Trouble in Paradise

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's raining. Big, heavy, /cold/ rain falls down from the steely sky above, splattering in heavy drops across the sandy beach and into the wind-whipped water. That doesn't seem to have deterred Rou'x at all though. She's out over the water with Indianath, the big brown doing his best to hover as steadily as he can while his bikini-clad rider shimmies carefully down to his foreleg, before springing up and out into the air, soaring downwards in an /almost/ graceful swandive. A rope, perhaps visible from the shore, connects the girl to her lifemate, who beats his wings to go high enough for Rou'x to dangle just above the choppy surface, while he hauls her off to the beach. Rescue practice, perhaps?

Rain certainly doesn't stop everyone. Cold rain, in such a temperate place, can be enjoyable. Especially for such a cold blue. Geimhreath has insisted on going out to the waters for a swim. Keely, on the other hand, is not so interested… but she hasn't anything better to do. Or perhaps she heard a certain someone was out in the water. The teen has been dropped off on the shore as the blue goes into the waters; far enough away from Indy to not interfere. He does, however, pass on some words for his lifemate. His voice, unlike his outer demeanor, is full of warmth like a campfire. « Mine wishes yours to know that she is on the shore. » Kee even waves a little if Rou'x happens to look over.

Lucky for Keely, Rou'x is headed shoreward! She gets the message and sneaks a glance from where she's spinning at the end of her rope, while Indianath holds as steady as he can to lower her gently to the ground. Once her feet touch the sand and she's unfastened herself, the brown dragon picks a spot to land, further down the beach. "/Ow/," the brownrider grumbles, rubbing at her chest where the harness she's rigged up - that the rope was hooked up to - has dug into her ample curves. "That bloody well hurts a whole lot more than it's actually /fun/."

"I can kiss it better?" Keely offers, moving swiftly towards Rou'x. Apparently to pull the brownrider into her arms. There's even some grabbing at her oft-lover's ass. "What were you doing out there? It's… kinda chilly and damp out here. Perfect weather for Geimhreath, but… I fancied you to be more the…" she shrugs a little, "warm and humid sort."

"I've been thinkin' about this harness thing since even before we graduated," Rou'x mumbles, giving Keely a quick squeeze before untangling herself to look down at the leather she's rigged up. "It ain't good with a bikini, I c'n tell ya that much." The buckles holding the leather straps together around her torso are unfastened, and she steps out of it with a thoughtful frown. "Oh, but we gotta practice even in the shitty weather, y'know? Rescuin' don't just happen when it's sunshiney n' stuff… t' be honest, I'm pullin' f' there t' be some sorta… /somethin'/ happen, so's we can get in there and work."

"I've heard of things like that," Keely says, crouching down to pick up the harness and look it over. "Y'could check the Records Room or ask around at other weyrs." She glances up to Rou'x, grinning at her a little. "I'd like to learn some stuff like that, but… Geimhreath isn't interested in any of it. I think he was meant to be a bronze sometimes for all the diplomatic and leaderin' stuff he wants to do…." She glances to the water, where her lifemate swims. "But then he wouldn't'a found me I guess."

Rou'x takes part of the harness that's not being held by Kee, and stretches it out between them. "Geimhreath ain't interested in helpin' people? Nah, see Indy'll be real patient wi' me while I try this out. He's got his priorities in the right place, ain'tcha, boy?" She looks over her shoulder at the hulking, rain-spattered figure of her dragon, and grins at him. "Mebbe this oughta be rigged more like a seat, sorta-thing? Mebbe a bit more've the leather t' go under here, so y'more, like, /sittin'/ on it or summat. D'you really reckon there's summat in the records?"

"Well…" it seems to make Keely a little uncomfortable. She straightens, picking up the harness as she does. In case Rou'x needs to bundle or fold or however she stores it. "Geimhreath… kinda has this… I dunno. It's not /malicious/, but it's… weird for a dragon I guess. He wants us to be in charge. He's really, really focused on the rules… but mostly in how he can manipulate 'em and…" she shrugs, glancing towards the water again. "So he cares about people, but only iff'n it benefits him, unless we're being told to do it."

"That's… unusual, ain't it?" Rou'x looks over to Geimhreath, wrinkling her nose thoughtfully. "But I guess they're each their own, y'know? They gotta have as many diff'rent personalities as they got colours, I guess." Frowning, she chucks the harness over her shoulder, then wipes the rain from her face - not that it makes much of a difference, since the constant fall replaces it quick enough. "Y'gonna bathe wi' Geim or summat? Or d'you wanna check records wi' me? Gotta go home n' get dried first, though. Don't reckon I'll win no friends if'm drippin' wet all over the Weyr's shit!"

"I dunno why he chose me sometimes," Keely says, frowning a little. "Mebbe 'cause I don't care at all 'bout things like that and he knew he needed someone to temper him?" It has worked, at least. Geimhreath hasn't gone off on any power trips or tried flying a gold just to see if he could. She holds what of the harness she has in one hand, reaching out with the other to push back Rou'x's hair. "I came out 'cause I had nothing better to do… going to the records room with you seems far preferrable to sitting in the rain while Geim swims."

Rou'x laughs, reaching over to press her finger playfully against the tip of Keely's nose. "I'd rather be out gettin' mucky in the rain th'n poring over musty ol' shit indoors, but I got it in my head t' try'n finish this today, if I can. I guess records are just part've havin' t'grow up, right?" She shakes her head, turning to look up at Indianath. "D'you wanna go swim, too? Y'can go after y'drop me back down from changin', yeah?" Back to Kee those honey-coloured eyes go, and she grins. "D'you wanna meet me there? I gotta go make m'self a bit more respectable."

Shortly after, in Rou’x and Indianath’s weyr…

A sandy trail of footprints lead from where Indianath dropped Rou'x off, right into her weyr. The harness she was working on is discarded haphazardly over the back of the single sofa she has, while she's flopped down in front of it to brush her feet clean with a towel. Presumably now a /dirty/ towel - but that remains to be seen. She's still in her wet bikini, too.

With Geimhreath still swimming and Indianath having been willing to give them both a lift back, Keely is in her damp clothing. Watching Rou'x. After a moment, she strips down to just somewhat damp undies on her lower half. "Unless y'got something I can borrow… we'll hafta go by my weyr or wait for my stuff to dry before we head down." She seems most interested in the last option as she meanders over to perch on the edge of the couch, watching the brownrider.

Rou'x turns to look at Keely, wrinkling her nose. "Y'gonna hafta tie the belts up reeeal tight, if y' wearing my trousers." Because the brownrider's lower section is, oh, /twice/ the size of Keely's? "Or I gotta pair of shorts y'can wear, they tie up real nice." She stands up, tosses the towel to the bluerider in case she wants to de-sand herself too, and then saunters over to her clothing chest.

"Or we could just, y'know, stay here," Keely offers again, flopping back on the couch with the towel draped over her belly. "My clothes won't take that long to dry out." She's staring at Rou'x's hindquarters as the other woman heads to find dry clothes.

"Nah, I wanna see if I c'n find those scrolls, Kee. Y'can stay here if y'want t' dry off, but I'm on a mission." And she won't be deterred! From her chest, Rou'x pulls out another (clean!) towel that she tosses over to Keely, then picks out a third one for herself. Then she shimmies out of her bikini, using the towel to start drying herself off.

Keely stretches and sprawls more. Maybe if she looks enticing! Her head drapes off the couch, hair falling down somewhat. If it were any longer, it'd be on the floor. "Aww, but the records… they're /always/ there, RouRou." She catches the towel… with her face. There's half-hearted attempts made to dry off. "Y'/sure/ y'gotta go now? It's still rainin' and everything."

"Yup." With the towel wrapped around her and a smaller one playing the role of a hair-drying turban, she comes back to the sofa and picks up Kee's feet so that she can sit down. The harness is then pulled over and into her lap, where she contemplates it. "I really reckon a bit more leather around the butt'll make /all/ the difference."

Keely sits up once her feet are moved, but slouches back on the couch. She starts drying her hair absently. "Well y'could just drop it off with the tanner or whoever made it for ya… then we could come back here and keep each other warm while it rains?" Always full of ideas.

Rou'x's brow is raised as she looks back at Keely, mimicking the girl to start drying off her own long, thick braid. "I c'n work leather, it's all good." There's a bit of bruising forming over her shoulders where the harness dug into her during practice, and undoubtedly the same is happening elsewhere on her plushy body, too. "Mebbe a sheepskin lining might be a good idea?"

"A lining would be good," Keely says, getting up to her knees on the couch. She wiggles a little as she inches in, leaning over to press a few light kisses along the bruise line. "Wouldn't wanna mar you too much."

Rou'x doesn't shrug away from the kisses; but neither does she lean into them, seeking more as she usually would. Instead, her attention is on the harness - and it might be easy to think she's actually /ignoring/ the affections. Either that, or she's just work-absorbed and unaware that they're even happening. Her fingers run over the leather, hair-drying attempts abandoned now. "I reckon the basic riggin's right n' proper, it's just… it could do wi' more work, y'know? To be more efficient… an' less sore."

There's a small frown on Keely's features as she pulls back. She slides down to sit properly on the couch, towel falling around her shoulders. "Is everything okay?" There's a glance to the harness. "It didn't actually hurt ya too bad, did it?"

"Im just thinkin' is all. Why, wha's the matter?" Rou'x drapes the harness over the back of the couch once more, then gets up to go find some clothing. "D'you wanna c'mere and try on these shorts, Kee?" When she drops the towel there are definite bruises beginning to form across the tops of her thighs and around her ribcage. Not that she seems bothered when she sees them - she pokes at one red spot and makes a 'hrumph' sound, before holding out a pair of tie-waist shorts bluerider-wards. "These'un's oughta work best for ya."

"Y'just seem… I dunno." Keely rolls to her feet, following after Rou'x. "Like somethin's bothering ya." She takes the shorts and wiggles into them, fussing with the waist. "Mebbe I oughta leave some clothes over here. Y'know, just in case." Around now is when Geimhreath shows up on the ledge outside, done swimming. The blue shakes off his wings, but doesn't make too much effort to get wholly dry.

Indianath makes room for Geimhreath to come in out of the rain, while Rou'x stops, halfway to pulling her clean shorts on. "Er… clothes?" She scratches fingers against her temple, looking awkward. Either she's being purposely dumb, or she's just /really/ not getting it. "I dunno. Where'd you put 'em?" Her shorts are pulled up and fastened, and she picks out a breastband to start binding herself up. "Mebbe if the /buckles/ were in a diff'rent place?" Because there's a very clear, buckle-shaped bruise starting to form on her rib cage, right where she's fastening her underwear.

"Huh?" Keely blinks a few times at Rou'x as she fusses with the tie on the waistband of the shorts. "I mean… uh… like, me keeping some of my clothes here. And, uh, you could keep some at mine. That way, y'know… we don't always gotta rush back to our own place." She's blushing now.

"But ain't it easy t' rush back wi' our dragons?" Rou'x finishes with her breastband and pulls out a hugely oversized shirt to pull over her head. "I mean, it's all easy, ain't it?" Socks are then selected, and she sits on the edge of the bed to put them on, before slipping her feet into her ankle boots and fastening them up. "Can y' pass my hat, Kee? Can't be arsed putting goggles on just f' a ride down t' the bowl." The fedora is haphazardly hooked over the back of one of the dining table chairs.

"Well," Keely says, meandering absently over to grab the hat. She's still topless- her stuff is spread out somewhere to dry, likely. "I'm just thinkin' like, if we… spend the night together. An' got drills the next day. We'd have longer to stay in bed together rather than rushing off to get our clothes in time."

The idea of it doesn't seem to properly sink into Rou'x's head. "I dunno, Kee. Puttin' shit in each other's weyrs is…" She stops and frowns, reaching out for her hat to set it at a jaunty, gaze-blocking angle on her head. "It's kinda like weyrmatin', ain't it?"

Keely bites into her lower lip a bit, staring at the floor now. She shuffles over towards her boots, pulling them on without much care to lacing. Her shirt is nearby, tugged over her head in short order. "Well… I guess… But… uhm, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

"KeeKee." Rou'x's glad for the hat that's blocking half of her expression, but the anxious way in which she's biting down on her lower lip is visible until she tilts her head down, hiding her face. "I like you n' all, but I ain't weyrmatin' no-one just yet. Dunno if I ever will, but…" Indianath croons from the ledge, rustling his wings. "Y'can stay 'til you've dried off, if y'want to. I gotta go to the records room n' find them scrolls." She moves towards her lifemate, then stops just inside the door. "It ain't that I don't like ya, Kee, it ain't that at /all/… I'm just… it ain't the right time. 'M nowhere near ready f' that."

Keely just turns even more red now. "I'm… I… I don't wanna, I mean… I do, but…" Keely grabs up her remaining things, including soaked trousers, and clutches them against her stomach a moment. "I… don't wanna keep ya from seeing other people," though a part of her does, "or tie ya down, I just… felt like, mebbe… we could share. I'm not sayin' move in or…" Her speech gets quieter and quieter until she's just shuffling towards Geimhreath. "I'll, uh… see ya at drills."

Rou'x gets out there first, vaulting up onto Indianath's back. "Yeah, Kee. See you at drills." Once Indy's launched himself from the ledge, he doesn't go straight down to the ground as originally planned; instead, the big brown makes his way to a nearby ledge, his rider quickly disappearing inside.

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