Alternate Titles Include: I Saw Ila Kissing Bartender Claus, Bartender Santa Meets Rude-olph, & We Wish You a Merry Ass-mas. <3

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

It rained a rather lot the night before, right now the sun is out, and there is a faint breeze that is felt rather easily across the Weyr. Sundari is making her way up the steps towards the patio carrying a few books tuckd under her arm with bits of papers sticking out from it. Seems she's come here to attempt at getting a bit of work done, or peraps not done she hasn't really made up her mind /just/ yet. Either way she settles upon a table and drops the books down upon it after setting down a mug of something from her other hand. She goes about checking her bag looking for something before finding a band andpulls her hair back while humming bit to herself before sitting down.

Books are not the only thing to come down on that table; shortly after Sundari is depositing her work material, a hand lands right beside those books. The hand connects to a well-muscled arm, which connects to a roguishly grinning bronzerider, whom is the current owner of two eerily grey eyes that have zeroed in the bluerider. "Sunny," comes that brusque growl-turned-voice, moments before he's dipping his head down to plant a kiss on the top of the other dragonrider's head, and gently smoothing down the hair that might threaten to come away with his five o'clock shadow - all of this, of course, /if/ she lets him. Either way, the bulky bronzer is finding his way into a chair at the table without so much as a, 'May I?', booted feet coming up to rest far enough away from her books so as not to be /overly/ offensive. "Working?" he inquires, accent thick with evident sleep deprivation (look at those eyes, man! They are just REDREDRED) while his chin tilts with curiosity towards her belongings. "Should at least try to /enjoy/ the outside world."

So much for the idea of working; shortly after Ila'den comes to rest in his chair, a wild Heryn appears, blue-grey gaze sweeping the patio, clearly looking for someone. Warmer, warmer, warmer… aha! Recognition hits his features when he spies Sundari. "You move very fast for someone so small," the bartender huffs around a lopsided smile as he nears, offering the bluerider and her red-eyed companion a wave. "Thought for sure I'd lost you for a second there." There's a moment of mystery as for why he's following her, but he doesn't let it last, instead depositing a small spray bottle of something that looks suspiciously sparkly onto the table. "Special delivery. Don't tell Emiallis."

Sundari tilts her head and glances towards the hand, ten the arm and blinks at the ks before peering up at ILa and looks a bit amused. "Ila!." Is offered with an amused tone, so yes she allowed said kiss. She'll let him sit only to shift on over and give him a hug before his able to even think about escaping such attention. Not just anyone gets a hug from her anymore so his special. "Where have you been hiding?" She questions curious like before a soft hum escapes while glancing to the books and smirks a touch. "True, but I have reports to write up on the current weyrlings." She lets a finger lightly tap against one of her paper filld books. Her wrists are actually free of bracelts at the moment showing the scars across both, and there are a few healing bruises easily seen acros her neck… NO idea what /those/ could be from. Hearing another she glances to Heryn, whom does get a smile. "Hey, yes well. I have to be incase a young dragon has the need to try and knock me over with a tail. Or to chase after a few toddlers when they get the need to scurry abouts!" She glances to the spray bottle and actually blushes a moment while picking it up and grins. "Awww.. An't you cute. Thank you, a no worries my lips are sealed on that matter!" She waves a hand over to another seat and then points to the bronzer. "This Ila'den, a dear friend. Ila'den this is Heryn a bartender at the lounge."

When Ila'den gets a hug from Sundari, the bronzerider returns it with a tight-but-gentle squeeze. It's not like it's a secret that Ila'den is sorely lacking in the physical affection department, so Sundari getting a hug out of him is as strikingly important as his hug from Sunny; that is, it speaks volumes to the regard he holds for the small-compared-to-him bluerider. "If I /told/ you, it wouldn't be a very good hiding place, now would it?" comes that teasing burr, moments before she mentions reports, and weyrlings, and Ila'den gives the papers a look that would have set them to fire were he a dragon or a mythical mage-creature. He is neither, so the paper simply takes the brunt of his disdain stoically. Then Heryn is arriving on the scene, all seemingly eccentric (IN ILA'S EYES, OKAY) lopsided bartender that delivers waves and gifts. Like a /Bartender Santa/. The look the bronzerider turns onto Heryn is not /lacking/ in friendliness, per say, but it's certainly not like there's a lot of warmth or welcome in the former weyrleader's steady gaze. The spray bottle is regarded with a raised brow, but he doesn't do what any /normal/ person might do and inquire. He's not nosy like that, especially since he hates when people pry into /his/ business. It's not until Sunny is introducing him that the bronzerider gives some semblance of a smile to Heryn and offers a gruff, "Well met." MAYBE. POSSIBLY. Ila'den really looks like he hasn't decided on whether or not that's true yet.

Heryn nods for Sundari's vivid justifications for her speed. "I suppose you have a point," he says through a chuckle. "Chasing littles of every sort would certainly do it. How are your charges faring?" Meaning kids? Weyrlings? Maybe both. His grin turns positively fey for the bluerider's blushing regardless, clearly not even a little bit sorry for depositing the bottle right in front of Ila'den. Ho ho ho, Merry Pernmas! "You're welcome. We released the little sea creature we had in the tank at the Lounge today, and I figured you wouldn't mind having a little bit of the water." You know, for reasons. He does take the indicated seat, raising a brow over at Ila'den for his not-quite-unfriendly look. It doesn't bother him, per se, but it certainly spikes a certain sense of curiosity. "Indeed, it's a pleasure," he replies, at least sounding a little more certain of it as he returns the bronzerider's smile.

Sundari smiles to Ila'den at that hug, she knows those area rare for anyone to get and she'll be happy atbeing one of them special peopl that gets said hugs. Perhaps it's like the lotto, go grab a ticket while you can! "I suppose your right on not wanting to give up your hidin spot, still I need to go and find one for myself if I don't get this group of Weyrlings up to par." She actually lowers a moment at the books before her. "I think there trying to gie D'nyl a ulcer honestly." She'll glance between the boys and look on a touch amused, ah yes he recalls the looks that Ila would give people, it has been a while since she has seen any mind you. "You guys actually had one of them little things in a tank? I must have missed it…" Or perhaps she has a few to many to drink at the time and just did pay attention? "The Weyrlings need to study more, my children are growing up to quickly." There a answer for both to Heryn question just encase he ment both. As for the bottle she'll giveit a light shake and waggle before eyeing Ila with a rather playful look.

Only, it's a lotto that /nobody wants to win/. Probably because of Ila'den's absolutely /winning/ personality, which Heryn is receiving the full brunt of just because. "Well, I might not be willing to give up my hiding spot, but I know what can help you with alleviating some of that stress." Ila'den pulls his arms taut, keeping one stretched straight before him while the other pulls back in the perfect imitation of firing a bow - an imaginary bow that he FIRES AT HERYN. Stranger-danger, /that's why/. Still, the bronzer gives Heryn a roguish smile, which is an upgrade from his not-quite-friendly smile in that it's /playful/. Grey eyes are back on Sundari, and the rider is silent while the other two at the table converse, right up until the bluerider is waggling mysterious bottles with mysterious concoctions inside and giving him /eyes/. The bronzerider's return glare is playfully suspicious as eyes jump from the shaken object to the current owner, and then he's shaking his head. "Nuh-uh. You keep your bartender's magic juice to yourself, little bird. I'm not curious enough to volunteer for whatever evil you're plotting, woman." It's all playful tones, of course, and he leaaaans back to emphasis this. A little too far, in fact, especially considering the chair was already on two legs to begin with. And so, there's a blink seconds before the bronzerider is crashing to the floor and /still somehow manages to make it look graceful and dignified/. Only not, because he's just lying there, looking up at the sky with eyes that speak to a man pondering just what deity (if any existed in Pern) had the wicked sense of humor to grace him with Bartender Santas, Evil Blueriders, and a suspiciously conniving chair today. And then he sighs - but he doesn't try to get up.

That single brow of Heryn's rises almost impressively high when that imaginary bow gets pointed his way, almost disappearing completely under his floppy hairdo. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure she'd get in trouble for shooting weyrlings with a bow," he drawls, challenging tone belied by an amused spark in his eyes. "No matter how effective it might be." They would certainly straighten out after the first shot, anyways, or so one would hope! "We did, briefly," Heryn confirms of the teeny squid, gaze eventually tearing away from Ila'den's person. "I'm pretty sure the same bar-back that saw fit to paint me caught one to keep, but it was looking sad and lonesome, so I set him free." It's a regular showing of Free Willy up in here, orphan and all! There's a nod for Sundari's report on the weyrlings and her children, but before further comment or questioning can be offered, there goes Ila'den, and, well… Heryn can't quite keep the amusement off his face once it's clear the bronzer is alright, the bartender leaaaning to one side out of his chair to peer at the man with a not-so-quiet snicker. "Shells, you okay? Didn't hit your head, didja?" The rider might not be moving to get up, but Heryn eventually rises to offer him a hand anyways; it's only polite.

Sundari actually doesn't mind winning the Ila'den lotto, how long have they known one another after all? A spell now. A soft ah escapes her while she looks curiously to Ila a he has a 'answer' for her stress. She blinks and chuckles softly. "Well, I do have a crossbow I could use." It would actually seem like she is pondering this, there is a slight look seen while letting a finger lightly tap upon the table. "Though… Yes I get the feeling someone wuld be a bit upset if I was sending the Weyrlings to the inirmary with bolts sticking out from them." Not to mention the Weyrwoman coming after her to say the least. "I do rather enjoy my job, not interested in losing it /just/ yet." A grin is sent to Ila and she winks at him. "Sure sure…" Though she doesn't agree to NOT do something. Hearing Heryn she ah softly. "Well good for you in letting the little fella go. Shouldn't keep one in a tank, I wouldn't think that would be fair." There is a pause and she just peers over the edge of the table at Ila, a brow raised and she hums a bit. "So… Still in one piece, or so I go get some ice?" Speaking of that bottle? She slowly pulls it over, and when Heryn is moving to get Ila a hand up she quickly goes a spritzing of the glitterspray water towards the pair while holding back giggle.

Perhaps Heryn and Sunny are more evil than even /he/, because Ila'den was INNOCENTLY (ha, when has he ever done anything innocently) suggesting some target practice to ease up her stress. Maybe a little hunting. This is why the bronzerider gives Heryn a look and then throws his head back with laughter. Sunny, too, gets a shake of the head as the bronzer amends, "Well, as much as I enjoy the thought of Weyrling target practice, I was /not/ implying you shoot one of them." Look at his innocent face. HE IS INNOCENT. And on the floor, getting amused eyes and proffered hands, and even a bit of sass (in his mind) from Sunny. The bronzerider contemplates Heryn's help for a moment too long, because suddenly he is being spritzed with glitter water and Sunny is giggling, and Ila'den is blinking in the most dignified way that he can when parts of him suddenly /SPARKLE/. There's a moment when Ila'den's reaction is none, but then mischievous grey eyes are on Heryn and he's catching the bartender's hand before giving a very resolute, "No thank you, I'm good where I'm at." And then he uses his other hand to catch the taller man by the elbow further up and sweeps his feet out at the same time so that Heryn will be forced to either figure out a dignified way to join the bronzerider on the ground, or conjure up some seriously miraculous balance. And then? He's turning on Sunny, catching the bluerider by her legs and hauling her down to the ground over his chest so that she can join him and his (hopefully) victim. And then he's wrestling her for the bottle of glitter. "Hold her down!" he tells Heryn, in hopes that the man will join him in his quest for vengeance.

Heryn snorts and snorts hard when Sundari says she has a crossbow to use, eyes dancing when she mentions sending them off to the infirmary. "You could always just send them directly to Cita. I'm sure she'd love the stitching practice," he jests, mirthful gaze switching over to Ila'den for his ohh-so-innocent correction. "So you were implying she should shoot me?," he drawls, adopting a scandalized 'moi?!' pose before extending that hand down to the bronzer. There's only a brief window of time between Sundari's glitter-spritzing and Ila'den's hand-catching, but that's definitely enough time for them both to register Heryn's long sigh and low muttering of, "I should have seen that coming." And then, to add insult to injury, the bartender is immediately dumped on his ass with a, "Whaaa-oof!" Yeah, no, no miracles or dignity here - just bemused laughter as he joins the bronzer on the ground. "Shells, should've seen that, too." Luckily, he's a little more quick on the draw when it comes to vengeance, rolling to join the dogpile battle for the bottle, aiming pokes and tickles at Sundari's person at complete random. A wrist is found at some point, out of his line of sight, so he grabs at it, though whether it's the blue- or bronzerider's, it's hard to tell!

Sundari ahs softly at the idea of going out and practice, or even hunting. "I dono.. My last hunting trip ended up in the infirmary with D'nyl and his sister after we ran into a pair of feline's." That wasn't fun. She makes a slight face at the idea even. "Though I bet I could talk D'nyl out for it…" There is a pause and she blinks as Ila is dragging Heryn into the fray and she is left laughing while holding onto that there spray bottle of glitter! She is soon squealing as Ila is grabbing her and yanking her down as well, the bottle is gripped tightly within her hand though. "Hey! Don't spill it!" Is laughed out while she swats out towards one, then perhaps another she isn't fully certain who it is at this angle it seems.

There are enough pokes, tickles, swats, and wrist grabbing to go around it would seem! Heryn grabs /Ila's/ wrist, and the bronzerider laughs out a, "Not me, man! Friendly fire, friendly fire!" and then he's attempting to do two things almost simultaneously. The first: he turns on Heryn. That's right, Bartender Clause, you are being /double crossed/. Ila'den uses all that bulky muscle to wiggle out of the dog pile and come down to pin Heryn under him. Sunny doesn't /need/ to let go of the bottle because he's then wrestling her to point it at Heryn and… spritzspritzspritz! Those grey eyes are full of mischief and mirth, and a whole lot of naughtiness (NOT THAT KIND OKAY) when he turns the spray bottle onto Sunny. Or tries anyway. Who knows? At this point he's already off of Heryn and trying to complete his mission by getting Sunny back. Of course… knowing his luck, he may have just turned the tables against himself. Who knows?

"Well, quit having such girly wrists, then," Heryn shoots back through his own laughter, but he's quick to release Ila'den and renew his 'attack' on Sundari, enduring her swats and totally unawares that he's about to be double-crossed until— "Ack! Pff!" Well, let's hope the stuff really isn't toxic, because he just got a mouthful in addition to his face, arms, and neck suddenly developing a delicate glimmering sheen. So pretty~. "Whose side are you on?!," the bartender growls, playing at grumpy in the face of the bronzerider's mirth. Okay, well, maybe they didn't draw sides, but if that's how he was going to play…! "Get him, quick!," Heryn says as he takes advantage of Ila'den's distraction, grabbing the other man by the arms and hauling him back, hopefully giving the bluerider enough time to line up a clear shot with the spray bottle.

"Ila has girly wrists…?!" Sundari says between laughs while getting shoved and pushed, swatted and poked at (oh my…). Then Ila is tuning that bottle towards Heryn and she can't help but laugh more as he is suddenly sprayed with it. She just grin and shakes her head while still wrestling that bottle so try and keep Ila from getting a hold of it. "His on any side he wants to be at the moment.. Always the same casewih him." This said with another little giggle head before her eyes widen as that bottle is turned on her! Once Heryn is back to grabbing Ila though she grins and scrambles a bit to set forth spritzing dear Ila once more! "Glittermist wins!!"

"I will have you /both/ know that my wrists are /exceptionally/ manly," Ila'den laughs, after a moment of feigned indignation. "The very definition of it!" And when he's being asked whose side he's on, the bronzerider turns a wicked smile onto Heryn that clearly says, 'NOT YOURS!' without him having to broadcast those exact words. Suddenly Ila'den is going from assaulting Sunny to /being/ assaulted by Heryn, and the bronzer allows the capture (Pfff, like he had a choice) while Sundari takes liberties with her sparklemist. He doesn't fight it now, simply sits there, chest heaving between bouts of laughter before wiggling loose of Heryn's grip and giving up the goose altogether. Ila'den lays flat on his back, hands coming to rest just under his ribcage as he stares up at the passing clouds and remembers how to breathe. "Alright," he says to the two youngings making his life hard. "I'm too old for this. I forfeit." Though he makes one more weak grab for Sunny's spray bottle. No vengeance today, it would seem - for him, anyway. "Leave me to die in peace." A foppish hand-flip, shooing the two of them away from him.

Heryn issues a sharp snort for Ila'den's insistence that his wrists are manly, the noise devolving into more laughter, the more faux-indignant the bronzerider gets about it. "And yet, so easily mistaken for Sundari's…!," he drawls, only just managing to throw a raspberry Ila's way for that wicked smile. Then, he's busy ducking down to avoid a third misting, the bartender's laughter only just shy of outright cackling. He doesn't fight when the other man wiggles free, instead offering Sundari a high-five before dropping back into a sitting position himself. "Aww, c'mon old man," he teases through a chuckle, leaning his hands behind him to brace himself up as he catches his breath, "You can't die on us yet."

Sundari laughs as she hears Ila'den and shakes her head. "Funny… They look a bit small Ila… Or you trying to say I have big boney wrists now?" She questions with a teasing tone. She grins once the bronzer 'gives in' so to speak and shifts a bit glower and actually gives him a hug. "Thanks for being a good sport Ila." This offered softly with a wink seen before the bottle is yanked free from her hand and she uhohs a moment. "Just not the face!" Is said with a half squeal. Then well she eyes the down Ila. "Do we need to drag you to the infirmary… OR does Heryn need to give you mouth-to-mouth?" Yep she went there.

Ila'den returns the hug with a single arm, patting the woman pressed against his side on the small of her back before releasing her back into the wild - with her spray bottle in hand! Ha! He gives the bluerider a wicked smile, sprays her a few times, and then gives Heryn a spritz for good measure. All before he hands the damnable thing back to Sunny, still trying to catch his breath and remember how to breathe. Heryn's 'jab' at his age and telling him not to give up are met with a huff of laugher and another flippant wave of his hand, and then Sunny is /saying bad things/! There's more laughter and then Ila'den hauls himself up into a sitting position, gives Heryn no time to think, and grabs the younger-but-taller man by the back of his neck before pulling him in for a kiss. Ila'den's lips are chapped, and hard, and unyielding, over just as its begun. "If you wanted to kiss me, all you had to do was /ask/." Comes the teasing burr after, and then he's reaching out to tousle Sunny's hair and getting to his feet. Both hands, at that point, are outstretched to offer both if they need help up. YEAH HE DID JUST KISS YOU AND PLAY IT OFF, HERYN.

There is a nod towards Sundari for Ila'den being a good sport, the bartender not even putting up a fight when the bronzerider turns and aims another spritz his way. He just takes it, eyes scrunched up and nose wrinkled with a sigh and a, "This stuff is so hard to get out of clothing." The man paws at the sparkles on his person in mock dismay when the bottle is handed back, eyes peeking up to shift between Sunny and Ila for that infirmary talk, as well as the alternative. Both brows bounce ridiculously for the notion, lips quirking up in one corner, voice completely serious as he starts to say, "I have been known to save lives—" But, well, if anything is ever going to shut Heryn up, it's a kiss! The younger man's eyes go wide, and his brain definitely breaks for half a second, judging by his blank stare when the bronzer withdraws. Then… well, two can play that game! Smirking suddenly, Heryn uses the offered hand to pull himself up and into Ila's personal space with a wink and a purred, "I prefer a man who takes what he wants." It'd be much more convincing if he didn't immediately dissolve into laughter after saying it, but… you know, he tried!

Sundari gives Ila a smile, there is that slight amused laugh heard after he is spraying her there withthe glittermist, mostly on her clothing at least. "Well… At least it isn't my face." Just her neck and her shirt. She takes hold of the bottle and blinks once Ila is actually pulling Heryn into a kiss… "Should I leave you two alone?" She questions with a teasing tone and gives her head a shake after the hair tousle, which yes she has some glitter in her hair now! She chuckles and takes hold of the offered hand for the help up. "You've saved lives huh… Your drink's that good? Or perhaps your's kisses are??" She sends an amused look to Heryn and ohs softly with a slight brow waggle. "DO you now? Sure you don't want to hold onto the spray for some happyfuntime later?"

When Sundari asks if she should be leaving them alone, Ila'den arches a brow towards his hairline and then turns a roguish smile onto Heryn with a panted, "I don't know should she?" Then both the dragonrider and the bartender are using him as leverage to stand, and the bronzerider braces himself against the sudden onslaught of weight to haul both parties to their feet. All that muscle comes in handy /sometimes/ you know, like now, when Heryn expands the joke by coming in closer than what Ila'den is in a habit of letting /anybody/. Oh you see, Ila'den can't /possibly/ let Heryn win this game of chicken, and so while the younger man dissolves away into laughter and lets his guard down, Ila'den catches him around the waist with one of those heavily muscled arms and pulls him in flush against his own body. The stubble on his chin brushes against Heryn's cheek (let's be honest, 3 inches isn't THAT horrible of a difference) as he brings his lips to Heryn's ear and whispers, "Oh, I know what I want." It's guttural, and gruff, and borderline seductive. There's heat in his tone, and on the puff of breath against Heryn's earlobe, and then he's letting the younger man go just as suddenly as he had him and grabbing Sundari instead, pulling her up into a tight hug and giving her a slight twirl before he drops her back on her feet and dips her backwards. "Alas, the one who has my heart has given her heart to another." Ila'den rights himself and the bluerider, giving her a gentle spin away from himself as he readjusts his leather SPARKLE jacket. YES. EVEN IN THIS HEAT. /Deal with it/. He even tries to brush nonchalantly at some of the clinging gunk. "I guess it's not so bad. I /am/ search and rescue. Now they'll see me coming for /miles/." As for Sunny's question, that faux-wickedness is now on Sunny. "Only if you're joining us, little bird."

Heryn makes a sympathetic face over at Sundari for her be-glittered clothing (no sympathy for you, Ila!), clearly feeling her pain. "Sweetsand and salt water," he advises, "otherwise you'll be finding sparkles in that shirt for days." Speaking from experience? Most likely. As for whether they should be left alone, the bartender gives the bronzerider a playful once over, 'hmm'ing out loud as though considering it… and clearly not expecting to be suddenly pulled up against him once his guard is down. Heryn's laughing still, little quakes in his chest that Ila'den can probably feel, as close as they are, but the older man definitely wins this time. Heryn's bright red and snickering as Ila releases him to twirl Sundari instead, the bartender clearing his throat and trying to answer a question he knows the bluerider asked him. What was it again? "Both?" Well, that seems like a good enough answer anyways as he scrubs his hands over his face to clear it of blush. "Ah yes. The glittering savior. They'll be writing poems about you soon," the man jests about the shiny jacket, shooting Sunny a wink when it's her turn to be the center of attention.

Sundari titls her had as she watches the pair a bit more and is just grinning at the sight. "Oh… If only I had a camera…" She offers with a teasing tone and hums lightly. "I hear the berry bush is rather quiet like place for some fun…" She can so play along you know. "I rather like the glittery jacket… I thought about doing it on my actually." She glances to the spra bottle and then looks to Ila with a soft laugh head as she takes hold of his ram and is spun one way and then dipped and then there is a twirl! She actually leans a bit close to Ila, and at thi words she is left blushing a moment, (about someone else having his heart). "Awww… I care for you too Ila'den." She smiles and will give him a tight hug and winks at him at the rest. "Yeah?… I think we can work something out." She is actually left grinning, nope she isn't going to back down from the idea of joining in the two. SO TRY AGAIN!

Did Ila'den /really/ just make Heryn off-kilter? It would seem so, and if Heryn is paying any attention to the bronzerider at all, he'll see the suddenly sharp and sober glance he spares the bartender for maybe a matter of seconds. The smile never leaves his lips, but softens even as the wickedness morphs into something /more/. And then just like that, both grey eyes are on Sunny again; he's just getting pegged with blushes from all sides! "Sundari," Ila'den whispers, sounding scandalized. "What would D'nyl think?" The teasing reprimand is followed by an equally teasing smile, and then he's shifting his focus back onto on face-blush, hand-scrubbing bartender that's drawing Ila'den's interest a whole hell of a lot more than the man would like - or is even used to. Bugger. "Yes, well," he says, brushing at some of the stubborn glitter again. "If they /live/ to finish the poems, anyway." There's another wicked smile, more laughter, and then Ila'den is getting much too close to Heryn /because he can/. The calloused pads of Ila'den's too-big hands are suddenly on the younger man's cheek, rubbing just /so/. "You've got something just there." EVIL. HE IS EVIL. That smile /says everything/, and then he's stepping back with what can only be described as a /cackle/ before righting the chair he spilled out of earlier and plopping into it. He will save the torture for another time. "Get back to work, Sunny." Teasing, of course.

Heryn's quick to blow a raspberry over at Sundari for that teasing comment about wanting a camera, eyes crossing oh-so-maturely. "Look with your eyes, not with your lens," he drawls in a parody of the old adage, shooting Ila'den a long-suffering look as her teasing continues… just in time to catch that brief but pointed look. Up goes one eyebrow, the bartender's gaze lingering suspiciously before moving back to Sundari again. There's a crooked grin for her considering spraying her jacket as well, and a drawled, "Please make that a thing. Shiny jackets, all the rage at Half Moon," he says as though picturing the message to be drummed out with the other important news. A wry look is slanted Ila's way, calling him on his bluff. "Would you really end the life of the person you just saved? That seems… counterproductive…" Whoops, well, there he goes again, brain shutting down for another reboot, this one taking much longer than the first. Heryn just sort of stares as his cheek is swiped, gaze following as the bronzer moves away with a cackle. Finally, eventually, Heryn seems to recover, his eyes over to Sundari with a grumbled, "Is he always like this?" Awww, beaten at his own game! Watch him sulk and rub at said cheek, totally attempting to rub off the glitter and not at any renewed redness. Nope. This is not the blushing bartender you are looking for. Move along.

Sundari chuckles softly while she is picking up her papers as some have escaped the books and the like. A curious glance is sent towards Ila'den and she winks over at him. "I don't think he would be to against it." She says with a teasing tone. Though honestly, no worries boy's she doesn't sleep around and tell! "I'm not to good at poems so no worries there at least. She half peeks up to watch the interaction between the pair looking a bit amused and grins a touch more. "Awww… Well isn't that just cute like." She giggles a bit hearing Heryn. "Naw, and can be a little hard around the edges, but the right person can bring out his warm heart." Come on, at one point in time Sunny /did/ have a crush on Ila there for a bit, so what do you actually expect her to say? Though no worries, her world is all D'nyl anymore so Ila and Heryn are safe from the little evil bluerider!

Ila'den looks as though he's /really/ thinking hard about whether or not he would actually end the person making epics about his sparkling leather jacket. "Yes," he decides on, tone quite serious, and then he huffs out another husky laugh. "Counterproductive is making a homicidal maniac /out/ of the person who just saved you by accosting their already questionable fashion sense." Shoulders roll, grey eyes fix on the once-again-blushing-OR-IS-HE? Heryn, and there's something absolutely smug and satisfied in the bronzerider's entire demeanor. Oh yes, Heryn. RUN. HIDE. When the bartender asks Sunny about whether or not Ila's always like this, Ila's attention flickers back to Sundari and the bluerider's response has him shaking with quiet laughter. It's /true/, though. Ila'den is actually an enormous /jerk/; Sundari's wording is too kind. "I think you are the only person who would say I have a warm heart," comes that low burr, and then he's putting his boots back up and onto the table. But then he is quiet, because Ila'den's simply closing off the way he /always/ seems to do.

Heryn snickers for the implication that D'nyl wouldn't be against it, eyes twinkling as he says, "Yeah, but the man was decapitating tunnelsnakes with a flick of his wrist just the other day, so I think I'll have to hear that from him. He's scary, your weyrmate." It's said lightly, and with much amusement, the brunt of which gets turned on Ila'den next. "And I'm not much good at poetry either, but I'd try it just to test this whole homicidal maniac theory," the bartender drawls, very pointedly ignoring Sundari calling their interaction cute, if only so he doesn't blush like crazy again. There's been enough of that for one day! Instead, he laughs for the bluerider's 'naw,' brows twitching up over a grin. "Hard around the edges? Nooo," the bartender says, clearly remembering the bronzer's initial attitude. "Surely not. Still, even the roughest people always have some kind of soft spot. So what is it? Kittens? Puppies? Sweets?" He could go on!

Sundari chuckles softly while she settles back into her seat, a slight sceatch sent to the scars at her right wrist and she just peers over at Ila and grins. "Alright… I can handle being the only person then. You've only been a jerk to be once in the whole time that I have known you." She points out while glanging to Heryn and just smiles. "Oh really? Sounds like something D'nyl would do. He isn't scary… I rather like that wild edge about him honestly." She offers with a narly purring sound at the thought. Well, she is crazy about that man. A soft chuckle herad and she grins to Ila pondering and ahs. "I know what it is…"

FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION KITTENS, because actually Ila'den's lifemate, an impressively massive and unnecessarily unfriendly bronze named Teimyrth, collects /kittens/. Ila'den has more cats than he cares to admit - a /lot/ more. It's the reason for the twitch at the corner of his mouth that comes simultaneously with a tick underneath his eye when the word is even mentioned. Still, it's fair to say that Heryn doesn't know Ila'den very well, and so it's probably not very easy for the playful bartender to understand why Ila'den's suddenly looking less and less friendly with each question. Icy grey settles on Sundari for a moment as Ila'den's as she says he's been mean to her once. "And when was that, little bird?" comes the dangerously soft inquiry, followed by the raising of brows when she makes mention of knowing his /weakness/. See, this is the thing with Ila'den: he doesn't trust /easy/, and he /certainly/ does /not/ like it when people start trying to figure out what's really lying beneath the surface of that sometimes-friendly, sometimes-not-so-friendly mask. Fingers drum idly on the table, and then the bronzerider is shifting out of his chair to his feet. Ila'den crowds Heryn's space again, and it's almost amazing how fluid the man can be bound in so much muscle. He's like a predator this time, stalking his prey, and when he catches up to Heryn, it's to pull the bartender close by the hips while continuing that backwards walk. "I like soft lips, and pliant bodies," and here the bronzer's lips find the younger man's ear /again/. "And I like it when people beg." It's all guttural, growling huskiness that's clipped and breathy. Ila'den trails his mouth from ear to neck, never touching with his lips, but making a line with his nose before he stops, pulls away, and looks absolutely /wicked/ when he smiles. "And I like girls who know how to keep their mouths shut, /Sunny/." A very friendly warning if ever their was one. Is he being smug again? WHY YES, YES HE IS. He's even putting his arm around Heryn's shoulders. "And actually I like long walks on the beach, and sand between my toes." He's being sarcastic, and clearly trying to deflect from this conversation altogether. "What makes /you/ tick?" Well, for himself anyway.

There is one thing that can be said for Heryn: he has backbone. Earlier interactions might have thrown him for a loop due to their flirtatious nature, but this is different, warning bells going off in his head for the rider's quiet words towards Sundari. It's comes as no surprise that he's targeted next, and though the bartender allows Ila'den to back him up a few steps, eventually his heels dig in, stopping their backwards progress. There might be a soft huff of an exhale for the guttural words pressed to his ear, but by the time Ila'den pulls back, Heryn's gaze is dark, much more steel than blue. "I'm sure you do," is delivered straight, and really, Heryn might have let the bronzerider off on a note of simple neutrality if not for the threatening nature of that comment towards Sundari. Sighing loudly, Heryn wraps his hands solidly around the wrist of the arm slung around his shoulders, and though it probably isn't in the way he'd like, Ila'den can probably feel every muscle in the bartender's body shift as he creates enough forward momentum to flip the bronzer over his shoulder and to the ground. "Alas, I'm not much of a begger," Heryn quips as he stands straight again, head cocking to one side impertinently, "and I certainly am not fond of folk that see fit to push others around, so apparently, I'm not much your type." Words dispensed, his gaze flicks to Sundari, lips quirking up in a humorless smile. "Good on you. Wild edges aren't for everyone." Ouch.

Sundari just looks back rather calmly at Ila'den, if he thought that was gong to scare her off he is mistaken. "Honestly Ila'den." Is said with a rather calm voice and she sits up a bit, arms folding upon the table while she just eyes him a bit. "You always assume the worse in everyone, even when someone has had your back for turns, and would continue to do so no matter what you attempt to do." Her bright gaze just watches Ila'den, honestly she is a bit hurt at how his acted at the moment. It took her a long time to trust people again after what happened, she still has moments where everyone and everything is given the fifth degree, but for people like D'nyl and Ila'den, along with a few others she doesn't have that problem. "Well good darn thin that I'm not the type of woman you like that." She's been told to be quiet before, but that didn't end well..for her at least. She slightly eyes Ila'den there a moment even before a faint breath escapes her. Her gaze turns back to the books, so much for getting work done though she glances back to the pair and is well wide eyed as Heryn just takes Ila'den and flips him right over the shoulder just like that. She lifts a finger slightly though doesn't say anything as she suddenly moves over to the pair. "You… Might want to back up Heryn." She honestly has /no/ idea what Ila'den might do at the moment, and is just a bit worried actually.

One minute Ila'den's world is right side up, and the next the bronzerider is on his back with an exhale of, "Woo-pah!" The bronzrider finds himself looking up at the sky for the /second/ time that day, only this time his view is obscured by one mouthy bartender who just seems to keep on /going/. UNFORTUNATELY FOR ALL YOU BLOOD THIRSTY TYPE, Ila'den's bloodlust is not nearly as strong as it used to be when he was drowning away his sorrows in booze after losing his sister, after losing his weyrmate, after having to come to terms with the fact that his /12-turn-old-baby-sister/ was the mother of two little boys that he would never meet because she would never see them again. There's an odd kind of serenity that Ila'den finds, defeated, on his back, with arms splayed out at his sides while he slowly breathes out any lingering irritation. /Some/ people have conquered some pretty horrible realities; Ila'den does not find that being bested by somebody much younger when he /clearly/ deserved it falls into a category worth unleashing his temper for. Not today. And so? Give him a minute, maybe two, and then he's /laughing/. It isn't the normal, husky, just-on-the-surface laughter he usually emits, but the deep, rumbling, gut-grippingly contagious kind that you hear from people who've either just found something /incredibly/ funny, or are slightly unhinged. Ila'den is probably dealing with a little of both. "Aye, aye," finally comes a soft, amused husk of words, the burr in his accent thick when he continues. "Alright, I deserved it. You win." There aren't /many/ people brave enough to go toe-to-toe with Ila'den, much less /physically/ put him in his place. "And if you think I can bully Sunny into anything, you /really/ don't know her." The bronzerider pushes himself up into a sitting position, eyes on Sundari as she makes her way over and warns off Heryn, smile lop-sided. "I'm not angry," he assures her, "and I'm certainly not going to hurt him." His hands are up in a friendly way that speaks of surrender. "People get too cozy in their relationships with others sometimes, you know. Things slip." And then would you look at that! He's back on his feet, brushing at his glitter-laden coat. "Don't think they'll be making poems about me /now/, do you?" It's an innocent question asked of Heryn, because he would like to END THINGS AMICABLY, thank you.

In all, it's probably best that pasts go unexplored for today, for though Ila'den's history is undeniably the darkest, it's kind of like asking which shit sandwich one wants to eat less, the double-decker, or the single; in the end, they're both shit. Heryn isn't laughing with Ila'den, but when it's clear the bronzerider isn't going to keep going, brittle tension eases out of his posture. The older man's comment about him not knowing the bluerider is met with a snort, but like his smile, the noise lacks its usual humor. "I don't," he agrees about not knowing her, but the answer leaves little doubt as to whether or not it was right. Lips press together, and several less-than-kind responses come and go visibly across Heryn's visage, but in the end he shakes his head and reaches out - slowly and with clear expression of intent - to pluck a bit of clinging detritus from Ila'den's shoulder. "Probably not," he says, considering the bit of leaf or twig or whatever, and alas, that's about as close to an expression of forgiveness the bronzer will get, if that even counts as one. "Anyways, I have places to be. If you'll excuse me." A nod of farewell is given to Sundari, a second, much shallower one to Ila'den, and then the bartender makes strides towards the stairs. It's too bad a glittery shirt does not for a good huffy exit make.

Sundari just eyes Ila'den quietly a few moments, a brow lifting once he goes about laughing and she looks confused to say the least. "Let's face it, not many do know me all that well." Not that it is a bad thing honstly, who really knows someone fully? She glances to Heryn, a soft smile is offered to him for beng a good sport with all this. "See you at the lounge sometime." Is offered with a slight wave. She'll look back to Ila'den. "I wouldn't let really important things just 'slip' Ila… An there will still be poems only because your so against it so it'll just piss you off more." This said with a faint grin before she turns to pick up her books and paperwork, the bottle is pickd up and she eyes Ila a moment before actually spitzing it at him a few times and she is soon grinning once more. "I have to go get the twins, stay out of trouble for a few hours?" She'll give him a slight wiggle of a finger wave before she is wandering off to the steps as well.

ILA'DEN IS ABANDONED. Woe. Heryn /hates him/, Sunny is spritzing him (which he does nothing to fight), and then the two are just gone. Like that. LIKE EVERYBODY IN HIS LIFE. Gone. Because that's what Ila'den does best: chase people away. The bronzerider stands there for a moment, staring after the emptiness once both the bartender and the bluerider have abandoned the scene, and then he's losing focus as his lifemate invades where Ila'den might feel alone. There's a ghost of a smile there on his lips, and then a whispered, "I know I've always got you." And then he's heading off on his own. VAMOOSH!

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