwhile, Layali continues attempting to pester Kershaw's pair, and heck..him too.

Kelthero quietly slips into the barracks, clothes full of dust and dirt and rumpled in places. Seems like he's been crawling through various tunnels and storage areas for his chores. With it just about nearing lunch time, the former guard is no doubt returning to change before seeking food. "Sharding tunnelsnakes." he mutters under his breath, frowning as he seems lost in his thoughts as he shuffles over to his own cot. But rather then opening his clothes press, he's instead settling down on the edge of his cot with a tired sigh. It's then that he scans the barracks and noticing a few familiar faces, he promptly lifts a hand up to wave a quick greeting. "Are you all off your chores for the morning?" he asks, smiling faintly.

Day off! Woo-yeah. Keelyra has been blessed with some since their return from the island. Not too long until lunch and she's meandering into the barracks to tend to two creeling 'lizards. "Hush," the teen mutters, with a roll of her eyes at the younger brown who seems to believe death by starvation is upon him. She's holding a bowl of scraps and flops down on her cot to tend to the two critters.

Tineska looks up from her cot to see Kelthero, and gives him a quick nod. "Always nice to get a break." She's cleaning around her cot, and folding some of her garments. Her three firelizards for once are curled up together fast asleep on her pillow. Beside them is Moonbeam, her stuffed dragon, watching over the day's happenings. "They'll be expecting me back soon, probably" she decrees with a frown. She's not in any big hurry, though. She'd actually never be folding her clothes normally. But desperate times call for desperate procastination measures!

Kiley waves cheerfully towards Jeyinish, smiling widely at her friend. "Looking at my laptop. Nik had it fixed up for me as a Turnday present." Excitement is evident in her tone before she grins at Tineska. "It'll be a rather fun project to work on." She stretches out, "I have a free day, however." Kelthero is given a cheerful wave, and a cheerful grin. "Heya Kelthero. We're in… Various stages of chores. I'm off, Kershaw is off. And…" A shrug of her shoulders for the rest, leaving it at that.

Velrich has..returned! And thankfully minus a baby, for that matter. At least this time his shirt hasn't been dirtied and spit-up on. That's a plus. There's a weary sigh though as he heads back into the barracks, finding the corner of his cot to sit on. "Finally. That kid can cry.." As babies tend to do. He lifts his hands a bit, rubbing both of them over his face a few times before finally looking up again, gaze flicking over to Kelthero. "Just put a kid down for a nap."

Kershaw waves to those that have just entered the dorm as he searches for the sandals he'd planned to wear for the hatching, "Shards where did those things get off to, I need them for the hatching when ever it will be or I'll have roast feet!" As he continues to look around he looks down at his feet which is quickly followed by a red tinge on his cheek, "Never mind, I found them…" as he raises his feet and said sandals are seen firmly attached.

hummmm. Hummmmmmmm. Is that a vibration? An earthquake? No. It soon becomes apparent that the dragons are humming. Fire lizards all over the dorms start to pick up the chorus, adding tiny voices to the deep bass rumble that leaks through the walls.

Footsteps sound in the corridor outside and one of the assistant weyrlingmasters rushes in. "Yer sharding lucky," Kasira declares, grinning from ear to ear as she claps her hands, chivvying a few candidates up off their cots — no doubt writing home to mama about their day, or taking a brief midday siesta — that the eggs didn't decide to hatch in the middle of the night. "Robes on and line up." the bluerider scolds a few more candidates, and then goes over to stand by the wall to wait until everyone is ready.

With hatching feast preperations in full swing, even the candidates assigned to help out were working hard at preparing what could be their celebratory meal. And so, caught up in mixing this, stirring that, and keeping a watchful eye on this other thing over on the hearth, it is easy to become caught up in things and miss the going ons around you. And so, that is how it was that Rae was completely unawares of the hushed silence that came over the kitchens, the humming of the dragons giving warning of impending doo-Erm.. dragonets. And so, it was only then that Rae was sent off at a rush to the barracks to gather with her fellows, adorn her robe, and take to the Sands to await her judgement. And -that- is why she's appearing suddenly in the doorway, apron still around her waist as she makes a mad dash towards her cot, muttering as she digs for her robe. "Shards, shards, shards.." She repeats again and again, and she looks around, flashing a nervous smile to anyone who happens to look her way.

Kershaw strips his clothes off quickly, replacing it with his 'robe' then cinches the rope belt around his waist, "Ok I'm ready where are we supposed to go…ummm anyone know what we're supposed to do now?" He stands up and moves towards where a bunch of the candidates are already gathered and waits with them for the next instructions.

Kiley blinks as the firelizards begin to hum, and then the laptop is quickly shut down so that she may fold it and resettle it into the case which is then settled into the press. A robe is taken instead and then clothing quickly changed with sandals being settled onto her feet before she's pulling her hair back with a single white ribbon. "Guess we get to find out sooner rather than later." This is noted towards Tineska before she's shuffling to stand in line.

Kilarden's sitting up quite suddenly from his cot. He… Fell asleep? Certainly! It's the sounds of humming and the sudden voices telling people to get ready that has him rising with hair askew to grab hastily for those white robes. He pulls them on over his head, pushing feet into sandals before shuffling to get in line with all the rest.

Kaldrozen is here… on his cot, likely. The thrumming is enough to bring his attention up to the world from whatever it was he was doing, "They're hatching?" They all ask that. The instructions to get up and robbed are followed in silence as the lad falls into line.

Kelthero glances over to Tineska and chuckles a little. "So true." he agrees, before being interrupted by the two firelizards that had been waiting for him on his pillow. They had been fed, so mostly now it's simply attention they crave and Kelthero obliges. Hearing Kiley, he glances up and over to her next and blinks. "Really? Three of you have no chores today?" And is that envy in his tone of voice? Probably. "Aren't you all just so lucky." he smirks, though only for a moment before he snorts softly in amusement. Suddenly, his two charges lift there heads up and begin to hum, and Kelthero promptly freezes. "They're humming?" he asks the obvious, only to have it answered by the arrival of Kasira and the orders are promptly followed! For once, the former guard doesn't hesitate or ask questions — he just does as he's told. Though he's fallen completely silent as he fumbles for his robe to hastily change into it and proceed to line up.

When her two 'lizards begin to hum, Keelyra gets somewhat an idea of what's going on. She grew up in the Weyr. She knows that feeling as the dragons take up the greeting noise. Despite this, she does stare blankly for a moment, bowl of scraps in hand. "Faranth," she whispers, setting the bowl down as the barracks burst into activity. "Finally time." The two 'lizards seem at war over whether to hum along or gorge themselves on the remains of the food. She shakes herself a bit and starts fussing her way into her awkwardly-fitting robe.

Jeyinshi grins around and waves cheerfully. "Ohhh Kiley! That's a pretty awesome Turnday present!" The dolphineer smiles at Kelth as he enters before filling in her own situation at the moment. "I'm taking a break. Got most of the dusting done already. Hope fully it won't take much lo—" Jey freezes as the vibrations of dragons and flits fill the rooms and she lets out a rather choice curse. Clothes are thrown off quickly with little care for whose around. No one's looking at her right now! Jey's is robe slipped into, shoes are traded for sandels and hair tied up into a small ponytail. Then the dolphineer is up and ready, fidgeting slightly. "Shards and shells. Here we go?"

Velrich /just/ sat down, and now the /Weyr/ is shaking? Vibrating? Apocalypse?! ..The young man blinks a bit dumbly at Kaisra as she appears to rush candidates into their robes, and he is indeed a little bit slow to have it dawn on him. "… That's it?" At least his body does shift into motion, turning from the corner of his cot to grab that robe from the trunk at the end of it. Clothes are changed in not but a moment, sitting down to put sandals on. And then it's to the line he goes, one hand shoved through his hair and back down his neck.

Patori totally wanders into the barracks, stealthily. Maybe he's been here all along. Or maybe he snuck in sometime after Velrich. Who knows. But he is /here/, all the same. Maybe it was the sudden commotion which brought the weyrbrat sneaking back, or maybe he's just been around. Whichever it is, he zooms over to his cot, and practically dives into a robe, simultaneously shedding clothing. The latter gets dumped on the bed hastily, while the boy ducks /under/ it, only to re-appear with some sturdy, if worn, sandals. Those get put on too, and he shuffles speedily into line, eys darting to the others, as he hurries over to shadow the usual suspects, puppylike.

During a break from chores, Idris had fallen asleep sideways on her cot, blue firelizard curled at her side. She doesn't wake up right away as the humming began, but the little blue stirred quickly, waking and joining the humming. The vibrations and noise right by her ear wake her up- not to mention the sudden melee as candidates start diving around. It takes a moment for things to sink in, then she, too, is twisting around and off her cot, then digging under it and pulling out the robe and changing swiftly. There's a grimace as she realizes she's got a bit of bedhead but on the boots go before she starts re-plaiting her hair.

Tineska stands up with a jerk, her eyebrows raising. Soon, her three gobblers are awake as well, joining right in. "Is that…what I think it is?" It is confirmed when Kasira walks in the room. "Oh my!" She looks at her fellow candidates and grins. She can't hide the excitement on her face as the day seems to have finally arrived. She dives underneath her cot to fish out her robe and quickly slips her day's clothes off and her robe on, then makes for the line, grinning at Kelthero and the rest. A chuckle is released for poor Velrich. He's never gonna get any rest. "Okay, I think I'm ready to go." She fidgets in the line, clearly nervous. "I hope I don't get mauled."

Kasira begins to call out names, ushering candidates onto the sands. "Remember, no rough housing, and pay attention." she shoots a few glares at a couple of the candidates (but nobody in particular, honest!) and lets the whole crowd precede her out through the tunnel and forward to the hatching grounds. "Yep," she informs Velrich. "It's starting, so ye had better put on yer robe." And then he's changed, so she gives a nod of approval. "Right this way everyone."

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