Dead Things

Day 9 of Month 4 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

While the storm did not leave extensive disaster in its wake, the Weyrling Barracks were definitely one of those areas that got hit harder than most. Though the structure was still standing, and stable, the flood of water has meant that the weyrlings remain evacuated for now. It will take some time before things are habitable, but nonetheless, a few weyrlings are here, milling through the wreckage that is soggy belongings and general muck. The stench from the Dead-Beach-Thing is pervasive, though not nearly as strong as it is down by the beach. The bronze Aedeluth lounges nearby, head turned in the direction of the lagoon, as if he can see the massive monster from this distance. S'van is exiting the barracks, a basket of miscellaneous items in his arms, a look of annoyance on his face.

Kelani has spent much of the last few days in the infirmary helping out with any injuries from the storm, though thankfully there were few that were overly serious. From a little bandage on her forehead, but looks minor. She comes towards the barracks with a large basket in hand and little jars stacked inside. As she approaches the weyrling area she gives a shake of her head to the damage done before she notices S'van exiting. "Everyone alright…despite all this?" She asks with a note of concern in her voice.

Aedeluth's large head swings around to pierce the intruding Healer with a look. There is not whuffle, no huff, no growl. No outward sign at all that he was interested in her one way or the other. Just a quick look, and then he's back to peering toward the lagoon. S'van drops his basket a few feet from the barracks door, pausing to scrunch up his nose at the smell. Though, at this point, he's likely accustomed to it. "Hmm," and he turns to squint at the barracks. "Yeah. We were temporarily relocated to the ground weyrs, so… not here when it got all trashed. And the structure is sound; everything's just soaked." Beat. "And there's a freakin' shark in there." Eyes back to the healer, a quick glance for her forehead. "What'd you do to yourself?"

Kelani lifts a hand from the basket and waves to the inspecting bronze dragon before her attention back to his rider. "A shark? I heard a rumour but thought they were pulling my leg." She exclaims at that bit of information. She notices the scrunched up nose and is reminded of the basket on her arm, "We made some ointments to help with the smell, some pine oil and other spices that might at least give you something else to smell. I have been tasked with passing them around the weyr." She lifts a small jar and approaches the weyrling to hand one to him. As to her own injury she rolls her eyes, "Silly my little canine decided she would go take on the storm and I had to chase her and got hit by a bit of debris. The bandage makes it look worse than it is."

The bronze is now ignoring her, though S'van offers an apologetic look for his apparent rudeness. "Don't mind him. He's just… a jerk." Yeah. A glance is spared back toward the barracks, as if he could see through the wall. "Yeah. Someone thought it would be funny, I suppose. How they got it in there without slicing their own hands up, I dunno. We've got to get it out before it starts stinking up the place." Not that it would be any worse than it already is, which means that Kelani's offer of a potential solution has his eyes lighting up. "Oh?" and he reaches out, eagerly accepting her gift. A quick unscrew of the lid, a finger dipped in and an appreciative sound as he takes a sniff. "This will help immensely, thank you." Lid back on, and he carefully sets his jar to the side where he will neither lose nor break it. "Hmm," for the canine, and a little bit of a grimace. "Well. Could be worse, I suppose. At least you can doctor yourself."

"Just rub it under your nose, it helps a treat!" Kelani gives in direction to the cream. "There is enough here for the weyrling group." She says motioning to the basket and sets it down on a cot that had been evacuated from the barracks. "Yeah, I know some people." She says with a wink at the comment of doctoring. "Would you like any help?" She asks as she steps forward her arms now unencumbered. "I am frankly feeling a little restless after being cooped up the last few days."

S'van will do just that, dabbing his finger beneath his nose to deposit the cream there, relief evident. "I'm so sick of smelling that thing," with a vague wag of his hand toward the lagoon. "The barracks don't smell so great either, what with all the moisture." A flash of a grin for her 'people' which softens at the offer of assistance. "That would be great. If you don't mind getting a bit dirty. It's a real mess in there, but the sooner we get it cleared out the sooner it'll all dry. Hopefully." The basket he came out with is glanced at, and he kneels to start pulling things out, a few sets of clothes and odd bits of leather. "Aede was wearing his current set of straps at the time we moved, so those didn't get ruined thankfully. But there's a lot of other bits and things that are soaked and probably going to start rotting. Mostly, I think we should get out anything foreign. Like seaweed and such." A jerk of his head towards the door. "Go ahead, I'll be right behind."

Kelani rolls up her sleeves as the offer of help is accepted. "Yeah, we all are…and we are fairly used to bad smells. We use it when dealing with bad infections odors and such. Given how many people we were seeing for nausea, we figured we best release our trade secret." She says with a bemused tone to her voice. She looks over whats been rescued so far and up to the sky which is now blessedly clear before making her way to the barracks, "Every find any help on decorating his straps?"

"Well, it's appreciated," says S'van of the trade secret. He stands once more and motions toward the barracks, an 'after you' sort of gesture. Once in, he nudges a few piles of indistinguishable gunk with his toe and tells her, "This is the kinda stuff I think we really need to get out of here. It's just gonna start to rot. But if you see any clothes or something, I'd just leave 'em for the actual owner. Don't want anyone getting testy that we're touching their stuff." As for his own stuff? He heads down the barracks aisle with practiced strides toward his cot, that appears to more or less be empty. "Hmm," for decorating Aede's straps. "Yeah. Krenn was going to try and find me a flame leather press. But I told Aede I wasn't gonna use it until he shardin' quit growing!" A snort of amusement and a brief flash of a grin. "Surprised you remembered that."

Kelani nods as she pulls some gloves from her pouch and slides them on as she surveys the damage, leaning a bit to get a view of the shark. "Will any of the dragons eat it?" She asks before turning to the task at cleaning up the biological debris. Bits of seaweed and other detritis slowly gathered into a pile near the door. "Fair right too, I swear every time I see them they have grown several metres." She says with a half smile and shakes her head a bit at the surprise, "Oh well it is quite memorable. He is going to be a well dressed bronze."

S'van snorts in amusement for the idea of one of the weyrling dragons eating the shark. "Uh, no. I mean, there're probably a few that wouldn't mind a taste, but no one wants to cut their mouths up just for that particular delicacy. Plus, it's not exactly fresh anymore…" Several days old, by this point, and looking ripe. "I've been asking Aede to move it but, well, he's not exactly thrilled with the idea." So he's refused. There's a lift of his eyebrows at her gloves, and he can't help but tease her a little with a gentle, "You always come prepared like that? What else you got in those pockets, hm?" before he's just gathering stuff with his bare hands. Even if it is just sodden bedsheets. "They're near full grown, by now," he says with relief. "So next set should be the last I make. And while I'm sure he'll look darn sharp, I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect of stamping all those lengths of leather."

Kelani glances over at the shark again before nodding, "Fair enough, I guess they alowed to be as discerning as us." She bends down to pick up some more seawood when she hears his comment, "This pouch? Yeah, a roll of bandage and a tube of redwort and numbweed. That's all really in the basic kit. My Ma gave me this fabulous kit for my turnday that has all types of medications and herbal remedies and instruments and stuff but mostly won't be able to use until I make journeyman." Some branches are dragged to a seperate pile, perhaps for firewood later. "Well if you need any help I don't mind though hopefully he doesn't expect it done all at once?"

Another amused sort of sound from the weyrling and a quick, "I was teasing," as S'van gathers up the mess of sheets to haul out into the field once more. As he passes the shark, he gives it a considering look and decides, "Maybe we should try hauling this out ourselves?" but abandons the thought as he walks out the door. A second later he's back and headed for more. "Oh, well… thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be OK there. It's definitely not a one-day project, and while he's not exactly patient, he does understand that perfection takes time." Grin. "Oh. And Aede would like you to know that he is neither a vulture nor a firelizard, and would prefer to kill his own meals rather than eat decaying things." Shrug. "Whatever."

Kelani grins, "Well a healer has to be prepared." She offers not seaming put off by the teasing before she looks to the shark thoughtfully, "Maybe a rope around its tail? Think he would help pull it?" She offers with a little shrug , "Being the almighty strong dragon that he is and all." She continues as she stands in the doorway with a glance to the bronze before heading back in for more debris. She moves to a cot to strip the sheets and lift the mattress to rest at an angle more condusive to drying. She laughs at the comment from Aede, "Point taken."

Aedeluth saw that look, Kelani. And heard that attempt at flattering him into obedience. He has nothing but a snort for it, though S'van grins wide. "He may. But we have to find the rope, first." He'll help with the mattress flipping before he heads back down the aisle, peeking under cots and into water-logged chests until he finds what he wants. "Here," and he pulls out a few old strips of leather that have clearly seen better days but, somehow, managed not to swell to twice their size in all the water (likely because they were in a trunk). "We can use the scraps from my first set, if you're up for trying," and he nods at the shark. And by the time Sev is back to the offending creature, Aede has wandered his way over and is sticking his big head into the barracks to eye them suspiciously.

Kelani smiles at the bronze dragon snort and looks back to S'van "I am willing to give it ago, even if to prevent more patients in a few days. Dealing with rotting creatures and stuff there are all types of bugs that can make people sick." Ever the practical healer she is. She follow him over to the creature, wrinkling her nose a bit despite the ointment though still she lays a hand on its hide to feel its roughness, though given the warning of cuts at least has the mind to not stroke it and gently lifts it again. "Let's do it."

"Careful," S'van warns, reaching out as though to remove her hand from it. "You know sharks have skin that cut, right? If you touch it the wrong way? If you touch nose to tail you should be OK, but don't move your hand the other way, or it'll hurt." A glance at her gloved hand, "and I'm not sure those'll protect you from it." Leather in hand, he gets to work wrapping it around the creature's tail, taking pains not to let his fingers touch anything but the strap and buckle he's working with. Simple enough process before he's asking, "You wanna push at it, or pull with the strap? I probably have a pair of riding gloves in here somewhere..," to protect hands from aforementioned shark skin. Aedeluth huffs a dragon breath in Kelani's direction, though nothing else about him moves. He's just gonna observe for now. Fools.

"Sorry, had to see for myself. I have only felt dolphin skin so far beyond the little fish we eat." Kelani responds as she looks down to the glove to check for damage then back to S'van, "Even the touch…different from the dolphins. Interesting, you wouldn't think such a predator would need that protection." She says half to herself, "Maybe I will try pushing, but would be happy to borrow some leather gloves." She responds as she walks around the beast thoughtfully, "Do have any heavy sheets or tarp maybe to roll it onto?"

"Yeah, I'd imagine dolphins are rather smooth and slippery. Sharks seem more… pointy. Not sure what it's for, honestly," answers S'van. "Just know it's there and sharp." A quick assessment of the dead-thing is made before he hmms and nods, heading back to his cot to dig in his sodden truck for a pair of workable gloves. "Ah…" and he finds something that will do, bringing her a pair that are probably a size or two too big for her. "They're damp, but should do the trick." A grin and a quick "Good idea," has him looking around again. "Heh, we could use the mattress, right? Do you think it would slide along the floor? That may save the sheet, at least, from getting all cut up."

"Yeah and sorta rubbery feeling, but in a nice way." As the gloves are passed to Kelani she pulls them on over the rubber gloves, at least may keep them from sliding off too easy. "Well it works for moving large patients…should work for this guy." She says with a hopeful tone in her voice and moves to help him get a mattress into position. "I don't how soon after death they start to break up, hate for it apart just pulling by the tail."

"Er…" because maybe Sev did not think about parts falling off of the shark, and is suddenly questioning all sorts of decisions he's made. "Good point." And he's quick to unbuckle the leather from the creature's tail. "We can buckle this to the mattress instead. Aede can pull it out that way." That done, he's right beside her at that mattress, helping to guide it into position before letting it just fall flat. A bit of a squish and a splat, for the moisture it holds. "Ugh." And then he's moving around to the offending shark, using the leather straps as a barrier between himself and the tough hide. "I'll push, if you'll kinda… guide it down?" Maybe?

Catwin had walked out of the barracks upon sight of the watery sea creature and hadn't been back until now. Fascath is currently waiting outside and she's watching curiously a moment and then she just has to shake her head a little "Umm, if I might offer a suggestion." she notes quietly. "Why not roll it onto a large oil cloth tarp. Rig up straps through the gromments and then have one of the dragons drag it out and then lift on out of here?" There's a faint pause as she glances over at S'van a moment "I mean, I don't want to umm step on any toes."

"Yeah, one of my teachers was telling of a time they had to move a dead body that been dead for ages. There was fluids, swellings, smells to wake the dead and ..eruptions." Kelani makes an expressive hand gesture in demonstration, but despite this living in her head she still seems completely game to the task. They get the matress in position and Kelani moves to the other side to ensure that the creature does land on the mattress when another voice offers insight and nods, "It was suggested but worried the rough hide might tear it. How sturdy are the tarps?"

Catwin blinks a little "Hide might be rough, but only one direction really." She notes and the shrugs "Stuff is pretty durable, it's not thin or anything." she eyes the mattress "Certainly tougher I would think then the fabric covering a mattress and it won't absor liquids. You're liable to get run off, but you won't be picking up any extra moisture. Easy to clean afterwards and reusuable. I've certainly trusted it for many of my liquor shipments in various capacities." she murmurs

S'van lives with Aedeluth in his brain, and doesn't get a lot of sleep, OK? His ideas are usually questionable at best. But at least Cat is here to interject some wisdom. "Honestly, I dunno why we have to move it at all, but I just want the thing out of here." But her idea has him pausing before shoving, and he acquiesces with a soft shrug of his shoulders. "It was the sheet dragging on the floor that I was more worried about tearing, not just the hide of the shark. But if we can get the ropes around so that the dragons can life rather than drag, that would work too."

"I don't know much about sharks but I do know a little about decomposing things and if its left too much longer you may never get the stink out especially if it explodes." That will be a fun day on the beach when the sea monster bloats! Kelani places hands on hips, "Where we would find some tarps? Yeah if they will lift it for us that should save all manner of problems."

Catwin shudders at the thought of gigantic decomposing fishguts spurting out in geyser fashion. They'd be cleaning for weeks. "Tarps are easy enough to get. After all, shipments are always using them and heck, I've some of my own even. Sometimes just easier that way." She whistles Curacao over and pulls a scrap out of her pouch and a pen and writes a quick note and sends the blue off after tying it onto him. "Alternately, we can just start chopping it up and all, but that might get a bit messy."

"Yeah… about that." Exploding things. "I'm pretty handy around dead things, but usually I've got them good and portioned before they're anywhere near exploding." S'van is happy enough to step back and assess the situation further. "OK, so, Tarp. Ropes. Dragons." And then a look at Catwin, a lifted eyebrow, and a rather serious, "If I start hacking this up, you get to haul out the pieces. I mean, I'll do it. I've got my cleaver still…" Really. He'll do it. "Especially if that will make things easier."

Kelani looks between the two weyrlings and thoughtfully to decomposing shark and back. "I think we might be past cutting up being safe given the smell..the bacteria with decompistion could make a person quite ill..maybe lets wait for the tarp and ropes." She looks to the gold weyrling, "The infirmary has made little bottles of ointments to help deal with the smell of the…big..thing out there. There are enough in the basket for all the weyrlings. Just dab a little under the nose." She offers motioning to the basket just outside the barracks before she goes back to helping with the detritis cleanup.

Catwin steps out to go to the basket for some ointment to dab until. Tingly. And then there's a drudge coming with the needed items. "Thank you." she murmurs as she takes the heavy cloth, grunting a little with the weight. She drops it with a dull thud on the floor. "Okay, lets get this opened up." she notes as she starts unfolding the tarp "Well, we'll leave the hacking as a last resort."

"I'd love to know who put the damn thing here in the first place," grumps S'van, looking less thrilled the longer the shark is still… here. He gives it a little poke of his finger to the carcass, as if testing the firmness. "Still feels solid…" but he will take the expert's word for it, and not go get his knives. As Cat leaves for ointment and returns with the heavy cloth, he'll push himself up off the wall that he was leaning against and go help, pulling the mattress out of the way so that there's a place for the tarp to be laid. The water-logged mess is dragged back against it's vacant cot, turned back up on its side, and left to dry (but will probably just rot).

Kelani dumps some of the detrits she picks up in the barracks and adds it to the piles near the door. Mostly seaweed and driftwood amougst other stuff in here not including personal belongings. As the tarp is brought in she wipes her gloved hands on her pants and moves to help open it up with the BLUE weyrling. "So here we go?" She asks around at the weyrlings as she gets into position to roll it off the cot onto the tarp.

"Lets umm. Do this." Okay, actually pushing the shark off. Ummm. Eww?" Catwin swallows a little as she goes to help, even as short as she is. Oh wait. She moves away towards where her trunk has been delivered and grabs her riding gloves. Not gonna touch deomposing flesh. "I would too." she murmurs to S'van "This is worse than glitter. This is potentially hopeful."

Kelani looks about to take a deep breath but thinks better of it and nods to Catwin and S'van, "One ..two…Three.." And she helps to push to the creature off the cots and it falls onto the tarp with a meaty thump. There is a momentary cringe but when it doesn't explode she grabs one of the ropes to start tying into the rings. "I will just put them in, I know some surgical knots but not sailor knots..figure you got an idea on how best to tie them?"

Pushing against the flaccid dead flesh is something that is sure to work its way into her nightmares later. As the dead fish its the tarp with a sickening thud, Catwin is wining herself. Shes expecting that geyser of noxious fluids to come, luckily it doesn't come. She lets out a breath she was holding and them. She nods to Kelani "Yeah, I know a few good knots for securing loads. Hey an you grap that corner and pass it over S'van?" she asks as they all work together to make up one little fish packet. Ready for frying, err flying, or well at least draging out of there.

"If we can at least get next to that thing out there…well at least they can decompose together?" Kelani says helpfully as she passes a corner to S'van and moves to another corner to help make the dead shark sling. She glances back to the dragons and back to the weyrlings, "They ready to help? Or we draging this on our own?"

Catwin snorts a little "I'll buy a new tarp if need be. I say get one of the older dragons to take it between and drop it." she notes. "No point in inviting more disaster, right?" she murmurs and then look thoughful "Wonder if wing of dragons could do the same with the great beast out there?" she then sighs "Though likely plenty still wanting to exam the thing.' She then looks at Kelani "He can drag it, not me." she points to Sev and grins "I think the dragons can certainly take it from here. Fascath chuffs softly in agreement.

S'van will pull the thing. Sure. Why the <bleep> not? "Fine." And he'll march himself over to grab the front of the tarp, turning so that he's walking backwards as he pulls the dead Shark-Tarp-Taco toward the doorway. "But I am NOT dragging it all the way to the lagoon. I like your idea, Cat. Let's get an older dragon to take this thing Between. Maybe Tanit can get T'san to do it?"

Kelani at least helps pulling one the rear ropes. The thought of taking it between gets a nod of agreement as well, "That sounds even better…and even some of the healers have been out there marveling over that beast. I hope their curiosity is sated before it goes boom."

Fascath sits back on his haunches a little and then cocks his heads at the silly people and then wuffles S'vans head. Course there's the scent of blood and feathers and flesh that comes with it. He gingerly snags on of the ropes with his head and pulls on it too. « Smells odd but still could be tasty. » Catwin eyes the blue "No. It could be worse than a prank. It could be someone wanting to try and poison one of you dragons. Could have tainted it. No tasting it." Fascath looks startled. Someone wanting to do them harm? Nonsense!

S'van is used to the smell of blood and feathers (maybe) and flesh. Because hello. Former butcher. "Hey, Fascath," but that's all he can really offer at the moment, since he's got his hands full of tarp. He flashes a grateful smile at Kelani and Fascath for the help, and it's no time at all before they've got the thing out the door and into the field. Aedeluth, who had retreated back to the open air once things didn't look like they were going to explode, limps his way over to scope out the situation. « It's dead, Fascath. » dry. Flat. Humorless. A clear 'why would you want to eat it now implication. "You don't really think that, do you?" he wonders, frowning. "Poison one of the dragons?" He stops a few feet from the door and lets go. "Thanks, Kelani." Beat "And Fascath." A stretch of his shoulders and a glance towards the lagoon. "What do the healers want with it?" he asks curiously.

"Even if not poison…if a human ate this they would get so sick with the runs…I do not want to think about dragon size piles of diarrhea." Kelani says and finally slips off the oversized leather gloves and hands them back to S'van before peeling off her own rubber gloves and tucks them wadded up in her pouch. At the question from S'van she arches a brow, "You have heard me talk right? We like grose things…this is new and grose. We have a few medicines made from animal parts as well." She gives a little shrug.

"Wait. You're thinking they're wanting to make medicine from that behemoth?! That's it. No more treatments for anything for me unless I know exactly what I'm getting." She looks a little green at the gills about that. She shudders, seems that's worse than having to take care of dragon scours. As for poison? She looks at S'van "I do think that it is possible. I know what people are capable of. Even though you think they're the greatest thing on the planet. They turn out to malicious, evil or just plain jerks. Sometimes things and people just aren't worth the benefit of doubt. You think they're decent and then it's just shoved back in your face. Wel screw them." she mutters and stalks back into the barracks. More cleanup to do after all.

"Yeah…" for Healers and their gross things. "But what can you really get out of that thing? You don't even know what it is. Just take a sample and dump the rest Between before we all die from the fumes alone." S'van is skeptical, to say the least. "But I do agree with you about eating it. Don't care if it's poison or not, no one should be eating this shark OR that great monster thing." He accepts his gloves back from Kelani, a murmured, "Thanks," before he tuck them into a back pocket. But then Cat is going on about people, and how evil they are, and he's kinda giving her the side-eye, especially for that bit about him. "When did I say that I think people are the greatest thing on the planet?" And now she's got his full attention, complete with narrow-eyed suspicious looks. "Something tells me we're not talking about the shark anymore…"

"Well not likely from THAT one…" Kelani reasures Catwin as best she can. She hears the words about how people suck and she frowns a little, a thoughtful expression on her face. "I don't know…being a healer you see the best and worse of people. Women that come in abused, children with trauma and the like…but you also see communities and families rally around someone who is ill and like this sevenday we have gotten people offering to help out in the infirmary who didn't have to."

Catwin drags some more debris over to the pile and then she blinks "I didn't say you did." She stops and thinks and then shakes her head. Not you you, just you as in in general." she mutters "I didn't say anything about you and him and his, " a pause. "and never you mind." As Kelani speaks she pauses a moment and frowns a little. Her lips pursed and then as she talks about volunteers she sighs. Okay, so she's being unreasonable, some people are decent.

"I don't even want to think about there being more of those… things in the ocean…" The look on S'van's face says he's likely never, ever, going into the ocean again. Like, ever. Kelani's description of what a healer can see, the good and the evil of people, is met with a sober expression and, if she'll let him, a quick hand on her shoulder, a squeeze of reassurance before he drops his hand back to his side. Because he knows those things, too. And he knows Cat does, too. But her words are drawing more suspicion from the bronze weyrling, his eyes narrowing as his attention becomes laser focused on the tiny woman before him. When she starts tossing things like 'you and him' out there, he goes a bit tense. Narrowed eyes. Lips pressed thin. "What are you talking about, Cat?" Point blank and very 'don't fuck with me'.

She has her healer experiences, but still young enough to have a somewhat idealistic view but she finally does catch those little comments between them, Kelani has missed until there is the mood change from S'van. She glances between the pair, opening her mouth then closing her mouth at the look on his face. The moment of feeling like an interloper in a conversation that she just sorta freezes.

Poor Kelani, caught in a Cat backlash. Catwin chunks another piece into the pile. Cleaning frenzy anyone? "You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth!" she snaps at him. "Your precious." She stops. Wait a second. Then she just gets this what the hell look on her face. "He doesn't want to see you now or ever and said if you ever show up in front of him again you're not going to like what will happen. That man is an absolute, sharding poltroon that is as thick as manure and only half as useful. May his intestines be filled with the dung of a thousand vermin infested wherries and may his innards turn liquid and he's stuck high up in the air!" She's only a wee bit annoyed with 'precious'? Another chunk is tossed and then she's storming out of the barracks.

Sorry, Kelani. S'van is kind of focused right now. On Catwin, and the words that are spewing from her mouth with venom and malicious damnations on a person near and dear to the weyrling bronzerider. Despite the rather obvious focus that was absent before she started speaking, the rest of his demeanor is rather relaxed. There is intentional effort being placed into the way he shifts his weight to one foot, as if this were a weyrling lesson and he was relaxing. His expression is rather… blank. Her words don't seem to have an impact, at least not first. It takes a moment, a little bit of a pause as Catwin storms off, before they start to take root in his mind. "You can say his name," he murmurs even though she likely can't hear. "It's not a fucking secret anymore." There's a tightness in his jaw, a flash of grey eyes off to the distance where no one is standing, and he crosses his arms over his chest. But he's not done. Oh no. Cat goes storming out and he will follow. "When did he tell you this?" because timing is important, right? Kelani? Well… welcome to Half Moon Bay Weyrlinghood. Home of all the crazy.

Kelani looks wideeyed at the curse that issues forth from Catwin. Filed away for letter both the curse and the knowledge that to never cross her. Ever. Relationships. Meep. She is just a spectator at the argument between the pair, the outsider to a relationship between weyrlings that is on another level, much like she shares with other healers. Common understandings and knowledge of personal lives that lead to dramas and teasings. "I have some more baskets to deliver…" She says in a soft voice that maybe neither will hear as they head away. So she makes her great escape!

He wasn't supposed to follow. Damn it. Catwin stops and then she turns to face S'van. She's pissed, but not at S'van just at the one she see's as potentially doing great harm to someone well maybe not near and dear, but as close as she's come to being friends with people in a long while. "Earlier." she murmurs and stares at the shark they dragged out. Looking almost ready to kick it, but common sense prevails. "Damn him anyways. Why did he have to be feeding his dragon too?!" Oh wait, storm made it hard for dragons to hunt and eat. Besides the point. She pauses a moment as she see's Kelani making her escape and she lets out a sigh. "Shit." she mutters.

As the healer makes her escape, S'van's eye will find her only briefly, noted that she's retreating, but then he's back on Catwin in a flash, on her heels because of COURSE he was going to follow her. That anger of hers just kinda… rolls off his shoulders. Even if it was directed at him, he seems not to care, much more interested in the things she's saying than the way she's saying them. And despite the fact that what she's telling him is, basically, 'he hates your guts and wants you dead' all he's focused on is that she has seen him, when Sev when he has not. Another glance, off to the wall, as he lets this knowledge circle in his mind. "He said he doesn't…" frown. Shrug. Clearly not concerned with that part, since what he asks is, "How did he look?"

"How did he look?" Catwin shoots an incredulous look at S'van "How do you think?! Grumpy. Broody. Like an ass." A pause, okay so he doesn't look like an ass, he just is one." She sighs "I don't want to see you hurt." she shakes her head "I don't think I could take that. And he can hurt you. You care too much about him. And that's when they hurt you the most." She brings her hands up to her temples and rubs them. "What a mess." she murmurs more to herself than anything else.

A soft huff, somewhere between an exhale and a snort, that has nothing to do with amusement. "So, normal then," decides S'van, and there's a faint lift to the corner of his mouth, a little twitch there that says he may just break out into some sort of stupid smirk. And then a frown again, grey eyes back on Cat with narrowed focus. With a few quick, long strides he closes the distance between them until he's just about invading her personal space. "Why were you even talking about me with him?" because it seems an odd conversation for the pair to have organically. "That doesn't make any sense. Why would he even bring me up at all?" And then a much more dangerous sort of, "What did you say, Cat?" because maybe it's dawned on him that J'en wasn't the one who brought his name up in the first place.

"He didn't have to bring you up. He saw me. Barely saw me I should say. But then he's looking to see if anyone else was with and damn him he looked relieved that no one else came. Well maybe not relieved by he was tense and then no quite so tense." She turns away and stares at the ground "I said you missed him. Told him it wouldn't kill him to visit." She mutters she turns around "Look, I'm sorry. I know I should never open my mouth and try to have a normal conversation. I'm an ass, but so is he." she throws up her hands "You know. Forget it. Be pissed at me. No more than I deserve." she turns again and stalks back towards the barracks.

"Hm," is the only response S'van gives for that, though his eyes go distant. Processing. Thinking through the information he's given. But he still comes up a bit… confused. And then she's going and running away again. "Hey! Cat, stop," and of course he will chase her. IT IS WHAT HE DOES! Sev is nothing but persistent when he wants something. "I am not mad at you, honest," even if a moment ago he was all deep and scary and invading her personal space. "I'm just… it's been…" but the words he wants don't seem to be coming to him, and he can't focus enough to seek them out to adequately explain himself. "Please stop. I'm sorry… I'm not really mad at you I just…" Again, with the word thing, that makes him look a lot more frustrated off than he really is. "I just want to know. I haven't seen him since the Hatching… and you know how I feel." Right now, rather desperate for information. "I know you said he told you he doesn't want to see me, but he's said that before." And so, not of a concern. "Did he seem mad, when he said it?"

Catwin scoffs "Mad? Shards no. He didn't bloody well care. Told him to man up or just put you out of your misery if he didn't care. And he brushed it off, brushed me off." She shakes her head. Gonna give herself whiplash one of these days with all the head shaking. "There wasn't a smidge of him caring a wit about what I said. Was just 'Is that all?' I might as well had been reading him an unimportant report." There's a pause "I'll be surprised if I don't end up repremended. I called him coward, essentially said he wasn't a man. Told him he's no better than someone who'll just backhand you out of a wagon. He doesn't bloody well care. Doesn't even care enough to get pissed. I've seen warmer mountains at Reaches in the middle of winter. You'd do well to just stay away from him. He doesn't care about anything."

Nothing that Catwin has said since she brought up the bronzerider made S'van concerned. Threats of violence? J'en not wanting to see him now or ever? Rolls off of him like water on oiled cloth. Nothing for the weyrling to be concerned with. Until this point, his focus was on what he did or how he looked. Words? Fuck words. But these words? They start to garner a reaction, that grows as she continues. A furrow of his brow. A downward twitch to his mouth. A tension growing across his body as hands become fists and his jaw goes tight. But his grey eyes are decidedly cast away from Cat. Because despite all appearances, he's not at all mad at her. Just lost in his head for a moment. Digesting what she's saying, which just makes him look more concerned. "It's what he does, Cat." A low murmur, resigned. "He didn't want to talk about it." A sigh, and one hand lifts up to pinch at the bridge of his nose hard, then scrubs over his face before he shoves his hair away from him. A small huff of an exhale, almost amused. "That's not going to happen," for staying away from him. "Just… don't worry about me, OK? I'll be fine."

Catwin stares at S'van "Fine? You'll be fine? Your bloody waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares is fine? Someone should worry about you. That, that living void of meaningless emptiness that's a waste of flesh!" S'van is probably lucky she as a personal space bubble the size of the Weyr and isn't likely to get up in his face and finger jab him in the sternum. "But fine, you don't want me to worry? I won't bother you anymore. That should make you happy. What's the difference after al of not being bothered to not being bothered with? Either way there's no bother?" Is she even making sense now? "He doesn't care one bloomin' wit on if you are fine or not. You could be impaled and bleeding to death for all the care he'd give you. Certainly didn't give a crap about nightmares. All he said was he wanted you to leave him the fuck alone." Her voice cracks a little and she quickly turns and hurries away.

S'van was fine. Really. That tension in his back? Totally fine. Those hard grey eyes? Completely FINE. Everything was fine. Until Cat starts going off about how Sev is going to be fine. And then… things are not so 'fine' anymore. "Those are my problem-" for the nightmares, but he can't even finish his thought as she just continues, ranting at him. And despite her personal space bubble, she might as well be throwing fists. There's a flash of apology across his face, a quick regret as she turns on him. "Cat… that's not what I meant… I appreciate-" but again, he cannot finish, either because he can't find the words fast enough or because she's just going to continue right on along. Right to that conclusion that makes him stand straight up, tension rippling through him light a whipcord, eyes briefly wide with shock. "You… what…" but it's more of a breath, an exhale, and not at all loud enough for her to hear. The shock is wearing off, being replaced with something like pain. Betrayal. Then anger. He won't go after her, but he will yell at her retreating back, "You had no right! That was private! YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO TELL HIM ABOUT THAT!" Livid. Fist-through-wall livid. So is it any surprise that he turns on his heels and starts walking the opposite direction, leaving her behind to stew and destroy rather than follow her to console and amend. Away. Towards the bowl. Towards the corrals. Towards the only place he ever felt safe and comfortable when his head was full of things he didn't want to think about. At least Aede will come with him, if just to get a bite to eat.

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