Soaking The Day's Worries Away

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

After a long day of work — because moving files back and forth from one drawer to another can be so taxing, and meeting with holders and other people can stress out even the most gung ho of goldriders — it's always nice to unwind with a nice hot soak. Which is probably why Enka's here, having commandeered one of the piping hot pools for herself, hair piled atop her head and sunk chin-deep in blissful contentment.

A long day of work is what Ladek has had. The youth steps his way through into the springs, so that he can take his tunic off after a moment, and slip that from his form. In an odd move, he makes his way to find a with towels, and then grabs one, before he moves to a hot pool not far off from the others, to begin cleaning his torso wear. Why he's here could be anyone's guess.

Enka looks up at the movement of the newest arrival, water sloshing as she leans back against the rim of the pool to crane her neck for a better view. "Evenin'," comes the goldrider's remark. "I suppose you're here to relax and soak off the worries of the day too?" Well, isn't that obvious? Isn't that why everyone else in the other pools are up to their necks in hot water — quite literally. Anyone's guess indeed. She doesn't really seem to be waiting for a reply though, before her eyelids flicker shut, and the woman's mouth creases into a dreamy sort of a smile. "Sure does feel good to just sit. And relax."

Ladek doesn't look that dreamy in his featured expressions. The youth stands a bit as he pulls the tunic from the waters, then he folds the fabric up into a pattern. A smile flickers about his features, "Good evening," he offers, as he turns to regard Enka with a curious regard, "I have come to soak my clothing in the waters, because it provides a few benefits to the material," he intones. Shaking his head a little, he settles about at the pool's edge, "I can't relax yet, I've reports to work on this evening of the stars, likely at the tidal pools, for the view is best there."

"Wouldn't it have been better to send your clothing to the laundry?" Enka's brow furrows in thoughtful curiousity, and her grey eyes open to regard Ladek levelly. "After all, the pools here are for bathin' and Faranth knows what you might've gotten those clothes of yours into." Not that she's accusing the teen of anything, mind, but just saying, that's all. "I'm sure the laundresses could do all the soakin' you needed." She pauses, offers a wry smile, and shrugs, the water swirling around her shoulders. "'Fraid I don't pay much attention to the stars, did when I was younger, and Mir needed me to stay up with her when she wandered around, but now, she's able to take care of herself. Leaves me time for sleepin'." Or baking until the wee hours of the morning, but that really goes unsaid.

Ladek looks a bit toned, which might be a bit unusual for a stargazer. The youth stands up a moment, and flaps out the tunic, "The sea air makes them a bit crinkled, if you fold it properly and then dry it off, besides that a little sweat, which is nothing that wouldn't already be in the water if I got into it," he says. Turning on his heel after a moment, he approaches the pool which houses Enka, his azure sapphires sparkling with curiosity, "Besides, I don't trust others to do my work," he adds. Okay, he obviously isn't from the Weyr it seems, as he takes a seat, folding his legs, "Well, it is my job with the craft to make these charts," he intones, his muscles relaxing, "Sleeping is what I do late morning to early afternoon."

Enka's lips twitch with mirth. "Well," she remarks, "that's all well and good, but I wouldn't know if you'd just come from the corrals, muckin' up after herdbeasts, now would I?" Does she have a point there? At all? "I certainly think that the laundresses do a good job workin' on clothes, they've never messed up anythin' of mine anyway." And as far as Enka's concerned, if none of her clothes have ended up all ahoo, then it's a job well done. "To each their own, I imagine," the goldrider puts in. "When one has a night job, I imagine the day is spent in sleep." Whereas she has a day job, fair enough.

Ladek nods slowly a little, "I think they are capable," he says, as he rolls his bare shoulders with a slight shrug, and then quirks a small smile, "I am Ladek," he introduces, as he offers a hand, which is actually an odd thing to offer one that's busy at a pool, but he doesn't seem to mind, palm opened up to grip and shake, if his hand actually is taken, "I come from the BlueFire Hold, this is my new post for a while."
Enka shifts position, just that little, enough to lift a hand from beneath the pool's surface and extend it upwards towards the young man. Rivulets trail down her wrist, dripping off in fat droplets from her elbow. "Well, perhaps next time you'll avail yourself of the laundry services then, hmm?" She offers a pert sort of smile. "Enka." There really needs little more said with that introduction. "Well met then, Ladek. Since you mentioned stars, I gather you're a starcrafter?"

"Starcrafter, aye," Ladek affirms, as he shakes the hand, his own still a bit wet from the pool, but added to by Enka's own, so that a few droplets come down to his wrist once his hand comes back, "Pleasure meeting you," he adds, a mirthful smile making its way to his features, as he settles back a bit, "I also like to watch the riders while I'm here, quite interesting, if people can be a bit… Lax, around here."

"I'm a Baker myself, among other things," — like rider to a big golden dragon and one of the resident paper pushers around the Weyr — "so I'd have to say it's nice havin' a craft that lets you have plenty of free time from time to time." After all, one really can't watch the stars during the day, and as long as the sweetrolls are in the oven, one has to wait for those to bake, hence free time. "Rider watchin' can be quite educational and amusin' I'm sure." she responds with some humor in those words. "As for laxity… it's a Weyr." Nuff said.

Ladek holds up his hands, "I meant watching the riders ride," he says, not even helping his case with the slightest. The youth doesn't actually catch the way he phrased that, as he adds, "Ah, that sounds wonderful, I do like a good meal, usually I eat redfruits with a mug of klah for breakfast." A simple kind of man, truly, "I… Have had odd experiences here, can't say I'm used to it, I'd much prefer my quiet guest quarters with a nice book."

Enka probably could have caught that turn of phrase quite easily. Riding indeed. And yet, the goldrider really doesn't comment on it, she needn't really. Not in company of a lad quite young enough to be her son. So she'll take that at face value for what it's worth. "Mornin' drills can be somethin' to see." she puts in, "if you like watchin' riders and their dragons. Archipelago generally has some drills every mornin' just before breakfast. In case you were interested, that is." She smiles, this time rather sympathetically. "You'll get used to it, I'm sure. Although I couldn't fault you for likin' a good book. I try to get down to the Ierne markets every now and then for a read. Time was, a greenrider had a bookstore there. Been a while since I last checked to see if it was still there."

"I do enjoy watching it, I couldn't imagine ever being a rider myself though, I quite prefer the ships at sea," Ladek answers, as he smiles a little and considers the general vicinity of the hot springs, his gaze flickering with curiosity at all the architecture, "Maybe I will, it is quite strange," he adds, as he gives a small nod, "Books keep me company, I do not have any friends really, though I enjoy watching the flights so I may look into that."

"I've never really been much for sailin' ships," Enka admits. "Unless they're the right kind, I think I get seasick. And I'm not really sure Mir likes the idea of me bein' out on a boat. Can barely get her to tolerate the idea of me ridin' a runner as it is." Dragons, go figure. "No friends?" she quirks an eyebrow upwards thoughtfully. I'd almost be tempted to introduce you to the twins. They're not that much younger than you are, and shells, they're likely to be as much company as any weyrbrat can be. Although," she muses this out, "they're awful driven with their own ideas of what they want to do. I'll think it over anyway." There's a long pause as she lifts a hand out of the water and inspects her fingers. "Well, I've been in here long enough to start gettin' pruney, better go check on Mir before she starts her roamin' around the Weyr for the night. It was awful nice meetin' you." And with that, Enka will haul herself out of the water — mercifully wearing swim clothes — and grab a towel to wrap around herself.

Ladek backs up a little, and then stands up firm to the ground, as he reaches for his tunic and slides that over his shoulder. The bare chest of his rises with a light breath, and then as he exhales it forms back to the contours of his frame, a bit at ease by the air from what can be gathered. Even without relaxing with the waters themself still they have an effect, as he quirks a small mirthful smile, "Thank you for the chat Enka, I'll wish you the best with your night," he says, as he sweeps a slight incline, and not bothered by her body, even though she is wearing swim clothes, it is obvious that he puts little stock in such things generally. With an easy stride he offers a wave, "Take care!"

With another towel to wrap around her hair, the goldrider's ready to hightail it for home. "And to you," she nods at Ladek. "Hopefully the stars are shinin' brightly for you tonight." And with that, she'll be off.

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