Take A Dive

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow longer over the spring months, the air seeming more fresh and warm than it did over the winter.

It's pretty late in the evening at Western. The sun has gone down, and the stars are visible amongst the clouds in the night sky. It's not exactly typical to find Zi'on here at this time of night, but here he is! It looks like the rest of his posse has left him. The table he's sitting at is being bussed a bit by a waitress, who is picking up empty glasses and tips in between keeping the bronzer topped off. He's still got the goatee growing, by now it's in nice and full. Judging by his posture and daydreaming out to sea it's pretty evident the bronzer has had a few already. He's never really been more than tipsy before, so things are looking to be interesting.

Being that it is late, Kiley isn't doing any sort of work. Instead, she is wandering down the lagoon with her gaze on the stars, at least until she is reaching the tiki lounge. She carefully makes her way up the stares and inwards, but pausing as Zi'on is noted where he sits. A brief frown works onto her brows as she notices that he is alone, abandoned by others. So, quietly, she makes her way over and pulls up a chair beside him. "Zi, what are you doing?"

Zi'on wasn't abandoned! It's just that everyone else got tired and left, but he didn't feel like heading home. And he wasn't sure if it was appropriate to go to Enka's this late, since Miraneith would be back in the weyr now. Funny how things can get all twisted up after just one cycle. When she sits down he peers at her, rocking back and forth a bit in his seat. "You. Kiiiiley." He reaches over to poke her nose, poking her in the cheek a couple of times before getting it correct. "'m supposed ta be mad at ya." He tries to make a 'mad' face, but it looks more like a 'I'm gonna be sick face'.

Still, left alone! The computer crafter stares at him as he rocks back in his seat as he does. "Yes?" A squeak comes in response for the poking, nose wrinkling for each touch to her cheek and then her hand lifts to cover her nose after get gets it right. "I don't think you're /supposed/ to be mad, I think you're discontent with me for letting you have your fun." There's a furrow of her brows for the face he makes, "Zi…Don't be mad."

Zi'on points at her a bunch of times and peers, like he's about to make some fantastic point. "You… I… I can be mad… if I am feelin'.. like 'm mad. Like." He taps the table hard with his finger. "No! I'm mad. And the hatchin's over." He stares her down. "And ya'll smell… like a goat's… face! HAHAHA!" He takes a sip of his drink. "Why ya'll gotta ruin my fun all the time anyway? Ya ain't even impressed. Gotta wait three times. Three." He at least manages to hold up three fingers for her. "Drink." He shoves what's left of his drink towards her.

Kiley frowns as he continues to point at her, her hand staying up to shield her face just in case he gets the idea to poke her in the face again. "But… Zi? Mad…Why?" Her hand drops away from her face, staring at him in response to him staring at her. "Yes, the Hatching is over." She doesn't even make a comment at that goat comment, frowning a little more. "Uhm. I'm sorry. No… I didn't Impress." Brows furrow even more and she watches him with a look of concern. Three? Why three? And, no. I am not drinking."

Zi'on doesn't look like he's going for a poke soon. But who could tell! "Because! I… can't remember." He looks frustrated by this fact. "Something… and you." The bronzer leans over to give Kiley a hug. He'll even try to tug her into his lap. Not very appropriate, but hey! Whether or not he can, he'll rest his forehead against hers. "Three times. That's what I had to stand." He makes a shocked face at her. Something akin to 'D:' as she rejects his offer to drink. "But it tastes like strawberry pie!"

"If you can't remember,t hen you shouldn't be mad." Kiley points out logically, staring at him for that frustration that he shows. And that look quickly turns innocent, "I don't think there was anything I did to make you mad." She squeaks as he pulls her into his lap, nose wrinkling as she puts her hands onto his shoulders. "Zi. Stop." Her toe is scolding as he leans in to rest against her forehead. "I don't think it just… A certain number is the answer. Maybe it just isn't for me." The face earns a soft giggle and she shakes her head. "I don't drink."

"Psh. I'll be mad if I am." Zi'on reiterates. "I know what'll be. You'll be all gone to Ista. Or married to that guy-face. Then what? Who am I talk to then!" He puts his hands on her shoulders now, ha! "Stop what? Being mad? Never! Never I say!" And he says it loud, too. He wiggles a finger at her. "You got a few more turns left. Maybe. If you want." He frowns at her. "Why not? You're allowed. And it tastes good."

Kiley relents at that, sighing softly, "fine. Be mad." She chews briefly on her bottom lip before she's giving a slight shake of her head. "I'm not going to Ista… Not until I can get Draval settled a little more, maybe take him with me for the project. I have no plans of getting married. So, you can still talk to me. And you can still talk to me." Her nose wrinkles once more for the hands on her shoulder. "No. You can be mad. I meant stop pulling me in like this." And she then pulls back to try and settle back onto her chair. "I don't know if I want to, Zi. It is… Hard watching it and being alone in the end." There's a soft laugh and she shakes her head, "I just don't like to."

Zi'on peers at her. "What about your project? Who is Draval? You got another guy-face now?" He grunts. "Yeah yeah. 'I'm not getting married, it's all a trick Zi.' I remember." Then he adds. "'My name's Kiley, and I don't like hugs. They're icky.'" Now he's just teasing her flat-out. "So what? You become a master then and move to the hall-thingy?" He picks up the drink himself then and finishes it. "Bleh. Fine be that way."

"I need to work on my project. I've put it off for awhile. Draval is my apprentice, not a 'guy-face' as you put it." Kiley stares at the bronzerider and sighs softly, lifting her hands to cover her face. "I don't know what you want me to do, Zi." She mumbles softly. She stays like that for a moment before her hands drop. "I don't need to go back to the CraftHall if I become a Master. I don't know what I'll do, yet. I haven't planned." Her brows furrow and her bottom lip pokes out in a pout. "What's wrong? What do you want me to do?"

"Apprentice! I didn't think Journeymen had those thingies. I guess maybe they do though." They must, if Kiley has one. "I don't want you to do anything! You gotta do what you gotta do. So do it." He peers at her. "Pretty much lyin' if'n ya say ya ain't got no backup plan." He folds his arms over his chest and pouts, too. "I'll make my own club with Patori and 'Hero and… naked women! Yeah…. Once you've all left me-Hic!"

"They do, Zi." Kiley gives him a smile for that. "Then why are you getting so mad and upset?" The computer crafter pushes forward. "I really didn't make much of a plan, not this time. I knew I'd be staying here, though." Another heavy sigh and she shifts to wrap her arms tightly around the young man. "Zi… Don't be upset. I'm not leaving."

Zi'on frowns. "I… I dunno.. Da ain't been around much and Zip moved ta Xanadu. Feel like yer the only family I got 'round these parts anymore. 'Sides Enka, of course." He clings to her for a little while. Which is probably awkward, given his size. "Well… that's good. If'n you swear." He peers at her. "Guess I ain't gotta be mad at you, then." He waves his empty glass around at the waitress. Then he looks back to Kiley. "Why're you here?"

"I'm sorry, Zi'on." She murmurs, allowing him to cling as he will even if it is awkward. "You must be lonely." She pulls back and smiles, "I promise. I'm not leaving." And when he finally relents about being mad, she smiles and resettles in her chair. Though she's reaching to take that glass from him to prevent more refills. "Because I was taking a walk. Then I saw you and came over."

Zi'on furrows his brow at her and pouts. "I ain't that lonely. I jus' seen it before… hatching's over, everyone sorta just wanders off." He peers at her then. "-They- get to wander off. -You- don't." He gives her a pathetic look then. "Please." It's about her wandering off, not the glass. The waitress comes over to fill it with juice, giving Kiley a wink. "Ha! Joke's on you then!" He takes a drink. "Because I'm drunk."

"You are. You miss your family." Kiley notes, but doesn't push more than that. "I'm not going to wander off." She promises once more and looks to the waitress. The wink earns a blink before she's considering the glass and not protesting at all once he takes another drink. "I know you're drunk. But, why should that mater?"

Zi'on stares at Kiley, then pouts and crosses his arms over his chest. "I am not and never did." Defiant until the end. Even if he was all clingy and upset that Kiley was going to up and leave him at Western on his own. "Because. I lack my inbihitions. Intionibits. Hit-er-bitions. Because I might do something wild and crazy! Like… this!" The bronzer suddenly gets up and starts taking his clothes off. Thankfully the shirt tends to be a bit tricky though and it takes him a little to get it off. Meanwhile he flounders around with his half over his head and bumps into the table knocking things over.

"Fine, fine. You're not and you never were." Kiley again relents, unwilling to fight her friend. Her arms fold over her chest and she stares at him as he speaks, soft snorts of laughter slipping out for his inability to finish the word. And then he's jumping up and starts trying to rip off all his clothes. Then he is into the table and there's a soft swear as she reaches out to grab him. "Stop, Zi'on!"

"Darn right." Zi'on agrees with a nod. It's hard to tell if he's serious or not, being so drunk and all. He flails around with his shirt stuck. Most of the patrons are also drunk and laughing at him. He backs up away from Kiley and the table, nearly tripping over his own chair as it tumbles to the floor. "Nooo! My herbitons are gone!" A normal sized person hitting the railing of the patio wouldn't be likely to fall over. But Zi'on with his hands above his head, already tall and off balance flops right over the side of them. There's a thus as something of his hits the side and then a splash as he goes into the water!

Kiley doesn't protest anymore! Nope, she's just trying to stop the bronzerider as he flails around as he does, wincing as he backs away and trips over his own chair. "Herbitons? What?" And then he's backing into the railing. The computer crafter runs over and peers down into the water after him. "Zi'on!" Then there's guilt for the fact that the bronzerider is /drunk/ and drunk people don't swim well! So, she's climbing over the railing to jump in after him. Just so he doesn't drown.

Zi'on can't really decide to get his shirt off or put it back on. He's thrashing about in the water, which usually doesn't bode well for swimming. Normally he'd be just fine, even when drunk. But when he's caught in a shirt-net, it was harder. It's probably a good think Kiley is around, though there's a distressed Suldith heading for his rider making screeching noises and probably waking up anyone who is trying to sleep at the weyr.

Kiley is in the water with Zi'on as his bronze begins to panic and the computer crafter is reaching for him and attempting to latch on. "Zi'on! Stop moving!" Whether or not he listens, she's attempting to pull his shirt off, or pull it back down, whatever is easiest to do in the situation. And then, if able, she is attempting to drag him to shore, whatever it is as long as it gets him out of the water.

Zi'on at least listens to her. It's mush easier to pull off at this point, and once he's free, the bronzer lets Kiley tug him to shore. Which isn't that far, thankfully. Suldith calms himself, too, once he realizes his rider isn't going to drown. Though the glazed over look Zi'on has and the growling indicate he's getting a mental thrashing once they're on shore. "ugh…. I don't feel so good… I think I swallowed some water…" Kiley isn't going anywhere though. The bronzer is still holding onto her even once they're back on the beach.

Kiley has a Zi'on shirt in one hand and the bronzer in the other. Thankfully, it isn't a long haul and she's turning to give him a glare. "What are you /doing/?" And his admission has her heaving a heavy sigh, attempting to pull herself free before he gets sick all over her. If she pulls free, she moves to his side and attempts to place a hand on his back. "Be sick if you need to, on the ground…"

Zi'on is on the ground now, so he lets Kiley go. Her question is ignored, though. He coughs a bunch but doesn't hurl. At least he doesn't yet. Instead he gets up and stumbles over to Suldith. "I think maybe I'll just go home now…" He gives Kiley a really awkward smile. Hopefully he's paid his bill, or they've opened a tab for him at the bar he can pay up next time. "Coming?" It takes him a few tries, but he manages to get himself up on his dragon and strapped in, even though it's a short flight.

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