Early Morning Haircut

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

And they finally hatched. They really did. It's bright and early and Lissi walks into the barracks, and at least she isn't like a drill instructor who rattles the cages and startles everyone. No. She is quiet as she enters and looks around, smiling, dragonettes and weyrlings, yay! "Oh this is gonna be a good class," she says to herself.

Shadhavarth is stretched out on the floor of the barracks, taking in sunlight from one of the windows. She is alert the moment someone 'new' enters the barracks. Dainty muzzle rises, nostrils flaring a bit as she examines the Weyrlingmaster. Iris is nudged awake mentally, and she drowsily complies, first rolling over in her cot, then sitting up and blinking sleepily in the direction of Lissi. She starts to salute automatically but a yawn interrupts and her hand drops to cover the yawn. "G'morn," she offers, adding as recognition sets in, "Weyrlingmaster."

Lissi looks to the little gold and smiles, "Ah yer a pretty one," she says then looks to Iris, "And g'mornin ta ya," she says in reply. "Was a big night, I hope ya got yer rest and the dragonettes ta, though looks like most of 'em are still restin', thas good," she says half to herself half to the gold rider. "I'm Green Damasth's Lissi," and she extends a hand. "I'm thinkin' we met but, mebbe not formally, how are ya feelin' this mornin?"

"No, no, not formally," Iris rises from the cot to greet Lissi better, taking the proffered hand. She smiles goofily, "I'm… okay. Hungry. Again. I'm not sure if that's me or Shadhavarth who is hungry, actually." The gold in question continues watching the weyrlingmaster, eyes whirling with a mixture of curiousity and hunger. Accepting the compliment, she lays her head back down, flexing her wings a little and moving them to catch the sunlight on the other side.

Lissi smiles and shakes her hand, "Yeah it's not easy ta discern at first, prolly a little of both," she says with a nod. She looks to the little gold and smiles, "A lot of changes gonna come at ya fast," she notes then looks back to Iris. "Ya think yer ready?" she asks, brows lifting. "I hope ya say yes, cause the dragonettes, they dun wait.. rest when ya can, eat enough.. we'll pretty much hit the ground runnin' later this evenin'. I wanted to give everraone a chance to get some rest and have some one-on-one time bafore buttin' in with all the necessities," she says with a grin.

"I 'spose. It is morning, after all," Iris agrees, then nods slowly though her expression is a tad uncertain. "I do think so. I didn't expect it but I mean, /she/ must've thought I'd be ready for her." She shrugs a little, then laughs as Shadhavarth mentally assures her that this is so. Iris stretches out her arms above her head, then as she lowers them, her expression wavers again. "I guess I have to cut my hair now, don't I?"

Lissi smiles and nods toward the gold, "Aye, she knows what she knows and she chose you," she agrees. She looks over Iris' hair a bit and nods, "I did ta, when I was a weyrlin, jes above my shoulders.." she muses, remembering. "I'll be assignin yer duties a little different," she says thoughtfully, then she slips down to sit on an empty cot, her grace somewhat a contrast to her backwoods accent. "Ya may as well be preparin fer the responsibility of gold," she says with a smile.

Iris sighs, wrapping her fingers in her hair and fiddling with the plaiting, loosened from sleep. "Might as well get it over with, spend the day getting used to it… are there scissors in here?" Expression wistful, she gazes at her new lifemate— definitely worth losing her long hair over— before sitting on her own cot and tuning in to Lissi's words. "I suppose that means I need to brush up on my numbers; I've always heard Enka's none too happy doing that part."

Lissi looks around and hrms, "There might be..I kin cut it for ya," she offers. "Well aye, brush up on that but I have a project fer ya'll, the weyrlins I mean, and I'm gonna have you head it up." She looks to the girl then stands up and starts rummaging around in a dresser, a cabinet, scissors, if I were scissors where would I be.

Iris oohs, eyes widening. "Me lead?" The gold dragonet lifts her head up briefly, eyes whirling at her weyrling as she offers some internal reassurance. Iris says it again, though not so uncertainly. "What kind of project?" She watches Lissi rummage, and works on unbraiding her hair and setting it in a simple runnertail for cutting.

Lissi nods her head a bit, "Aye," she answers briefly then she finally spies a pair of scissors and then walks over close to Iris, "Do you have your own brush handy?" she asks. "We gotta spot over in the caverns tha' hasna had any attention in ten turns or more.." she starts. "We'd like ta see it updated a bit and redecorated. Ya may need crafters ta make up yer designs, ya may wanna try ta make some of yer own.. we'll give ya a budget and ask everraone ta help out. I will post a notice and then you'll be tha contact fer it all and need ta make sure it all gets done. Now.." and she pauses to run her fingers through the unbraided tresses a moment, "Some folks may not be sa creatively inclined, sa, ya will need ta find a way ta include them sa they kin do their part."

Iris leans to her set of drawers and produces a brush, automatically starting to run it through her hair as she listens. She nods slowly, "I think I know the spot." She ponders, dropping her hands and brush to her lap when Lissi starts touching her hair. "I'm sure everyone can get involved… even if it's just providing the brawn… who do I take designs to for final approval?"

Lissi smiles and then draws the long tresses back into a runner tail, "Tha sounds good," she says of her getting everyone involved. "Ya kin submit them ta me," she answers then *HWISCHE* the tail is severed. Lissi passes it over Iris' shoulder and smiles, "Pretty hair.. and it'll grow back," she says softly, then reaches for the brush and starts to brush a bit, trimming here and there to make it even, a nice little bob, and given that Lissi is at least an artisan, she's not terrible at making it look nice. "I have a few crafters who've volunteered their time ta help out, and if ya need somethin' they canna provide, we'll send out fer one. One of them does small engines.. nae sure how ya kin use tha' but.." and she laughs.

Iris holds her breath as Lissi makes the cut, then she takes the runnertail, expression dazed as she examines the hair she's been growing for so long. There's another glance up at Shadhavarth, back down to the hair and she nods, letting out a long breath. "Yes. It will grow. It'll stay healthier this way. Not gonna have time to take care of it like I usually do…" she trails off, then shrugs, fingering the shorn hair. "Thank you, Weyrlingmaster. Maybe we can find a way to incorporate an engine… some kind of automatic.. thing?" and she, too, chuckles. "We're a creative lot, we'll think of something."

Lissi puts the brush beside Iris then turns and puts the scissors back where she found them and absently gets the broom to sweep up. "That's tha spirit, I canna wait ta see what ya do," she says with a wink. "I'll get a post up this evennin with tha details and yer budget, I'd like ta say the skies tha limit but since ya'll kin fly now, that might not work out ta good.." and she grins. "Feel free to have a look and start talkin it up," she says with a nod. "There'll be more stuff ta come soon, the first couple days are kinda consumed with gettin yer feet beneath ya," and she sweeps up the hair and puts the broom away. "I gotta go see ta my littles, I'll be back later."

Iris laughs a little more, nodding at Lissi. "Well, we can't exactly fly /yet/ so it works for now." She puts the brush away and is about to offer to sweep when Lissi is already there, doing it. So she just tidies her cot and goes over to Shadhavarth, giving the sprawling, relaxed dragonet a rub on the head. The gold rumbles, eyes whirling hungrily. Iris glances back, grinning. "Done just in time for breakfast… thanks again, Weyrlingmaster. I'll look forward to the posting."

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