The Inevitable Happens

Western Weyr - The Temple of Doom
It's just as well this weyr is of a decent size, given what its occupants have tried to store here. There are boxes lining one wall, tipped to have their open tops facing into the room, turned into a storage rack of sorts for goodness knows what treasures - the only thing that's clear is that there's plenty of the apparently 'precious' items. Along another wall is a set of shelves made from driftwood, again laden down with all manner of things. There's no division of sections here, so visitors will get to look straight onto whatever state of dress Rou'x's bed is in; and, more likely that not, it'll be unmade with pillows and blankets sleep-strewn across the deep, hard mattress. The only furniture the brownrider has procured comes in the form of a beaten up old sofa that's seen many a better turn, and a round table (the surface of which is hidden beneath, you guessed it, even /more/ stuff) with four mismatched chairs.

They may not have had the weyr for very long, but Rou'x and Indianath have still managed to fill their personal space with plenty of random treasure - or junk, depending on who's looking. The driftwood shelves that line one wall are overflowing, leaving little space for the things that litter the tiny table… which is probably why they're all just pushed into the middle as a random centrepiece, around which there are a couple of bottles of wine and a few plates of nibbly bits and pieces, both savoury and sweet. Rou'x herself, dressed casually in shorts and an oversized shirt, is waiting for her guests beside Indy, leaning against the huge brown's big head just inside the ledge.

Ir'e arrives pretty much on time. Not really late, but not early either, just properly on time. Yiskatiresiath drops him off and his rider is barely down the blue's side before he's winging back over to Ir'e's weyr a few places down. "Knock knock!" He chimes as he walks into the weyr, his eyes flickering to different ways in which Rou'x has decorated her weyr. "Wow, your place looks so much better than hours. Our bed is still on the floor and our clothes are in a corner. I think we were talking about going to Benden area and try to get some things commissioned. I really like your shelves!"

Any invitation to Rou'x's weyr is generally heartily accepted. Well, from Keely's end at least. Geimhreath's passing along of such sentiments might end up seeming bland and distant, but that's just the blue's demeanor. The icey dragon angles in and lands neatly on the ledge. After Kee dismounts, he flutters his wings and wings off as well… likely to lurk on the weyr's star stones or something. The young woman is dressed fairly smartly this evening. Her hair is tucked up in a pair of braids along-side her head, she's wearing a halter-top that only comes to above her naval, and a pair of trous that fit slimly to her legs. Hey, gotta impress the person you're sleeping with sometimes, right? As she walks in, there's a glance around and a smirk. "You've collected even more since last I was here I think."

Indianath croons a welcome to his blue brother, while Rou'x turns to greet Ir'e. "Hey, babe. Y'like it? 'S kinda a mess, but Indy keeps bringin' stuff home. I made the shelves a few days ago, mebbe? We went all 'round the island lookin' f' driftwood, n' that's the result." By the time she's finished talking, she's thrown her arms around him in a squeezy-tight hug and has placed a soft kiss to his cheek. "Is your 'we' you n' Yiska, or you n' Rhab? Mebbe we'll see if I can't come sort shit out for ya some time, if y'want?" When Geimhreath drops Keely off as well, she greets the other bluerider similarly; only Keely gets her kiss right on her pretty lips. "Hey, doll. Yeah, Indy n' I went home the other day, picked up some old stuff've mine. You two wanna come on in? I've got /plenty/ f' all've us!"

"It's better for it to be a slight mess than you know, have nothing at all around like we do." Ir'e is really eyeing those shelves though, apparently finding them quite fascinating. "Rhab and I, like Yiska gives a wherry's butt what we put in the weyr as long as his space is clean and dry." He's returning that hug and offering her a kiss of his own upon her cheek before he's letting her go and sneaking over to the driftwood things. Peek, stare. Hmmmm. She did invite them in after all. "Hey Keely, you're looking nice." Although he's staring at her hair as if she's sprouted an extra arm. Perhaps it's a good thing he's with a boy as females and their hair styles never cease to confuse.

When Rou'x comes in for a greeting, Keely pulls the brownrider into a tight hug. "My place is still pretty empty too," she admits, glancing over towards Ir'e. The compliment draws a slightly furrowed brow, like she's not sure how to take it. "Thanks, ah… you and Yiska seem to be doing well." She goes the safe route. "I had a small space of my own in my dad's weyr, but… I've never had nearly so much space or, y'know, need for stuff." And things. "I've just been raiding the stores for old or busted stuff and fixing it up."

"I ain't /never/ had no space've my own, this's the first time I've had somewhere I can call /mine/." Rou'x grins, slipping her hand into Keely's to lead the girl inside. "Thei-love, I thought you might've brought Rhab wi' you? Didja leave him at home, all stuck in y'weyr n' all?" When she talks about him now, her tone's a whole lot softer than it would've been only a short while ago; it's still not quite to the point where she's gushing over him, though. "Hey, doll?" The brownrider, squeezes Keely's hand, giving her a gentle tug towards the table and chairs. "D'you wanna drink? Whaddabout you, Ir'e?"

"It's really a whole different thing to have your own weyr, rather than just a room or sharing a place. This is my first one too. I've always been in the weyrbrat area or then the resident cavern and candidate barracks.. there were always just so many people around. It's rather nice to have space to hear yourself think, ya know? I didn't think about the stores, I just thought I'd try to splurge a bit, try to make Rhab comfortable and stuff." Because Rhabel is always Ir'e's top priority and all. "You think he would have come? I'd have had to throw him over my shoulder and drag him I think. He's not really one for social gatherings. But yeah, I'll have something to drink I think. Loosen me up a bit, ya?"

"The stuff in stores… ain't really good, but it's better than sitting on the floor to eat, y'know?" Keely doesn't always want to jockey for room in the Living Caverns and since she can spirit away with stuff from the kitchens still… The brunette allows herself to be tugged along after Rou'x. "I always want a drink," she teases, smirking. There's a glance back towards Ir'e. "I never see him around… /do/ you just leave him stranded up there all day?"

Rou'x wrinkles her nose at Ir'e, when he talks about throwing Rhabel over his shoulder. "Reckon he wouldn't've come anyway, since it's /my/ weyr." She shrugs her shoulders poutily, quickly skipping on to better conversations! And to /booze/. Booze is definitely needed right now. Without asking what the others want, she's pouring out three mismatched glasses of cheap red wine, the biggest of which she hands to Ir'e. "Here y'go, darlin'. An' f'you too, Kee-Kee." The glass Rou'x picks for herself is the smallest, and she holds it up in a toast. "Here's t'… friends, n' clutchmates, n' sexy boyfriends who don' like me s' much, even if they mebbe say they do but I don't believe them, but s' long's they make my best guy happy they're ok, n'," she turns to Keely, pressing a gentle kiss to her cheek, "t' pretty girls, too. Cheers, guys!"

"We just stay in bed." Ir'e is wearing a pretty naughty smirk that that comment. "It's much more comfortable than the floor." Not just for eating either. But then he's blinking at Keely and then laughter is rippling from him, "Leave Rhab stranded up in my weyr? Of course not. Typically my firelizard is with him and he can always send him to Yiska to get brought down. It's not like he's trapped up there or anything. 'sides, I have a few other friends that check up on him too, if Yiskatiresiath and I are out." What kind of man does Keely think Ir'e is! But the alcohol is getting handed out and he doesn't seem to notice that he has the biggest glass at all. He is the biggest one so why shouldn't he, right? "And it isn't as if he doesn't like you Rou'x. I think he's just worried about losing me is all. It's not really about you." He clicks his tongue before taking a deep drink from his glass. "Cheers!"

Keely just remembers the difficulties, sometimes, of getting to and from a weyr when you're not a rider! She smirks, however, at Rou'x as she takes a drink from the proferred glass of red. There's a good sip taken, "Was almost afraid ya'd forgotten me while eyeballing Ir'e there." Even despite the recent proclamations, she can still joke! "I've really not interacted with him at all since that night when we were candidates… So it's all still really confusing to me." Another sip of wine, "But, what do I know… Men are damn confusing." Maybe THAT'S the issue with her and Ir'e. She's confused by men, he's confused by women, and they just can't breech that divide!

Rou'x is there to form a bridge, though! And the brownrider does it as best she can… mostly by deciding that more alcohol is needed on /top/ of the wine. So she grabs one of the other bottles on the table and pours a creamy-looking liquid from it into three short glasses. Shots! "Y'gotta try this creamy stuff guys, it's bloody /awesome/. Tastes like caramel or summat like what that Elsia might make, y'know? Goes down /reeeeeal/ easy." She demonstrates, knocking back her own. "Rhab n' I had a… a talk, Thei, but we c'n talk about it later, yeah? I got the two of you up here t' have /fun/, right?" Her arm is squeezed around Keely's waist, and she beckons Ir'e in towards her too, hoping to curl her other arm around him. "I /cooked/ for ya! See the sweet stuff? Wanted y'both t'be the first ones to give 'em a try."

Ir'e finishes his glass and makes his way over to Rou to try some of this strangely colored stuff. "Sure, why not." And down the shot goes, without much thought of just how the alcohol is going to affect him. "He's a hard guy to get along with. Kinda a jerk really, but he's different when ya know, it's just me and him. I dunno if he'll be nice to ya or not though Keely. Maybe, don't think he's worried about you stealing me away." It's just Rou he's got his misgivings about is all. "Didja now? And yeah, we don't need to keep talking 'bout my weyrmate or anything. He was kinda miffed at me the other night for drinking. You mind if I stay at your place tonight? I'll just steal a few blankets and sleep on the floor. I don't wanna go back smelling like alcohol though." His brows knit together in a thoughtful manner before he's going back for another shot. Let's see how many of these he can take before he's drunk. "You cooked? Score. What'd you make?" The surefire way to Ir'e is through his belly, no doubt about it.

"He was kinda… grabby that night in the caverns," Keely says, pausing to down the shot. She smacks her lips together, likely at the heavy cream texture so soon after the wine. "But I figured that was just to piss you off more." She leans in on Rou'x a bit, getting comfortable… though the mention of cooking has her drawing back just a little to raise an eyebrow at the brownrider. "You cooked? I didn't know ya could." She pokes a finger lightly at Rou'x's side as she leans back in. "So /you/ could make some of that fudge?"

Rou'x gives Keely a squeeze when she leans, while Ir'e gets a pretty chuffed 'look what /I/ got' look. "'Cooourse y'can stay, doll! Y'don't hafta sleep on the floor nor nothin', either - reckon my cot's big enough for three t'squeeze in. Just cos y' sharin' a bed wi' us don't mean we're gonna…" She pauses, her eyes getting that faraway look that means she's talking to her lifemate - who, for his part, gets up to launch himself off the ledge. The brownrider blinks, frowns, then shakes her head to try and pick up where she left off. "What'd I say there? Oh, yeah, don't mean there's gonna be /shit/ happenin', n' Rhab don't hafta know either, yeah?" Grinning, albeit distractedly, she reaches to the table to pick up two little cubes of what look like fudge-covered brownies, which she holds out towards each bluerider's mouth. "Try, babes."

Ir'e glances at Keely, arching a brow, "Grabby? I forget. Was before we got together I think, when you met him. Was that the night I punched the wall the first time?" Because there was more than one time. "He does love to piss me off, too." Perhaps one would even wonder why they were together with how Rhab likes to treat Ir'e. A wide grin is offered to Rou as she gives that 'cat caught the canary' look to him. "I'm not sure sleeping in your cot is the best of ideas. There's only so much self-control a guy can have." It's then that Indy has figured out what's going on, and it's hardly a split second later that Yiska is leaving his own ledge to prepare for the chase. "Shards, not now." He glances over his shoulder at the exit to the weyr before shaking it off and scooting close enough to Rou'x to take a bite of the proffered brownie. "If I had known you knew how to cook something like this, I would have come by to check out your place long before now."

"There's always the couch," Keely is pointing out. That ratty, but comfortable one. "But, y'know, we did learn during that time outside that it's always warmer to snuggle up." Oh, is that why they were naked that one time? HAHA NOPE. Pale blue eyes widen a bit in appreciation: "Dessert first?" Always with Rou'x, it seems. She takes a nibble, mm'ing happily. "I do love chocola-" and then she's getting the same details the other two are from Geimhreath, who can be glimpsed zipping by on his way to the corrals. Head is shaken to clear it a bit, "He's right, y'know. Now that we know you can cook… I mean, I can cook, but it's always nicer when someone else has done it."

"Them too?" Rou'x doesn't need their answers to /know/. She takes what Ir'e doesn't eat of his piece of the fudgy brownie for herself, popping it into her mouth and barely chewing before washing it down with a hefty glug of wine. "Cookin's… a new thing, but I din't do it all alone, I had someone t' help…" Even mroe distracted now than before as Indianath starts blooding, Rou'x bites hard on her plushy bottom lip, closing her eyes to concentrate. "I ain't gonna be kitchen-tied, Kee-love, but I can mebbe do a, a firepit, or a fire-thingy, what's it called, one've 'em outdoorsy things, y' put the meat n' stuff on it? An' /shit/, why /now/?" Another brownie is picked up, this one all for herself!

Ir'e gets that lightbulb look to his face, "The couch, yeah, that'd be awesome." And several shots later, because really, Rou shouldn't have left him so close to the alcohol. His face has started to take on a rather flushed hue to it. "Not like ya need extra body heat here at Western. If anything, it'd make more sense to get naked 'cause it's so sharding hot here all the time." Speaking of it being hot in here, Ir'e starts tugging at his shirt around his neck, fanning a little fresh air which doesn't really help overly much. "Well, I think you should definitely keep up with it. Not ya know, where you're always stuck in the kitchen of course, but these were amazing. It'd be a shame not to continue." Yiska has blooded quickly and crouched in the shadows, waiting expectantly for that green to zip into the air. His muscles are tightly coiled and ready to release in a split second. He's /determined/ to win after having lost the last several flights.

"Yeah… Geim never passes up an opportunity," Keely says with a long sigh. At least her militaristic lifemate is fairly good about following the rules. Blooding… well, that's really about it. Not as much to focus on with the males. She does finish her initial glass of wine swiftly, setting the empty cup down on the table. This only serves to free up arms that she slides around Rou'x from behind. Maybe some groping happens. Maybe not. "Firepit? Sometimes they have 'em on the beach… A few Turns ago we had one where there were trays of meats and veggies and skewers for folks." She nuzzles a cheek against Rou'x's shoulder… giving in to her draconic half so easily; likely due to the fact that this is how she and the brownrider handle things. It is a moment later that she realizes Ir'e is also present, which does affect things. Geimhreath is still blooding, savouring the heat of it. This does drive the brunette to release Rou'x and go for another shot of her own. "A warm body isn't… ah, well, it's not the same. It's… comfort? I guess. I know I… uh, I sleep better when I'm with Rou'x."

"Y'sleepin' in the bed, Ir'e." Rou'x presents it as more of an order, with her brows knitted over her golden-brown eyes. "C'mere. Y' can't go nowhere, n'… shards, but this ain't how I pictured this mebbe happening, but y'got me n' Kee here n' Yiska's gonna go up wi' the boys any moment, n' y' bloody well sleepin' in my bed, yeah?" She curls one hand around Keely's forearm when the bluerider hugs her, tilting her head towards the teen's to lightly kiss her. Once Kee's let go to get another shot though, the brownrider steps towards Ir'e, holding out her hand. "C'mon, Thei-love. Y'gonna go mad if y'don't. Kee n' I'll take good care've ya, won't we, doll?"

"Firepit, I think I remember that, we totally need to have those more often. Perhaps we can totally throw one soon, ya think the Weyrleaders would mind?" Although Ir'e is having a hard time concentrating on the thought, even though he's such a sucker for food. It's hard to ignore your mate when he's getting ready to chase. As the blood starts pounding and the little flips in your stomach start. Yeah, Ir'e's not used to being influenced like this with dragons, having lived all his life at the weyr it's something you kinda get used to after a while. "Comfort? Yeah, I s'ppose that's true, but honestly that's the last thing I'm thinking about I've got myself nestled up against someone's flesh." But he's a /boy/ and boys tend to be like that sometimes. "Alright Rou'x, sleeping on the bed. It'll be fine. I'll behave." And yet even as he's saying this, his hand is extending to meet with Rou'x's and he feels the control he had slipping away with each passing minute. "I.. should get back to my weyr." Is said right before his head drops down and he steals a kiss from the brownrider while the other bluerider's away. D'oh.

"I doubt even you could plan a green flight," Keely teases Rou'x, eyes going out of focus as she's drawn more towards her lifemate. The young woman somewhat hovers by the table, holding that cream liquor as her mind is more in the pens. "Hmm? Oh, yeah… uh. I'll try. I'm more used to women and all now…" But it doesn't stop her from flirting with the men, so it's clear she doesn't have a preference. She blinks a few times and pulls back, pouring the shot and downing it. "I'm sure Zi would be fine with another firepit party-" she turns to spot the kiss and blinks. Brow furrows as she processes it. One… two… then, "Issit my turn next?" For smooching, apparently.

Rou'x is kissed! It's not the first time she's kissed Ir'e, and it's not at all awkward. For her, anyway. It brings her that much closer to Indianath as the brown dragon prepares to take to the air, and Rou'x reaches behind her to curl her fingers into Keely's halterneck when she asks her question, drawing the girl in closer with an arm wrapped around her waist. When the kiss ends she looks hazily up at Ir'e, lips still parted, eyes slowly opening as she brings herself back to the here and now to look at Keely, before leaning in to kiss her. And while her lips are once more locked, she knots her fingers into the front of Ir'e's tunic, tugging him to her. "There ain't gonna be no behavin'," she murmurs after catching her breath from Keely, looking from one bluerider to the other - while, down below in the pens, Indianath kicks off the ground to give chase.

Ir'e pulls away from Rou'x, his eyes hooded, his face a nice shade of pink to it. "More used to women? You ever been with a man before, Kee'?" There's a thoughtful look given to her, as if he's sizing her up for something before Rou's got her hands on her and is sharing some of the flight fuzzy feelings. "I gotta admit, it's much hotter closer up." Girls kissing and all. There's a grin again, one that's typically reserved for his weyrmate perhaps. A faint curl and then there's a dimple showing. Then it starts and Yiska is off like a bolt of lightning. He's not a nice dragon to do flights with, all claws and teeth, he's determined to win even if it involves injuring the other contestants. Why should he care if they're too dumb to let themselves get caught in his crossfire? His rider's head is swimming by this point, blood rushing downward and making it all that much harder to pull away from Rou, so he doesn't, he lets her hold onto him via shirt before he's placing his arms 'round the both of them. "Who ya think is gunna win?"

Ah, that's what she needed. Keely leans into the kiss with Rou'x, pressing in close to the brownrider. It only makes it easier for Ir'e to get his arms around the two of them. When they part, she's a little breathless. A combination of the kiss and Geimhreath launching into the air. The blue is focused, driven, and very methodical about the flight. "Only been with a man in my dreams," she admits to Ir'e, but an eyebrow rises somewhat… followed by a smirk. "Can't say I'd dreamed about you, so it's bound to be interesting." Driven by lust, it comes much easier to her than it might at any other time. She does remove one hand from Rou'x to reach out to fellow bluerider, tracing it down his shirt. "Y'look… warm."

"Suldith," Rou'x replies automatically; does it matter that she doesn't even know if the bronze is in the running? Not one jot. She has other things to occupy her mind! "He's fuckin' /hot/, Kee…" And she's held there in middle, sandwiched between quite possibly her two favourite people in the whole Weyr. A gentle nudge is given to the two blueriders in the direction of the bed, though moving may be awkward as she's in no way willing to loosen her hold on either of them. "Fog n' fire," she murmurs, leaning against Ir'e and pulling Keely with her, "this is gonna be…" Her grin and the squeeze of her arm around both former weyrlings finishes that sentence up better than words possibly could, and she goes up on her toes to seek another kiss from Ir'e.

"Well that doesn't really count at all." Ir'e's voice sounds nearly chastising in tone. "We really must do something to remedy that." As to that last comment, he just laughs, a rich, hearty laugh as his hand travels down Keely's back to give her rear end a squeeze, "I'm hot, like Rou'x said, but if you're cold, I bet I could warm ya right up." It's only once Rou'x starts dragging them bed-ward that he releases his grip on the pair, but is still being drug along by that hold she's got on his shirt. Best make it a bit less awkward to get to the destination, right? He definitely doesn't mind the pause for the brownrider to steal another kiss, and he's more than happy to pause in their trek to return it. But only for a moment before he's pulled away and is motioning for Keely so that he can give her one as well. It's not going to be one of those sweet pecks that your first crush gives, but something that's hoping to draw out further wanton thoughts. Where's that bed again?

"Suldith doesn't /always/ win," Keely says to Rou'x with a knowing smirk. Afterall, the two ladies have consoled one another during flights both won and lost a few times now. She disentangles enough to make moving to the bed a bit less awkward, but that grab on her rear only serves to spur her forward. It's Geimhreath that's helping drive her forward and when Ir'e turns to beckon her in, she doesn't need to be summoned twice. The pale-eyed, brown-haired girl uses the other bluerider's shirt in much the way Rou'x has, digging fingers into the cloth as she pulls him in for a kiss. Half curiousity and half lust, it certainly isn't a reluctant or tentative gesture.

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