Bloodlines and Anatomy

Western Weyr - Records Room
A large, natural cavern that is well lit for ease of reading. Tall shelves, holding everything from old-time hides to newer printed books, cover every inch of the cavern's walls. A few round, wooden tables offer work stations, while small, uncomfortable wooden chairs give readers and refugee's a place to sit. At any given time there is at least one resident working the shelves, replacing lost books or tidying up after messy study sessions.

Th'ero finds himself in a room he never thought he'd be in and actually doing something reasonably productive. Its mid morning and the Weyr is bustling with activity, save for the records room. Everyone seems to be shunning the caverns for the outdoors or other tasks, so Th'ero all but has the room to himself. The weyrling looks tired as he examines a particular shelf, fingers lightly running across the spines of various records before apparently finding the correct one. Finally, he seems to have found what he seeks because he's soon pulling out a rather heavy and thick bound record and promptly thumps it down onto a nearby desk. Hooking a chair with the tip of his boot, he settles heavily into the seat and gives one wary look to the record before cracking it open.

Productive! What was that? Zi'on thankfully looks a lot more put together today than he did the other night in the caverns. He's slept at least a little since then, but he's developed something of a klah addiction and now stops off all the time to get a cup in the caverns. Nope, today he's on a new mission, and that mission apparently involves the records room. He looks surprised to see someone else in here. "Kel?" It would take him a little while to remember that the other bronzer isn't Kel anymore. "What're you doing here?" He starts out on his search, looking for the tome of dragon records from the past 20 to 30 turns.

Previous nickname or not, after several Turns of hearing it, Th'ero is not likely to just up and stop answering to it. So Zi'on's use of it does catch the weyrling's attention and he starts a little, no doubt surprised for a moment that another has joined him - and of all the weyrfolk possible, Zi'on himself. "Trying to find some more information." He states vaguely at first, giving the bronzerider a long, questioning look. "On anatomy." Idly flipping another page, he doesn't seem to really focus on the written material. Instead his focus seems to be on a slightly saner looking Zi'on. "And you? What drags you down here?"

She has her own office! Almost nothing could ever really compell the weyrwoman to actually find her way down to this treasure trove of books and paperwork and sundry unless it was really important. Or else maybe she's wandering in for no reason whatsoever. Lies! Enka meanders, weaving her way along the shelves before she stops, consulting a piece of paper in her hand, and nibbling at her lower lip. "Hmm," comes the muttered comment from the goldrider, "goin' to be tricky findin' this." She does hear voices, and no, they aren't in her head. Peeking over her shoulder, Enka spots the two bronzeriders, and flashes them a quick smile. "Wherries of a feather eh?"

Zi'on always turns up in all the wrong places. Or maybe he's stalking Th'ero! The bronzer's still got his goatee going, but he's lost all the scruff from before. The younger bronzer pulls a bunch of tomes down from one of the shelves and then sits across from Th'ero. "Human or dragon anatomy? You should go to Landing, I bet they have better books. Or the healercraft hall. Oh right, you're a weyrling now, aren't you? I could maybe pick one up for you." He scratches his chin. "Congrats by the way. You impressed a bronze, right?" Zi'on looks up and blinks as Enka strolls in. "Hey, Enka! er… Long time no see." He means that, too. He's been notably absent from the goldrider's weyr lately. "Heh, I guess so."

Enka has noticed that. The bronzer's very obvious absent that is. "Yes," she points out, clambering into a ladder to reach a higher shelf and eye the book titles up there, "It has been a long time, no see. With Mir needin' me on the sands those last few days before the clutch hatched, and then me takin' a few days off — " that's right, she went somewhere and was very hushhush about it, " — what's been keepin' you away?" Enka fixes Zi'on with a look before she yanks a book off the shelf and scrambles back down to the ground.

A stalker? Now there's a concept Th'ero would never grasp until too late. He doesn't seem to mind when Zi'on joins him, idly flipping another page of the musty old record he's currently supposed to be "studying". Oh, wonderful distractions! "No, no. Dragon anatomy, not human." He says, smirking slightly. "And yeah, you would have to. But it's not necessary." At the congratulations, the weyrling actually does smile faintly. "Velokraeth." Th'ero supplies the name, only to then have his attention pulled to the arrival of the Weyrwoman. Blinking a little, he smiles back slightly. "Guess it's a day for research?" he muses, shifting a little awkwardly in his seat before glancing back down at the record he's supposed to be looking through.

Zi'on suddenly looks very meek and sad when Enka mentions she's been away. "You went somewhere?" There's an unspoken 'without me?' added to that, judging by the tone. Probably a new side to Zi'on that Th'ero hasn't seen. "Yeah… I didn't want to disturb your time together now that she was back at the weyr. Also I saw someone murdered, so Suldith and I have been in the sky pretty much all day every day for the past sevenday or so looking for the murderers. Didn't you hear?" He nods to Th'ero then. "Well, if you want me to just let me know. I don't mind. Velokraeth. That's a neat name."

"Looks like it," Enka remarks to Th'ero, holding up her copy of 'Bloodlines of the Northern Holders' and grimacing. "Although my research aint probably half as fun as yours." she quips dryly, tucking the book under her arm, and moving closer to the bronzeriders. "It was just a little trip," Enka glances at Zi'on in time to see him look very meek and sad. "It was just, I had to go see Da and his weyrmate. Y'know, Dalima's ma. They weren't even at Telgar so I couldn't ask if you wanted to come and see your ma." When the bronzer mentions a murder, her brows rise in surprise. "No, nobody told me. What? When? Who?" She'll press for all the details right now! The weyrling bronzer gets a slight smile. "And how is Velokraeth doin'?"

If Th'ero notices any new side of Zi'on, he's certainly not making any outward sign of it. He is, after all, reading, right? Sure, he is. He does grimace a little when the bronzerider mentions the murder though, but again he's silent on the matter for now. "Thanks, on both accounts." Th'ero finally does smile a genuine smile to Zi'on when he glances up from the record. "So what're you looking up anyhow?" he asks, though he gives Enka a sympathetic look when she reveals her "light" reading material. Nose wrinkling a little, the weyrling shakes his head. "I think I'll stick to the anatomy stuff. Even if most of it goes over my head." When Enka begins to press Zi'on for details, Th'ero takes that change to slip back into silence, but he's not left to his thoughts for long. "He's doing…well." He says hesitantly and only partially in truth. Well enough, anyways, that he can be here and not in the barracks.

Zi'on is looking up dragon lineage. Who can tell why. "Oh, up to see your family? I was at Xanadu the other day, visiting my sisters. But I told you that already, didn't I. Shards." He blinks at her. "Dalima? Who is that?" He shrugs. "I went to see ma not too long ago. She liked the beard." There's a shrug about the murder. "Everyone says I was just seeing things during the storm." Though Zi'on looks a little depressed about it. There's a snicker as he points to the dragon's fun bits in Th'ero's book. What a mature adult he is! He raises a brow at the other bronzer then. "You don't sound very convinced."

Enka's book probably weighs a ton. Poor woman — but she's tough and can tote it around. "I am lookin' for some way to get one of our former candidates off our hands, not sure if you remember him, Alexavier, that holder's brat? Was almost sure he was goin' to end up runnin' off, but his father says he doesn't want him back, and I'd rather not force the man to do so. So if I can find some relative on the mainland to take him, we can wash our hands of it." Enka doesn't sound particularly enthusiatic about this prospect though. "Mmhmm," she nods at Zi'on. "You did tell me about seein' your sisters." She got a sparkly present as a result, how could she forget? "Dalima was a candidate. She impressed that last green. Her ma is my da's weyrmate, so I guess we're sort of family." She surveys the bronzer for a moment before tossing her book onto one of those torture devices that passes for a chair and sidles up next to Zi'on. "I thought there was somethin' different about you." she studies him closely. "Well, I hope you find the murderer soon. Or … at least come to visit more often. It's been lonely." The'ro does get a smile and a nod, although Enka won't snicker the way Zi'on did at his book. "Well, glad to hear of it. I'm always interested in known' how Mir's offpsring fair."

Th'ero can't help but roll his eyes at Zi'on's "matureness" when the bronzerider begins pointing out bits of anatomy and promptly flips the page to thwart him. "If Suldith says he saw it, it's possible. Not the first murder to happen out in a storm, at night or on the water." He adds in, shrugging his shoulders a little. Something catches his eye in the record though and the weyrling promptly sticks a finger to it, frowning as he quickly reads the text scribbled there. Anyone close enough to see or read it would notice he's on a section on leg structure, of all things. "How's that?" Th'ero asks, seeming a touch defensive though soon relaxes with a bit of an apologetic look. "No, really. He's fine. Very curious." When Enka mentions Alexavier, the weyrling frowns. "Don't think I knew him too well." He admits, before adding in. "…why can't he stay here?" He seems hesitant to ask, but curiosity wins out in the end. Nodding his head a little, Th'ero smiles lightly. "I'll try to keep you updated then."

Enka was tough. And she had muscles! Though Zi'on would probably carry it for her if she was going far. "Nope, doesn't ring a bell. He doesn't want to stay at Western? Or you don't want him here?" Well, it was early when he gave Enka the gift, she may not have remembered all the details. "Ah. But she ain't your sister or anything." So the bronzer doesn't have to go out of his way to be nice to her or anything, right? He grins a bit to Enka as she sits down. "Yep. Anyways, I'm not sure I saw it anymore either… It's not like we'll be able to find them now, they could be halfway across Pern in any direction." He sighs a bit. He blinks at Th'ero. "Hm? Ah. Well, that's good. They tend to be I guess when they're little."

Enka says "/He/" Enka sounds quite put upon, "is causin' nothin' but trouble and carryin' on with those airs of his. If he aint goin' to work and be a useful member of the Weyr, he aint stayin' but I aint goin' to get into trouble with his father for lettin' his boy get killed or somethin'." They need that natural gas from Bluefire Hold! She shrugs. "They all can be curious," Enka supplies to Th'ero, chuckling a bit. "Though Mir aint lost that from when she was a hatchlin'. Bet that's why her babies are all pokin' and pryin' around to learn about the world." She does give Zi'on a cheeky grin. "No, she aint really a sister if that's what you were wonderin'." So he doesn't have to be nice. "Maybe I'd better get a more in depth report about this though," she suggests. "Later, whenever's convient for you."

Th'ero focuses back on his reading, though occasionally glances up briefly now and again while Zi'on and Enka discuss family or so the weyrling figures is the topic. He does seem oddly interested in the issue involving the former candidate though and quite obviously foregoes reading to glance between them. Brows rise slightly in surprise, no doubt unaware of just how much trouble one ex-candidate could cause. "Ahh, that is a really tough situation." But then he's tilting his head a little, attention focusing solely on Zi'on. "That's what everyone tells me." He muses, smirking a little. Then he's glancing back to Enka, nodding his head a little. "His mind is certainly active." He admits, gaze wandering down to the page of anatomy in front of him and it stays there this time. "Though he doesn't seem interested at all in socializing."

Zi'on peers. "You want me to go scare him? Rough him up a little? I got the beard now. I look old and scary. What do you think?" The bronzer leans back in his chair a bit and cracks his knuckles. "Send him to some other weyr. Xanadu. One of their golds rose not too long ago, right? Have some rider come and search him." She was the weyrwoman, she must have connections. "Suldith is curious about some things. New people, generally. Not sure how he'll act around the weyrlings though, he's never been around baby dragons before." He grins and nods to Enka. "Yes ma'am. I'm lookin' up dragon histories. Someone asked me if Suldith was related to Dhonzayth." He adds for Th'ero's sake, "That's my dad's dragon. I wasn't sure. So I thought I ought to look it up. Who was Mir's sire?" He looks to the other bronzer then and nods. "Ah, no? Is he a grumpy sort? Suldith takes a little while to warm up to other dragons. He's kinda shy, actually." Unlike Zi'on. It's surprising he even knows what the word means. "Is Lissi gonna quiz you or something?" He asks about the book.

Enka wrinkles her nose thoughtfully before she bobs her head in agreement with Th'ero's words. "It's really very awkward, I'd just send him packin' but his father…" she trails off, oh that could be /awkward/. Zi'on's suggestion of roughing up Alexaviar is met with a chuckle. "That wouldn't be a bad idea, y'know. As long as his father didn't find out and threaten to withhold our access to the hold's exports." She shrugs. "I'll find somethin'." She will, because she can. Eventually. "Kinseth,"the goldrider supplies the name.

Th'ero goes look amused for a moment when Zi'on threatens to go scare the errant holder boy straight, but bites back a comment. But the amusement is definitely there and stays there at least until his attention focuses back on Enka. "His father disowned him?" he finishes for her, perhaps a touch coolly. He then shakes his head a little, giving the Weyrwoman a bit of a sympathetic smile. "Kind of feel sorry for him though. Then again, it's not like he's helping his cause much by being a lay-about." Shifting a little in the rather uncomfortable chair, Th'ero glances over to Zi'on, listening with genuine interest as the bronzerider talks of Suldith. "Velokraeth is interested about everything, regardless if he's seen it, heard it or picked it up from me. He's not grumpy… no. Just seems to be more interested in anything but idle conversation, I guess. Suldith is shy though?" He then shrugs his shoulders, before glancing back down at the records, which he promptly closes. Now he looks embarrassed all of a sudden. "No, she's not. I… was just doing some research of my own." He says in a softer tone, as if uncertain he wanted to even say it at all.

Zi'on gets that looks on his face. Yes. That look. The one he gets before he does something to get himself into trouble. "I got it! You go and like… seduce him or something. Then I'll be waiting like just around the corner. And we'll have a codeword… uh… fish sandwich. Okay, two words. But whatever. You say the code word, and then make like you're about to kiss him, then I'll rush in and see him putting the moves on you and I'll go all hysterical and threaten him and all that." He opens up the book and thumbs through it. "Kinseth… Kilaueth and Alhenaeth… Umniyath and Vsonath… Bleh. I'm going to have to trace the dragons all the way back to Faranth to find out how they're related. Not his father or mother or his grandfather or grandmother." He nods to the other bronzer. "Yeah, a little. Depending. Like, he's alright around Mir, but I guess he knows her. Or whatever. She's his ma, I think they can sort of sense that sort of thing, even if it won't stop them from chasing." He tilts his head at Th'ero then. "Thinkin' about becoming a dragonhealer?" He's just going to keep asking. Someone ought to tell him to mind his own business.

Oh ho! That look. Enka grins wryly at Zi'on for his suggestion. "I suppose that might work," she muses. "It's worth thinkin' about as an option." Probably. "Mmm, yeah, I don't think that Mir's related to Dhonzyoth. She's got Xanadu and Telgar blood, not sure what he has. You'd probably have to go back a far ways." She tilts her head, turning a bit to study Th'ero and his suggestion. "I'm not sayin' he really disowned the boy," she replies, "from what I understand, he had expectations and his son didn't agree. Ran away instead just to show him, I'd say it's a clash of wills more than anythin' else, but his father still has his Hold's honor to uphold and all."

Th'ero gets a certain look on his face as well, but it's one of utter disbelief as he overhears Zi'on's plan. So he can only openly stare, blinking, at the other bronzerider in an obvious 'is he serious?' sort of manner. "I uh…" he begins to mutter, before simply lapsing silent again. "…never mind." He's leaving /that/ to Enka to deal with. What does interest the weyrling though is when Zi'on begins listing off various dragon names. "There are records going back that far?" he asks, sounding rather surprised though it should be obvious that Weyrs would. "Ahh, that's interesting to know that they can sort of sense that. But… wait, what?" And now Th'ero looks surprised all over again. The poor holdbred mind of his apparently has many gaps when it comes to riders and dragons - though not for much longer. "Son chases mother? But what if he /catches/?" he almost sputters before catching himself. Realizing he's probably coming off as ignorant or a touch out of the loop, Th'ero clears his throat a little - and promptly changes subjects. Not that this one is any easier. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. "Shells, no." he mutters. "I'm looking at the anatomy because…" he hesitates, then sighs and finally gives in to the prodding. "…of Velokraeth's, ah, uniqueness." There, he said it. Glancing back to Enka, he frowns thoughtfully. "Ahh, well. Maybe try meeting with the father and reaching some sort of agreement?" A pause and a bit of a sheepish grin follows. "Unless that's been tried, of course."

Zi'on nods to Enka. "Yeah, me either. Unless you go back far enough. Then they're all related. Though I guess we're all related too, if you go back far enough. Well, maybe not. I guess we could extend from different families amongst the original settlers or whatever." He flips a page in the book as Enka explains about Alex. "Ah. Lots of holders get that. Like Kiley. Or my da. How old is he?" Oh yes, Zi'on is serious. Th'ero should know better than to wonder about such things! "Yeah. I think they got the records most of the way back now. Maybe a little strange with the timing thing. See if we go back far enough… we can trace Mir back. She's a descendent of Ramoth. So yours and mine are, too." The bronzer blinks, then laughs at Th'ero. "I should be so lucky?" He says about son chasing mother. "It happens a lot, actually. Xanadu's weyrleader's dragon for example was also sired by Kinseth. Who was Kilaueth's son. And he caught Kilaueth a while back I think. So that's grandson catches grandma. It's all pretty twisted up." Twisted up enough for Zi'on to pay attention to it. "Ah, he a little… differenty?"

"It don't matter none to the dragons," Enka supplies, interjecting herself into the conversation between Zi'on and Th'ero with a cheeky little smirk. "Mir's sire chased her in her first flight, her /brother/ caught her. That same brother caught their dam a few turns later. If Suldith chased and caught Mir, then he'd be the sire of her next clutch, and Zi'on would be Weyrleader and…" she pauses, flashes a far too teasingly naughty look at the bronzer with the goatee, "I'd be a deleriously happy weyrwoman." She chuckles, and finally takes a seat, perching on the edge of a table rather than plopping herself down in a chair. "What's unique about him?" What, she hasn't noticed? Then again, her gold isn't exactly the stellar beauty that Shadhavarth is, with that short muzzle and plump tail. "Talkin' to his father? I suppose that might work, especially now that the Hatching is over. Last time I tried," the goldrider sighs. "He's a /Holder/" as if that explains everything. And she's Weyrbred. Enough said.

Th'ero tries to follow the bloodline example that Zi'on gives him, but only ends up looking confused and even more so when Enka supplies her own. "Oh." He all he manages to say at first, before giving a bit of an embarrassed chuckle. "I had no idea. It is twisted up." He muses. "I pity those who had to record all of that, with the lines crossing as you say they can or did." When Enka gives Zi'on that teasing naughty look, Th'ero pretends that he finds something interesting to stare at on the cover of the anatomy book he had closed. He hadn't even realized what he had suggested with Suldith catching Miraneith. And it only gets more awkward for Th'ero with Enka's question and the weyrling fidgets slightly, grimacing. "Everything." He points out, unhelpfully, obviously struggling to find the right words. "Just the way he's…formed. I'm worried." Ahh, so that's the root of the problem. There's a long look when Enka mentions that the father being a Holder is the issue. Sad, but probably true. "Holders aren't all that bad." He mutters, though he can only shrug helplessly. He's not about to get into an argument over holdbred versus weyrbred with the Weyrwoman. "Could be it was just too fresh and the father still too upset to listen to reason?"

Zi'on nods to Enka. "True, it don't matter none to them. It might matter to the riders. I mean, like Lissi's green. Try not to be around for that. Thankfully my ma rides brown at another weyr, too. So no chance there. My sister, too. Got a cousin that rides green, though. Best to have a—" Then he blinks at Enka and looks a little pink through the cheeks as she talks about how happy she'd be if Suldith caught Miraneith. "Er…" What were they talking about? "Um… yeah.. There was this brown at Ista I remember. He was really like… gangly and skinny… everytime I saw him I thought he was gonna die. Some dragons just look funnier than others? He ain't complaining or nothin, is he? Because little dragons, they complain a lot. 'Bout everythin'. Everytime they bump themselves or step on their tails or get a rock between their toes. If he ain't complaining he's fine." He looks between the two of them. "Just send him to Xanadu. I'd tell Zip to search him, but she's due like any day now. She's as big as house."

Enka smirks a bit. Hey, Zi'on's a bit pink! "Well, yes." she agrees, "the riders might not like it and would have to find stand-ins, but it's all one and the same to the dragons." she pauses, swinging her feet back and forth as she glances at both bronzers. "You might be right there," she comments to Th'ero. "I gather there'd been somethin' of a fight." she shrugs. "I suppose I could send him along to Xanadu, although dumpin' him off on some unsuspectin' relative on the mainland sounds more fun." At least those people you likely never have to see again.

Th'ero is looking a little red in the cheeks himself, but more so because of Zi'on and Enka's mention of riders and possible bloodline crosses there and the use of stand-ins. For once, the weyrling is probably very glad he's holdbred and not from a large family. But he does look relieved a little when Zi'on attempts to reassure him. "Well, no… he's not complaining actually. I don't think he's even aware of how different he looks." He admits, before it suddenly dawns on him and Th'ero has to keep himself from literally raising a palm to his face in front of both of them. "It's all my worries, I think, then. I think you have the right of it, Zi'on. If he's not worried… then I shouldn't worry either." Seeming much more at ease now, Th'ero relaxes and leans back as comfortably as he can in the chair. There's a bit of an amused grin given to Enka. "Seeing as life in a Weyr isn't suiting him at all, it's probably best to just give him to whatever hold or relative that'll take him."

Zi'on was going to have be really careful in about ten years or so, as L'ton's brood started coming of age and impressing. His siblings were likely to start popping out of the woodwork. "Suldith doesn't chase too much…" He says, more trying to convince himself he doesn't have to worry. The bronzer shrugs casually to Th'ero. "I'm sure he's fine then. I'll mention it to Lissi, just to have a dragonhealer come down and take a peek at everyone." He laughs a bit. "Tell the headwoman to whip him into shape?" He gets up to put his book away. "You want to take my report now, and I'll help you find his family? We can uh… head to your office if you want." Th'ero might be done, if he feels alright that his dragon just looked a little different. But if he's not Zi'on didn't want to keep interrupting him.

Th'ero gives Zi'on a bit of a nod, smiling crookedly. "Alright. That could put my mind at ease." And the weyrling is finished here, it seems, as he's pushing back his chair and picking up the heavy record, tucking it under his arm as he shuffles off to return it to the same shelf he took it from. Wandering back to the table, he lingers long enough to give both bronzerider and Weyrwoman a nod of his head. "I won't keep you. I should be heading back, anyhow. Velokraeth doesn't sleep for long." There's a pause and he fidgets again, before hastily adding. "Thanks… for the talk." Then there's a quick half wave, half salute and then he's almost fleeing the records room. Maybe Velokraeth did wake? Who knows. But Th'ero is definitely not lingering around.

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