Stable Disabled

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

It's a positively lovely day at Half Moon Bay, all of that rain and storm business having finally given away to pleasant blue skies and faint, whispy clouds. The temperature is even behaving, warm but not suffocatingly so, and the weyr is abustle because of it… Or, well, most of the weyr is. Though the choreboard indicates the candidate is supposed to be off at the stables, Heryn is far from it, the oversized bartender sprawled in one of those sunchairs, safely parked in the shade. It's only when one approaches that it's clear he's convalescing, rather than skiving off, for there is a terrible, ugly bruise creeping out from under a towel full of ice that he's pressing to his side, expression pinched with pain. Somebody done got kicked!

Venryk has in fact discovered..the garden. It didn't take him long, of course. No, he zeroed in on the place days ago, but with chores and all the bustling about, it's a bit hard to get a little free time in. Thankfully, with his own duties of rider 'interning', he's been let go a bit early from it all. He certainly didn't question the rider shooing him away. No, a little free time is for the best! Which is why he's making his way around the gardens with a notepad. There's a bit of time spent in the dirt, and a little more writing things down before he moves on, eventually spotting the chair-bound Heryn. Oh sure, he wanders that way, with first the notebook shielding his eyes from all the brightness. Then, blissful shade is found, and the candidate's eyes grow a bit wider. "Oh /wow/. That looks nasty. What the heck did you do, anyway? Did you dive on a rock? Or were you climbing and then /fell/ on a rock? You didn't hit your head too, did you?" And so it begins.

It's Half Moon Bay Weyr and usually when met with such clement weather one would naturally rejoyce and toss confetti. Not Jaeyln though, no. The indoors only candidate picked up from the frozen wasteland that is Fort, is decidedly unhappy about being out and about. As he appears from around a corner, the displeasure at the gleaming evil daystar is actually evident. He sulks, shoulders slumped. He wears his typical black tank top, a pair of black swim trunks that cut off at the knee and some matching flip flops. Beanie on his head, along with his goggles, he still clutches his laptop to his chest. His satchel still looped over his painfully thin body. Grumpy candidate eyeballs Venryk and Heryn before deciding to plop himself in the shade of a particularly nice tree and curls up instantly. Faint frown successfully in place, he lays his computer in his lap and rests his back up against the tree, idly scratching at one of the lotus flowers of his tattooed shoulder. He closes his unusually colored eyes, and maybe takes a nap or something. Difficult to tell.

Blue-grey eyes mark Venryk's progress, at first with the idle curiosity of someone with nothing better to do, and then with friendly welcome when he's spied. Heryn's free hand lifts in a half-hearted wave, and he might have said something, had the younger candidate not started right on in on the questioning. There is a surprised blink from the bartender, followed quickly by quiet laughter, which he immediately cuts off with a sharp wince. "Oh, ow, shells," he grumbles, though he's still grinning as he looks back to Venryk, head shaking. "Thank you! It does look pretty bad, doesn't it?," he says, lifting the ice to give him an even better look. "Didn't dive on a rock though, no. I'm not that desperate to get out of chores," he jokes. "I had stable duty and one of the stallions spooked while I was brushing him down." Which explains the white crescent shape in the midst of all of that purple. "What're you up to? Garden duty?" It's a guess, anyways, even as a black-clad figure draws his attention away from Venryk. One brow inches up slowly as Jaelyn makes progress towards the shade, settles down, and… falls asleep? Heryn's gaze flicks to Venryk as though the lad has some sort of explanation before he shoots a "Hey!" of greeting over thataways, just in case the begoggled candidate isn't as asleep as he looks.

"A /runner/? Yikes.." Venryk tilts his head just a bit at that, then lifts a brow, eyeing Heryn all the more. "You /did/ go see a healer though, right? I mean, you didn't just grab some ice and come up here to lay about. There could be like..internal bleeding or some such. People'd come find you up here in a few hours. Dead." There's quite a bit of leaning in then, taking a better look at all that bruising with a very..very untrained eye. He can't help that he's young and inexperienced in the realm of runner-based injuries! There's a sigh though, eventually his hand making its way onto his hip. "Duty? Oh, I'm going to work with plants later on in my training so..I like knowing what's about? I guess. It's not like I took any of them..or anything." Probably..not true. But since attention is shifting toward Jaelyn, the teen grins, brightening despite the obvious sleep-face of the other candidate. "Jaelyn! Hey! You remember Heryn, right? He got kicked by a runner!"

Heryn's greeting bares no fruit, at first, a few seconds after what is considered polite his eyes do open slightly. Golden orbs simply sit, partially lidded as they regard the indisposed bartender candidate. There is no response beyond this. Perhaps he didn't sense the greeting in getting bellowed at? Instead, his gaze moves on to Venryk and the happy sunshine bubbly that is the younger healer candidate gets a bob of his head. He looks back at Heryn again, and then to Venryk once more. Instead of a verbal response, the computer crafter shrugs his tattooed shoulder. Does he not remember the muscle mountain that is Heryn? Does he not care that he's been wounded in the facilitation of his cadidate duties? Who knows. Jaelyn is as stoic and stony faced as ever, the cool shade provided by the tree there having eased his discomfort and the grumpy-face he'd been sporting only moments ago. He does glance the stable-disabled over from head to toe though, eyes lingering along the way here and there before he casts his gaze off elsewhere, lashes lowered.

"Uhh… yeah, totally," Heryn says with that shifty sort of look a person gets about them when they've just done exactly what somebody just told them not to. A light bulb seems to click after a moment, eyes pointedly fasten on Venryk. "I mean… Yep. Totally saw one," he says, tone going suspiciously innocent. What? He totally saw a Healer. With his own eyeballs. And his name is Venryk. There is a soft 'ah' for the plant-y explanation that's accompanied by a nod, clearly accepting that as totally logical before attention is diverted back over at Jaelyn. He is, naturally, just in time to catch the young man's lingering glance and, well, bless Heryn really, but he's a bit oblivious and totally doesn't get it, pressing the ice back against his side with a, "It'll look even better tomorrow!" The bruise, he means, as he uses his free hand to pat the chair next to his. "You can sit, you know. I don't bite." The smile he flashes doesn't seem entirely convincing on that front, but he quickly glances back to Venryk, head tilting to one side. "Any plants you know that help with bruising?" Because clearly he's going to take the inexperienced apprentice's word over going to see a Healer. Men.

"Lies!" Not that it's said with anything but a hint of amused laughter at the end. Venryk shakes his head though and promptly sits right down. On the ground, that is, already scooting in close to try and get nose-to-skin with the bruised bartender. "You /really/ didn't. You look like the kinda guy that's all about /walking it off/, or some such nonsense. Why, for all you know, your ribs have splintered and are stabbing your internal organs like pincushions." There's a finger pointed toward Heryn's face for that, gesturing to all the..manliness-face that tells him such things. "Sure, it'll look better tomorrow. When you're /dead/." He sighs though, putting one elbow onto what free space there is on Heryn's chair, since he's down there anyway. "Well I mean..sure, if you like..drink them in like a tea or something. What do you want to do, just chew on leaves?" The candidate makes a slight face at that, despite the fact that he digs into his pockets to go through the totally /not/ pilfered plant-parts he has stuffed into them. "I dunno if that'd actually make you sick or something. Jae come /on/. We're still in the shade over here. Come over here and help me with this guy. Or just..poke at the bruise, I dunno. But come over here."

Jaelyn doesn't seem to care if his openly appraising and appreciating look is recognized or not, considering he wasn't even paying attention to Heryn and Venryk anymore. Nope, his eyes have drifted closed once again, and for all intents and purposes appears to be asleep. Given half the chance, he'd be the one candidate of their group to actually spend the majority of it unconscious. Golden slits do appear however, when Venryk whines at him, and there is the softest of chuffing sounds better coming from a dragon than a person. "I ain't a healer." he grumbles, despite the flat tone there was just something about the way the statement is said that the computer crafter might not be in the best of moods. Sure, Half Moon Bay was closer in climate to Ista than Fort, but for some unknown reason Jae was just unimpressed. Heh. More importantly? He does speak! A youthful tenor, it's strangely lacking any emotion and sounds altogether rather hollow. Heryn? Ignored again, poor man.

"You callin' me a liar?," Heryn shoots right back, but he's trying not to laugh along with the Healer-candidate and failing, which only brings on another wave of pained expressions. The bartender stiffens slightly for Venryk's sudden proximity, but eventually he relents, removing the ice entirely so Venryk can examine him way-up-close. "What, can you see if I broke my ribs from there? And I am not! I see a Healer when I have to. When there's blood," he amends, tone playfully defensive, one brow tipping upwards. "Then I'll be a beautifully bruised corpse." Wincing a bit, Heryn scoots himself over enough to ensure the candidate has elbow-room, eyes a'rolling skywards. "I'm not a heathen, I meant like a poultice or something." Another look is flicked Jaelyn's way for the golden-eyed candidate's protest, this time accompanied by an amused snort. "S'alright, he can sit on bumpy roots and pretend I don't exist if he wants. I don't mind." Poking at grumpy people, because that's sane! "Maybe I will die and he'll have to go on, never having known me. Tragic, really," Heryn affects with a sniff and a flair for the dramatic.

Venryk looks up again, very seriously, and nods. "Yes, sir. Yes I am." His lips quirk into a grin however, and there's a small shrug given. "Sorry, don't know much about that stuff yet, or how to tell if you're dying of all the internal bleeding and such. Cita might know, she's older." At fourteen, he just hasn't had enough healering to be knowing too much about it. There's a dramatic sigh though, shaking his head. "Well I'll make sure to pick out the best flowers for you, to offset some of the colors you'll be when dead." It's all he can really do, though. Jaelyn's persistent avoidance earns a huff of breath though, a hand lifting to shove the curls back from his face. "Jae, I promise you will not explode if you come over here. You can just sit there, you don't /have/ to talk." At least sitting /with/ the group is kinda like being a part of it?

"Yer hot, but ya ain't worth mournin' over." Jaelyn says just as flatly as before, this time not bothering to open his eyes. He'll just be chillaxing there under the tree and its bumpy roots. Yep, go ahead and die Heyrn, cause honey badger of Ista don't care. "Grow a pair and see the healers." Bluntly put, he shifts a narrowed expression upon Venryk and his persistence, lashes lowered and cooly regarding the other youthful candidate. "Why?" he asks, and his face betrays absolutely nothing, which is probably exactly how he feels for the whole sitting over there and being social thing. Nothing, other than some mild irritation perhaps.

"Stop making me laugh, you're definitely making it worse," Heryn grumbles for that deadpan response, nasal laughter interrupted by winces and twitches as he tries to find a more comfortable position. There is a beat of pause when Venryk mentions his fellow Healer, the bartender's expression clouding somewhat as he shakes his head. "Definitely not going to ask Cita. She'd fuss like a mother hen and I'd never hear the end of it." He might actually go to the Healers to avoid that situation altogether. A hard snort and a wry glance is pointed Venryk's way for the mention of flowers, though he's quick to adopt a grave expression and offer a solemn nod. "Go with blues and purples. I hear they really bring out the death pallor." Good grief. Amusement worms its way back onto Heryn's face when Jaelyn finally addresses him, blue-grey gaze tilting the Computer crafter's way with no small amount of satisfaction lingering in their depths. If poking the bear is what it takes to get acknowledgement, well… Honey badger, meet Sassypants. "How would you know?," he asks with a sharp brow quirk, even though the expression may be missed. "I might be the best thing since the readvent of tech." Cocky, isn't he? "And that's a fat lot coming from a kid that won't even engage in a proper conversation. Take your own advice, maybe," he adds, not entirely unkindly but with attitude still attached, gaze pointedly flicking to the previously indicated chair.

Venryk rolls his eyes somewhat, sighing. "Well then stop laughing! There's nothing I can do about it." If Venryk naturally causes laughter, well..perhaps Heryn /is/ destined to die of his wounds. There's a bit of a grin though at the bartender's reaction to Cita, nodding. "Kinda got that impression from the last time, but hey, a healer's a healer if they know what they're doing. I don't know what you'd like. Maybe you'd /like/ fussing and..and..henning? Henning. Is that a word..even..nevermind." He shifts in his spot on the ground to get a bit more comfortable, looking back at Jaelyn again with a slightly softer look. After all, Heryn is adding his own two cents about why the boy should come over. Thus, he simply waves a hand at the older candidate. "Why? That's why. I've gotten a pretty good, up close look at him, you might as well do it too. Don't know what you're missing."

Well, Heryn is getting exactly what he's wanted for the last little while, Jaelyn's undivided attention. The computer crafter levels both lidded golden eyes upon the bartender as his chin lifts just the smallest of a fraction. "Why would I wanna know someone who dun care if he lives or dies?" he asks just as bluntly as before, and again with the absolutely deadpan of voice. Has this kid cracked a smile in his life? Whatever satisfaction that the man has gotten from engaging someone who clearly is not a people person, doesn't appear to be shared with the subject of his focus. "Runner kicks can cause internal bleedin', I know that…and I ain't a healer." Then there is another of his single shoulder shrugs, emphasized perhaps by the beautiful detail of his half-sleeve tattoo of lotus flowers and butterflies amongst sapphire waves, then he redirects his gaze to Venryk again, "I can see perfectly fine from here," he says, suddenly stretching his arms up and over his head, revealing a peak at the dragon themed tattoo mostly covered by his tank top, peeking out from the arm hole there along his right side. Whoever did the work, is talented. Releasing a yawn, he lazily flops back against the tree trunk and looks out over the garden instead. "He's hot, I get it." Though when Heryn pokes at him with his comment about being unable to carrying on a conversation, his eyes slide back the man's way and again with that cool even regard. "One ain't got nothin' to do with the other. My not talkin' ain't gunna kill me. I thought grown ups were supposed to be smart."

Heryn sighs his best put-upon sigh for Venryk, head thumping to rest back against his chair with a drawled, "I will do my best." But he makes no promises, especially because it takes all he has not to snort at the word 'henning.' "Ha! Ow, shells, no. I really don't, though I don't much enjoy complete clinical detachment, either." Which is likely part of his avoidance of the craft, rather than some irrational fear. "Shame you aren't further along in your studies, I guess; I wouldn't mind being seen by you." Since his examination seems to be done, Heryn presses the ice back to his side with an amused huff for Venryk's agreement with his statement, clearly having not expected that. He levels a playful look towards the Healer before his gaze darts over to Jaelyn, one shoulder lifting in a shrug. "I hear that reckless abandon is appealing to some people," he says, matching tone for tone. He does use that stretch as an excuse to mark the younger candidate's series of tattoos, but if there's interest there, it doesn't show in his gaze twitching immediately back up to his face when Jaelyn looks his way again. The corner of Heryn's mouth twists in a sarcastic smirk. "Yeah, well, maybe I'm just big, dumb, and pretty. Maybe I have nothing to live for. Or maybe I was working along with a posted Beastcrafter, who said I would be fine given time and rest. Take your pick." An injured look is given to Venryk along with a feigningly aggrieved sigh. "Do I really look that stupid?" Pout.

Venryk takes to studying Heryn again at questions about his intelligence, brows drawing together. "Hrm. Well..not /that/ stupid, at least. Somewhere in the middle, I'd say. It all evens out in the end. After all, you know a good healer when you see one, and that's saying something, don't you think?" Good /potential/ of a healer, anyway. There's a bright grin given though, and the teen cracks his knuckles, leaning back again where he sits. "I'll start taking appointments, then. Granted, I can't do much but make you some tea, but it'll have to do. ..You know, later. When I don't have to run all the way back to the caverns for it." His hands drop again, resting in his lap as he looks between the two other candidates. There's finally a sigh given, despite the amused look on his face as he watches Jaelyn. "I'm gonna have to come get you, aren't I? And drag you across the ground in the most undignified manner imaginable. By your feet."

"Whatever," Jaelyn mutters, sounding irritated to a degree. "Maybe coulda mentioned that instead of makin' a play for attention." He makes no comment of the big, dumb and pretty label blazing like a classic neon sign above the bartender's head, which of course the comptuer crafter himself hung there. "Yer both stupid." With that, he pushes himself down and off the roots of the big tree, tucking his laptop under his arm as it had been when he arrived. He shoot Venryk a particularly withering look, before turning on his flip-flopped heel and making for the exit in the same direction he arrived.

Well, there goes that chuckling and wincing again, Heryn writhing uncomfortably before settling again. "Ugh, 'not that stupid,' he says," the bartender complains good-naturedly, eyes rolling in an amused gesture. "Well, I guess I'll take it. Better than being abjectly stupid." There's an amused eye-scrunch for the idea of the fourteen-turn-old taking appointments, but a more sincere squint and point for the offer of tea later. "I'll hold you to that." And, well, he'll probably doubly need it here in a minute. There's a positively beatific smile shot Jaelyn's way for that irritated mutter and a, "And if you'd know I was fine all along, you wouldn't've bothered to say anything." A mirthful look is shot Venryk's way for that threat to drag Jae over if he has to, one shoulder lofting in a 'well, what can you do' shrug that… looks a lot more resigned to having to take action than giving up and letting the Computer crafter go. Indeed, when the teen makes to leave, Heryn hands Venryk his makeshift icepack with a pleasant, "Hold this, please," and impressively little wincing as he stands. Taking advantage of Jaelyn's retreat, Heryn uses the hand on his bruised side to slide the laptop out from under the boy's arm to tuck it under his own, and his good side to scoop the candidate up around his middle and lift him onto one shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "And this," is chirped just as cheerfully as Heryn walks back, passing Venryk the laptop before using both hands to unceremoniously dump Jaelyn onto the chair next to them. Well, more than one way to fix that problem? At least he didn't actually drag him by his feet…?

There might be a faint frown that flickers across Venryk's face when Jaelyn gets up to leave. Also with insults! Rude. There's a sigh though, resigned to the fact that there's very little that can be done about the other teen's retreat. Although, apparently Heryn doesn't think so. There's a bewildered blink as he's suddenly handed the ice pack, eyes widening to watch the much bigger man tromp off after Jaelyn. "Uhm..I don't think… That really isn't such a….not even listening, are you? Gonna need more ice.." He keeps right on watching though, with even a little wince for the fact that Jaelyn is rather unceremoniously transformed into a /sack/. He's at least quick to reach out for the laptop though, cradling it safely to himself as he just stares at the two. Perhaps waiting for an explosion of some sort.

Jaelyn was going to just leave the two happy idiots to enjoy themselves, but all of a sudden his laptop is plucked from beneath his arm, "What the fu…" he begins, but is unable to finish the thought as a very muscely arm coils around his scrawny waist and he's physically hauled up off the ground. He loses a flip-flop in the process, and it falls to the ground without much sound. Flopped over the bartender's shoulder like so much a bag of tubers, the computer crafter helplessly blinks once as this all sinks in before brows furrow, eyes narrow, and a deep scowl appears on his lips. "The FUCK?!" comes the growl before Jae makes real effort there is get down, even if it means taking Heryn down with him. His kicks and punches are not soft in the least, and placed in such a way that its clear he knows where its going to inflect the most pain, although whether or not they land is left up to chance. In all honestly, he's more flailing then accurate, as the position makes it difficult to do any real damage, but it's going to hurt regardless. What Venryk is waiting for comes the second that the muscle-mountain plops him down, because he is right back up on one bare, and one flip-flopped foot with a full force punch aimed directly for his face. Even if he has to jump into the air to do it. He might be much smaller than the bartender, but he was wiry muscled, and could pack a lot of force behind a single flying fist. "Back the fuck off!!" he snarls, the heat of a thousand burning suns of hatred behind the throaty growl. Thankfully his beloved laptop is safely tucked away within Venryk's protective embrace, because otherwise, it undoubtedly would have been broken beyond recognition at this point.

Alas, no, Heryn isn't listening, but he is collecting quite an impressive number of jabs and kicks. They might be haphazardly thrown, but the man's already injured and at least one of them connects with part of the bruise already on his side with a wheezed 'oof.' There is a reason the laptop gets handed off to Venryk, however - Heryn seems completely unsurprised when Jaelyn surges back up out of the chair, expecting and taking the punch that connects with his cheekbone, head snapping hard to one side. He did deserve it, after all. There's little to no reaction for the swear-laden snarl that comes after, the bartender lifting one hand to press against the space under his eye as though checking for blood, but he does level a peculiar look over at Jaelyn once he seems satisfied that there isn't any. There's no gloating, amusement, or return anger, but instead a healthy dash of puzzlement and a, "Yeah, alright. Sorry. I don't know why I did that." And he seems to mean that, entire posture reading confusion rather than might or fight. His mouth opens to add more, but seems to think better of it, instead shaking his head and turning to extend one hand down to Venryk. "Can I have my ice back? I think I'm going to need it." Because he definitely isn't going to see a Healer now.

Venryk might've taken the laptop, but it's quickly set down on the ground as he surges up as well after Jaelyn. He makes a face for the punching that occurs, but squirms himself in front of the angry candidate anyway. "Jaelyn /stop/!" It's loud, and certainly lacking any of the playful humor the boy usually has. But he's quite firm about it, at least, reaching his hand right up to press against Jae's chest..just in case he's still intent on moving forward. He reaches behind him a bit with the ice pack though, ready to hand that off to the bartender as well before taking in a bit of a breath. /Maybe/ things can calm down? At least Heryn isn't trying to hit the boy back or anything. There's a small smile at least offered to Jaelyn, head tilting curiously. "You good now?"

Despite the completely passive response to being cold-cocked by the soon-to-be fifteen turn old, Jaelyn is already preparing another fist full of fury, drawing his arm back. There was something about the reaction that speaks of instinct rather than malice though, even if Heyrn was apologizing and looking bewildered. The rage-beast had been released, and it'd taken actual sevendays - must be a record, somewhere. However, the next round of pummeling isn't unleashed upon the bartender candidate, as the second that Venryk tells him to stop, he freezes in place. Slowly his eyes slide to the corner closest to the healer, panting a bit at the result of his efforts thus far. Those golden orbs follow as Ryk wriggles himself between them and puts a calming hand on his chest, brows becoming less furrowed and more knitted. The beat of his heart beneath the delicately built brunette's hand can be felt thundering, and then slowing; his arm takes on a less ridgid appearance and then just falls lifelessly to his side. There's a bit of a pause before he makes a distinctive 'che' sound, jerking his chin upwards and flings his gaze elsewhere. "Whatever." he growls, pushing Venryk aside, and scooping up his laptop. Working his way around the deck chairs, he retrieves his lost footwear and shoves his foot into it. He doesn't say another word before he once again makes an attempt to head out, shoulders racked with tension.

Heryn is quick to back off after accepting the makeshift icepack from Venryk, spying that second raised fist and definitely not intending to let the fight continue. The bartender shoots the Healer an mixed look, one part grateful and one part apologetic before turning away to press the ice to his cheek. "Sorry," is said again, encompassing them both this time. Again, there might be more said, but this doesn't seem the time, Jaelyn already pushing past Venryk towards the stairs, and Heryn isn't going to make the same mistake twice. Instead, he shakes his head and final time and heads further into the gardens.

Well at least the fighting stopped. Venryk pauses for a moment once he's pushed aside, looking just a bit torn. There's a quick look back and forth, and a sighed shrug given at Heryn. "Touching isn't a good idea. ..Yeah." As if that wasn't obvious. There's at least a small smile offered though, nodding to him. "I hope you feel better and.. sorry about your face. The hitting part." There's a mimicked little jab given, before the healer turns to take off after Jaelyn instead of heading off in yet another direction from the two, breaking into a bit of a jog to try and catch up.

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