Gold Miraneith and Bronze Glyith's Hatching

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

A loud thummmm reverberates through the Weyr; the welcoming birth song of dragons that echos off stone walls and through the empty spaces of the caverns and hollows within them. « It is time » Miraneith declares from the sands, her throat pulsing with vibrations as she heralds the arrival of her newest hatchlings from their confinements within their eggshells and out into the brighter world. « They come! » Her long vigil is over! There's movement at the hatching ground entrance, and Enka troops in, a few water skins slung over one shoulder as she makes her way to the queen's side, pausing to caress the gold's short blunt muzzle. "I'm so excited," the weyrwoman declares, swinging up into a good spot on the dragon's shoulder. "Best seat in the house from up here." And with water to sip, she won't get too parched.

Like Zusamenth, Liandyn is on the edge of the Sands, not close enough to alert Miraneith to watchfulness, but near enough to catch a glimpse of Enka upon the gold's shoulders. Lifting a hand in greeting to the Weyrwoman, the young woman lays her other hand upon her green's forearm, steadying the beast as she begins to hum softly, whirling eyes intent on the clutch. "Yes, love," she murmurs. "It is time. You have done well in your vigilence, I'm certain they will be a credit to your supervision as well as their parents."

K'yr is standing off to the side and out of the way, looking rather nervous, chewing on his bottom lip as he eyes those eggs. How Maraeth convinced him to become a weyrlingmaster is beyond him, but he's here and trying to look like he knows what he's doing. See how he holds himself straight instead of slouching? The heat is already starting to get to him, even though he's wearing a light cotton shirt and a pair of brown shorts along with a thick soled pair of sandals. Thankfully, much like Enka, he's managed to setup a small table — an overturned barrel — with cups of water for him and the other Weyrlingmaster staff.

Glyith sits back on his haunches and joins the growing thrum of dragon voices encouraging the new hatchlings.

A'ven arrives shortly after, still putting on his boots. "Well, at least they had the decency not to interrupt a meal this time." He's grinning from ear to ear and in high spirits. In spite of the inconvenient heat, Hatching Day is always one of his favorites.

Miraneith is probably going to deafen her rider with all the humming and thrumming she's doing, but at least the young woman's snugged into place atop her queen's shoulder which frees up a hand for waving cheerfully back at Liandyn. "I'm so excited," she calls out, probably not heard at all by the noise stirred up by a /lot/ of dragons, but at least she's trying to make the effort. "Won't be long now," she strains her eyes, checking to see if some of the candidates are coming.

The Green Around the Gills Egg stirs in the sand, quivering slightly and then tipping sideways. It rolls only a fraction of an inch before coming to rest again.

A'ven says "Look! Just in time too… I thought they might be late."

Once out upon the sands, Keelyra is one of many who shuffle to find a spot near someone. That someone is Kilarden, but she does seek out Idris and hold out a hand towards the other kitchen girl, fingers wiggling as if to summon her. Blue eyes are big, but not with fear. A delicate balance of nerves and excitement are visible there and in the way her lips past just slightly at the eggs now preparing to let forth the dragons they contain. Her bow towards Miraneith is somewhat awkward due to her poorly-made robe and there's a slight tear at her hip. Fortunately the hole in the seam is just a small one… so far.

Jey, like all the other candidates is filing onto the sands sands, the woman is dressed in a rather nondescript white robe. Her usual high heeled shoes are replaced by a pair of simple sandels and her normally loose hair is tied up in a small tuft of a ponytail. Coming before Miraneith, the dolphineer gives a respectful bow but is quick to fall into line beside the others, slipping in close to familiar faces.

There's a bit of a wiggle from the Deepening of the Evening egg. Then another. Then it starts to tip! It's going to roll across the sands! It's trying to escape! Runaway egg! But it never quite makes it to a full roll, there's too much sand keeping it stationary.

Idris might have seen many of these hatchings from the stands, but being on the sands is such a different experience that the baker-candidate has found herself rather nervous. After delivering a wobbly bow to the leaders and their dragons, she gravitates towards Keelyra, smiling gratefully at the younger girl, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze.

Kiley shuffles in with the rest of the other candidates, dipping down to bow in respect towards the clutch parents before she's seeking Jeyinshi, Kelthero, and Patori as she goes to stand in line alongside the three. Her hands are held carefully to her sides, fingers curling into the hem of her robe.

Raevella is amongst the middle of the pack, stepping onto the Sands, and hesitating for a moment before she's steeling her shoulders and stepping forward, executing a little bow and a bob, and then she's slipping nervously in line with teh other candidates.

Kilarden's got attachments! He watches as Keelyra weasels beside him, giving her a smile as he tucks an arm around her shoulder with a gentle squeeze. His eyes are for Miraneith however. He gives the dam a low bow, moving further onto the sands with another smile spared for Idris. He seeks out Velrich next, moving his chain of young candies to stand beside him.

Kershaw moves towards the rest of the candidates, joining the others as they form a sorta circle/line thingie where the eggs are. The heat is pretty noticeable even though they've just arrived on the sands. Kershaw glances up at the crowd in the stands and feels his stomach start to feel a little queasy as he stands there with the rest.

Sororn takes a deep breath and rolls his shoulders as he steps out onto those all too familiar sands once more. Hazel eyes glance around to the other candidates, taking in their faces and the emotions fluttering across them. As he steps before the sire and dam, he lowers his head and bows before them, offering his token of respect before stepping out with the others that left before him.

Kelthero files out onto the sands with the rest of the candidates, arms held stiffly to his sides as he tries to look calm and fails miserably. But he doesn't balk or hesitate, he simply follows the rest as they move along. At least he remembers to pause long enough to offer a bow to both sire and dam before moving off to find a spot among those he knows well enough, among them being Jeyinshi and Kiley. "Really does come about with little warning." he muses, though his tone seems a little flat. Then the eggs are rocking and one in particular is rolling and his attention fixates on them and that's when he fidgets slightly. Oh boy, no escape now!

The Green Around the Gills Egg splits neatly in two with a muffled 'crack'. The halves don't separate right away though, and a close look reveals movement inside. The occupant is trying to free itself.

Patori hurries out onto the sands with the rest of the candidates, wide-eyed and nervous-looking, hands already fidgeting with a bit of his robe. The boy sticks close to Kiley, Jey, and Kelthero, though once there, he drifts off a little bit, giving plenty of space lest he need to step aside in a hurry. He bows awkwardly to the clutchparents, gaze darting one way and then another, already shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Velrich moves out into the heat, a quick look sent flickering around the cavern. He does move into place though, finding himself to Kilarden's free side. There's a slow breath let out though, his frame giving a tense bow before his eyes gravitate to wobbling eggs. They're moving. It's unease that's in the same gaze that darts sideways to his friend, nodding just faintly. "Ready for this?"

Kaldrozen steps mutely onto the sands, his eyes watching the eggs as he waits. That one's shaking, could be any minute now.

Tineska's fidgeting continues as she makes her way out onto the sands. She too finds a place, this spot being near Kiley and Velrich. She looks to both of them, and watches Jeyinshi scuttle out. She finally remembers to take a bow herself, and stifles a nervous giggle as she does so. "Wow. Look at the crowd!" she mentions, pointing briefly at the galleries. Her attention quickly returns to the Green around the Gills egg as it begins to crack. She is wide-eyed, watching and waiting.

Fallen Star Egg violently shakes, throwing itself back and forth the sandy bed its mother made for it. It appears as if the egg is going to bounce right out and go rolling away, but alas it goes still, only a few fissures marring its blue shell.

K'yr is busy counting heads as the candidates start flooding in, making sure they aren't missing anyone. All seem accounted for and the greenrider takes a breath of relief. "Remember! Be careful out there guys!" He calls to the candidates, trying to sound all grown-up-like or something.

A'ven laughs, "They'd better hurry and get organized… it won't be long now." A'ven shouts a bit of encouragement to the Candidates. "Keep your head moving and stay alert."

The Deepening of the Evening egg lurches backwards and forwards in the sand for a period still trying to get a roll going, then seems to stop to catch its breath. There's little movement from it, but those with good eyesight can probably see a small crack forming at the crown of the egg. It's a tiny thing, barely visible against the blue backdrop. Slowly it dances across the surface, becoming bigger and wider like a fast flowing river. Tributaries spring from the main line, but quickly fade to nothing. Soon enough the entire top bit of the eggs is littered with cracks, spelling out the egg's eventual destruction.

Kiley nods to Kelthero, "there is very little warning." She murmurs in response towards the former guard before she's looking towards the eggs, brows furrowing slightly before she's peeking at Patori. "Make sure you're not hiding behind someone…" Though this is extended towards those near her in general.

The Green Around the Gills Egg finally shatters and the occupant tumbles onto the sand!

Add A Squirt of Lime Green
Lanky and serpentine, this sultry green has no sharp angles to her form. She flows gracefully with each step. Her strength is there, sleeping, to be awakened at need. Her colors start bright at her head, with emerald, and get darker as they move down, like the layers of liquid in some exotic cocktail. The bright emerald of her face gives way to the lime color that drips down her chest, and becomes deeper fern as it comes to rest on her legs and finally terminates in a soft olive shade at her talons and wings. She holds her wings daintily folded just so, to show off their obvious strength and suppleness to whichever of these males might one day be interested.

Jeyinshi watches the moving eggs carefully before turning a nervous glance to both Kiley and Kelthero and adding in a smile, and then her eyes turn to the first hatchling and the dolphineer falls completely silent.

Add A Squirt of Lime Green Hatchling stumbles only briefly before finding her feet. Once she does, her movements are remarkably coordinated for one so young. She slinks over to the candidates, taking her time, curving around to their little huddled knot without taking a straight path. There is one girl there, a tall blonde girl, with her hair pulled down over her face to hide a patchy blotch across her skin, and looking back at the dragon that catches her eye. Yes, you've got potential. Their eyes lock, the dragon and the young weaver all the way from Southern Boll Hold. Impression! When the girl recovers, her pale blue eyes suddenly look just a little bit more outgoing, and she seems a little less shy. "Maitayth," Teniqua lets out a gasp, a hand reaching out towards the green. "You really don't mind my face?" There's a soft croon in reply. Clearly not!

With a triumphant cry the Add A Squirt of Lime Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Raevella glances over her shoulder at first, taking a moment to identify who is around her, nodding to someone here and there, before her attention is drawn back to the eggs as the word spreads that the first has hatched, She squeaks a little, eyes quickly finding the green, stepping back just a little, just in case, as the green is moving quickly in their direction. And then, the first Impression is made and she relaxes just a little. That seemed easy enough!

Kelthero hears some of the encouragement sent their way and takes a slow, deep breath. Right, keep focused and stay alert. Which he's so not finding hard to do right now, though his attention is already being divided to so much and all at once. When his gaze isn't darting from egg to egg, there's a quick glance to his fellow candidates and friends. He tries to offer reassuring smiles, but it's shakey at best and then one of the eggs hatch. "Oh. Green first." he remarks, gaze following the hatchling as Impression is made. "And…one pair already!"

Enka grins broadly from ear to ear, watching as the first hatchling — a green — breaks shell "I don't care if bronzes are supposed to be good luck," the goldrider declares staunchly to her dragon, "you've always produced such nice lookin' babies it aint matter to me if the first one of the bunch came out green, bronze, or polka-dotted." She claps her hands with glee when Teniqua impresses. "I guess it goes to show, dragons don't care what you look like on the outside, it's inside is what counts.

It's an egg-splosion! The top bits of the Deepening of the Evening egg are sent in all directions. A holder candidate looks very put-off about this, as well. She has -egg- in her -hair-. While she's busy muttering curse words under her breath, two talons creep their way up to grab hold of the top of the egg. There's some struggling, as the dragon inside struggles to pull itself up and out. Then suddenly the egg tips in the sand splitting open and spilling its draconic contents out onto the sand.

Kershaw starts as the first hatchling appears on the sands, he smiles as he looks it over and then stares in surprise as the first impression is made "Wow that was quick, she didn't seem to hesitate at all in picking Teniqua..congrats Teniqua!"

A Lovely Little Green Hatchling
Delicate of feature and rather small compared to other dragons, this petite green makes a statement, not with size but vivid coloration. Tiny mint-hued speckles spray across her dark green wingsails, the base color so dark that it looks almost black. The dusting of pale flecks becomes more dense nearer to the base of her wings and spreads around her upper body to give way completely to a light underbelly and throat. The rest of her body is sooty green, the appearance of her hide akin to plush velvet, providing a showy contrast to the very pale markings on her wingsails and another smattering of the specks along the underside of her long, dainty tail. Perhaps the most spectacular accent is best seen when her wings are unfurled fully where dual bands of the mint color extend from the top, outer curve of the wing downward in a subtle V shape. The pale stripes define the darker center where the natural line of the wing forms the subtle curvature of a heart which condenses to a teardrop when the grand sails fold against her back.

Kaldrozen blinks, the first impression come and gone before he even has a chance to react.

Keelyra squeezes Idris' hand! Quite hard, too. She's nervous. And the sands are hot. "So many things at once," the teen says, voice pitched high in her excitement. "I can't keep u- someone already Impressed?!" She reaches out with her other hand, hoping to snag his hand or robe to latch onto. Line of candidates indeed. "It never seemed this…" she sqwueaks as Deepening hatches another green, "…frantic from the gallery."

Tineska's eyes are still quite wide as the green hatches and quickly finds Teniqua, the girl she shared a room with. This is all becoming more and more real. And there! There's another green that hatches out. "Oh wow, she's lovely, isn't she?" Yes, yes she is. She gives a short wave to Teniqua as the girl hurries off the sands to feed her newfound lifemate. "Congratulations!" She sighs and turns to Kiley. "I don't think I was totally ready for this."
That's right, Fallen Star Egg is at it again as if the dragonet in side is waging a vicious battle against its home. This time the egg bounces free of its sandy constraints and rolls down the side, bumping into one of its siblings eggs with a loud crack. The collision seems to have stunned its occupant as the egg lays silent on its side. Cracks zigzag away from the impact zone.

"Ready?" Kilarden sounds more distracted than anything, and while he can't help but stare at the writhing eggs in fascination, he's still turning eyes into the stands, seeking out the familiar face of a little girl who is waving too eagerly. "Keely, Idris, Vel, look," he says, pointing with his free hand to Kiltara. "She's come to cheer us on. Nothing to be nervous about." And then? Dragon! And impression! And more dragons!

Patori shuffles on the sands, one foot, and then the other given his less than substantial weight, the boy trying to look everywhere at once. "I'm not hiding," he squeaks quickly to Kiley, and then looks a tad sheepish, very deliberately scooting so that he isn't still shadowing his fellow candies, though once he's moved, there's some more nervous fidgeting. "Oh-" and lookie, dragons already hatching! The boy calls his own little, "Congrats!" to Teniqua, just catching Kelthero's smile there and returning it quickly, excitement flickering across his features, along with the nervousness.

Velrich only looked away for a second. Really. There's definite surprise though when he returns his attention to the eggs, finding one broken open and an impression quickly happening, followed by yet another green tumbling free of her shell. He gives his lips a quick swipe of his tongue however, one hand making a pass down the side of his robe. Sweaty already. "This is quick.. Really quick."

Kiley watches as there is a green upon the sands, and she quickly impresses. Her hands lift but then quickly drop as she turns to smile congratulations instead towards Teniqua. Then, she's turning to see another egg hatch and breathes out a soft sound of surprise. "Another green." A quick glance towards Tineska and she grins. "It is hard to prepare for something like this."

Sororn shoots his gaze over to the sounds of the first shell cracking and he straightens up, taking another deep breath to calm his nerves as he watches. He's not as afraid as he was at the last hatching he stood for, more confident but the nervousness is still there. It's not too much of a wait before that green is emerging and impressing. "Here they come. And there they go."

Miraneith lets out a pleased thrum as the second hatchling breaks shell. "Another green!" Enka chortles excitedly. "I'm thinkin' this'll be a clutch with a lot of greens if the first two hatched are that color." Not that there's anything at all wrong with green, right? She turns a curious look towards the candidates. "She's a lovely little thing." Taking a long swig of her water, the goldrider nibbles at her lip thoughtfully.

Raevella thought it was easy at least, but then there's another green right as the first was taken out of the picture, and the Laundress turned candidate is squeaking again, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot, fingers twisting in the sides of her robes before she's hurriedly smoothing the creases back out. "Shards.."

Idris watches the movement out on the sands, a smile breaking across her otherwise tense expression as the first hatchlings emerge and impress. Keelyra's hand is squeezed back and Idris leans over to bump her shoulder. "It's all different from down here!" Following Kilarden's point, she looks up, grinning more broadly when she sees Kiltara and then again when she sees her own family up there.

A Lovely Little Green Hatchling finds herself in a bit of an awkward position. She's on her belly in the sand, legs splayed outward, having ended up in a faceplant as she tumbled out of her egg. As she stands to shake herself out a bit sand goes everywhere! Including up her nose, which causes the little green to give a cute little sneeze. Her wings instinctively puff out and then she shivers a bit while she carefully folds them back in. Now that she's fully upright she scampers around a bit as best her freshly hatched little legs will let her.

There's a little wiggle from the Plain of Peaceful Melodies egg. Then a little bit bigger wiggle. The cream colored egg seems to get into a rhythm, shaking back and forth at a slow pace. Then the song appears to crescendo, and there's lots of wiggling and shaking.

A'ven points out something to Enka, indicating the green that just hatched. "There's another one… they're certainly not wasting any time are they? I wonder if the sands are extra hot today or something." He agrees with Kiley, "Just try and stay relaxed, there's no rhyme or reason to it. If you need to move, move fast."

Kershaw watches as the second green appears from an egg, "Two greens in a row, wonder if that means anything or if its just how it happened? Wonder who she'll choose.." He keeps his eye on the hatchling making sure he's prepared to move out of the way if she happens to head his way on the way to someone else, a glance is spared for the other candidates then quickly returns to the hatchling.

Raevella sidesteps just a little, setting herself half behind a poor young man who just happens to be the perfect size for a dragonet shield, standing on her tiptoes to peer over his shoulder. As the green sneezes, she relaxes just a little, inching away from her protection to stand back where she was, even in the loose semi-circle with the others.

Kelthero frowns a little as the babble of various conversations, the humming and the distractions of the eggs rocking and hatching almost overwhelm him. But he stubbornly forces himself to stay calm and focused and tries not to fidget too much. When another green hatches and begins to move, his gaze lingers on it for a bit before something else snags his attention. "So much going on." he says, grimacing a little.

Fallen Star Egg has apparently recovered from its momentary daze when suddenly half the egg goes flying through the air and the raised foot can obviously be named the culprit. After a few seconds pass the dragonet starts backing out of the remaining half.

Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Hatchling
Matted tendrils of thick russet bramble claw their way over this dragon's excessively large feet, twisting around each digit before moving up along his trim legs. Their twisted trek continues, winding up his sides before lashing across his back, between his wings, appearing to tie him down. Each dark rope is adorned with sharp thorns, thrusting in every direction, but the dragon's hide is unscathed, a flawless sticky caramel slips beneath these 'ropes' and coats his entire body. His distinctly rounded head, smooth around his ale soaked jaws, seems flawed, as only one, not two headknobs can really be made out. His right side is home to a deformed knob. This elongated knob is tweaked in such a way that that it stands nearly straight up before it bubbles out into a more spherical shape at the end. It's only if one looks closely at the other side that a regular looking knob can be found, pushed against his skull and nearly invisible due to its perfect coloration. While there is no question that this brown is large, his lithe body sprawls out in length and not in bulk. Muscles stay mostly concealed beneath his ecru coated skin, hiding strength that is sure to exist. Two almost stubby wings are kept close to his body, but when extended, they expand to the perfect length, clad across the top in molten caramel. Streaks of silver can only be seen from beneath, glinting in the rays of the sun if the angle hits just right. His tail is average in length, darkening to a chocolate as the length continues until an unexpected splash of myrtle cuts across the spade at the end.

Kaldrozen watches the little green with one eye, the newly arrived brown with the other.

Sororn moves out of the way and spreads out a little from the candidates. It's dangerous for a group to huddle to closely together. A confused dragonnet isn't always going to be mindful of the other candidates surrounding the one they want… Even if they're absentmindedly unraveling the thread and keeps them hem of sleeves neat and presentable with eager fingertips.

Enka nods her head at A'ven, following his pointing in the direction he's indicating. "Maybe it's extra hot," she agrees with a dry chuckle, quickly washed down with a swig of water. "But they're comin' out awfully fast. She nods with satisfaction as the third hatchling proves to be something… not green. "He's … " the goldrider gropes for a word for a moment or two, and then reaches over to pat Miraneith's shoulder. "a nice russet brown color," she finally supplies. It's not that he's an /ugly/ brown, but, he's not exactly the dainty prettiness that his two more recent sisters had been.

Kiley blinks as the green sneezes, chuckling softly as fingers begin to play with the hem of her robe once more. Her gaze remains fixated on that green to move as needed. But there is a brown to pay attention to and the woman shifts attention between the two.

A shudder runs through Frozen Iridescence Egg and the colors upon it seem to ripple in response, blues fading slightly to violet as the angle shifts minutely. Bits of sand roll away from the base before it falls silent again.

Keelyra twists briefly to look over her shoulder towards the gallery where Kiltara awaits. Likely her parents, as well. There's a bit of a wiggle; almost too much excitement to be contained in one slim body! She rocks back against Idris and manages a wide grin for a moment. "It's so exciting!" The brown hatches and her eyes almost bug out a bit. "He's strange lookin'."

Patori tries to stand a bit more still, at least managing not to look like he has crawlers in his robe or something, but there's that continued fidgeting with the dingy white fabric, the boy catching his bottom lip between his teeth just briefly. Some deeper breaths are taken, eyes darting here and there while he attempts to keep track of where everything is, though the sneezy green over there has a smile tugging at his fetures for a moment. Something Kelthero says catches his attention, and the boy bobs his head, "It always looks so.." hhe tries to find the word, fails, and ends up mumbling, "Even more when we're right down here, not just watching." And speaking of watching, eyes widen for the next hatchling to emerge. And Pat starts shuffling a little again.

Plain of Peaceful Melodies egg seems to have stopped shaking. All that energy just fades away and it is silent and still for a long while. While the eggs around it are all beginning to wake, it looks like this one has gone right back to sleep.

Jeyinshi chuckles softly at the green's sneeze before her gaze turns to the brown and she sort of raises an eyebrow. "Well, that's interesting…." She tesnes her body then, just in case she has to leap out of the way.
Tineska chuckles at the arrival of the brown. "Oh look at that headknob. It's…kinda cute." At the sneezing of the green, she seems to find it contagious, as she sneezes too!

Velrich gives a quick look toward Kilarden, only vaguely hearing him. "What..?" Though at least he does shift focus again toward the galleries, lips curving in a slight smile at the girl up there. "Where else would she be?" He shakes his head though, taking in another quick breath when yet another shell breaks to reveal yet another dragonet. Though he does smirk a bit when Tineska speaks up, not actually looking toward the girl. "Hah.. Why am I not surprised?"

Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Hatchling finishes backing out of the pathetic object that dared to enclose him. He turns around, facing the group of candidates before giving the remaining eggshell another kick so that it falls away in pieces on the sand. He snorts, lifting his head high before fluttering his wings and giving a mighty hiss. The crowd of white things before him is eyed with abhorrence and for one who was so desperate to escape its shell a few moments before he now doesn't look all that interested in moving even a single step forward. His eyes whirl in irritating hues of ruby.

Idris's eyes are wide as she tries to take in not only the hatchlings already hatched but those still in the egg. She smiles wanly at the younger girl, focusing on the brown for a moment. "Strange," she murmurs agreeably.

"Never seen a hatching before," Kilarden offers Keely, clearly distracted by the hatchlings. "Oh, look at that one. It's a brown instead of a green." He pushes a gentle elbow into Velrich's side. "He's got interesting colors, eh?"

A Lovely Little Green Hatchling is satisfied that all her bits and pieces are functioning properly so she bounds over excitedly to the congregation of candidates. A girl with wavy bronze hair is slithered around and given a careful look over. Nope, not quite. A small petite girl is carefully examined then. Still not quite… How about a boy! This one, with the long curly dark hair. He looks good! Real good! She stick her muzzle right in his face. Okay… not quite so good now that she's seen him up close. There's a bit of a huff as she settles back down to return to her search.

Kershaw spots the brown hatchling emerging from his shell then does a double take as its appearance penetrates through the fog of all that is going on around him on the sands, "Now there is a ummm interesting fellow, he's quite long in body but there is something about him that seems different, just can't put my finger on what it might be?" A glance is spared for the green so he knows where she might be just in case…

The Color of Life Egg chooses this moment to wobble, quite naturally, in response to some inner rhythm or urging.

Kelthero had been looking elsewhere when the brown hatched, but it doesn't take him long to spot it and when he does, he frowns a little, tilting his head to the side. "Uh…he's, interesting?" he replies, unaware that he may be echoing other candidate's comments. "He seems…annoyed." is all he can think to add in before his glance slides back to the wandering green as she begins to pause by a few candidates nearby. That earns a bit of a nervous look and Kelthero begins to shuffle a little on spot. Remember to breath, stay calm.

Kiley releases her robe and folds her hands behind her back, chuckling softly at Tineska. "Cute is one way to put it. If you look past the egg goo." She flashes a quick grin that way before she is looking back towards the wandering dragons, poised to move should anything come her way.

Raevella is inching forward ever so slightly, curiousity getting the better of her as she peers down the line at the green as she examines the other candidates, smirking just a bit as the boy is passed over, and then her eyes snap hurriedly to the hissing brown, all the forward movement negated with one -large- step backwards, arms lifting to fold over her stomach as she shivers a little despite the heat of the Sands. "No thank you.." She murmurs more to herself than anyone, shaking her head at the annoyed dragonet.

Patori peeks over at Tineska and her sneezing, and the boy totally.. giggles. He brings his hand up to stifle it though, hastily. Eyes dart to Kiley and he chimes in, "I'd probably be sneexing too, if I were covered in all of that," likely meaning the egg goo. The brown hatchling, though, has Pat scooting a little closer to Kelthero and the others again, and maybe not-quite hunching juust a little.

A'ven has to focus for a moment on his feet, shifting from one to the other to keep his boots from melting. He nods, following the brown's progress. "He'll be a good flyer.", he comments with some confidence. "I think so, yes… I think so. Might be a little confused right now but he's got the muscles for it, look at that…"

Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Hatchling finally decides to take a few steps, marching with his shoulders high and his wings still fluttering around him, like a rattle snake's warning. He puffs, inhaling air with each step to make the already large brown hatchling look all that much bigger. His long tail snaps about him before he darts forward at the nearest candidate, snapping his jaws. The candidate in question flees in fright, making sure to get as far away as possible from the monster brown. It's there he stops, flopping onto his hindquarters to look quite pleased with himself. Eheheh.

Enka peers down at A'ven from her perch atop the gold's shoulder. "Wouldn't Glyith let you sit up on him, so you don't have to worry about your boots meltin' off?" she quirks a brow, studying the brown for a moment. "He seems a little little intimidatin', but maybe that'll make him a good flyer." she pauses, and shrugs.

Surely somewhere amongst this group of candidates there must be a human for A Lovely Little Green Hatchling! She looks a little nervous darting from candidate to candidate, peering at, sniffing at. Too tall. Too manly. Too many muscles. Too little muscles. Too shy. Too noisy. There's a look up to the stands for a moment. Someone up there maybe? But wait! Who is this! This girl with the curly brown hair… How did the green not see her before? Yes, this one! Muzzle, meet face.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Lovely Little Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kaldrozen takes a step away from the stumbling brown, waiting to see where the thing's going next. For his own safety, of course.

Keelyra bestows a wide grin upon Kilarden. "Must be a neat way to see it," she says, glancing back to watch the brown in his… tirade. She shrinks back a bit, perhaps concerned he might be coming their way. Hand clamps down on Kilarden's robe as if she might use him as a shield at any moment. Yet, ahha! Another Impression. She rocks up onto her toes to try to spot who it might be and calls out a gentle — likely missed — congratulations.

Sororn flinches and ducks out of the way, there's some things more dangerous than dragonets and that's crazed candidates. The trader candidate trips over his own feet, and as he pushes himself up to his feet, those hazel eyes catch sight of his cousin up in the stands. A scowl is sent to his elder's way, surely they bet on his failure once more and when the sight of that wine bottle being pointed to comes into play, Sororn stands tall and straightens up, clenching his hands into fists before sending his narrowed gaze out to the remaining dragonets out on the sands.

Frozen Iridescence Egg shivers and twitches, its tip wobbling back and forth. Reds and oranges shift like fire on its surface and a jagged crack suddenly splits the shimmering shell.

Idris squeaks sharply when the brown darts for one of the other candidates. She moves closer to Keelyra, Kilarden and Velrich, nervously chuckling. "And he looks like he's /happy/ to be scaring us!" The green's stop distracts Idris from the brown's antics. "Oh, good! It's Rae!"

Tineska's nose twitches and she nods at Kiley. "It's kind of an…ugly cute..still very cute. And look, he's got a sense of humor. He'll be a fun one to be paired with." Patori is giggled back at, and Velrich winked at. "What will your sister do if you impress?" Now that she's thinking about it, she hasn't found her family up there, yet. "Oh, she's near my dad!" She can't help but wave to her father in the stands, nearly missing the green choosing her lifemate. "Oh wow! Congratulations Raevella!"

Raevella was doing such a good job of hiding, really! The laundress squeaks as the green is suddenly there, suddenly in her face, eyes widening, and a whimper escapes her. But then, just as quickly, the girl is reaching forward to wrap her arms hurriedly around the speckled neck, dissolving into giggles as she hugs her new lifemate. "Oh of -course- Taiyokanth!" She says, reluctantly straightening up, looking around her rather dazed.

Parts of the Plain of Peaceful Melodies egg are starting to fall away. Bits here, bits there. It's crumbling like a pie crust. It hasn't moved in so long! Instead it's been pushed out from the inside in many directions at once, more cracks forming along the already splintered-looking surface. Markings indeterminable from cracks. But now there were too many cracks, and bits of egg are tumbling down to the sand below. More and more pieces fall until the structure of the egg cannot hold, and the last bits fall away.

Pitter-Patter Blue Hatchling
Dark blue head knobs rise up from a sea of greyish blue, the somber color sweeping over the whole of the dragon's body like a stormy sky. His legs are long and muscular, tail and neck long as well, all balanced by a slightly rounded belly. The underside of his wings display the darker hues of the storm and are marked with spindly, pale streaks, like lightning rippling across the dark expanse of his wingsails, striking anew with each beat of his wings. In flight, the contrast of his more pale, rounded belly against the darker palette of his wings is akin to a giant raindrop, full of energy, ready to burst on contact.

Kiley watches as the green Impresses to Raevella, there's a cheer for the other. "Congratulations, Raevella." Though she quickly quiets to look at the wandering brown and then to the newly hatched blue.

Jeyinshi looks over as the green finds a lifemate and breaks into a wide smile. "Nice." The sentiment is probably unheard and soon the dolphineer turns back to gaze over at the newly arriving blue.

Kelthero glances back again to the brown just in time to see him take a snap at a candidate and winces. "Shells, they weren't kidding about staying alert!" he grumbles, now giving a wary look towards the hatchling. But then the green is on the move again too and seems to have found a match, so Kelthero's attention focuses there. When it's confirmed, the former guard smiles. "Good for her!" he remarks, though that smile soon fades as another egg hatches a blue. Oh boy, another one to watch out for.

Miraneith rumbles with proud smugness as the blue hatchling cracks shell and pushes out of his egg. "That's a blue!" Enka notices. Why, so it is indeed. "He's such an interestin' shade. Like a rainy afternoon or somethin' and a bit dark. But he's a handsome fellow, Mir, you've produced a fine clutch so far."

Kershaw grins and shouts out his congratulations to Raevella, "Congratulations Raevella! way to go…she's a beauty is your Taiyokanth!" He quickly returns his attention to the brown and catches the blues appearance from the corner of his eyes, then readjusts his position so as to be able to move out of the way of either of the two hatchlings now on the sands.

Pitter-Patter Blue Hatchling does just that. After a good shake out to removed any flecks of egg left on him, he starts to slowly tip-toe forward. His wings stretch out gently, then fold back in. He creeps around the sand, taking his time to get to the gaggle of candidates lined up. Let them stare a little longer! His feets were working now! The little blue hobbles about some, until the sight of one of the nearby eggs wobbling startles him. He bolts towards the candidates! Well, he bolts as much as a just-hatched blue can. The blue hatchling pushes his way into the candidate line, inevitably knocking a few people around. He doesn't stop until he's bowled poor Rory right over! One look down from the blue to the shaggy haired boy and it's very clear why the blue has stopped at all. Rory throws his arms about the blue's neck. "Opicheskiduth! I'm fine! Of course we can get something to eat!" After righting himself, R'oy and Opicheskiduth make their way over towards the weyrlingmasters.

With a triumphant cry the Pitter-Patter Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

"My nerves wouldn't agree with that statement," Kilarden says, because there are angry looking browns! But then Rae has a green in front of her, and Kilarden is pulling Idris in that much closer. "Look at that blue, Vel," he says, watching as there's yet another impression made.

Patori's eyes get huge when he sees that brown /snapping/ at somebody. He may just be edging behind Kelthero, juust a teensy tiny little bit. Gulp. There's a slight smile for Tineska, but the boy is once again distracted by shaking eggies and hatching dragon, though it's Raevella his attention ends up drawn to, Pat calling a, "Congrats!" to her and then again to Rory, the latter earning a faint grin, and a darting glance toward Idris as well, before he darts a nervous glance back to the brown and the remaining eggs. Shuffleshuffle.

Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Hatchling pushes off his haunches, sauntering closer to the candidates, throwing little half-hearted nips and bites out at white forms as he passes. He never really /tries/ to bite anyone, but one can definitely tell that this little devil is definitely having far too much fun at the candidates' expenses. After several moments of sniff-nipping at these white forms he stops at the feet of one with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. My my, don't /you/ look tasty. There's a moment where they're gazing into each other's eyes before the dragon turns around to stare at his rump before an odd almost cackle erupts from the brown's form.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Velrich laughs shortly, shooting a quick look at Kilarden before he returns his attention to the eggs and dragonets. Getting run over by a passing hatchling would very good. "Look at it? Hard to keep track of any of 'em the way they're moving.." There's a pause however, as he rests his gaze on the brown. "..Except him. Sitting..there." He lets out a sigh though as the dragonet does finally start moving again, and right over to someone!

A'ven catches just the last moment of that Impression out of the corner of his eye. He gets a far away look in his own and gives Glyith a pat. Undoubtedly they're reliving their own Hatching Day, so long ago. Was that a tear? No… can't be.

Kelthero gives both a nervous and surprised look as that newly hatched blue suddenly comes bolting as best it can for a line of candidates. That seems to add another notch to his nerves and he unknowingly takes a step closer to the nearest candidate to him. Realizing a fraction of a second later, he coughs slightly and promptly moves off a bit to regain some personal space. So much for being entirely calm. "Oh, they've both Impressed?" he says, noticing that that angry brown has also made his move.

Sororn merely stands there emotionless at first, not sure what to do but soon enough a smile melts upon his face and with a shaky hand, he runs it down the nose of the dragonet before erupting into a laugh, pulling the little creature closer. He glances up to his cousin and very maturely… sticks his tongue out. No marks for the elder! Ha! "S'rorn? I think you'll be just as fun." With that, he leads his new lifemate to K'yr.

Kiley watches as both the brown and blue both find their lifemates, giving the briefest of claps so not to draw attention to herself and grinning widely. "Congratulations you two." Her hands drop back down and the eggs gain her attention once more.

Jeyinshi shuffles from foot to foot as candidates around her begin Impressing. When a few familiar faces lead lifemates away, the dolphineer lets out a cheer but is quick to turn her gaze back to the sands.

Wham! Crack! Frozen Iridescence Egg jerks to one side and then the other, its glimmering surface rapidly being covered in a tiny latticework of intricate cracks. Bits of sparkling shell fly everywhere as it rocks under several more blows. There's a sudden crinkling and a wet noise as the rest of the structure disintigrates, disgorging a bronze hatchling onto the Sands with a wet plop. Somehow his small, lumpy body looks out of place amidst all those pretty opalescent shards.

Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze
Bleached bronze, faded to a shade of pure spun gold in some places, covers this dragon's lumpy body like a piece of exquisite silk wrapped around a gnarled stump - not even the pale beauty of his hide can mask the fact that he's just plain ugly. Thickly ridged brows of a light flaxen hue slash diagonally across his blunted muzzle, one side dipping lower than the other to make his gaze seem oddly mismatched. Even his whirling eyes add to the lopsided effect, as one is always several shades darker and appears slightly sunken into its socket. Stubby headknobs sprout crookedly from his oversized head and his nose is squashed in, the nostrils wide-set and prominent. A curly thatch of wheaten bronze and soft copper covers his crown and spills back over his craggy ridges like a wild mane, flowing all the way down to the end of his stumpy tail and pooling into a splotch of gold at its spaded tip. Color leeches out of his stunted limbs and leaves them a washed-out bronze that pales to near white along his paws. His rear end is wide, boxy and prone to being wiggled as he moves along with his awkward, waddling gait. Only his wings have escaped without flaw, as the thin membranes fall from his shoulders like twin banners of red-gold, copper and bronze.

Keelyra is relieved when the brown finds someone and is thusly contained. This is evident by the way her shoulders relax somewhat. "Yay!" this is exclaimed in Sororn's - S'rorn's? — general direction. The hole in her robe, at her hip, has gotten somewhat bigger. At least there's nothing untoward being shown yet. Just a flash of skin at her side when she moves. She glances to Idris: "Would you have guessed your brother to Impress?!" Apparently Keely did not.

Idris lets herself be pulled in closer, watching the blue hatch and bolt right for her brother. That boy gets a look of disbelief mingled with envy. "It just /figures/ he would!" she mumbles more quietly to Keelyra, then in the spirit of family proudly calls out, "That's my brother that is!" There's not time to dwell on him, though, as the brown impresses and there's yet another egg hatching. The bronze gets a stare. "Not very handsome, is he?"

Kershaw smiles as S'rorn impresses the brown, "All right S'rorn!" He claps his hand as he notices that the blue has also chosen someone, two impressions almost at the same moment must be some kind of record!

Tineska looks slightly relieved when the brown finally finds his. She managed to avoid his "wrath" up until that point. All the better that he's about to leave and be fed now. And there, there's a bronze that's now hatched. "Oh wow. There's a bronze!" She can't help but admire the wild-looking creature. But her attention is quickly brought back to Sororn in time to offer out a "Congratulations!" to him. Things sure are going quickly. Almost too quickly. She inches a little closer to Kiley, still a little nervous, but keeping herself in check. "Was it like this the last time?"

The perfectly unbroken form of the Color of Life Egg is suddenly marred by a deep crack. There's no reason to panic, everything changes form, eventually. It is time.

Kiley lets out a soft oh at the sight of the bronze that hatches next. "He's… Interesting." Tineska draws her attention and there's a slow nod. "More or less. I imagine each time is different as all the dragons are, too." Her attention shifts back towards the eggs. "Just be on your toes."

Velrich shakes his head a bit, bringing his hand up to rest on the back of his neck as he watches candidates impress one after another. "Didn't think it would all go this quick.. Isn't that Sororn?" He nods, right toward that brown had gone. "Takes all kinds, I guess.. Whoo..look at that one, eh?"

Sororn makes a soft whooping sound when Sororn's found and renamed by that rather scary brown. But then there is a bronze on the sands, and Kilarden is looking at the little dragon with wide eyes and a quick smile. "They're all rather brilliant, don't you think?"

Beguiling Wealth Egg gives a sudden jerk, content to have remained still for so long, patiently bidding its time, the egg is now a sudden stirring of activity, quivering and rocking back and forth in its nesting of sand. And then, suddenly, it stops — silent and still once more, like the moment between breaths, and all is calm.

Jeyinshi smiles as Sororn Impresses and calls out a congratulations. But then that bronze is on the sands and the dolphineer grins nervously. "If you look at him the right way he's…cute-ish?"
Kilarden coughs and tries that again. /Kilarden/ makes a soft whooping sound when Sororn's found and renamed by that rather scary brown. But then there is a bronze on the sands, and Kilarden is looking at the little dragon with wide eyes and a quick smile. "They're all rather brilliant, don't you think?"

Keelyra squints a moment at the bronze. Perhaps trying to see past his… uh, lumpiness. "He's got a pretty hide," she says at length, perhaps mildly uncertain about the whole matter. Still, at least the hatchling doesn't seem in a rush to try to take a piece out of the candidates.

Kelthero tries to take another deep breath to keep himself calm and begins to shuffle a little on the spot. The heat of the sands is definitely getting to him now, judging by that and the sheen of sweat on his brow. Then another egg hatches a bronze and the former guard gives it a long, long look. "Huh. Another ah…wow. I guess interesting?" He's trying to be nice here folks. Jeyinshi's comment is overheard and he snorts slightly. "One way to put it, though he's got unique coloring to him at least?" Then it's back to fidgeting and darting glances.

Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Hatchling gives himself a shake, his wings flipping and flopping audibly against his lumpy body as he rids himself of the last of the glittery shards. He gives a loud snort through his overlarge nostrils and wobbles to his feet unsteadily. Wings hanging slightly loose at his sides, he takes a moment to take stock of his situation. He cocks his oversized head to one side, making his mismatched gaze even more apparent as he eyes those white-robed things over there. A chuffing noise escapes him and his maw opens slightly in a mockery of a grin - a draconic laugh of sorts. It's almost as though he thinks /they/ are the funny looking ones. Hitching up his wings, he starts to awkwardly waddle-walk his way towards them - he can observe better on the move.

Idris wrinkles her face, head tilting to peer at the bronze. "Oh, I don't know… he's kind of. Well I just. Maybe it's a boy thing?" Thinking that particular bronze is good-looking, that is. "Maybe he'll grow into it?"

Enka was in the middle of taking another swig of water when she catches sight of the bronze hatchling and nearly chokes on the drink. Sputtering, she dabs at her mouth with her sleeve and peers at him closely. "Well," she finally muses aloud, leaning in close to give Miraneith's muzzle a loving caress. "Beauty is as beauty does, and you're not much of a prize yourself, my darlin'. Wouldn't trade you for all the pretty queens on Pern though, and I'd think that whoever finds that bronze as his life's partner would say the same." But who knows.

Kaldrozen coughs, offering soft congratulations as people impress before his gaze shifts to the next dragon. Bronze.

The shell of the Color of Life Egg separates neatly, leaving only a few scattered pieces. The hatchling stands among them!

Patori is still trying to look everywhere at once, alas! So much happening, so many things going on. As more dragonets hatch and more people impress, the boy shifts and shuffles a little away from the others, standing once again. Not trying to hide - really! There's a slightly dubious look for the talk of the latest hatchling being cute. He's not commenting though! Not so long as critters can hear him; they have sharp teefs after all. Ahem.

Blooming in Springtime Green Hatchling
This buoyant and energetic green dragon is cloaked in shades ranging from a bright, natural leafy green near her head knobs to splotches of deeper moss green that follow haphazardly down her back and around her sides like strokes from an eccentric artist. A striking shade of jungle green wraps tightly around her belly and also graces the base of her wings, while the green of her tail and talons is so deep as to be almost brown making her appear very solid and dependable indeed. But it's not just her coloring that catches the attention. The slight tilts of her head, the careful way she surveys her surroundings give the impression that she knows far more than she would every say.

Kiley watches the bronze as he bhuffs as he does, and makes a sort of grin. Brows lift at the sight of him and then she's shuffling a little bit. "Shells. He's almost a little frightening." A look to Jeyinshi and she chuckles softly. "Yeah. That's one way to see it."

Kershaw keeps an eye on the bronze hatchling as it starts to move, and decides that saying nothing about its appearance might be the best thing, though he supposed that it seems rather large and determined and from that 'laugh' have a sense of humor he guesses…

From where the Blooming in Springtime Green Hatchling stands, in the shards of her own shell, she takes only a moment to look over at a knot of candidates, lifting her head with matronly understanding. One of them needs her solid guidance, and she them, just as certainly as a mother needs a child. Protective and cautious, she steps around her nearby clutchmates until she reaches a clear space, and then, with a renewal of buoyant energy she bounds forward a bit haphazardly until she is standing right in front of a fragile little brown-haired lad from the Weaver Hall, who is looking the other way. Responding to the frantic pointing of the others nearby, and a frantic hiss of his name, "Stienes, look!" the boy turns to see what all the fuss is about. Their eyes meet. Dragon and boy become dragon and rider, just like that. They walk off together as the others part to give them room. "I know you're hungry, Gaeath.", the new rider says, trying the name for the first time. "We'll get you something to eat right away!" One of the boy's former companions nods knowingly. They expected this outcome and smile for him, with some lingering regret, while he's not looking.

With a triumphant cry the Blooming in Springtime Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Jeyinshi grins over at Kiley and Kelth, "I'm strange remember? I always have interesting ways of putting things. But his hide really is pretty." And then another Impression and the dolphineer grins and sends another soft congrats over that way.

Tineska ooohs and ahhhs at the green as she emerges, not paying quite as much attention to the bronze as she probably should. "He's not so bad," she proclaims in agreement with Jeyinshi, looking at him. "There's a terran story I came across while I was messing around with AIVAS. Something about an ugly duckling. I forget how it ends, though." Perhaps she'll go back and read it over again when she gets a chance to get back to Landing. "Oh, she found hers fast, didn't she?"

The World Engendered Egg rocks back and forth in its little sandy nook, not quite ready to burst apart, though those basalt cracks seem deeper, darker. Then it settles, stilling, waiting. The cataclysm is yet forestalled.

Kelthero watches as the bronze goes on the move, seeming relieved that he neither bolts or snaps, though the frown is for the waddle like walk. "Frightening how?" he asks Kiley, no doubt overhearing her comment during a lull in the noise on the sands. But then another green hatches out and the former guard's attention is pulled away again. "Another green! And a quick Impression too." he mutters, raising a hand up to wipe the sweat from his forehead. To Jeyinshi, he smiles faintly and crookedly, but doesn't seem to have a comment to reply with.

A'ven smiles again, looking at the new bronze and recognizing some of Glyith in him. "Well now, he's a fine one."

Kiley gives another brief clap for the Impressee of the green before she chuckles once more in response to Jey. "That is true." She peeks at Kelthero and gives a slight shrug. "Just the way he's moving." Her gaze doesn't linger on the former guard that long, however, as she is watching that bronze once more.

Beguiling Wealth Egg shudders and jerks violently again, sand flying in a dervish as the occupant within struggles to free itself. Toppling sideways, the egg rolls out of its sandy nest, a jagged crack appearing in the upper part of the shell.

Velrich shifts sideways just a bit, one elbow connecting to Kilarden's arm. "A lot of 'em know just where to go, huh?" He nods toward the green as it makes a quick line for her partner, before he gives a quick grin at his friend. "Guess that was part of the whole..touching them and stuff, right?" He hisses out a breath as a few more eggs begin to crack however, regaining his own personal space once more. "They just keep coming.."

Kaldrozen shifts uncomfortably on the sands, keeping separate from the other candidates by a little bit.

Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Hatchling waddles his way forward, his gait awkward and a lot slower than the other hatchlings due to his stunted disproportionate limbs. Not that he lets that stop him from searching with the best of them. He pointedly ignores any stares or glances and keeps his head high, no matter how grotesque it is. He makes a stop and go progress around the Sands - every so often he'll pause, cock his head to one side and peer critically at a candidate before moving on. Being rushed is not his thing, obviously - he wants to observe and make an intelligent choice. And the candidates that may be shuffling away from him because of his looks? He hop-waddles past them without a second glance - so there.

Keelyra is doing the Sands Dance! It goes like this: lift one foot for a few seconds, then hop to the other as the first gets a bit too toasty. It's likely tugging Kilarden and Idris around a bit, but who knows, maybe they do the same. "Mebbe he'll grow into it," she tells Idris, pertaining to the bronze that waddles his way around the sands.

The World Engendered Egg rolls to and fro, heaving out of its cradle and spinning along the sands, fetching up against a hillock of sand. Where once turquoise seas sat calm, now the surface roils from pressure beneath, fissures appearing as chips begin to fall away. The cataclysm cometh.

Kershaw watches the bronze hatchling with interest as it passes by some of the other candidates. He is feeling the heat of the sands through the soles of his sandals he starts to shift from one to the other allowing a few seconds for one to cool before switching feet. He notes the eggs that have started moving and wonders what will emerge from them when the time comes.

Patori blinks and tilts his head to peer sideways at Jey, "Duckling?" also picking up on something overheard, though he's looking confused. Also distracted, as he tries to keep track of the shaking eggies and wandering hatchlings. He watches that bronze hop-waddling along, eyebrows sneaking upward, ebven while his feet continue to shuffle slightly. Hot sands be hot!

Kilarden leans just slightly into Velrich, returning the nudge even as grey eyes follow the progress of the little bronze hatchling. "Probably has something to do with that, I'd imagine. They definitely know where they're headed." He gives Keely and Idris both gentle pokes. "Doing okay, girls?"

Kelthero seems puzzled by Kiley's comment, having tilted his head a little to hear her better. "He's only waddling. Hardly threatening." he notes with a smirk. "Better then jaws snapping or some awkward full on run at us." Again, his hand comes up to push his hair back from his face, grimacing as most o fit just plasters itself there. Lovely. But then he notices the bronze is starting to move and he watches, tensing and ready to step back should things change. So far though, Kelthero's stubborness to stay calm has — well kept him calm, despite the obvious nervousness and anxious look on his face.

Beguiling Wealth Egg falls neatly into pieces, the crack across the upper part of the shell widening before it simply falls away. For a moment, it looks like the egg might have lived up its name after all — that wealth was only an illusion before a small dainty head pops upwards, nostrils flaring as she scents the air, eyes whirling lightly. The egg tips sideways, and out she spills, scrambling upright, a tangle of limbs quickly sorted as the golden hatchling steps forwards with coltish grace.

Idris continues to split her attention between the bronze trolling the sands and the eggs remaining, her own feet dancing a bit to alleviate the heat. She nods at Keelyra, "Seems likely he could grow into it." Kilarden gets a grunt for his poke. "Bit hot, you?"

Autumn's Last Glow Gold Hatchling
Purest molten gold — the brilliant and radiant sheen of fading sunlight — casts a vivid hue upon a lovely graceful form. From her dainty muzzle, a delicate dished head is dominated by wide-set eyes, prominent cheekbones and generously curved nostrils; with a high arched neck that while short, nonetheless contributes to the proudness of her bearing. Small for one such of her color, a compact body is defined by strong shoulders and well sprung ribs that flow into muscular haunches. Unusually colored; dark-amber dapples decorate her golden hide, and along the proud arch of her neck, her neckridges are washed in white-gold hue, a pattern that ends abruptly at her withers only to be taken up again at her rump — flowing down the length of her long tail. Her wings — long and narrow — promise the agility and stamina of a distance flyer; honeyed gold spars supporting the spread of nearly-translucent sails of gossamer gold between them.

Glyith thrums briefly, welcoming the gold into the world.

Jeyinshi sort of just stares around as the dragonets make their way around and then freezes at the sight of the gold. "Oh wow."

Velrich chuckles softly for a moment, giving a brief look sideways once again. "I'm fine too, by the way." Hot? Sure. There's definitely a good buildup of sweat going on, dampening his robe and making palms clammy. He lets out a breath though as one egg in fact spills out a gold, brows arching upward. "What was that you said about brilliant?"

Kaldrozen takes an uncomfortable step back from the gold, just staring at her

Kiley gives Kelthero a look and then laughing. "That's true." Her nose wrinkles just a bit to turn and consider the bronze. Then there's a consideration of the gold as she hatches. Brows lift and then a hum, but nothing more as she watches the hatchlings carefully.

Tineska gasps as the gold emerges. "Um, wow." She inspects the attractive young gold. "She's much prettier than Miraneith…" She kinda hopes the mother gold didn't hear her say that, though. "She's quite nice." Here's hoping she doesn't maul anyone, though. She peeks back at the other eggs, shifting her weight and joining Keelyra in the Sand Dance. She's beginning to feel the heat for sure now.

Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Hatchling skids to a stop and nearly falls over in his haste, though ends up getting a nose-full of sand. He snorts loudly and shakes his head irritably, ridding himself of the irritant. He peers intently at the candidates, head cocked and stumpy tail twitching - he heard something that's peaked his interest. He gives a pleased chuff and starts to waddle at a quickened pace towards a line of candidates. It's a rather odd sight - rear end wiggling, legs kicking up sand and stumpy tail trailing behind. He's like a determined juggernaut of ugliness and he's found his destination, obviously not caring what people think of him or how much more attention they are giving to the much prettier gold. He soon sinks down in front of a young man and lets out a huge sigh of relief. Sitting back, he tilts his head and peers up at the former guard in front of him with his mismatched gaze, an amused chuff escaping him.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

A'ven blinks at all the stunned faces, "Don't just stand there like lumps. There's still other dragons out there… keep moving." A chuckle escapes him as they all suddenly become statues. "Move your feet."

Miraneith's bugle this time is a triumphant holler that's probably still going to be bouncing off the walls of the Hatching Ground for a few more days. It's followed shortly thereafter by a loud whoop from the weyrwoman. "For the love of Faranth's little green dragons, Mir, I'm saved!" Hoorah! No more paperwork involving math. Maybe. If the goldrider can, she'll probably foist it all off on whoever gets lucky enough to get that little golden creature. /After/ weyrlinghood, though, so Enka's probably stuck with that delightful task for at least another turn. "She's a beauty, Mir. And so tiny." Which is a vast difference compared to the /last/ gold this queen produced.

Keelyra is clearly hot, you fools! She's hopping from foot to foot, isn't she? She looks in an almost bland fashion to Kilarden. It's a '/really/?' look. "Wanting to jump into the lagoon," she says finally. Then there's that gold and she giggles a little bit. "Balances out that bronze, doesn't she?" But oh! It has finally chosen someone and she calls out her congratulations.

Kilarden considers a moment — or maybe he's just distracted by the fact that there is a gorgeous little gold making her debut. "Hot is definitely one word for it. I would have picked 'nervous' or 'excited' myself." Some form of anxiety! And then that little bronze is finding his one and only, Kil calling out congratulations before taking a moment to laugh at Keely. "You and me both."

Nestled snugly into a bed of sand, the Jewel of the Sea Egg gives a sudden tremble, jolting back and forth as the hatchling inside stirs and quivers. Let me out!

Idris will definitely keep up the Sand Dance- it's /hot/ in here, and the new little queen's arrival might just have upped the temperature a bit more. She laughs again at Keelyra's comments. "I'll jump in with you please?" She beams as Kelthero impresses, her attention pulled back to the little gold. "She's… that's surely the prettiest of shades."

Kershaw watches as the gold hatchling makes her appearance, forgetting the others he just stares at her a moment before snapping back to the reality of where he is and what has happened, a hasty congratulations is given to the new pair as the bronze has chosen Kelthero as his new lifemate…."Congratulations!"

Jeyinshi finally unfreezes as the bronze finds a lifemate and looks over, letting out a loud cheer. "Oh Kelth! I knew you would do it!" The dolphineer is all smiles now.

Kelthero has just enough time to register that a gold has hatched, surprise showing in the way his brows arc up. But just as a comment is forming, he's suddenly going blank faced and his jaw snaps firmly closed. Then he's acting like someone a wee bit light headed and as one hand comes up to hold the side of his head, another his shakily reaching out (and down) to rest agains the odd-looking bronze in front of him. It takes a moment, but Kelthero — or Th'ero now — finally catches his breath. "Velokraeth?" he says in the same time as letting out that deep breath. "It does, it does. And maybe, for a bit." Now that he's thinking a bit clearer, he finally looks away in stunned disbelief for the Weyrlingmaster. "Food, right. This way, I think." There's a quick shaky grin given to the others and then he's leading Velokraeth with him to food.

Kiley continues to watch, the bronze drawing her attention as he stumbles and gets his nose in the sand. There's a wince before he continues on his way towards them. There's a shuffle away to get out of his way and she stares at him. "Kelthero!" She gasps out softly. "Shells. Congratulations."

Autumn's Last Glow Gold Hatchling shakes her wings free of hatchling goop, arching her neck proudly before she tucks them back against her side and prances forwards, tail swishing slightly with each step. She moves with careful deliberation, slowly, but surely and a determined swagger to her step. She's being deliberately choosey. The males … are not even eyed. They are not for her, and she will not so much as give them a glance. Making her way along the line, she sniffs around the ground before the female candidates, pondering her choices with thoughtful grace.

Patori's eyes are widening again, this time for the gold hatchling, the boy letting out a quiet breath, and a mumbled, "She's pretty.." and then shuffling back a bit - and good thing too! That bronze over there is watched, Pat taking a hasty step away from Kelthero, and then breaking out into a grin, calling a, "Congrats!" to the former guard. He'll just shuffle closer to Kiley and Jey now. And continue to watch the rocking eggies and that shiney hatchling prowling about, bottom lip catching between his teeth briefly yet again.

The World Engendered Egg shatters, chunks of turquoise and black shell spinning away as it dissolves beneath the pressure, unable to contain the entity within its depths any longer. Where once was a silent ocean is now the blazing form of a newborn hatchling, still wobbling from his abrupt entrance into this new world, but already gaining his feet and rhythm. Stand in awe, for the cataclysm has arrived, the ending of an egg and the beginning of new life.

Omen of the Gods Brown Hatchling
Polished copper fire slicks along arrow-straight spine, pouring over ribs and haunches in a rush of amber that gradually deepens to umber as it caresses broad chest and lean belly. Taupe drips, gently pooling along his underside, where darkening flames are eventually consumed by roiling clouds the color of ebony. Atop sinuous, fire-streaked neck, his wedge-shaped head is graced with a long, aristocratic muzzle, its high-set eye ridges canted upwards, giving him a seeming of perpetual, sardonic amusement. Ridges march with mathematical precision from the crown of his head to the base of his lengthy, limber tail, the rich gilt hue constantly glittering as though lit from within, nearly argent in its brilliance. From between broad shoulder blades erupts a startlingly glorious spread, sunlit spars weaving triumphantly through the wide sweep of his wings, catching between them translucent sails of a pale white-gold, blazing incandescently. With his lithe limbs, long, supple tail, and slender frame, this lean brown lacks the bulk of many of his brethren, but more than makes up for it in arrogant poise and supple grace.

A'ven says "Oh now, I was sure that brown there was gonna be a blue. Pity. I like blues a lot."

Tineska twitches with nervousness as the gold approaches, and Kelthero Impresses. She can't help but be excited for him. "Wow, Kelthero. Congratulations!" She is keeping an eye on that gold, though. And the rest of the eggs, giving an extra bit of a nod towards Patori. "She is quite lovely." Too bad Tineska's going to melt before she meets her lifemate. And there goes another one! "Ooh, another Brown!" He is a little better looking than the bronze. She'll have to admit that.

Kiley peeks at Patori and offers a bright smile for the younger candidate. "Doing okay?" She gives him a cheerful little smile before looking back to the gold as she makes her way through her choices. But then there is a brown joining them and her gaze focuses there for a brief moment. Then, she is considering both with a careful look to make sure she doesn't potentially get in the way.

Jewel of the Sea Egg tumbles out of the mound of sand, but being so round it rolls over like a ball several times before coming to a stop, spiderweb cracks appearing all over the shell — fine dark lines that stand out very well against the pale whiteness of the shell.

Jeyinshi watches as the brown arrives and lets out a whistle, and then there's that one egg that's rolling around and the dolphineer smiles a bit. "Well, that's pretty entertaining, isn'it it?" This said to no one in particular.
Another brown, this one a handsome fellow with a seeming regal bearing "Now there's a handsome fellow, wonder who'll be the lucky one to be chosen by him?" Kershaw is still hoping from foot to foot, the heat of the sands penetrating deeply through the soles of his sandals as he watches the gold hatchling as well wondering who will be chosen by her.

Autumn's Last Glow Gold Hatchling paces and prances in places, a bouncy little trot as she moves in and out amongst the candidates, twisting and turning a little to investigate a few of them, peering into faces, and then continuing on. Around again, she goes, stalking now, stiff-legged stride that turns into a prance, showing off for a moment before hunger gets the best of her. She can't eat until she's found her partner — and she lets out a plaintive little hum before squaring her shoulders and marching forward in determination. Let's get this done!

Idris watches the gold hatchling, fascinated by her swagger. The hatching of the brown pulls her attention away and her brow rises appreciatively. "Now /there/ you go. Maybe he's not a bronze but he's got that /look/." The gold's hum calls her attention back and she tilts her head, watching the gold march.

Velrich does look surprised for a moment as the bronze stops before Kelthero, lips remaining quirked into a faint grin. "Heh..well that's fitting, I think.." His head shakes for a moment though, throat working in an attempt to ease some of the dryness there. An eye is kept on the gold moving about, though his attention shifts as another egg spills a brown. " least that one looks pretty normal." Or at least as normal as he knows a dragon to be. There's a bit of wary eyeing thou-gh for the egg that rolls around. It could smush someone if it starts moving over /too/ much!

"That's a good plan," Keelyra says to Idris. "Lagoon after this!" Best to make plans provided nothing happens, yes? Plus, it's nice to think about. Lovely cool waters. Mmm, yes. "That's a good looking brown," she comments, lips twitching in a smirk.

"A very good looking brown," Kilarden concedes, though his grey eyes are more focused on the prancing gold. He finds her oddly… cute. "And don't think that you two are getting in the lagoon without me. My feet are starting to feel it too." Indeed, he's shifting from foot to foot now as well.

Kaldrozen watches on, his feet shifting uncomfortably on the sands. He claps for the bronze's impression, but his eyes, like so many, are waiting to see where tha tgold goes.

Fossilized in Blood Egg vibrates, shaking ever so slightly, in quick back and forth movements. The sand holding it upright starts to slide away, leaving more room as the egg appears to be digging itself deeper into the sands. One last quiver shoots through the egg before it goes still.

Kiley watches the gold prancing with a soft little chuckle, "she seems rather. Energetic. Bouncy." The computer crafter looks to Jeyinshi and nods her agreement. "It is very entertaining. If not nerve wracking. Never know who will be next." Attention resettles on the brown and gold, focusing on the two.

Omen of the Gods Brown Hatchling takes a step from the remains of his former prison, a bit wobbly on his feet as he swings his head about, gazing around the Hatching grounds. As from above the rays of the sun strike down through the openings of the dragon ledges, the brown lifts his head and sets his rump on the sand, the first lid sliding down over his whirling eyes as he basks happily in the sunlight. He holds that pose for a moment, then two, and abruptly his eyes widen, lids flipping up as he starts. Oh - there's something he's supposed to be doing. Hesitantly, he climbs to his feet once more, taking time to set his talons firmly in the sand before striking out towards those strange, white-robed beings crowding around his vision.

A'ven finds a water skin and offers some to Enka, "Want some?" "It's been a long morning."

Jeyinshi laughs, "Reminds me of Sungie. Energetic is definitely the word for this." Eyes go from brown to gold and then back and forth a few more times. She tenses once more, still wary of the possibility of having to jump away."

Jewel of the Sea Egg simply dissolves — the way a pearl might disintergrate in a cup of vinegar — the shell splintering and cracking in so many places it simply falls apart into a fine powder that rains down upon the body of the little blue dragon left in the eggs place.

The gold is cute but his attention is on the brown, and the other eggs that have yet to reveal the dragonette that resides in them, "If these sands get any hotter they'll be able to serve my feet as an appatizer so well done they'll be!" He starts to move a little trying to minimize the affects of the heat on his feet.

Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Hatchling
Such a pretty little thing; like a sleek little sailing cutter — so trim and neat, he seems meant to tack about on the winds and sail the sea of clouds. Lithe and graceful, cerulean blue washes his hide in gentle eddies of turquoise and ripples of seafoam. A shallow keel — narrow chest and slim shoulders lend credence to his trim, racer build; no great hulk of a blue, he. His wings — billowed sails of a pale blue — are broad and strong, perfectly designed to catch the breeze and carry him along, skimming the ocean of the air.

Velrich shakes his head a bit. "Would you guys stop talking about water? Burning up here.." And a swim is but a fleeting dream as long as they're stuck sweltering on the sands! Fingers take a brief drag through his hair, coming away a bit damp only to be wiped again on his robe. It's what cloth is /there/ for, after all. To remove excess…things from fingers. Sweat, random sticky things…clothing is there to take care of the job. He sets one hand on his hip though, weight shifting just slightly off one particularly hot foot. There is /sand/ wedged in his sandal.

Enka hoists the other water skin in response to A'ven's question. "I've got some more here," she comments, grinning a bit before glancing back at the hatchlings. "Blue, brown and gold. I wonder who they'll pick."

Quick to gain his feet, and precocious for one so young, the blue dragonet lunges upwards, his movement like a surfer riding up over the crest of a wave and his taloned paws set firmly into the sand. There, he pauses, looking over the assembled candidates with careful deliberation. The Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Hatchling needs but a crew of one — a captain — to man the helm and steer and guide him in his navigation of the world. But he won't take just anyone, nay. And then he spots her, full of movement, hazel eyes bright with mirth and excitement. There's a rush then, wings tucked close to his side before the blue races towards a skinny blonde. She's the one for him! "Azimuth!" Weyrbred Kashie gives a squeal of glee, rushing to meet him in turn as they twirl around each other. "We'll have so much fun, you'll see." With that, she leads him forwards, headed for the weyrlingmasters and the waiting food.

Idris can't help but laugh at Kilarden though her eyes are still on the hatchlings. "Sure you can handle us, young man?" Keelyra gets another shoulder bump, and Velrich a snicker. "If you think about water enough, you won't feel so hot!" Well, it doesn't /really/ work that way, but oh well.

With a triumphant cry the Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Patori, too, seems a little melty, sweat beading upon his forehead as he does the candie dance, feet shuffling absently while eyes, still widened, dart from the prancing gold to the next two hatchlings, to the remaining eggs. "I think I should have found thicker sandals," Patori does smile in answer to Kiley, a little sheepish perhaps, sticking close to the girls to shadow them without literally clinging. Though he looks like he might be considering just ducking behind someone, now that Kelthero the tall is all impressed! The blue finding its lifemate earns another, "Congrats!" for Kashie, the boy then shoving a hand back through his hair and doing a bit more sands-shuffling.

A'ven shakes his head, taking a bit of the water himself then. "No idea. Probably that blue will go to someone younger… I don't know, it just seems right."

Autumn's Last Glow Gold Hatchling has made her choice it seems, her pace steady and assured, carrying herself with determination as she moves towards the girl, her neck arches forwards, as she reaches out, snorting through her nostrils the way a runner might when meeting someone for the first time, inhaling deeply of her lifemate's scent. Yes, this is the one, this girl with dark wavy brown hair. Prancing boldly before the girl, she makes herself known. So much for those cool lagoon waters, this former kitchen worker will be learning to scrub a dragon instead of baking delicious pies that everyone loves.

Tineska is still melting. "Lagoon…that's starting to sound absolutely fabulous. Count me in!" That is if they ever make it out of here alive. "Oh wow, there's another Blue!" She is in awe of him for the moment. "He's a handsome one, too." Now there's three of them perusing their options. She moves the braid to her other shoulder, and swallows a bit. "Congratulations, Kashie!" She is sorta glad that Kashie didn't get the Gold. She isn't sure who she wants to have it, but Kashie works a bit of a nerve. "Water. I'd pay all my life's marks for water right now.."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Autumn's Last Glow Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

"Water, water, water, water," Kilarden murmurs to Velrich, leaning close to the candidate just for the effect. "Ah, look! Another blue." And another impression, but grey eyes are on Idris. "Lucky you we're doing something important, or I'd toss you over a shoulder again and remind you about age and size." Until… There's a gold in front of her? "Oh… Wow," he manages on a stutter, otherwise at a loss.

Keelyra snorts at Idris, "Thinking about water makes it /worse/." And she's going to blame the baker for leading her down that road of thought. Sniffle. And then, eep! The gold has made her choice. The teen drops Idris' hand and shuffles a couple steps closer to Kilarden to clear out of the way.

Jeyinshi watches as the gold Impresses and breaks into a broad grin. "Congrats Idris!….I hope she can still cook sometimes though…" Food. It's always about food for Jey. Most of the time at least.

Kershaw smiles as the gold chooses Idris, "Alll right Idris!"

Kaldrozen claps for Idris, but doesn't move, there are still more eggs coming

Omen of the Gods Brown Hatchling studies the white-robed ones thoughtfully. A welcoming ceremony, perhaps? Whatever the occasion, he seems to instinctively understand that those gathered before him have assembled for him - and his siblings, but mostly for him, as is right. Lean muzzle is lifted, the air tested with a soft whuffle, and he stands still for a moment, gazing sunstruck at the light streaming down from above. Then, with a shake of his head that flings the last of the egg goo from his copper-shrouded head, the brown takes first one wobbling step, then another, seeking amongst the supplicants before him for the one that will serve best. This one? No. That one? With a snort, he turns away from a spindly girl. Never. Discontented, he moves on. Somewhere is the one he needs. Somewhere.

Cracks are now zigzagging across the Fossilized in Blood Egg as the tremors start up again. Not that there really is all the much difference between how it looked before and how it looks now. The only change is that this egg has now sunk half way into the sands and flakes of shell tumble down its sides. It pauses, perhaps its occupant is taking a breather.

Velrich brings a hand up, waving it near his ear in an attempt to swat Kilarden away from it. "Yes, /thank/ you for that. I don't feel any cooler." On the contrary! He shifts again to his other foot, giving a small sniff of irritation at his friend, though there's a bit of a baffled look as the gold finally does make her choice, brows arched upward. "Well now. Kil, look.." And he /is/ looking! Good. His attention flickers then, watching the brown moving and the eggs remaining with a vaguely wary eye.

The Desert Verdance Egg shudders violently for just a fraction of a second and then settles back down.

Kershaw looks at the remaining eggs and then the remaining candidates, and notes there are more candidates than there are eggs..not good though the brown is still searching for the one he shrugs and is content that if he doesn't impress at least he has had the experience that many others have not. "These feet are not going to be much use to anyone if they get scorched by these sands…"

The laughter for her companions on the sands dies as suddenly the gold is /right there/ prancing in front of her, neck arched, and their faces are so close. She's stepping away from the other candidates as there's a mind in her mind, beckoning with most beautiful music she's ever heard. "Oh. Shells. No, Shadha-Shadhavarth. I can take a name change, Iris is brilliant with me," Iris answers the dragonet, knees weakly keeping her standing. She holds the gold's face with her hands, staring into those eyes. Then the heat of the sands comes back to her and she looks up and twists to look around the sands, focusing on those she'd stood close with before landing on a weyrlingmaster. "Food?"

A strong gust of wind seems to rush through the hatching caverns, shooting bits of the Fossilized in Blood Egg in every direction. The frigid wind might be a welcome relief to those out on the sands, but it has left this egg in shambles. Its occupant is left upside down in the newly created hole.

Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Hatchling
Xanadu bronze appears to have caught fire, burning away most of the color until it's nearly black. This near-onyx shade is worn like a cloak, sliding down his massive boxy head and down his stocky neck. Like thick tar, this metallic black hue slips down the back of his bulky muscled chest before it moves on across his neckridges, slipping over his ribcage until it continues down the length of his long thick tail. Olived-bronze 'boots' are worn upon each of his limbs, climbing up past the joints to battle with the ebon. This war rages on, sometimes charred bronze swoops closer to his midsection while other times the aged bronze hue creeps up, nearly reaching his midnight spine. Two massive wings sprout from his back, the tops matching the shadows of his back while the soft underside is a honeyed bronzed that dances with windswept streaks of blizzard white. Taking after his mother, perfection is not a word to describe him; his bottom jaw is flawed, jutting out further than his upper jaw and teeth have a difficult time staying hidden. Finally, in stark contrast with his shadow cloak, a necklace of ruddy copper cuts around his neck at the base, twelve large circles barely touch, like a string of glinting reddish pearls.

Kiley only smiles a little more towards Patori, "maybe. They'd help." She agrees with a chuckle. The blue Impresses next and then the gold. There's a brief clap for both pairs and a smile before she's looking to the next egg as a bronze comes forth.

Miraneith croons and warbles, greeting the hatching of her children with motherly pride, her rider seated atop her shoulder preventing her from staring menacingly down at the candidates, and then again, once they have broken shell and found their lifemates, she'll be finally free. And then, the ungainly queen gives another rumble, Another bronze. Hooray!

"Congratulations," Kilarden breathes, all but ignoring Velrich in favor of watching Idrisnow Irisescort her lovely lady off of the sands. He reaches for Keelyra's hand then, entwining fingers as he gives her hand a gentle squeeze. Nervous? Definitely. "Isn't that something?" he asks to nobody and everybody. And then there's another bronze stealing Kil's attention.

Patori licks his lips, and there's a sidelong darting glance for the people over there talking about water. The boy gives a quiet groan, and shuffles his feet some more, hot hot hot! There's a bit of a double-take when the gold stops before someone he knows - omg Pie Lady! - and the boy practically beams, calling another, "Congrats!" this one accompanied by a quick look-round at the rest of the eggies. The boy swallows, again runs fingers through the mop of reddish hair before bobbing his head to Kiley.

"I'll take a nice long swim for you," Keelyra promises Idris, eyes sparkling with a mix of amusement and pride for her friend. Hands are not empty for long as Kilarden takes up Idris-Iris' spot in offering support. The teen looks over to him and offers a weak kind of smile. "It's very… overwhelming, isn't it?"

The computercrafter shivers as the fossilized in blood hatchling emerges and reveals himself to be bronze. She gives a nod to Iris as she is now known, and applauds her. "Congratulations! I knew she'd find someone fabulous." She kind of wishes she'd Impressed her though, if for no other reason than to get off these sharding sands. She fans herself in a futile attempt to keep cool. "Two bronzes and a gold, that's something, isn't it?"

Omen of the Gods Brown Hatchling freezes, and this time, it's not because of the sun. Or perhaps, it is, in some odd way, for his head tilts, and he follows a particular shaft - no brighter or dimmer than any of the others streaming downwards, but something about it calls none the less. With a hitch to his stride, he picks up from walk to trot, kicking up sand as he follows the line of the sunlight, right up until he somehow manages to trip over his tail. Rolling muzzle over feet over glorious wings, he skids to a halt at the feet of one of the white-robed creatures. Shaking his muzzle to clear the daze from his head, he lifts whirling gaze to stare into olive-hued eyes. And he's dazzled, all over again.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Omen of the Gods Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The new bronze surprises Kershaw, he'd thought that they'd had all the bronzes that were gonna be hatched this day,in passing he notes that the brown has made its choice and sends congratulations to the newly formed pair as he keeps his eyes on the bronze hatchling.

The bronze surprises A'ven a bit too, and he whistles softly, "Just goes to show you…"

The Desert Verdance Egg announces its own demise with a sharp crack. Several hair-thin interconnected fissures appear to spring from its surface!

Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Hatchling kicks about in the air as he is unable to get free from the hole for several moment. Finally he manages to shove himself free and shake himself off. After that indecency is suffered the bronze snorts, blowing stuck sand from his nostrils before heading out into this brand new world. He holds his stocky shoulders high wearing his wings like one might wear a cape as he meanders down the sands and towards the dwindling choices of candidates. That /wasn't/ him just stuck in the sand, that was some other poor fool you see.

Kershaw restrains himself from laughing as the bronze struggled to free himself from the hole in the sands, nope wasn't him laughing, not a chance. He smiles as Iris and Shadhavarth head off with the weyrling staff to fill the gold's belly.

Velrich steps back somewhat as a dragon very nearly rolls /right/ into him. Which..would not have been a comfortable mess to land under. There could've been pokey things and..blood. Still, he does stare somewhat, leaning forward again to get a look once the brown finally starts to right himself and then..blinks, going very still. "You want to change my name to V'ric? But I..guess..I can't get around that, can I? Loxiath?" There's a bit of a dazed look from the young man though, before he shakes his head, fingers reaching out to touch curiously over the dragonet's head. "Yeah..yeah it rhymed. Guess we'll get you way? Yeah." He moves, helping to lead the brown off toward the weyrlingmaster.

"Water? Shards, I need a swim. I wonder what Sungie is doing…." Jey's attention span is finally wavering, though eyes are wandering around the sands to hatchlings and eggs and such. Another Impression and the dolphineer breaks into a wide grin. "Ohh, congrats!"

Kiley watches the brown Impress and claps her congrats again, attention settling on the bronze as he remains stuck in the sands. There's a nose wrinkle of concern before he frees himself. "Poor thing." A glance towards Jeyinshi and she chuckles.

Iris and Shadhavarth meander to the sidelines to begin slaking their hunger. As Shadhavarth eats, Iris glances to the sands from time to time, a goofy grin on her face. The newest bronze gets another /face/ and a shake of the head. "Strange lookin' bronzes this clutch- I'm sorry, I know they're your brothers but you turned out so perfect and they're nothing like you!" The new gold pair may disagree about the merits of the new hatchlings, but as Velrich comes their way with his new lifemate, Iris grins at the brown and his rider. "Now /he's/ pretty fine looking!"

Ensanguined Heart Egg moves to the beat; thumping back and forth in rhythmic motion on the sands, the movement caused as the hatchling within begins to struggle, trying to free itself from the confines of the egg.
Kilarden's eyes are right back on Velrich as he gets a lifemate. "Congratulations!" He tells his friend, laughing with genuine excitement for V'ric. He squeezes Keelyra's hand that much tighter though, pulling her a little closer to himself as he watches the bronze struggle to free himself from his egg. "It's more than overwhelming, Keely. I can hardly breathe."

Tineska scoots over a bit to make room for V'ric's new lifemate. She is starting to forget the heat once again, and cheers him on. "Congratulations!" She can't supress a laugh when the bronze seems to have gotten stuck in the sand. Oh, pardon her. Someone /else/ did that. Her eyes turn to the seemingly heart-shaped egg. It's beginning to move.

Keelyra utters a squeak as Velrich Impresses. "He's fantastic," she utters towards the new rider. Then a glance up at Kilarden and she does that little hop-dance again. "It is," she says in reply to the remaining candidate of those she sequestered herself with on the Sands. "I feel like I might forget to breathe."

Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Hatchling sniffs at the foot of a girl who happens to be near, smelling a hint of flowers before he sneezes.. on her foot. Oh dear. He pulls back, looking up apologetically before skittering to the proper gender. He sizes up one boy, shaking his head quickly, nope, too short, and another, wait no, that's a girl… that doesn't work either. A small hiss escapes the bronze's half agape maw, irritated at not being able to apparently find his lifemate. He pauses, looking down up at all the different faces and hair colors, clearly stumped.

A'ven says "Well, he should be able to choose here… don't know why he's so confused."

Kershaw wonders who the bronze will choose, interested in watching him go through the different candidates and seemingly rejecting all that he's come across so far, "Wonder why he's rejecting so many, you'd think he'd have found someone that he found suitable by now…guess there's no understanding how they choose.."

The pieces of the Desert Verdance Egg fall away, revealing the hatchling inside!

Lord of Appearances Brown Hatchling
Seemingly formed from the ancient and shifting sands of the deep desert this brown hatchling stands like a majestic monument to his kind, and his color. A sharply chiseled head and regal face is dusted with a light sand color. Deeply set eyes whirl with hidden knowledge and cast their somewhat aloof but curious gaze upon the world. His frame is supported by a massive chest, drenched in solid mahogany with trickles of light creme down the sides, like the remnants of a royal robe. His wings are coated in dark chocolate and amber, the latter being evident on the spars, and the former composing the main accent of his tremendous sails. Even standing still, this dragon radiates respect, not so much by demanding it, rather by example, in his exquisite form and bearing.

Kiley watches as the bronze continues to struggle, brows lifting. "I wonder what he's waiting for." She murmurs to one of those beside her. And then a brown is revealed and she watches there. "I hope this one can decide quickly."

Lord of Appearances Brown Hatching waits for many long moments looking over the Candidates while he sits like a statue on his haunches. His stillness stretches in the heat as the minutes linger. Finally, he spies a very young boy, who is, like himself, observing more than participating, his sharp facial features wrinkled into a petulant whine — it's sooo hot out here. This, the brown decides, he can work with. With some effort, he maneuvers himself beside the lad, and nudges a shoulder. The boy looks up, caught by the lordly brown's gaze. Breath catches, time stops, and they are one! "My name is Meshcha, Nebtawyth.", the short boy offers weakly from a dry throat. His shoulders straighten and his feet more solid beneath him as they walk together, and yet set apart forever. The few friends he has made offer congratulations, and what was just lonely sand doesn't seem quite so lonely now.

With a triumphant cry the Lord of Appearances Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

"If you forget, who's going to be there to make me remember?" Kilarden inquires after the girl, watching as the new brown makes his way out of his shell and onto the sands. "You have to stay conscious long enough for me. At least until all of this is over."

Jeyinshi shifts from foot to foot, "Same here. I've never wanted to hit the water this much before. And now I'm hungryyyy." And that appetite might even rival those of all those hatchlings. Another round of applause for the new pair and a grin.

Tineska watches the bronze and newly hatched brown. And then the Brown has gone and impressed, this time to Meshcha. "Congratulations, Mes!" Things are beginning to wind down here.

Patori turns to peek at Jey for the mention of the dolphin, "After this, I feel like I could swim forever," the boy shaking his head a little bit, though chances are, once he's out of the heat, hell be justr as reluctant to go near the water. Rubbing a hand across his brow where sweat trickles and tickles at the hairline, his sandal'd feets continue to shuffle over hot sands, though there's less wide-eyed staring and more, "Congrats!" called for those impressing, the nervousness having eased off a little, as well as the fidgeting.

Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Hatchling decides that backtracking is the right idea and he slowly turns the way he came and continues on along. It's not /his/ fault that everyone looks the same you know. Choosing a lifemate isn't all that easy. But this time he stays at more of a distance, not really wanting to sneeze on someone, and after how his brown brother treated the candidates, It'd be a small wonder if they didn't flee in terror anyway. After several moments of walking he once more changes his mind, walking back across the path he just took before coming to an abrupt stop. He looks up, whirling facets focusing on a black haired, grey eyed teen.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kershaw notes that the brown hasn't taken long to chose who he wishes to be with, "Congratulations Mes! well done!" only one hatchling left on the sands and that one taking it's own time to decide who it wishes to choose…then claps as it finally picks someone from the remaining candidates, leaving him behind…unsure how he feels with what has unfolded on the sands.

Ensanguined Heart Egg rocks back and forth, wobbling in crazy jerks and jumps, a frenzy of motion and activity now — whoever's in there wants out! There's a loud snap and a crack, and a jagged line begins to divide the egg right down the middle.

"We're in trouble," Keelyra says, lips twitching at the attempt at a joke. "But I'll do my best to sta-" Oh. Oh dear. When it's clear who the bronze has chosen, she slips her hand from Kilarden's and shuffles to the side a little. Hands wiggle and arms flop somewhat at sides as the realization that she's run out of people to cling to sets in. Nuuuuu.

Jeyinshi eyes the last egg and sort of wills it to hurry up. It's hot! And then she hears Patori. "I am /so/ holding you to that you know? One of these days you will get in the water!" A warm smile is shot at the boy and then she starts doing the candidate-shuffle again.

Kilarden's hands go to his head for a split second, hand jerking free of Keely's grasp, and when he comes too he seems weaker than before, dazed. "Teimyrth," he whispers, running hands out and over the maw of his lifemate before looking for the exit with his Tei in tow.

Ensanguined Heart Egg is torn asunder! Would a broken heart be a bad thing now? It might, under other circumstances, but as the egg splits neatly in two, leaving two sheared off halves, and the small green dragonet that lies between them — surely it is actually a good thing in this case.

Wealth of Water Lillies Green Hatchling
Pondwater green — a murky verdant shade that hints of mystical forest streams and dappled woodlands — flows in sluggish torrents over the hide of this small and dainty little green dragon. Mossy green shades the curve of her belly and flanks, quiet pools of shadowed meadow green that sweeps over the long curve of her neck. A patchwork of lily pad splotches cover her in a random pattern, droplets of darker green muddled haphazardly over her body. With broad wings of emerald-green, the sails tinted to a much paler shade of pastel, she's delicately built, and pretty in her own uniquely patterned way.

Kershaw sighs as the last egg splits apart and reveals a green but leaving him wonder who will be chosen by this lovely green.

Kiley watches as the bronze finally decides, giving another clap and a smile for the pair. "Congratulations, Kilarden!" And then there is a green on the sands, her gaze lingering there in consideration.

Tineska looks to the others left on the sands now, shouting out a congratulations towards Kilarden. She claps for him and looks up to his sister, who is no doubt going bonkers. And then, there is the last egg that hatches to reveal a green. "Well, she's lovely, too." She watches the figure emerge and keeps her eyes on her, waiting for the youngster to make her move.

Tumbled out onto the sands with an awkward squawk, the tiny green scrambles to her feet. She remains there, legs splayed and panting a bit with the effort. She's so young and new, the world is a big wide place! There's a whuffle from her dam, and the little green with the patchy hide cranes her neck up to croon back at the gold before she totters forwards, lurching towards the remaining candidates. Her footsteps grow bolder as she walks, and she's gallivanting about now, an unerring path directing her towards the oldest of the candidates on the sands. Pushing her head against the woman's knee, she croaks hungrily, and the redheaded seamstress from Telgar Weyr stoops down to caress her new lifemate's eyeridges with a tentative hand. "Oh, Nymphaeath! I'm so glad you're here, I've been waiting so long." And with a relieved, but proud look, Dalima leads her green hatchling towards the waiting weyrlingmasters.

With a triumphant cry the Wealth of Water Lilies Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Enka has finished at least one water skin by now. As quick as the hatchlings are, the goldrider's getting thirsty and sweaty and decidedly uncomfortable sitting out in the middle of all the heat. "Next time," she decides, I'm goin' to be up there." a point towards the galleries. "Or maybe we could finally turn one of the lower ledges into a viewin' platform for me, like they've got up at Benden. Much nicer than just sittin' down here bakin'." The last green — boy, this clutch sure had a /lot/ of greens — is watched closely, and then Enka lets out her breath in a whoosh as Dalima impresses. "So happy for her," Enka nods. "Was thinkin' she was too old almost." But only just.

A'ven smiles, looking satisfied. "We still have guests…", he says with a smile. "Maybe I'll take just a moment to collect myself. I feel like I melted out here today."

Enka wiggles off Miraneith's shoulder, the gold nosing at the remaining shards of the egg shells before she scuttles for the entrance of the hatching grounds. "'Scuse me." she address A'ven. Taking a breath and squaring her shoulders, Enka strides forwards towards the remaining candidates. "Thank you all for standing," she addresses them. "Unfortunately, your dragons were not among those here on the sands today. We hope you will remain with us for future chances, but for now, please enjoy the Hatching Feast." She inclines her head towards each of them. "Should you wish to remain here at Western, you may. If not, we can return you to your homes as soon as possible. Just let me know." And away she goes, to get cleaned up and presentable for the festivities.

Kershaw look around at who is left standing on the sands with a nod of his head…maybe, just maybe its time for him to return to Ista … who knows he'll have to think on it a bit.

Kiley claps as the final pair is made, "congratulations, Dalima." Her attention turns to Enka as she gives her speech, nodding once and then heading out to gather her things.

Jeyinshi lets out a bit of a sigh as the last of the eggs hatch finishes choosing her lifemate. "Ah well…." She frowns just the slightest bit, but the movement is only fleeting it is soon replaced by a straight face and a wisp of a smile. "Time to swim." And then, with Enka's ending words the dolphineer is striding off the sands. "Food and water. Maybe food first…."

When it all comes down to it, it's not that Keelyra is disappointed, per se. Well, she is, but it's more the fact that… all of her friends Impressed. She has no one to commiserate with or go jump in the lagoon with and laugh over burnt feets. At least not those she had intended to do so. She scratches at her cheek and gives a small shrug, glancing with a smile to Enka. "Y'know I'll be 'round. En't got nowhere else to go." Yeah, she may not have Impressed, but Western is still stuck with her nonetheless.

Patori does pause at that, gaze darting back to Jey. Get in the water? Did he say that? "Um." Shuffleshuffle, he might just be scooting away from the dolphineer, and maybe kindasorta putting himself on Kiley's other side. Doot dee doot, not hiding. /Really/. Oh look, another hatchling! "She's pretty," subject change for the win! And there might be more eyedarting around, as more people impress, and there's a few more called, "Congrats!" at them, though there's then the sudden realization that it's over, and eyes widen all over again, for entirely different reasons. SNeef. But feets are still moving, shuffling a bit as he looks around, and maybe finally edges behind somebody. He bobs his head slightly at Enka's words, but definitely brightens at the mention of hatching feast. Someone may be making a beeline for the bubblies! He does stick close to Key and Kiley though, heading out of the hatching cavern, shuffleshuffleshuffle..

Kaldrozen looks almost relieved when he's still standing there. He turns to bow to those who require bowing, then move off. It is done.

Tineska shrugs to the others. "Oh well, there's…always next time? I guess we can head off to the lagoon after we eat?" Sounds like a good idea to her! She watches as Dalima finds hers, and is genuinely happy for her. Now to figure out where to go from here. At least it is over, and she can finally get out of this sandy place. "Let's go!" And she heads out of there.

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