Bums, Thumbs, and Infamous Parents

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

The first few days after Search are generally a flurry of activity as candidates try their best to impress the weyr, but some of them… well let's just say it's not a perfect picture of happiness on the patio this evening. A few little clusters of people are present on the benches, some sort of tea party or picnic going on despite the evening's arrival, and right there in the middle of it all stands Lukhanyo. Oh he's smiling, and nodding, and apparently fairly attentive to the old ladies he's been grouped with, but his whole posture suggests that he's ready to make a run for it any second.

Honestly, the Weyr can be a little overwhelming to anyone - particularly candidates who have been pulled in - even if the earliest years were spent at the Weyr. And probably, if you were to ask L'ton, even after 45 turns, the Weyr can be a little overwhelming. However, on this evening, the Weyrleader is at ease - a drink is in his hand as he starts meandering through the crowd, pausing now and then to chat with someone before he is slipping into the group with Lukhanyo and the old ladies he is with. A hand rests briefly on Luk's shoulder as he leans into the group - "Everyone having a good evening?" He questions, lifting his glass in greeting.

"Oh yes, dear." The leader of the little cluster of aging weyrfolk is quick to answer, not giving Lukhanyo a chance to even open his mouth to speak, "Such a lovely group of candidates this time. Very… decorative." The raucous laughter that follows actually manages to make Lukhanyo blush, the young man quite unused to being the leered at instead of the leerer, he quickly manages to pull himself together in time to reply with his own comment of, "Ah, Mira, you know you shouldn't tease so much. As if anyone could eclipse your lovely self. Ladies." This last to the group as a whole, accompanied by a quickly aborted bow. "If I may, I must speak with the Weyrleader a moment."

It is all L'ton can do to keep a straight face as the group of women laugh and the young man blushes, one hand reaching to take Mira's for a moment as Luk makes an excuse to get way for a moment, and a smirk breaks through. "Ah promise I won't keep him from ya for *too* long.." L'ton winks and lifts her hand to drop a quick kiss, waggling his eyebrows at the others before turning back to Lukhanyo, inclining his head and trying to school his face back to something resembling seriousness. "Candidate.. shall we?"

Lukhanyo nods quickly, turning to walk off a little way down the patio from the group. That little jump in his step… it's not glee, and as soon as he's a safe distance away he rubs his backside. "I swear I'm getting a bruise. They pinch hard. Thanks for that, that's twice now one of the Half Moon rider has saved me from trouble. This keeps up I'll owe a fortune in drinks. Not quite what I expected when they said I'd be chaperoning some of the ladies of the weyr today, but I suppose it could be worse." It's only after the complaint is out that he remembers exactly who he's talking to and adds a quiet, "Sir."

A glance over his shoulder at the group of women, and L'ton is shaking his head a little as Luk offers his.. complaint. "At least you can hide it there, imagine if they had it out for your cheeks. Ah'd be in meetings with.. whoever it is that is actually 'responsible' for you before I knew it, explaining why you looked like you were in a fight. Though, I guess.. You probably wouldn't be on the losing end of that." L'ton clears his throat after a moment, the older man realizing he is rambling a bit. "At least you don't need to worry about them being.. Too dangerous. I think." Maybe.

"Wouldn't be too sure about that." Lukhanyo replies with a grin, "There's one or two of them look downright predatory." One hand lifts, a finger-wiggle wave given to one of the ladies in question. "So… you're the infamous L'ton." Formality, it seems, has been forgotten once more. "My Grandfather used to say I reminded him of you. Not sure which of us he was insulting."

"Believe me - if you want predatory.. there are a couple of greenriders you should absolutely avoid. They will eat you alive, even without their greens ready.." Even L'ton shudders a little bit at that, sparing another glance at the ladies as Luk waves. And then he is turning back, and L'ton laughs and offers a half-bowed head and a lifted drink in a salute of sorts. "If it was your Grandfather.. Probably an insult for both of us. Your grandmother on the other hand…" He winks. Yeah, he went there.

"Really? I don't suppose you want to share names?" Lukhanyo jokes… mostly. There's a flicker of mischief in his eyes that almost guarantees any information would be stored for later usage. "My grandmother… well I wouldn't know about that. My mother on the other hand." There's a cough, followed by a smirk, and a slight shrugging of his shoulders.

"What fun is it if I warn you off of them? Think of it as.. a special welcome to the Weyr." L'ton counters quickly, settling into an easy exchange with the young man. "I mean.. You'll know. But maybe you'll enjoy it." As Lukhanyo mentions his mother, rather than his grandmother, L'ton arches an eyebrow curiously. "Oh? Do I know your mother?" Interest: caught.

Lukhanyo grins, holding a hand up to stop L'ton "Who said I wanted warned off? So long as they're younger than the lovely Mira and her silver horde I'm game." L'ton's curiosity may be piqued but for a second Luka almost looks like he regrets mentioning Her. "Oh I dare say you do, everyone does." Yes that's a definite note of resentment in his voice. "Taira, blue Bhezuth's."

"Well, you have a mix.. At least one of them doesn't let age get in the way.. Ah reckon she can teach anyone a thing or to, too." L'ton laughs softly, and then as Luk looks.. regretful? He pauses and tilts his head. "Ahh, Taira." A soft short and L'ton shakes his head. "Well, can't say I haven't heard of her, so I guess it may be everyone does." He moves to rest a hand lightly on Luk's shoulder, should he not move away. "Sometimes it isn't so bad, having an infamous parent.. At least that's what I try to tell myself. I'm sure Zi'on feels like you do, though."

"Infamous." Lukhanyo nods, not moving away from the hand though he does turn his head to look at it, "Not the word I would have chosen, but it'll do. Still, there's not been any explosions so I assume she doesn't know I'm back. Won't that be fun!" His chuckle that follows is more of a snort, but there does seem to be some return to the cheerfulness of earlier. "I'll take babysitting a herd of Mira over that particular conversation. Don't suppose you can find some way of keeping her out of the weyr until the hatching? No?" This last certainly seems to be a joke, he even smiles. "So tell me more about these greenriders."

"Well, I don't know what else I would use." The hand gives his shoulder a gentle squeeze before it drops, and the Weyrleader is finishing off his drink, shaking the glass and letting the ice rattle for a moment. "Well, I mean, if you really want me to, I bet I could come up with something to keep her busy. At least for a few days, until you figure your explanation out." The ice is rattled again, before he grins at him. "Well, watch out for Rylei - she's from a line of greenriders that gets worse every generation.. And, don't let me find you cozying up to any of my granddaughters, if'n you know what's good for you. I mean, they are probably a little young for you anyway, but."

Lukhanyo laughs and shakes his head, "I'll be fine. She'll find out sooner or later, though I can't exactly say I'll be thrilled if I impress and we both end up chasing in the same flights. Or worse. Then I might take you up on your offer." A burst of giggles from the Silver Horde catches his attention momentarily and his hand moves, snatching a kiss from the air and placing it against his cheek. Elders! "I guess I'd better get a list of your grandkids, just to be sure."

"Well, sometimes later is better. Though, maybe sooner is better.. give her less time to think you purposefully hid it from her." A pause. "In fact, based on most women, probably better to just get it over with.. just tear off the bandage." A shudder, and he spares a quick glance over his shoulder as there is a burst of giggles and Luk is catching a kiss. "Well, if'n you take the time to get their names.. Z's are mine, and E's belong to them. Obviously not *all* of them, but.." A shrug. "Worst case its a cousin or something, and well, I guess some of them aren't that bad."

"Always take time to get their names, then you know what to… you know I'm just not going to finish that thought since I'm a candidate and that sort of thing is frowned on." Despite the serious words, Lukhanyo's expression is anything but. "You might want to try frowning at me now and then, just for appearances. If you could make me cry I might even be able to get a piece of cake out of Mira and the girls."

"Just don't get caught.." L'ton shrugs, and then as Luk mentions frowning, it is all he can do to not laugh, and the Weyrleader is trying to look serious. "I mean… That is absolutely UN-acceptable." The second portion of his sentence is just loud enough to carry, and the older man is folding his arms in front of his chest, a slight crease appearing across his forehead, distinct from his normal wrinkles. "I can't believe you.." And then he is turning his head to cough, letting the movement hide his smirk.

Lukhanyo is the image of contrition. His head goes down, shoulders hunch a little, the only thing that spoils the whole look is the fact that he's chuckling away quietly. "I've had plenty of practice, some of the Masters at the hall will fall for anything." He shuffles a couple of steps to one side, deliberately putting L'ton between himself and the 'girls', it's only then that his head raises, smile firmly back in place. "Just between us, of course." It seems Luka has decided he's found a kindred spirit, which is likely what his Grandfather was warning him about.

As long as no one goes blaming L'ton for Luk's being, everything is fine. After all, L'ton has more than enough blame that is actually his. "Oh, believe me. I know. Shards, half the weyrlingmasters don't even realize it, which makes me wonder what *they* did as Candidates. Because I know what I didn't do." Despite the amused words, he tries to keep his voice level, and slightly sharp, to give a false indication of his mood. "Like I said, just don't get caught. And make sure they aren't stupid, either." Or avoid fellow candidates, you know.

Lukhanyo snaps off another salute, though it's mostly for show. "Stupidity is not something I'm generally known for. Had my fill of that already. But don't you worry there won't be any rule breaking as far as I'm concerned. Strangely my Grandfather did manage to teach me a few things that actually stuck in there. Bet the old stump would be laughing himself stupid right about now."

A nod of his head and L'ton chuckles softly at the comments about Luk's grandfather. "They always do…" A shake of his head, and the glass of melting ice is sipped before he makes a face. "I need another one of these.." And the glass is jiggled. "Do you want me to send you back to them, or make up somewhere else you need to be?" Oh, look at that, so caring.

Lukhanyo seriously considers it for a moment and then settles for a shake of the head, "I've survived worse than a few handsy elders, just have to keep reminding them I'm a candidate so I'm off limits. Been nice talking to you. Sir." The last is added with a grin.

"Well, if they get too out of hand, try and catch my attention. Or well, someone's attention. Hopefully you will at least get your cake." A wink, and the glass is jiggled again. "Hopefully you settle in alright, and I am sure I will be able to hear when your mother finds out you're back." A final nod, and L'ton is turning to find another drink, 'abandoning' Lukhanyo to the troublesome ladies.

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