Weyrling Lesson - Flex those muscles!

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

It's mid-morning'ish and Lissi is rattling the cages of the weyrlings, those who aren't otherwise engaged in a specific chore for the weyr. "Out to the fields!" she chirps, way too happy for those who are tired and resting. Damasth croons from said field, more gentle in her prodding of weyrlings and dragonettes.

Iris and Shadhavarth might have been resting, but the little gold is excited by the prospect of more learning and is on her feet more quickly than Iris. The weyrling is slow to sit upright and begins pulling her boots on with automatic movement. Fortunately she'd already been up and at'em since Shadhavarth loves dawn, and she needs only pull on her boots before she's ready to follow the dragonet out to the field. She nods and salutes Lissi on her way. "What's the lesson today to be?"

Th'ero and Velokraeth weren't resting and while the bronze seems full of energy, his weyrling looks a little tired. No doubt Th'ero's been up for awhile now, having fed Velokraeth and just finished oiling him. Now it's to the routine of satisfying the ever-curious mind less the bronze seek it out by himself. So the call to the fields comes as a relief to Th'ero, though he does smirk a little in response to Lissi's overly happy tone. It doesn't take them long before they're joining the others, Velokraeth waddling his way out to the fields while Th'ero steps into line not far from Iris. He remembers to salute Lissi, though his question has already been asked by his fellow weyrling so he remains silent, simply glancing between her and the Weyrlingmaster.

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It's been there looming for a few weeks though sorta in the background, a tall wall with ropes hanging down at different lengths. Off to one side a huge supply of sand bags which are neatly stacked, very much so in fact, as if someone took extra care in making sure they were right.

Lissi smiles and looks over the pair who follow her out then another one and another one, Kashie and her blue, St'nes and his green, "Good mornin!" she says again. "Now then, one thing a rider has ta be is strong. So does yer dragon. While there is a lot of strength simply in bein' a dragon and growin the way they do, ya also need some training to get bodies in shape and ta learn ta work tagether with each other and other pairs." A pause. "Taday ya'll will work as a team to follow the instructions you'll find over there by those sandbags. There is no timer and it is not a contest, it's a starting point. Let's get started!"
Once someone wanders over they will find a parchment with a set of instructions and a pattern that shows a precise pattern for stacking, how many in each stack, what direction they are to be stacked, how to overlap, and the like.

Iris and Shadhavarth are on their way as soon as Lissi has finished talking. The gold dragonet starts nosing at the bags while Iris peers at the parchment, then turns away to eyeball the supply of sandbags her lifemate is currently nosing. "So we… just move them from where they are?" Th'ero is given a Look, because well, he's the former guard, he'll know better how to get this stuff started. Shadhavarth continues nosing the bags, then looks at the other dragonets. « We can pick up. I am biggest, I will carry the longest distance. »

Th'ero is distracted for a moment as he has a brief battle of wills to keep Velokraeth from wandering off ahead of everyone to investigate the wall and the sandbags. Not that the young bronze hasn't already, but now that he knows they'll be using it, he's itching to go. Th'ero wins the battle though and so Velokraeth sticks close by though grumbles as he waits, while the weyrling listens patiently to Lissi's instructions. "Team work." He simply states, now eyeing the wall. "Kind of reminds me of my old training." Physical training is not a stranger to Th'ero. They join the others, Velokraeth giving one sandback an experimental nudge while Th'ero is busy staring back at Iris. "Sort of." He replies, not entirely helpful as he reaches for his own set of instructions. "You have to follow the pattern." Shadhavarth's comment is returned with an amused one from the young bronze, his tenor voice smooth, despite the sharpness of the words. «So bold a statement!»

Yes, the pattern, it's very precise, at least in instruction it is. Lissi grins and watches them get started, Kashie and her blue edging in along with St'nes and his green, though the little green looks a bit too dainty on her approach, seemingly unwilling to help out, which makes St'nes have to stop and deal with her. Oh joy, baby dragons. The first few layers will go easily enough then the use of the ropes will be apparent, as they will be needed to help pull riders upward to place the sandbags where they go. Flex those muscles everyone!

Iris nods uncertainly at Th'ero before peering down at the directions again, studying them slowly and glancing up now and then at the sandbags. "Did you do training with sandbags back then?" she asks of Th'ero, then looks over at Kashie and St'nes. "You two done anything like this?" She steps towards the sandbags then, taking an instruction sheet with her. She pokes experimentally at a sandbag, much like Shadhavarth had been doing. Now the little gold is sitting back on her haunches, pondering the stack of sandbags. « Bold but right, o brother of mine. Do you feel you are stronger? » There is humor in her voice, soft twinkling of a flute mingling around the words.

"No, but I did have to climb ropes over walls while carrying a pack on my back." Th'ero admits to Iris, no doubt noticing her uncertainty and trying to give her a reassuring smile before he tackles the lesson. Indeed, the first few layers do seem the easiest, at least for Th'ero and Velokraeth. As oddly formed as the bronze is, his enthusiasm to take part is all linked to youthful innocence. It's when they begin to stack higher and in more awkward positions that the trouble starts. Th'ero has no problem using the ropes to haul himself into position, but Velokraeth's stunted limbs make it difficult for the bronze to lift as high as some. Despite his best efforts, one of the next sandbags is dropped, though luckily it slides away from the bronze and lands harmlessly with an audible thump to the ground. Sheepish, the bronze tucks his oversized head into his neck a little, no doubt embarrassed despite Th'ero's reassurances. The weyrling drags the sack back into position, while Velokraeth's attention refocuses back on Shadhavarth. «I'll not question your judgement then, wise sister.» he returns, polite but curt. «Stronger? Perhaps. Though no doubt nothing compared to yours.» Compliment or teasing jest? It's uncertain, but his attention has shifted to Th'ero now, though the weyrling seems to be contemplating the instructions. "There's got to be another way…" he mutters.

Lissi walks toward the wall, against which the bags will be stacked, "Come on now, the sooner you get them all in place.." she says in a sort of leading manner, but doesn't finish. "The only way is the hard way, this is not a test to see you find an easier way to do it, it is an exercise meant to make you so sore you can barely lift your hand to eat tomorrow.." and she laughs, wickedly.

The little green suddenly finds opening a sandbag more fun than carrying it and starts to shake it around, stringing sand all over. St'nes groans and goes after her but she likes this game, chase, with sand!

Iris is not nearly as adept as Th'ero at either moving sandbags or manuvering into place to stack them higher. She does, however, keep an eye on the instructions, wondering, like Th'ero, if there is another way and not seeing one. Shadhavarth picks up on the motion of lifting rather easily, her longer body giving her leverage that the other dragonets may not be able to manage. She is enthusiastic in picking up the sandbags and lifting them towards her lifemate, who is a bit shaky as they get higher but nonetheless giving it her best effort, an alarmed expression passing quickly when Lissi laughs. "What's the point of doing that?" she can't help but ask. Shadhavarth pauses her lifting to regard Velokraeth ponderously, but does not respond to his perceived jest, distracted instead by the green who is running amok with a bag. « Sister, do you care to for us to be out here longer than we may be? »

Lissi can't help but grin at Iris, "Oh that isna tha reason, but it's usually a bonus..but dun worry, by the end of yer weyrlin training you'll be doin it with ease," and she nods. Wait. What? That sounds as if this little exercise will be repeated. She makes notes as she watches but doesn't interfere, though Damasth moves to get a few bags and carry them to the wall, she will show the littler ones what to do. It isn't long before the stacks start taking shape, a dragon, with the shortest rope near the shoulder of the design, ahhh, yes, hoist up, then down. Up, then down. "No need ta rush but tha sooner it's up the sooner ya can stack 'em all back.." and she walks back to her former spot to watch quietly. Yeah, she's serious. Unstack, stack, unstack, stack. Makes perfect sense.

Th'ero groans a little when Lissi wickedly confirms what he had dreaded was the truth. "Shells. Seriously?" he grumbles, though Velokraeth only gives a low rumble that sounds akin to a chuckle, if dragons could chuckle. To Iris, he smirks a little. "That is the point, to work us hard." As the little green suddenly tears a bag and makes a game of it, Th'ero has to pause, rope in hand, to watch poor St'nes struggle. And while Shadhavarth is stern, Velokraeth eggs the green on. «Perhaps she intends to build us our own beach?» he muses, projecting for all in the field to hear. «Run, little sister!» he adds, before Th'ero can reign him in. «What fun is life but for some games of fun?» the bronze puts in a little sullenly, but he's taking a firm hold of the sandbag he had dropped and obediently pulls it up for Th'ero to grab. This time, the weyrling stays lower on the rope, even if it means he has to do most of the hauling to get the bag in its place.

Iris grimaces- she definitely caught the suggestion they'd be doing this over and over and over again. "Gotta learn sometime I guess," she says a little dryly to Th'ero. "I suppose it will be nice to have muscles when this is all done," she adds as she struggles with balancing and hauling. Shadhavarth sniffs daintily at Velokraeth, « Games of fun have their place but there are lessons to complete first. I should like to graduate and see the planet. /Then/ will be fun. » The green is given a snort before she directs her attention to picking up sandbags and pressing them upward as far as she can stretch without going off balance herself.

"It's really not that hard. You'll be feeling it the worst after today. Trick is, you have to just suck it up and work through it the next." Th'ero doesn't bother sugar-coating his reply to Iris, figuring it's best to be blunt with the truth and his advice (if it can be called that). There's a bit of an amused snort as he jumps back down to the ground, dusting his hands off slightly. "I don't think we'll be gaining /that/ much in muscle." He muses, waiting for Velokraeth to choose the next sandbag to haul. They're making decent time, though the bronze is slowing considerably with each bag. His waddling gait works against him, as much as his stunted limbs as it takes more effort from him. «Tsk, a shame, for one to be so stern when young!» Velokraeth is definitely teasing this time, though his tenor voice remains smooth. There's a disappointed snort when the little green is finally caught and brought back into line by her rider. So much for the games! So it's back to the lesson, and with a mighty heave that has the bronze grunting, another sandbag is lifted - barely.

« You call it stern. I call it… motivated. Yes. That works. » Shadhavarth is slowing, too, but she is determined to get this task completed as quickly as possible. Knowing Iris would rather stay up high than jump up and down and up and down, the gold continues dragging sandbags and pushing them up, muscles trembling that little bit more with each strain. Iris, taking a dose of the gold's motivation, nods at Th'ero while she waits for a bag. "Time to muddle through, then… this doesn't look half bad, really." She peers at the whole of the stack as best she can, expression pondering.

Velokraeth gives quite the audible snort. «Motivated?» he quips, not sounding convinced at all, though he lets it drop, his thoughts clearly confused on the gold's reasoning. He'll need time to mull that one over. The next sandbag is grabbed, but the bronze's strength is failing and even with it pressed up against he wall and he using his blunt muzzle to aide in pushing it up, he just can't muster the strength needed. With a groan-like rumble, the bronze lets it fall and settles back on his haunches, obviously tired. Th'ero has no doubt noticed Shadhavarth tiring as well, when he glances back to Iris. "I think we need to stop." He ventures to admit, coming down from the wall and coming over to lay a hand gently along Velokraeth's neck. The weyrling frowns, "He's exhausted. Shadhavarth must be too?" Thankfully, it seems the lesson is at an end for the day. While not entirely completed, enough seems to have been done to warrant the Weyrlingmasters to call an end to the mid-morning exercise. For the second time in one day, Th'ero looks relieved. "Well, there you have it. See you inside." He grins crookedly at Iris, before turning back to lead a tired Velokraeth back to the barracks.

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