Fort's Games

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Fort Weyr -Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The last day of the Search and Rescue Games has been mostly about having fun. Most of the judging was finished this morning, tallies taken and delivered. The living cavern has seen a quick clean and decorations, with tables moved to the side to accommodate an area for dancing tonight. A small stage is set up for Harpers to use as the various groups play for the residents and visitors once the announcement of the winners is made.

Dressed in a lovely gown of green, Kassala makes her way towards the stage with Riohra, nodding to the Harpers there who play a little tune to get people's attention. "Good evening Fort Weyr and our guests!"

Gerazal is just by himself tonight as he comes in for the ball. He's dressed in his gather best, which for a weaver who specializes in clothes is really something else. He has grabbed a glass of wine to drink and looks to the stage as the hosts Kassala and Riohra take the stage.

S'dny is also sitting out there in the crowd to await the annoucement of the winners. He's dressed in his dress uniform that has been neatly pressed so that he can be as presentable as possible for the presentation of the awards and for the dance that comes afterward. His full attention at the moment is on the woman who looks to be doing both the welcoming and soon the annoucing.

E'vyl is here as well, back there in the crowd. He's not dressed in his best, but he's dressed. Nodding and greeting people, he edges along the back of the growing masses, opening his coat as he starts to warm from the hearth fires radiating some heat.

Sephany is probably running late. At least, she's not already in the Living Caverns despite the time and the crowd. A moment later, she slips into the room with hurried steps, flushed cheeks and bright eyes attesting to the fact that she, maybe, was running a moment ago. Like most of those already here, she is dressed in her finest; a sapphire blue dress with little embellishment but amazing tailoring, hugging her body as if it was sewn right on. A quick scan of the crowd, and she heads towards a familiar redhead. Before she can catch her attention, the young dragonhealer is speaking. Sephany's steps stop, and she leans against a chair to pant and catch her breath. Phew. Made it.

Riohra stands there with Kassala grinning, he is in his nice clothes as well, he looks nervous standing up on stage. Not really liking people watching him he will nervously play with the buttons on his shirt sleeves.

As she gains people's attention, Kassala offers them all a bright and cheerful smile, "I'd like to first thank all our guests for coming out to Fort Weyr for our first Search and Rescue Games. Beyond the events being a game for the members, we hoped that the S&R members would take this as a training opportunity. So many come from weyrs that may not see snow much, if at all, so the past several days has given them a chance to learn some new skills in talking with fellow rescuers.." She talks a little more before finally turning to Riohra, then back to the crowd that's gathered, "But.. enough about that. I know you all wish to know who won the various contests soo…." She leans in to Riohra, asking him to hand her something, then goes back, "We will start with the Crafting. There were so many truly wonderful entries, and it was a close contest, but…" She looks about, finally spying someone, a hand waving to Gerazal, "It's my pleasure to announce that Journeyman Weaver Gerazal's entry of a set of clothing for a family, has taken the prize for Crafters."

Gerazal blinks as he's surprised that he won and he gives a bright smile as he makes his way through the crowd. He shakes a couple of hands on his way up and endures some good natured pats on the back as he gets up onto the stage. He nods politely to Kassala, "Thank you so much. It was a pleasure getting to stretch my talents and come up with some winter wear, something those of us in Xanadu Weyr rarely have to deal with." He says as he takes his award and pauses a moment to look at it. It's a snowglobe with a replicia of his winning entry. He gives it a test shake before he goes to shake both Kassala's and Riohra's hand. That done he heads back down to his spot.

S'dny listens attentively as Kassala talks about the games and how they are meant to not only be fun but to be instructive. Having a now first hand experience with the work that Deluge wing does he'll certainly be paying more attention to the work that they do in the future. Though this transitions into clapping as the first award winner is annouced. The work that the crafter from Xanadu had done was very good and its easy to see why he won.

E'vyl glances around the crowd before his attention goes to the front when music cues the groups attention forward. Things seem to be getting start. Not knowing the fellow that won, he claps enthusiastically for him anyway. Then the man is spotted moving, so now at least he has a face to go with the name as the man accepts his award. He can tell it's a snowglobe, bu not the design inside. It award amuses him and he gives a not quite barking laugh. Of coarse a snaowglobe. What else would you expect from the subzero artic region.

Sephany is still catching her breath, even as she listens to Kassala describe the nature of the games that have just finished. By the time she's moved on to the announcement of a winner, the weaver-apprentice has more or less calmed down and looks much more 'normal', the color in her cheeks fading and the grip on the chair lifting. As Gerazal is announced, she claps along with the crowd, smile bright for her fellow Weaver who has claimed the prize. "Well done!" will be tossed out gleefully, likely lost and drowned out in the sounds of the crowd.

Riohra grins and shakes Gerazal's hand, and then grins getting the next prize ready for Kassala to hand out. He still looks nervous but not as bad, he will nod to a few faces he knows but sits back right now as Kassala has floor. He hands her the name of the next winner.

Kassala offers her congratulations to Gerazal, smiling all the more once he realizes the set up within the snowglobe. As he makes his way off the little stage, she turns back and continues, "Throughout the days, there's been many Ground Events going on that anyone could participate in if they wished. Anything from stretcher relays to carry relays…" She go on to name a few of the various weyrs who managed to make off with awards in those small events, the teams coming up to get their own trophies in snowglobes. The next event is soon announced, "We had many very interesting entries in the snow and ice sculpture category, and once more, it was a close race, but…" She glances about, then smiles as she announces, "Rider E'vyl and his daughter, Ravysa, with their snow sculpture of runners, is the winner!"

E'vyl smiles around, focusing on each face when their name is called. Some of them stored away to meet with late concerning some possible commisions. His clapping stops suddenly though when he realizes his name was called. Pleased and proud his daughter's idea won, the Monocan brownrider steps forward. Joining the speakers on stage, he nods to each since he recalls both from the previous days. Grinning at the globe when he sees what's tied around it, he smirks to Riohra and Kassala both. "Was wondering where that went. Never hear the end of it if I don't bring back her 'favorite ribbon'." He extends a hand to each. "Thank you both, it was a fun change from shaping wet sand." When he can, he'll slide on back down those steps, rolling the 'Cool Runner's globe a bit so it sparkles.

Gerazal tucks his award under his arm so that he can still clap for the next winners. He looks around as Kassala announces who won the snow sculpting and he smiles as that's the one that his daughter liked best. He starts to clap as E'vyl goes up for his prize.
S'dny can't help but be pleased as his cousin and his niece are awarded the victory for their work on snow sculpting. He claps loudly as E'vyl heads up to get his winning snow globe.

Riohra grins and claps for the brown rider and laughs at the comment about the ribbon. He will turn and pick up a trophy and hold it so all can see as he lets Kassala name the victor of the Games.

"Congratulations to you." Kassala offers E'vyl after he is given the prize by Riohra, "Glad we could help in getting that back." The ribbon, that is. Once more, she waits, then with a dip of her head towards the waiting Harpers who begins to drum lightly, she speaks up, "Now, for what you all been witing for, the winners of the main event. In third place, having rescused a rookie rider and young dragon who got into some bad trouble.. Fort Weyr!" The teams comes up, receives their snowglobes, and then moves back into the crowd. "In second place.. High Reaches Weyr who drew a daring night time rescue of a little girl who wandered away from the hold alone, and without her winter gear.." The team from the weyr comes up, receives their globes, and then heads back out again.

Stepping to the side to a table that held something beneath a cloth, she touches it lightly, "Now, we hope to do this every year or two, so we decides that the best team would take home a tropy, allowing them to display it till the next came when it will return and be given to the next winner.." A pause, and she looks about, "Most every team managed to catch every small detail of their scenario, and it came down to speed being a big play in who came in first." Another pause, and with a smile, "Deluge from Monaco Bay Weyr… you are the winners of the first Search and Rescue Games." She further explains, "Their scenario was discovering an avalanche in their patrol grid, realizing there was a wagon that got caught, and not only tending to the mother and small child, but discovering the father as well."

E'vyl eases back through the crowd, pausing and letting someone admire the award a few times. Reclaiming his former position, he carefully tucks the globe in a large coat pocket and watches the next award given you. He claps enthusiastically when his Weyr wins. "And the runner!" He reminds those on stage with a very amused grin.

Gerazal claps after each award is announced and he looks to see who will be accepting the award for Monaco Bay.

S'dny had hoped for a win in this part of the games. This was a very nice surprise. He gets to his feet and glances over to E'vyl as well also sending a quick glance round the cavern to see if D'lei was here. Not spotting the wingleader he moves toward the stage hoping that E'vyl will join him as well. The weyrleader has a smile on his face and a spring in his step. Who doesn't like to hear that their weyr was the best at something? Not Syd thats for sure.

Riohra stands behind the table and will magician pull the cloth off of the trophy and grin saying "Would the whole wing please come up, we wont make you pose for a painting…This time" he teases and starts collecting things up quickly, he will offer those present of the winning team a firm hand shake and congratulations.

Awards! Which is Risali is assuredly here (late) to cheer for and listen to the announcements of, but the goldrider is probably really here for the dancing later. And for once? The Junior queenrider who never sports more than leathers and loose tunics (that hint at curves but hide them) bothered tonight. Her hair is pulled back and out of her face, twisted back along the crown of her head with small flowers weaved in. The rest of her hair is down for once - naturally loose curls given more shape, more body, made into more prominent curls that are still loose enough to allow her hair to brush at her elbows. The heavy jacket she's wearing is cut for her as well, clearly made to accommodate a dress as it falls to just above her knees with a gentle flair starting at her hips. What's visible of that dress shows light fabric in an uneven cut - leg visible on the left from where her jacket ends down, while the right side curves down - kind of like a sarong - to fall at her ankle. And she has on heels, even, and make up (smoky eyes, bright lips). But that is not important! She's on the arm of K'vir, his head ducked down to hers as they speak and then she squeezes his arm as he departs - to speak to family, to get drinks, who knows? Risali's busy clapping for E'vyl, and then Deluge! Monaco just winning ALL THE THINGS. But Risali will do it all awkwardly, that clapping, standing in the back by herself.

Kassala will smile and offer each of the riders who are there an encouraging clap waiting for them to come up to the stage again to be presented to the Weyr.

No, dear cousin Syd really doesn't want E'vyl him on stage. He's done well to not embarrass Monaco during the sevenday, why chance it now. He does clap in Weyr pride though. It really is a nice trophy. Who knew they were even giving one?

Since it seems that Syd is the only one to take the stage he'll gladly shake Kassala and Riohra's hands and take hold of the trophy which he will take back with him to Monaco to be on display until the next games. "Thank you very much." he says politely to the pair of them as he smiles. He waves to the gathered crowd and then will take his leave of the stage to return to his seat with the trophy in tow.

The living cavern has seen a quick clean and decorations, with tables moved to the side to accommodate an area for dancing tonight. A small stage is cleared Harpers to use as the various groups play for the residents and visitors once the announcement of the winners have been made. Riohra and Kassala will stand there as Kassala addresses the group saying "Thank you all for coming out to the event, now lets have a dance" She will take Riohra's hand as the Harpers start to play and move on to the cleared dance floor.

E'vyl claps once or twice more for everyone that recieved awards. When the feel of the room changes, and tables are cleared, E'vyl says a few parting words to those nearest him before excusing himself and quietly slipping out of the cavern. He'll never hear the end of it if he manages to lose Ravysa's precious ribbon at a huge party.

Better late than never, right? Not that K'vir is truly late! He missed the awards, sure but he was at least with Risali to bring her to the party before having to excuse himself — because, yes, he did have to go speak to family. Namely to assure his parents that he did NOT sneak his way out of Xanadu and does have clearance to Between again. No, he will not push it. Y'know, the typical concern stuff that goes on behind the scenes because Faranth forbid anyone see that Fort's Weyrleader is a normal human being. So it's on that note that the bronzerider finally returns and immediately goes on the hunt for Risali. Hopefully before the music starts!

Tanit is late to the party, but then that tends to happen when the person inviting you sends the invitation last minute. The dress chosen is not made for the cool air of fort, all fluttering fabric in a sea green that both matches the young woman's eyes and speaks to more tropical climes. Long graceful strides bear the diver to where Risali is presumably waiting, or has perhaps forgotten that she dragged someone else out to this thing. "You know, I adore that gold of yours, but T'san says he would like it if next time she didn't shout quite so loud."

DANCE! There's going to be a dance; there's already harpers starting music, and Rio and Kass are making their way onto the floor, and Risali? Risali is working up her courage to tell E'vyl congratulations when he leaves. Well. Grey eyes track his retreating form with the kind of look that pleads, 'Come back!' because that means… Yep. SHE IS LOOKING AT YOU S'DNY. There's an awkward shifting of Risali's feet in that dress and those heels (stupid heels), and then determination on her features as she swallows her pride. So what if she crawled through the snow in front of him? Everybody's crawled through the snow once - right? Right. Risali takes that first step towards the leader when - KYZEN! Risali's relief is clear, she's reaching out for him when - Tanit! Risali gives her a mischievous look and then laughs. "I'll be sure to tell her." And yes, she does loop her arm through the divers, catching K'vir along the way, and she drags them both over to S'dny. "Uhm," she says intelligently once she's there. GIVE HER A SECOND, and then, "Congratulations, S'dny." One, two three, and those grey eyes shift to both of her companions. "This is Kyze - sorry - K'vir. And this is Tanit." PRETTY THING IN THE DRESS.

Everyone probably has crawled through the snow once or twice. Perhaps not in front of a crowd of people but those things do happen. Syd is in far too good a mood to worry too much about that sort of thing right now. He smiles to Risali, "Thank you. I'm sure that the congratulations are more for the others. I was only a small part of things really. E'vyl and D'lei deserve it far more than I do." he says honestly. That said he can turn his attention to the two people that are there with her, "It's good to meet you K'vir and Tanit." he says to reach in turn. He can't recall meeting either of them previously, though its possible he saw them each in passing.

"Didn't mean to keep — where are we going?" WHO IS THIS? K'vir is giving a fleeting smile to Tanit as they're BOTH whisked away by Risali, his explanation (and needless apology) lost when the goldrider goes on the move. Not that that doesn't have him stifling a bit of laughter, as he gladly takes her arm again and just goes along for the ride. Right to meeting S'dny. Well! "Ah, congratulations, sir, on Monaco Bay's winning the games! Well met." K'vir will at least dip his head respectfully and in that brief moment… he looks enough like his father, Th'ero, to be placed. "Bronze Zekath's rider, from Xanadu." He tacts on the rest of his rank, somewhat belatedly.

Riohra dances about the floor with Kassala, the two laugh at some private joke as the tall hunter steers the pair closure to wear S'dny and group. Riohra will grin and say "Congratulations again, Weyrleader" and greets the others as well giving Tanit a nod then woosh back to the dance floor as it seems the young couple are finally free of work.

Tanit is only mildly lost when being introduced, smiling ruefully at Risali. Thankfully K'vir and Rio tack on the important parts, so the wide spread of lips is extended to rider in turn, "The pleasure is mine, I hope you will forgive me if we've met before. I'm afraid I am not from this area, so names and faces tend to elude me. I suppose congratulations are also in order?" Most of the other names are only vaguely familiar to the woman. Risali gets a smirk, "You do know I am a tropical creature, the snow and ice are not always kind to our ilk."

A small stage is cleared Harpers to use as the various groups play for the residents and visitors once the announcement of the winners have been made. The harpers change the tempo to something a little faster to get people out on the floor.

E'vyl and D'lei; Risali's expression softens at the mention of the brownrider and bronzerider both, a kind of joy and pride that she doesn't bother trying to hide despite the fact that she breathes out, "You all worked together, so you deserve it, too." Grey eye sweep to K'vir while he finishes the finer points of introduction (like his lifemate's inclusion and more congratulations), then Tanit whose smirk is returned with a smile of her own - quiet, muted, amused. "I walked through the snow in heels, Tanit." An accusation! Maybe it was Tanit's fault! "I haven't forgotten how unkind it is to our ilk." Nor have her toes, which are still cold. One moment more of that awkward standing there, and then Risali is pulling off her jacket, leaning forward to place it over the back of an empty chair. The dress underneath clearly makes the tiny woman uncomfortable because she's hunching her shoulders in, but it is a beautiful dress: black, sweeping over one shoulder, coming across her chest at an angle to slip under her other arm. And there's a hint of her side exposed, the back open sans two thin pieces of fabric that meet with the material over her shoulder. And there is a lot of leg (not that she has a lot of leg, but shh). "Dance?" she asks, because dancing does not required awkward things like talking and trying to people. It requires movement, and movement is something Risali can do.

"I've met your father a few times." Syd says with a smile to K'vir, "Good man. Runs a fine weyr. I'm pleased to meet his son." Not that Syd is even all that close with Th'ero but the mans reputation is formidable indeed. "Thank you." he says to Riohra as he passes by, also serving as a thank you to K'vir who so kindly congratulated him. "I suppose in the most peripheral sense possible." Syd isn't opposed to accepting compliments but in this he doesn't feel like he earned much, "Though I'm happy Monaco made such a fine showing." As he knew they would! When Risali offers the dance he smiles and demures, "I'm sure that K'vir here is a far better dance partner for you." Though he does turn his attention toward Tanit, "I could offer a dance. I'm afraid I'm not terribly talented when it comes to dancing, but I don't think I'd step on your feet too much." he says smiling.

For someone who works as a sort of saleswoman, Yulise isn't actually the best around large groups of people. Part of her strongly considered skipping this whole thing. Yet, despite any misgivings, here she is! She wears her finest outfit that still manages to be appropriate for the weather: a long flowing white dress with two long slits up to her thighs, and a white leather fur-lined jacket to keep her from freezing in the Fortian climate. Arriving late, she hesitates upon seeing the size of the crowd, and quickly shrinks to the safety of the drinks table for a drop of liquid courage.

Tanit laughs, a rich throaty sound that uses the full range of her alto. "You will see no sympathy from me, I had to wear shoes." The diver teases in return, grinning in of approval for the dress choice on the Xanadu Jr.'s part. As for the offer of a dance? Tanit laughs, "I rarely turn down an invitation to dance, skilled or otherwise. I think we could manage to avoid breaking anything between the two of us. We may even be able to snatch up a decent drink in the process." Long finely scarred fingers extend to the rider in acceptance of his offer. Risali gets a speculative look for an instant, and new arrivals are noted and given chin tips of greeting as well, before the diver's attention is once again focused on her dance partner.

Riohra is there but it seems Kassala was drawn away for some Dragonhealer duties so there he is at the drink table, becuase everything is better with booze. Or in his case Klah, he grins at a few of the Istan's as they argue with an Igenian whos home is hotter.

"But you look beautiful," Risali tells Tanit, and she means it if the way she reaches out to smooth back a piece of the woman's hair is any indication. There's a quiet smile on her lips that comes in tandem with the movement, and then an incline of her head as S'dny rejects Risali's offer to the universe at large and makes his own offer to Tanit. The diver's look of speculation is met with Risali's own look, and it looks like she's mouthing the word, 'Behave,' with a lift of brows and a devious smile. But it's S'dny that she speaks to with a breathy laugh of, "Have fun." But it doesn't matter, because K'vir's hand is on her exposed back, and he's leaning down to whisper something that has Risali looking momentarily flush, punching him in the arm, and then ducking her head as she allows him to lead her out and onto the dance floor for that first dance. And they move! Fast paced with Risali laughing, Yulise unnoticed - for now - because she's busy maybe cheating and occasionally standing on her weyrmate's toes so that K'vir has to do all the hard work while she simply enjoys. Perks of being short?

The talk of shoes is lost on Syd. Also the details of fashion are lost on him. Though he would have to grudgingly admit that Risali's dress is nice. He can more easily admit though, "She is correct. You do look beautiful." Syd says to Tanit. When Tanit speaks up about getting a nice drink along the way Syd's smile grows, "You like fine drink huh? You and I are going to get along so very well." He doesn't catch Risali's mouthed words to behave, though he does catch her spoken ones, "I hope so." he says continuing to smile as he takes Tanit's hand and moves off with her in the direction of the dance floor.

Yulise remains at the periphery for now. She's found some strong bit of Fortian brew to sip, and now has retreated to the furthest distance from the dance floor where she can still appear to be present for the festivities. Her eyebrows rise noticeably as she spots a few familiar faces among the crowd, but she makes no move to approach anyone yet. She just sips her drink, fidgets, and nervously fiddles with the fur on her jacket collar.

Risa gets a flash of teeth from the diver, a smile to the uninitiated but Risali knows that look. The one that says 'you are so dead' followed by the 'I am so on to you' look. The grin goes softer for Syd's complement, looking up through dark lashes with a chuckle. "I suppose I should thank you for the complement, but beauty is as beauty does I've found. It's often deceptive." The movement to the dance floor is effortless, as a dance partner the diver is easily lead and maneuvered. "I am a fan of all the simple pleasures of life, good drink, good food, good company and beautiful scenery. I imagine that you can understand why I am so taken with Half Moon. It hits all points quite nicely." She waves to Yulise as they pass.

Where there are prizes, there are often drinks - and so it's drawn R'en out of his comfortable abode in Half Moon and out into the snow covered landscape of Fort. There were precisely two times that he nearly turned back and left rather than actually gracing the living cavern with his presence. The first when he hit the ground after landing and he realized the seeping cold is something that he's not at all comfortable with anymore. The second when he made it to the entrance of the living cavern and saw how crowded it really was. There's a narrowing of his blue eyes, a glance over those that are gathered, and a final decision that he'll at least come inside to warm up before turning back once again.

And so it is, that R'en steps into the living cavern and brushes off some of the remnants of cold by patting at his arms. The bronze has taken up residence somewhere nearby so that when the call to leave is given they can both be prepared, provided no lovely female dragon sidles on over - then who knows might happen. Rather than walking in farther and mingling, he makes a straight beeline for wherever drinks are being poured and just simply hopes he'll be overlooked.

Riohra with drink in hand, walks around talking and mingling people he will end up by the trader and smile at her saying "Good Evening Yulise, it has been a while." He sips from his mug and looks around the room saying casually "You look very nice tonight. I hope the cold isn't bothering you to much" Because Fort is only cold on the outside, on the inside it is warm and vibrant.

It's a nice dress! It might look better on somebody a little taller, with a little more leg to show (like Tanit), but it doesn't change the fact that the dress hugging tight to Risali's body is certainly beautiful. Speaking of Tanit, the diver's wolfish (to the initiated) smile is met with a quiet smile of Risali's own as she moves in dance with K'vir, the kind that says, 'Fight me,' and, 'I don't know what you're talking about,' before she allows her weyrmate to pull her attention back to him. For a moment. One of the pesky things about visiting your hometown is that a lot of people know you, and even more of them want to greet you, so Risali finds herself suddenly without a partner in the middle of the dance floor, grey eyes watching K'vir's back as he goes with a promise to return as soon as he can. Well. The junior goldrider's eyes jump to where there are drinks - to R'en, who is decidedly noticed despite his hopes (Risali even has a not-so-lovely but definitely female dragon who is probably assaulting his with her effervescent personality and the heady beat of bass and drums to match her enthusiasm), and then to Yulise. One, two, three moments, and Risali finally makes her way over to get herself a drink. "Hello," Risali says softly to R'en, but there's no further attempt to engage him in conversation. The woman simply keeps her eyes forward as she focuses on a drink. Because she's so not good at people.

Should Syd be getting worried here? Maybe. After all this woman was with Risali, but she seems perfectly decent so he will dance on! "I try not to get too philosphical about things." He /tries/ but often fails, "I try to take things as they come." Just like dancing with Tanit. She will find that he is a passable dancer and at least avoids stepping on her toes. As they pass Yulise, Syd offers her a polite smile and nod of his head as they pass by. His focus then returns to his dance partner. "A woman after my own heart then. I like all those things as well. You won't hear me say anything bad about Half Moon. I've spent a fair bit of time there recently and it is lovely. Though if you ever wish to expand your horizons when it comes to beautiful scenery do come to visit Monaco sometime. I don't believe you'd be disappointed."

Yulise looks over at Riohra. One of the familiar faces is talking to her! She takes a long sip of her drink before she replies. "Thank you. The weather's fine. The fur helps." She says. As a few more familiar faces pass by, she blinks and raises her glass in a sort of salute. The whole situation here seems to have her feeling sort of dazed. "Though I can't help but feel out of place." And obviously not just from the weather.

Tanit is perfectly capable of being polite and charming, (glared silent arguments aside) or at least, she is capable of at least making a polite impression. Mention of philosophy has the younger woman laughing brightly, "That too has its place in the scope of things, though usually not until everyone is well into their cups and trying to solve the problems of Pern one bottle at a time." Of Monaco the diver laughs, "I've visited, checking in with the dolphin pods there. It is a lovely enough place, but I will always be an Island girl at heart."

Riohra raises an eyebrow and says "You should go dance, might make you feel a little less on the outside if you are in with the rest." He will set his drink down and stand formally bowing to the trader lass and offer her a hand "Would you allow me to have the first dance with you tonight?". The Harpers have a good tempo going, the music is light and upbeat so how could one not be happy and dance to it.

Perhaps R'en isn't so good with the bubbly women, but Sindrieth seems to fare slightly better - or at least, he puts on airs of it and is pleased enough to share the company of another. The bronzerider does make his way over towards the drinks, his gaze raking slowly over Risali before giving her a smile. "Hello there." He offers politely enough, at least, he hopes it's polite enough to make off with some of the alcohol. Reaching for a cup, he takes whatever is closest that isn't just a simple ale and pours it into it. "Something to warm me up sounds real good right now." He says, and presumably is talking about the alcohol, though his gaze does flit to see what other options there are outside of the scope of booze.

Yulise raises her eyebrow right back at Riohra. "You think that will make me /more/ comfortable, do you?" She seems amused at the very notion. Her gaze sweeps back over the people on the dance floor, lingering on one pair in particular before looking back to Riohra. "I'm not sure you're right about that… but I can hardly refuse a request like that from someone who has been nothing but kind to me." She downs the rest of her drink and sets the empty glass down before looking at Riohra more curiously. "But I thought I'd heard you were to be married. Wouldn't your bride to be have claim on all your dances for the evening? Or do the rumormongers have it wrong again?"

Leirith is certainly a force of nature, there's no disputing it. She's all amusement and cheer, friendly to a fault, heedless and undaunted and just as welcoming (or seeking, in this case) of the company she finds in Sindrieth while their riders make awkward introductions. Risali is not unaware of R'en's eyes raking over her; it's likely the reason behind the goldrider's brows knitting together, why she seems that much more intent on not spilling the drink she's pouring as R'en echoes her hello and reaches for a cup. The junior queenrider's head lifts then, a quiet smile given to the bronzerider (the kind that is not lacking in confidence, but is reserved in trepidation) as she shifts her body to avoid being an obstacle for his reaching hands and - a pause, a beat as Risali tries to decipher R'en's words and settles on breathy laughter with a slight tilt of her chin towards the dance floor. "Dancing is good for warming up the body." A breath, "And this, of course." Risali raises her glass, as if to toast the bronzerider, and then she's turning to rest her hip against the table while she takes a drink (probably to shut herself up) and grey eyes go out to the dance floor where they settle on Tanit and S'dny. It might have been an invitation to dance, but the junior goldrider is awkward, remember? People. Not her thing.

S'dny will happily finish the dance and once the dance ends will release Tanit with a smile. That went well enough! "You'd be surprised what a bottle or two can solve. I've found them rather helpful over the turns." He nods as she mentions the dolphin pods, "Then you'll be knowing Kalen and Lyzaen most likely. Lovely folks." he grins and sighs, "Though I'm afraid I must take my leave. The night is getting on and I had best be going, but if you are ever in Monaco or if I happen to be in Half Moon I'll have that drink with you." he says with a smile and after that he heads for the door greeting people on the way out.

Tanit laughs, "No bruised toes or broken bones. I'd call that a success." There is a nod for the names and she curtseys politely, "I look forward to it." Once the Weyrleader departs, Tanit makes a bee-line for the drinks, snapping up and tossing back the hardest one she can get her hands on. The process is repeated twice, before at last, sea-green eyes focus on Risali. "When you offered to go dancing, I expected something a little more wild and less nerve-wracking. If I'd known I needed to be charming and on my best behavior I would have been properly drunk prior to arrival."

Riohra laughs merrily still holding out his hand for her to dance saying "not married, just very very very attached to each other. And she knows that I will always come home, dancing is dancing." Yup nothing but fun, he smiles as always "Besides my lady love would beat me about the head and shoulders should I let a friend not feel welcomed here at Fort".
Yulise takes Riohra's hand, a look of mild dread appearing in her eyes as she is led to the dance floor and attempts her best approximation of dancing. It's clear in short order that she's just doing her best to copy what other people are doing. "It's appreciated, but… well, I'm really not certain this is my scene, you know?" She says with a mildly nervous laugh, eyes darting to the other dancers.

There's no awkward pauses when R'en looks over Risali, nothing to insist that he's doing anything other than simply enjoying the view of what she's wearing and giving her a smile when he sees it's put together well. Sindrieth enjoys any attention he gets, the bronze seemingly pleased with the gold and allowing her to slide right in beside his warm bulk from the flight over. Even though they're in the cold, and flew through even colder - it doesn't seem to phase him and he's warm straight through. R'en, on the other hand, is slightly shivering as he lifts the glass to his lips to take a drink. Awkward conversation starter, it would seem, for when a dance is suggested he gives a quick shake of his head. "Ah, no. If you fancy being able to walk I'd suggest against it. I'm not exactly the most limber on my feet." He says, giving Risali a wink and then watches the pair that're dancing while another couple is being parted. "Mostly came to enjoy the fine Fortian hospitality and take a look at the.. snow sculptures? Though I wanted to warm up first, before meandering around in the cold."

Tanit and S'dny depart, Risali watches the Monacoan Weyrleader leave, and Tanit becomes the focal point for grey eyes as she bee-lines to the drinking table and has at it with the drinks. One, two drinks down and - Risali's lowering her own glass, biting down on her bottom lip to keep from laughing. "That bad, huh?" she breathes to the dolphineer, all while Leirith happily makes her (enormous) golden hide at home against the Half Moonian bronze that she's only just met. They can certainly share warmth like they share each other's company, a statement Leirith emphasizes by extending a wing to tuck over Sindrieth for added comfort in a move she's learned from another bronze in Monaco Bay. She's bigger, anyway - the opposite of her rider, who is small and exposing an unfathomable amount of skin for R'en's (and everybody else in Fort's) scrutiny. The bronzerider declines a dance, and Risali's tilting her head back to look at Half Moon's Weyrsecond when he winks at her. "I have a sneaking suspicion that Fort's hospitality is as frigid as the weather," Risali breathes out. There's probably a story behind that statement, one that she does not elaborate on as she continues instead with, "Though the snow sculptures are pretty amazing." Awkward. She's so awkward. Risali powers through it though with another smile - this one a touch more relaxed, deviant in that it precedes, "And if you change your mind about the dance, I've gotten very good at standing on people's feet." She just called herself short (but it's not untrue, so it's okay). She's even leaning sideways to very gently shoulder bump R'en, like they've known each other for much longer than an awkward couple of moments spent saying hello. "This is Tanit, by the way." A gesture for the diver, even if she has yet to introduce herself.

"He was pleasant enough, very charming even." Tanit reaches for another glass sipping this one, more slowly. "But I already narrowly avoided one transfer to Monaco, and I'd really rather not tempt fate. I'm happy at Half Moon." The diver breathes out slowly, smoothing the fabric of the dress with her free hand, now taking full stock of R'en with a flush as Risa goes on about Fortian hospitality and then the introductions. "I would say I'm usually more charming and less blunt, but it would be a lie." Shoulder bumping Risa with a soft smirk. "She's actually a very good dancer without stepping on anyone's toes, just not the waltz or the other formal dances."

Riohra grins and dances with Yulise "You are doing fine, nothing wrong with a little adventure. I myself and conquering my fear of swimming so I understand" And then the music ends, or at least that song anyway the current Harper set gets up to change out as everyone claps. Riohra turns back to Yulise and says "See you danced and looked well doing it. Another drink or I could go and show you the ice sculptures if they haven't been knocked down yet, maybe some fresh air will calm the nerves?" He offers her his arm in an old world gentlemanly way.

Yulise dances about as well as one could expect someone with no practice or training whatsoever to dance. Which is to say she's extremely grateful when it comes to an end. "Thank you." She murmurs, sounding not completely convinced by his claim that she 'looked well' doing any of it. The offer is considered for a moment. Escaping the crowd does sound good. "Well… alright. Thank you, I would like to see the sculptures." She takes a quick glance in the direction of the other dancers, leaning in to murmur something quietly and quickly point before she accepts the arm, making her escape.

Yulise whispers "Do me a favor. Put in a good word for me with her. (She quickly points out Tanit before accepting the arm.)"
"You don't know him very well, then." R'en says with a wry smile, glancing as S'dny slips away and leaves the ambiguity of his response as it is as Tanit moves to join them over where the liquor is plentiful. "His bronze is from one of Sindrieth's clutches at Monaco, which is a lovely place to live. I transferred there from Ista, myself. Then ended up a few other places before I came to Half Moon." He says, his eyes lowering to see what Tanit is wearing as well, before he meets her gaze with the warm blues of his own. There's just something about a blush that makes him give her slightly more attention than he had Risali, though when she's bumped in turn, his attention follows over there as well.

There's a scrunch of his nose when dancing is brought up again, though he does smile lightly as well, "I still haven't danced at a gather or one of these events, perhaps it'll take a very special person to finally make me relent." He glances between the two, then takes another drink from his glass until it's completely finished. "I'm unlikely to stay terribly long, but I do like at least making an effort to show up at events." (For the booze, obviously).

Pleasant and very charming - don't mind Risali, she's ducking her head into her drink to try and drown herself (maybe) when R'en makes comment to Tanit's compliments. It's safer than speaking, and certainly safer than the laughter she feels threatening. The mention of Half Moon Bay has those grey eyes jumping back up to blue, holding for a moment as if she's trying to place his face and then she's looking away, to Tanit who is giving her a shoulder bump that Risali returns as she regards that blush on her friend's cheeks. "I will have you know that I'm very good at those kinds of dances," Risali informs, feigning offense because she's a harper and learning those boring ballroom steps is probably part of the package. Grey eyes sweep back to R'en, and there's a moment when Risali watches him while he speaks, sipping her drink as she tries to find the right words and finally breathes out, "Right," very softly. She executes a half-turn that has her dress flaring for a moment then catching against her legs, setting her drink down as she sticks one hand out for R'en to shake. "I'm Risali, Gold Leirith's of Xanadu," a shake - firm without being painful or aggressive, because Risali may be small, but she has strength - and then Risali is stepping around Tanit to push her towards the bronzerider. "Maybe she can be that special person. She's beautiful, and she smells like the sea." Whatever that means. Risali's already running away to the harpers, asking them to play something else.

"I find I don't know many people very well, and that has distinct advantages and disadvantages." The diver answers blithely, sea-green eyes not missing that look for one second, but if the second flush of color is from the drink or attention, Tanit doesn't seem inclined to give any indication. Risali's drink dunking? That gets noticed too, but the diver seems content to leave the source of torment or amusement for a later discussion. There had been a comment on the tip of her tongue about the kinds of dances Risali is best at, but it is gone with a flush of crimson as her friend 'sings' her praises. Down goes the rest of that drink in one fluid motion. "Well, I think I either need to dance or go stick my face in a snowdrift, and seeing as my escort home has just run off? I don't suppose you'd be willing to assist with either of those things?"

The new set of Harpers picks up the music it is alittle more modern and up beat, and alcohol seems to have driven more people on to the dance floor now. Some dance well, others not so much but they smile and for a while no one openly judges.
Riohra steps back in from the cold looking as usual, happy. Why? why not, never needing a reason he just is. The tall hunter moves and weaves through people till he makes it back to the table with the drink and grins to those standing about saying "Lovely evening!" then he reaches back behind a set of tall bottles and pulls out a large bottle of spiced rum and winks "secret stash, helps fight the chill"

The meeting of grey eyes to blue, R'en seems to finally get a clue that he might not have actually introduced himself. He clears his throat, "Ah, I'm R'en. Weyrsecond at Half Moon with bronze Sindrieth." He says as he shakes Risali's hand, then a moment later he's reaching to refill his cup with more of the same harder booze he'd picked up in the first place. Noticeable bumping going on between the women, there's a moment of slight confusion as though he's clearly clueless at anything other than the blush that's rising on Tanit's cheeks which gets a smirk from him and a soft sigh. "Sometimes that's not such a bad thing, keeping people at a distance." He says, like he's some kind of expert at it, though maybe he actually is.

Then, an idea comes to R'en that seems to -solve all the things-. "Risali there is good at dancing, and you need to dance. So…" He says, expectant eyes lingering on Tanit as though expecting her to totally take him up on the suggestion. Or, perhaps he's just playing that he is - hard to tell because his gaze follows after Risali as she goes to ask the harpers to play something else. Whether or not she actually does take him up on it, he moves closer so that he can lean and murmur to her, "Blushes look adorable on you, by the way." He also glances towards Riohra who recently lost his partner - look at all those options.

A pair of new arrivals step in through the door, shaking snow off their coats — or at least, Zevuki does, mindful not to tramp the stuff inside. His younger cousin, however, is a different story — Anjela's clearly excited, and impatient in that excitement — already haring off towards the hearth where she greets the boy she was skating with the previous evening. Zevuki lingers near the door, watching suspiciously — but then, he's a guard, that's probably a default state — before he slowly edges in. He looks keen to set up in a position where he can keep an eye on the pair, although his wandering gaze catches sight of one — no, two! — familiar figures, brow furrowed, as he shifts back on his heels to consider.

That would be Risali, abandoner of friends to roguishly handsome bronzeriders that think Tanit wears a blush adorably. If Risali was over there to hear the compliment, she would be giving the dolphineer one of those looks that communicated too much and not enough (encouragement, 'I told you so, you'll thank me later,' and, 'The man's got charm and look in spades. What could possibly go wrong?'), but Risali is not there to hear the compliment R'en bestows; Risali is over here with the harpers, requesting a song that starts slow and picks up a heavy beat. It's the kind of beat that commands movement, that has Risali turning despite the fact that she's by herself with her arms lifted in the air and those hips undulating slowly to the rhythm - because she's already getting lost in it, because it's in her blood and taking over. Grey eyes go to Tanit, a whisper of a smile that pulls Risali's lips into something deviant, and almost as if the universe just knows that R'en has tried to convince Tanit to dance with her, Zevuki is arriving with Anjela. Run, Zevuki. Run fast. Or maybe it's too late, because the junior goldrider's already found him, smile growing into something blinding, preceding a laugh that's half relief for the familiar face that she breaks her steps to take strides that carry her not nearly fast enough to the younger man and has her dress shifting about her legs. "Is your leg too painful for a dance, sir?" She's reaching out her hands for him in invitation already.

Under any other circumstances? Tanit would go over and dance with Risa, and cause a spectacle. Tonight however there's too much blood flowing everywhere other than her brain. As the goldrider abandons her for another partner and another kind of dance, Tanit's mouth opens and closes, the comment on blushing the last straw. "Sweet of you to say." She manages, pulling to her feet. "But I think the snow drift is probably the safer option tonight. Nice meeting you R'en." The diver downing a final glass before slipping away, out into the frigid Fortian air.

Riohra grins and pours himself a glass of the rum looking up to see Risali will quickly turn his own blush face away. He sets the bottle for others and says idly "Sharing is caring" with a merry little wink. He will move to sit back down on a seat and enjoy his drink. Fortune favors the bold, and rum favors the smart! He lifts his chin in greeting to Zevuki and a salute of his glass. He has been officially let off duty and is enjoying his moment of relaxation, he watches Tanit leave and shakes his head least she didn't get him tossed off a pier this time.

Continuing on the path to make it so Tanit simply chooses to escape rather than suffer his presence any longer, R'en can't help but smile to himself as she excuses herself and goes to get acquainted with a snowbank to her face. He watches as Risali starts her dancing, and changes her pathway towards a new victim - and he, he finishes off his drink and waits precisely long enough to hope that he'll walk out to Tanit with her face in a snowbank and bent in a compromising position. Probably won't happen, but he can only hope. "My time to depart as well." He muses to nobody in particular, and then just as quickly as he'd come in - he makes for the exit.

Off Anjela heads, to join in with the dancing, not a welcome development to the Igen guard, to judge by Zevuki's deepening furrow of brow. The boy with his cousin hasn't noticed the guard's look, and so off they go on their merry way, into the fray of dancers. Stripping off his gloves and shoving them into his coat pocket, Zevuki stares with intent, like he's hoping the boy will notice him. Alas, thanks to Risali, there's a hard-to-resist beat distracting the young pair from noticing much of anything, which also distracts the Igenite guard. It's probably why, when the goldrider approaches him, the half step back and sharp exhale is probably a reaction of surprise, quickly followed by an up-and-down look at her outfit, because, well, it's hard not to look. "Goodeve, ma'am," he replies, straining for equilibrium, managing a faint smile as he meets her gaze: "I'm afraid I'm not dressed for dancing." He gestures at himself — just so — that big bulky jacket of his, perfect for between and snow alike, is far too unwieldy for dancing. Ah, look! Hello, distraction. He gives a nod in return to Riohra, and delivers the excuse with precision timing to Risali: "I ought to go pay my respects…" with a gesture towards the Fortian.

Confusion knits Risali's brow as Tanit departs, grey eyes going to R'en when his attention is back on her in silent question - the kind that doesn't get answered because he is leaving too, and Risali is giving up on trying to tell what the future holds so that she can ruin Zevuki's attempts to stare a potential suitor away from his young and (probably) impressionable cousin. The smile on the goldrider's lips falters when Zevuki takes a step back, when he exhales and gives her an up and down that has a hint of color rising to her cheeks (kind of like the blush Riohra developed when the woman started to move those hips, except a little more of the embarrassed persuasion). There is a lot of skin and a lot of leg exposed, and Risali's usual outfits are not nearly as revealing. Give her loose tunics and fitted leathers any day; dresses are hard to move in, and Risali is a creature born to the tumult of constant motion: to archery, to running, and jumping from cliffs, and fighting, and yes - dance. The tiny woman brings her arms across her chest, catching at her own shoulders as Zevuki declines with clothing as a reason (and Risali does stare at his coat as she continues to smile, dipping her head once as if to say she understands) and then gestures towards Riohra. Grey eyes jump to the hunter and - "Okay," the words come softly, the smile forced in a way that's painful only in that it's obvious she's… embarrassed. "Okay," she says again, a little brighter this time. "Good evening, sir." And Risali? Well, she's a creature in motion, remember? So she's making her way back into the middle of the dancefloor by herself, where she submits to the bit and lets it curve her spine, shift her hips while her feet make quick steps to the tempo. SHE AIN'T NEED NO MAN. Maybe more booze, though. She might need those.
Riohra has had just that right amount to not care about much, which really means he just finished his glass and feels like dancing and that is what he does. He moves through the people dancing and having a good time. He doesn't really look where he goes just moves with the rhythm and some how ends up dancing with the visiting goldrider. It will take a moment to realize what is going on but he will blush and grin at Risali saying "Hope you don't mind, it seems both our partners have run off for the night."

Zevuki keeps his gaze firmly at eye-level as he regards Risali, because that's safe. Mostly. That means he can't help but catch that color in her cheeks, resulting in a flicker of surprise from the Igenite. Her reaction to his polite deflection is hard to miss — and he's clearing his throat awkwardly for a moment, straighten posture into something stiff, familiar. He will resist! There might be a shift of gaze when she turns back to her dancing… okay, almost definitely so, but he's human, and it's a very eye-catching dress, so his gaze trails her for a moment, before he catches himself, and angles towards Riohra. Or he would, anyway, but the Fortian's headed for Risali, and so there goes that plan. Still, it means he makes a getaway to the edge of where the dancing is, with time to collect something suitably boozy to drink, and a moment to shed that heavy coat of his, gaze mostly steady on his cousin, but occasionally straying to the two familiar figures.

Indeed! Riohra is angling for Risali, joining her out on the dancefloor in a move that has Risali blinking after the familiar-but-unfamiliar-still man as he joins her and - Risali laughs, shaking her head as she reaches out for the hunter's hands. It's a quick dance - all hips and the twisting of shoulders, Risali spinning, and twisting, and never slowing down as her feet make those lacking complexity but still complex steps that sometimes bring her close to Riohra, but always have her stepping away from him before too long. She is in her element here, lost to the music, enchanted by a beat that goes and goes and demands her lungs supply more oxygen to her blood, that her body meets the demands so that she can keep moving until the song ends and Risali is giving a bow to Rio - a bow that ends with her gesturing in Zevuki's direction as the next song begins. "He was looking for you," she breathes, and she's already moving towards the Igenite again with another smile. Movement is how Risali deals with everything, and she's moved, which means she is still probably awkward but willing to pretend nothing happened. "Look who I found for you," Risali tells Zevuki, coming to stand at the guard's side and leaning sideways to shoulder bump him. Maybe it's an apology? Maybe it's hello; whatever it is, she remains beside him with her arms crossing over her chest again.

Riohra smiles and bows back to Risali, he will walk with her because why not, "Greetings, Zevuki was it?" He sticks out his hand to the Igen guard "Riohra, but most call me Rio. Miss Risali here said you need to speak with me? I hope you are enjoying yourself." He never stops smiling, which is probably why people always think him up to something.

The warm air of the cavern allows Zevuki a chance to shed another layer, at least, resting scarf atop his coat on the chair he stands near — but doesn't yet seat himself in. Instead, he rests one hand loosely behind his back, the other holding his glass as cover as he watches the dancers. The fact that, this time, he's not surprised by Risali's approach suggests he was keeping a close eye on them, brows rising at her words — or maybe at the shoulder bump — a hint of a smile flickering at the corner of his lips as his gaze drops, sidelong, for a moment, to regard her dress anew. "Why, ma'am," he says, lightly, "You have a fine second career as a tracker and finder of people in you, I believe." Riohra's approach necessitates that he switch his glass to his left hand, so he can hold out his right towards the Fortian. "Don't think I caught your name the other day, figured I ought to remedy it," he says, with a nod of greeting, a smile, but not nearly so bright as the Fortian's, offered in turn. "Zevuki," he confirms, "of Igen. I've been impressed by Fort's hospitality these past couple of days."

Risali tilts her chin up when Zevuki drops his gaze in that sidelong glance, greeting him with another brilliant smile that - right. Her dress. Color's rushing back into Risali's cheeks (it happens pretty much any time somebody does something to remind her she's a woman), Zevuki is speaking words like he's a funny man, and the tiny goldrider punches the guard from Igen (gently) in his shoulder with breathy laughter. "Shut up, sir," she tells him, tone gentle, amused. But she recovers, leaning sideways into him for another shoulder-bump seconds before she feigns a somber expression - and an even more somber tone. "But thank you. A very serious gentleman from Igen recently brought it to my attention that I represent Xanadu very poorly on ice skates, and look decidedly not badass crawling through the snow." Risali makes a soft noise in her throat as if she disagrees, seconds before a smile begins on her lips and spreads like wildfire to her eyes - bright, full of mirth. "I suppose I'll know what to do when they kick me out." GOLDRIDER GONE ROGUE. Only not really; she's silent, allowing the men to talk until - aha. "Zevuki," Risali repeats, testing the name herself, tasting it in a way that most certainly promises to be dangerous for the man. But she doesn't say anything more than that.

Riohra grins "well met" shakes the guards hand firmly, well maybe a tad too firm as he has been drinking and the blood flows, but he will smile anyway and adds "And we always try to be hospitable and welcoming. The snow is a cold lonely place to be without friends as the saying goes." He watches the way Risali will react to learning the mans name and chuckle "I seem to have given the huntress here the name of her prey. Perhaps I can make it up to you by getting you a refill in your drink." He turns and looks at Risali dress and all and says "M'lady would you like anything?"

Considering Zevuki is trained to defend himself, the fact that he merely tenses when Risali punches him is probably deliberate. It takes him a moment longer — a moment in which he takes in more from that glass of his — gaze drifting out to catch sight, if briefly, of his cousin, before he says, "That serious gentleman sounds particularly thoughtful and handsome. I'd like to meet him some day, if you'd be so inclined to introduce us, ma'am?" his brow quirks upwards as he glances at her — not down, carefully keeping his gaze even this time, amusement brief in said gaze. The tone with which she repeats his name is clearly audible to the guard, and it's possible that warning bells are going on, given the abrupt tilt of head and marginal narrow of gaze. Still, they're playing polite, and he's playing along. He doesn't seem put off by the strong handshake from the hunter — he's clearly used to people testing their strength, and applies an equal firmness, no more, in turn. A grin appears, and he downs the remainder of his glass, the now empty glass brandished: "That would be most hospitable." His smile deepens at Riohra's address of Risali, looking pleased for some reason.

Welcome to the club of poor, unfortunate souls that are often subject to the Xanaduian goldrider's violent version of affection: punching. It could be worse, right? Risali could have punched him in his face, or in his sternum, or somewhere decidedly not his shoulder. Still, Risali's biting down on her bottom lip to stop more laughter from escaping her when Zevuki speaks, earning a retort of, "You know, now that I think about it, I've never seen the both of you in the same room at the same time." A beat, before she continues with, "I'm starting to get a little suspicious that you are him, sir." Don't worry, Zevuki. The danger is less of the, 'Danger, danger!' persuasion, and more of them, 'Ah-ha! I've discovered something new,' - something that she will probably use, at some point, even if she sticks to sir for now. Those grey eyes are back on Riohra for too long, catching the glance at her dress that has that smile of hers faltering again, color never having left, and then he calls her, 'M'lady,'. Risali's expression is inexplicably furious, tempered by amusement, and then (playfully) accusing as she turns to Zevuki. "This is your fault, sir," she informs him with an emphatic finger poked into his sternum. And then she's looking at Rio with a shake of her head. "No, but thank you. And it's Risali - please."

Riohra grins and nods "Then I shall return shortly", and he goes for a tall man he seems to be able to slip through a crowd without much trouble at all he does return with drinks, three of them he will hand them over to saying "Some easily spiced rum, for you my Igenain friend personal stock" he says with a wink. Turning to Risali he hands her a tall glass " and for you dear water, just because it is cold you have been moving greatly and look flushed. Wouldn't want you to pass out and then have your bronzerider fellow all over me to the Weyrleader would I"

"My brothers do resemble me quite closely, so I'm told. It's also possible I have a secret twin," Zevuki muses, with a thoughtful expression, all put on, of course. The Igenite's brows rise at the latter accusation from Risali. "Me? You just witnessed our first introduction, ma'am, I can't possibly be called to account for anything more than behaving as expected, as demonstrated by our new friend here," he says, with a gesture towards Riohra, as if seeking his help. Back him up, here! He accepts Riohra's gift of rum with visible delight, giving the Fortian a thankful grin, as he takes a generous gulp of the offered drink. "Oh, that's got quite a kick. A personal stock, you say?" and he's glancing towards Risali after Riohra's words, brows raised in mute curiosity.

Oh, Risali is just surrounded by men who've got jokes, is she? The Junior Queenrider lifts her brows, bites down on her bottom lip, and gives Zevuki a gentle shove to his shoulder as she breathes out a breathy laugh of, "Shut up, Zevuki," that is lacking in conviction and speaks to her enjoyment of the continued banter. Riohra leaves, returns with rum, and water, and Risali takes the proffered glass with a look borne on knitted brows before her 'bronzerider fellow' is brought up and Zevuki is giving her expectant looks. Faranth. Risali stares at them both for a long, quiet moment that stretches towards the border of awkward, and then she downs her drink - with a quickness - because it means she doesn't have to talk for the entire duration of that moment. It's not that she's embarrassed or ashamed, it's that Risali's not very good at speaking about herself, and this is one of those situations that other people might question. "Which one?" she finally breathes, after her glass empty and grey eyes are back on Rio. A beat, and then she's raising a hand as if to stop him from saying anything else. "It doesn't matter, they're both Search and Rescue and perfectly capable of reviving me." YEP. She has… an interesting life, maybe? There Risali goes, stalking away towards that table with ALL THE GLORIOUS BOOZE, and she picks up one glass to drink - quick - then another that she tips back. And here she comes back to both men, pointing at the guard, and then the hunter. "Archery. Are either of you good at it?" Because she's about to kick your ass in it (not really, but hey, the challenge will be fun). Or not; Risali doesn't get the chance to challenge them because one of those bronzerider fellows (and it's not the Monacoan one that Riohra tried to turn into a snowman), is making his way back through the crowd to his feisty weyrmate, probably smiling with some kind of, "Mind if I borrow this?" or, "Excuse me," while looking ALARMINGLY LIKE TH'ERO before dropping her coat around her shoulders and hauling her up over the other one. Were you wondering which one it was? "KYZENVIRO." Now you don't have to, but at least the man is laughing at his much-smaller 'mate's plight?

Another shove, but it's totally worth it, because she calls him Zevuki, and not sir, so the Igenite's satisfied expression definitely confirms his belief that he's won this battle (if perhaps not the war!) He's just eyeing Risali with interest at the long pause, because he's all about calling attention to the awkward when it suits him. Plus, he has rum to sip at while he waits. For once, he hasn't a witty repartee handy, or a blithe comment at her answer — he just looks thoughtful, and downs a good portion of his rum. The sudden arrival of said bronzerider precludes any answer about archery, and as Risali's swept away, he glances towards Riohra. "So, tell me about this rum—" he starts, and then stops just as abruptly, squinting past the Fortian. "Faranth. Sorry," he says, hastily. He's just caught sight of his cousin, hand-in-hand with a certain boy, who's leading her off towards the inner caverns. Nope, he's not having that. Even if he did really enjoy the rum, he's abandoning it on a table as he surges through the crowd in pursuit. Overprotective cousin to the rescue!

Riohra watches the scene of the retrieval of a gold rider and just shakes his head laughing "That is one way to sweep a lady off her feet." He will start but sees the look on the guard and follows the gaze and ahhs with a grin and understanding. Riohra will smile and finish the man's drink, because well no point leaving it out. He will relax abit longer in a chair until the night winds down and Kassala finishes whatever duty pulled her away. The red headed Dragonhealer will take the tall hunter by the hand and guide him back to their room, it has been a good few days so both will rest heavily and sleep late.

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