Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Lounge

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

It's getting on in the evening. Dinner has long since passed and most are sequestered away enjoying themselves. The patio of the Tiki Lounge is full of people partying and dancing to whatever music the Harpers are putting on. The inside is a bit more laid back, with more intimate or relaxed gatherings of people. The stage is empty, as the music outside is still ample enough to hear inside (but no need to shout to be heard). Keely has laid claim to a table off to one side and has a wine glass before her, as well as a basket of fried, sugary goodness. She's zoning out, staring out the window behind the bar.

Flushed-cheeked, bright-eyed and looking, well, a little rumpled, Rou'x bustles into the lounge from the partying crowd, cooing over her shoulder at an invisible someone. She totters to the bar, slips her coin across it in exchange for another drink, and is about to toddle back on out to join the dancers when… "Kee!" Across to the bluerider she goes, wide hips sashaying and smile bright as she bites down onto her straw. "Whatcha /doin'/ in here on y' own, doll?"

Pale eyes come back into focus as Keely blinks, pulling her attention from the window. Her expression shifts from pensive to pleased as the brownrider joins her. "Rou'x," she responds warmly, sitting up a little straighter. "I don't like how busy it gets out on the patio, but I wanted a few drinks." She nudges the chair next to her out with a foot. "Wanna join me?"

"But it's /buzzin'/ out there, babe. Y' don't /like/ that?" Rou'x does, however, wriggle her big butt down into a seat beside Keely, offering her a sip of her cocktail. "'S a bit cooler in here, anyways, I don't mind gettin' some've that dancin' heat off've me." She runs a hand over her head to brush loose strands of hair back from her rosy-cheeked face, and shoulder-bumps the bluerider as she points to the basket of sweet things. "What's that y' got?"

The cocktail is accepted and sipped at, while Keely pushes her wine across the table to Rou'x. In case the brownrider would like some of that. "It's the heat that gets me," she says with a brief smirk. "The air gets all thick and I have trouble breathing." Shoulders rise and fall in a shrug as she passes the cocktail back. "Sometimes I like it, but tonight I just wanted to sit back and rest." The basket is pulled closer, to make it easy for both to reach. "Those fried thingies they make. Covered in sugar? I love 'em."

Rou'x has /never/ been one to pass up on anything sweet - hence the generous proportions of her lower half. She dips her hand into the basket to pull out a tasty-looking morsel, and takes an oversized bite of it. Chew, chew, chew - swallow, drink… "Fuck me, sugar, but that's bloody /brilliant/. How come I've not had one've them here yet? What d'you call 'em? I reckon I could eat a whole bunch've 'em…" Pausing, she gives Keely a narrow-eyed, pursed-lipped look. "'specially if they came wi' some klah fudge."

Keely is starting to round out herself. That teenage metabolism is finally leveling out. But the hard life of a 'rider is keeping it in check. "I dunno what the name is," she admits with a grin, "I just ask for the fried dough. Maybe that is the name?" She gives a little shrug, grabbing a couple for herself. Rou'x's mention of fudge causes a few blinks. "Hunh? Oh, y'know, I think that new girl in the kitchens knows how to make that. You could ask her for some!" Hey, it's been at least a sevenday. Can't expect Kee to make connections right away.

"You might've shared yours," Rou'x teases, elbowing Kee gently. "Elsi's her name, right? Summat like that, yeah? Els… I was callin' her Els. She's gonna teach me t' make summat - /balls/. 'Cept I wasn't gonna tell you, 'cos I wanted to give it to you as a surprise. Gone n' blown that'n, haven't I?" Laughing, she leans against her friend (and a bit!), rubbing shoulders. "Thought I might've mebbe done summat fun as a surprise… like mebbe a jungle picnic, or summat."

Ohhhhhhh. Comprehension dawns and Keely looks mildly abashed. "It was melting and, well, the only safe spot for it was my mouth. I was walking around the bowl an' Geim was busy eating." She laughs, rocking a bit with the shoulder rubbing before settling in comfortably. "Well, mebbe I'll forget. Or I can try to act all surprised." She grins, grabbing her wine to empty the glass. "Jungle picnic? Mmm… Geimheath and I haven't done much jungle exploring yet. Could be fun!"

Picking up another fried dough-sugary-thing, Rou'x swallows another bite of it before replying. "Thei n' I've been talkin' about goin' on this jungle-island… expedition-thing, I suppose y' could call it. Since even /before/ we Impressed, but of course then the dragons came, n' now we're graduated n' have all them wing duties, so's there's just been no /time/, I guess. It were gonna be just the two of us goin' out n' huntin' n' shit like that, but d'you think mebbe you'd wanna do it, too?"

"I think y'mentioned it once, when we were weyrlings? Or was it shortly before the Hatching?" Keely shrugs. Timeframe doesn't really matter on that. She picks up another dough ball and nibbles at it, watching Rou'x. It's a kind of intent watching- studying the way the other woman moves, her gestures. It might be a little creepy, but it's definitely in the fashion of admiration. "I'd like to go… Y'think he'd be OK with that? He's… weird around me sometimes, y'know."

Rou'x's gestures are bolder than usual due to her being a little… well, tipsy. But they're still confident! And very relaxed at the present time, too, as she kicks one flipflop-clad foot up onto the chair opposite her, leaning back and looking totally chilled. "Dunno. S'pose if you're comin', then we gotta invite Rhab, too… he's a bit weird around me too, y'know. Could've sworn one day that he were gonna pounce on me n' get some fun goin', y'know, but… the bastard went n' said he din't even /like/ me, or some shit like that. Would've slapped him if Ir'e weren't s' keen on him."

Keely wrinkles her nose, sliding the wine glass towards an edge of the table. The serving girl will notice eventually and refill it. Possibly. "Boys… they're so confusing, aren't they?" She shifts in her chair a bit, turning to face Rou'x a bit. "Well… iff'n Ir'e is okay with it, I'd love to. But I don't wanna impose. I don't think he'd be likely to pounce me or nothin'. I feel like I musta pissed him off at some point or whatever. Dunno even what I did." Or she just doesn't remember - that happens to the girl too, sometimes.

Rou'x curls one finger gently under Keely's chin, tilting it up gently. "Tell y' what, doll. Me n' Thei'll go off, if he still wants t'go, n' I'll see if I can't get it outta him what might be makin' him act all funny towards ya, yeah?" She leans halfway in as if she's going to give her clutchmate a kiss, then pauses. "An' then we'll go on our picnic, too. Mebbe somewhere non-jungly. You been to Landin', Kee? Indy's /dying/ t'go."

As Rou'x's hand finds her chin, Keely reaches out to rest a hand on the brownrider's arm. Fingers press in firm, but gentle. "Naw… I… don't want ya to do that. He'll tell me when he's ready, I guess. I don't wanna risk making it worse if there /is/ a problem, y'know?" She seems a bit caught off-guard when no kiss happens, but blinks a few times. "Never been… Geimhreath doesn't seem to care much, but I'd love to check it out." The 'especially if it means more time with you' part is left unsaid. She doesn't wait long then, shifting to pull Rou'x in closer and get that damn kiss.

The booze has left a lingering fruity taste in Rou'x's mouth, and she happily leans in to make the most of the shared moment. When they emerge for breath, the brownrider grins, bumping her nose off Keely's. "To frickin' cute, y' are. 'S'them blue eyes, I reckon… I just… I sorta just wanna… I dunno. Get lost in 'em?" Rou really isn't a poet or a romantic, so coming up with pretty things isn't her forte. "Should be a green goin' up sometime soon, Kee. D'you wanna do our thing when the boys go on after her?"

A slight blush colors Keely's cheeks as she leans back, snatching up one of the remaining dough balls. She nibbles, looking off and away for a moment. Possibly recovering from the compliment. Fortunately, Rou'x gives her something else to go off of than trying to find a reply to the compliment- though perhaps the blushing and slight fluttering of arms that occured did enough. The brownrider gets to her! "Ah… oh." Eyes widen a little and she grins a bit, "Of course."

There was a definite hint of worry colouring Rou'x's expression for a moment; booze may have lowered her already low inhibitions, but even she's not dumb enough to realise she might have made the situation very awkward. But! Panic over! The brunette leans across to peck Keely on the cheek, then chinks their glasses together. "Tha's a date then, you n' me." She raises her glass to her lips and sips, drawing the straw out to suck at the cocktail-coated end of it. "Hey, Kee? Didja ever think you'd be snoggin' girls?"

Nope, not awkward. Well, not /bad/ awkward really. Just the kind of awkward when someone who doesn't often receive compliments is rather overwhelmed by one. Keely might even seem /more/ snuggly now, leaning in against Rou'x. D'aww. She does have a refilled wine, thanks to an attentive serving girl and downs a bit of it. The question draws a thoughtful look. "Not… really, actually. I've always had crushes on guys that didn't return 'em.. Until you, naw, I'd never considered it."

"Me either. There were this one girl who kept tryin' t' get me t' sleep with her, but I only kissed her, n' even then it were just because she were sorta /forcin'/ it on me." Rou'x shrugs her shoulder nonchalantly, resting her hand lightly on Keely's thigh. "I kinda had it goin' decent f' Ryeo - K'irye, now, didja hear he Impressed? Blue! - but that were while we were candidates…. n' there were Thei, too. We got busted f' snoggin' when we shoulda been huntin' tunnelsnakes… prob'ly just as well, really, cos things mighta… well, y'know."

"Did he? Good for him! I was wondering what happened to him after it all," Keely says, smiling a bit. She didn't know Ryeokie very well, but she also knows the feeling of leaving the Sands without a lifemate. "Blue's a good color… I should know." Smirk. She picks up her wine and takes another sip. "Had a crush on Zi'on fer the longest time, but by the time I was feeling brave, he was with Enka… and then I met Ila'den, who…" she doesn't even know, so she just shrugs. "No one, until you, had ever really shown an interest in /me/, so I spent a long time just kinda shruggin' everyone off." She flushes, "Tho as I think about it, I bet mebbe I was hurtin' myself there."

"Reckon I gotta thing f' blueriders, doll." Rou'x grins, stroking her fingers over Keely's hair. "It's just kinda easy with you. I like that. Don't matter what we're doing, if we're makin' out or gettin' heavy or what, it's just /easy/. I like that. You're a friend as well as bein' a lover, y'know?" She's not quite to the point of being able to say anything more than that, but Rou'x's definitely being a bit mushier than usual. "D'you reckon it mighta happened if we'd not got dragons?"

Keely's eyes close somewhat at the touch to her hair. If she were a cat, she might purr. There's a slight shift and she makes to slide an arm around Rou'x's middle. She might need to campaign for booths in the Lounge. Much better for getting cozy. "It is… I think that's what I like, too. With the guys I liked, I dunno, I felt like even if they liked me back, there'd be all this… I dunno. Stuff." She blinks and lifts chin to focus on Rou'x, giving a small smile. "I /am/ sorry I didn't think to share the fudge. I'll try to find something to make up for it." She's not used to thinking of someone else! Well, someone that's not her lifemate. "Hmmm… I dunno. Mebbe? It might've depended on what we did. The first time I Stood… I just kinda dove into my duties in the kitchen after. I took over meeting Holds and other Weyrs to trade and such. I was always traveling for a while."

Rou'x pokes Keely playfully. "C'mon now, I were only /teasin'/ over the fudge, y'know? But I ain't gonna say now if y' wanna make it up in some sorta way…" She laughs, tapping her finger off the bluerider's nose. "You've prob'ly travelled more than me! I've only been… well. Home, Ista Weyr n' here, really. Tha's it! We've been between to a coupla places, but never stopped at 'em, so they don't count, I don't reckon." A finger-waggle to catch the attention of a waitress has Rou'x ordering another round of drinks for them, even though she's still got half a glass full of cocktail left. "Where've you been? Where's best?"

"Oh, I've traveled, but…" Keely's brow furrows as she mulls for a moment. There's a little shrug as she reaches with her freehand for her wine. Likely to finish it before more alcohol arrives. "it was always on business. Visit a weyr, talk with their kitchens, find out if we can trade some of our overstock for theirs. Visit a hold, see what they'd want in return for some vegetables or whatever we needed. I never spent much time exploring or relaxing." She chuckles a little, "I was kinda in a dark place, so to be honest, it never even crossed my mind. I did like Ista, though, but.. well, you know Ista so that doesn't really help. I'm not a fan of the colder spots."

"No takin' y'home to my folks then, huh?" The brownrider shoulderbumps against Keely, giving her a wink. "Faranth, but I reckon they'd have a /fit/ if I turned up wi' a /girl/. They never took s' well t' Seaux when he Impressed his blue n' all. Betcha they'd flip out if I came home wi' Indy n' a hot chick that I'm callin' mine." That little slip of the tongue has Rou'x frowning, backtracking quickly. "I mean, not that /y'are/ mine, not… not like that, y'know, I ain't laying no claims nor nothin' down on ya, I mean… shit, tha's a hard'un to talk outta. I mean y'/are/, sorta-kinda, right? Just not in /that/ sorta way? I dunno!"

"You can take me anywhere you want," Keely says with a soft laugh. "I can introduce ya to my mom or dad sometime. We ain't really traditional at all an' they're riders, so I doubt they'd bat an eye." Tease, likely, but be ruffled? Nope. Rou'x's flustered behavior brings forth more blushing and in response, Keely decides to just slide both arms around the brownrider and bring her in for a firm kiss. Because, well, sometimes that's better than words.

This time the kiss is continued for as long as Rou'x can possibly bear it. The brownrider brings her hand around to Keely's thigh, hauling the teenager in close to her, and breaking away only when she absolutely has to. They /are/ still in the Tiki Lounge after all, so some level of decency is still required! "Kee-Kee," she murmurs softly, eyes practically closed and her lips brushing against her wingmate's with each spoken word. "C'mon up t' my weyr."

Keely is a little out of breath when they part, but grinning in a somewhat dumbstruck way. She doesn't remove her arms from Rou'x just yet… in fact, she might hold the brownrider a bit closer. She tips her forehead against the other woman's for a slight nuzzle-like motion. "Was wondering if you'd ask," she teases gently, disentangling herself… though clearly reluctantly, for how her hands linger. Her drink is finished in one fell swoop and marks left on the table for payment.

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