A Toll Unpaid

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours

All day. Venryk has been running around /all day/. He even disappeared from the barracks about dawn. Now that evening has finally arrived, the Fortian candidate is making his way back into the barracks. So what if he has an after dinner snack and drink all clutched to himself? Nobody said he couldn't have them! There's even a bit of a groan when he drops onto his cot though, making a face over the soreness in some muscles. "I'm not even going to get two paragraphs read before I fall asleep..I know it." At least he has tea, which he ever so carefully sips while situating his small sweet bun on a cloth on the cot. That, he'll get to in a moment.

Who is that there coming out of his very own room here at Half Moon Bay Hold? Why, it's Jaelyn! You know what he's got pinned to the black tank top he's currently wearing? It's a candidate knot. Yes, yes it is. While he might have arrived this morning while Venryk was scurrying about like an avian with his head chopped off, the computercrafter enjoyed a snooze after putting his belongings away. Golden eyes instantly come to rest on the whinning Venryk though, because he totally knows that voice, and despite having no expression at all that is not happiness to see the healer apprentice. No. His jaw twitches and instead of saying a word, he turns and goes back into his room. The door doesn't close except for when he re-emerges with a towel over his unknotted shoulder and sans goggles. Without a word he heads towards the exit without so much as a hello, just like that, Venryk is ignored.

Well nobody /told/ Venryk that Jaelyn had been brought in! Sure, he looks up when there's movement, and lo, there's a wide-eyed bit of gaping for the presence of Jaelyn there. Indeed, with a candidate knot of his own, even. "Jae!" He, however, is being ignored. That much is certainly obvious, and the teen is quick..but careful, to put his tea down and hurry after the other candidate. Poor, poor sweet bun. It has been left abandoned and forgotten in favor of the other boy. "Jae! Hey come on now, wait up! Please? When did you get here? I mean, you're /here/ though! That's great!"

Jaelyn does stop when his name is called, though he does not turn around. "This morning." he replies, and if his voice had a tone it probably would have been frosty, but it's Jae we're talking about here and so there just isn't a tone. It's his usual flat monotone, as if he were reading from the pages of a book at the front of the class. "If ya say so." There is no agreement of course, that it was great that he was there. Instead of looking at Venryk, one of Jae's eyes appears over his tattooed shoulder stragiht past him and to the cot in the common area. "Ya get to have yer own room ya know. Ya just gutta let them know." Nope, still no emotion at all there, or expression. It was as if he'd instantly reverted back to the boy that Venryk had tried so hard to get to know, the bricks of the wall he'd put up around himself once more steadfastly in place.

Well if Jaelyn isn't going to turn around, Venryk simply slips right around the other boy to stand in front of him. There's a bit of a close-lean however, peering at the other candidate. Sure, he has a small smile, but there might be a hint of worry lurking in there, simmering just under the surface of everything. "You're really going to stay mad at me, huh? You already know I'm sorry about it, there's not a lot else I can say. But you know, I /am/ glad they picked you up and brought you out here, too." He puffs out a small breath, intended to blow a bit of hair out of his face as he watches Jaelyn, head finally tilting to the side. "Come on, Jae.. At least look at me?"

Venryk and persistance go hand in hand and if anyone knew that very well it was Jaelyn. He'd had to suffer that trait for months back at Fort, and so when the healer comes around to the front - golden eyes decend upon him like an avian of prey. It's a long hard stare too, with all the grudge a soon to be fifteen turn old can muster. "Ya really want to have this conversation here?" he asks, a bit of a growl slipping into his words towards the end. There might be no expression, but Ryk knew Jae well enough to know he was in deep wherry dodo. His gaze threatens to burrow a hole into the other boy's head, before it's flicked off elsewhere as his chin is lifts and his lips form a thin line as they are pursed; jaw twitching. He takes a moment there, hands clenched into fists at his sides before he once again looks at Venryk, "Yer a fuckin' liar."

"As long as there /is/ a conversation, Jae, I don't much care where I have it." Venryk shakes his head just a bit at that, one hand settling onto his hip as he watches the other candidate. "/But/ I'm fine with having it elsewhere. Just..come on." Having the other boy utterly /ignore/ him just isn't the ideal situation at all. Even if Jaelyn /is/ completely pissed. There's at least a small smile despite it all, sighing out a breath for the insult. "Everyone's a liar at some point, even if they don't mean to be. I can't help that part of it, Jae, even if I don't much like it myself. There's not a whole lot more ways I can say I'm sorry for it. If you want me to keep saying it though, I sure enough can. I mean, I'll have to sort of pause sometimes, for the breathing and sleeping and eating parts, but I can dedicate a goodly portion of time to saying it a whole lot."

That was a lot of talking on Venryk's side, while Jaelyn just stood there and stared him down in broody teenagery silence. Might as well use it while it applies! There were traces of genuine anger now starting to peek through the cracks of his stoic resolve, espeically the more that the otrher boy spoke. What exactly he wanted from the healer apprentice is unclear, but what was crystal was the fact that Ryk just wasn't doing it. Perhaps nothing could be said or done to repair what had been broken, at least for today. It seems that today was however, a good time to remind him why it was he'd been kicked out of so many weyrs before his arrival at Fort, as Jaelyn suddenly has a fist full of the other boy's tunic and a second later has him pushed up against a wall. His towel having fallen to the cavern floor, he snarls silently for a moment before he leans in and growls somethng low and gutteral against his ear. Soon as that is done, he pushes himself off Venryk and snatches up the towel before disappearing back into that room with his name next to it. The door is slammed, but at least it doesn't lock with a click? Yeah, that's something.

Emiallis had just gotten searched the night prior to Jaelyn, so today was her rest day to move things over and get settled into the barracks. As Jaelyn shuts himself off wherever, the curtain to Emi's area snaps open, and an unhappy ginger girl is looking towards where only Venryk stands. "If you two are going to have a boy-drama and start brawling or kissing or whatever, I'll thank you to do it elsewhere!" She's just propped up on her cot, an open book in her lap, as well as a blue firelizard which is curled up and napping. "Some of us are trying to relax." There's a small sniff, and her nose turns back towards her book.

It might say something odd about Venryk that he doesn't look surprised at all by the outburst. Or afraid of it. Oh sure, there's a brief startled noise at being shifted out of place, but once he hits the wall the boy doesn't budge an inch. He simply stares right back at the angry candidate, as unintimidated as ever by the snarly teen. Then there are /things/ being said, and Venryk only relaxes a bit once Jaelyn has left him there. There's a rather large sigh though, watching as the other boy goes to shut himself away, and shakes his head..only to lift it again when curtains fly and Emiallis huffs. Lips curl upward again, and there's a laugh as he uses his hands to imitate scales. "Brawl or kissing..brawl or kissing… Well I'll take the kissing part, that's for sure. Much better than getting /punched/ in the face, anyway. /But/ yeah. Um..sorry?" His hand rubs the back of his head then as he sidles away from the wall, heading back over to take a long sip from his drink.

Emiallis' eyes shift back up from the book again, not quite having expected Venryk to react in that one. One eyebrow is up slightly higher than the other, and then she just lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "Undoubetly, though which would you prefer from him?" At least the snot attitude has been muffled slightly. But only slightly. And then it's back as she pulls the curtain further open. "What's his damage, anyways?" Yup. There's the snot.

"From him? Kissing, all the way." Not a shred of embarrassment about that from the teenager. Nope! He sits down though, poking at the sweet bun he had abandoned minutes ago while cradling his mug in hand. Venryk doesn't seem to mind said snot however, peering right back at Emiallis for her questions with a slight shrug. "Damage? I wouldn't call it /that/. I got Searched outta Fort and he's a bit miffed about that." It's possible, very possible, that the candidate is downplaying the anger bit..just a little. A smidge, really. "It'll all sort itself out, smooth like brand new laundry. You'll see. Just gotta iron out all the wrinkles and bumps and everything like that. You know, I'm Venryk, by the way. That was Jaelyn."

A smidge. Of a rockfall landslide, maybe, from Emiallis' point of view. "So you got Searched and he didn't?" She asks, trying to make sure she has the situation right. For once. "And he's angry about that." Well and idiot could see he's angry about something. "Are you two attached at the hip or something?" Ever so tactful, this one is. A page is turned in her book and she looks back up again, eyes still a bit on the narrow side. Maaan. He introduced himself. But. She was told to play nice. And it's no use alienating every candidate. Right off the bat, at least. "I'm Emiallis. And you must be fond of doing laundry. You can take my laundry days for me." … Ah huh?

Venryk gives a slightly flippant gesture. "Ehhh…not exactly? It's a pretty complicated situation, I'd say. He's mad at me though, and that's the full truth of it. Like I said though, that should ease up eventually I think. /Surely/ won't try to be disruptive with all of it or anything." Hopefully no brawls in the candidate barracks! There's finally a bit of munching on the sweet bun though, sighing at the tasty treat he's finally able to nibble on. "I'll take laundry over maintenance work /any/ time, thanks. Tools aren't exactly my forte. And for some reason people kept threatening to tie a cloth around my mouth today while helping out with that. Heck if I know /why/. Was having plenty of real nice conversation." Meaning he wouldn't shut up, really. Which..he's prone to doing.

Emiallis' stoic raised eyebrow can guess why the people he was helping this day were threatening to gag him. She might be pondering the same thing. "I can't possibly imagine why." Her voice might be eerily similar to Jaelyn's at that point, having gone monotone with a hearty dose of sarcasm. She debates going back to reading, but apparently decides that just isn't going to work at the moment. Instead she stuffs a bookmark in and closes the book. "So you came from Fort? How's our weather treating you?" Aka, you'll WISH you remember what cold was during the summer.

"I /know/! I thought it was weird." Venryk grins just a little more to himself. Oh, the teen is /well/ aware that he talks..far too much at times. Still, to /gag/ the poor candidate? Torture, pure and simple. He finishes up with the bun though, instead going back to what remains of his drink. "It's..crazy hot. And I mean crazy. I think I can get used to it, and it's not /so/ bad with the wind, but I'm definitely not used to all this. Feels like you could pass out if you stayed out too long. Which, I mean, you /can/. I know that. Heat exhaustion and the like, so obviously.." There's a pause for that, apparently the teen deciding it's best not to keep right on rambling, since he closes his mouth and flops backward onto his cot, mostly empty mug held aloft to prevent spillage. "Makes for some pretty early nights though. I don't think I've been so tired in..forever."

"Eventually." Emiallis starts out, reaching down to her lap to start stroking the blue firelizard still nestled up in a ball. "Eventually you'll get used to it. A few people tend to take a long break in the middle of the day when it's hottest, and get more done in the evening when is starts to resemble a decent temperature." There's a sleepy but pleased croon as she gently rubs one of his headknobs. "Just don't skimp on drinking water." Well, at least she can pretend to care. Or maybe she really does, but she's just too spoiled to not get her way in other matters.

"Yes, I've discovered water." Venryk laughs a little bit from his cot, then finally sits up again, swigging down the last of what's in that mug. "Not /as/ good as tea, but I make do with it. Hydration, and all." There's a grin tossed over, and a mock salute given. "But yes ma'am. I'll remember to drink a lot. But /speaking/ of, I should return this to the caverns before I get to sleep." The empty mug is given a little wave as well before he gets up. "I'll let you get back to your reading stuff. Oh! And sorry about all the noise before, again."

Emiallis gives a small sigh. Now people are calling her ma'am. What's this whole candidacy thing going to do to her? "Tea is fine too. It's water based." Well hello captain obvious. And there's another sigh as she starts to reach over to pull the curtain back shut. "I'll live somehow." She says in response to the noise. "Just if you do have your makeout session, do it somewhere else." That's not here. And her curtain is on its way closed. At least it doesn't snap back shut though.

There's more laughter from Venryk, but at least he doesn't actually reply to that. No, he's gathering up his mug and making his way out, even if he does pause to quickly stick his head through Jaelyn's rather unlocked door. His peek taken, he hurries off again, out to the caverns for dish delivery.

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