A Lucky (ish) Escape

WoodCraft Hall - Main Gates
The large wooden gates are hung from large rocks that have small stone walls running in either direction away from them, the one on the left seems to run right down to the banks of the Igen River. Through the trees beyond the gate a glimpse can be caught of the Hall itself. Upon closer inspection of the gates, it becomes apparent that they are constructed of four different types of wood, and are attached by a system of pegs that fit into holes in the rock. A hide is attached to one of the gates and the road continues on toward the Hall.
Beyond the gates several different types of trees grow haphazardly around a small courtyard, shading benches scattered around, and flower beds line the path to the Hall's main doors.

C'vryn looks vaguely lost and confused as he wanders on into the woodcraft. He looks around glancing left and right for someone, anyone for a moment. Then he rocks back on his heels and sighs. "Well, I suppose I could just go wandering through the hall until someone asks me what I'm doing."

Crafters are like fruit, wait long enough and a whole bunch of them will turn up at once. This little collective appears to be a very young class of some sort chattering their way out of the crafthall and off towards the trees - one or two carry notebooks, a few others have baskets, and one towards the rear of the group appears to be carrying a small axe. Bringing up the very rear of the group is Lukhanyo and the only word that can be used to describe him as he appears is bored. He's in no hurry to catch them up, no hurry to go anywhere really, and a flicker of relief dances across his expression as he spots a stranger. "Heya. Need some help?"

C'vryn glances up, hope flashing across his face. "Yes. I need help. Or something." He looks around. "Where would I go to commission a piece? My Jan needs something, and she's been feeling terrible these last days." He points to the main hall door. "I was just about to go in there and Haloo the hall, but this is better. Unless there's somewhere you need to be? Can't keep you from your work just to be my personal tour guide."

"Aha. A search for a love token, you've definitely come to the right place." Lukhanyo grins, casting a quick glance off in the direction the class went and then dismissing them with a vague wave of one hand. "They'll be fine without me for now, Master Jonin can keep them in line without three of us Seniors to help him." There's a brief pause, a thought causing a flash of a smirk to appear but it's quickly erased as he offers a hand, "Lukhanyo. Senior Apprentice in this wonderous establishment. So what sort of thing do you have in mind?"

C'vryn turns a bright pink, which clashes terribly with his hair. "Well, she deserves it you know. She's not very happy with me right at the moment." He looks happier though as he starts explaining. "I'm thinking a nice working table for her, she's a weavercraft journeyman and she does a lot of embroidery and piecework. I want her to have something nice."

Lukhanyo taps his fingers together as he thinks, nodding along with the explanation, "What sort of quality are you looking for? If it's an apology then I would think you want something better than apprentice, but depending on what you did you might not want to go Master. Doesn't help to look too guilty. Unless you are too guilty?" It's phrased as a question but he doesn't leave very long for replying before he adds, "If you'd been looking for a cabin I could help you myself but we have quite a few furniture specialists."

C'vryn looks momentarily thoughtful on the idea of a cabin. "But I'm not sure where we'd put it, I don't own any freehold land." He pauses. "I'm not guilty. It's just, this pregnancy is hard on her and she's miserable and then Fey got into her head and." He stops. "You don't really care about that, I'm sure. But I want something very nice for her. Because she needs it." Just as he is explaining that though, a bronze head pokes its way through the gates. "Yes, Yes. Em. I know you want to get back. What do you mean about just bring him along, and we'll talk later?"

Lukhanyo ahs and nods, "Yes, pregnancy does strange things to women. Don't discount the cabin though, it could always be a tiny one for the child. Might score you points for showing you're excited about it. No?" There's a hint of a grin there, a suggestion that although he's definitely angling for a commission for himself as well he's not entirely serious. "Now let's see there's Journeyman Martrin, he's quite good with his furniture. And of course there's the lovely Monique, her scroll work is exquisite." As C'vryn talks to Emeliuth, and indeed as the dragon himself appears, Luka seems unperturbed, almost ignoring the fact beyond giving the bronze a quick, polite, nod.

C'vryn in turn looks agitated before he sighs again. "Yes, Em. I will get you back to Feyruth. I know you don't like being gone." He apologizes profusely. "I'm sorry about that. Em is of the opinion that I should just bring you along as a candidate and we can talk at the weyr about what I'll need." He's explaining so fast, it doesn't really register what exactly he's saying and offering. "So, are you willing to come back, so Em will be quiet for a bit?"

Lukhanyo opens his mouth to suggest another name, and then pauses like that. After a moment he gives himself a little shake and then begins to laugh. "Sorry. Sorry. Not funny, I know. You are serious, though? Oh mother is going to have a fit." Perhaps it's that thought that makes him grin and agree, perhaps it's the sound of a female voice from inside calling his name, regardless his response is a quick one, "It's been a good few Turns since I've been to Half Moon, but why not. I accept. Though I'll let you break it to my parents once we get there."

C'vryn shakes his head with a laugh. "What can I do? Em insists that he not be away, he says you'll do, for what it's worth and I somewhat don't blame him. I don't like being away from the weyr myself all that much, right at the moment. I'm always afraid Feyruth is going to do something and get Jan in trouble."

"In my experience it's often the riders that lead the dragons astray." Lukhanyo grins, even manages a slight laugh, but it doesn't quite seem entirely unforced. Faintly, from another direction, there's another female voice and for some reason that makes Luka flinch slightly and glance back towards the Hall proper. For some reason he's suddenly the one in a hurry to get going. "If he needs to be away then far be it for me to hold him back. Shall we?"

"Let me climb aboard and then I'll help you up." Emeliuth for his part settles down into a low crouch to make the job of getting aboard easier. "And we'll get you back to Half Moon in just a bit, with no time to second guess what you're doing, or for anyone else to make a comment." With that, C'vryn is settled aboard.

Lukhanyo laughs and nods, though there's a definite nervousness to his actions now. In fact as not one but two women appear, both looking for him apparently, all the colour drains from his face. Mounting is done with surprising skill for a crafter, though his comment of "Much larger than Mother's Bhezuth." explains a few things at least.

C'vryn offers a cheeky wave to the folks arriving and then offers. "I think we'd best be off now. I err, won't be hit with kidnapping charges will I?

Lukhanyo laughs, shaking his head, "No, though I may have to buy you a drink or six for saving my hide there. Women can be so… fussy sometimes." Especially if you're dating two at once and they don't know about each other.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

"Oh, you have been up to a lot back there. Well, I'll point you to the candidate barracks and once you've gotten yourself settled in there, you can look me up to continue working on that project for Jan." Ryn shakes his head. "You just need to find someone like I found Jan. That'll settle you right down." He also waves off the bronze who heads on into the hatching grounds to look up and see what his darling Feyruth needs.

Lukhanyo nods, grinning widely as he comments, "Gladly, though if it ends up with six legs and looking surprisingly like a cabin then it's not all my fault." As for settling down, that simply merits a shrug, "Ah but settling can be so dull, after all… they're all special really. Why limit yourself?"

C'vryn shakes his head, rapidly. "You'll understand when you meet the right person." He laughs though, "But off with you to report to the headwoman, and she'll get you settled into the barracks and all that. Then you'll report to her and the weyrlingmaster crew until the hatching."

Lukhanyo's head shakes, and for a second there's a clouding of his expression that hints at something more to the story than he's willing to let on. "Ah, perhaps. Stranger things have happened." As he's shooed the laughter returns and he snaps off a salute, "Yes sir! And thanks, in case I forgot to mention that bit. For the save, and for telling mother." Yes, he's still assuming C'vryn will do that "Headwoman is…." he glances around, trying to remember, "That way?"

"Lusanne should be somewhere near the living caverns, I think this time of day. I hope." He pauses. "I'll make an effort to get a note to your Mother. Don't suppose a firelizard will do?" Then there's a shrug and he starts to head off to where his dragon disappeared to. "I'll make sure she finds out at the very least."

Lukhanyo nods, moving off himself, voice fading to a mutter as he goes, "Oh I'm sure we'll all know once she finds out. Likely shout the weyr down."

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