Bitter Winds and Balmy Baths

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.

A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

A bitter wind is blowing outside, but that doesn't stop the air instead the hot springs cavern being balmy - which may be why do many Western denizens have opted to bathe this evening, rather than brave the great outdoors. Rou'x is amongst those sitting in the pools, dressed decently enough in her string-halter bikini, and sipping an unknown beverage from a flask as she simply soaks up the warmth.

Balmy air and hot water is just what the Healer ordered - at least for Areia. The wind has mused her hair far past redemption and her cheeks are pink. She lets out a held breath as the warm air hits her. The pools are skirted around as she makes her way on the boardwalk towards the trunk of towels. She digs one out, glances around, and spots an empty space, right next to Rou'x! "Can I join you?" She asks with a warm smile.

"'Course!" Rou'x grins at Areia, scooting over automatically; though there's really no need, considering the particular pool she's chosen is far from full. Still, she pats the water beside her for Areia to slip on in beside her, before taking another sip from her flask. "Ain't it awful out there? I reckoned Indy mighta got blown off course if we'd've gone any further… bloody /nasty/ wind."

Areia shimmies out of her clothes to reveal a similar bikini and also a dark bruise the size of a hand on her thigh. She carefully makes her way into the water, inhaling sharply as her legs are submerged, then settling in with a soft sigh. "Horrible out there." She agrees, running her hands through the water a bit lazily. "Nice in here. A nice change." Her face turns confused for a moment, then understanding dawns. "Indy? Oh! Thats right. You're Rou'x. Elsia mentioned you. I think we've met but it was a while ago."

Rou'x cocks her head at the brunette, squinting her honey-coloured eyes at her. "Pretty sure we met before, though not f' a while, yeah." That curious gaze lets up, and she grins warmly. "I'm Rou'x, anyways, that's right. Indianath's rider, Archipelago wingrider, now!" Yes, she's chuffed that she's graduated from the weyrling ranks. "Y'gonna have to 'scuse me though, cos I ain't sure I remember y' name?"

Areia is trying to make some sort of order out of her hair, although now it's just mused and wet. She gives up with a sigh, then holds out a hand towards Rou'x. "Nice to meet you - again." She grins broadly. "Areia. I work in the stables. Not a 'crafter though." She makes the distinction carefully. "Congrats on the graduations. I heard the party was quite a… well, party."

"Were it? I din't actually go t' the party, but… well, I had a bit've thing goin' on in Keely's weyr. Private party sorta thing, y'know?" Rou'x winks and clicks her tongue at Areia, then offers her the flask. "Got some mulled cider in there, if y'wanna share? Hard cider, o' course - made a wee bit harder by a bit've a splash've summat extra, yeah?"

Areia tilts her head back with a low chuckle. "Well, I've only heard second hand, so don't hold me to it! Although your private party sounds like it was a ball too." The offer of the flask makes her face brighten somewhat and she reaches for it without hesitation. "If you insist. I could use some." She sniffs at it before taking a nice sized glug. Her face sours but at the same time, she's smiling. "A -little- something extra, hm?" She asks, handing the flask back.

Rou'x takes another sip for herself before setting the flask on the edge, so that she can sink low in the water, submerging to her chin. "Yeah, a bit've a liquer kick. Spices it right up, y'know? Sometimes y'just need that extra bit've summat to pick it up…" Her eyes close and she leans her head back against the side, her pinned-up braid acting as a cushion of sorts for the back of her head. "So what d'you do in the stables, Areia?"

Areia takes her cue from the brownrider and also sinks down, although not quite as far. She snorts softly. "It does spice it up." Is agreed with. "Ohh, I could stay in here forever." She says with a sigh, eyes closing. "Hmm? Oh. Just about everything. I train some of the younglings, muck stalls, get beat up on." This last part is said with a groan. "Lately they seem to have it out for me."

"That where that buise o' yours came from?" Yup, Rou'x's observant! "Din't wanna bring it up b'fore in case it were mebbe from summat sensitive, like, y'know?" Beneath the water she stretches out her legs, toes just breaking the surface before bobbing back down again. "Never did get on so well wi' runners. They're already for gettin' from A to B, but otherwise? Eh. Never bothered me."

Areia winces and raises her leg a bit to poke and peer at the bruise. "Yep." She says with mock cheerfulness. "This baby was given to me by a hellish stallion who decided he didn't want me in his stall. I have to say, he's got good aim. A bit lower and it would have hit my knee. Not that they haven't hit it already." The leg is lowered and she shrugs. "My parents were beastcrafters, so I grew up with them. Just natural to be involved now." Then she smirks. "Although I suppose you don't need them if you have a dragon, eh?"

Rou'x laughs. "Nope, can't have no runner t' replace my Indy. Though mebbe if runners grew wings or summat, more folks'd just fly 'em rather than picking t' stand. Runners've gotta eat less than dragons, right? An' they only eat grass n' shit, so it'd be a whole lot less messy." She wriggles in her seat, then reaches behind her for some soapsand. "Though y'know, even the eatin' animals bits alright when it's your dragon. Don't bother me at all, really."

Areia hmms to herself quietly. "I can't see runners with wings." She admits. "My head just doesn't seem to register it." She shrugs, making the water ripple a bit. "At least dragons are picky about where they, err, crap, right?" She snickers at her own words. "Runners gotta be cleaned up after." Eyeroll. "And they're not picky." She shrugs again at eating animals. "Hey, they have to eat." She states obviously. "I suppose it wouldn't be practical to be squeamish."

"Well yeah, they do it between once they're able, butcha still gotta clean up after them the first turn o' their lives 'r so. If y'think runner shit's big and nasty, imagine what it'd look like if it were a /dragon's/ crap." Rou'x rolls her eyes. "An' I had the pleasure've cleaning up after Indy when he had a bad tum. That, I can tell ya, were /not/ so pleasant, y'know?"

Areia breaks into a peal of laughter. It takes her a few moments to recover before she can speak. "I can imagine! Scary stuff. Not so pleasant is one way to put it." She leans her head back again. A moment later, a young teenager hurries in, spies Areia, and heads straight towards he. He mutters something in her ear and Areia frowns, then sighs. "Nice talking to you, but apparently I am needed." She says, truely regretful to leave. She gets out and starts to dry off hurridly.

When Areia gets out, Rou'x sits up a little straighter, reaching over her shoulder for the cider. "Yeah, no worries, nice talkin' t'you too." She takes a swig, then grins at the brunette. "You watch that y'don't get blown over out there, yeah?"

Areia looks towards the doorway with a wince. "No promises." She responds dryly. She visably steels herself, then heads out, teenager following.

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