A Hatching Feast

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Nenowyn rubs her brow, expression obviously grateful to escape the pressing throng and sweaty air of the hot hatching grounds. "Whew." She slouches, shuffling towards the platters being set out by kitchen staff. It seems her hands are going straight for a wine goblet. "Oh, hello." She stops short, eyes jumping to the figure of A'ven. "Sir." She adds hastily. "Good show, wasn't it?" Mm, that chilled wineglass is nice in her clammy palm.

A'ven is in a relaxed mood, chuckling a little bit at the 'sir' "I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. It's exhausting though, that heat." He's working on a large glass of juice himself. "Help yourself everyone, there's plenty of food.'

Alinaine had been at the Hatching, of course! Perhaps hidden in the shadow from the others but she was there nonetheless. She'd slipped away from the many bodies and into where there would be drinks to cool her parched throat. A small harp hangs off the harper's shoulder as she helps herself to a goblet of wine as well, only just noticing the other people that were there. A glance over at a fellow Harper and then to the young weyrleader and a nod to them both, raising her goblet before taking a sip. She let out a satisfied sigh. "That really hits the spot." she murmurs to nobody in particular.

Nenowyn nods agreeably, cradling the chilled vintage like a mug of warm klah under her nose. The legs of the wine showing admirably as she swirls the cup and inhales the bouquet with a contented sigh. She stands near enough to the Weyrleader to hear him over the burble of the crowd, but at a respectful (fearful?) distance. "Oh, absolutely sir. It's been a pleasure to visit your Weyr, my master will be quite happy with the portfolio."

Xhaine saunters his way into the living caverns with Enka on his arm(or dragged behind him, whatever) and immediately scopes out the available food and drink, although he does scrutinize the drinks more than the food. "Well seems like they've got a decent selection here." he drawls, moving towards getting some of that good stuff.

A'ven commments, "It comes from being so close to the sea. We have so many trading ships come through here. Western is… very lucky for nights like this, what a good group we had." He sighs, looking very tired, but it's Hatching Day and some of that excitement still shows.

Alinaine seems quite focused on the food before her, still sipping occasionally from her goblet. So many choices! She shuffles back and forth, finally adding some things here and there onto her plate. A familiar voice makes its way to her ears and she turns to spy Xhaine. With a grin, she waves to him, "Hello there Xhaine."

Enka meanders into the caverns clinging to Xhaine's arm. Either that, or he's dragging her along and she's stepping briskly to keep up with him, either way. "Always did like the Hatchin' Feasts," the girl's quick to chirp up, almost batting her eyelashes at the Journeyman Harper. See, she's smiling, look .. teeth. "Best part about the Feasts were there was always so much food, anyone could eat anything they wanted, and they made things, real things. Delicacies and the like that you couldn't get in the normal sevenday meal." For her part, the Istan lass seems to be eyeing the dessert offerings more than anything else, although a glance or two is taken at real substantial food, and maybe even the alchoholic beverages. "Shall we?" a nod of her head towards the tables.

Xhaine is hailed, and he looks over in Alinaine's direction. "I'm afraid you have me mistaken, I'm Khaine." he replies, looking Alinaine straight in the eye with a serious expression. Oh, what a liar! The trouble is, how can you tell…

A'ven plays barkeep for a few minutes, handing out concoctions to the busy crowd. "Wow…. oh look, there's a few Candidates coming in now. They're tired — keep their drinks coming and make em cold, okay?" He smiles, patting his beleaguered barkeep on the hand. "Don't worry, we've got plenty… don't be stingy. Now, if only we can find some harpers with… ah! Instruments?"

"Hey!" Enka's voice holds a trace of surprise in it as she looks up at Xhaine for a moment, "You're…" she /might/ be ready to give away the game, but then, a little niggling voice in her mind — really, it's her own little conscience — suddenly makes her stop dead, grinning faintly, and glancing back to survey the dessert table once again. Better that she not look at Alinaine, least she giggle or something, and ruin her companion's fun.

S'chez gives a conspiring wink toward the older goldrider.

Why, would you look at that. Nenowyn's wine glass is quite empty after just a scant few moments. Must be the crowds on her frayed nerves. She inclines her head amicably to her fellow harper in blue shoulder tassles, though her eyes go wide at the call for music. On hand goes to her shoulder, as if to hide her own affiliations. If she's asked to sing one more time just because she's banded in blue… A quick toss downs the last of her wine down her gullet.

M'nol sidles into a corner. It's not that he doesn't like a party… but his last hatching feast was a little… violent?

Alinaine raises an eyebrow at Xhaine's blatant lie. "Are you really?" she asks, something of a smirk tugging at the edges of her lips. "I've known you long enough to not to mix the two of you up, you know." she tells him before chuckling softly. And then a glance at the girl who Xhaine had dragged along. "Definitely Xhaine. Who else would be pulling a girl along with him?" she adds. Then her ears perk. "Did someone call for a harper with an instrument?" she calls out, grinning now. "Why! It must be fate, for hear I have a harp! /And/ I'm a harper.. how's that for coincidence?" The journeyman winks at Xhaine and chuckles again.

Xhaine gasps loudly. "You're calling me a liar?!" well he is, so… "Hah. She came willingly, if that's what you're implying. Aren't you, Enka dear?" when Alinaine volunteers to play, he makes shooing motions at her. "Go tickle everyone's ears with a tune."

Jolie is moving to get a glass of something cool, returning from seeing Sevaruth off to hunt and then sleep off the suddenly full belly she's acquired. She glances quickly over the crowd gathered, before she walks quickly toward an open seat and settling in to listen now.

Enka gave the game away anyway. Simply by being a girl, and being there, and being attached to Xhaine's arm. Oh whatever is a girl to do. Giggle, apparently. Because that's what Enka does, turning away from her contemplation of the offerings of the sweets laid before her, and grinning rather sweetly at the Harper. "Willingly as anything," she remarks. "Rather liking it too."

A'ven grins, "See, I knew there was a Harper here somewhere." "Help yourselves to more everyone, if you like. We have a new spicy spiderclaw stew that's brand new for the Hatching. Well, we tested it out on a few Candidates first but they lived! So, it's good — I promise. Try some if you like, and any of you who need to stay for a few days before heading home, of course, we can arrange it."

Vora spots A'ven through the pressing crowd - quite a sight, in the large living caverns - and heads toward him. As she approaches, a smile lights her face and she is careful to wipe any shame or disappointment from the Hatching from her graces and her expression. Trying to catch his eye, she says, "A'ven! It was a beautiful clutch today."

Xhaine chuckles and starts filling up a plate. "I get that a lot." he winks at her, then goes in search of the best wine he can find.

"Indeed I am calling you a liar." Alinaine replies, still grinning before taking another sip of her wine. Then a look at Enka. "Too many girls are willing, it would seem. You're a bad influence, Xhaine." she tells him, clicking her tongue momentarily before she moves away from the pair. She picks a somewhat empty table and moves to sit atop it before swinging her harp over her shoulder and striking a chord. Satisfied, she begins to play a rather dancy tune, fingers plucking at the strings with a grace that comes only from much practice.

"I bet you do!" Enka can't help but laugh now. "I remember you at the Connell Festival at Fort. All over Lei, were you feeling her up or something?" Seriously, that's not something one girl asks of a man, really, but you know Enka, she speaks before she thinks. "Still," the girl picks up a plate, tapping it against her chin for a moment before she regards the food offerings carefully. "I might try that spiderclaw stew. Not sure if I'd like it spicy, but if the Candidates survived without spewing up their guts, maybe it might be tasty." On the other hand, if said Candidates were becoming really chummy (bad pun, bad pun!) with the latrines, then she might steer clear of it. "Get me something to drink, would you Xhaine?" this last said with a batting of her eyelashes.

Xhaine waggles his brows at Alinaine. "You're next!" he tells her. "Everyone wants a piece of me!" Of course, no one actually gets to keep him, but that can be dealt with. "And why, do you want me to do the same with you?" he adds with a mock-leer at Enka.

Sekhmet soars into the caverns, creeling and circling above the heads of the assembled

Jolie tilts her head slightly as she listens to the various conversations before she makes her excuses slowly, after finishing her glass of juice. "Congratulations again, for everyone celebrating". Then she heads out quietly, still mumbling something softly to herself and shaking her head.

M'nol glances up, recognizing the little green as one of Jessamin's and cracks off a piece of meatroll to offer to Sekhmet.

As A'ven pushes away from the crowd, and from Vora, the girl falters a bit before shrugging and turning to head back towards M'nol. She chuckles at the sight of Sekhmet, reaches out to pet the little one, saying, "

Sekhmet perches on a chair near the kind humanpet and daintily plucks the proffered bit of meatroll from his fingers, crooning

Vora says "Well, I suppose we're staying for a bit."

R'zel makes his way in from the bowl a little later after most of the crowd. His eyes scan the group for familiar faces as he pushes his way through to the serving tables, grabbing himself a mug of whatever ale is making the rounds at the feast. He grabs a plate and a nice juicy cut of meat to go on it, then lays claim to the nearest empty table and takes a seat.

Hearing Xhaine's words, the harper merely shakes her head and continues to play that dancy tune. Surprisingly enough, even with the babble of voices in the cavern, her harp manages to be heard. Alinaine taps her foot absently as she plays, eyes glancing over the entrance and then to other familiar faces, watching with a bemused expression at a certain someone.

M'nol smiles at Sekhmet, producing another tidbit and nods to Vora, "So it seems. Try some wine? You can now, after all."

Flaim comes flying around looking for /his/ sweetheart! There she is! He goes to land right next to Sekhmet and starts crooning to her.

Sekhmet warbles prettily, preening as she is fed and petted. But then her attention is taken away by the arrival of the handsome bronze flit, who lands right next to her. She spreads her wings open wide, trilling a greeting!

With her second glass nearly polished off, Nenowyn edges to the fringe of the crowd like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Questioning chirps are soothed as she thumbs the little firelizard head at her ear, nodding to some unheard cue. Time to find her wings back home. That is, if her arranged Rider isn't as moderately buzzed as she.

Vora's eyes brighten at this prospect, and she indeed heads toward the loaded tables to wait for her turn with the pitchers and the food. When she returns, she is loaded down with an entire pitcher of wine and a platter loaded with every food available. At Sekhmet, she offers some of her meat after setting down her entire load on a table near the couches.

Izarra slipped in with Lei and R'zel. She releases Lei's hand when she gets into the Caverns and smiles, putting her sketchbook back into the bag she carries. She smiles faintly. "So, d-did you g-guys enjoy the h-hatching?"

R'zel smiles across the table at Izarra, taking a sip of his ale before he answers. "I did. Although I wish the hatchlings hadn't scurried off the sands so quickly. It made it difficult to get good drawings… how about you? Did yours turn out well?" He asks before taking another drink.

M'nol's blue Agate appears from /between/ crooning to sekhmet who had once shown such interest in him. Glaring at the bronze who dared to usurp his place

Baileigh is still lit up like a pink day-glo balloon filled with glows. Bob. Bob. Bob. It's pretty crazy, the way the blood in her ears brings out the copper in her hair. Some people just don't have the complexion for a pretty blush. "It was interesting. Never been before, y'know." She murmurs, on the heels of R'zel's interest in Izarra. "She draws good." I speak good. "I told her she should sell them. F'r'marks."

Izarra shrugs. "My memory is g-good. I can p-paint them l-later." she says, nodding and turning to Lei. "I d-dunno. They arent t-that good."

Shorynia enters, truly happy for the first time in sevendays with Chaton on her arm… or her on his… hard to say. She drags him across the room to the wine and picks a decent press for both of them.

Sekhmet trills happily, bobbing her head as Agate flies in. What a wonderful day, two such handsome flits!

K'urk soon blends into the crowd to get some of the good food he remembered as a child and finds a less crowded area to sit and reminisce.

"Really? That's very impressive…" R'zel says with a bright smile at Izarra. "And your friend seems to think highly of your work. I'd like to see it sometime, maybe we could collaberate on something… you're a harper apprentice? Would it be alright if I visited you at the hall sometime?" He takes a swig of ale, sighing a bit. "Unfortunately, I fear my duties will drag me off sooner than I'd like."

Chaton snorts, limping in infront of Shorynia and moving over to the table with the familiar Harper and the apprintice-who-isn't. "You're not allowed to brag on yourself then belittle yourself in the same breath. There has to be at least two breaths between." he says. "Healers orders." he nods at Shorynia. "Wine, whatevers handy." he requests, placing his cane across his lap.

Flaim spreads a protective wing over Sekhmet's back and trills and croons happily to her!

Sekhmet snatches the shred of meat from Vora, flipping it up in the air and catching it in her maw

"Don't think I wouldn't say no," Enka grins back at him, voice sugary sweet. "Actually," she amends, "you know I'd probably say yes." She's probably right at that. Being as she's a girl, and all. And not a shy one at that. Back goes Enka's attention to surveying the dessert table, but then she catches sight of the entrance of Izarra and Lei. "Hey Lei!" Enka waves cheerily. "And Izzy!" Wavewavewave! "Come sit by us." Yeah, Enka /is/ sitting down, isn't she? "And Shory! You found 'im!" a pause. "Xhaine, did you get me my drink?"

Vora smiles at Sekhmet's voracious devouring of the meat, then turns to M'nol. "You seem rather familiar with Western for a Xanadu rider. Have you been here before?"

Agate hisses softly at Flaim, moving to stand next to Sekhmet as well. Mine.

"Of course I did! I got me one too, you think I wouldn't?" Xhaine affects an injured expression. "I am APALLED that you think so poorly of me! I might just have to go off somewhere and throw myself off a cliff!" only not.

Sekhmet creels worriedly, folding her wings in and swivelling her head back and forth between bronze and blue

Shorynia sits beside Chaton and smiles, "You know I insist that you drink good wine, Chaton." Then she glances at Izzy, then Lei, then Izzy again and gives a quiet "yus!"

M'nol shrugs, "Sorta. I've been here to visit a few times. Always managed to run into Jessa and not you. And this was our first cross-Pern /between/ jump. So Farry knows it best."

Flaim stands firm, straight and tall and hisses back!

Though most of her attention was on her harp, Alinaine couldn't help but listen in on the various conversations that were going around her. Eyes dart here and there, fingers still plucking at the strings. A young apprentice is spotted and she flashes a smile at Izarra, her hands too occupied to wave to the girl. She only happens to catch Xhaine's expression, but not what caused it so the journeyman can only roll her eyes at the younger journeyman. Pluck pluck.

Agate croons softly to Sekhmet, ignoring Flaim now that he'd made his point. His green. The bronze could posture all he wanted.

Mercury rises from Chaton's shoulder and flies over to where the other 'lizards are, and looks between the three of them, his hat floppy on his head. Can I play?

Baileigh can't resist the chance to be witty, and maybe reduce that bright blush burning her ears. "Oh, you can't do that, Xhaine. There's too many girls you'd be cheating out of the honor." Like in first grade, where you insult people you secretly like. Need something to drink. She slips away from R'zel and Izarra, since Chaton came to her rescue. She has to get something to drink. Distracted, she pours herself something that she believes to be redfruit juice. Well, it was… Before all that silly yeast got in there. She takes a big sip, trying to cool down, then makes a massive face as she tries to swallow. Oh, fantastic. Not-juice.

Sekhmet chirrups and takes to the air, soaring up into the rafters

Izarra chucles. "Y-you mean h-horror, Lei." she says, rolling her eyes at the Harper. She frowns and looks at the other artist. "You w-want something to d-drink?" she offers, to both him and Lei.

Vora catches the irresistable music coming from a certain harper, and heads that direction. Picking up her platter and a cup of wine, she heads toward the woman and plops down before her. She isn't too much for conversation at the moment, but the music is enough to keep her captivated while she eats hungrily.

R'zel downs the last of his ale, then grins at the offer from Izarra. "Sure! I'll take another. Very nice of you to offer… do you have to be back at the hall soon, or are you free for a bit?"

Enka has seemed to have put her foot in it this time. "Oh stop," she waves a hand at Xhaine. "Don't throw yourself off a cliff because of me. Just think of everyone who would be deprived," a pause, and a mischevious glint in the girl's eyes. "… of your many /talents/." Yeah. Big emphasis on that last word there, eh? In more ways than one. Her lips curve into a smile. "Does it help if I said I'm sorry. And how would I make it up to you?"

Flaim spreads his huge reddish bronze wings and sails smoothly after Sekhmet, grabbing a bit of tasty meat for her along the way as he swoops over atray being held high as it it being brought out from the kitchen.

V'ine finally gotten rauxith to sleep he walk in to the feast. He makes his way to a table near T'burk. He waved to a few people as he makes his way to grab some food.

Chaton frowns after Lei. "I don't think the girl knows the difference between redfruit and wine. Speaking of, add another horror to the list of horrors. Liquified redfruit corpses, fermented and drank."

T'burk says "Well! Here are some of our new Weyrlings now!"

Agate takes flight as well, chirping oddly at Merc, sure… whatever… let's play chase the green. He lands a bit further from Sekhmet, crooning softly

Baileigh chuckles at Izzie, holding out her cup to answer the Harper's question after she's wandered back over. "No, the honor, Iz. Of throwing him off a cliff." Yes, maturity-for-the-win. She rolls her eyes at Enka's comment, but she bites her lip, restraining herself from being more of a jealous little brat. It's okay, because Chaton draws her faces instead. "Oh, Chat. I was going to try to *drink* it!" Is that a whine? That might be a whine.

Kyldar comes in, looking tired but very happy, and comes up to her grandfather (T'burk) with a spring in her step. "Hi, granddad," she greets, and gives him a hug. "I did it!"

Shorynia chuckles at Lei and Chaton, then gives Lei a wink. Then she giggles, "Another horror to add to teh list."

K'urk gets up, wipes his hands quickly and practically runs to his daughter to embrace her. "Kyldar! Congradulations, sweetheart! You did so well out there…what a beautiful dragonet!"

Izarra hurries off and comes back with a glass of wine and a pint of ale. She passes the rider the pint. "All yours." She turns to Lei. "Ah, I see."

Sekhmet shifts on her hind feet, creeling faintly as she looks between the three males. The unknown blue is given a mere glance, before her gaze returns to Flaim and Agate.

"I can think of a few ways you can make it up to me." Xhaine replies to Enka with the most innocent expression he can muster. And then there's some Weyrlings showing up, and Xhaine lifts up a glass to toast. "Way to represent the Harpers, Kyldar, you've done us proud!"

T'burk strides over to take his turn at hugging his granddaughter. "And such a beautiful color, too, if I do say so myself! You look lovely, my dear!"

Shorynia smiles at Kyldar, "I know we've barely met, but congratulations from me and Ista."

R'zel looks up at the arriving new weyrlings, applauding them with a bright grin on his face. "Congratulations!" He calls out before he accepts the pint of ale from Izarra, grinning. "Ah, thank you very much. So, can I see some of your sketches?"

Chaton frowns at Lei. "Don't hurt yourself." he looks over at the entering weyrlings and groans. "Great. Like I don't have enough patients at Ista." oh yeah. That's how he feels about it.

Flaim trills gently for Sekhmet and presents his catch for her in his sharp, polished foreclaws. "Chrrreep!" «for /You/, my Island Jewel!»

M'nol waves to Va- V'ine, "hey, lad. Congrats on the brown. V'ine, right?"

Kyldar hugs K'urk back. "Hey, dad. Thanks. Yes, she is beautiful, isn't she She's an ambitious one, for a green, though. I hope I can keep up with her expectations." To Shorynia: "Thanks." She pulls K'urk and T'burk into a group hug. "But I have to keep up the family tradition, y'know."

Agate searches around. Shards. He didn't have a present.

As Alinaine continues to pluck at the harp, the dancy tune ringing through the cavern above the noise. A glance over at Xhaine as she catches his words. "Hear hear!" she calls out, risking a wave at the older harper and his granddaughter while one hand still plucked at the harp. A flash of a smile at the young girl who had just sat in front of her. Then both hands are at it again. Pluck pluck. Music ~

Sekhmet gingerly plucks the meat from Flaim, grasping it in her foreclaws and nibbling the end of the piece.

Mercury dives into Chaton's bag and then flies up to the rafters with the other lizards. To the pretty green he offers… ta-da! A shiney marble. He holds it out in one of his paws. See the shineyness?

Shorynia gives Chaton a gentle squeeze, "Be nice, lover. I'm sure they have their own mindhealer should they need it."

Vora has her eye caught by the little reunion with Kyldar, and does her best to keep envy out of the mix of emotions that suddenly sweep over her. She's tempted to go say hello, but it seems to be a family moment, and so she continues with her meal, observing T'burk's joy and… that must be Kyldar's father.

Izarra applauds back at the weyrlings, as well, and turns back to the Rider. She hands him her book quietly, the pages filled with quick detailed sketches of the weyrlings and the dragons and the eggs, and all sorts of stuff.

R'zel watches the new weyrlings for a little while before he opens Izarra's sketchbook and flips through it, admiring the sketches inside with a bright smile. "These are quite good… and you say you paint as well? We'll have to collaborate on something, perhaps a work on this hatching. We were the only two artists present that I saw, after all."

Chaton sighs. "Ah, but I've always wanted to play with mentally unstable…." he cuts off. "Nevermind." he downs the wine he has and eases himself to his feet with the cane to fetch the rest of the bottle. He plunks it down on the table, his cane within easy reach beside it should anyone think of lifting it from him.

Oh sure, bet there's a definitely /one/ way that Enka can make it all up to Xhaine, and it's probably something that's best not mentioned in polite company. The girl can't help but giggle though, and accept the offered drink, sipping at it for a moment before she leans back in her seat, watching the festivites with a slight grin.

V'ine smiles at m'nol "Your M'nol right? I think we met after you did a between lesson or something right? Yes i'm V'ine. i'm pretty proud of rauxith." He sees Vora he waves to her to come sit with him.

T'burk says "Your Mother will be delighted to hear that you are now a rider, too, Kyldar…I hope! Perhaps she had her eye on you as a Master Harper!"

Izarra blushes brightly. "My p-painting isn't t-that good." she mutters, looking away from him.

K'urk takes a breath and holds it at that thought from T'burk. He finally lets it out with an "OH, well!" He smiles happily at this thought, then looks at Kyldar more seriously. "Were those your plans, Kyldar?"

Flaim croons melodically to seranade his Island Jewel as she dines.

M'nol nods to V'ine, "Yeah, M'nol, brown Faraeth's rider. You know you got the best dragon from the clutch, right?"

R'zel grins at the embarassed girl sitting across from him as he sips his ale. "Really? If it's anything like your drawing, then I find that hard to believe… tell me, do you have any plans for after this feast?"

Kyldar smiles and nods at T'burk. "Maybe she might have, but she can't deny this is a proud moment for me." To K'urk: "Well, yeah, sorta, but when I felt that dragon's mind calling me back, just when I was about to give up on Impressing, well, I think I can give up becoming Masterharper."

Shorynia smiles at the wine as chaton deposits it, "Oooo, good choice." She squeezes his leg gently and leans against him, murmuring, "I've missed you…"

Izarra shakes her head. "N-no. G-go home and s-sleep?" she blushes more. "And p-paint some. N-not in t-that order."

Sekhmet finishes her shred of meat, turning her head as the shiney catches her eye. Oddly, she seems a little disdainful of the offering. She snatches it up with her maw, and takes to the air, holding the marble carefully. The marble is rather promptly dropped on the ground close to the firepit, into a pile of ashes.

Agate takes advantage of Sekhmet's distraction to scoop up an entire chunk of wherry, offering it to the gorgeous green with a tiny croon.

V'ine smiles at M'nol "The best dragon in a clutch is all of them." He has a smile across his face. "It's interesting how i can feel rauxith's mind."

Baileigh drains her glass, burps, and looks uncomfortable. No point in even trying to make sense of Chaton's comment. Too many people! She sees each of the new Weyrlings being congratulated by thier families and members of the Weyr, and shakes her head. Nothing more she can do. She weaves through the crowd, looking a bit green, but she finally comes up behind Izarra, dragging D'rk by the arm. "You can get drunk just fine at Ista," she hisses at him after one protest, and taps Izarra gently on the shoulder. "I'm *hic* going back to Ista. You should let him help you," she whispers. "I'll see you later." She hiccups once more for emphasis, gives the Apprentice harper an odd one-armed hug, then proceeds to drag the brown rider out to the Bowl. "Where's Tarth? I want to go hooooooome," can be heard faintly from the Bowl.

Flaim gives a sharp hiss to Agate. Bad manners! Rude!

R'zel chuckles a little at Izarra, shaking his head. "No, I don't imagine it would be in that order… well, if you'd like, you're welcome to do your painting at my workshop. We could work together on some official representations of the hatching. A nice gift for the weyr, maybe." When Lei comes by to say her goodbyes, he smiles and waves to her. "A pleasure meeting you."

Sekhmet soars to the rafters again, only to find bronze and blue hissing at each other. She chirrups and perches some distance away. Let the males fight it out!

Mercury humms a little. He dives back into Chaton's bag, and returns with… a domino! He places it with a click next to Sekhmet, and chirups.

K'urk says "Kyldar, if your dragon is on the Sands, how can you say no? You can still learn everything about Harping that you desire. Look at your Grandfather. His dragon allowed him to do more than he ever could without her."

M'nol smiles at V'ine, "Browns are the best besides queens, doncha know?" He nods, "You'll get used to it."

Agate ignores the bronze, turning to make his offering to Sekhmet again, not approaching, though.

Chaton heys. "Stop stealing my stuff." he hurmphs. "Stupid flit. You're supposed to give 'em to sick brats, not hot lizard chicks." he shakes his head and pours another glass of wine. "I swear."

T'burk chuckles. "Or sometimes despite her," he says softly. "Are you hungry, Kyldar? WOuld you like for me to get you something to eat? Remember that just because your little green has a full tummy doesn't mean that you do."

Vora retreats back to M'nol's side, hearing what he has to say about his brown. She laughs, offering, "Well, of course! Don't let your big man hear you say that, M'nol. I daresay he'd have to say he's better than even a Queen! None of that fuss about clutches and bronzes."

Shorynia chuckles, "Let him have his fun, Chaton. He's probably barely seen hide of green in ages. 'Sides, one domino won't cost you much."

Flaim huffs and drops down to get Sekhmet her treat. He brings it back to her. HER treat.

Izarra smiles a little more. "A… an official r-representation of the hatching? Like… f-for marks and s-such. I.. I dunno i-if I'm g-good enough for a-all of t-that."

Kyldar nods. "I couldn't say no. It's impossible. Sinasapelth had already gotten into my head. I look forward to an interesting life with her, to say the least." To T'burk she says, "Yes, actually, and please. I've gotten that dragon fed, I guess it's my turn."

R'zel grins and waves his hand dismissively to Izarra. "Nonsense! I could use the help. Drawing from memory isn't my strongest suit, and the dragons were off the sands too quickly for me to sketch them all that well. Tell you what, I'd be happy to pay you for the help even if the weyr won't take it. How's that for a gaurantee?"

V'ine smiles. "Well yeah when he get's bigger he could chase gold or green." He looks at Vora. "i'm sorry you didn't impress but let me make you a deal. When Rauxith is big enough to fly i will take you on a trip." He has a smile across his face.

Sekhmet chirrups, spreading her wings wide and backstepping along the rafter. Though she does extend her neck far enough to pluck the edible offering from Agate, shredding the chunk of wherry into a few smaller pieces. She offers each piece to the males who seem so interested in courting her. Can't we all just be friends?

Agate croons softly and picks up the proffered treat, of course… so long as he plays nice.

Chaton places his fingers between his lips and whistles sharply, probably hurting everyone's eardrums at the table. Mercury returns to his shoulder, and looks as goofy there in the hat as he did up in the rafters. "Leave the green, and my dominoes, alone you silly wherry."

M'nol smiles, "Faraeth's big enough for that, too. He's chased as many golds as greens. Bloody brown's more interested in chasing tail than most anything else." He blushes, realizing a tad too late how much he was saying, then sighs, "Not that I'd trade him for all the marks on Pern."

Izarra shifts nervously. "S-sure. I-if you w-want. I s-suppose I'm not d-doing anything."

Enka tilts a brow at the antics of her fellow Istan. "Shards," she mutters, "we really gotta do something to keep Lei from getting her hands on alcohol because every time she does, something dreadful happens." Not that Enka is much more capable of holding her wine, but at least she's being moderate about it. There's a creaking sound from the chair as the girl leans back, wiggling downwards into a lazy slouch. She's following the conversation really, but it's going way over her head — rider stuff and all. Different wave lengths almost; you know, the 'you say poh-tatoe, and I say Po-ta-to' kind of thing. The antics of the firelizards are amusing to watch however. "Well," the girl remarks, glancing over to where Shory is. "If Barq hadn't been asleep when T'uas brought me here, I'd bet he'd be in the thick of that," a nod towards the 'lizards. "Not that he's really old enough."

Sekhmet cheeps as her hind foot comes down on the domino. She lifts her foot, looking down at the strange dark thing with white spots. Her head turns comically this way and that as she tries to make sense of it, chirruping an inquiry to Mercury.
R'zel grins and claps his hands. "Wonderful! I'm sure this is going to turn out great… we can leave anytime you'd like, it looks like the feast is starting to wind down anyways." Not to mention his second ale is nearly finished.

Chaton taps Shorynia on the shoulder and nods towards M'nol. "See? The whole lot is a bunch of psychotic… nymphomaniacs!" he whispers harshly.

Mercury chirups back! IT's fun to chew on and makes clicky noises when you hit it on stuff! Yay!

V'ine smiles at M'nol "I know I would never trade in Rauxith. One day he's going to be a clutch sire for the sands here. i just know it." He laughs for a bit. "I just wish I could show off rauxith to everyone but he wants to sleep."

M'nol glances up at chaton with a dark glare, "Leave my dragon out of your sick nightmares, mind healer." Then he's all smiles again, waiting to see what the weyrling has to say to his embarrassing enlightenment

T'burk says, "I'll be right back. You have a seat." He goes to get her a big plate of some of Western's finest fair, the barbequed porcine ribs with the tangy sauce, spicy and flavorful, meat nearly falling from the bones, Steamed spiderclaw legs in drawn butter, and fresh fruit salad of the Island's sweetest and freshest fruits. He adds a fresh-baked rosemary herbed roll, buttered. He brings it back to Kyldar and sets it before her along with the pale blue linend napkins with the Western Weyr insignia in the corner and fork and knife. "There you go, dear. Enjoy!" He sits down next to her. "It will be good to have you here with me for a while!"

M'nol nods, "He'll not do much more than eat, sleep and bathe for the next month or so."

Chaton nods again. "See? Further proof. They should all be quarentined or something."

Shorynia chuckles and pats Chaton gently, "You're going to get yourself kicked out at that rate, love. And you know that riders are slaves to their dragons during flights as well as I do." which is only in a text book context…

Izarra nods after Lei, belatedly. "H-help me with what?" but she's out of doors at this point.

Vora pats M'nol on the shoulder. "Ah, it's alright. I'm surey you've chased enough tail, yourself." No matter how young, she adds mentally. A man is a man is a brownrider. She chuckles to herself and finishes off her cup of wine, pouring another. "Ah, shardlings it's good to be able to enjoy a good cup of wine again."

Sekhmet dips her head down and picks up the domino in her maw, flipping it up in the air; it soars through the air, heading straight for Chaton

R'zel arches an eyebrow slightly, smiling at Izarra before he finishes his ale. "So, are you ready to go? I can give you a ride, of course."

M'nol shakes his head, chuckling, "Only Cen and Phy… and only Phy past a kiss… adn heck… Cen kneed me in the special place for the kiss." He blushes again and mutters quietly, "Phy'll be back soon, I hope."

Chaton frowns. "What are you talking about woman?" he asks, trading his empty glass for a full one out of the bottle. "I wasn't talking about that twit anymo-ow." he looks up as dominoes rain from the sky. Duck and cover! He peers over at Mercury. "Somehow, I sense that this is your fault."

Kyldar goes over toward the tables and takes a seat. "Thanks, Granddad," she says when the food is brought to her, and starts into the porcine with her fork and knofe. "You're the best. It'll be good to get back to the family roots, I think."

Shorynia giggles, ducking as well, "Of course it's his fault. He gave 'em to her. And haven't you heard that the riders don't really get a choice in the matter during a dragon's flight?"

V'ine his eyes widen for a moment. "I'm sorry I have to leave for a moment. Raux got woken by a spinner." Looking over at kyldar. "I have to head back to put raux to sleep. While i am gone your the rep for us weyrling's alright?"

M'nol nods, "Dragon's your first duty now. Good luck with that." He waves to the departing brownrider, a grin on his face.

Chaton pokes Shorynia's nose. "We aren 't talking about that anymore." he says, stressing it. "We were talking about… I dont remember."

K'urk says "Who knows but I may be popping in here more often."

Izarra shrugs and stands up. "S-sure. L-lets go?"

R'zel smiles and nods, rising from his seat and making his way out towards the bowl. "Great. Follow me."

Vora smiles wistfully at Vine's back as he leaves the Caverns, and she digs back into her meal and her wine in distracting earnest.

Shorynia leans over and plants a solid, loving kiss on Chaton, then grins, "I'm sure we were talking about that."

M'nol leans over, giving Vora another hug, "It's only a matter of time, Vora. You wouldn't've been searched if you weren't goign to impress some day."

Kyldar says to V'ine, "Sure thing." She pauses for a heartbeat. "You have a good night." To K'urk she says, "Well, I'll be here for a while. Faranth knows I won't be leaving while Sinasapelth is still little. If you can call three and some fraction meters 'little'."

Flaim perches newr Sekhmet to see the odd humanthingie that she's handed back to the human. «<What is it? Is it lucky? Is it important?»

Chaton hms. "Interesting fact: Any topic of conversation, if left unchecked, devolves into sex within five to seven minuets time."

Queen hisses up at the odd green from Shory's shoulder, « my humans. »

Shorynia chuckles softly, "Only with us. How's the wine?"

T'burk looks over at Chaton. "Are you sure of that fact?"

Sekhmet dances about on her hind feet, spreading her wings and bobbing her head in the firelizard equivalent of a shrug. «I don't know, but I did not like it.»

Agate croons from the rafters, « then come back up here where we can play without getting yelled at… »

Sekhmet hisses down at the green who is taking such offense to her presence. «You can have them.»
Queen trills back, « good. no hit them. »

Chaton nods at T'burk, waving the domino at him. "Positive." he nods. "Another interesting fact. If you wait untill the middle of the night when bovines are asleep, you can go up to them and about two people can push them over." he nods, wrinkling his nose. "You have to watch out though, if they're too big, their spines will break under their own weight."

Kyldar watches the firelizards and giggles, shaking her head.

Vora looks up in slight surprise at M'nol as he leans over her, then settles down with a weary sigh. "Ah yes… and I hope to try again someday. I just don't know when." She spots the firelizards trilling to each other and waves at Sekhmet, "Ah, sweets, calm it down." She strokes the little green with two fingers.

Shorynia chuckles, "That's you, my repository of random facts."

Mercury hops over to Shory's shoulder and noses Queen.

Sekhmet chirrups in kind, folding her wings in. «I did not want the human thing. It flew.»

Queen noses Mercury back with a gentle croon, now ignoring the others

Mercury chirups in victory! Yay, someone of the opposite gender knows I'm alive!

Flaim warbles his agreement to Sekhmet. «Good to be rid of it, then! You did right.»

M'nol smiles at Vora, "There're always more clutches. I mean, Seryth's should be hatching any day now."

Agate trills again, « play in teh rafters? »

Shorynia squeezes Chaton gently, "How many random facts *do* you know?"

Mercury takes the Domino out of Chaton's hands and tries again on Queen.

K'urk takes up the challenge, in a good playful mood. "I beg to disagree. You can talk to my father about art, music or Healing and his mind is clear on those subjects. As him! I dare you!" he says with a smile.

Queen daintily accepts the domino. She examines it carefully, then attempts to take a bite. Giving a squeak at it's hardness, she flings it across the room and chitters at Mercury scoldingly, « food, not human toys! »

Vora grins at M'nol, a sincere grin. "Ah, yes. I know there will be. It was… it was just my first hatching." She stands and moves over to the chair to recline and finish her wine in relative solitude.

Chaton shrugs. "How drunk am I?" he asks. "I know that you can take fellis juice, tell an apprintice that it's a new kind of mixed drink, then draw a moustache and beard on him while he's asleep. Not that I'd know or anything…"

Sekhmet butts her head up under Vora's hand, warbling softly for a minute, then takes to the air once more, to soar above the many humanpets who have gathered. «Silly things down there.»

T'burk eyes his son from the other side of Kyldar. "Y'all sure about that?"

M'nol nods, letting her go. At least she wasn't throwing ale bottles at unsuspecting dragonhealers

Shorynia giggles, trying to hide it behind her hands, "Chaton… you scamp."

Enka arches a brow. What's this now, a discussion about bovine-tipping? How backwater. But she refrains from saying anything. Chaton's clearly much more informed than she is, and given this, she's not exactly going to go around saying anything bad against a MindHealer anyways — besdies which, she's not going to ever drink anything he offers. /Ever/. Least she turn into some dozing person who then gets a moustache and beard drawn on her. It's be so wrong, beards on girls. The chair beneath her creaks again as she slouches lower, her gaze fastened on the firelizards.

K'urk guffaws, "Jays, Dad…back me up!"

Kyldar looks back and forth at her father and grandfather, and says nothing for the moment as she eats her meal in silence, and just rolls her eyes.

M'nol smiles adn nods to those around him before making his own hasty exit. He had sweeps in the morning after all

T'burk replies, "I do grant you, talk of music and art can go on for hours. But when it comes to Healing, it can go either way and still go back to sex. When you are talking about healing a human body, that can be a part of it. And Healers are just as quick with a joke as anyone else…when life is not endangered."

K'urk looks at Chaton. "That good enough for you, sir?" he asks with a smile.

Shorynia chuckles, "Well, of course healing involves the human body. Why else would healers and harpers be the best at…" she trails off. Right… mixed company.

T'burk leans back for a moment and looks from Chaton to K'urk. "I dunno," he says softly to Kyldar. "I'd kind of like to see these two going for a while." He's smiling.

Chaton chuckles, and takes another drink of his wine. "I know." he turns over to K'urk. "See? Everything devolves to sex within five to seven minuets. Take this for example, it takes one-hundred-and-sixteen muscles to climax, but only seventeen to smile." he nods.

Kyldar waggles a finger at Shorynia. "Now, now. Harpers don't have to get rude and lewd. Necessarily. All the time. Just that we can turn a rhyme doesn't mean it's the only way to have fun with it, y'know."

K'urk says "You think more people would be telling jokes, then."

Shorynia giggles, "That's why it's good exercise, chaton." She smiles at Kyldar, "Never said harpers were lewd or rude. In fact I've found them to be most gracious and talented bedmates."

T'burk says "Ah, but they are probably telling them about sex!"

Chaton adds: "On the other hand, it only takes four to frown, so I always suggest being impotent and bitter to all of my patients. Works wonders for keeping your energy up during the day."

Sekhmet finally settles in the rafters again, chirruping and trilling quite merrily to herself as she watches the silly humanpets below.

T'burk says "Well, that blows my theory!"

Chaton says "No pun inteneded, I'm sure."

Kyldar leans back a little and recites:
A swimmer's clothes were all strewed
by a breeze that left her quite nude
A man came along
and unless I'm quite wrong
You expected this line to be lewd

Shorynia giggles again, "I'm glad you don't follow your own perscription, then."

Chaton chuckles at Kyldar and passes him the rest of the bottle of wine (after he steals another glass, of course). "You deserve this." he says, grinning. He turns to Shorynia and rolls his eyes. "I never follow my own advice."

K'urk says "Kyldar! Wherever did you hear such a thing? I'm shocked!"

There's a creak of a chair again, and then a scraping sound, as the slouched form of Enka straightens, and she rises from her seat, casting a sideways glance at the antics of the firelizards, lips tietching faintly in amusement. "Better go see if I can find T'uas. Get that ride back to Ista he promised me." she flashes Shory a quick smile. "Glad you found him." Yeah, it beats having to deal with tears and blubbering and that sad sort of depressive stuff. And with that, the girl slips off, out the door, hurrying off.

Kyldar grins. "A harper has access to every kind of verse," she says to K'urk.

K'urk says "I'll have to check with your mother on that point."

Shorynia smiles up at Enka, "I am, too. See you around the Weyr, Enka. Sleep well."

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