Weyrlings Take Wing! (Unmounted Flights)

** Day 5 of Month 4 of Turn 2714**

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It is a nice warm morning, or sure there are some dark clouds out there at sea but honestly it can't be thatbad right? If so why would be there a lesson going on right /now/ of all times. Sundari is standing in the center of the of the training field with Irkvelath next to her. The blue has called out the Weyrling's and young dragons to get out front and center with straps on and ready for lesons, which at the moment is a unmounted flight but still a lesson none the less!

As is typical, Aedeluth is here way before S'van, having no patience for the short-strided weyrling that he can easily outpace. His limp is ever-present, but lessened, and it's clear that the water-therapy he has been enduring is paying off. S'van is jogging to keep up, though physical therapy at least gives him enough endurance to make it to the center of the field without breaking much of a sweat or needing to gasp for hair. "Ma'am," and he'll offer a quick salute before coming to stand beside Aedeluth. Straps are already on, good and tight.

Fascath is eager for this lesson. He's been waiting and his wearing his new straps, just freshly cleaned and oiled and sitting almost perfectly on him. He hasn't had a chance to outgrow this pair yet. Give him a half a candlemark. He moves on towards the center heading for a spot next to Aedeluth since he's moving at a slower pace to let Catwin keep up, though she is jogging on out there. Wouldn't do to stroll lanquidly for lessons. Not to mention be cruel and unusual torture for the blue. She gives a salute as well as she stands at the ready. Fascath chuffs lightly and gives himself a shake and settles down a little.

Myrakath is also there in her straps ready and raring to go. It's been a long road getting here, but it is hi time to take to the sky and get some air time in with her rider. Baylee is there too in her weyrling uniform ready as well, though she is perhaps a bit more nervous about this than her dragon is. She salutes the weyrlingmaster and looks to her fellow weyrlings. She doesn't say anything but the look says it all. A mixture of excitment and nerves.

Sundari nods slightly to the ones that have come, she's kept this group small to give all the dragon's plenty of room and plenty of tries it seems. Irkevalath warbles out a greeting to the younger dragons. "Today is the first time they get to try a hand at flying. Now… I expect you all to follow what we say to the T, do you understand me?" Sunny questions with a faint tone, and a pointed look is evn sent towards a certain bronzer. "Irk will do a set of stretches and your dragon is to follow what is done, then we will move on to the next step. One dragon at a time will follow Irk in a slight glide around the field, nothing crazy just a simple exercise. If all goes well by the end of the day we might through in a few other things."

S'van is PERFECTLY well behaved, thank-you-very-much! Ahem. Anyways. On this particular day, he is standing at attention, relaxing only as Sundari begins to speak, arms resting across his chest in a casual sort of manner. There is a quick, decisive nod of his head for the directive and the look, his own returned with calm, cool, collected. He's got this! No worries. Aedeluth huffs just a little, and his eyes whirl a bright blue-green of excitement. A small smirk, a little glance towards the dragon, and Sev uncoils his arms so that he can offer his beast a *thump-thump* pat on the leg. The bronze fixes his gaze on Irkevalath, watching him like a hawk.

There is a shifting of Fascath's wings and he looks at one and then the other. Finely muscled as they are become with all the workouts. His attention then focuses in on Irkevalath prepared to follow with the stretches, curious if there is a new pattern to follow or not. Catwin gives a nod to Sundari. To a 'T'. Shells what could happen to Fascath if he doesn't? She doesn't want to think about that. Nope. Behave. Listen. Mind.

Myrakath turns her green and blue eyes onto the blue dragon to watch him as close as she has ever watched him. This is serious business and she has a determined look on her face to prove it. The waves of the sea churn in her mind as the energy builds in her, « I've got this. I've got this. » she repeats mostly to herself, but her siblings might hear it as well. Baylee just nods her head to the words of the weyrlingmaster. Sunny's serious seems warranted.

Sundari knows better then a bronzer then behaves, they don't so she just expects them to all have some sort of issues it seems! She waves a hand to Irkevalath and trns slightly, arms folded before her while her gaze settles on the dragons. « Aedeluth will go first, it will be one at a time. I lead and you follow. If you have problem then say it, if you have pain then say it. Understand? » Irkevalath does not wait for a answer, no instead the older dragon turns, tail swaying slowly as he moves further out towards the center of he field, plenty of space now. « Watch an follow. » The blue's wings open, stretching nice and slow, maybe even a slight poping of joints ito place, which is the reason for the stretching. Wings close, wings open, once, twice and then at least four time. He then stretching one back leg and then the next, each get stretched four times soon followed by the front limbs. WIth that done he gives his rump a slight wiggle and is moving forward at a slow trot forward which is taking him up a slight hill and onceat the top that trot continues and his wings open, he leaps upwards into the air a few feet his wings are used to let him glide about ten feet and he lands with a slight hop in his step. Once to the ground he turns slightly to look back to the bronze. « your turn! »

"We understand," says S'van, at the same time that Aedeluth responds with a resounding and resolute, « Understood » and the crackle of electricity as connections come alone, screens flash, code scrolls. He is focused, watching the blue even as he shifts his weight and twitches his wings. As the blue moves, he follows as instructed, his limp less pronounced as he focuses weight on his other legs. Wings open, stretching with restrained slowness until they are fully extended, held briefly before pulled back in against his sides. And then repeated, keeping count. Aedeluth is laser focused, his mental connections all pointed at Irkevalath. He is determined to complete this lesson with excellence. Back legs next… he takes a bit longer as he settles his weight on his bum leg, ensuring it is positioned just-so before he begins stretching out his left leg. Then switch, weight going to his good leg as his bum limb is stretched as best it can given the malformed muscle that limits full movement. But it's stretched none-the-less and without a hint of pain. He keeps it up, even if he's a bit slow each time he settles onto the right, taking the time to make sure he's stable before stretching. And then front, stretch-stretch-stretch-stretch until everything is nice and loose. He even does the wiggle, just in case it's required, even if it makes Sev grin a bit in amusement. As Irkevalath lands, there's a quick huff of breath, a sort of 'WE GOT THIS' kind of sound, and then he's bid to go and he's trotting, following the path the blue took, his gait a bit uneven for the limp but straight and true. No wibbly-wobbling, just a little bob-bob-bob up and down for the back leg. Wings out. And then LEAP! And he shoves off that little hill, most of the force coming from his stronger left hind leg. Sails catch the air, and he glides easily until he's touching down, his landing a touch less graceful for that back leg, though there's no real stumbling. Just… not very pretty. A bugle of triumph and he snaps his head around towards the blue, as if seeking approval. HE DID THE THING!

Fascath watches Irkevalath and there's noticable strain as he tries to just sit there, and wait his turn. Time for idle wanderings is done. It is time to do what he was meant to do and that is to fly! Catwin lays a restraining hand on the blue and he settles back a little on his haunches, but his eyes doesn't move from teh older blue until he's done showing and then his attention is on Aedeluth. There is no hint of trepidation, only the knowledge that Aedeluth will do it. And indeed when the bronze lands and bugles he follows suit with his own bugle of acknowledgment. « You show them! » Catwin winces and looks at Fascath "Did you have to?" « Yes. » … Fine.

Myrakath too watches Irk and his stretchings. She'll be ready when her time comes to stretch the heck out of things! The best stretching there ever was, and then after the best flying there ever was too! Green and rider watch as Aed takes to the sky and does very well for himself. It seems that let of his won't be keeping him down going forward. Good! Myra and Baylee refrain from cheering as Fascath did, but the smile on Baylee's face tells the tale of how she is feeling about Sev and Aed's first time taking to the air.

Sundari is quiet as she watches, a slight nod is seen once Aedeluth goes through the moves and does rather well she eels. « Fascath… Your next up. » Irkevalath offers while he moves back to the starting point. « Cop what I do. » Much like before there is wing stretching, back legs then front legs and all the like is done as before to get ready for what is to come. Then Irk is moving forward in a slow trot up the little hip, and once at the top he turns to move, wings opening and he leaps into the air and is soon gluiding about ten feet once more. When he lands once more he turns to see how the other blue does. Meanwhile there is dark clouds slowly creeping in from the sea, the wind has picked up a bit but not eough to make either Sunny nor Irk to wrried over the matter, at least not yet.

Aedeluth is the picture of smug. SMUG-SMUG-SMUG and happy to let everyone feel his SMUG as well. "Yeah, we get it," drolls S'van, rolling his eyes even as his face breaks out into a huge grin. "Good luck," he murmurs needlessly to Cat, flashing her a quick grin before leaning back a bit so he can see around various bodies and flash Baylee a quick smile and a thumbs up as well.

Fascath is ready for this, he is. He was born ready! Catwin steps back as he nuzzles her a little and then he's stretching his wings out, following Irkevalath in the number of stretches. He watches himself, watching the muscles move and then he's stretching his legs out. Back and then front. And then it's time. He watches the older blue and then he's trotting up and following the path led by the blue he to is turning and his wings snap out and he's leaping! Catwin's breath catches in her throat as she watches Fascath go. She gives S'van a mouthed thank you and then Fascath is in the air. It's a graceful leap and the wings are out stretched and then catch the air. Oh what a glorious feeling! Fascath glides and the urge to continue is so strong, but he lets the glide end and comes in for a landing. What might have been a fair graceful first attempt is met with a touch of turbulance as a stray gust of wind catches him and buffets him up somewhat as he lands. Bounce, bounce, running then stopped.

Myrakath's gaze doesn't linger overly long on the bronze but instead shifts to look at the blue as he makes his run. Unsurprisingly like the rest of the class Fas does a fine job as well. Baylee returns Sev's thumbs up quickly though she doesn't focus on him long. It will be her dragons turn next most likely. She takes a deep breath and prepares herself to watch the green take her first steps into the sky. Though not really into the sky, just a short hop and glide but it is the direction they are working toward. The winds and clouds are put out of her mind for now. Myra might be the smallest but she's strong.

Sundari won't comment on Aedeluth showing off a bit, it is to be expected she knows this, but if he keeps it up she will say smething best believe that. A slight nod is seen once Fascath is going and she chuckles a bit wathing him bounce there a few times. "Nicely done." She murmurs softly. Irk shifts back to the 'stating' spot and hiswings flutter a bit at his isde while his gaze turns to Myrakath. « Next! » He turns and the stretches are done once more, wings, legs, and a slight wiggle of his rump before he is troting forward up the short hill and once at the 'top' he leaps upward and does that short glide to the other end and is landng with a nice hop himself. Sundari glances to the sky, mostly over the waters and she lifts her head slightly n thought before looking back to when Myrakath goes.

The young bronze has not so much as twitched a muscle after he had settled out of the way. He is just proud that he managed to do AS WELL AS OR BETTER than his fellow weyrlings. No holding THIS cripple back! S'van, again, eyeroll and now IGNORING the smug-beast masquerading as his dragon. "Well done Fascath!" And even Aedeluth will flick out a bit of a connection, a touch of his mind to his brother's, a sharing of the moment of triumph. But now it is Myrakath's turn, and Sev tries to give an encouraging smile towards Baylee. Myra may be small, but she is INDEED strong and mighty!

Bounce or no bounce Fascath is ready to go again. And again, and again. Connection is noticed and absorbed into the mist, to become part of it. Yes, the triumph hero returns home! Or well at least over to his most dear Catwin. Wings shift, then settle and his gaze turns to Myrakath, oh yes he is most positive that their dear little sister will fly and fly quite well indeed. There's a little whuffle to S'van for the congratulary remark and then he's silent and waiting.

Myrakath follows in the footsteps of her siblings, who in turn had followed in the footsteps of Irk. The green does her stretch of wings making sure that they are free of knots and tension. Then she moves down to stretch her four legs doing the same and then stretches her hips in the same manner of the blue. That stretching out of the way leaves her to the next task. Taking to the the air. The green hops along until she gets to the top of the hill and from there hops into the air and extends her wings and those wings do what they were made to do catch the air just right to keep the green aloft. She glides through the air and eventually a good distance away she extends her legs and once more lands on the ground. She has flown. « Yes! » she exclaims happily. « I did it! » Baylee stands by and watches her lifemate as she achieves a sucessful glide. The smile on her face once more says it all. "Good job Myrakath." she says to her dragon as the green hops back over to join the group.

Sundari smiles and nods as Myrakath goes through the steps and does just like the others perfectly well. "Very good! i'm proud of all of you." This said while her armslowerand she even ofers a slight clap. "Now… DOn't get getting and wild ideas this does not mean you can go hopping into the air anytime you wish. I will allow little glides for the next few days and then we will go from there. Must not put to much strainon them after all, given them time to adjust to the new steps they are taking on now." Irk rumbles his approval, and about that same time the wind is kicking up rather strong and sending sand swirling all around the field. Irkevelath turns to look out towards the waters, the storm is close, very close now and the crackle of lightly is picked up as well. Sundari ahs softly at this and scratches her neck a bit before looking back to the Weyrlings. "I want you to gather a few things quickly and head tosome ground Weyrs for the day. No more gliding, and lessons will be canceled this evening depending on what happens. Understand?" Rain is starting to fall, more like a heavy downpour then actually rain which should make everyone SO HAPPY right now, right?

The achievement of his green sister gets a crow of approval from the bronze. In this moment, Aedeluth is a sibling and not an adversary. He can be proud that those of his clutch are doing well! S'van is listening intently, flashing little glances between Sundari and Aedeluth, lips pressed into a thin line as he nods his understanding. Slow and steady. The bronze huffs, pulls himself to his feet and limps his way over to shove his nose into Sev's stomach, nearly toppling the lad. "Hey!" but then there is wind, and lightening, and soon rain. "Ground weyrs…" and he maybe looks a little concerned for this, though he won't say it. As the rain starts to pick up, Aedeluth snaps out his wings, letting the water catch upon them. Another nod of S'van's head, understanding her commands perfectly. "Yes, ma'am." And then… water. Rain. Yay. "Ugh…" as he is very quickly soaked through.

Catwin is very pleased for Baylee and Myrakath and she is grinning quietly at the pair. Fascath as no such inhibitions and he's bugling right along with Aedeluth, crying out his pleasure to all within range. Catwin's attention drifts over to Sundari and she's frowning a little at the mention of changing quarters and then boom. Wet Cat. Fascath doesn't mind the rain. After all, he has no clothes. No draggin' down on this dragon. "Yes, ma'am" she echoes S'van and then she's pondering the best way to move clothes withough getting them all soaked as well. Only so much oilcloth. Hmm.

Stupid rain making things wet. But what can you do? You can't control the weather. Both Baylee and Myrakath listen to the instructions of the weyrlingmaster. Baylee nods her head. No lessons for the rest of the day. That leaves them free to go gather things. It's really fortunate that Baylee has all her things organized in her chest that she can just take with her when she goes. She glances to her her two fellow weyrlings, "Should we go the barracks and grab our stuff?" she asks. Myrakath follows Baylee and looks to her two siblings, « We all did good. »

Sundari pulls her flightjacket on even though she is wet, just water really she isn't worried over it. "Wings closed, get things and go to the ground weyrs now." She is quick to comment as she turns heading over to Irk, the blue crouching down so his rider can clamber up to his shoulders. Goggles are pulled free and pulled on. The wing is starting to swirl more, and the rain well it still falls and the thunder rolls slowly towards land from the sea itself. "Gather only a few things and go to the Weyr's. Anything else you need I'll make sure is brought to you. Dismissed." Irkevalath is shifting about and is soon leaping into the sky heading upwards with quick flaps of his wings. « Do not try anything silly, go to ground as told. » The blue sends to the young dragons, the pair will hover in the air to make sure they do as told before going to try and help where they can it seems.

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