Gold Sevaruth and Bronze Odryth's Hatching

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

<In the galleries> Jessamin slips in quietly, sitting on a bench near the front; she leans forward with her elbows on her knees, resting her head in her hands and looking out on the Sands

<In the galleries> Delynni is knotting a hairband, seated in the galleries with Ryukith. "heee, should be any time now. Anytime soon." she knots a very simple geometric design into the hair piece.

<In the galleries> Sandwiched between brightly-garbed bodies, Nenowyn sits on what appears to be her sweater, easing the harsh surface of the stone bench to her tush. Her knees drawn up; a book lies splayed across her kneecaps, it's ivory pages slowly filling with carbon-scribbled shapes and figures. The soft mumur of the anticipating crowd seems not to reach her ears. Too busy is she with drawing the intricate notions of a dragon egg swirl and spectator smile in her sketchbook.

<In the galleries> Jessamin gets to her feet with one last glance at the Sands. Straightening out her robe, she hurries out of the gallery, to meet her fate—whatever it might be.

<In the galleries> Baileigh appears to be pleased with herself as she wanders in with the NPC rider she … Well, browbeat into bringing her. Okay, maybe she cried, but just a little. She waves to D'rk, and steps boldly up into the galleries, before she pauses, and pales under her healthy Istan tan. She couldn't find Shorynia and Enka before she flew in, despite her pact to meet them - she'd been swamped with paperwork and nearly lost track of the time. Wide-eyed, she scans the seats as people flow in, hoping for a familiar face.

<In the galleries> Delynni bolts into the hatching grounds, taking a front row seat. Ryukith takes to the ledges, chest and throat disdended with his humming. "Alright Ryu! Lets both cheer Mynna on okay? Go mynna go! Go mynna go!" Delynni chants.

<In the galleries> Shorynia follows behind Lei and, spotting Xhaine, gives a wave moving to sit with both of them.

<In the galleries> As soon as word reached Xanadu that the dragons over in Western were humming, R'zel and Mikalath made their way straight over to secure good seats. R'zel is as close to the front as he can manage, his trusty sketchpad and pencil in hand as he watches and waits, a grin on his face.

<In the galleries> Lissi waddles up to the galleries and looks around for a seat, giving a friendly wave to those gathered. Seeing no one she really knows she finds a spot out of the way but with a decent view and takes a seat, eyes scanning the sands.

<In the galleries> Izarra follows in behind Lei, carrying a sketchbook and pen instead of an easel and paintbrush.

<In the galleries> Xhaine got her earlier, along with several other Harpers that seem to never miss any special occasion, hatchings least of all. Xhaine is currently lounging on one of the benches as he waits for the eggs to actually start hatching. "Oh good, it's starting soon." he comments, then catches sight of Shirynia. "Hello, my darling!" he calls over, beckoning to her and the other ladies from Ista.

<In the galleries> M'nol sidles in, looking a tad uncomfortable with his first glance at the eggs. It wasn't *that* long ago that he'd been on the other side of this equation, but still he was there and he was ready to cheer on his girls, even if the one he wanted to be there with was still stuck in classes. Spotting R'zel, he makes his way towards his fellow bronze-rider, "Ruz! Ready to sketch the winning pairs?"

<In the galleries> T'burk comes in to sit at the front of th Gallery. He sees Delynni and waves to her and picks the deat next to her. "Hello, Delynni! How are you doing today?"

<In the galleries> Delynni hears Xhaine's voice, turns and waves. "Xhaine! Hey Xhaine! I've got front row seats! Come sit with me!" Delynni calls. "Hey T'burk, doing great! I hope Mynna impresses! I really do!" Del pats the seat on her other side and calls again. "Over here Xhaine!"

<In the galleries> Chaton follows close behind T'burk, though it's possible the older healer doesn't know that the young man is anywhere near him. The steady tap-tap-tap comming from his cane will probably give him away though. Mercury, spotting Shorynia, flies over to her with a small note.

<In the galleries> T'burk replies to Delynni, "I hope so, too. I especially hope that my Grandddaughter Impresses."

<In the galleries> Gobhan runs in and weaves between people looking for his older brother. He finds him and sits down next to him.

<In the galleries> Shorynia takes the blue gently in her hands and reads the note, then smiles. Big. Stealing one of Izzy's pencils while she's not looking, Shory scribbles a quick return note and sends Mercury back to his owner.

<In the galleries> Baileigh starts, spotting Xhaine, and she flushes. Furiously red in the face, especially at the endearment. Then she whirls, and spots the girls behind her, and grins, though Izarra gets a long look. Shyly, she hurries over, snagging a seat on Xhaine's bench, though she leaves room for others to sit between the two of them. Her attention turns to the Sands, and she waits, patiently.

<In the galleries> Enka is soon to arrive; escorted by a rather genial older Istan rider to whom she might be heard giving profuse thanks of "Gosh, sir, wouldn't have made it without you." Which is quite true, but the older fellow seems a gentlemanly sort, and apparently knows her father because he keeps muttering some trite nonsense about doing a good favor for any child of J'luus. There's a moment or two more of profound gushing from Enka — guess the Istan 'rider is like an uncle or something, in some way, and then she breaks away from his side, listening intenly, before Xhaine's voice is heard, and right back to the very back row goes the Istan lass. "We're in the back," she observes, matter of factly. Well, it was /her/ idea after all. "Hope there's tall enough people that we can really hide." A woven rucksack is swung down from her shoulder. "Here, I brought goodies. Courtesy of the kitchen at Ista."

<In the galleries> F'yr is here. In Western. Which generally means she's doubly-paranoid about who she might meet, blue eyes glancing around here and there as she clambers up the galleries to find a seat. "Uncle Tyrrol? Where the shards are you?" she grumbles under her breath, then ducks her head as a dark-haired bronzerider passes by. She scoots quickly into a seat, trying to look inconspicuous as possible.

<In the galleries> G'len senses someone sitting down by him and and looks over to smile. But his smile is even brighter when he sees it's his brother. "Gov! Hi! I'm glad you could make it!" He gives Gobhan a hug. "Is Dad here, too?"

<In the galleries> R'zel grins and waves to M'nol as he joins him, scooting over to make room for his fellow rider from Xanadu. "Of course! Hatchings are great subjects for art… besides, I have to be here to support a friend and former model, don't I?"

<In the galleries> "Naw, I'm fine right here." Xhaine replies to Delynni with a lazy wave of his hand. Actually, truth be told, he prefers sitting in the back row because he can have something to lean against, such as the back of the cavern. "The view's good enough here." he smiles at the Ista girls as they seem to be heading his way. "You ladies can invade my space anytime." wink.

<In the galleries> While her vantage point isn't poor, Nenowyn still has to deal with a nice bald head seated obstructively in the first row directly in front of her. Her coping mechanism is to practically lean against the poor Holder's skull. The excited pitch of voices around her seems to inspire reticence, folding away her book of drawing papers lest they get crumpled as more and more bodies press in from all sides.

<In the galleries> M'nol chuckles, "Yeah, I'm here to support my girls. Can't just leave 'em hanging. Do you know which egg it was that Jessa liked?"

<In the galleries> B'ky makes his way into the galleries, sporting his usual clashing crimson and indigo riding leathers. Quietly and with a soft smile, he looks around. Somewhere, Avideth is humming along with the other dragons, the sound having interrupted whatever business the Fort rider had been on at Western. He doesn't look particularly unhappy about this, wandering over to find a seat.

<In the galleries> Gobhan shakes his head. "The ship sailed this morning but he let me stay to help Mom at the house. She was really excited because she got some of the furniture that you ordered. She really likes it!"

<In the galleries> Shorynia smiles and sits near Xhaine with the other girls, but with Chaton in the front row she doesn't sit as close as she might have were he still missing.

<In the galleries> Izarra follows Shorynia now, and slides down between her and Lei. She doesn't look at Lei, though, she just watches the sands.

<In the galleries> Delynni grins at T'burk. "Ryukith searched Mynna, and yeah T'burk, which one's your granddaughter?" She asks. "I don't know which one it is."

<In the galleries> Chaton grins and nudges T'burk. If the healer hasn't noticed him yet, he has now. "Hey, blowhard. Shornia says that she's mad at you for not telling her. And the nickname is hers, not mine." he grins and rests his cane on the ground.

<In the galleries> A hand rests atop her round belly as she leans back in her seat and waits, no sense sitting up and straining to peer when they haven't started yet. Lissi brushes back a few curls with her other hand and then stretches some, shifting in her seat, trying to get comfortable, which is a challenge.

<In the galleries> T'burk turns over to Chaton and smiles, clasping a friendly hand on the young man's shoulder. "I didn't tell her anything till the next time I came back to Ista, Chaton. Then I told her to write you a note. I've been playing messanger lately. But I see she's here so everything should be all right now, eh?" he says with a smile. "Relax! It's a Hatching. happy event - enjoy!"

<In the galleries> L'ton is running late, but he's here, and he's hurrying through the galleries, Stepping on a few toes, certainly, he moves through the crowd to settle at Lissi's side, arm going over her shoulders as he looks down at the Sands. "Sorry Ah'm late, love.."

Sevaruth has settled back away from her eggs now, watching as the desultry group has a few that wiggle slightly and then go still. There is a soft hum of encouragement, as Jolie moves to lean against her side, before she turns back to view the eggs move as well.

<In the galleries> "Well move on over, I'm in the neighborhood, and deciding to invade." Enka makes a shooing notion at Xhaine, clearly wanting to sit right where he's sitting — or at least just a little off to the side. "Brought some goodies, asked one of the kitchen ladies because I was doing dishes duty today." It's those odd jobs of Enka's, see… no real employment to be had. "She went into the stores for me to get some things." Which is so much easier than raiding them yourself, seeing as it's just dishonest, and Enka would /never/ do something like that, would she? "Here," the first thing out of the knapsack is a bottle of wine, presented somewhat in Shorynia's direction. "Wine." the words, quite blunt. "As promised." And then she reaches into the bag again, and pulls out a couple more foodstuffs. "And that so we don't get tispy on an empty stomach."

A'ven slips in, taking his customary spot near Rea and the wall. Today's the day!

<In the galleries> Izarra nudges Shorynia. "I like this. Good place to s-sketch."

<In the galleries> Sigam slides through the crowd up to the galleries, fussing over the orange-toned gold in his hands. "You should be up there with them," the Dragonhealer murmurs, eyes flicking up briefly to where the rest of his brood perches, eyes whirling high above. Saoirse seems unaffected, content to peek through the crowd until she spies a familiar face. Her crooning leads Sig's eyes to flick up and seek a well-known brownrider out of the crowd. "This seat taken?," he enquires of F'yr, lip twisting up to one side as he takes the spot next to her anyways, eye gliding out to look at the sands.

<In the galleries> R'zel furrows his brow and shakes his head at M'nol's question. "No, she never told me. I have a hunch the answer will become obvious to us soon enough, though. The dragons can't pass her over too many times."

<In the galleries> K'urk strides in and looks for his father. He's able to angle into a seat just behind his father. "T'burk," he says leaning forward. "You're looking good. Here's luck to our little girl!"

<In the galleries> M'nol waves to Sigam as he enters, but doesn't distract him from F'yr, then nods to R'zel, "Yeah. She feels about that egg teh same way I felt about Farry's. It's a good sign, yeah?"

Fair Winds of Change Egg shifts restlessly in an unseen wind, its entire shell quivering from tip to base. Waves of sand skitter away from it as it vibrates, the multiple grains trying with desperation to escape. After a few further twitches, the egg slowly falls silent again.

<In the galleries> T'burk leans back and says to his son, "Glad you could make it! Looks like you're just in time."

Colorful Mask of Mischief Egg wobbles back and forth, rolling around in the sands before it slowly comes to a stop.

<In the galleries> K'urk says "There she is now!"

<In the galleries> Baileigh glances over as the bottle of wine is presented, but she goes pale under her tan, even a little green about the gills. Looks like somebody's memory of the good stuff isn't particularly good. She nudges Izzie a bit with her elbow, though she does look a mite uncomfortable. "Good, you brought your sketching things." The chaos around swirling around her might account for some of that discomfort, though it's nice to be against the back wall, away from it all. It seems like everyone's waiting for the Candidates to arrives, and Lei glances to the big queen. "Which queen is that?"

<In the galleries> Chaton quirks an eyebrow. "Happy?" he peers down. "If it's such a happy event, then please tell me why all of those candidates on the sands look panicked." he asks, looking at the emerging candidates. He hurmphs and turns back to look at the man behind T'burk. All this family. "You are related to like, everyone, aren't you?"

<In the galleries> F'yr doesn't have Chu anywhere near her to hide from, but that's a given as her firelizard is terrified of large crowds. And Hatchings were as large as the can get. The short brownie startles, jumping almost to her feet at the sound of Sigam's voice. "Shells, you idiot. Can't you see I'm trying to /blend/ in?" But she doesn't sound all that mad, sticking her tongue out and settling back into her seat, ducking a bit still. "Obviously not taken. Here for the candidates, for the show, or for the food?"

<In the galleries> Delynni cheers, chanting. "Mynna Jessa Mynna Jessa Mynna Jessa!" As she sways back and forth. "You can do it girls!" Odds are, by the end of the hatching Delynni will be hoarse from cheering the candidates on.

<In the galleries> Lissi looks up as L'ton makes his appearance and she smiles, snuggling up to his side, "No worries it hasn't sta.." she begins, then the wobbling does indeed start. She brightens and sits up, moving to the front edge of her seat, eyes flitting around the galleries briefly then focusing on the sands.

Jessamin bows with simple grace to Elinath, Odryth, and Sevaruth first, and then to their riders. Each is offered a smile, as she takes her place a safe distance away from the eggs.

<In the galleries> Shorynia shrugs, "I don't know… I only knew Ista's queens…" then she starts, "Look! the candidates!" She points at Kyldar, "There's the one that's Kadan's cousin."

<In the galleries> K'urk chuckles. "No, not /everybody/…T'burk is ,y father. I'm K'urk." He holds out a hand to Chaton. "Glad to meet you!"

<In the galleries> "Ah, there they are!" R'zel says with a bright smile as the candidates file onto the sands. "And just in time, too. Looks like the eggs are about ready to crack. So, M'nol. Are we going to place bets on this?"

<In the galleries> Nenowyn's having a time with trying to uncoil a little brown firelizard tail from it's chokehold around her neck, and to keep her spot as shoulders bump her from either side upon the bench. The firelizard is humming excitedly into her hair, causing her to sit up even taller behind the balding scalp blocking her view. "Grk, Merx," She coughs, before murmuring softly "Let up, it's just the candidates…"

<In the galleries> Izarra smiles at Lei. Perhaps that look earlier was something else. Perhaps she didn't know… 'Yeah… I a-always b-bring it." she says, smiling. "I'll p-paint l-later."

<In the galleries> Xhaine smirks at Enka and shifts over a single inch. She can either choose to sit right next to him or on his lap, he isn't moving any farther! "Ah, look. Candidates." he points out after catching sight of the flash of white on the sands.

<In the galleries> Chaton stares at the hand a moment before he takes it and gives it a shake.

With wide eyes and a hand clasping Mynna's, Vora steps onto the sands. Happily she is surrounded by her friends - otherwise, she may explode in a flurry of anxiety, joy, excitement, and worry right here. Even as she tries to calm her racing heart and keep her facial expression composed, she releases Mynna's hand and bows with little flourish to the dragons and their riders. When finished, she takes a Stand a small distance away from Jessamin.

<In the galleries> Chaton stares at the hand a moment before he takes it and gives it a shake. "A pleasure." he says, but neglects to name himself.

Kyldar comes in, looking supremely anxious. She bows to the dragons, each one in turn, as she comes out onto the sand, and cautiously approaches the eggs.

Vaine walks onto the sands his feet tingle from the heat of the sands. He gives a proper bow to the clutch dam then the sire. He heads over towards the egg's but not to close.

<In the galleries> As the candidates appear, B'ky leans forward a little, watching quietly, a faintly nostalgic smile on his face.

<In the galleries> Sigam is happy to return M'nol's wave, a wide grin splitting his face. "Gonna make some noise, yeah?" Oh dear. Hopefully no one's forgotten that the Dragonhealer likes to be publicly embarrassing at these things. "Blend in? What for?" He seems genuinely puzzled, but shrugs. "Candidates. A couple of them are friends from Xanadu." And, by way of example, he hoots and pumps a fist in the air for the incoming white-robed figures. "Yeah Jessamin and Vora!" Poor Fy. There's no way she's blending in with him here…

Fair Winds of Change Egg abruptly shifts and falls over on its side, suddenly wracked by another gust of phantom wind. It twitches in its place for several seconds as a long crack shudders through the shell, splitting it almost in two. Despite the damage, the egg quivers itself into stillness as though biding its time for a greater entrance.

The Weyrlingmaster comes in behind a stream of candidates, immediately heading for another area on the sands, out of the way as not to be distracting to the candidates or any of the hatchlings that break shell.

<In the galleries> Chaton turns to T'burk. "Is that the son?" he asks, sitting back and resting his hands on his cane.

<In the galleries> M'nol claps loudly, "there's Jessa! Good luck, Jessa!" He looks nervous, whether it's for himself or his friend remails to be seen, then he yells again, "Go Vora!!! Go Jessa!!"

Fields of Blue Cross of White Egg can be described as fluttering, as if a banner flapping in the wind. But here on the sand, the egg merely ripples as something within stirs.

<In the galleries> Baileigh nods sagely at Izarra. "You should sell them. For marks, and stuff." She struggles a little bit to make small talk, then leans a little to hear Shory's comment. "Oh. Wait. Kadan has a cousin?" She inspects the Candidates closely, and then starts as one of the eggs abruptly starts to wriggle more noticeably then before. "Aie. Look, it cracked! And hey, there goes another one!" Lei bounces and wriggles a little bit, her companions and the chaos forgotten. It's dragon time!

A'ven looks about, "Ah good…", he says, doing a quick head count of the Candidates. "Hmm…"

<In the galleries> G'len points out the Candidates that are his friends to his little brother. "There's Vaine, but you probably have seen him at the Hold…There's Mynna. She's really funny…..and Kyldar, the Healer's grandaughter. And there's Jessamin, over there! And there's Vora, too."

Jolie continues to lean against Sevaruth's side, watching as the eggs have started on the process of moving. She nods slightly to the candidates as they file in, a faint sort of smile gracing her face.

<In the galleries> Enka sits. Not quite on Xhaine's lap, but definitely right next to him. See, she'll fit right there on the little inch of space he vacated — well, in her dreams maybe. She'd probably need a few more inches, and so crowded up there right next to the Harper Journeyman, she can only do one thing. That is, reach up, and try to fling an arm around him, and lean against him for balance. Seems it's an apt choice of action right, especially since in doing so, that brings her to lean forward a bit, catching sight of the white-robed forms. "Hey, there they go." she points with her free hand. "Right out there. Ah, this is just like being at Telgar." Except not.

Kyldar jumps a little and swallows in a dry throat as the eggs already begin to shift and shake. She draws in a few excited breaths and cants her head slightly at the Fair Winds of Change egg. "Calm yourself, Kyldar," she murmurs to herself. "Relax."

Mynna gives Vora's hand a little squeeze as she hurries out onto the sands, a nervous smile on her face as she looks up at the crowd in the galleries above. She almost forgets to bow, making the gesture to the queen and sire after she sees Jessamin do it. She stands very close to her friends, watching the wobbling egg with wide eyes. "Shards. It's really happening, huh?"

<In the galleries> F'yr shakes her head quickly at Sigam. "Not a noisemaker, really," she says, though she can't help the slow grin stretching across her face. Even if that question wasn't for her, she'll toss it out there. "That's right, I think I remember seeing one of 'em 'fore too…" She winces at Sigam's hooting, ducking her head a little more even as her blue eyes scan the crowd in the galleries. "From the Weyrsecond here. Ex-Weyrleader. And maybe a few others from when I was living in Western." But she seems to start relaxing a bit, scooting to the edge of her seat as she gazes out on the sands, scanning those white-robed and then moving on to the weyrlingmasters. "I bet you a bubbly it'll be blue first!"

A series of sudden twitches shakes the Colorful Mask of Mischief Egg, as it is startled into moving across the sands and out of the hollow where it has rested for so long. Still the egg is not quite ready and so eventually comes back to a complete stop, silent and still once more.

Vaine looks out at the eggs as some start to wobble. Remembering he didn't bow to the rider's he does so from a distance. Turning his focus back to the eggs as one has a crack form.

Fields of Blue Cross of White Egg continues to ripple until pieces of the shell flake off as the movement of the egg increases, like a banner would when facing a severe wind. Flakes mass up around the width of the shell and fine cracks race across the criss-cross of white, while larger cracks are swallowed up and hidden by the deep blue fields.

Fair Winds of Change Egg breaks apart into a shower of colorful shards, littering the sand like debris from an invisible whirlwind. Before the last remnant of shell manages to drift to the ground, the tiny hatchling inside almost falls forward into the sand in her haste to be out in the open and taste her newfound freedom. Despite the initial lurching movement, Spirit of the People Green Hatchling is able to catch herself gracefully and walk forward with great determination in her otherwise hurried strides

<In the galleries> Shorynia giggles and nods, "I was there when she was searched. Right strange, it was." She claps her hands, ignoring the noise around her, "They look so amazing in their white robes and the eggs! Oh, they're beautiful." Her hand goes into Chaton's bag across her shoulders and comes out with a smooth wooden rectangle, rubbing it gently like a worry stone, "I wonder what color'll hatch first."

Spirit of the People Green Hatchling
A fine veil of misted green flows sinuously across the hide of this hatchling, encircling her dainty frame in several pale shades of verdance like a designer gown. Elegant wisps of ethereal emerald wind around her headknobs and across the wide planes of her crown, dancing and coiling into spiralling curls that trace the smooth line of her jaw. Ghostly reflections of light sparkle over the entirety of her finely boned body, shining out from unexpected places like hidden precious stones underneath sheets of green. Faint circles of grey-green adorn her wrists and thin tail like spiritual decorations, barely visible as shadows against the backdrop of her satiny hide. Dazzling tones of diamond soar over her wingsails, making them appear almost translucent in any amount of illumination. Further prismatic echoes trail down the thin lines of her shoulders and even settle into her whirling eyes, which burn with a fiery determination that is at odds with her tiny size.

There is little hesitation or break in stride as Spirit of the People Green Hatchling marches towards the line of candidates. Nothing wil sway her, even with her size being at odds with her bravery and confidence. And there's even less hesitation when she finally settles herself down in front of a shy 18-turn old girl from the Farmcraft. The girl, Juaneva, actually takes a few steps backwards and looks between her neighbors before realizing it's HER that the green wants, "Nora … Noravitath? Eva?" The mousy-haired Juaneva, now Eva, swallows once before grinning widely, "Of course .. of course. I'm your Eva. Your little Eva. And you're my little Nora." Positively brimming with happiness, the new pair makes their way off the sands.

Jessamin smiles and nods, squeezing each of her friends' hands in turn. "It is. Just remain calm now. I know it's hard, but please try."

<In the galleries> Thea enters the galleries with Xanadu's Weyrsecond, finding herself in a seat beside him. She nods to a few folks she knows, but her attention is on the Sands below. Jesamin's arrival on the sands is noted and she gives the girl a wave that is unlikely to be seen.

<In the galleries> T'burk smiles and gives a nod to Chaton. "He's my eldest, married to Moyrel, the MasterHarper. He's a StarCrafter, himself."

<In the galleries> Lissi nods a little as the wobbles start and then pushes to her feet, "I need ta get down there with the candidates, love.. gotta help get them all situated..I'll see you when the sand settles.." and she bends, kissing him softly then slips out and to the sands.

Vora looks over the eggs speculatively, her anxiety quelled momentarily in the face of her curiosity and excitement. She spares the Weyrleader a happy, joy-filled glance and broad smile before turning back to the clutch. The girl is tempted for a moment to walk among the eggs, but even she, a novice at these things knows better than to put herself in potential harm's way. As the first hatches, Vora is almost awestruck, but manages to call to Juaneva, "Congrats… Eva!"

Kyldar sniffs anxiously as more eggs begin to shake, and gasps in surprise and awe as the first hatchling burts out of its shell. Her face breaks into a wide smile in spite of her shakiness. "Hi," she says to Spirit of the People. "Welcome to the world."

Jessamin applauds the new rider, calling out, "Congratulations, Eva!"

<In the galleries> Chaton rolls his eyes. "Was that the one I was supposed to talk to, though." he asks.

Vaine smiles as a green hatches first. Looking down the line to see Eva impress "Congrat's Eva."

<In the galleries> T'burk gives a shake to his head in the negative.

Kyldar beams a smile at Juaneva. "Congratulations."

<In the galleries> Izarra looks over at Lei. "I s-should s-sell them." she repeats, as if that never occured to her before. "For marks…"

Mynna breaks out into a wide smile and applause for the first in the group to impress, shouting her congratulations at the top of her lungs. It's necessary to be heard over the din. "Woo! Way to go! I knew you could do it!"

A'ven claps as the first pairs find their lifemates. "Wow… this is going to be an energetic bunch, I can tell. We're off to a flying start!"

<In the galleries> R'zel has his attention caught by a snippet of someone else's conversation. He looks back over his shoulder at Izarra, grinning. "Oh? You're going to do a painting of the hatching as well? Always nice to see a fellow artist!" His attention returns to the sands shortly, and he takes up his sketchpad again.

N'kor moves with swiftness as he notices the first pair to impress, "This way please." He moves over and helps to escort the pair to the side where they can be fed. "Lovely name, Noravitath. Very good Eva. Let's get her fed."

Lissi makes her way down to the sands once the hatching is underway, having stayed off her feet as long as possible. She grins some and sees one pair being led off the sands already then moves to a place with a good vantage point, near where N'kor was, to help with the next group.

Fields of Blue Cross of White Egg seems to give way at last, with a final shudder that runs from one length to the next. And in this moment the egg shell splinters and falls away into scattered bits, leaving a great bronzed head surging from the ruins, to stand strong and firm in the face of a new era.

In Honour Of Thy Father Bronze Hatchling
As if made from finely aged metal, this bronze is designed like no other. Sharp angles have made this beast fine tuned, sturdy, quick, and eye catching. Stuble waves of muscle allow him to be sleek, with a wing span that seems capable of supporting much more than his own weight, as if he could carry a burden too heavy for others. His haunches are strong, with legs dappled with murky blood-brown stockings, which ends in crimson soaked talons. Still, his wedged shape head takes the notice more so than his legs, more so than the gold-spangled sails of his wings. Intimidating by structure alone, the colouring furthers the imagery. Brow ridges are outlined with the darkest tones of his colour, polished to give him a frown. Then, just below his eyes, dribbled in vertial lines, are streaks of gold which give him an outrageous tear drop semblence. It's a contrast that makes him look formiable and compassionate.

In Honour Of Thy Father Bronze Hatchling moves with a fluid grace, as if practiced a hundred times before. He knows the movement, he's been whispered of it. There's a brief moment though, when the bronze stops and looks back at the pair of clutch parents. Nostrils expand as the dragon's gaze returns to the candidates, the moment of hesitation out of his system as he strides toward a yellow haired lad from Half Moon Bay hold. The two stare at one another before the lad known as Robereto kneels and extends his hand to his dragon. His voice is clear over the grounds, "He declares himself Brucifith. And I am to be his R'bert."

<In the galleries> M'nol claps, "A bronze! Congrats R'bert!"

Jessamin positively beams as she witnesses the next pair Impress, applauding strongly. "Congratulations!"

Pale fine cracks appear across the surface of the Colorful Mask of Mischief Egg, cobwebbing over the shell and crackling the surface beneath the brilliant colors. The sheen of cracks disturbs the perfect picture of the egg, although it remains intact for the moment.

Vaine smiles at R'bert as he impresses to a bronze. "Congrat Man. Good luck as a weyrling."

Kyldar watches as the bronze makes his way directly toward Robereto and gives the candidate a pat on the back. "Congratulations," she declares. Then: "A decisive bunch, these, aren't they?"

Mynna looks on wide-eyed as the next egg cracks, unable to resist a self-satisfied smile. "You know, I had a feeling that one was a bronze. It just had that sort of feeling about it." She brags to her friends, eyes still on the remaining eggs. "Wow. It's all happening so fast…"

<In the galleries> Chaton ahs. Discretion, not his middle name. He watches the impressions on the sands, and gently taps his cane. "I will be irked if I have to work tonight because a silly weyrling got himself sliced open by a hatchling."

Lissi and just like that the next pair is matched and Lissi moves swiftly, smiling, "This say gentlemen," she says, gesturing to the sidelines and food. She smiles fondly and then returns to her perch.

<In the galleries> "Aw, but that's half the fun!," Sigam laughs, eyes scrunching with a smile. "What did you do, blow up his closet?," he asks, amused. The man's mouth opens again to perhaps take her bet, or to propose one of his own, but then the green appears, impresses, and is shortly followed by a bronze. "Well, I was gonna say brown, so we both would have lost. So I repropose - brown next!" Beam, and hearty clapping for the impressees.

A'ven says "A bronze! Another bronze for us?" He nods. "All right.. I guess Glyith can take a little a little more competition." He smiles, shifting from foot to foot now as the sand's heat gets to him. His eyes scan the Candidates. Everyone seems to be dodging well."

<In the galleries> "A green, apparently," Lei says a touch drily, though she muffles a shrill little squeal as the first dragonet Hatches. "And yes, you should. I know it's hard to catch, but if you were quick enough to get a few of the Hatchlings Impressing, I'm sure their riders would pay dearly for them." Lei's into money making schemes? Who knew? "Oh, a bronze!" She doesn't know any of the Candidates, and there's entirely too much going on for her to catch more of the names then a fractured "-cifith." Cifith? Hunh. The bronze is quickly forgotten, though, as Lei's eyes dart from the Colorful Mask of Mischeif Egg to the Candidates, debating what color it is, and who will Impress. "Uhm. It's a … Blue! And… That one will Impress!" She points to a Candidate at random - it happens to be Vaine that's the lucky one.

Jolie nods quickly, to the first pair, an Eva and something before she turns, trying to catch the next pair that is impressed, and neatly missing that name as well.

Vora grins happily on the new pair and the handsome, muscular little bronze. Then, her look is distracted to the Stands. Quickly, she averts her eyes, seeing the people there. Watching them. Oh dear. As Mynna comments, Vora looks to her and says, "Oh really? I could have sworn it'd be a blue, for some reason! But you're right, bronze suits the impression I got better. No pun intended!"

<In the galleries> T'burk says "Me, too! I sure /that/ doesn't happen."

Jessamin chuckles softly, nudging Vora lightly in the ribs. "I think I'm rubbing off on you… that was a pun worthy of… me!"

N'kor ensures that the pairs are feeding well before he leaves them in the hands of S'uin, nodding to the greenrider and moving back to where he can collect another, smiling to Lissi, "Ahh! I missed that one's name—" he says in passing, "did you grab it?" He notes of the bronze and waits for the others to hatch and impress.

Vaine looks over at Jessamin. "Talking puns at this time." He has a slight grin then focuses on the eggs once more.

Kyldar rubs her hands together nervously and shifts her weight back and forth on her feet as she watches the eggs rock and quiver and burst open.

Mynna groans and rolls her eyes at Vora, laughing despite the seriousness of the occassion. "Shards. Is this what I have to look forward to if we all impress? Ages of terrible puns? As if my desire to flee wasn't strong enough already."

Illusion of Stars Egg shivers tentively in it's wallow, the sands about the shell quivering and granules falling away at the slightest movement. Or… did it move? It's hard to tell, after the intial movement, for the egg is still once more.

Vora manages to laugh, and surprises herself with the jolly expression. "Ah, I love you both. You're actually calming my poor, racing heart." She rubs the back of her neck, keeping her eyes on the eggs and shifting her feet from one to the other. "Shards, Mynna, how do you keep your feet cool with nothing on them?"

<In the galleries> Xhaine just smiiiles when Enka wraps herself around him, and oh-so-casually wraps his arm around her too. "Well look at that. Dragons, and they know exactly where they need to be. It's always wonderful, watching a hatching, so long as…." he breaks off midsentence and just cheers on the candidates instead.

<In the galleries> F'yr giggles lightly and shakes her head. "Maybe if I /knew/ them down there. But what's the point if they won't hear you?" She does actually look ashamed, thinking back at what she did. First time for everything, right? Her hand rubs at her other's wrist and then she shakes her head. "Nah, just kicked him in the face and never apologized. Or thanked him. Or nothing. But blowing up his closet would have been a lot better." She pouts a little at the Impressed green that ruined her bet and then gives Sigam a toothy grin. "Alright, let's see if it's brown. There better be plenty of browns in this clutch."

Kyldar says, "The excitement of the hatching is probably distracting from the heat of the sand." Then, as another hatchling comes out of its egg, she gives it a smile and another "Welcome to the world."

Despite all the delay from before, the Colorful Mask of Mischief Egg hatches rapidly, sprinkling bits of its shell all around in a random pile as the egg simply shatters beyond redemption. Now left out to face the world is a spritely green hatchling, standing against the odds on her feet.

Well Begun is Half Done Green Hatchling
Limned in yellowed lime, this green dragons hide carries a brilliant sheen across her body, from the tip of her arched headknobs on down to the flashing half moons of her curved talons. That same brilliance shows up on her wings, scattered across her almost wingsails in a reflection of glimmering bright color over the deeper evergreen of her wingspars, from barely touching just at her shoulders to nearly lightening the color as it passes on down to her fingersails. Her head is dainty, set well back on a swan like neck, while that lithe curve joins seamlessly into the rest of her darker hued body. She is slightly lanky, lean through the shoulders and barrel, thinner than the norm and leaving her forearms and haunches wiry, rather than bunched with muscle and showing off the clean and fine boning beneath. Even her tail has that same lithe and lanky build, thin and somewhat whipping before it ends in a splash of that brilliant yellowed lime at her tail finial.

Ae'gus edges his way in from a hidden recess behind the Sands, emerging from the side chamber and edging his way along the wall into the cavern to help with the escorting of the new pairs. He aims a bright grin at N'kor and Lissi as he passes before taking a post some ways off, bouncing absently on the balls of his feet as he awaits more pairs.

Vaine is starting to walk in place. The heat is slowly but surely seeping through the sandles. He looks at the new green dragonet with a smile.

Jessamin grins widely, nudging Mynna lightly. "Ha, knew that one was a green! If we'd had a bet going…" To the others, "Uh-oh, this one's not as decisive as the rest… be ready to dodge!"

<In the galleries> Enka would clap her hands at the hatching and Impression of both green and bronze, except with that one arm of hers around Xhaine's shoulders, such an action would be rather futile. She can only smile, and wave a hand about in the air, rather limp-wristed — and rather pointlessly too. "Yup," she observes, nodding sagely and grinning wryly at the Harper. "There be dragons. And as long as they stay down there," she points sandwards, "and we stay up here, then we're fine."

Mynna winces a little at Vora's question. "I don't." Is her answer as she hops from foot to foot, perhaps reminded of the uncomfortable heat. "I was in a hurry, okay? I knew I forgot something…" Her eyes go wide as she sees the first wobbly egg finally break. "Ooh. She's pretty, isn't she?"

Suddenly, Illusion of Stars Egg shakes, tilting the top of the egg from left to right quickly — before it suddenly tilts drastically to the left, toppling over and destroying the neatly piled sand about it in the process. As it hits the sand, hairline fractures appear along the upper part of the shell, a few of the "stars" on the shell falling away, to get lost amoung the sands of the hatching grounds.

Kyldar watches the hatchling and smiles. "Hi," she says. The way she watches the little dragon and her fidgety stance almost seem to screm 'please pick me'.

<In the galleries> K'urk watches as each dragon breaks free of it's confining shell. But mostly his eyes are on his daughter.

<In the galleries> Izarra turns to Shorynia. "I wonder if they'd let me take a piece of egg and paint it…" she says a little absently.

<In the galleries> Baileigh blinks rapidly. She's trying hard to ignore Xhaine, though her ears are getting pink. She's noticed, and she's jealous. Jerk. "Awww. I was wrong." The girl's not sorrowful for long, though. "Maybe it's meant for that girl, instead?" She points to Jessamin. Hey, good thing she's not putting down marks on this, since that mark Ch'en gave her is long gone. "I'll bet they would," She tells Izzie, though the comment wasn't meant for her.

<In the galleries> B'ky leans back, smiling as he watches, tilting his head and saying to no one in particular, "I hope there are a few blues," and then he chuckles, eyes not quite looking anywhere for a moment before his gaze returns to the sands.

N'kor nods at Ae'gus as he joins, "Get ready to collect that green and whom ever she chooses…" he points out to the newly hatched.

Well Begun is Half Done Green Hatchling gives her head a good shaking before she starts with putting just one foot in front of the other, with even her first baby steps rather graceful. There's a slight squawk of outrage as she drags her tail over her pile of egg shards before she continues. She heads first, where a grouping of boys from Nerat have gathered, gazing at each of them curiously.

<In the galleries> R'zel looks back over his shoulder at Izarra once again, distracted from the sands. "You'll have to let me know if they do. That sounds like a great project… but the weyrlings might get first dibs, hmm?" His eyes go back to the sands, and he resumes sketching.

Of That Black Name Egg wobbles slightly to the side, then a touch more violently as the creature inside explores it's surroundings. Rocking around in it's hollow for a while as small chips shatter and fall from the surface of the egg.

<In the galleries> Sigam actually seems to ponder this for a second, then shrugs. "I dunno. Maybe I just do it to hear the sound of my own voice then. Faranth knows I enjoy that." He cuts the sotto voce at the look on her face, one eyebrow raising at that. "Oh. Right, well, that was jolly of you. Think he'd hold a grudge?" He's trying to think positive, but he's wincing. "Damn, wrong again. This is exactly why I don't make honest bets," the Dragonhealer says, even as he eyes the yellow-green tinged hatchling on the sands. "Your turn to guess."

<In the galleries> Shorynia chuckles, "This is really amazing… I hope I get to do it some day."

Vaine watches the green as she starts to move. Then another egg starts to wobble.

Vora looks down at Mynna's feet with worry, then looks toward the little green that, unlike the others, does not Impress incredibly quickly. About to offer aid to Mynna's exposed feet, instead she looks over at Kyldar, then at Mynna, and decides to step away from the group as a whole. "I think we'll have better chances of being distinguished and /not/ being mauled if we keep some distance." Though she regrets being further away from her friends, she feels - oddly - safer on her own. She can handle this. A deep breath, as she looks longingly at the little green.

Lissi nods to N'kor, "Aye..Brucifith and R'bert.." she answers, then she looks to the eggs and candidates again, waiting. Her hands clasp and she shifts on her feet, smiling to see the pretty green.

<In the galleries> M'nol smiles, clapping for each pair.

Kyldar cants her head at Well Begun is Half Done, and leans a little forward. "Um, hello?" she says out loud to the hatchling. "Welcome to the world. You're safe."

<In the galleries> Izarra looks over R'zel from her own sketching. She notices what he's doing and smiles a little. "A-artist." she mumbles under her breath. She smiles a little more.

Jessamin looks over to the little green, her smile still upon her face. She takes a cautious step backwards, giving the hatchling ample room to move about.

Jolie tilts her head slightly to glance over at Ly'am. "A very fine bunch that Sevaruth and Odryth have had so far." Then her attention is attracted back to the hatching, and the lone green out there.

With a triumphant cry the In Honour Of Thy Father Bronze Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Mynna grins at Vora as she continues her little dance to avoid burning. "Don't worry. I'm okay. Really." She takes a deep breath as she watches the green inspect the candidates. "Who do you think she'll pick?" She asks of no one in particular.

<In the galleries> Xhaine has a sixth sense for detecting distress in girls. "Hey… if you like, you can sit here." he suggests to Baileigh.

Vora shakes her head. "It's certainly not for me to try to predict such things as the minds of dragon hatchlings!"

<In the galleries> Izarra has a sixth sense for loose men. She smiles to Lei. "Hey, i-if you l-leave, who will I t-talk to?"

<In the galleries> R'zel gives Izarra a slightly brighter smile. "Indeed I am. R'zel, rider of brown Mikalath. Always a pleasure to meet another artist…" He extends a hand to her for a shake. "… Although maybe we should discuss our work after the hatching. Wouldn't want to miss a thing."

Of That Black Name Egg continues to rock violently from side to side, chips flying outwards from the surface of the shell with each impact. Eventually the dragonet inside starts to make progress, a large crack starts to appear down the side, a few moments of concerted scraping near the crack eventually produces the tip of a claw.

A'ven watches the green with interest, "Hmm… this one's got plenty of good ones to choose from… let's see…" He forgets the heat in his boots for the moment, too intent to notice. Besides, his feet know what to do, mostly.

<In the galleries> Gobhan leans over to his brother and asks, "What do the dragons look for? How do they know?"

<In the galleries> Izarra blushes at the brown rider and shakes his hand destractedly. "R-right. L-later."

<In the galleries> Shorynia chuckles and gives Izzy a soft hug, "You can alwasy talk to me, Izzy."

Kyldar's eyes flick over briefly to the rocking egg and then resettle on the hesitant hatchling. "It's okay," she tells the little dragon. "Come and trust someone." To the others: "She's a cautious one, mm?"

Well Begun is Half Done Green Hatchling continues on her journey, rapidly moving across the sands without all the stumbling that most new hatchlings experience. She bobs her head as she peers up into anxious faces and continues, even as her steps start to become trudging as her search is taking a bit of time.

<In the galleries> F'yr smirks up at the dragonhealer. "Now /that/ I can believe. Oh go on, cheer 'nough for the both of us. At least your voice isn't one of those grating horrible ones that make everyone 'round you deaf. Good singing voice, too." Was she being sarcastic? Most likely not by the way her smirk turns into a grin. She then looks away from him, back to the sands, giving both her shoulders a little helpless shrug. "You know, I dunno if he does. Never bothered to catch up with him 'gain to know." Which is why she'll still keep her head down. "Brown, damnit! Brown next! There's /got/ to be one already."

<In the galleries> M'nol keeps an ear on the conversation between the two artists, not really understanding it

Vaine turns to look around to see his friend's have started to move way from where he's standing. He looks over at the green once gain to see where she is.

<In the galleries> G'len tells Gobhan, "No one really knows. They just…look for or feel for something that they like in a person."

<In the galleries> R'zel gives Izarra a smile and nod before his attention returns fully to the candidates, eggs, and hatchlings. His pencil works furiously on the paper, trying to catch the details of each newborn dragon before they are led away.

The Dusty Secrets Egg wobbles with deliberate impatience. Let's not waste any more time!

<In the galleries> Baileigh has got it already. Xhaine receives a cool look. Wait. Lei knows how to be cool? In either sense of the word? "I don't think there's much room," she responds tartly. "Besides, I gotta stay here with my buddy. If I go over there, she might paint me on your lap, and *then* what would I do about my reputation." Holy crap! Is Nazaya around? No, the little scamp's nowhere in sight, but Lei has a backbone. Scary. She cuddles a little bit into Izzy, companionably, then turns back to the action on the Sands. Wait, did she miss something?

<In the galleries> Chaton nudges T'burk. "Half a mark says that the next one is a blue."

With a loud crack of sound, like lightning cutting through the sky, a hole is punctured outwards from the Illusion of Stars Egg. Crumbling away, a forelimb appears out of the hole, scrabbling against the remaining shell in an effort to free itself from it's confinement. A few more scratches from softened claws, and the shell sloughs away, leaving a ooz covered hatchling in it's wake…

King of the Night Blue Hatchling
Regal sapphire spreads itself like a silk sheet across the form of this bulky blue, a tinge of purple touching against the tip of his nose as the colors thicken around widened nostrils. Across his eye ridges and spine ridges, this congealing purple retains, bedecked lightly in a transparent azure as the colors make their way down a sinuous neck and thick shoulders. Like a cape, midnight blue forms across wing spars and fingers, floating down to the membrane itself. A speckling of turqoise tapers across the membrane, cluttered in spots like star formations, before dipping over sapphire hips and legs in a freckling fashion. Following behind muscular hips is a whispy tail, accentuative in it's movements and more of an exclimation of his coloring, as violet dominates the blue — giving a sudden touch of dark to a mainly royal to pale colored creature. Muscle and sinew distribute evenly across the dragonette's body, giving him a greater touch of masculinity then your average hatchling, giving the deception of being older then he truely is.

King of the Night Blue Hatchling stumbles out and away from his shell, momentarily awkward in his steps before he catches his forward movements and stops. Creeling a bit plaintively, the little hatchling takes a moment to right himself, curving his neck just a little in a look of egotism before he struts towards the candidates in white. It's just a few steps, before he catches himself with a wing, under his foot… and as he trips and rushes forward in an attempt to catch himself, the form of a female candidate becomes his cushioning, a loud yell coming from the lass known as Hadassah — and then the sound of crooning, as King of the Night Blue Hatchling lays eyes upon his rescuer. "Oh, Megillath, I am fine, no harm has come to me… Now, lets go get you something to feast upon, to fill your stomach." Hadassah mumbles a bit weepily, before helping herself up off the sandy ground along with the blue Megillath, and making her way towards the food.

<In the galleries> T'burk says "I'll take that bet, Chaton…because I think next one will be a brown."

Mynna watches fairly closely as the thoughtful green makes her selection, though her attention is stolen as the first blue pops out of the other egg and impression occurs. She breaks into applause and whooping once again. "Way to go!"

N'kor nods toward the blue that impressed, "Lissi, go after that one. Bring 'em in. Ae'gus, keep a watch on the green. I'll get the next one that hatches."

<In the galleries> Chaton grins. "Good." he turns to watch the egg break open just in time. "I take cash or credit." he says, winking at T'burk.

Vaine smiles as the freshly hatched blue impresses quickly. "Congrats."

Kyldar watches and draws in a breath as two more eggs begin to rock, and gasps as King of the Night bursts out of his shell. "Wow," she says. "He's a beauty, isn't he?"

Vora turning slightly to Kyldar with one eye still on the little green, Vora says, "She certainly is! Perhaps that's a sign that she's a good bit smarter." Then, the heat of the sands seems to seep up from the girl's feet up to her torso and her neck. Vora's fair skin - which has fared well enough in the Western weather thus far - begins to flush. Quickly, she pulls it up in a small thong, then returns her attentions to the sands. A moment later, Hadassath almost falls against her, and Vora moves to catch her in vain. Even as she moves to help the girl, the other does so for herself and Vora is able to congratulate her!

Jessamin applauds the new weyrling pair, smiling warmly. "Congratulations!"

<In the galleries> There's a soft laughfrom B'ky as he finally sees a blue hatch, the man murmuring a quiet, "Beautiful," as he watches.

Lissi nods to N'kor and turns toward the blue pair but seeing someone already has them in hand she just grins, "Dun worry ya can get the green pair," she says to N'kor with a wink. "That was one handsome blue," she comments.

Well Begun is Half Done Green Hatchling moves slower, her feet and tail trailing in the sand before she stops in front of a pale blonde girl. She quickly glances to both sides before starting to croon up at the one standing there, then nudging at the girl's upper legs.

<In the galleries> T'burk laughs! "I've got marks aplenty!"

<In the galleries> Izarra blushes a lot as Lei cuddles her companionably like, and snuggles her back. "T-thanks."

<In the galleries> M'nol's entering his own little world. Reliving his bonding with Faraeth even as he watches more and more pairs impress.

With a minimum of fuss, the Keeping Up Appearances Egg begins to move on Westerns pale sands. It rolls this way and that, moving in the small hollow that has been its home these past few weeks. Eventually though, all movement stops as the one within becomes tired, worn out with its struggles.

<In the galleries> Chaton rolls his eyes at T'burk. "Don't rub it in, man. Don't rub it in."

Kyldar smiles at Vora. "Congratulations," she says. "Now, who's left?" she says then, casting glances higther and thither at the other canditates and then at the eggs and the wandering hatchling.

<In the galleries> "And not a single one of 'em coming up here," Enka observes, leaning against Xhaine to peer at Shorynia. "See, we're safe as houses up here," she informs the other girl. "But we gotta be ready to run, just in case." Her gaze flickers towards the sands, watching the green. "Now where's she going." a pause, a heartbeat later and then the girl swallows. "Hey, was that a blue?" Boy, these things are going awful fast. "That green pick anyone yet?"

Mynna looks up at the Well Begun is Half Done Green, blinking for a moment before her expression goes totally blank, overwhelmed with emotion. "Ingriath? Is that… your name?" She's stunned for a second, then a very bright smile crosses her face. "Oh, yes, yes, I imagine you would be starving after clawing your way out of your egg and all that! Let's go get you some food!" Grinning madly, she clings to her new lifemate as they wait to be led off the sands.

<In the galleries> Shorynia claps loudly for the new pair, then nods to Enka, "Yeah, maybe you're right."

Jessamin bursts out in cheers and applause, clapping Mynna on the shoulder before she heads off with her new lifemate. "Congratulations!"

Kyldar pats Mynna on the back. "Congratulations."

Vaine smiles as Mynna impresses."Congrat's Mynna." He claps for mynna before looking at his remaining friends and giving a slight grin.

Of That Black Name Egg cracks further open as the claw pushes out, curls round the edges and pulls inwards, ripping a chunk of shell inside with it then it just stops moving, nothing happening for a long time. After a while a sudden movement rocks the egg back and the shell explodes out as the dragonet inside charges out through the crack and across the sands straight towards the line of candidates.

<In the galleries> G'len stands up and applauds. "Good one! Mynna go a Green! Way to go, Mynna! Yo!"

Ae'gus' random bouncing turns to shifting slightly as the heat begins to take its toll on his feet, but he still remains actively watching the hatching without any distractions. Once he's sure the green has made her choice, he breaks into a bigger grin and weaves his way through the eggs and candidates to reach Mynna, "Congratulations. Let's go get Ingriath something to eat, yeah?" He motions off to the side of the Sands as he leads her away.

<In the galleries> Baileigh glances at Shory, though she grins a little at Izzy. "If you want me to, I could sit in your lap so the Hatchlings see me first?" She tells Shory, looking hopeful, and then her attention darts back down to the sands. Drat! Wrong again! "Oh, well, congratulations anyways," she tells Mynna, though she doesn't sound very happy about it. Phooey.

Devil of Aquitaine Bronze Hatchling
Morning's first light breaks over the hide of this regal bronze dragon, burnishing his presence with a flame-like kiss of orange that shimmers as if reflecting off the smouldering remains of a fire. A set of sooty feathering marks his sides, branding him in his own heraldry, the colour darkening as it sinks lower on his hide. A lick of fiery copper dances along the length of his tail, streaking along his back till it melds with proud flag like wings. Immense wingspars rise from his shoulders, each carrying the colour of soot burned metal, wingsails ripple like liquid fire; flowing from the spars as if melted by the same fierce heat that stains them almost translucent. Though he carries himself with kingly mien, his lithe muscles and dangerous, pitch black talons hold the promise of lethal force.

Devil of Aquitaine Bronze Hatchling continues his charge across the sands, clawed feet sliding in the sands slightly as he spots his target and changes direction. Thundering towards the line of candidates he doesn't look like he's going to stop, a small bugle heralding his charge as he crashes into the line, scattering a few candidates to the sides in the process. When the sand and dust settles the bronze is stood still, head held high in triumph, one clawed paw rests on the chest of a candidate called Edward who is batting futilely at the bronzes leg. "Lantath, get off me." Cries the newly impressed Ed'ard.

<In the galleries> Xhaine cheers on the latest pair, then chuckles, shaking his head at Baileigh. "I don't know what /you're/ thinking about, but I was referring to this spot right next to me." and he pats the bench next to him. "But suit yourself."

A'ven cheers! "Wow, what a great pairing…." "Congratulations!"

<In the galleries> M'nol claps loudly as the second bronze impresses, then leans over to R'zel, "Another bronzer to be threatened by Thea's crossbow, eh?"

<In the galleries> Sigam aims a light punch for F'yr's shoulder, tongue flicking out petulantly. "Oh, hush, you. I will, when stuff happens to people I know. As for that, don't expect me to go singing or anything, now. I'm not /that/ bold." He returns the grin before he, too, turns his eyes back to the hatching. "Can't say I blame you! Ah well, in this crowd, I'd say you're pretty safe." He seems almost disappointed when the next is a blue, but the Dragonhealer claps anyways, glad for the newly impressed pair. "I'm sure there are plenty along the way." Browns, he means, even as the green impresses herself to a young blonde. "Fantastic! And look, another bronze. They're sure coming along quickly."

Vora has great difficulty containing absolute bursting joy as Mynna Impresses, and the new pair's leave is followed by cheers and applause. "Oh Mynna, Congratulations! Love her well!" A grin is thus broken on Vora's face, almost permanently. As another bronze hatches, Vora applauds Ed'ard and cheers her congratulations, even with Mynna still on her mind.

The Dusty Secrets Egg cracks, leaving one horizontal and one vertical line. Both lines meet near the bottom third of the surface.

Kyldar's eyebrows shoot up as a second bronze hatches. Her eyes scan the crowd, wondering who will be this one's lucky partner.

Vaine smiles as another bronze hatches then impresses quickly. He gives the new bronze pair a good cheer before watching the eggs once more.

Jolie glances out over the now smaller pile of eggs, nodding as the pairs seem to be moving on quickly enough before she turns slightly to whisper something quietly to A'ven. Still, her attention is not off the hatching very long.

<In the galleries> B'ky straightens as he sees the little bronze go charging, but then relaxes as apparently it has foundhis lifemate. There's soft chuckle, the bluerider shaking his head and smiling.

As a second bronze hatches Ly'am's grin grows all the wider and gives a wink to N'kor should he be visible from his duties. His hand rises to give to give his lifemate a pat.

<In the galleries> Izarra blushes very brightly, though she leans over to Lei. "You c-could sit in m-my l-lap. I'm t-tall enough to s-see over y-you."

Most Happy Egg shifts in the sands, a little motion, but one that should draw attention to it. Undulations of velvet shifting in the light of the hatching cavern as it moves yet again. Moving to a rhythm it has set all it's own, meant to draw attention to it.

<In the galleries> Shorynia smiles, maintaining her friendly contact with Izzy, but more than prepared to back off, too.

Kyldar says, "Congratulations," and gives a smile of approval to Ed'ard, and then her attention returns to Spirit of the People. She bites her lip lightly, watching the little green curiously. "Still haven't decided yet, have you?" she says.

<In the galleries> Baileigh grins at Izzie. "No, I'm okay." She gets drawn into the Sands, watching the action avidly.

With a triumphant cry the Spirit of the People Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

The Dusty Secrets Egg bursts, revealing a brown dragonette that gets to his feet at once and steps confidently into the light!

Defender of the Faith Brown Hatchling
The most distinguishing physical feature of this compact brown dragon is his headknobs. They're larger than average. They're dipped in an almost-chocolate brown that continues to drip playfully onto his face. His muzzle is a lighter, sandy color but that shade isn't visible anywhere else on him. Instead, the mobile, poised, and sinuous muscles of his neck and shoulders are graced with a hue closer to a warm cinnamon, although there's a shadowing of deep mahogany that arrives when he stands in shadow. This darker color continues down, covering his neckridges and back then wrapping underneath to his belly as well. His tail and wings are much lighter, a frothy rich klah brown that call attention to the glossy perfection of his flight muscles and the sturdiness of his sails. Smaller than some of the other browns he may be, but the way he carries himself makes it clear that in his own mind, he is a giant. There is confidence and grace in every step, a sense of destiny in his direct and self-assured bearing, an unhurried chivalry in his observant gaze.

Ever so slowly, a fine network of cracks begins to appear across the surface of the Keeping up Appearances Egg. They snake along the shell, rapidly moving from across the middle to both the top and the bottom and yet still the egg does not hatch. Finally, it slows, all movements ceasing as the hatchling inside rests up once more.

<In the galleries> M'nol claps loudly, "Oh! A brown! Finally!"

<In the galleries> Thea heard that M'nol! She turns and gives him a mock-glower. Crossbow indeed.

<In the galleries> Darting up the steps, Kessa is late but soon finds herself a seat close to B'ky. She looks down at the remaining eggs, "How much did I miss? Darn Choth, took forever to convince her to between me here."

Vaine smiles as a brown hatches. "Hey there big guy." He watches the brown closely. "I had a feeling you were brown."

Indeed, Vora's attention is drawn to the newest-moving egg, the Most Happy Egg, a grin still stuck on her face. Her eyes are almost mesmerized by the rocking, her heartbeat slowing and the girl allowing herself to be lulled - if only for the moment - as the majority of the clutch has already hatched and she is able to breathe with relief. At least, if nothing else, dear Mynna has Impressed. For the most part, Vora has been able to avoid having to dodge the little hatchlings, and she stands steady, and ready for any who come her way. If her eyes are a bit hopeful, well then that's only a side-note.

<In the galleries> "Took long enough." R'zel agrees with M'nol, grinning as he tries to sketch the latest hatchling. "I wish these ones would take more time to make up their minds, though. It seems like they're gone before I can get proper drawings done."

Jessamin hums a lilting little tune as she watches the little brown egg shivering on the sands, before her attention is drawn away by the newest hatchling. "Ohh, now there's a handsome one. I wonder who he'll choose?"

<In the galleries> Izarra looks a teeny bit disapointed, but she cuddles back against Shory and continues to draw.

Kyldar watches Defender of the Faith come out and gives the little dragon the same smile and "Welcome" she has given to some of the other hatchlings. Her attention shifts back and forth between the brown and the green. "Yeah, he is, isn't he," she agrees with Jessamin as she watches the dragons anxiously.

<In the galleries> B'ky smiles warmly when he sees Kessa, nodding a polite, "Weyrwoman," and tilting his head towardthe sands, "They're hatching quickly." He pauses a moment, adding with a chuckle, "Many bronzes and greens… only one blue so far."

<In the galleries> F'yr rubs at her shoulder, pretending that the punch hurt even as she giggles a little bit. "Good idea, saving your breath like that. Maybe I'll joing you if it's to… /her/." Jessamin, she points out. There's no name attached as it is likely that the brownie has forgotten it. "How 'bout the hatching party? I bet they serve good beer or wine or whatever you like getting drunk off." Did she already forget? Probably. She nods slowly, gives the crowd one last look around, and then pouts at the sands as they both get the egg wrong. But then? "Brown!" she squeals, clapping and cheering just for the dragon that hatched. Nope, not an Impression, but for the brown. "Told you there'd be one!" Well, she said many. "It's definitely a good clutch. You think that one's a gold?" And she points to The Orange Egg.

<In the galleries> Shorynia leans against Izzy, gently pushing the harper girl into Baileigh.

<In the galleries> M'nol chuckles, not noticing Thea's ire, "Yeah, Pern needs more browns!"

Jessamin keeps one eye on the little shivering, brown velvet egg, and the other on the brown hatchling. She shifts from side to side in time with the melody she is humming; the sound is almost lost among the hubbub on the Sands.

It only takes a bare moment, now that the shell of the Keeping Up Appearances Egg is so weakened. The shell falls into shards, ringing the sands around a smaller green hatchling that is left neatly sitting on the sands, a perfect picture of composure upon her release.

Formidable Lady Green Hatchling
Petite in stature, this smaller green hatchling is somewhat plumply curved, from her rounded shoulders back to her slightly larger than average haunches. She is darkly colored, a nearly black green that seems to swallow the light except for the faint glimmer across her head as she moves. Her head is somewhat heavy, coarse while her neck is thick, aiding the view of plumpness. Her legs showcase that as well, thick and sturdy even to the blunt tips of her wide curved talons, tipping her broad feet. Her wings are rather large for her size, that same dark green that swallows the light, or the murky abyss of the swamp.

She moves from the sitting position she found herself after hatching, slowly stretching to work out the kinks before she takes dainty, practiced steps on the sands. Her movements are graceful, as she walks along the line of candidates, giving each of them a sort of consideration, a few seconds worth of her notice before she moves on. She pauses, finally in front of a boy from Nerat, a harper's son called Tomas. It is with no small amount of shock that the renamed T'mas pronounces. "She says her name is Edyth."

<In the galleries> Kessa settles in beside B'ky, fluffing her riding skirt a bit before she lifts her brows at the mention of only one blue, "Really? Not so strong with the blues but plenty of greens then?" She smiels a bit, looking over the crowd that's drawn here, "Big enough crowd." Her eyes snap back to the brown out, curiously over hearing someone talk of gold, "What about that B'ky, think they'll have a gold?"

<In the galleries> T'burk says "Oh, now that is a pretty little green!"

Lissi moves to Ed'ard and smiles, "This way lad," she says gently to the pair, then leads them to the side out of the way of more hatclings and new riders as pairs form up.

Defender of the Faith Brown Hatchling blinks a few times to adjust his new eyes to the light and then looks this way and that in wonder and awe! So many new things to see. This is a big place here. He blinks again, and then steps with confidence towards the waiting boys. Wait, a moment's distraction as a blond girl catches his eyes. Well, nobody can blame him. After only a moment he continues on his original path without too much fuss, as if he /knows exactly/ who he's looking for. His eyes though, are taking in every face, registering each one — so his progesss is not as direct as it seems, he's just quick in deciding.

The Most Happy Egg twitches yet again in the sand, rocking in its place on the dance floor with more vibrant motions until finally cracks appear along the beaded lined at the apex of the egg. The cracks seem to slowly radiate down from those points, creating a suspense in the moment.

Kyldar smiles and applauds as the smaller hatchling immediately chooses T'mas. "Congratulations," she congratulates, and then returns her attention to the remaining eggs.

The Orange Egg has been ever so still. At last it moves— nothing dramatic. Just a jerk to the side before stilling once more, as if contemplating.

<In the galleries> "Hey!" Enka's voice is rather loud now. "A bronze. And whoops there, he's gone and chosen." she watches the pair, Ed'ard and Lantath for a moment. "Well," the girl remarks after that moment, "he's an interesting bronze, that's for sure." and then she turns slightly, regarding the brown. "Now he's a handsome fellow," she lets out a soft whistle. "For being a baby and all, you sort of see him looking like a gentleman. And lookit there, that green." she points. "Found her boy fast." There's a bit of relief in the girl's eyes. "And still no sign of them coming here. We're safe. Besides, they'd have to get through the rest of the crowd first."

The Most Happy Egg continues to crack and shiver before finally it pauses, a single slender claw pushing through one of the cracks. A rest, a build in suspense before it pushes it's head through the cracks, then pushing away the rest of the egg to step gracefully from the discarded shells. It is then that Silken Sheen Emerald Green Hatchling looks back disdainfully at the remnents of her confines before looking out to the crowd before her.

Silken Sheen Emerald Green Hatchling
This beauty looks to be swathed in emerald green silk around her entire body. She is long of line from the tip of her delicately pointed muzzle, along her slender neck and down the length of her to her tail. Her head knobs though are a dark brown like chocolate, only seeming to accent the green of her not to detract from it. Around her neck there almost seems to be a string of pearls, lighter dots of green, pale to almost white that surround her neck. Her wing sails look like fine membranes of pale green silk stretched over a frame, too delicate seeming to even allow her to catch flight with them. The talons upon her feet shine like gems themselves, each a rich dark green, catching the light as if they were faceted jewels.

Silken Sheen Emerald Green Hatchling looks out among the offerings before her, stepping neatly forward over the sand, even at this age a show of grace. It is well noted that those she looks at are only the males and each one is given an appraising look. Are they good enough for her, will they ease her loneliness from her captivity. Finally she steps in front of one large man, nearly the oldest in the class. His red hair and beard striking features as well as his muscled countenance. Sure he is meant for a bronze, but no the lady stops in front of Henry and bows her head coquettishly to him. Shock of her attention is quickly followed by adoration as he steps forward to her, "Bolyth of course I will be your hearts desire…we will fly together forever…" H'ry exclaims as he leads her off the sands to more preeminent pursuits, a feast for two.

<In the galleries> "Another green," B'ky observes thoughtfully, and then laughs quietly, "They're going to have their hands full in a turn or so." He nods to Kessa, "I always hope to see a gold. They're beautiful," and he smiles softly, eyes on the eggs still rocking.

Vaine claps as T'mas impresses. "Congrats." He looks at the brown as he walk's on the sands. Keeping a close eye on him as another green hatches.

Kyldar watches and applauds. "Another quick impression." She looks anxiously at the one last remaining egg. "So, who's in there?" she says. "And who will impress?"

Jessamin applauds as the egg hatches, and the little lady within is quick to find her lifemate. Her eyes mist over just a tiny bit as she calls out, "Congratulations!"

<In the galleries> Xhaine looks amused. "Is that why you girls are hiding back here? In case a dragon decides it wants one of you?" oh yes, definitely amused. "Well I suppose it'll definitely have to wade through crowds to get here. The clutch does seem to be more than half green though…"

<In the galleries> R'zel continues to grow frustrated by the fast pace of impressions, getting as much sketching done as he can. "What'd they do, inject klah into these eggs? It's like they're in a hurry or something…"

Vora has her eyes distracted momentarily to the twitchings of the Orange Egg, an egg that she has had in her sights, then back to the new green. "Oh, congratulations, H'ry and T'mas!" Even if these congratulations are belated, she sends the four out with waves and cheers, only to return to that oddly coloured egg. It had been beginning to worry her with its silence.

Ae'gus edges his way back out of the recess behind the sands, only to notice another pair impressing just as his eyes fall on the chaos that is the hatching. With hurried steps, he inches past a few candidates to reach the side of the newly impressed greenpair, "Edith, is it? This way, then, yeah? That's a nice name for a green, T'mas Nice n' short." He leads the way to the side recess.

<In the galleries> Kessa smiles at B'ky's observation, "Indeed. With that many more greens… At least our last hatching favoured the males…" She notes, "Lots of blues and browns in our last. Funny it should work that way." The woman muses as she returns to watching.

Jolie is still half holding a whispered conversation with A'ven, a slightly pained look on her face before she simply shrugs once and then sighs very faintly.

<In the galleries> Sigam rolls his eyes, knowing full well she was faking. "Who, Jessa? Yeah, definitely. And that one - she's Vora," Sig says, pointing out each girl in turn. "I don't always get drunk," the Dragonhealer complains with an affected pout. "Who knows, I might not even drink." Sack of lies! "Hey, there's one! Good," he says, satisfied enough now that he can settle back in his seat, mouth curled up into a contented smile. For now. "I agree. Hm. I dunno though, that might be all kinds of ironic, don't you think?" He juggles Saoirse in his hands, whose eyes are riveted to the youngsters below. "It's possible, though. Lots of greens," he adds as an afterthought.

<In the galleries> M'nol chuckles, over-hearing Sigam's whine and keeping his mouth shut.

Defender of the Faith Brown Hatchling bellows a greeting to everyone. It's just a high and scratchy attempt but he seems proud of it. He also seems to have found his group now, focusing on one tight knot of boys in particular. One, is frozen solid in place. Huff. One, is turned the other way. But that one there, seems to be looking right at him, just as curious as he, in this brave new world.

The Orange Egg moves again, another jerk the same direction. And again, and at last a loud cracking breaks the air, the side of the egg pushing outward. It throbs like a heartbeat a few times before again it's inhabitant goes still.

A'ven wispers back to Jolie, his face similarly tight and concerned. A shrug, and a sigh.

Kyldar watches the Orange Egg her head acant quizzically. "Come on," she ecourages the egg's occupant. "Come on out."

<In the galleries> Izarra eeps as she was pushed onto Lei. "S-sorry." she mumbles, blushing hard.

Vora allows her brows to knit together in that way they do as she watches the orange throb, but as it goes still she looks back toward the brown hatchling. "Oh, dearest, can't you find one you like?"

Vaine gives the brown a look with a large smile. quietly muttering "Come here come here."

Jessamin turns her gaze towards the brightly colored orange egg, yet left on the Sands. Her brow furrows in concern as its occupant seems unwilling as of yet to join its clutchmates out in the bright, bold world around it.

<In the galleries> M'nol claps loudly for the boy and his brown, "Finally! The brown found his partner!" He nudges R'zel, "You realize it falls to us to corrupt him, right?" Of course, M'nol's idea of corruption probably isn't htat different from Izarra's.

<In the galleries> K'urk leans forward to say to his fahter, "It would be nice if Kyldar Impressed here. So far I'm the only one in the family with a Western dragon."

No sooner than Lissi can get one pair settled another impresses and she's huffing back toward the sands. She smiles broadly at the next green pair, passing Gus as she retrieves them, "This way.. come.. food here.." and she leads them away. "Shards.." she says a bit breathily, "All this hatchin.. makes me wanna hatch.." she says as she waddles back toward the eggs.

<In the galleries> R'zel gives M'nol a grin, briefly distracted from his frenzied drawing. "I'm sure the brownriders here can do a perfectly good job of that… 'til he graduates, anyways. Hmmm." He starts looking a little concerned. "Poor Jess. Think one of these last ones will take her?"

The Orange Egg's inhabitant has at last figured this out. The side of the egg throbs once more, gradually building each time as the side is pried further and further apart. At last it snaps loose, allowing the hatchling within to shove the rest aside and display herself to the sands. She is here. She has a purpose.

The Glorious Green Hatchling
Glorious fits as vibrant grass green is the starting color on this brightly colored and very large girl. It starts between head knobs and runs down her over long spine of rippling ridges till it ends upon her tail spade. There it reaches down over broad shoulders, barrel and hips in spikes that bleed into a bright lime. Bright lime fades into lemon grass and progressively lighter to her underside where her belly is bright enough that it is almost yellow. Her wings are much the same, the grass green spreading over her overlarge spars and fading out into the bright lemon grass of her sails. Her limbs are predominantly the same lemony green of her sails at the feet, darkening as they go up till they meet with the darker pattern. Apart from her neck looking over long, which heightens the effect of her size, she's well proportioned and rather lovely to look at.

<In the galleries> M'nol shudders, "Oh, I hope so. I so want her to impress. She and Vora both."

<In the galleries> F'yr nods her head once. "Yeah, that's her. Jessa. I don't know the other one…" But she does study each girl in turn, squinting her eyes as if that might help with her memory. "Well, there's that brown, but he doesn't seem to want a girl." She has to pout at that thought, shaking her head a little bit. Away from the hatching, which looks to be just about finished anyway, and her eyes rest on Sigam. "Suuure you ain't gonna drink. Then 'gain, probably got 'nough drinking for a turn on that island." She has to giggle at that memory, giving Saoirse a grin and then moves a hand in for a short scritch before her eyes are all on the sands again. "Well… Nevermind. We didn't get one right." Sadface.

<In the galleries> Shorynia gives Izzy a reassuring smile since Baileigh doesn't absolutely refuse the contact, and a wink, good start,r ight?

Kyldar smiles brightly. "Hi," she says to the hatchling. "I'm glad you can make it." Then, aside, she says, "I was sure that one was a gold, actually, with her lofty thoughts, back at the touching."

<In the galleries> "Blues and browns," B'ky murmurs thoughtfully, "I wish I had been there." There's a faint sadness in his voice, though it might easily be masked by the sounds of the crowd.

Jessamin shrugs, and smiles a little more faintly now. "I know. But it's hard to tell. Anything can happen on Hatching Day." Her lip quavers ever so slightly, but she continues to hum that soft, lilting little tune, keeping to the meter as she shifts about on the Sands.

Vora moves her gaze between the new green and the little brown, smiling indulgently to herself even as the suspense that had been sitting over the Orange Egg is broken into the Glorious Green. With a look to Kyldar, she nods her agreement, "I could certainly say the same. Could have sworn there would be a Gold in this batch, but we didn't do too badly with all the bronzes!" Even as she says this to hide her inner turmoil, she laces her hands together. With each Impression, she grows closer to being left Standing.

No rest for the weary..Lissi sees Gus is still tied up with his pair and she smiles, beckoning the latest green pair toware the sidelines and food.

<In the galleries> Enka mock-swats at Xhaine with that free hand of hers. "Shory was worried about coming, that sometimes hatchlings can pick someone from the stands" the girl explains. "So we hatched a plan to stay up here in the back, and hide out from any hatchings who got it into their heads to come up here." she wrinkles her brow in thought, watching the remaining two on the sands. "That brown going to pick someone?" a pause. "He has! Can't see who though. And the green?"

Kyldar says, "Just one left. Who's the lucky partner?"

Vaine keeps watching the brown as he talks. "So did I kyldar." Suddenly he drops to his knees smiling. "Rauzith. Yes we shall defend the weak. I'm your V'ine" His smile is so wide. His face looks split in two. "Your hungry let's go get some food."

Jessamin says "Congratulations, Vaine!"

<In the galleries> Izarra smiles and leaves a bit of her weight against Lei. Ah. It's kinda comfy.

A'ven claps! "He's a solid one.. you just watch, carry the whole Weyr on his shoulders, that one."

Kyldar smiles and nods at Vaine. "Congratulations." She sighs and looks around. "So, ah, let's get out of here. It's hot as hell in here."

The Glorious Green Hatchling gives an almighty huff of disapproval at her sudden dumpage onto the ssands - so unceremonious and not at all nice. She sways and wobbles a bit and manages to struggle to her feet, whuffling in some distaste at the shards beneath her feet. But such grudges cannot hol her long, for she does have a purpose, and she starts out towards what remains of the candidates to make her choosing. She doesn't even seem to notice that she's the only one remaming. Who cares?

Jessamin looks towards the little green hatchling, taking a small step forward. She tucks a stray lock of hair behind one ear, unable to suppress a little chuckle at her attitude. "Sure your hide's not gold under there, little one?"

<In the galleries> M'nol's hands are clenched, willing teh last green to Jessa.

Vora claps for Vaine, incredibly happy. "Another of my friends to Impress! Oh, Vaine… V'ine, congratulations!" It isn't until the pair is led away that she turns her attention tentatively back to the green. "Oh, little one. How goes it? Here is a lovely buffet - er, unedible buffet - of candidates for you." Her thoughts mirror Jessamin's, and she says, "Well, you surely are worthy of the thoughts you gave."

<In the galleries> R'zel looks increasingly concerned as most of the hatchlings leave the sands. Still, his duty as an artist is to chronicle the event, so he keeps right on busily sketching away.

<In the galleries> Sigam's eyes dart towards M'nol, narrowing slightly, playfully, but he doesn't seem to have anything to say either. "I've only met her once or twice, but she's nice." The Dragonhealer's eyes turn avid as he follows F'yr's line of sight, focusing on the brown again. "Oh? How do you know? Oh, nevermind, I see him now," the Dragonhealer comments pleasantly, clapping for the pair. Sensing a change of her attentions, Sig focuses his brown eyes on hers and looks entirely too amused. "Who knows. Maybe they'll have something I like. You're right, though. My liver is going through withdrawal." Her giggle catches, and soon he's chuckling too. "Ah well, there's always next time. We'll study hard and become experts or something," he says with a wink, shifting his eyes back to that final green hatchling. "Almost done." He's not nervous, no.

<In the galleries> G'len says "All right Vai…V'ine! Well done!"

<In the galleries> Xhaine chuckles, tickling Enka's side. "The odds of a dragon Impressing someone that isn't a candidate is pretty small, I could've told you that."

<In the galleries> Shorynia blushes gently and mutters, "I know… just didn't want to get stuck down here when I want to live at Ista…"

<In the galleries> F'yr is too intent on the brown's Impression to notice much else alround her on the galleries for a moment. But then as soon as he's Impressed she looks back to Sigam. "There's always something that you'll like at a hatching feast. They don't happen so often, so they put out the best stuff! I'm looking forward to checking out the sweets if Zaruath doesn't bug me at all." But her concern shows as she's back to looking at the sands. "Never been good at it… Have you seen many hatchings?" She shakes her head a little, pursing her lips out thoughtfully a moment. "You might not be wasting your breath for this hatching, it seems," she says sadly, looking at the last hatchling and then towards the two Xanadu girls.

<In the galleries> K'urk is almost holding his breath at this point. "C'mon, sweetheart…C'mon, Kyldar…."

A'ven's smile is a little pained now, as the sands will once again be empty. There is still the matter of that green though — so careful in her choice. His face is a compassionate wash of all sorts of emotions as he waits to see how that'll turn out.

<In the galleries> Shorynia joins the silent cheer for Kyldar… any family of T'burk's right… but who was that other rider with him and Chaton… was that Kadan's father?

<In the galleries> As the last egg hatches, B'ky sighs quietly, saying to Kessa, "It wasn't so long ago that I was standing on the sands of Fort." He sounds fairly nostalgic. The man's eyes go distant, and then he blinks suddenly, murmuring, "Shards, has it really been seventeen turns?" He chuckles, watching the sands with interest.

Kyldar sighs. "Well, that ends that," she says.

The Glorious Green Hatchling flicks her tail in one fluid movement, sending several of those horrible shards off in one direction as she saunters off in another. Oblivious still that she's late to the party, so to speak, she continues down the line of candidates with some cautious interest. A whuffle, a snort, a sniff for this one or that one. Perhaps the leftovers from her siblings' don't seem to interest her? Though just as she is about to make another pass, she flicks her wings in a decisive manner and turns to face a girl at the end of the line, cocking her head up at her inquisitively. No matter - she's picked the best of all, in her opinion.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Glorious Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<In the galleries> Kessa regards B'ky for a while, patting his arm, "The memories will never fade no matter how long has passed." She squeezes his arm and turns back just in time to see the impression made.

Jolie moves slowly forward, from Sevaruth's side to address the remaining candidates. "I know that there is disappointment about not finding your partner here today. Still, all of you were searched for a reason. Mostly likely, your dragon has just not been shelled here yet. We welcome all of you to stay here at Western if you wish, or there will be riders willing to transport you home if you desire. We enjoyed thoroughly your company these past few months and please, come and enjoy the hatching feast."

Lissi is a little slow to make the turn around this time and ends up gathering the remaining two pairs, perhaps a little closer between the two than she'd like, dragonets can be so unpredictable and emotional. She smiles at V'ine and then looks to those left on the sands with a somber, gentle smile before leading the two last pairs toward the food.

Kyldar blinks several times, just as she is about to leave the sands, and turns around to look at the hatchling. "Sinasapelth?" She crouches down and smiles hugely, giving the little dragon a scritch on the head. "Yes, and I am yours, little one." She stands up giving the dragon an affectionate look. "Come one, sweety, let's get you fed."

<In the galleries> Enka can't help but giggle. She's been tickled. And she /is/ ticklish. "That's what /I/ said," the girl protests with a moue of a pout in Shorynia's direction. "I told Shory that it wouldn't happen, and we'd have plenty of time to run away first. Wasn't worth missing a Hatching. 'Sides, not a single one of 'em looked up here in the galleries. So we had nothing to worry about." the girl pauses, turns to watch the sands a moment and then let's out a crow of triumph. "Greenie found her 'rider, looks like. Means we can go to the feast now. Plenty of wine there, Shory. Y'can get sodding drunk withoit even having to talk to T'burk. An' you've seen Chaton. What could be better?"

<In the galleries> Thea's eyes are on Jessamin more than they are on the other hatchlings. The crowd around her forgotten for the most part. As the last one impresses, she sighs disappointment for her friend, then stands and slips out to see if she can find her before the crowd blocks her way.

Ly'am steps forward as the last dragon impresses, "A lot of greens big fella…and a pair of bronzes! Good on ya." He says with a pat to his dragon's hide before stepping up to Jolie's side with a more serious look upon his face as the last speech is given to the remaining candidates.

<In the galleries> M'nol's shoulders fall, "Poor Jessa…" He glances up at R'zel, "do you think she'll want to talk?"

Jessamin lifts her chin a notch, smiling as the hatchling makes her choice at last. Applauding the new pair, she calls out, "Congratulations, Kyldar!" To Jolie she now turns, nodding slowly. "I petitioned the Weyrleader months ago to stay, and would have whether Impressing or not. However… I'd best go to see about moving out of the dorms."

<In the galleries> T'burk says "All right! She's done it!"

<In the galleries> Shorynia claps loudly for her friends' kin even though she's barely met the girl herself.

<In the galleries> K'urk jumps up and hugs his father, T"burk. "That's my girl! That's my baby!"

<In the galleries> R'zel looks a little disappointed for Jessamin, then looks up to give M'nol a smile. "Perhaps. But she may want a little solitude after that, too… we'll see. I'm not going to crowd her. Now, I believe there was mention of a feast?"

Kyldar smiles at Jessamin. "Thanks. It's she pretty?"

<In the galleries> G'len sits there, stunned. "No dragon for Jessamin….That just doesn't seem right."

Jessamin nods slowly, and smiles. "That she is. Congratulations to you both." With that, she slips silently off the Sands, bowing to dragons and riders on her way out.

<In the galleries> M'nol nods, "Yeah… I'll probably ask when I can catch up to her, though…" He sighs again, "I was so sure this time, too…"

Kyldar looks around. "So, where do I go to feed this little girl."

<In the galleries> B'ky smiles softly at the last pair on the sands, nodding to Kessa, and saying quietly in agreement, "No, they never will."

<In the galleries> Sigam's lips twist sideways at that, shoulders rolling. "I guess you have a good point. Zaru can let you hang out and party for a while, right?" It seems to be chatter coming from the Dragonhealer, though, at this point. "Yeah, me neither, but I never bothered to see if there was a good way to predict, so I gave up a long time ago. I've seen a few in my time, though, yeah. Can't remember most of them, but every now and again I'll see a familiar face." The man's lip twitch to one side, almost dismayed when F'yr proves to be correct. "Yeah… Oh well. maybe that means they can come home now." He's looking on the positive side, clapping and beaming over at those cheering for the girl he didn't know, oblivious to Jessa's intentions to stay on at Western. "That was fast."

Vora does not falter in her applause of the new pair, waving the other girl off the sands. However disappointed she is to be left standing, she keeps her expression composed. If her chin wavers a notch, it rights itself soon thereafter. Turning to Jolie, she says, "Yes. I've loved it here, but I do miss Xanadu. Perhaps there is more than a little good to be found. I may return, but… ah." She shakes her head, unable to finish the sentence.

<In the galleries> Gobhan sits tight while his brother runs out suddenly.

<In the galleries> Chaton grins and pats T'burk on the shoulder. "Good." he says, smiling.

<In the galleries> Kessa smiles at B'ky, "Well. I had better return to Fort. There's plenty of things to do that await. I'll see you back there B'ky." She touches him on the arm and wishes him 'clear skies' before making her way out of the galleries, nodding to anyone who seems to notice her before slipping out.

Kyldar follows Lissi out, her newly hatched dragon in tow.

<In the galleries> T'burk says "Well! I'm glad she found her lifemate!" He turns arounf to hug K'urk then shakes hands with Chaton. "So we have another Western Dragon. Looks like you'll have to come visit her at /my/ place now, K'urk, ol' boy!"

<In the galleries> R'zel continues to draw right up until the last dragon is led off the sands. He then shuts his sketchbook and tucks it into a pocket, rising from his seat. "Alright then, M'nol, shall we go mingle with the Westerners, then?"

<In the galleries> K'urk just laughs. "Will do, ol' Man! Will do!"

<In the galleries> "Clear skies," B'ky murmurs to the Fort weyrwoman before he is also rising from his seat, though the man will likely join the feast. Work can always wait when a hatching celebration is in order.

<In the galleries> Shorynia stands slowly, giving Izzy a wink, and moves down towards the entrance to the viewing arena, but doesn't leave, waiting to see what Chaton might do instead.

<In the galleries> "He better, or I ain't gonna invite him the next time I go hiking," says F'yr with a stern little nod. "At least long 'nough to steal me some pastries and say hi to Uncle Tyrrol." And then she'll be happy to leave before she runs into someone she didn't want to. Her eyes watch the sands still, sighing heavily once. "That's… sad, still. I think Jessa stood in Xanadu too, right?" She stands up, probably because everyone else was standing and the short brownie just couldn't see anymore. There's still a reason she wanted to watch the sands, probably searching for someone familiar for a moment before turning to Sigam with her shoulders slumped. "Fast, and disappointing."

<In the galleries> Enka would hop to her feet, but then, entangled in Xhaine's embrace, it's rather awkward, that. One arm around him, his arm around her — hard to stand when one is entwined so; at least, not without pulling the other person over, or something equally embarassing. "Should we go to the feast, or try and catch a ride home? She," and here Enka tips the thumb of her free hand in a gesture towards Shorynia down there by the entrance, "is gonna hang out until her boy's gonna talk to her, I'm sure. Me, I seen the Hatching, and I don't wanna sit here any longer."

<In the galleries> R'zel gives M'nol a wave as his fellow Xanadu brownrider departs. "Right. I'll catch you later, then." He looks back over towards Izarra, the girl who was mentioning painting earlier. "Are you going to be attending the feast? I'd love to chat with a fellow artist."

<In the galleries> Xhaine hauls himself to his feet, whether Enka chooses to join him or not. He'll haul her up too if need be! "I for one would never miss a feast if there's one in the offing!" he declares to the girls. "Let's go… it's rare for me to be at a celebration where I don't have to play. It's the job of the Western Harpers for this one!"

<In the galleries> "I'm sure he's properly scared," Sigam says in a drawl, smiling. "Didn't know you had family here," he says, but it seems off-hand, his eyes taking a sad turn. "Yeah. She did. That has to be hard, standing and not impressing. Did you ever have that?" The Dragonhealer makes a soft noise in the back of his throat and then stands as well, lifting Saoirse up to his shoulder. "Yep. But as before, there's always next time, right?" The man stretches out his back and then jerks his chin towards the exit. "Well, shall we?" He offers his arm with an amused smile.

<In the galleries> Nenowyn stands gingerly, trying her best to stretch in the confinds of the crowded gallery, rubbing her backside with a grimace. Her voice is a soft murmur, as if agreeing with the contented bleating coming from the lizard wrapped protectively in a stranglehold on her upper arm. Mincingly she steps around feet and bodies to reach the stairwell, a passing glance to the throng of chatting girls and gent, along with a mighty proud looking family. Pursed lips wear a smile as she bobs down the steps, looking all too eager to flee the crowds. Yep, a glass of wine is certainly deserved.

<In the galleries> Chaton stands up, using his cane. He walks over to Shorynia with a tap-tap-tap, and takes her arm in his. "Shall we?"

<In the galleries> And Enka's of the mind to let Xhaine haul her to her feet, it's so much easier than actually doing all the work herself. Splendid, really! "For sure, it's your chance to relax and enjoy the music without having to do all the work," Enka offers the Harper a grin; quite relaxed herself, given that she's got some past history (which is not quite on the good side) with Harpers. Then again, given that particular Harper is a woman, and Xhaine is most assuredly male, it's a moot point at the moment. "A Feastin' we shall go," she flashes him a brilliant smile, offering him her hand if she should care to take it. Lead on McDuff!

<In the galleries> F'yr bobs her head quickly. "Oh, he definitely is. And it's just my uncle, Mom's brother. I used to work for him here, actually." Apparently it wasn't 'just' her uncle either, since he seemed to be close family still. She falls a little quiet as she glances back to the sands and after a moment's consideration she answers with a shake of her head first. "No, actually. I was a candidate here, back in the days with Xal and Ixi and the others. But never got the chance to stand. Ista was the first time, and Zaruath found me there." She turns away from the empty sands to grin up to Sigam, snorting a bit in amusement at his arm. But she slips her own into his with a roll of her eyes. Proper brownrider? Her? "We shall! I'm craving those bubblies. Always were good here!"

<In the galleries> "To the food and fun!" and off Xhaine goes.

<In the galleries> Shorynia wraps her arm into Chaton's, planting a kiss on his cheek, "Of course, good sir." She nods to T'burk and K'urk, for all she hasn't actually *met* K'urk yet, she catches the family resemblance.

<In the galleries> T'burk says "Ah, Shorynia! Please allow me to indroduce my son K'urk, rider of Blue Daoth. It was his dayghter Kyldar who Impressed the green today!"

<In the galleries> K'urk gives a bow. "My pleasure!"

<In the galleries> Chaton resists a comment that all weyrlings are pratically insane anyway, and that maby K'urk should be the son he's shrinking. But he doesn't. Instead he leads Shorynia over to the two. "My knot. Where'd you stick it? And my bag. And the dominoes."

<In the galleries> Shorynia smiles and nods to T'burk and K'urk, "My pleasure to meet you K'urk and to see you again, T'burk. I was there when Kyldar was searched. You must be very proud of her." She reaches up to carefully remove Chaton's bag from her own shoulders, passing it to him, even if she holds on to the domino she'd snagged earlier. Chaton's knot is wrapped around the bag's strap. She smiles, "It's all there, love."

<In the galleries> "Scary Fy," Sig says with a laugh, "I think I remember you mentioning Western before, though. Sounds like a blast." Sarcasm? Naww, not from him. "Wait, you never got a chance to stand? Huh. Well, I guess it worked out, then, since you found your Zaruath at Ista instead." He seems surprised indeed, but it passes quickly - it wasn't an entirely foreign concept, not making it through candidacy. "You know, I half expected you to tell me you could walk yourself out," the Dragonhealer rumbles with a sideways grin before leading the way towards the exit, eyes dancing. "You and your sweets. You're going to get cavities one day, and then where will you be?"

<In the galleries> Chaton deftly pins the knot onto his shoulder and nods. "Awesome. Thanks." he extends his hand to K'urk. "Chaton. Journeyman Mindhealer."

<In the galleries> Shorynia gulps, "Oh… right, Shorynia.. Ysa's assistant."

<In the galleries> K'urk says "Yes, indeed, this is a very proud father you see her…and proud Grandfatherm too, I'm sure!"

<In the galleries> F'yr likes hearing her name and scary in the same sentence, which is why she was beaming even with the old and bad memories of her Western candidacy cropping up. "Pirates kinda do that to you. Keep you from makin your own hatching." She's still very happy with her own lifemate, of course, so there is no disappointment in her voice at all. She squeezes his arm, but not in an affectionate way. More like trying to keep him at the same pace as her. "Oh, I would've told you that. Still would if that's what you want to hear, but I need someone to hide behind /just/ in case." So at the end Fy is still using the dragonhealer for her own purpose. As she walks out, she smirks to him and answers brightly, "I'll then be eating more sweets to help make me feel better from the pain." And as they walk, she does make sure to stick close and use Sigam as good cover.

<In the galleries> "Oh. Yeah, guess that would do it," Sigam says with a wince, trying to remember if he should have known that or not and coming up blank. There were downsides to alcohol, hee. The man slows his pace with that squeeze, toning down his long stride and angling a glance down at the brownrider. "Ah, right, so I'm playing the human shield. Gotcha. Least you picked someone tall," he says, eyes rolling with a grin. "You have a very crooked sense of how things should be done, my dear. Can't say I blame you though." The man seems happy enough to shield her, slinking through the crowd and out of the galleries.

<In the galleries> Shorynia smiles at K'urk, "What's it like… to impress, I mean?"

<In the galleries> Izarra nods at R'zel. "Yeah, I-I am." she grins. "W-we could g-get something to d-drink at the f-feast." she turns to Lei. "W-would you c-care to join u-us?"

<In the galleries> R'zel grins brightly at Izarra as he rises from his seat, offering the apprentice his hand. "Sounds good. What's your name, by the way? I'm R'zel, rider from Xanadu." He gives Lei a friendly smile. "I don't believe we've met, either."

<In the galleries> K'urk says "To Impress is like…Strange, in a way, but mostly very uplifting, like you are being reborn to something more than you were before. It is like waking up from what was a wking dream, almost, to something even more live."

<In the galleries> Baileigh starts. She's been staring off into space since the last one Impressed, eyes shining slightly. She jumps to her feet, realizing something wasn't quite right, but she shakes it off. "Sure. But not for a drink, I don't think. Unless it's juice." Or, Xhaine gets it in his diabolical head to spike her drink. Harper boys are always trouble. She turns to R'zel, suddenly shy, and she ducks behind the Harper a little. "Baileigh." Something she heard Shory say earlier stuck, and she stutters through it, too. "Weyrwoman Ysa's… Assistant." Wierd to say, she feels entirely not important enough to say something like that. "Of Ista." Belated, but necessary. "Ista's greetings." Also massively belated, but there's a neon blush of shyness creeping up the woman's neck.

<In the galleries> Izarra smiles and nods. She gently takes Lei's hand, and tugs her on. "Juice it is then."

<In the galleries> "Well then, let's go join the feast." R'zel says with a smile, leading the way on to the living caverns.

<In the galleries> Baileigh looks at Izarra, and she goes crimson. It's the blush to beat all blushes. She shoots a look at Shory, who cannot see her, and lights the way to the Living Caverns, trailing along behind Izarra, her face like an enormous day-glo pink balloon filled with glows.

<In the galleries> T'burk says "Would anyone like to join the festivities in the Living Cavern?"

<In the galleries> Chaton nods. "I would." he says, taking Shorynia's hand

<In the galleries> T'burk smiles and gestures to the friendly green EXIT sign above the door. "Let's go, then."

<In the galleries> Shorynia nods as well, pecking Chaton on the cheek one last time before exiting the grounds with him, a smile lingering on her face.

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